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  • DieFarbeLila88
    DieFarbeLila88 2 minutes ago

    ok, I have to be honest: Normally I don't really care for his role-plays but THIS was amazing!!!!

  • Piper Meyers!
    Piper Meyers! 2 minutes ago

    “imagine telling someone in 2009 that the biggest movie reviewer online would see his production company crash and burn after allegations of abuse and fraud and then he would develop a persecution complex and he would make a 40 minute parody of Pink Floyd's The Wall where he dressed as a nazi and mocked both the movie and the album while at the same time screaming about his haters while a Slipknot band member plays the Spongebob Squarepants theme” -tumblr user ratsofftoya

  • Christiaan Bothma
    Christiaan Bothma 8 minutes ago

    Do we're the Millers next

  • Watcher MTL- Frage ENDR
    Watcher MTL- Frage ENDR 11 minutes ago

    Me: well I made it also me: I dont like it

    WEI RUN WU 11 minutes ago

    Kool aid

  • Hessed3712
    Hessed3712 21 minute ago

    Omg! Is Mickey actually Billy from Stranger Things!?!

  • King Parsley
    King Parsley 26 minutes ago

    remember when nostalgia critic was 100% actual review and 0% dumb comedy skit?

    • The Cinematic Mind
      The Cinematic Mind 11 minutes ago

      Good times, then again Doug Walker and the crew in Chicago these days don’t deserve the praise or success.

  • Slush The Husky
    Slush The Husky 27 minutes ago

    This alternate movie should be called Simba The Lion Rogue.

  • Simon Eden
    Simon Eden 27 minutes ago

    It is my favirot ha ha ha

  • Aimee Holden
    Aimee Holden 30 minutes ago

    This movie makes me happy im British because Michael Bay cant treat us like this without making the whole UK his enemy.

  • Morgil
    Morgil 32 minutes ago

    Please for the love of God do a full review of the Mega Man cartoon!

  • Joey 1912
    Joey 1912 33 minutes ago

    Honestly PG is mixed rn, because in pg you get some bad words and a little bit of dark humor

  • Marcus Gale
    Marcus Gale 34 minutes ago

    R.I.P. Random I remember seeing earlier

  • Marcus Gale
    Marcus Gale 35 minutes ago

    Can you review Batman Returns

  • ahkie trader
    ahkie trader 45 minutes ago

    Do "Storm Of A Century

  • ahkie trader
    ahkie trader 50 minutes ago

    I adopted a cat. Her name is Poochie

  • Project SCY
    Project SCY 55 minutes ago

    How do you parody genius?

  • Breakfast Club Sandwich

    Shut It, Bitch

  • Donovan Redd
    Donovan Redd Hour ago

    Corey needs to stop agreeing to stuff

  • Brittany Alexis
    Brittany Alexis Hour ago

    I fell asleep during this movie.

  • Chris Chiles
    Chris Chiles Hour ago


  • templates
    templates Hour ago

    I went on the dicatoriy and jem means a cult and terroist

  • NothingButTrouble

    The new Aladdin sounds like prequel Anakin

  • Caleb Yerger
    Caleb Yerger Hour ago

    Did you see Ad Astra? It made me feel a similar way. Unpleasant, but amazing.

  • A Guy
    A Guy Hour ago

    All I'm getting from this is that you dont pay attention to any detail and just assume shit, you didn't read the book and that you can't let go from nostalgia. Bill warns the kid about pennywise so that he doesn't die like his little brother did. Pennywise kills random people because like all beings, he needs to eat. That's kinda the whole reason that pennywise is there

  • The Jazz King
    The Jazz King Hour ago

    Pennywise vs Indiana Jones.

  • C Rizzy
    C Rizzy Hour ago

    Movies I hate: Palindrome Trainspotting The Last Jedi Happiness The Thin Red Line Hostel

  • Yolanda Balbin
    Yolanda Balbin Hour ago

    Fun fact, if you watch top 11 Scariest Halloween performances he shows the Brian scene when talking about lecture

  • FloBraMan
    FloBraMan Hour ago

    I'm pretty sure the budget was spent on the STOLEN version, which had more of a CGI Looney Tunes vibe.

  • Yukiko Draws
    Yukiko Draws Hour ago

    Even though the movie has tons of flaws and wtf moments, it was still fun to watch and tbh I still enjoy the (not professional) singing :D

  • Non-endearing manchild

    I like how the movie plays with sympathy. We feel so bad for this man that when he does joker things to not so nice people we can't help(even if for a second) feel as if it's a good thing. That reveals a real uncomfortable part about ourselves(or at least me,maybe i'm just a psychopath)

  • Serasia
    Serasia Hour ago

    Will we ever escape from Casper?

