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Nye Bærumstunnelen
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  • Aryan Malik
    Aryan Malik 2 hours ago

    17:20 where is the track 😁😁😁😁

  • Алексей Хромов

    Отличное видео! Большое спасибо!

  • Joseph Tolman-Lopez
    Joseph Tolman-Lopez 13 hours ago

    I’m looking forward to winter and the new snow videos!

  • Gary Lindgren
    Gary Lindgren 14 hours ago

    At 1:49 time, I see that another train came into the station from the other direction, but there is no place for the passengers to get off or on. Does that train have to go beyond the switch and then back up for passenger access.

    • HinduCowGirl
      HinduCowGirl 3 hours ago

      Not sure what you're referring to, but there are platforms for all tracks at Voss station.

  • Minimalist
    Minimalist 14 hours ago

    Captivating enough that I unknowingly hit the subscribe button

  • B747guy
    B747guy 14 hours ago

    Washing the locomotive? AMTRAK you listening? Taking pride in what your equipment looks and operates like? Are any American passenger or freight operators listening?!?!?

  • R9 Cheverny
    R9 Cheverny 15 hours ago

    1:56:35 wooow l dont have a word to describe this beauty............

  • jozef śimurda
    jozef śimurda 16 hours ago

    Exc´klusiv panorama excelent.

  • Miss Take
    Miss Take Day ago

    lol Id need to wear a ski mask the snow is so bright HinduCowGirl are you the train driver?

    • HinduCowGirl
      HinduCowGirl 3 hours ago

      Yes, I'm the driver :) And during winter you'll be blind without sunglasses :)

  • Miss Take
    Miss Take Day ago

    Great video don't want this to sound a mad question why does Norway have only a train line in one direction this way have to wait for the other train at the passing point would it not be more efficient to two have two tracks instead of one for each direction?

    • HinduCowGirl
      HinduCowGirl 3 hours ago

      Because it was built like that way back in the days. Now the politicians are just arguing whether to build a new line or not. They have been arguing like that since the opening of this line in 1909. At some point they managed to agree on improving the the track on the mountain pass. So so they built two tunnels and the speed was increased from 80 to 160kmh

  • Traugott Müller

    Jeg tror jeg skal ikke gå pår Norge i vinteren. Jeg liker ikke snø... Also, sorry for my bad norwegian, I'm only learning for about a year now. :)

  • Chris Mayer
    Chris Mayer Day ago

    Long tunnel between Voss and Bulken!

  • Chris Mayer
    Chris Mayer Day ago

    I’ve watched a lot of your videos. I particularly like the snowy ones.

    • HinduCowGirl
      HinduCowGirl 3 hours ago

      More is coming as soon as the snow is here :p

  • Matthew
    Matthew 2 days ago

    I’m craving vanilla ice-cream now after the tub been sitting in room temperature for about 10mins.

  • Joseph Carl Breil
    Joseph Carl Breil 2 days ago

    A considerable about of digital noise and pixelization throughout this video.

    • Joseph Carl Breil
      Joseph Carl Breil 2 days ago

      @HinduCowGirl Thanks for your feedback.

    • HinduCowGirl
      HinduCowGirl 2 days ago

      You’ve been watching it in 1080p. It’s the youtube compression that is at fault. In 4K the pixelation ans noise does not occur.

  • russell morgan
    russell morgan 2 days ago

    Agreed nice scenery but 20 minutes of standing still...got bored after 5 mins you not got editor ?

  • Joseph Carl Breil
    Joseph Carl Breil 2 days ago

    Among the very best POV videos on the internet. Best wishes from Australia.

  • Peterthecoder D.
    Peterthecoder D. 2 days ago

    What is that annoying sound whenever your train turns right?

  • sergio tomaz
    sergio tomaz 2 days ago

    Viagem perturbadora ....

  • Felix s
    Felix s 2 days ago

    what sort of depth does the snow have to be before the train either has to crawl along or stop altogether...in the UK the network would be closed down for sure!

  • Michael Rosso
    Michael Rosso 2 days ago

    this is by far the best video you have made, HCG! absolutely beautiful scenery and resolution! thank you!

    • Michael Rosso
      Michael Rosso 2 days ago

      looks so real as well, you feel more like you're right there walking on the tracks toward the trains. amazing stuff!

  • Prashant kumar
    Prashant kumar 2 days ago

    ❤️ 1:32:05

  • Tom Lynx
    Tom Lynx 3 days ago

    All roads lead to Myrdal !!!

