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  • Simba Choga
    Simba Choga 4 minutes ago

    I predict a very nice game, Sheffield will coz all sorts of problems...will be a draw or win for Sheffield

  • ไมค์ ไมค์

    What a fuckin prick

  • ไมค์ ไมค์

    So pathetic. The highest wage bill in the wourld Big more than Man city. You look very, very shite

  • Don Ragnar
    Don Ragnar Hour ago

    “Mata is getting back to his best” = United aren’t signing Bruno Fernandes 😂😂😂 5 years from now, Mata will still be in the number 10 with his walking stick and Ole will still he smiling after defeats telling the Ole-in fanboys how ‘we are still building for next season’ 😂😂😂

  • 22many
    22many Hour ago

    Frank Lampard is the best press conference handler I have ever seen.

  • Ryan Makawi
    Ryan Makawi Hour ago

    Manchester city is a rich club? Go buy a trophy

  • footballmanager
    footballmanager Hour ago

    Fraud he's nothing but an instruction Puppet ( more like PEPPET) no real class

  • The Realist
    The Realist Hour ago

    Out of your depth Artiti.

  • Humberto Zepeda
    Humberto Zepeda Hour ago

    , stop whining so much about the schedule rotate players that's the key have enough quality in the squad to have 25 top players to cover all days salary wages are too high and keeping the clubs active is the only way to keep up with their financial demands.

  • Karl Omatsola
    Karl Omatsola 2 hours ago

    Love it .. massive Changes coming in summer !

  • Md Abu Nayeem
    Md Abu Nayeem 2 hours ago

    Why didn’t he play Riyad Mahrez against CP?

  • Ronan Kiid
    Ronan Kiid 2 hours ago

    Take a look at De Gea he wasn’t the best the first 3 years at United now look at him one of the best GKs in the last 5 years

  • Little Heart
    Little Heart 2 hours ago

    Stupid coach sterling is useless and u say he’s good

  • Stephen Gill
    Stephen Gill 3 hours ago


  • I DS
    I DS 3 hours ago

    Fish out of water with sharks that have won major trophies Pep,klopp,Jose, ancelotti and ole with his relegated past. Almost lost all credibility as a united legend because he's too stubborn to walk away. Imagine replacing klopp at Liverpool with Ian Rush

  • PrinceOfM4rs20 __
    PrinceOfM4rs20 __ 4 hours ago

    My manager

  • Koopi Aceh
    Koopi Aceh 4 hours ago

    Ferdinand-vidic (won many trophies) Pique-puyol (literally won everything) The most iconic duo of this generation

  • perry loo
    perry loo 4 hours ago

    The difference between Klopp and Ole in handling of the players is obvious. Klopp is like a father to his players taking care of their health whereas Ole just neglect this point in endangering the player's health. Even if Rashford wanted to play in the FA cup game against Wolves Ole should hold his stand not to play him knowing its a risk. With Ole's way of handling his players I think managers of national football association will advise the players who are playing for their country not to join MU which would mean top players will not be joining the club. So good luck MU.

  • Ethan black
    Ethan black 4 hours ago

    If Chelsea sell willian I will be very upset and furious

  • geb red
    geb red 4 hours ago

    Arteta just keep doing what you are doing. We are loving what you are doing. Never listen to the negatives of the media, they are out there to destroy you. DM criticized even before taking in charge on the Everton game while they were silent over anceloti. They are afraid of you already of how great you will become.

  • امينة ستارز

    Good luck tomorow

  • امينة ستارز

    Guardiola said that he want to bay a new players houssem aouar good player with mahrez will be great

  • Rose
    Rose 5 hours ago

    yeah let's pretend Laporte isn't the only "thing" that makes the difference between City and Liverpool. Man City even stronger offensively, they put teams in a bunker for 75% of the game and die on the counter because Dinho & Stones as CB pair is a fucking disgrace to football

  • Dr. Ntuli A. Kapologwe

    Pep's confidence has recently gone down....May be he will recover next season

  • GRIM-NYTE GRievance
    GRIM-NYTE GRievance 5 hours ago

    Breathing heavy like he just snort a ball of coke the fraud

  • Jeerasak Bangmueng
    Jeerasak Bangmueng 5 hours ago

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  • Jeerasak Bangmueng
    Jeerasak Bangmueng 5 hours ago

    โอเล่ไม่ใช่หน้าเด็กอย่างเดียว สมองยังเด็กด้วย ไม่กล้าดังนักเตะ ไม่มีปัญญาคุมนักเตะ คุมได้ก้อแต่ดาวรุ้ง แพ้แค่นี้ก้อถือว่าโชคดี อย่าไปไล่โอเล่เลย เก็บได้ไห้แมนยูตกต่ำแบบนี้ไปนานๆนะ 555

  • Mark Harper
    Mark Harper 5 hours ago

    Victor Moses could still add something to the squad. I remember him scoring a few from the wide areas.

