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Batman vs TMNT | Fight Scene
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Aquaman | The King Has Risen
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  • Cloo Viewer
    Cloo Viewer 4 hours ago

    This really fleshed out more lore of the skekis. Not ALL skeksis are "evil". Yes they resemble the darker half, just as the mystic is the lighter side. This scene does bring to question, "could there be 'evil' mystics?".

  • mitrut turkey
    mitrut turkey 4 hours ago

    no i mean at 2:06

  • mitrut turkey
    mitrut turkey 4 hours ago

    did king ghidorah said auuuuu 2:05

  • little N
    little N 4 hours ago

    Ghidorah: looks like KFC's on the menu

  • The Bab God
    The Bab God 5 hours ago

    hup: "did this nigga just kill himself?"

  • fede mona
    fede mona 5 hours ago

    If only the movie was as good as this series : (

  • TerminalCarrion
    TerminalCarrion 5 hours ago

    Wait...if he died before he ever hit the ground was jumping off the cliff at all necessary?

  • Adyn J
    Adyn J 6 hours ago

    2:18 this is the funniest part

  • david 3l Emparator
    david 3l Emparator 6 hours ago

    This movie is what set DC back in the game...truly heart warming and adventurous

  • Matthew Jones
    Matthew Jones 6 hours ago

    Godzilla and Mothra won the fight against Ghidorah together. Try to change my mind.

  • Joe Fanik
    Joe Fanik 6 hours ago

    I love how Godzilla just walks through Ghidorah's lightning blast like it's nothing

  • Metalhead10000
    Metalhead10000 7 hours ago

    Oh thank god, that one kid survived. Too bad a couple hundred others just died.

  • Ricthe Maibram
    Ricthe Maibram 7 hours ago

    This hurts more than a breakup❤❤❤

  • Emiya Shirou
    Emiya Shirou 8 hours ago

    I think whats most frightening is that creatures like these demonstrate they can cause great destruction and death just by flapping their wings.

  • 如月蘭
    如月蘭 8 hours ago


  • Mike Rodriguez
    Mike Rodriguez 8 hours ago

    I had to say while watching this that it was a fucking incredible spectacle to see. Never thought ghidorah and Rodan would look so fucking incredible. Makes the kid in me scream.

  • Prince Pintro
    Prince Pintro 9 hours ago

    The iron giant and King Kong were one of my favorite parts of the movie

  • WolfPackZGaming
    WolfPackZGaming 9 hours ago

    0:46 I don't know about you, but I could feel the sheer terror that Ghidorah was feeling after his wings got singed off

  • NightmareXRISER4 Tina Kleven


  • Edior Mrvn
    Edior Mrvn 10 hours ago

    *fun fact* King Kong just fired his agents for pitching Kong vs Godzilla.

  • Wow Galing
    Wow Galing 10 hours ago

    shock wave that kill king ghidora is harmless to human that are warching the fight.

  • Dinoslay
    Dinoslay 11 hours ago

    2:10 It was at this moment he knew he (bleep)ed up. 👹

  • HereToStay
    HereToStay 11 hours ago

    Its Mega Charizard and Butterfree vs Ho-Oj and a pissed off Hydreigon

  • ์นครินทร์ สมณะ

    Byakuya is #ฟิตมิตรด้าม from Thailand

  • J-man Jr
    J-man Jr 11 hours ago

    Mother Auhgra > Yoda.

  • Isaiah Freeman
    Isaiah Freeman 11 hours ago

    ....... are you serious..... I have never really watched GOT ..... but I can tell you from somebody who LOVES fantasy movies or shows.... that was by far the worst death of the BIGGEST MAIN VILLIAN I have ever seen...

  • Chris Jamir
    Chris Jamir 12 hours ago

    I criiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiied T^T

  • Preston Fans ninja
    Preston Fans ninja 12 hours ago

    00:00 ⬅️click dis if you wan to star aggen

  • Genji
    Genji 12 hours ago

    I swear those eyes stare right into your soul...

