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iPhone 11 Clone Unboxing!
Views 13M2 months ago
Top iPadOS 13 Features!
Views 787K3 months ago
iOS 13 & iPadOS Unveiled!
Views 905K3 months ago
Fake AirPods 2 Unboxing!
Views 660K6 months ago


    ABHINAND VB 59 minutes ago

    Stupid test both phones are not falling identically Samsung falling worse than iPhone in this test

  • KMG Moonas
    KMG Moonas Hour ago

    Only 100 Baht?

  • Emz
    Emz Hour ago

    Yeah don’t do this firstly tweaks are all broken only some work and now I have to fully reset my iPhone because this dumb app won’t let me go back on it to delete jailbreak why don’t you mention all these dumb stuff that can happen and that c an ruin your phone ?

  • ChomperSub
    ChomperSub Hour ago

    Him: Don’t do this! This is dangerous! Your phone will crash!! Don’t do this to your device! It’s really bad for your device! Also Him: *Makes a video about it *Adds a tutorial *Puts it in the link in the description *Makes you wanna do it more by saying “”if you’re brave””

  • snipes btw
    snipes btw Hour ago

    What time will it come out?

  • Samuel Adu Mensah

    EAP makes mistake by wanting to use Samsung the way he does the iphone

  • Jiovani Almanza
    Jiovani Almanza Hour ago

    Question: Douse jailbreak affect your carrier or mobile data in any way (every jailbraek I see the device has no sim

  • Kazeem Quadri
    Kazeem Quadri Hour ago

    Dude iPhone makes there hardware and software in house, you shouldn't compare it with Andriod because it's a different company who makes the software that makes the hardware and that would not allow for easy backward compatibility. Also, check out Google pixels phones because they get fast Andriod update because the software and hardware were made in house. SO next time you want to say anything about andriod, please understand your statement well

  • Mohanad AL-Kenany

    Maybe a nice gift for kids right?

  • StevieRayPhoto
    StevieRayPhoto Hour ago

    Face I.D. is Apples compromise to the government when a few years ago they erased a persons phone they tried to hack. if people were smart they wouldn't do face I.D. or finger printing so the government can't get in your phone.

  • Aadivishnu Gajendra

    Please someone help me I’m new to jail breaking.... I know that I can get to chimera from unc0ver, but can I come back to unc0ver from chimera? Please help me

  • Sandy BoleYT
    Sandy BoleYT Hour ago

    Y'all no the real champ... Nokia 6 It still worked after 50 feet

  • Abonix
    Abonix Hour ago

    Does the 6 plus work

  • Mohammad Kaif
    Mohammad Kaif Hour ago

    But does this scratch with level 6 with deeper grooves at level 7 🤔😂?

  • Red Danielle Luzano

    What is inside of a usb killer

  • Kai Haha
    Kai Haha Hour ago

    So why is it that my XR is still not updated to IOS 13 or even recognizing that there is an update?

  • BlaCk haWk
    BlaCk haWk Hour ago

    Nothing is new for android user... lol

    TAY TAY Hour ago

    Sooooo is my battery gonna decrease if I use it to charge my AirPods??

  • Savvas Charalambous Poullaki

    Am i the only one who believe that iphone is better than any phone?

  • 于侑立
    于侑立 2 hours ago

    Unboxing starts at 4:15 Thank me later

  • Riot Squad
    Riot Squad 2 hours ago

    Why are u using ur iPhone in the bath

  • ChesterTheCreator
    ChesterTheCreator 2 hours ago

    we'll get it in area 51

  • Prince 3
    Prince 3 2 hours ago

    hi im from the future and the iphone 11 pro max is out.

  • Musclejdm Euro
    Musclejdm Euro 2 hours ago

    Why is the pro smaller than the 11? Does anyone know??

  • Allyson Rosser
    Allyson Rosser 2 hours ago

    i mean i still have a 6s and i just got AirPods like a month ago😂

  • SuperTrooper
    SuperTrooper 2 hours ago

    android is obviously better because it's more versatile

  • Wajih Ullah Hafeez
    Wajih Ullah Hafeez 2 hours ago

    I watch everything apple pro daily

  • DrSid Arora
    DrSid Arora 2 hours ago

    wish we had option to arrange size and number of icons on home screen.. they are too big and uselessly occupy too much screen

  • Felicity Baker
    Felicity Baker 2 hours ago

    RIP Steve Jobs

  • ADITYA Rathore
    ADITYA Rathore 2 hours ago

    Three ads?? Wait..... he is still paying r8’s emi

  • PhiLémon
    PhiLémon 2 hours ago

    IPhone’s better on all ...