    • Vishal Parihar
      Vishal Parihar 5 hours ago

      That was back when he was playing as a wing back .

  • Khalid Garbiya
    Khalid Garbiya 6 hours ago

    Stop asking about Arteta he’s gone and is a rival even though we’re mid-table

  • Simon Rodgers
    Simon Rodgers 6 hours ago

    What's with this Embargoed nonsense?

    • abhi ram
      abhi ram 4 hours ago

      I swear everyone asks this. You have Google for a reason, go use it!

  • Arefaine Alem
    Arefaine Alem 6 hours ago

    Manchester city 🌃 needs European champions just try to win EpL is over Liverpool very far and a lot of morals

  • Ruben Sampe
    Ruben Sampe 6 hours ago

    Now messi now champions

  • Ruben Sampe
    Ruben Sampe 6 hours ago


  • La ciel Bleu
    La ciel Bleu 6 hours ago

    Trust in Pep %100

  • Oussama Gharbi
    Oussama Gharbi 6 hours ago

    his german is fluent

  • Thorgan Hazard
    Thorgan Hazard 6 hours ago

    you can tell that Lampard isn't happy with the "Kepa" questions...

  • drew graham
    drew graham 6 hours ago

    Pep Moandiola

    GOLD VIP 6 hours ago

    I can't live without football PEP. Please make it a game a day. We need more football. Totally addicted. 😂🤣🤣😂🤣

  • Lukman Salam
    Lukman Salam 6 hours ago

    Thanks beany 🙏

  • lucas marcelus
    lucas marcelus 6 hours ago

    No hope, this year then!

  • Spirit Swarm2019
    Spirit Swarm2019 6 hours ago

    I love the way they ask questions like it's a guarantee Liverpool are gonna be the same next season teams don't perform the same each season next season Im sure Liverpool will not be the same this year its Liverpool next year it will be another team its always that way

    • Nine Five
      Nine Five 41 minute ago

      @Jovan Richardson Headlam indeed. Liverpool will definitely compete for the title in upcoming seasons and maybe even it but I don't think they'll be as dominant as they are now.

    • Nine Five
      Nine Five 43 minutes ago

      Obviously. This is very common in pl. In last 2 seasons city was very dominant but now they are not performing as good as they used to do. After city's 100 points season everyone expected them to dominate for few more seasons but it didn't last long.

    • Antares
      Antares 2 hours ago

      @Jovan Richardson Headlam Because of ego and complacency. Once Liverpool wins the league the agents of the player will demand better contracts because clubs like Man U pay a lot more to their players undeservingly. Right now Klopp has them super motivated so for the moment winning games is all they care, but next season it will be harder to convince them to keep running and working hard, specially if their demands are not heard by the board. I'm not talking too much about Salah or Firmino, but the ones who are hugely underpaid.

    • Jovan Richardson Headlam
      Jovan Richardson Headlam 3 hours ago

      Hard to judge even as a Liverpool fan I understand what you mean however I do feel like with how Jurgen is as a manager and the philosophy that we have instilled that won’t go away yes we might lose or drop more points but ultimately we have set ourselves up to challenge for the league title for a long period of time especially with the age of our squad and then adding a couple of players with quality now and again I think we can consistently compete but we will see

    • Dr. Ntuli A. Kapologwe
      Dr. Ntuli A. Kapologwe 5 hours ago

      How can you be that sure?

  • Radjouh Akram
    Radjouh Akram 6 hours ago

    I hope see mahrez play he can do different

  • sun ny
    sun ny 6 hours ago

    He looks stoned in the first 15 secs lol

  • Jamaal Jey
    Jamaal Jey 6 hours ago

    subscribe to this channel u will get updates

  • Rollin' not Strollin'

    I 💙 him!

    • Little Heart
      Little Heart Hour ago

      What about me you don’t love me huh?

    • nelson Lea
      nelson Lea 6 hours ago

      Rollin' not Strollin' go fuck him

  • Jamaal Jey
    Jamaal Jey 6 hours ago

    we must win this game

    • Ozan Kabak
      Ozan Kabak 2 hours ago

      nelson Lea ur comment is shit

    • abhi ram
      abhi ram 4 hours ago

      @Ibrahim Mohamed Ok

    • Ibrahim Mohamed
      Ibrahim Mohamed 6 hours ago

      I am a Liverpool and city will beat sheffield

    • nelson Lea
      nelson Lea 6 hours ago

      Jamaal Jey you cant win... your team is shit

  • Dominic 1998
    Dominic 1998 7 hours ago

    We need a good defender, and 1 striker who can finish better, we didn't replace Drogba and Terry! We need to!