  • Elliott Knifton
    Elliott Knifton Hour ago

    One thing I would include in the film is that during the Hobgoblin's attack, Curt Connors loses his arm, setting up his origin as the Lizard. For Spider-Man 4 it's shown that Eddie is Gwen's boyfriend but his jealousy towards Peter for being a better photographer than him and his belief that Peter is trying to steal Gwen from him (which Peter is not trying to do) leads to Gwen dumping him. It's also revealed that the symbiote has been on Earth for some time and has been searching for a suitable host and it picks Peter. For the 1st half of the film, the Lizard is the main villain who Spider-Man fights twice, the 1st time the Lizard wins and the 2nd time thanks to the symbiote Spider-Man wins and almost kills the Lizard but he realises what the symbiote is doing to him and removes it. For the 2nd half of the film Venom is the main villain.

  • Angel Beas
    Angel Beas 2 hours ago

    Bone 1: *Heads* Up Bone 2: Keep A *Head* Bone 3: *Head* 'em Off Bone 4: *Heads* Will Roll Frank: head pun Bones: *DAMMIT FRANK!!!*

  • Seeingthe Sights
    Seeingthe Sights 2 hours ago

    I'm at 8:54... Doug... please retire.

  • David
    David 2 hours ago

    Hi, I am here just to leave my dislike... have a nice day. Thanks for making this though, it makes me want to watch the original again.

  • addison alter
    addison alter 2 hours ago

    The movie is a masterpiece. It’s inception sure I would argue more like AHS and inception. Very underrated.

  • Windindi
    Windindi 2 hours ago

    1st off: "Happy" Columbus Day 2nd off: Back when the NC had good videos

  • Wolverine Potter
    Wolverine Potter 2 hours ago

    I LOVE ALL REMAKES exept the disney ones

  • Tristan Vliet
    Tristan Vliet 2 hours ago

    I liked it it was just the title and I watch the movie while playing videogames

  • The Triffic Tea
    The Triffic Tea 2 hours ago

    The least I got from this thing is a seizure.

  • Damon Romanoff
    Damon Romanoff 2 hours ago

    why are you guys being mean about my auntie carol leave my poor auntie alone😭Captain Marvel is the Best!

  • Thomas Theboy
    Thomas Theboy 2 hours ago


  • esther mae Vidar
    esther mae Vidar 2 hours ago

    2:35 that couch seems familiar

  • Griffin Jacobs
    Griffin Jacobs 2 hours ago

    I didn’t see the live action lion king because play station owns my soul

  • Yunz06
    Yunz06 2 hours ago

    Why does the background guitar sound like Doug screeching

    ZQFMGB 2 hours ago

    Y'know, I should've seen this coming. After all, it's coming from the guy who thinks the irony and anti-fascism theme of Starship Troopers is some kind of hidden subtext.

  • Andrew Miller
    Andrew Miller 2 hours ago

    I like Batman Returns a little more than Batman 1989, I think because it left more of an impression on me even though I know it’s not my definitive Batman I love. I love the dark stuff even though it can be a little much for kids to watch, I love how it’s very much Tim Burton’s universe, even though I know it’s not like the comics and they take some liberties.

  • Eddie The Movie Guy
    Eddie The Movie Guy 3 hours ago


  • Eddie The Movie Guy
    Eddie The Movie Guy 3 hours ago


  • Manecki Neckbeard
    Manecki Neckbeard 3 hours ago

    Okay, you basically opened this review by saying what I’ve a,ways said about this movie! I’ve compared it to the work of a made-up writer who inhabits Kurt Vonnegut’s literary universe: Kilgore Trout. Vonnegut describes Trout as being cursed with brilliant and potentially paradigm-shifting ideas, while being totally lacking in the necessary talent to successfully enable him to write his ideas into readable, comprehensible stories. I’ve said for many years that this film is like the living embodiment of a Kilgore Trout novel. You catch a glimpse of what it could’ve been, but just a glimpse...then the reality of the film overwhelms you again, and it’s poorly realized crap.

    • Manecki Neckbeard
      Manecki Neckbeard 3 hours ago

      All that aside, my daughter actually does sometimes walk backwards down stairs on all fours. That’s why the message I took away from The Exorcist is: “gymnasts are spooky.” And, since I actually do get migraines from really slow blinking lights, the message I get from this movie is...I don’t really know? Because I had to watch most of it with my eyes closed. So maybe I’m wrong, but my major takeaway from the second film was that everyone yells “PAZUZU” a lot, and the score seems to be mostly atonal screaming and cat-on-xylophone noises?

