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  • Rishabh kumar
    Rishabh kumar Hour ago

    You can see the amount of pain in his eyes lol

  • Franco Li
    Franco Li Hour ago

    the city line up was not not solid, the right side where the Man is supposed to be crossing was dead,Mahrez was the missing card?? city never lost a match he is on the pitch. no question im one of mahrez fans,,, no biais , im not other players are unfit,, but i see him as a a savior

  • brainfreeze
    brainfreeze 2 hours ago

    Kun Aguero killed City. 😭

  • CNBX K
    CNBX K 2 hours ago

    Both him and klopp are so losers. Always crying whenever they lose a game. Always having excuses of why they lose. And it’s always the refs reason he loses. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • tennisblood
    tennisblood 2 hours ago

    This must really hurt, "we played the best and still lost!" Pep and City can't be liked and deserve some misery. The sheikhs have been buying the best players, but money is not everything. I hope Chelsea beats the crap out of City as during the game watching him appealing to Riley for penalties, reminded me how he behaved when at Barca. Those times are over! No more dubious penalties for the ISIS club!!!

  • Fernando Pizarro Villagarcía

    Now Klopp won the UCL and Rodgers is 2nd in the league with Leicester

  • Carlyle Bermudez
    Carlyle Bermudez 3 hours ago

    *Emperor Palpatine voice* Yes! Yes! Let the salt flow through you, Pep! Muahahaha!

    KARAKURI KONNECT 3 hours ago

    All that crappy arab oil money can't buy you a brain

  • Jot
    Jot 3 hours ago

    please ole don't play young again he is just creating bad luck for the team..i just dont like his presence in team..

  • Jot
    Jot 3 hours ago

    please ole don't play young again he is just creating bad luck for the team..i just dont like his presence in team..

  • Damiwright O.
    Damiwright O. 4 hours ago

    OMG!. This guy is a professional coach unlike Mr "The special one" lol. And This international break is becoming a nuisance!!

  • Lou Cobain
    Lou Cobain 4 hours ago

    Yeah you were the champions in the 2 last years we know that stop mentioning that 😂😂

  • Reddog
    Reddog 5 hours ago

    What do you want from the perfect MILF.

  • COCO D.
    COCO D. 5 hours ago

    Pep is bringing to Manchester City the spirit that he has spread to Barcelona, the spirit of claiming every contact or litigious action. He is a crazy person, an unsound mind !

  • elegate87
    elegate87 6 hours ago

    it depends? take a look at the table! OK sir I'll go ahead and take your word and judge you in the end of the season. As a fan I can say I am not enjoying the football that Arsenal is giving us. Playing from the back when we are goals down. You sir have 26 more EPL matches to make us a believers

  • n hockley
    n hockley 6 hours ago

    Bloody journalists, really forcing pep to say something bad about the refs, very composed!

  • nelson monteiro
    nelson monteiro 6 hours ago

    Pep, Mane doesn't like to dive anymore; now he wants to fly. What a nice flying header.

  • jin lambat
    jin lambat 6 hours ago

    Need kompany again...plzs😊😊😊

  • Colin R
    Colin R 7 hours ago

    This is the problem. He should be able to say whatever the fuk he wants. Too many rules ruin sports. F1 is the same. If it's bullshit. Say it. As for who wins prem etc. The Christmas period has a large bearing on it.

  • José Miguel Gómez
    José Miguel Gómez 7 hours ago

    From my point of view, Jurgen is one of the best football tactician of the modern era. Humble and honest, stating nobody can play Man City in the same way they do, that's why he found the right way to beat them. And also accurately modifying Liverpool's formation throughout the game depending on every situation. Congrats!

    FUN SPORT TIME 8 hours ago

    Pele reacts to Messi movie here:

  • grim reaper
    grim reaper 8 hours ago

    Pep, the Players and the City Fans showed their honesty and fairness, unlike some of those houligan Liverpool fans. Bet the Liverpool FC Police can't identify any of them!!

  • Ugo Boss
    Ugo Boss 8 hours ago

    Pep, best manager in the world!

  • John Wormley
    John Wormley 8 hours ago

    It's just not there is it fight beaten by a far more dynamic team hold your hands up admit it .its our time now .................y n w a...

  • Georg Larsen
    Georg Larsen 8 hours ago

    Wgy did they wash the plane when the landed?

  • johanvantrier
    johanvantrier 9 hours ago

    Why worry you don't become champion in England,you only have to be at the first 4 to reach the champignonsleaque. As Ajax wont to reach that,the most become champion,and play a lot of quallifications games !!!!