  • Willy C.
    Willy C. 7 hours ago

    We must win CL...I wish we did it💙

    • Nine Five
      Nine Five 50 minutes ago

      Your first step in knockouts is difficult. Real Madrid can knock you out in very first round.

    • Stephen Gill
      Stephen Gill 3 hours ago

      Not good enough to win CL.. Liverpool will win it again...

    • Dr. Ntuli A. Kapologwe
      Dr. Ntuli A. Kapologwe 5 hours ago

      You need yo solve your defensive woes first...There are a lot of good teams out there...With the current defensive lineup your wishes will be not met

    • abhi ram
      abhi ram 5 hours ago

      @nelson Lea I'm going to cry in a corner, when we get knocked out due to a Ramos handball

    • abhi ram
      abhi ram 5 hours ago

      @Baiaozin lol

  • TL C
    TL C 7 hours ago

    He hasn’t denied the Cavani link. I hope there’s something in that

  • awil Suleiman
    awil Suleiman 7 hours ago


  • Mark Redmond
    Mark Redmond 7 hours ago

    The press are loving it. When's he gone he's gone.

  • امينة ستارز

    good luck tomorow sergio aguiero with mahrez is better

  • awil Suleiman
    awil Suleiman 7 hours ago

    yes thanks again and again

  • Yahia Muhammad
    Yahia Muhammad 8 hours ago

    This is Liverpool trophy EpL belongs to Liverpool whether you agreed or not ,city can only focus on second place and champions league

  • Mohammed Rizwan
    Mohammed Rizwan 8 hours ago

    Pay the Bill lol

  • William Brown
    William Brown 8 hours ago

    This poor deluded fool is doing a great job and should be given a 10 year contract. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Speedo Meedo
    Speedo Meedo 9 hours ago

    When dogs (Man utd) attack a lion (liverpool), they have nothing but barking.

  • Kamel Kamel
    Kamel Kamel 9 hours ago

    Why Mahrez not play

  • Miki Tewelde
    Miki Tewelde 9 hours ago

    Super frank and the blues please tomorrow u have to win anless and atherways it is problem

  • ashavin 301
    ashavin 301 9 hours ago

    Frank you have been found out BUT still I wish you all the best.

    • Darren Walsh
      Darren Walsh 8 hours ago

      Hahaha Arsenal and Arteta are shite, jog on m8

    • Jacko
      Jacko 9 hours ago

      ashavin 301 4-1... 2-1

  • Kucing Cilik
    Kucing Cilik 9 hours ago

    Goals celebrated by Salah, like winning the match in the world cup final. They didnt realize that United are now mediocre clubs.. Just 2-0.... OMG...

  • Alan Brady
    Alan Brady 9 hours ago

    Peps a Blade 😆

  • Singappuli Wijewardana

    It's a home game. We have to win. You cannot lose two or three matches and win two matches again and go on like this.

  • Amaan Kayani
    Amaan Kayani 10 hours ago

    I think the boys were scared of rio

  • dio cletian
    dio cletian 10 hours ago

    I'm there we are there hahaha, you can tell he doesn't fancy John stones. not one bit. all the mistakes and dodgy defending, most recent in the last game plays Zaha onside and lets him have a free run for the goal. Pep had enough.

  • David
    David 10 hours ago

    "Look, everything's great, 100% commitment, the united way, this group, couldn't ask for anything more, look things could be better, not saying they couldn't, but this is the United way, Sir Alec, this is what he taught us, the United way and everyone here has that commitment and the quality, these are quality players (who show commitment). It didn't go to plan, but the plan was commitment, the United way, this team never gives up, we're all committed, so it all worked out, even though it didn't, so it's disappointing, it's always disappointing when you've shown such commitment and played the United way but still lost. We had chances, they had chances, the United way, so overall I'm happy. So look, they deserved to win but we didn't deserve to lose, because we showed commitment, real commitment. So yeah, we lost, but we can't get everything right, what's important is the commitment, this is a great club, quality, committed players. we might get some deals, we might not (Edward hasn't told me yet), so we expect to improve at least we're committed to improve and don't worry about Marcus he'll be slightly fit in six weeks, he's committed, everything's great, this is a project. Don't knock it but Ollie thinks Liverpool were on the ropes, they looked tired. I honestly think Ollie is the only one who could do the job right now, the only one pleasant enough, unruffled enough, optimistic enough to make it seem to all around that the sun is shining while the folks behind the scenes are playing football manager and monopoly, at the same time, and, meanwhile, Liverpool and City disappear into the distance.

