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  • Ashlie Leavelle
    Ashlie Leavelle 2 minutes ago

    One thing I learned from marriage counseling.....we can't change the other person. We are only in control of our own actions and words. I hope you guys work it out and that you can find a balance of time apart and gime together.

  • kat barnhart
    kat barnhart 11 minutes ago

    Check out children’s place they have footie pajamas all the way to toddler sizes! I just bought some for my twins and they are in t’s now

  • Zeina Vee
    Zeina Vee 11 minutes ago

    Just put headphones on at least for a few mins, let snow enjoy the lil things in life. My son has that toy... he loves it. 🤷‍♀️🤦‍♀️

  • Brooke K
    Brooke K 14 minutes ago

    My daughter has the laptop and the Walker that your dad bought and she adores them both. Also the teething necklaces she has 2 she walks around the house putting it on and taking it off and chewing on it. I get you have the thing with noises but why not keep it at your dad's? Or ask for the receipt and exchange it for something quieter. Just a suggestion.

  • handoverthecoffee
    handoverthecoffee 14 minutes ago

    You probably won't see this but in gonna say it anyway bc my kid is 8 and we still feel bad lol but my husband is 6 1 and we lived in a 2 story house on a navy base. When our kid was about 1, he was throwing in the air, not high just to make her laugh. She smacked her head on the ceiling and no bump or anything bad but we still feel so bad. It's almpst funny 8 years later lol

  • Shelly B
    Shelly B 29 minutes ago

    I wanna know what she got her that her sister said was to old for snow!!

  • Shelly B
    Shelly B 38 minutes ago

    Aww that's sad snow doesnt get to play with the fun toys maybe when ur not home or around u could put the sound on they love it so much and it does teach them alot and it's more fun than flash cards it will also help her to learn on her own!! It sucks you have bc that disorder so I understand but it does suck for snow to!! Maybe you could just take the batteries out when it starts to bug you!!

  • Michelexxo
    Michelexxo 48 minutes ago

    pasta salad recipe?? <3

  • Barb Conte
    Barb Conte 59 minutes ago

    It is unbelieveable how negative some of the comments are on this video. Wow!! Lets lift eachother up and support other mamas!!!

  • xxxnaughtydevil
    xxxnaughtydevil Hour ago

    Channon I got skull teether necklace I picked up 3 of them & shoes for snow. Yet, 😃 I'm a pest to get to post office lol😂 cats use them 4 now

  • Admiraaa_xo E
    Admiraaa_xo E Hour ago

    Hey Chann, I rarely ever comment and I hope you read this. I’m not coming from a bad place so please keep this I’m mind. I’m sure you already do offer snow finger food, but there is no need for purées at this age. My sister in law blended her kids food for a very long time and his mouth muscles are super under developed. He gags, chokes, and hates eating table food. It has also delayed his speech. Hopefully you take this into consideration , we love you♥️

  • ShelbyFatherley
    ShelbyFatherley Hour ago

    🙋🏻‍♀️ Do you guys plan out a grocery budget? I budget EVERYTHING and am having a hard time pinning down a good budget for hubs, baby, and I haha

  • Jackie A
    Jackie A Hour ago

    those scrappy shoes are so stinking cute they're gonna look so cute when she's Running around with those little thick thighs oh my goodness...

  • Jackie A
    Jackie A 2 hours ago

    Your older sister is too stinking cute that would be me you'll be dumping like 3 of those bags I can't help myself though...

  • Kelly Rickett
    Kelly Rickett 2 hours ago

    I feel sorry for your dad. Your comment about his gift was rude when he was being thoughtful

  • macey falls
    macey falls 2 hours ago

    wow, i honestly can not believe some of these comments. absolutely terrible. love you channon. 💛 love all your videos.

  • Alejandra Guevara
    Alejandra Guevara 2 hours ago

    wheres the link?