  • Rohit Khanna
    Rohit Khanna 12 hours ago

    Godzilla: i am talking my territory back

  • Kyle Pearson
    Kyle Pearson 13 hours ago

    A fight between Godzilla and King Kong is like a fight between Batman and Superman the winner is obvious

  • SlyFan1993
    SlyFan1993 13 hours ago

    That easily had to be one of the best sacrifices I've ever seen in films and TV.

  • Ryan
    Ryan 14 hours ago

    at 2:05 you can hear, King Ghidorah saying SCREW YOUUU!!! and at 2:09 you can hear his NOO NOOO!!!

  • Giovvani Rodriguez
    Giovvani Rodriguez 14 hours ago

    Damn tyranitar has a cool evolution

  • SonoftheWay35
    SonoftheWay35 14 hours ago

    am I the only one who thinks this makes Godzilla too OP?

  • Indian Tech Support
    Indian Tech Support 14 hours ago

    Godzilla after destroying an entire city: *aight imma head out*

  • Everything In The World

    From where I can download this movie in HD

  • Kim Hoffman
    Kim Hoffman 15 hours ago

    Part of me wonders that Urgo is saying his name slowly just to bug Heretic lol. Because he doesn’t speak quite that slowly consistently.

  • Mackson Khor34
    Mackson Khor34 15 hours ago

    What is going on here can't see anythng

  • nicknitro86
    nicknitro86 15 hours ago

    I remember someone described Rodan as the Starscream of the monsterverse, he was kind of right.

  • Haru Nanase
    Haru Nanase 15 hours ago

    This scene had me in tears and I ended up smacking me friend repeatedly with pillows cause she showed me this heart breaking show!!! 💔💔💔 Why did the father have to die and not the Hunter!?!

  • lilly peck
    lilly peck 16 hours ago

    This scene breaks my heart to pieces. You can tell rian and mira really loved eachother. And the way they lock eyes as she's about to turn to ash just pains me to my very core. I cry everytime I watch this

  • KidRunnerH
    KidRunnerH 16 hours ago

    I love that Mr. Mime was so hurt when Pikachu called him a stupid mime.

  • Jabet Aguiluz
    Jabet Aguiluz 16 hours ago

    I dont really get how a nuclear melt down works, could someone that does be so kind to explain how a Nuke that does not seem to have enough power to kill neither Godzilla or Ghidora was able to provide Godzilla enough power to easily kill Ghidora? thanks :)

    • Jacob Reynolds
      Jacob Reynolds 9 hours ago

      The nuke gave Godzilla a lot of energy, so much energy that he was on the verge of exploding, when he absorbed Mothra’s ashes he was able to release the energy without exploding

  • Andrew Lopez
    Andrew Lopez 16 hours ago

    2:21 yummy. Tingly

  • PAT Warner
    PAT Warner 16 hours ago

    When two of the heads got stuck in the building and third trying to pull one of them out, it got me thinking of the Three Stooges.

  • Daniel Dickson
    Daniel Dickson 16 hours ago

    I noticed that the sound Rodan makes when Mothra shanks him with her stinger, is exactly the same sound the female MUTO makes in the 2014 Godzilla movie when Godzilla bites down on her head from behind, preparatory to decapitating her.

  • Frosty Ghost
    Frosty Ghost 17 hours ago

    I love this guy. Awesome character. Awesome series!!!!

  • Anthony Vargas
    Anthony Vargas 17 hours ago

    Godzilla: fight me King kong: *george lopez voice* ta loco fight me

  • Sonja Brown
    Sonja Brown 17 hours ago

    the hugs cute

  • Максим Цыба
    Максим Цыба 17 hours ago

    It was written so fucking bad. Godzilla basically sucked a dick during the whole movie, then in the final fight he fucked up again, completely, and suddenly somehow comes back with a brand new fire superpower coming from nothing. That was even more stupid than a plot driven by idiot woman scientist and her cartoon family.