  • Speccy SquareGoLike
    Speccy SquareGoLike 3 hours ago

    Everything on Krypton was teal and orange

  • Judge ENZA
    Judge ENZA 3 hours ago

    It's rude to talk with your mouthful

  • Manecki Neckbeard
    Manecki Neckbeard 3 hours ago

    Ernest goes to the x-files opening credits abyss!!! It’s creepy...know what I mean, Vern!? I just dated myself. So, so old...

  • Jaede Garreth Vargas Patoc

    Jeff Hardy's Swanton bomb

  • 414MrMilwaukee
    414MrMilwaukee 3 hours ago


  • PyramidheadChild
    PyramidheadChild 3 hours ago

    The comments are funnier than the "review" itself lmao

  • MidNight The Magnificent

    Ok, the porn parody is definitely better. :D Even if Princess Jizzman doesn't get jizzed on anywhere near enough to live up to that name.

  • jonny_apocalypse
    jonny_apocalypse 3 hours ago

    i nknow im late but yoda does need his cane to get around. he is too old and frail to use his muscles that quickly and with that much force. his grip on the force is so strong he can manipulate his own body and use it to fight. this is why he has to relatively motionless while moving large objects, he cant do both at once.

  • Sharon Tate
    Sharon Tate 3 hours ago

    BTW Nat Turner 2020

  • Sharon Tate
    Sharon Tate 3 hours ago

    Your racist ass still on you tube making videos? Still marries or dating that same gal? Still in Chicago? I think it was Chicago? I still have all of our old screenshots saved . BTW, you still look out AF

  • Senolic
    Senolic 4 hours ago

    How the hell do people even enjoy this... The original was great but I can't say the same for this

  • kazuma Jay
    kazuma Jay 4 hours ago

    I'm gonna punch this fucker for picking on spider man

  • Katrina Barr
    Katrina Barr 4 hours ago

    You should do a review for Rozen Maiden after your review on Venom and the 10th commercial special.

  • irate - topic
    irate - topic 4 hours ago

    Idc what u say Tom hardy as bane was just as good as ledgers performance as joker

  • Lady Marmalade
    Lady Marmalade 4 hours ago

    Is that Malcolm voicing Tamara's cat?! XD

  • Iafiv Iv
    Iafiv Iv 4 hours ago

    Its pretty obvious Doug is not exactly up to the task of reviewing Donnie Darko.The rapid fire jokes and attempts at surface level analysis simply don't fit with this kind of movie.

  • majin a.m
    majin a.m 4 hours ago

    is ther an edit virsion without the skits

  • MELL Z
    MELL Z 4 hours ago

    I LOVEEEEE LOKI ❤❤❤❤❤❤😘😈🐍👑

  • Calm Cloudless Sky
    Calm Cloudless Sky 4 hours ago

    Huh. Twelve minutes in, this is way truer to the book - not the spirit, but the events thereof, anyway - than I was led to believe. Is Annabeth where they drop the ball? It better not be Annabeth.

  • Gurgle
    Gurgle 4 hours ago

    The haters watch Teen Titans Go because THEU CANCELLED THE ORIGINAL AND WE HAVE NOTHING ELSE!!!!!

  • John Striker
    John Striker 4 hours ago

    The director Stephen FAG-meier is one of the worst directors ever in existence!

  • kyplay gaming
    kyplay gaming 4 hours ago

    I’m 10 minutes in and I’m so confused, I’ve never seen the original film, it might’ve been funnier if I saw it but right now I’m just bored

  • Finn Mertins
    Finn Mertins 4 hours ago

    Hmm I wonder what kind of pricks put this out? The names at the end explain.

  • Sillyvision animation Studios

    Hahahahahahahaha hahahahaha😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • 《 Raskolnikow 》
    《 Raskolnikow 》 4 hours ago

    Its so unfunny

  • Ronan Warner
    Ronan Warner 4 hours ago

    You didn't like the move, ok. But songs...why?

  • Gerald D
    Gerald D 4 hours ago

    Dislike for not showing us any clips and talking over them and instead trying to over compensate with poorly acted skits.

  • Pamastrike
    Pamastrike 5 hours ago

    ahahahaha holy shit...Doug, seriously, just stick to talking about the marvel cinematic universe garbage, it seems your brain can't handle anything more complex than that ahahahahah

  • AnotherOrangeJulius
    AnotherOrangeJulius 5 hours ago

    Jerry shot first

  • Bailey Ray
    Bailey Ray 5 hours ago

    "Please don't go, we're begging!" I mean we won't drive you to the store or walk WITH you since its late, and freezing outside but we'll just whine for you to stay. Uh, YEAH, why didn't grandpa or the parents go WITH grandma to drop off the fruit cake and pick up her medication?? Hello??! They have a car, they obviously aren't financially struggling to where they can't afford gas money. Even if it's too snowy to drive isn't that more of a reason to go with her? Why couldn't the father or grandpa escort her? They'll pester her and beg on their knees for her not to leave, but won't just walk with her? I mean, sure, cousin Mel is a *bitch* but she's still a babysitter who could watch the kids or even grandpa, have the parents go with! Wtf, would you let your granny/mother/wife walk out alone in the middle of the night after a snow storm to walk possibly several blocks maybe more?? And why did she have to do this so late at night, talk about procrastinating! They are in the suburbs so they're probably a good distance from the store which is in the city. I mean shit good thing it was Santa that hit her and not a trucker who flipped over a patch of black ice! Wtf is wrong with their family??