  • y1521t21b5
    y1521t21b5 9 hours ago

    This felt like a European night! Glad to see the Redmen still have a rock-n-roll Blitz mode! Keep winning, Redmen! YNWA

  • deilite
    deilite 9 hours ago

    He's getting ready to leave city, he's at peace with decisions and losing he's ready to leave when they don't win the season

  • Mark shaz
    Mark shaz 9 hours ago

    Thanks Beany. The press keep asking the same questions over and over.

  • Andreasws24
    Andreasws24 9 hours ago

    LiVARpool 3 City 1

  • Andreasws24
    Andreasws24 9 hours ago

    VAR 3 City 1

  • Tee Ngo
    Tee Ngo 10 hours ago

    Pep is right, only a handful of teams can go and dominate possession and chances at Anfield. His hurt is clear, Pool only this good because of him and city.

  • Jose Armando Ramirez Perez

    Siempre hablas del Barça compadre vete a España mejor con el tiki taka aya no bas a perder amigo con el mejor del mundo el Messi pero con la selección no gana nada

  • Daniel Crowe
    Daniel Crowe 10 hours ago

    Journalists are fucking idiots. Holy shit 🙄 "But if your team keep playing like that how do you expect to chase them down?" Sorry, was this game not competitive? I'd love a manager to ask just once, let me see your trophy cabinet for when you've picked up awards for best journalist. 90% are dogshit at their jobs.

  • lucifer morningstar
    lucifer morningstar 11 hours ago

    lets have this right he as no balls. and hes an FA yes man bitch

  • lucifer morningstar
    lucifer morningstar 11 hours ago

    boring manager boring team

  • Michael Adams
    Michael Adams 11 hours ago

    Don't ask me..ask Mike Riley

  • Ilir United
    Ilir United 11 hours ago

    in ole believe.

  • D B Cooper
    D B Cooper 11 hours ago

    Pep shows clear signs of narcissism! He's mad

  • Dhameer Govind
    Dhameer Govind 11 hours ago

    English journalists think that they can use the language to get leverage on foreign individuals. The whole interview was about trying to rile Pep up. Even as a LFC fan I despise this behavior.

  • Gorgon Don
    Gorgon Don 11 hours ago

    Sport for society's buffoons

  • M. Follette
    M. Follette 11 hours ago

    Pep can be a twat sometimes but pressers like this make me have more respect for him.

  • Siaka gobba
    Siaka gobba 11 hours ago

    Ask to him don't ask to me

  • staplafara
    staplafara 12 hours ago

    Pep has all my respect, he is as descent and "normal" like Jürgen. And i think they like each other.

  • Michael Griesel
    Michael Griesel 12 hours ago

    I love Mike Riley and Var !!!!! 😁

  • Vulpuia Khiangte
    Vulpuia Khiangte 12 hours ago

    What a fucking jokes said by Raul Sanllehi " we trusted Emery 100%. This is insane to all arsenal fans

  • Nader Moustafa
    Nader Moustafa 12 hours ago

    Mane destroyed Pep . No one can stop Mane who is the best player in Europe .

  • Ilyass Gabow
    Ilyass Gabow 12 hours ago

    Rep Guardiola: get the fuck out of here. I hope yaya toure is laughing for somewhere else

  • Fire Up
    Fire Up 12 hours ago

    Bring in the Leicester scouts.

  • boumaza farid
    boumaza farid 12 hours ago

    Pep Guardiola the idiot tries once in your life the team that wins more than 5buts to zero to maintain it with a big team such as liverpool. Like that you will have an idea about your big erreur during all the season. because I noticed when you face the big teams and the champions league from the 8th of final you are disturbed.

  • abees81
    abees81 12 hours ago

    Salt bae sprinkling dem salt all over his bald head

  • partoh msee
    partoh msee 12 hours ago

    Klopp This Season Holds my Beer YNWA

  • ken parry
    ken parry 12 hours ago

    he,s wrong actually and i know its human reaction but while a player is arguing with the ref their eye is off the can see his pain but its a game alot of things happen and the ref is only human

  • Ian Mills
    Ian Mills 12 hours ago

    The league aint over yet. Leicester Chelsea and MUFC will pull points off Liverpool and somebody else will. City will be there at the end. This aint over! MUFC fan.

  • ezfhcjhkggj dxgfgfch
    ezfhcjhkggj dxgfgfch 12 hours ago

    The irony

  • Fantastic Football Videos

    Pep has won everything at club level. Regardless of the investment in city; his point stands. they have won ALOT. During his rivalry with Klopps liverpool, he is inspired by anfield, the atmosphere and how it connects to the fans. Him talking about developing these kind of legacy for City reflects his vision. Note: He is also correct about VAR. Ask the refrees. City were hard done today like liverpool were hard done on last game week on ox's handball claim.

