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I got her pregnant...
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Try Not To SINK - Challenge
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  • Devon Duwarikah
    Devon Duwarikah Hour ago

    But she got to jupiter

  • Kia Emia
    Kia Emia Hour ago

    Can you please create verse 2 of your song because its so lit and dope

  • Stefano Montino
    Stefano Montino Hour ago

    straight rigged

  • Kaige Gonzalez
    Kaige Gonzalez Hour ago

    i think the boy is dumb he could say no on the top

  • Abud Shawwa
    Abud Shawwa Hour ago

    Have a pop up in Vancouver Canada

  • K M
    K M Hour ago

    GRINGE 0:30

  • Sirsnaggalot-
    Sirsnaggalot- Hour ago

    Put ddg on it

  • Malak Wael
    Malak Wael Hour ago

    This made me kinda sick idk why...

  • RTD
    RTD Hour ago


  • brayden barnes
    brayden barnes Hour ago


  • The criticalforce experior

    Take kaelin in more vid pls . Hit like if u guys wan it to happen?

  • Docmain 17
    Docmain 17 Hour ago

    Mr beast vibes

  • Aghata Da costa
    Aghata Da costa Hour ago

    Do more vids with molly

  • Reneilwe Menyuku

    Papa rug is going crazy

  • Emma Sharp
    Emma Sharp Hour ago

    I lay one a mini tramp while watching this video 🔥

  • ItzSPR
    ItzSPR Hour ago

    Rug... when are you gonna move to LA

  • SwyperX Gaming
    SwyperX Gaming Hour ago

    6:40 Thank me

  • Shadow Vortex
    Shadow Vortex Hour ago

    I’m not a girl but I’m pretty sure the girls would be smarter because they manage to get to Jupiter

  • Julia Culloden
    Julia Culloden Hour ago

    You should give the tiny house to Mike.

    TADSHARK Hour ago

    Of course you won

  • Rhys Soccer skills

    Rug this is safe glue I am not going to be harmed 1 minute later this is not going to be good for my skin😂

  • Jay's Channel
    Jay's Channel Hour ago


  • Jakob Chavez
    Jakob Chavez Hour ago

    I'm Soo happy Stevewilldoit was on here.

  • Blade
    Blade Hour ago

    The only thing that I don't like about this song, is when one of Noah's ad libs came in when he said "SKRTTT". It kind of killed the vibe honestly after that. But other than that, amazing song.

  • Muzakkir Malik
    Muzakkir Malik Hour ago

    The camera man won , he is the last one to leave

  • Paxton Gerber
    Paxton Gerber Hour ago

    Our sea food is good in Texas

  • Christy Arkieh
    Christy Arkieh Hour ago


  • Riot Replay
    Riot Replay Hour ago

    i just wanna nut all over kaylyn

  • really nope
    really nope Hour ago

    Why is this house better than my 3 room apartment. Guess what I can't complain, it's my dad's money.

  • Sam Smith
    Sam Smith Hour ago

    17:54 when I'm about to go to bed and have to put my light off so I leap into bed so nothing can grab me from under my bed lol😂😂🤗

  • R2-PEA2 pea
    R2-PEA2 pea Hour ago

    Remove him from the vid rug keemstar I hate him I cant stand him

  • raph barr
    raph barr Hour ago

    Obviously it’s the smallest house

  • starstruck Das
    starstruck Das Hour ago

    The cameraman should get 10,000 dollar

  • Miranda  Norman
    Miranda Norman Hour ago

    Girl please stop wearing the crop tops your way pretty than molly u dont have to dress like that dress the way your comfortable!

  • Hanneyah Togono Mohammad

    I think the camera man win 😂

  • Sacred Gaming
    Sacred Gaming Hour ago


  • Sacred Gaming
    Sacred Gaming Hour ago


  • manolakakos123
    manolakakos123 Hour ago

    netflix does not allow vpn you keinda scammed me rug

  • sheeba philip
    sheeba philip Hour ago

    There are even smaller house but loved the challenge

  • Dominykas
    Dominykas Hour ago

    It is not that fucking small

  • Drew Mellen
    Drew Mellen Hour ago

    try and cop Chris Breezy

  • cave lion
    cave lion Hour ago

    Mr. Beast became the official website for faze rug and other TheXvidrs to get content from

  • Drew Mellen
    Drew Mellen Hour ago

    yo ur song is pretty fire

  • The Salty Derp
    The Salty Derp 2 hours ago

    Me before vid checks comments First comment I see Rug wins the house

  • *tooshy tashy*
    *tooshy tashy* 2 hours ago

    You should do a challenge with your fans. You've done alot with your family. You should try helping your fans out.