  • Caleb
    Caleb 2 hours ago

    I used my iPhone 5c until 2018

  • Mou Ja
    Mou Ja 2 hours ago

    Clone camera is still better then iPhone

  • Liza Saakadze
    Liza Saakadze 2 hours ago

    Maybe you should do a giveaway instead of breaking it , i fell so sad for ipad

  • Damien jordan
    Damien jordan 3 hours ago

    i get tired of iOS and switch to android every couple of years but within a month or two im back to iOS its not perfect and i can't move icons to specific locations but it works beautifully . just wish samsung would make more than the screens for apple

  • Dhdujsnd Ndjdjdnjc
    Dhdujsnd Ndjdjdnjc 3 hours ago

    I didn’t get any ads throughout the video.... Idk what you guys are talking about

  • Jai Patel
    Jai Patel 3 hours ago

    Hey I like your all the videos it rely helps me in my daily life I want to ask u tht when will be the apple 11 give way contest I want to take participate in it ???

  • Mariabelle Azemar
    Mariabelle Azemar 3 hours ago

    Short answer- Neither 🙂

  • Isaac HK Teo
    Isaac HK Teo 3 hours ago

    O M G! TRIPLE CAMERA GUY! only a small percentage of you will get this

  • Bram vandenbroeck
    Bram vandenbroeck 3 hours ago

    10:00 has the same feature as the iPad 1 :D

  • The Mazeシ
    The Mazeシ 3 hours ago

    Might as well keep a broken phone instead of giving it to this.

  • star wars hour
    star wars hour 3 hours ago

    Buy it off cregslist

  • Duster McClean
    Duster McClean 3 hours ago

    I like a possible new phone design. I hope they’re not entering to the 5G, which is the mass killing market.

  • Daniel Brad
    Daniel Brad 3 hours ago

    Wow I lost all hope until I ran across hacks3@yahoo:com I regained access in minutes

  • Srinu Agal
    Srinu Agal 3 hours ago

    I want that link

  • Jade Jayden
    Jade Jayden 3 hours ago

    Check out hacks3@yahoo:com for your iCloud unlock

  • Mr.LegendsXD
    Mr.LegendsXD 3 hours ago

    I have a new death threat Go commit Insert USB Killer

  • Sgtl
    Sgtl 3 hours ago

    Will the ultra wide be part of ios 13 if i have an iphone xs max

  • Ekkam Singh
    Ekkam Singh 3 hours ago

    What happened to your hair?

  • DavidFrost
    DavidFrost 4 hours ago

    Everything apple stole from Android over all the years 😂😂😂😂

  • RaginPlayer
    RaginPlayer 4 hours ago

    I love how he said “Titanium is a *little* better than aluminum”

  • Fran Doyle
    Fran Doyle 4 hours ago

    You can still charge the iPhone 8 because of the wireless charger on the back

  • Fran Doyle
    Fran Doyle 4 hours ago

    The note 8 looks like a crt on camera

  • Mini Ipad
    Mini Ipad 4 hours ago

    The apple product is very good and the best bacause the apple product better than window and android pruduct , the apple prouduct never eror and i like it so much, i waiting a ios 13 release

  • M7x BlueDragon
    M7x BlueDragon 4 hours ago


  • Ryley Halliday
    Ryley Halliday 4 hours ago


  • okay alright
    okay alright 4 hours ago

    Android have doing this for years ...

  • Speed Runer
    Speed Runer 4 hours ago

    Plug it in lambo , Tesla , bugaty , ferari

  • Harsh Kumar
    Harsh Kumar 4 hours ago

    thexvid.com/video/KTI6xWFD-U8/video.html see mi mix leaks

  • luna thedark
    luna thedark 4 hours ago

    i hope they revamped the alarm clock. it's so annoying with the extra step. learn from android would ya?!

  • Manan Mittal
    Manan Mittal 4 hours ago

    Apple give you money for it

  • Gandoslayer69
    Gandoslayer69 5 hours ago

    dufe mobilen der

  • Chikauwu
    Chikauwu 5 hours ago

    I have the iPhone 11 and my friends are teasing me ;-;

  • kometfixed
    kometfixed 5 hours ago

    I’m all late but will this work on 12.3.1!? If I update It won’t work right?

  • Alic Lonsdale
    Alic Lonsdale 5 hours ago

    Still Using My Iphone -999999! Working Great! (STOP SAYING WHAT PHONE YOU’RE USING, NOONE CARES!)

  • Kenny Thomas
    Kenny Thomas 5 hours ago

    Its dumb that its no close all tab

  • Oscar 200908
    Oscar 200908 5 hours ago


  • James Mussell
    James Mussell 5 hours ago

    Is there a time it’ll come out today? It’s 8:40am writing this

    • Krd452
      Krd452 3 hours ago

      James Mussell yeah when it come out today?

  • Jamil hossain
    Jamil hossain 5 hours ago

    oh! Now u r showing which Phone is Bulletproof. What is the use of bulletproof phone? lol, waste of money. use those money to help poor or help ur self. Make some videos that makes seance.

  • Hemlock Elements
    Hemlock Elements 5 hours ago

    Its hard to get one ! As a student

  • Rob827
    Rob827 5 hours ago

    took it into the shower and water got in...