  • Polo Surf
    Polo Surf 5 hours ago

    This movie lacked all the heart from the original. And that shitty "spirit" song from beyonce fucked up an emotional scene, that bitch pluged that trash song as a requirement to do the voice for Nala and still managed to butcher the character. Simba's voice by that other retard Glover sucked ass, it was like he had a carrot in his ass during his performance. Scar voice was terrible. In general all the voice acting was bad, Erl Jones sounds like he doesn't want to be there. Movie starts frame by frame and then near the end starts doing it's own thing with that, yet again, shitty song from beyonce. If you are going to do a movie frame by frame, then do it frame by frame.

  • plz stop no plz plz stop

    The rhyming is fucking annoying

  • Molly O'Kami
    Molly O'Kami 5 hours ago

    I went Trick-Or-Treating for my first time dressed as Skeletor. Four-year-old me was a better Skeletor than the one in this movie.

  • Molly O'Kami
    Molly O'Kami 5 hours ago

    I went Trick-Or-Treating for my first time dressed as Skeletor. Four-year-old me was a better Skeletor than the one in this movie.

  • Molly O'Kami
    Molly O'Kami 5 hours ago

    I went Trick-Or-Treating for my first time dressed as Skeletor. Four-year-old me was a better Skeletor than the one in this movie.

  • Molly O'Kami
    Molly O'Kami 5 hours ago

    I went Trick-Or-Treating for my first time dressed as Skeletor. Four-year-old me was a better Skeletor than the one in this movie.

  • Satsui Nohado
    Satsui Nohado 5 hours ago

    How he hesitated to kill the 3rd guy on the train. Man that was chilling. I was like "Arthur,get that motherf*cker". That Ahole deserved it. When the fat guy asked the midget "what do you guys call miniature golf? Or is it just golf to you?" 🤣🤣🤣 It's crazy how he was abused so bad that he forgot what he was put through. When he reads his mother's file,that made me feel so bad for Arthur. The way he laughs makes much more sense now. The Joker was created out of people's cold and uncaring hearts. I agree,there were moments I felt bad for him and I wanted to laugh. He would laugh with sadness and I wanted to laugh with him. This movie is unforgettable.

  • 1O K subs with no vids challenge

    Why is there a blue tint? Is it supposed to make a “snowy” look?

  • Mohammed Farid
    Mohammed Farid 5 hours ago


  • Wedge Antilles
    Wedge Antilles 5 hours ago

    "Should bad singers be dubbed"?. And we still haven't seen Doug being dubbed yet.

  • Rowan Tritton
    Rowan Tritton 5 hours ago

    Walter makes for an awesome Joker

  • Emperor Mark Hayes
    Emperor Mark Hayes 6 hours ago

    16 12 is my favorite part of this video

  • cory owens
    cory owens 6 hours ago

    I think the guns by themselves aren’t affected because they can’t really move around like cars, all they can really do is pull the trigger and thats it, the gun on the car is actually attached to the car

  • AxeKick80
    AxeKick80 6 hours ago

    Why the hell are they screening TheXvid movie review videos to an audience?

    • Goremaid
      Goremaid 2 hours ago

      AxeKick80 cos they did this with Suicide Squad and It chapter 1 and people had fun with those?

  • mark Bittner
    mark Bittner 6 hours ago

    Really swearing... Reviewing a classic kids film... Dropping the f bomb... I am showing my child this video!

  • naruto amv
    naruto amv 6 hours ago

    Just imagine if he died before the film ended and we never got to see he's joker

  • GoddessOfWhim2003
    GoddessOfWhim2003 6 hours ago

    Maleficent cursed a baby just cause she wasn't invited to the party, she turned into a FREAKING DRAGON! she is the greatest, for shame

  • Kragot
    Kragot 6 hours ago

    I just hope he wont bully 1 of the best moves of the DC Joker

  • Master-draw
    Master-draw 6 hours ago

    It's always the same with these kinds of videos. You give the winner a point then the loser then the winner and then the loser until you give the last point to the winner,its always like that,why can't you just stop?