  • Tedrick Green
    Tedrick Green 3 days ago

    HCG just to let you know that still checking out the video and this one is sensational without the snow. Your Kentucky fan here still do shout out for you. Take care.

  • Herbert Basta
    Herbert Basta 3 days ago

    Werte Dame! Auch wieder eine wunderbare Reise mit Ihnen, für die ich danken möchte! Beste Grüsse aus Österreich

  • Jason Aabstone
    Jason Aabstone 3 days ago

    Generally your videos are pretty good, but with this one you wasted 20 minutes at the 1st station which could have been cut out which made it too boring to continue watching. Sorry. 2 thumbs down from me.

    • HinduCowGirl
      HinduCowGirl 3 days ago

      So you dis not like the shunting etc? Could just have skipped :)

  • Prior of the Ori
    Prior of the Ori 3 days ago

    That's gotta be one long nerve racking job when it's like this. lol

  • William Simmons
    William Simmons 3 days ago

    OK...we have to reduce the horn soundings. They’re keeping me awake.

  • D Medlin
    D Medlin 3 days ago

    I love these videos as a railfan from the States with ancestors from Scandinavia. The locomotive horns though, sound like an electronic donkey!

  • Kaustuv Sahoo
    Kaustuv Sahoo 3 days ago

    This is one of the most beautiful and fulfilling videos i have seen in a long long time.. Absolutely loved it. Pls keep up the good work.

  • Ola Leier
    Ola Leier 3 days ago

    Love this valley. If weather and opportunity permits, I'm going to bike from Voss to Uppsete and back in October. I'll wave if I see you!

  • Akshay Maghade
    Akshay Maghade 3 days ago

    Whenever I am travelling by train, I imagine Dreads from Transformers 3 running along with me.

  • Robert Northrop
    Robert Northrop 3 days ago

    Love the side views. Very nice.

  • Herbert Basta
    Herbert Basta 4 days ago

    Werte Dame! Ich bedanke mich für diese wunderschöne Mitfahrt, ich liebe Ihre Videos:-))) Ein Fan aus Österreich

  • Ravi K Garg
    Ravi K Garg 4 days ago

    thank you for this beautiful video, and a tour of the train. may i ask a few questions, if you could kindly indulge me? :-) 1. are there no 1st class coaches on these trains? 2. the coach you entered at 09:53, what kind of coach is it? 2nd class or 1st class? seats appear to have more legroom here. 3. in the same coach, at 10:05, one can see a partitioned area on the left, with a few benches. is that a rest area for relief (extra) crew members on the train? 4. how many seats are there in a 2nd class coach? thanks a lot for your answers.

  • Andrew Silva
    Andrew Silva 4 days ago

    always learned that if you do make the decision to say YES when the boss asks you if you can come in and work on one of your days off, that it tends to make a good impression on you on his side, that is why ALMOST every single time when mine asked me if I culd come in on my days off, I would say YES, I could almost never say no..LOL

  • M.S Yassin
    M.S Yassin 4 days ago

    Beautiful , but most of the train line is single track in this very rich country ! .

    • FromNorway
      FromNorway 2 days ago

      Yes, we are so rich that we prefer to fly, even over relatively short distances where modern high-speed trains could easily have outcompeted planes, such as between Oslo and the other largest cities in southern Norway. But of course, it's much easier to claim that we are so environmentally friendly while flying 4 times more than an average Swede and 10 times more than an average European.

  • Volkrov The Viking
    Volkrov The Viking 4 days ago


  • Robert Williams
    Robert Williams 4 days ago

    I’ve been showing your videos to my Mother, who is a Bergen girl who immigrated to America many years ago when she was only 19. She loves them. She remembers going to the Bergen station when she was a teenager and being so damn jealous of all the travelers. She just told me that Voss is the coldest place she ever skied. Tusen takk for videoene!

  • Marko Mesić
    Marko Mesić 4 days ago

    It's remembering me that Christmas is coming. I like it!

  • Allwin M.A.
    Allwin M.A. 4 days ago

    Hindu-cow-girl ?

  • Marc Fehrenbacher
    Marc Fehrenbacher 4 days ago

    What do the yellow signs with 130 mean, e.g. 7:01?

    • Marc Fehrenbacher
      Marc Fehrenbacher 4 days ago

      @HinduCowGirl Nice :-) Is this value important? You have speed restrictions... The tilted gradient signs are more important, I think?