  • MissAlameda
    MissAlameda 2 hours ago

    You can still get her toys, just get wooden toys. But i understand she doesnt need alot of toys just a bit

  • NormalGorl
    NormalGorl 2 hours ago

    Your energy seemed really off in this video especially during the grocery haul... I hope you're okay. I know your marriage has been rocky. Please always know we understand if a video doesnt go up every day. ❤❤

  • Jess Brown
    Jess Brown 2 hours ago

    Hey channon, you should look into buying a thermomix. They are fantastic for making everything from scratch and having no preservatives in your food. You can make all your sauces that you love, jams, rice flour, icing sugar... absolutly everything! You can even use it to make your own natural home made washing powder. Plus i know you dont vook and its a super easy way to be able to! The machine does 90% of the work for you! You can google recipes and do them manually on the machine or you can buy the thing called the cookkey where all the recipes are on the screen on the machine and it tells you what to do next. I dont sell them so im not trying to sell it to you, i just know how much i love mine and how you try to be as natural and waste free as possible. You and trav should definatly do some research and watch a demo on them. There is a newer machine just out, the tm6, i have the version before and love it! I dont know enough about the new one yet but i have heard all good things. Sorry this was a big post lol Love you guys xo

  • Brittany Stone
    Brittany Stone 2 hours ago

    that lake is sooo beautiful!! I still cant believe how much you use the Motorhome...i was sooo wrong about that! haha

  • Yottabee
    Yottabee 2 hours ago

    😋 What a yummy idea, Channon! 😋 Snow's going to really love trying some more "grown-up" food...and I couldn't help noticing the *lemons* ! Awww... Loved seeing her birthday presents 🎁🎁🎁 too! You gave me all kinds of great ideas for what to get on my next trip to TJ's. Enjoy the fall! 🍂🎃🍂

  • Riley Poole
    Riley Poole 2 hours ago

    What scary stuff was she talking about?

  • Jennifer Dowell
    Jennifer Dowell 2 hours ago

    As soon as Channon said that in the video abt the toy from her dad I paused it and headed to the comments bc I knew it was gonna be bad... It just seems like ppl are trying to jump on her for any lil thing she does or says that y'all don't agree with. I'm sure her dad has been told not to get those types of toys. It's something Channon has that she can't help. I'm sure she'd rather not. She just shouldn't be so quickly judged and beat down in the comments....saying it nicely goes a long way and maybe if u already see 50+ comments of ppl reprimanding her for it, ur negative comment isn't needed. She clearly doesn't need anymore. Just Be Kind....

  • Brittany Stone
    Brittany Stone 3 hours ago

    Love Love Love...and I have extra love for my brother-in-law travis! hahaha

  • Bella Vita
    Bella Vita 3 hours ago

    Yes!! You’ll love your good processor! You can make hummus soups, etc. love it!

  • cancer kid
    cancer kid 3 hours ago

    Snow looks so much like Travis it’s crazy !

  • Laura Michael
    Laura Michael 3 hours ago

    Girl they make footed onesies all the way up to like 4t

  • Bre Nichole
    Bre Nichole 3 hours ago

    90% of the stuff you bought had plastic packaging...

  • Bre Nichole
    Bre Nichole 4 hours ago

    I feel bad she’s going to miss out on all the fun musical toys. I have 3 kids and those are their favorite. I also get trigged by sounds (mainly their toys) but I couldn’t take that from them in my opinion it’s selfish.

    • Amy Jones
      Amy Jones 3 hours ago

      Bre Nichole I get triggered by certain noises too and I’m never sure which noises will make me angry. I just breathe thru it and keep myself even tempered or if it’s within my power I make it stop 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Marla Sturgill
    Marla Sturgill 4 hours ago

    Channon I know the things that trigger me.the one that makes me want to punch someone is someone chewing there food and you can clearly see it and here them, that is the rudest. Another is slurping while drinking or get to the end of your drink and slurp using your straw. Omg it makes me so mad! Those were the two things I taught my children. My daddy use to take my daughter and they would eat soup and he would say this one is for your mother slurp all you want baby, you can do this at my house, I’m like oh know she can’t, he was just picking he knew he had taught me better...