    • Jacob Reynolds
      Jacob Reynolds 9 hours ago

      It came from the nuke and Mothra, try paying attention

  • Sonja Brown
    Sonja Brown 17 hours ago

    I cryed so much why so sad so sad frist time i saw it i hold in my tears so nobady see me cry but i just cant hold in my tears any more

  • cow moo
    cow moo 17 hours ago

    And that kids, is why you always carry plan b

  • Leo Jansen
    Leo Jansen 18 hours ago

    Hup is a Real Hero!

  • Jerry McPeake
    Jerry McPeake 18 hours ago

    SkelMal is and always be the hunt itself living free as the wind and fierce as the storm, remember not for his savage's but for the strength he gives to ideals he lived by

  • Natural Wizard
    Natural Wizard 18 hours ago

    This show better get some Emmy nominations or I'm going to be pissed!

  • Wilson Cardenas
    Wilson Cardenas 18 hours ago

    After 29 years, I found my spirit animal: the Heretic!

  • Daddy DeVito
    Daddy DeVito 18 hours ago

    I Loved this movie, it’s a definite step up from the first one. I love how they used his new roar but every now and then sneak in the classic one, and they mad a major improvement on the spines, taking them straight of the back of the 54’ Godzilla. I also really love that they stuck with ghidora being from space, something I wasn’t a fan of in the first one was making things to realistic, the concept on giant monsters fighting each other isn’t realistic so don’t make the movies realistic ( to a certain extent) I don’t think the critics should have anything to do with these movies and weather or not the monster-verse keeps going. There not supposed to be story driven ( to a certain extent) there not about the “characters” it’s literally ABOUT kaiju beating the shit out of each other unless you count the original 1954 Gojira which was more of a gritty, depressing art film, about the dangers and destruction of nuclear weapons

  • domidium
    domidium 18 hours ago


  • Kitty cat 6936
    Kitty cat 6936 18 hours ago

    This is like Samba defeating Scar

  • Gary Brown
    Gary Brown 18 hours ago

    How much you all want to bet that they’ll either nerf Godzilla or buff King Kong . Maybe both now that I think about it.

  • Hfar
    Hfar 18 hours ago

    Rodan: *yaaaaaawn* "Hey guys! What'd I mi- ow ow ow ow ow! The hell?!"

  • Ian Greene
    Ian Greene 18 hours ago

    Is it just me or do most of the new Titans look like monsters from a Miyazaki film?

    FUTUR3 HYP3R 18 hours ago

    Hopper not dead

  • guiloro
    guiloro 19 hours ago


  • Anish Ranna
    Anish Ranna 19 hours ago

    Im torn right now... Gozilla is obviously much stronger but Kong is much smarter. I also really want Kong to win because he is still just a kid and he is much more relatable than Godzilla, which sounds rich considering they're both monsters that are 100s of meters tall. Still though as of the evidence seen so far, Godzilla would win but I really want Kong to win.

  • Ethan Serfling
    Ethan Serfling 19 hours ago

    Farewell MalVa=skekMal and urVa

  • k.h.production 22669
    k.h.production 22669 19 hours ago

    2:01 The quick "IT'S IN MY MOUTH!" honestly made me laugh more than it should've

  • In-N-Out
    In-N-Out 19 hours ago

    I wanna see godzilla use his blue nuclear pulse

  • Edgarfilms
    Edgarfilms 19 hours ago

    Hey it's that girl from Godzilla.

  • Tony Stark
    Tony Stark 19 hours ago

    I think the night king’s troop and the allies battle should be filmed more longer..... This was such a vain😂

  • GamesULove
    GamesULove 19 hours ago

    It’s Mother Earth, and she’s dancing

  • Sterben1942
    Sterben1942 19 hours ago

    So this movie got 100% on rotten tomatoes

  • Zippy Kirby
    Zippy Kirby 19 hours ago

    1:50 I guess now I know why doctors tell us to never pop our zits - we'll die!