  • star wars hour
    star wars hour 5 hours ago

    8:46 how many SIM cards do you own

  • Strike Impulse
    Strike Impulse 5 hours ago

    What if you drop it on your toe?🤔

  • Dimas alfarizi
    Dimas alfarizi 6 hours ago


  • AJ Natale
    AJ Natale 6 hours ago

    iPhone 11 Pro Max

  • George Nakad
    George Nakad 6 hours ago

    I am getting the iPhone XR White

  • JJ king
    JJ king 6 hours ago

    “Name an Android that gets updates” how about Pixel phones... as someone who uses both Android and Apple, let’s not even try comparing the two lol. Everyone’s all happy about dark mode coming...been there done that on Android. Apple is so far behind on everything really, I mean they can’t even give us a damn way to get into camera settings FROM the camera app!! WTF something so simple and common in every Android out there, should be a common sense feature but nope, can’t get that on my 1000 freakin iPhone. I love my iPhone for certain things but as an avid user of both let’s not sugar coat it acting like Apple is superior. Hell almost all androids for example comes with fast charging charger IN THE BOX as standard, Apple jumps on the fast charging train of course late again and nope they expect you to buy that separately! Ohh but of course now the 11 pro models FINALLY comes with fast charger in box....well isn’t that nice, your paying over 1000 for a phone you think it would! Ohh wait but the 11 doesn’t come with a charger...it’s to cheap for that lovely feature. Hell even lower end androids like the Moro G6 and G7 comes with fast charger included . Apple is so far behind on everything and ripping us all off myself included but at least I can see it. I’m not a blinded apple sheep like some of you. I’m glad dark mode is finally coming though...my Android I use alongside my apple was feeling lonely being able to use dark mode all this time 😂

  • monika sachdeva
    monika sachdeva 6 hours ago

    Fuck man You should sell these phones for free instead of these shitty testss 🙄

  • lovellybeauty
    lovellybeauty 6 hours ago

    September 19 or 20th the App Store says 19th but I could of swore you said the 20th? The one thing I missed from my Android was swype texting now I get it back!! They’re literally giving me ALMOST everything I wanted this time.

  • PJM-TI2X
    PJM-TI2X 6 hours ago

    Me: Watching this on android Everyone: Wait that's illegal

  • Marcel
    Marcel 6 hours ago

    14 09 the day I left the Apple jail to enjoy the Android world. I love my new S10 5G, yes 5G and apple maybe in 5 years time.

  • H.Cruzz10
    H.Cruzz10 6 hours ago

    Dude said slippery lmao every iPhone is slippery just get a case

  • Jiro Victor Antolin
    Jiro Victor Antolin 6 hours ago

    I saw a while back, why did the Apple Music logo on the iPhone X rotated? Hahaha

  • James Mallanao
    James Mallanao 6 hours ago

    Is that has virus??

  • Bruno Vazquez
    Bruno Vazquez 6 hours ago

    Watch out this video just throws feels

  • atlantaboi501 954
    atlantaboi501 954 6 hours ago


  • Bit Bob
    Bit Bob 6 hours ago

    5:57 WOAH TRIPPY

  • Mike Watson
    Mike Watson 7 hours ago

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  • Tepee Camp
    Tepee Camp 7 hours ago

    Got my jet black lmao

  • Prathamesh Thakur
    Prathamesh Thakur 7 hours ago

    For the first time apple thought there iphones are a bit expensive.😂😂😂🤣

  • Travis Villines
    Travis Villines 7 hours ago

    Bro, imagine wearing a green northface dress, oh wait...

  • Alexander Barriga
    Alexander Barriga 7 hours ago

    What IPhone model was he using towards the end...

  • WalleyedArc 6325
    WalleyedArc 6325 7 hours ago

    I really liked the magnifier. It's sad to see it go. Also, the UI was pretty small on iOS 13. I liked how big and 'in your face' the UI was on iOS 12.

  • John Smith
    John Smith 7 hours ago

    just goes to show how an average person who did youtube early can get so rich lol.

  • sxcred
    sxcred 7 hours ago

    I bought these and the left AirPod stopped working. Please help

  • Aeddar
    Aeddar 7 hours ago

    Is anyone else wondering why we haven’t seen any new videos from everythingapplepro?

    • Vool Cwespme
      Vool Cwespme 2 hours ago

      Aeddar yes!! Idk why he hasn’t posted in 6 days.

  • Nathan Ledesma
    Nathan Ledesma 7 hours ago

    What’s that iPhone case ?

  • 93 Rider
    93 Rider 7 hours ago

    06:10 - Even after half an hour of water submerging test, Apple says -

  • Alexis Acosta
    Alexis Acosta 7 hours ago

    anyone else thinks hes like super cute

  • Anh Đầu Bếp May Mắn

    Iphone china