  • Constantinopla
    Constantinopla 12 hours ago

    Look at him crying like a fucking little bitch. Glorious.

  • partoh msee
    partoh msee 13 hours ago


  • Anthony Gatt
    Anthony Gatt 13 hours ago

    even the subtitles know he is saying good ebening

  • Dorian Edwards
    Dorian Edwards 13 hours ago

    love liverpool but am a Manchester United fan from 1994

  • tahiti treat
    tahiti treat 13 hours ago

    Say what you like. But it was Oliver who didn't let City's goal stand VS Spurs because it was assisted by a Laporte accidental hand, yet he allowed Liverpool's goal, even though it started by an Arnold hand !! It was Oliver who didn't award City a penalty Vs Tottenham, it was him who decided no penalty for City Vs Palace ( While in the VAR BOX) and last but not least, it was him who denied City a penalty at Anfield. Do you think Oliver likes City??? " But this doesn't happen in England!!" it didn't used to happen in England.

  • Carlos R
    Carlos R 13 hours ago

    Pep Guardiola is very entertaining to listen too.

  • Marc Abi Saleh
    Marc Abi Saleh 13 hours ago


  • ttabah
    ttabah 13 hours ago

    Note to all other premiership gaffers "If you want to win against Manchester cannot play the way they play, because they're definitely the best in the way they play; it makes no sense. You have to push through and impose your style of play" Klopp

  • Mohamed Diarra
    Mohamed Diarra 13 hours ago

    A fraud of manager; "the supposedly genius tactician got smashed" there was no space for tactical foul today; just a beautiful "diving goal from Mane lol..!"

    • Sohail Din
      Sohail Din 6 hours ago

      Tactical genius my arse. Can only play one way...albeit a damn fine way. He got Kloop'ed for half the money spent 🖕

  • John von Bron
    John von Bron 13 hours ago

    These are the words of a manager whose club is in trouble. Going for damage control when he knows this is the day that marked the end of the race for the EPL title.

    DOCUMAX 13 hours ago

    He is genuinely angry, sore inside about losing. And fans like this, it can be respected. By anyone. Passion. But it takes our eye off of the ball just having guys like this (and they are the ones put up for comment) so we can see it. It masks the fact of the obscene money these 20 something multi millionaires are on. And with that money many of them might not really give a real ---- about anything. Keane is right about it when he goes on about it, and he saw it close up.

  • Black Horse
    Black Horse 13 hours ago

    I am a Liverpool fan but I have strong respect for this man also!

  • ዛሬ ተደስቼኣለሁ

    On this game rhe referee had made a big big big mistake in his history.I wish if I kicked him his asshole if I get a chance to kick him.

  • Ray Navarro
    Ray Navarro 13 hours ago

    Pep threw his dolly out of the prom 😂😂

  • Kop Prophet
    Kop Prophet 13 hours ago

    I'm embarrassed for all these pundits for such terrible analysis. Silva handballs first - advantage - no penalty when it ricochets off TAA's hip onto his arm by accident. Not to mention, Pep got his tactics wrong. They went with a rapid high press and got done on the break, which sapped their energy for the 2nd half. Also pathetic is pundits claiming the race is over after 13 games. Idiots!

  • leon landowski
    leon landowski 14 hours ago

    All he has to say about the penalty decision is what we are all thinking, which is that there seems to be a lack of consistency and that is something which should be addressed. Instead he is negative, and even petulant. After the Mane quote and now this, he is rattled which is a good sign for me because I am Liverpool. Great game though!

  • belwizdadi Med
    belwizdadi Med 14 hours ago

    Even a monkey will respond better than this clown. Klopp slaughtered him and he dares talking about playing well. I have never witnessed such level of recklessness from his players. Aguero, Gundogan always too wide not to say too high for bird killing. With billions spent he continues talking about junk trophies. Liverpool won the CL and now is taking care of the EPL along with the CL. Gardiola is anti football. He relies on what brave trio (Messi, Iniesta, Xavi) have given to him. With Bayern only junk tropies as well as with city, May be he should sign Messi and Iniesta again... There are a group of thugs ruling the team (Aguero, Sterling, Fernandinho, racist Silva) and we saw it when Aguero was spitting on him in front of full Emirati.

  • Bennett O'Brien
    Bennett O'Brien 14 hours ago

    2 hand balls for sure - liverpool fan

  • log140
    log140 14 hours ago

    Right now Liverpool is the best team in the world... no shame losing to them!