    • cooky monster
      cooky monster 8 hours ago

      The bottom line is that Man. Utd have been in decline for nearly a decade now. The squad was in decline in Ferguson's last few years. He knew it as well. That's why he got out.He probably would have gone in 2012 if Man. Utd had won the title that year, but Man. City pipped them to the title with Aguero's last minute goal. He was determined to go out on a high, so the board gave him £25 million to go and buy Van Persie from Arsenal and that next season Utd. basically out-scored teams with Rooney and Van Persie up front. The rest of the team ( apart from De Gea ) were past their best. Once he won the league in 2013 Ferguson was done. The idea that David Moyes was gonna carry on and keep Man. Utd at the top of the pile was quite frankly ludicrous. What had Moyes done before that ? Oh, he got Everton into the top 5 a couple of times.....The money at Man. City was always gonna be a game changer and when Ferguson called them 'The noisy Neighbours' he knew what was coming.......

  • abhi ram
    abhi ram 10 hours ago

    Nice cut Mikel

  • Saadia Maalimhyhg
    Saadia Maalimhyhg 10 hours ago

    I wish Arteta was our coach

  • y1521t21b5
    y1521t21b5 10 hours ago

    3:05 Yepp, Citeh have indeed scored 64 to our 52. As the gaffer more politely put it: "Eight times 1-0 is more important than one time 8-0, but we all know City are capable of winning this way more than once" 4:40 Good to see Guardiola salute the best bang-for-the-buck manager in elite club football, Chris Wilder.

  • Gentian Brija
    Gentian Brija 10 hours ago

    He just doesn’t wanna be in the press conferences no more He’s boddy language is so readable Drinks water when he ain’t thirsty ! Scratches he’s face all the time He’s just not comfortable no more Klopp power has given the effect 🤜🏻

    • 1985 02
      1985 02 Hour ago

      He is the highest paid coach He can do a 6 min interview twice a week... life could be worst

    • abhi ram
      abhi ram 10 hours ago

      Gayk Simonyan Journalist ask stupid questions

    • Gayk Simonyan
      Gayk Simonyan 10 hours ago

      Gentian Brija If Klopp handle it 3 years of Peps time, why Pep can do the same. i think he just upset same as all team, same as me

  • Brian Kin
    Brian Kin 10 hours ago

    Pep is getting used to these nincompoop british journalists.

  • Brian Kin
    Brian Kin 11 hours ago

    Pep is going to join PSG

  • Justin Samuel
    Justin Samuel 11 hours ago

    These reporters ask such obvious questions. "Will you review the last game against Chelsea?"

  • Aaron George
    Aaron George 11 hours ago

    Why is she asking about rash ford. How about some more questions on the actual game

  • Dr. Ntuli A. Kapologwe

    Pep you will be leaving Man City next season...You are not used to not winning

  • Steeve Cantave
    Steeve Cantave 11 hours ago

    Fans are very naive. With Liverpool having dropped only two points so far, there was never going to be a title race. At last season's pace, Man City would currently be 11 points behind this Liverpool team.

  • A/wali Said
    A/wali Said 11 hours ago

    Good audio editing

    • Shazamin Shahrani
      Shazamin Shahrani 10 hours ago

      A/wali Said always come here for best audio of press conference

  • Ree ?
    Ree ? 11 hours ago

    the owners don't care? long as MONEY COMING

  • Jr Bda
    Jr Bda 11 hours ago

    Pep shuts down xenophobe brit journalists one at a time.

  • vyktor dan
    vyktor dan 11 hours ago

    I commend’s work in progress...every good thing takes some time...

    • ReadingBetween TheHeadlines
      ReadingBetween TheHeadlines 8 hours ago

      Agreed. I think he's a quality football mind and in time will make a real impression. -a Chelsea supporter.

  • Nj Lucky
    Nj Lucky 11 hours ago

    We need a world class striker!!!

    • Nj Lucky
      Nj Lucky 9 hours ago

      Ildefonso Sosa we need one now!

    • Tuppence Worth
      Tuppence Worth 10 hours ago

      Yes, sign Cavani. He has a superb record at PSG. Chelsea are missing a powerful striker like Drogba, Costa and Cavani fits the bill.