    • HinduCowGirl
      HinduCowGirl 4 days ago

      Curvature in meters :)

  • Turquoise412
    Turquoise412 4 days ago

    Does anyone know the speeds and altitudes?

  • Gary Lindgren
    Gary Lindgren 4 days ago

    The snow in the mountains, is this new snow or from last winter.

    • FromNorway
      FromNorway 2 days ago

      Snow building up over many years because it doesn't completely melt during the summers is how glaciers are formed.

    • HinduCowGirl
      HinduCowGirl 4 days ago

      From last winter and the winter before that. That’s old snow, and the glacier is very very very old

  • Ken May
    Ken May 4 days ago

    Thank you for another spectacular train Journey, your Country is truly Magnificent, best wishes from (Great Britain).

  • Glyn Jones
    Glyn Jones 4 days ago

    After Finse, the speed limit was 160km/h but it didn't look as though you were going as fast as that. Do you only need to run at 160 to make up time?

  • Deadman Old School
    Deadman Old School 4 days ago

    And in Switzerland, the SBB surrenders even with a bit of snow, although we have the same locomotives. Good, the SBB Re460 has more power than yours. Your 460 is the same as the BLS RE465!

  • Ed Webb
    Ed Webb 4 days ago

    Love these videos. Is it possible to add place names so I can follow on Google Earth ?

  • tontsa
    tontsa 5 days ago

    I have been in a train from Bergen to Oslo and i have to say that it was such a beautiful route! (is this from bergen to somewhere? that one station looks pretty similar to what i've seen) Edit: this is got to be it

    HONK KONK 5 days ago

    thoughtful TheXvidr producing great stuffs

  • Ravi K Garg
    Ravi K Garg 5 days ago

    why no headlights in the tunnels? there must be a special reason for this practice.

  • Ravi K Garg
    Ravi K Garg 5 days ago

    interesting to see manual points setting and hand signals. :-) wonder what do you do when there is a blizzard out there!?

  • Ravi K Garg
    Ravi K Garg 5 days ago

    all norwegian locomotives appear to have a "snow plough" attachment.

  • Ravi K Garg
    Ravi K Garg 5 days ago

    locomotive at both ends for? negotiating gradients or for reversing at end stations? if for gradients, then must be really steep because there are only 4 coaches.

  • Prof Gordon Land
    Prof Gordon Land 5 days ago

    The Flam line to Myrdal and back is one of the most spectacular railway travels one can do. The screnery is breathtaking and unreal when the train crawls through cliffs and altitudes nearly unimaginable. This is nothing for the faint hearted! It is just a miracle. There is nothing on Earth similar to Norway. Thanks for the wonderful video.

  • danthetechguru 1
    danthetechguru 1 5 days ago

    Is this narrow gauge or standard?

  • Paul Liebenberg
    Paul Liebenberg 5 days ago

    Even if you don't do PIP you should do more side view videos. Absolutely gorgeous clear water in that river! Any trout fishing? Things seem greener in the side views; different camera with different color saturation? Does Norway not have a dry season???

    • HinduCowGirl
      HinduCowGirl 5 days ago

      It’s bot through the same type of glass.

  • Lyle watts
    Lyle watts 5 days ago

    Your amazing HinduCowGirl with all this beautiful sites and sounds. Every ride better than the one before. From the walk up to the train to driving to the end of your run. Love the side shots to see the country side. I just wonder what you are going to be showing us in say one or two years from now? Please keep us entertained and guessing what we will see next. Love all you do.

  • Peter Sládeček
    Peter Sládeček 5 days ago


  • Daniel Derzsényi
    Daniel Derzsényi 5 days ago

    Det er så deilig! Takk for reisa! :)

  • Dr Moriarty
    Dr Moriarty 5 days ago

    02:02:50 There, on the right, Norway's shortest railroad.

  • Nitish Bharadwaj
    Nitish Bharadwaj 5 days ago

    I like the name....how did you come to this name...the HinduCowGirl!!

  • Alexander Pinchook
    Alexander Pinchook 5 days ago

    It is very good idea to show time by time the most picturesque side views!!!

  • MishutkAviation
    MishutkAviation 5 days ago

    Hey, HinduCowGirl! Is it possible for you to record and publish a video with the view on the panel and all the steering stuff, or it is forbidden in your company or country? For me it would be great to see how do you steer the train.