    • Marla Sturgill
      Marla Sturgill 2 hours ago

      Amy Jones honey your not crazy for sure.. I think it’s a lack of raising if you ask me. I use to run a restaurant and I had a team of basketball players come in and when I tell you that my inside felt like they were going to come on the outside of me is an understatement... All of them were slurping with their straws, I let Go for a few minutes then I politely said could you all please stop slurping we have other customers in here and they are trying to eat, if ya like go outside and slurp all you want. You would think that the Coach would have backed me up on it. Nope went right alone with them.. So I said I was nice enough to ask you guys to stop and now I’m telling you if you can’t then I’ll have to ask you too leave... I mean their were like 15 or so players and there families and the coach.. Now when you have that many people doing that, now that’s beyond annoying... So they got up and left and slurped all the way outside, so you know they were just being mean and disrespectful on purpose...I don’t have time for disrespectful people...

    • Amy Jones
      Amy Jones 3 hours ago

      Marla Sturgill it’s nice to hear that someone else gets mad at those things! My husband acts like I’m crazy when I get mad at certain loud tv commercials...

  • Calejandre138
    Calejandre138 4 hours ago

    She couldn’t enjoy the toys with noise when she’s at your moms or when she visits your dad?

  • Brittany Stone
    Brittany Stone 4 hours ago

    Glad it wasn't me who dropped the phone...OMG that would be aweful! haha thanks for sharing sis' love watching your videos xoxoxo

  • Amy Jones
    Amy Jones 4 hours ago

    Oh don’t microwave anything in plastic! Toxins get in the food!

  • Kate O
    Kate O 4 hours ago

    OMG!!! My first child got a toy car for his first birthday. Talk about overdoing it with everything she got and she won't understand or remember any of it!

  • Brittany Stone
    Brittany Stone 4 hours ago

    Snowy is SOOO lucky to have you as a mom!!! oMG she has no idea but don't worry i'll remind her someday lol

  • Janettegg
    Janettegg 4 hours ago

    The bags are biodegradable lol the fact she didn’t believe him lol also isn’t buying a food processor a little late not that snow is one and is almost ready for pretty much any food just wondering And you could’ve been nicer about your dad

    ASHSID 4 hours ago

    Toys regift them, donate them, kid to kid. Books are knowledge.

    ASHSID 4 hours ago

    Wait did you already have the party or is this before the present opening

  • Lindsey Hill
    Lindsey Hill 5 hours ago

    Being excited over the food processor is literally me. I'm getting an actifry this week and I'm actually looking forward to it 😂 adulting

  • Lyn Workman
    Lyn Workman 5 hours ago

    Why should the baby miss out on normal noisy toys!! When she starts interacting with other children at playgroups she is going to be scared to death when she sees and hears noisy toys for the first time and there starts anxieties at a way too early age!!

    • Annie Walls
      Annie Walls Hour ago

      Amy Jones channon said she’s homeschooling her so she probably won’t know any different

    • Priscilla Kudrec
      Priscilla Kudrec 2 hours ago

      Right very sad on how she's keeping her baby from a lot of stuff.

    • Amy Jones
      Amy Jones 4 hours ago

      Lyn Workman ...and with the white noise and total darkness when she sleeps, she won’t be able to nap in kindergarten or anywhere other than a sleep pod. So sad...

  • Brittany Stone
    Brittany Stone 5 hours ago

    Loving the EXTREME CLEAN!! can you come over to my house pleaseeeeeeee

  • katiesnail
    katiesnail 5 hours ago

    Also there is a great weaning community on instagram if you want to see what kinds of things other people feed their 1 year olds, and how it's served etc. Great for inspiration :)

  • Megan Cicona
    Megan Cicona 5 hours ago

    Have you tried any solids with snow yet? At this age most children are off baby foods/pureed foods and eating only solids. Dont wait to long otherwise she will have trouble eating. She needs to learn how to chew her food .

    • A B
      A B Hour ago

      maggie Maybe don’t assume that when she probably isn’t even vaccinated (or at least she’s never shown proof)

    • Megan Cicona
      Megan Cicona Hour ago

      But i applaud her for making her own baby food tho! I tried for awhile but it just takes a lot of time

    • Megan Cicona
      Megan Cicona Hour ago

      I didnt mean to sound rude or mean.. i have 2 kids and i know advice is hard to give but sometimes is needed. Solids are definitely something she will have to start otherwise snow will have a very hard time eating. She cant do baby food forever

    • Manda
      Manda 3 hours ago

      @maggie a she's a first time mom. And as a mom myself I know there are TONS OF things we don't know. They don't come with manuals! So having the support and advice of other moms is awesome! At this age she should start weaning her slowly and putting her on table food. We are just trying to help Channon AND Snow:) I love them both! Have a good day!