    • abhi ram
      abhi ram 10 hours ago

      Nj Lucky I got confused. The Patriots don't play football😂

    • Ildefonso Sosa
      Ildefonso Sosa 10 hours ago

      Tammy is still young, he's a world class striker in the making.

  • Jack Torrance
    Jack Torrance 11 hours ago

    Thanks Pep. Respect to you from Beautiful Down Town Bramall Lane.

  • Jr Bda
    Jr Bda 11 hours ago

    #inpepwetrust #BMITW

  • Igniz
    Igniz 11 hours ago

    Baldiola needs another billion dollar to outclass the best coach in the galaxy Sir Jurgen Klopp

    • j - c
      j - c 5 hours ago

      Odd set 2 possibly 3 in 4 years

    • Odd set
      Odd set 10 hours ago

      1 major title in 4 years ? wow

  • Freedom Fighter
    Freedom Fighter 11 hours ago

    All talk talk talk from this guy and no wins. Starting to be exposed now

    • enes azmi
      enes azmi 5 hours ago

      Hey you so called fredom FUCK for your information this guy Is doing very good considering the players we got in the moment

    • tuwa jafar
      tuwa jafar 8 hours ago

      Fuck you man. Just leave our manager alone. He is our concern not yours

    • Strata
      Strata 11 hours ago

      Freedom fighter your deluded!!!

    • A.79
      A.79 11 hours ago

      You're probably a fan of another club fancying yourself a smart ass. Fuck off.

    • Cartis
      Cartis 11 hours ago

      Trust the process. Don't expect Arsenal to do well now, look at it in the longer perspective.

  • Kartik Madan
    Kartik Madan 11 hours ago

    He looks lost now pep. Wouldn't be surprised if he fucks off to Italy

  • Fouzma Jalloh
    Fouzma Jalloh 11 hours ago

    Look at what Klopp did to that bald fraud 🤣

    • zaahir allie
      zaahir allie 21 minute ago

      @Brian Kin then real madrid was fortunate to injure Solah... Its part of the game especially if u spent 900million and 300million on wing backs and no Cb😉

    • Cosmic Baggy
      Cosmic Baggy 8 hours ago

      Fouzma Jalloh you massive prick.

      OBI OKEKE 8 hours ago

      😂😂😂😂😂klopp is a very dangerous and wicked manager

    • Brian Kin
      Brian Kin 10 hours ago

      @Fouzma Jalloh Mahrez vs Salah?

  • Reece Hughes
    Reece Hughes 11 hours ago

    Show some of that enthusiasm in the dugout.

  • Jai
    Jai 12 hours ago

    There’s no subtitles bro

    • BeanymanSports
      BeanymanSports 11 hours ago

      It takes time for them to be added and for it to all process, it's best to check back about an hour after it's uploaded for subtitles, they're added now.

  • Elie Naddour
    Elie Naddour 12 hours ago

    Frank please we have to get back to wining ways.

  • Tony
    Tony 12 hours ago

    Garth Crooks - "Basic football". Clearly knows more about football than Pep then...

    DEVE CHUBU 12 hours ago

    The first time Manchester United's TheXvid channel has not uploaded match highlights after almost 24 hours. Oh how it hurts. They rather upload defeats by Watford than by Liverpool. Lol

  • Abraham Tekle
    Abraham Tekle 12 hours ago

    Arteta bring in some huge defenders

    • Travissaur
      Travissaur 12 hours ago

      Abraham Tekle He can’t when the board won’t back him. This board is garbage and have no desire for trophies.

  • Huynhgiao P
    Huynhgiao P 12 hours ago

    Japan being extra for a few minutes.. America: .. Ok boome- Japan: ok zoomer.

  • Sidiki Fofana
    Sidiki Fofana 12 hours ago

    No defender problem, we need a great striker who always scores.

  • celestial rex
    celestial rex 12 hours ago

    need plenty of desire to try and become a player from man utd. NOPE now they only dab and can shout beanz beanz beanz. although i am a LFC fan , seeing man utd go from a legend like KEANE to dab machine POGBA is insulting to football

  • Habib ur Rehman
    Habib ur Rehman 12 hours ago

    He looks like hes crying and smiling? If hes crying that's ok! But if hes smiling that's to late ? Klopps got that already

  • ashystyle
    ashystyle 12 hours ago

    Mou would have won this game.

  • ashystyle
    ashystyle 12 hours ago

    Is this guy still smiling? He will probably have 4 more weeks.

  • Darien Naidoo
    Darien Naidoo 13 hours ago

    Man utd in a nutshell : last won the league 7years ago, claims to be a big club comes out an plays Liverpool in the last 10min. Keep talking man utd fans your 30 year wait is coming