    • MishutkAviation
      MishutkAviation 5 days ago

      I know, but in the word "steer" i unerstand everything that is used to control the loconotive/EMU, not to change direction.

    • Roy Reynolds
      Roy Reynolds 5 days ago

      The train is steered by the rails. All the engineer or driver can do is control speed and forward or back up.

  • Marco Fischer
    Marco Fischer 5 days ago

    Super Video!! Grandiose Idee mit diesen Seitenblicken!!! Weiter so und Daumen nach oben!!!!

  • Another Skywalker
    Another Skywalker 5 days ago

    Wow! Again... The scenery is simply stunning & looks so different without the snow! What beautiful countryside, the color of the water in the river is incredible, bluey/green, thank you for posting. Perth, Western Australia

  • FalconXE302
    FalconXE302 6 days ago

    At 1:49:55 what are the tunnels all locked up to the left. They almost look like something left over from WWII ... or the cold war era...?

    • Roy Reynolds
      Roy Reynolds 5 days ago

      @HinduCowGirl Is it a substation or generation station?

    • HinduCowGirl
      HinduCowGirl 5 days ago

      Nope, power supply :)

  • Jimbo in Thailand
    Jimbo in Thailand 6 days ago

    Interesting to see a few people wearing short sleeved shirts waiting to board the train (Myrdal for example) while others are wearing colder weather coats and jackets. I think I even saw one guy wearing short pants! I like it that you have added a camera view out the side window so we can see more of the countryside. This is fantastic HinduCowGirl! I'm looking forward to watching more videos with Autumn season colorful leaves. 😁😄😊

  • Jim B.
    Jim B. 6 days ago

    Beautiful!! It's a shame you could not have the camera in the last car to see where we have been. Still thankful for what you do!

  • Lennart Gustafsson
    Lennart Gustafsson 6 days ago

    Underbara bilder du visar. Tack för det. :-)

  • welshpete12
    welshpete12 6 days ago

    I had the privilege of sailing in Norwegian waters up through some of their fiords on a yacht . For my money Norway is the most beautiful country in the world !

  • Randomotion
    Randomotion 6 days ago

    I have followed the train line down from Voss. I lose it though, when it seems to turn SW from Honefoss. I cannot figure out how it gets into Oslo. What path does the line follow from Honefoss to Oslo?

    • Roy Reynolds
      Roy Reynolds 5 days ago

      From Honefoss the line goes eastward or southeastward toward Oslo. The freight line crosses the river just to the left of the station at Honefoss as you come from Voss. I have not followed the line SW of Honefoss. I have followed the line from Oslo to Al to Bergen on Google Earth. It is fairly easy to make out the old line westward out of Finse toward Myrdal that the long tunnel goes under.

    • Christian Kronen
      Christian Kronen 5 days ago

      Look for Vikersund, Hokksund and Drammen on your map and you'll see how it turns towards Oslo. It's a bit of a detour, but there is a new direct line from outside Oslo and straight towards Hønefoss being planned.

  • Derek Varley
    Derek Varley 6 days ago

    Wonderful advertisement for Norway. Thank you very much!

  • WhiteTiger333
    WhiteTiger333 6 days ago

    Wow - the gondolas are up and running, the snowblower is on standby - yes, time for the last bicycle trips of the season!

  • Michael Last Name
    Michael Last Name 6 days ago

    So what's up with Voss? There's a new aerial gondola, and it looks like another three buildings under construction.

    • HinduCowGirl
      HinduCowGirl 6 days ago

      The new Scandic Hotel being built :)

  • William Simmons
    William Simmons 6 days ago

    That section were the river is on the left, reminds me of the New York Central water rout from NYC To Albany NY. Palasades across the river. Back in the day it was a 4 main line track.4 track main line.

  • LINYTrains
    LINYTrains 6 days ago

    Thanks for the recent views of the glacier. There appears to be a record amount of snow melt this year.

  • Rohan Kumar
    Rohan Kumar 6 days ago

    I am Hindu

  • Rohan Kumar
    Rohan Kumar 6 days ago

    Why name Hinducowgirl

  • turtlemouth
    turtlemouth 6 days ago

    The land is beautiful. I'd love to live there. And this video is so relaxing.

  • WhiteTiger333
    WhiteTiger333 6 days ago

    At the Arna station, I noticed some rails lined up inside your track. Is it just a handy space to store spare rails, or are they serving a function?