    • maggie a
      maggie a 3 hours ago

      I’m sure Channon is doing what she needs to for snow

  • Brittany Stone
    Brittany Stone 5 hours ago

    OMG too much halloween stuff...haahha kidding, dad would say you can never have TOO much! lol. LOVE the thrift store. my favorite was the one in folsom by your old house we went to! i guess i need to check out some spots around our area now!

  • katiesnail
    katiesnail 5 hours ago

    I don't want to assume, because ofc these vlogs are just a snippet of your life but you mentioned making baby food for Snow - by the age of 8-9 months, babies should be eating the same sort of meals as you, and should be firmly on finger food, and regular, un-pureed, family meals at the age of 1!

    • WV-TX
      WV-TX 50 minutes ago

      You know food processors also chop🤔. They aren’t JUST for purées. Food before 1, is just for fun. She could very well be doing some purées, some small chopped foods, etc.

    • Missy Estep
      Missy Estep 2 hours ago

      maggie a nothing to do with baby being different, it’s milestones and ones she’s not reaching! She shouldn’t be eating purées only and BM, to continue growing and learning and getting used to textures babies need to explore with hands and mouths it’s how they learn!! Continuing to hold her “pouches” and cups and feeding her is only restricting her just like locking her up in the baby kennel. She’ll never hit milestones being confined and not allowed to be out and about exploring!! Common sense parenting not from a book, manual or what all babies do.. it’s just milestones which she’s already lacking for a year old🙁

    • Jahlen Johnson
      Jahlen Johnson 3 hours ago

      maggie a her daughter is 1 years old.... this isn’t about letting her make her own decisions as a parent. It’s about snows development. She needs food to eat, not baby food. Otherwise she could have a hard time eating in the future.

    • maggie a
      maggie a 3 hours ago

      Every baby is different, and every family is different. There is no baby manual out there. To each his or her own. Let her be.

    • Jahlen Johnson
      Jahlen Johnson 4 hours ago

      katiesnail I hope she sees comments talking about this. There’s no reason to make baby food at this point

  • darkprincess000jk
    darkprincess000jk 5 hours ago

    Not sure if anyone has said it already, sorry if someone has but the All Blacks are our rugby team :) Yay go New Zealand

  • pirspektiv
    pirspektiv 5 hours ago

    Awkward ending!

  • Courtney Evaa
    Courtney Evaa 5 hours ago

    what kind of shampoo/ body wash do you use on snow?

  • introvertedone
    introvertedone 5 hours ago

    Loved your haul, maybe for your greens 🥬 you should get them in the fresh produce area. Sprouts has really good deals on organic greens. I always use their reusable bags as produce bags, def need to buy produce bags.

  • Drea bby
    Drea bby 5 hours ago

    I feel you on the misophonia thing. When I was in high school i started getting really triggered by chewing and especially around cold season when people would sniff their noses every 5 seconds... I swear my skin would crawl and I’m a lot better now but I still get triggered if my husband eats certain foods and things. It brings out this anger in me, it’s crazy. Thank god it’s better now, I think in part because of my kids I was able to get over certain things.

    • Amy Jones
      Amy Jones 3 hours ago

      Drea bby I cannot stand the way my husband’s breath smells after he’s eaten even the smallest amount of garlic. Seriously makes me gag 😅

  • Jamie
    Jamie 5 hours ago

    Shannon❣️❣️❣️ I completely understand Your noise Sensitivity, you can’t do anything to help it and it causes panic attacks... I hope you can ignore and even block these people that don’t understand, and have no empathy..... Think people!!! A few decades ago children didn’t have light up noise making toys... and they still enjoyed their play...those Noisy extravagant toys aren’t necessary, Too much Stimulations Even..... I’m the same way Shannon 🤷‍♀️😀🤗🤗🤗🤗

  • sweetpea- KellyAnn
    sweetpea- KellyAnn 5 hours ago

    There is a book my daughter and I loved when she was a toddler up to 7,8,9 years of age and still now she smiles and says how much she loved the book. She’s 16 now. It’s called pinkalicious . It’s about a little girl who sneaks into the kitchen and eats too many pink cupcakes that she turns pink herself! And to fix the problem she has to eat only yucky green food. It’s such a cute book.