  • Marts
    Marts 19 hours ago

    Gosh, the first time I heard this melody I got chills and started tearing up! It just brings out the feelings so well and you feel like you are with them sitting by that fire during the ceremony. This even makes me curious if I can learn their language...

  • Deputy Stage
    Deputy Stage 19 hours ago

    Godzilla: Perfectly balanced, as all things should be!

  • ubisoft guy
    ubisoft guy 19 hours ago

    hmm im calling it zilla is sans from undertale

  • Assassin Novice
    Assassin Novice 19 hours ago

    #SaveDeet Save your woman Rian!! Season 2 please come soon!!

  • Funny Funny
    Funny Funny 20 hours ago

    I love this show bug I have to say it No one: Digimon in fights:

  • Daniel Banuelos
    Daniel Banuelos 20 hours ago

    His smile at 0:48

  • Daniel Banuelos
    Daniel Banuelos 20 hours ago

    King Kong would die just standing next to him.

  • mas8705
    mas8705 20 hours ago

    Wanderer... wanderer! WANDERER! SAY IT! JUST SAY WANDERER!!!

  • Ironloss
    Ironloss 21 hour ago

    Rest in peace Billy, you were a true hero. One of the few deaths in tv where I actually got emotional.

  • XenoRazer HD
    XenoRazer HD 21 hour ago

    Soooo, is Rodan the Starscream of the kaiju?

  • Noir Angel
    Noir Angel 21 hour ago

    *[When you're a kid and you're last out from dodgeball]* How it looks: 😁 How it feels: 3:01

  • ImRuben 28
    ImRuben 28 21 hour ago

    0:38 did anyone see mothras wing in that blast

  • Leron Turner
    Leron Turner 21 hour ago

    Shazam family next movie

  • Subscribe to acetico

    Pikachu mind:did magikarp gane weight? Pikachu: dang he heavy

  • BigSexy Gorilla
    BigSexy Gorilla 21 hour ago

    Started with his hand reaching for his head then ends with it inching away from it 😭😢

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    Lickittungs mind:hey a person lemme lick Lickittung: im give u a big ol lick son Lickittung: LICK!!!!!!!?

  • Gillian Day
    Gillian Day 22 hours ago

    1:21, Skekmal! *PUT RIAN DOWN!*

  • carlos serra
    carlos serra 22 hours ago

    Godzilla vs Thanos. Who would won?

  • Laufield
    Laufield 22 hours ago

    I called it’s Hellzilla

  • Jonathan Ybarra
    Jonathan Ybarra 22 hours ago

    Ghidorah: Ha I killed Godzilla! Godzilla: omae wa mou shindeiru Ghidorah: Nani!?!?

  • Red Gamer99
    Red Gamer99 22 hours ago

    Did she realize what she had done!

  • jimmy2k4o
    jimmy2k4o 22 hours ago

    Kong: FUCK THAT!!!! *kneels*

  • The Wild Colonial Boy
    The Wild Colonial Boy 22 hours ago

    Heretic seems like Big Bird's crazy uncle.

  • Throwback Channel
    Throwback Channel 22 hours ago

    3:25 At least they know Tackle when it’s level 15. Wobuffet is the worst.

  • Throwback Channel
    Throwback Channel 22 hours ago

    0:24 Language!

  • RedfurredPikachu
    RedfurredPikachu 22 hours ago

    I just find it amazing that a small company can understand better how to make live action cartoon charachters look and feel like the actual characters. Sony, Paramount, and even DISNEY fail to understand why people get mad at the live action adaptations or remakes. Just one look at Pikachu and I can tell that's actual my favorite Pokémon, I can't do that with ANY of the characters for Lion King.