  • Itz Haris
    Itz Haris 2 hours ago

    13:21 the window was open

  • Jonathan Ferguson
    Jonathan Ferguson 2 hours ago

    Rate it 7

  • tevin miller
    tevin miller 2 hours ago


  • Stephanie A.
    Stephanie A. 2 hours ago

    kaitlyn, your hair looks super cute like this! wish you woulda won the house though

  • Emi And Tay
    Emi And Tay 2 hours ago

    Omg ok i Just watched the whole video and Anthony won

  • ozzy
    ozzy 2 hours ago

    Maybe mr rice or dr drake

  • Orion Nicholson
    Orion Nicholson 2 hours ago

    What’s up hit me up on TheXvid on Orion Nicholson

  • holly_jolly
    holly_jolly 2 hours ago


  • Noah Alfarhat
    Noah Alfarhat 2 hours ago

    I was able to smell that shirt from Europe in the Netherlands

  • corey burchell
    corey burchell 2 hours ago

    That pizza looked Bloody Nice 😂 !

  • Immanuel K
    Immanuel K 2 hours ago

    17:06 U meant "ketchup" or "check-up"?? XD

  • Michael Ferrarin
    Michael Ferrarin 2 hours ago


  • end lend
    end lend 2 hours ago

    Yes make it o n spotify

  • The Salty Derp
    The Salty Derp 2 hours ago

    Who else thought that the baby food was caramel pudding?

  • HPM
    HPM 2 hours ago

    Noah is pretty annoying lol

  • xenamex io
    xenamex io 2 hours ago

    We love faze rugggg

  • Dėde P
    Dėde P 2 hours ago

    4:39 You have exactly 100.000 likes

  • Abraham Villanueva
    Abraham Villanueva 2 hours ago

    I have a pug

  • That’s crazy bro Yurrr

    Let’s go Noah your the best

  • Karma Rodriguez
    Karma Rodriguez 2 hours ago

    Just becouse of one song he thinks he is a rapper

  • Emi And Tay
    Emi And Tay 2 hours ago

    I think Anthony or Jessica

  • Sam Harmston
    Sam Harmston 2 hours ago

    Hopefully someday someone will scroll down and see this comment:(

  • Ahlam Muntaser
    Ahlam Muntaser 2 hours ago

    Meow cat meow meow meow meow meow

  • Γιαννης Μποχηκας

    Yo the camera man won

  • Im The cutest 9 year old ever

    Im your biggest fan give me a shoutout best youtuber ever

  • Anna Forever
    Anna Forever 2 hours ago

    Lol did he say checkup 😂😂😂

  • 0kay
    0kay 2 hours ago

    Next time practice before you make something like this again

  • Jackie Torres
    Jackie Torres 2 hours ago

    17:09 “chekup” 😂

  • Im The cutest 9 year old ever

    Play fortnite please

  • Sparks Snipez
    Sparks Snipez 2 hours ago

    He should give it to a homeless person who needs it

  • Yahir Ramirez
    Yahir Ramirez 2 hours ago

    Nahh is not hot

  • Valeoneup 1
    Valeoneup 1 2 hours ago

    Hip-Hop is Dead Rock and Roll is Back. Next Video : Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre react to this shit.

  • Christy Arkieh
    Christy Arkieh 2 hours ago

    I thought his name was Anthony, not Sherman

  • Isabella Abrams
    Isabella Abrams 2 hours ago

    I’m supporting u all the way!❤️

  • Jonathan Gonzalez perez

    Bruh Noah deadass funny 😭😂😂

  • Chewbacca 02
    Chewbacca 02 2 hours ago

    Girls go to Jupiter but if we are stupid how did we get to Jupiter

  • Fam BM
    Fam BM 2 hours ago

    I only understood the word he said "KIBIRA" its even the same in normal arabic.

  • David Kerem
    David Kerem 2 hours ago

    Rug said checkup instead of kechup

  • Brayan Gamero
    Brayan Gamero 2 hours ago

    Dude keeps saying "as a joke" just 2 cover his ass. Song is 💩

  • Mohamed Zakwaan Waseef

    Is Mike dead?

  • saysmodi
    saysmodi 2 hours ago

    Man im homeless so i would glued myself to a wall or somthing lmfao. Yo im vlogging my homeless experience someone should check it out

  • Charles Tusin
    Charles Tusin 2 hours ago

    Papa Rug is an old school G !!

  • Said Abdi
    Said Abdi 2 hours ago


  • irma kalember
    irma kalember 2 hours ago

    Awsome love the house it’s very modern and cozy.

  • Kay 21
    Kay 21 2 hours ago

    I like these videos but he always uses people he knows or family. He should use fans or strangers

  • Leng’s Life
    Leng’s Life 2 hours ago

    2019 ?

  • 66Samus
    66Samus 2 hours ago

    Mr. Beast?