  • EGMA
    EGMA 6 hours ago

    I miss Travis.

  • MadHatterMom 2AutisticBabies

    U don't u save the shoes and clothes for another baby maybe u have?

  • The Kruger’s
    The Kruger’s 6 hours ago

    Your looking so good!

  • Lindsay Slagle
    Lindsay Slagle 6 hours ago

    That walker helped my son so much learn to walk!!

  • Sharon Faber
    Sharon Faber 6 hours ago

    Really good content, and snow is most cutest baby, when I see her😍😍I remember the miracle she is and what you both went through to get your miracle snow baby, and hopefully for future baby miracles😍😍

    RENZO Y JESSICA 6 hours ago

    Don’t make your baby live your crisis and mental problems. Stay positive and her happiness should be your happiness too.

    • Amy Jones
      Amy Jones 4 hours ago

      RENZO Y JESSICA I agree...moms have to put their child’s need first above their own. Being a mom is to be selfless...instant bodhisatva

  • Sarah B
    Sarah B 6 hours ago

    I literally thought u were putting snow in a trash can but it was just her seat cover lol

  • Yvette Dale
    Yvette Dale 6 hours ago

    You mean you don't need it in your life because you can't cope with the noise? Put your earplugs in & let Snow play Channon !!

  • Karen Daltry
    Karen Daltry 6 hours ago

    Home made lentil soup recipe Bag red lentils Onion Garlic Chives Vegetable stock Carrots Celery Boil it all up then blend it down and I store mine in the freezer and use when I want . Tastes so much better then shop bought

    • Anne C
      Anne C 4 hours ago

      That's also what I do, I always make my own soup, so easy and healthy!

  • Debra
    Debra 6 hours ago

    Won’t the food processor make noise, lol. I have that one and it makes noise Channon, lol

    • Amy Jones
      Amy Jones 4 hours ago

      Right? If I had this disorder I’d be fkn trigger every 10 minutes!

    • gamefighterxx
      gamefighterxx 5 hours ago

      Misiphonia is only triggered by certain sounds. Everyone’s misiphonia is different.

  • Jackie A
    Jackie A 6 hours ago

    Just exchange the one Tory for some more books or something.... I don't blame you I always said keep the noise at your house don't bring those to mine lol

  • jen na
    jen na 6 hours ago

    Lol you can donate whatever you want to me lol my daughter is 7m lol

  • Sharon Faber
    Sharon Faber 6 hours ago

    Longer videos are much better😘

  • Brenda Galvez
    Brenda Galvez 6 hours ago

    I glanced at the comments before watching the video, after watching the part about your dad buying Snow the ABC toy, I have to agree with one of the comments. If you don’t like toys that make noise, you should take it to your dad’s house so she can play with it there. I’m sure your dad just got caught up in the moment thinking it was a good gift, and unfocus the noise factor. You can see if you can return it, and use the credit towards a better toy choice. ☺️

  • Vegana Fit
    Vegana Fit 6 hours ago

    I honestly don’t think Channon is being selfish or rude for not wanting toys that trigger her misophonia. She’s the one who has to stress over it. I’d rather her be happy and healthy around Snow rather than her overreacting to all the sounds and to baby snow. Much love Channon. Really enjoying your energy and vibes lately . 🖤🖤🖤

    • Channon Rose Vlogs
      Channon Rose Vlogs 6 hours ago

      Thank you, I think people that feel bad for Snow because she doesn't have a certain toy are really uneducated about misophonia.