    JUIN DUTTA 6 days ago

    How many yards of clearance does a driver need to have for driving at a speed of x miles/hour ? I liked your video.

  • Rich Graff
    Rich Graff 6 days ago

    @HinduCowGirl What is traveling through the air on what appears to be cable wire (for lack of better terminology) at the very beginning of this video and up to where you pull your train up the the first station stop? I have only seen this only once or twice in my life in other either another video, movie or television program, never in person. Very intriguing. I am curious to know if there are other places in the world that have this once you or someone can tell me exactly what it is I am looking at. It appears to operate on the same or similar power source as the trains you operate. I would like to research this more once I know exactly what it is, what is does, etc. Thank you.

    • HinduCowGirl
      HinduCowGirl 6 days ago

      A cable car better known as a gondola :) 🚠 it goes up to the top of the ski resort

  • Paul Kirkland
    Paul Kirkland 6 days ago

    What's the cable car for on the left at the beginning of the video ?

    • Paul Kirkland
      Paul Kirkland 6 days ago

      @HinduCowGirl Ah, very nice. Thanks HCG. :O)

    • HinduCowGirl
      HinduCowGirl 6 days ago

      The gondola 🚠 it goes to the top of Hanguren. The ski resort :)

  • MsSoundguy
    MsSoundguy 6 days ago

    Thank you soooooooooooo much for the side shot. I was hoping for this. Next hope is that we have some side shots of the gorge around 30:00 in when the leaves are gone. Thank you again. Always enjoy a journey with you. Edited: I don't think I've ever watched a train video on the slow speed and repeated watching. If you've done other side shot videos, my apologies for not seeing them. This was as exciting to watch as the first driver's view video I saw going over the mountains. The government really should give you a camera for the left side, too. Whatever, this is a spectacular video. Thank you.

    BRANDON TN 6 days ago

    Love the side views

  • ICE Osnabrück
    ICE Osnabrück 6 days ago

    Super Video Daumen nach Oben viele Grüße Heiner 😊👍👍👍👍

  • Finse 1222
    Finse 1222 6 days ago

    Thank you. This is simply awesome. Loved the side views especially at Finse. Keep up the great work HCG.

  • Castle Rock RAIL FAN

    Great video 👍 HinduCowGril 😎😀 🚈🚋🚋🚋🚋

  • Kevin Brankovic
    Kevin Brankovic 6 days ago

    Das ist gut video

  • john bowen
    john bowen 6 days ago

    Love the side views HCG !! .

  • Andi Goldberger
    Andi Goldberger 6 days ago

    You can adjust the velocity of the train by changing the video playback speed. :)

  • Sayed ART3D Models
    Sayed ART3D Models 6 days ago

    Wow ... amazing start ....

    • Dr Moriarty
      Dr Moriarty 5 days ago

      Except, of course, for the first eleven minutes.

  • bill green
    bill green 6 days ago

    It's interesting how different mountain masses contain different weather systems. Thank you for this unique view.

  • flavio chab
    flavio chab 6 days ago

    Beware. Impossible to stand 2 hours without a blanket and a double coffee.

  • flavio chab
    flavio chab 6 days ago

    I think many people living along the line would like to take the train and go to a sunny beach.

  • Sergio Maciel
    Sergio Maciel 6 days ago

    Wonderful place; I have a dream of someday walking or cycling as a backpacker to camp

  • storm3698
    storm3698 6 days ago

    Such a relaxing video and fascinating for those who love white noise and ASMR lovers. Great in so many ways to watch. Beautiful scenery. What is the top speed of this train?

    • storm3698
      storm3698 6 days ago

      @HinduCowGirl bless you x

    • HinduCowGirl
      HinduCowGirl 6 days ago

      100mph so divide kmh with 1.6 to get mph :)

    • storm3698
      storm3698 6 days ago

      @HinduCowGirl thanks. What is that in mph?

    • HinduCowGirl
      HinduCowGirl 6 days ago

      Thank you :) 160kmh :)

  • Another Skywalker
    Another Skywalker 6 days ago

    WOW! This was truly amazing, watched the entire journey in one hit! I have never seen snow in person, it looks so beautiful and the scenery, simply amazing. Love the little houses here and there & I imagine the the people inside, reading a book or just looking out the windows with a cosy fire burning. Would love to live somewhere like that, it looks peaceful. Thank you for posting! 🤗🤗