  • Dre Golding
    Dre Golding 14 hours ago

    Pep didn’t help himself tbh. A massive game against your biggest contenders away from home, no defenders to rely on. And you go tell the world that the team you’re facing are the best in the world. Hardly motivating talk for the players that played. And he also made a terrible mistake playing the lead singer of the smashing pumpkins at wingback in such a crucial game. He tried to put pressure on the full backs like oli did at old Trafford. But it failed miserably. My prediction is city to drop points everywhere until February

  • Sumer
    Sumer 14 hours ago

    Pep is talking about how impossible it is to sit back here and defend at Anfield and media killed Mourinho for having a 0-0 here.

    • Ugo Boss
      Ugo Boss 8 hours ago

      Mourinho is anti-football. Didn't you enjoy this match between liverpool vs Manchester city? That's why millions watch football.

  • Frank A Luther
    Frank A Luther 14 hours ago

    Anfield! Football managers nightmare.

  • superblanch15
    superblanch15 14 hours ago

    One of the most hated people in Ireland

  • Paul Gibbons
    Paul Gibbons 14 hours ago

    Ouch. Well. Looks like City are sitting this season out.

  • Sulaiman Abdul Rahman
    Sulaiman Abdul Rahman 14 hours ago

    jurgen jurgen jurgen

  • howaythelads
    howaythelads 14 hours ago

    a decent guy amongst vultures, well done pep

  • GhostRider5370
    GhostRider5370 15 hours ago

    Pep is so salty refusing to answer questions.

  • Saptarshi Acharyya
    Saptarshi Acharyya 15 hours ago

    “Mike Riley and the big bosses”, XD sounds like one hell of a band.

  • Mickey Blue eyes
    Mickey Blue eyes 15 hours ago

    Talks riddles and the man is on coke!!

  • William Payne
    William Payne 15 hours ago

    Get wrecked City. Liverpool 4ever

  • Fredrik Johansson
    Fredrik Johansson 15 hours ago

    hes so fucking boring

  • Stephen  Savage
    Stephen Savage 15 hours ago

    Guardiola.EXE stopped working

  • cjewelz
    cjewelz 15 hours ago

    The journalists wanted to focus on VAR and The Philosopher's behaviour. The Philosopher wanted to focus on how 'good' his team played. Fans are talking about everything other than City not adequately replacing Kompany (even though they have unlimited resources), Silva diving every time at the slightest of touches, Sterling not being able to control his emotions and handle the booing, Walker and Stones arguing like a couple of bitches, Ederson Tweeting about the referees even though The Philosopher told the players not to vent on social media.

  • Joel Benoiton
    Joel Benoiton 15 hours ago

    The press are like harbour rats.

  • Shahrul Haidi
    Shahrul Haidi 15 hours ago

    Pep in gk/last man defender injured crisis

  • me24469
    me24469 15 hours ago

    Pep is rattled..

  • Karl Fulton
    Karl Fulton 16 hours ago

    The sarcasm is in ' THE BIG BOSSES. ".. Because utimately.. The managers are the " BIG BOSSES"... No body in the world cares who the ref was in past big games.. Unless he made the right decisions.... Otherwise he is simply remembered as the ' wanker n black'.. Pep is speaking here about building a dynasty.. Yet the reporters are concentrating on pettiness.... At least he recognises. He got it right.. they played excellent football.. But he also sees that Klopp got it right again and worked out how to disrupt and defeat City.. Peps plans... These two also have new challengers to think of in Leicester and Rogers and Chealsea and Lampard.. the next three to five seasons will be huge for Liverpool.. City.. Leicester and Chelsea. Whilst United.. Spurs and Arsenal try to find a way to get their foot in the door whilst fighting off the rest of the pack.... ITS GONNA GET BIG AND FINANCIALLY HUGE.

  • motosir ali
    motosir ali 16 hours ago

    Pep had every right to be angry with decisions,but if you analyse the build up, you see silva who was one hand ball first, and then Arnold hit his hand, so decision for penalty cancelled out. I think it was a fair decision Because of that

  • S Goodman
    S Goodman 16 hours ago

    Ngl I respecting alot more after this

  • Léo Dinozzo
    Léo Dinozzo 16 hours ago

    He was born tall, this guy

  • Miko R.
    Miko R. 16 hours ago

    The comments below are so absurd. Juvenile. Ignorant. All I will say is 2 PL titles in 2 years. Both record breaking years. Have some respect. And just an ounce of wisdom. Idiots...

  • Noor Khairul
    Noor Khairul 16 hours ago

    2:23 Alester (Leicester) 2:35 Totenam (Tottenham)

  • Paul Fernando
    Paul Fernando 16 hours ago

    I’m glad Man City lost 😊😊 KTBFFH

  • Tensea Berhe
    Tensea Berhe 16 hours ago

    PEP your players were excellent but they were unlucky .