  • Brittany Stone
    Brittany Stone 6 hours ago

    Thanks for sharing this video sister!!! so fun watching!! I love the grocery haul and seeing the gifts Snowy received!!! One day when she's old enough to turn on those toys and put batteries in them you will be in trouble! hhaha until then enjoy the peace and quiet

    • Sharra Lynne
      Sharra Lynne 5 hours ago

      When do you plan do have your first child, beautiful Sister? ❤️

  • Joie Grace
    Joie Grace 6 hours ago

    You should hit up local farmers, supports local businesses and they don’t come in plastic like the stuff from the grocery stores ♥️ less waist.

    • mateja
      mateja Hour ago

      @Amy Jones Waist or waste? Sry, im rly not that good with english, waist doesnt make very much sense.

    • Amy Jones
      Amy Jones 4 hours ago

      Joie Grace I need a lesser waist too...

  • Connie Lee
    Connie Lee 7 hours ago

    Here's the thing I want to go look up the generator that you talked about and it's not really for sale unless you pledge into the kickstarter fund which seems really odd

    • Connie Lee
      Connie Lee 5 hours ago

      @Adrienne McGuire I get that. But not everyone can donate huge sums of money.

    • Adrienne McGuire
      Adrienne McGuire 5 hours ago

      That's how kickstarters work.

  • Quincey Rae
    Quincey Rae 7 hours ago

    STOP! A teething necklace for mommy to wear? Are you shitting me? I need to get a Nana one! At target? ❤️ Edit: I make the best sandwiches too! Add Oregano to it 👍🏼

  • Sammie - Lou Ellis
    Sammie - Lou Ellis 7 hours ago

    My kids was eating most of what I ate once they turned 8/9 months old (they had a lot of finger foods that I had too right from the get go... As long as it’s softer/cut into small bits etc then they r fine...

  • Jen Exodus
    Jen Exodus 7 hours ago

    I have misaphonia too. My husband triggers it constantly. Literally.

    • Jen Exodus
      Jen Exodus 4 hours ago

      Amy Jones it’s not intentional. At the end of the day we both share a space so we’re both bound to do things that bother each other. It’s not a matter of sensitivity as much of a mutual understanding that we’re human.

    • Amy Jones
      Amy Jones 4 hours ago

      Jen Exodus why is your husband so insensitive?

  • sophie bee
    sophie bee 7 hours ago

    CHANNON YOURE DOING YOUR BEST AND YOUR BEST IS GOOD ENOUGH🥰 i actually can not believe how negative the comment section is rn. she’s a mom sharing her life and trying her best. she has a phobia of certain sounds. she physically can not listen to the toys or she’ll freak out. she could’ve been nicer towards her dad but she was triggered even looking at the toy and you could see that just looking at her face when she touched it. don’t criticize things you don’t understand. also she’s been talking about having mental health issues and how they are getting bad again and how stressed she is and how she’s having problems in her marriage so the last thing you people should be doing is attacking her. SHE IS TRYING HER BEST. if you actually loved and supported her then you wouldn’t be kicking her when she’s down and if you don’t then get off her page. you may not agree with her parenting style but that’s cool cuz snow is not your baby. you can disagree with her as much as you want but no one can deny the love that channon has for her daughter. she went to hell and back to bring her into this world and she wouldn’t deprive her of anything. so maybe start spreading love instead of hate and encourage people instead of hating on everything they do. this environment is actually ridiculous and i’m so sad that this is what she has to look at when she goes to read the comments. 😭😭

    • Channon Rose Vlogs
      Channon Rose Vlogs 6 hours ago

      @Elizabeth Arevalo My dad knows VERY well about my disorder and still went ahead & got the toys knowing how I react to them. But somehow I am the bad guy lol

    • sophie bee
      sophie bee 6 hours ago

      Elizabeth Arevalo i addressed that in my comment. i said she should’ve been nicer toward her dad but one comment saying she was rude wouldve been enough. the whole comment section is attacking her for one thing she said. all i’m saying is people should be nicer and more positive (especially knowing she’s having a hard time) because if i were her i’d be very sad reading these comments.

    • Elizabeth Arevalo
      Elizabeth Arevalo 7 hours ago

      Yea but when someone buys a gift you just don't go saying your gonna donate what if her dad sees this

  • Beth Moore
    Beth Moore 7 hours ago

    She might have seemed upset about the toy because her dad should know her well enough to know her own triggers, the fact that he didn’t seemed to bother her. I don’t think she deserves so much hate for her own feelings. She might have been a little hurt he completely forgot or just disregarded that she told him about her disorder with noise.

  • Marek Krakovský
    Marek Krakovský 7 hours ago

    I watched your video while doing my backpack cleaning and organising. It's nice to have you around. Thanks! ☺

  • Danielle Ortiz
    Danielle Ortiz 7 hours ago

    Snow is your baby and it is your choice what toys or clothes she has. Don't worry about all these negative comments. Everyone will always have their own opinions. Stay positive! 🥰

  • Mathilda Paige
    Mathilda Paige 7 hours ago

    Channon, I just want you to know that I love your channel and I love you. You and I have so much in common, from our past to trouble with fertility. I want to say that I am so thankful that they’re is a TheXvidr who isn’t scared to tell people what they think about everything. Have your opinions. I will always love and watch your channel. Keep doing you, boo!!! Sending lots of love to you and your family. ❤️❤️

  • Beth Moore
    Beth Moore 7 hours ago

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  • CA D
    CA D 7 hours ago

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    • A B
      A B 34 minutes ago

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    • Stephanie Payton
      Stephanie Payton 2 hours ago

      Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn smart stages puppy Walker. I've been considering getting one for my son, but his grandma and grandpa are planning on buying him a walker and he doesn't need two of them.

    • CA D
      CA D 5 hours ago

      I tryed looking it up on their website but couldn't find it. My kid needs something like that. It is cool.

    • mateja
      mateja 6 hours ago

      Its from fisher price. Idk what exactly its called. Cool stuff, i agree

  • Amber Morales
    Amber Morales 8 hours ago

    If you don’t like noisy toys then you absolutely don’t have to have any battery operated toys there is this way of parenting called Montessori which only includes non-battery operated toys as well as natural material toys such as wood and glass and metal. I think you could be into that if you look it up it could be informational and then you could decide for yourself.

  • Kelly Kulas
    Kelly Kulas 8 hours ago

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    Delaney Fritch 8 hours ago

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    • redvor channel 1076
      redvor channel 1076 4 hours ago

      @Kate Kolodzik what is a stasher bag? Is it just a bag you stash random stuff in? Or is it used for something specific? Was it that clear plastic bag she showed near the end? I was hoping she would say what she used it for but she didn't (not sure if that's what you are referring to though)

    • Kate Kolodzik
      Kate Kolodzik 5 hours ago

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    • redvor channel 1076
      redvor channel 1076 5 hours ago

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    For everyone saying she was rude in response to her dad’s gift: I doubt she was trying to be rude, her response is what it looks like to have misophonia and be fearful of being triggered. Misophonia causes a fight or flight reaction. You either have to immediately make the noise stop (fight) or get away from it (flight). The noise itself immediately causes an extreme annoyed and anger response, like a reflex when the doctor hits your knee and your leg moves. I live a lot of my life with headphones in because I don’t want to have a fight or fight response, I don’t like how angry I get, but I can’t control it so I have to do whatever I can to avoid those noises. If you can’t control your response to stimuli, the only option is to control the stimuli that cause the response.

    • Shelly B
      Shelly B 35 minutes ago

      Maybe she could just take the batteries out when it bugs her bc toys like that are good for brian development and to help them learn on their own they are also alot of fun if snow isnt exposed to things like that it may cause her to have the same disorder! I understand that with a condition she cant contol it but maybe when shes not around let snow use them with travis or something!!

    • A B
      A B Hour ago

      Yes good to know! Maybe next time she shouldn’t put her poor dad on blast for not following the “rules”. She has zero tact

    • Elizabeth Lang
      Elizabeth Lang 2 hours ago

      She has something that seems more like S.S.S. than Misophonia, ( I have no idea about this whole being rude thing btw), I'm just making an observation based on years of watching and seeing Channon refer to her selective sound sensitivity as Misophonia. Misophonia and S.S.S. are very similar but Misophonia is a lot more severe.

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