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  • The Phoenix-Feathered Raven

    Jesus fuck, I really missed out on a lot then!

  • Aden Anthony
    Aden Anthony 5 hours ago

    I've always hated frozen. The story felt bland and I hate musicals. Not a terrible movie. Just seen it all before.

  • Ahsoka Fett
    Ahsoka Fett 5 hours ago

    That Plan 9 intro tho.

  • Domino Momino
    Domino Momino 5 hours ago

    I’m going to say it I’m about to say it.. *MULAN IS BETTER THAN FROZEN*

  • mr. flu
    mr. flu 5 hours ago

    If you pronounce he name van high-z-ling

  • Nico Andrés
    Nico Andrés 5 hours ago

    20:13 the meme is here

  • Justchrono Hi
    Justchrono Hi 5 hours ago

    Hey doug, are you gonna review klaus from netflix

  • Cullen Latham
    Cullen Latham 5 hours ago

    i am a bit hesitant. i am not ready to forsake the movie, but i will have to watch it while somehow disconnecting it from the original. the original mulan had a very unique vibe and appeal, and by going full action movie, that appeal might be lost in the sea of the millions of other action movies. If they go full serious, the issue of being too different comes up. by making a "pure" (shot-for-shot) remake, the live action will ruin the energy that came from the animation, and it can easily be seen on the cast pick for mulan. It seems like a movie that would better thrive if disconnected from the source material and name as its own unique project, but it also seems that wont happen...

  • avliS dreamS
    avliS dreamS 5 hours ago


  • Katie Wilson Gamer Girl

    Waits for frozen two review

  • laflugantabastardo
    laflugantabastardo 5 hours ago

    As overplayed as Let It Go is, I think it's fair to say it's pretty much the perfect Disney song. Hakuna Matata... egh, I was a giant Lion King fan as a child so I should be all nostalgic for it, but there's really nothing of substance to it to be nostalgic about.

  • Another Movie Studio

    Uhhh... should we not tell him there’s another production by the same guy?

  • avliS dreamS
    avliS dreamS 5 hours ago

    I have still conflicting feelings about the movie. On the one hand it looks good, but... are an Eddy Murphy dragon, a joking grandma, and a bunch of characters singing... ...less culture apropirate then a shape-shifting witch? Sorry, but if they really wanted to make it closer to the original legend they should have left out the witch.

  • Matt Rare V2
    Matt Rare V2 5 hours ago

    Anyone get this in their reccomendeds, then thought it was a new one?

  • JG Tombstone
    JG Tombstone 5 hours ago

    Brown door.

  • Sparrowcompass
    Sparrowcompass 5 hours ago

    17:39 Doug your cheating on your Stamp wife for some vixen , really?! XD

  • Ace Prime
    Ace Prime 5 hours ago

    13:20 honestly I didn't see why you were so mad at this movie until that point lol transforms into a guy in a hospital 😂🤣

  • Paolo Pasaol
    Paolo Pasaol 5 hours ago

    Hate me if you may but I prefer the controversial Jim Carrey Grinch movie than the nauseatingly bland Illuminati Grinch movie. I agree with the colors, though. Should've been more vibrant.

  • Justice Fool
    Justice Fool 5 hours ago

    4:21 "I don't know anyone that doesn't love the ending of Gravity Falls." Uh, dude, everyone hates the ending of Gravity Falls because it means there's no more Gravity Falls.

  • salsa
    salsa 5 hours ago

    🤦‍♂️ do people really not realize that the witch is Shan Yu. disney changed the villain's gender

  • Mr. Smiley [Nerd Squad]

    I come back to this video every year and watch through the whole thing just to see your rant about the importance of Christmas at the end. The amount of passion you show is incredible and it warms my heart every time I see you, your father and your mother all together at the end. Merry Christmas...for now and for years to come....

  • The Peach Mountain King

    Oh, Walker... you dumb bitch.


    How this is a trailer reaction though?

  • oriolephan
    oriolephan 6 hours ago

    Is it just me or is this a new set?

  • Endrance88
    Endrance88 6 hours ago

    i really liked it for the different atmosphere, it didn't matter if the movie was worse or better. Because i felt the setting was very charming.

  • DaniiStahl13
    DaniiStahl13 6 hours ago

    I really hate the fact that in Toy Story 3, Bonnie just HAD to have Woody and Andy saw how much Woody made Bonnie happy and then Woody means absolutely nothing to her.

  • gabriella schmitt
    gabriella schmitt 6 hours ago

    That was Benedict cumberbatch?! *sigh* he really should’ve used his real voice. He just sounded like that annoying history teacher who’s come to terms with the fact that none of his students care what he’s saying, yet he’s bitter about it. It needed more Keenan and I miss original Cindy Lu Who. Which is y the original is still the one I’ll be watching on Christmas Eve (miss you, grandma❣️)

  • Noahaon
    Noahaon 6 hours ago

    The Mandalorian part was both funny yet also... more frightening than the actual show

  • My Thoughts Exactly
    My Thoughts Exactly 6 hours ago

    The one thing I really liked about gravity falls is that it reminded me of regular show

  • Ace Prime
    Ace Prime 6 hours ago

    7:30 hey hey she looks good ok all she needs lol

  • geraldine woods
    geraldine woods 6 hours ago

    The title font isnt papyrus idiot

  • My Thoughts Exactly
    My Thoughts Exactly 6 hours ago

    The one thing I really liked about gravity falls is that it reminded me of regular show

  • Nionivek
    Nionivek 6 hours ago

    Not gonna lie I think THIS movie is the best of ALL the Dr. Sues Movies made... after the live action Grinch movie. It is the most competent even if I feel like they missed the ball.

  • SlickNick595
    SlickNick595 6 hours ago

    Hey don’t make fun of Tyler the Creator Critic!!

  • ZCore
    ZCore 6 hours ago

    "more & more mysteries kept popping up" Welcome to one piece

  • Connor Tobin
    Connor Tobin 6 hours ago

    He did again everyone, he made mention of video games on his movie and tv review show

  • Samuel Barber
    Samuel Barber 6 hours ago

    Yes, I think we've found "A Manson Family Christmas."

  • Melissa Scraper
    Melissa Scraper 6 hours ago

    house of mouse is one of my favorite shows and i was in my 20s when it aired

  • Firstname Lastname
    Firstname Lastname 6 hours ago

    The original short story is actually genuinely terrifying. I feel like a lot of people who (rightly) find fault with King's novels for being overlong, having repetitive characterization, and ending poorly would like his short stories. They're far superior to most of his novels.

  • W Hunt
    W Hunt 6 hours ago

    He may not be your grinch but he happens to self identify as your grinch.

  • Skyler Joven
    Skyler Joven 6 hours ago

    I believe Doug is saying Dumbo is the most "watchable" remake this year.

  • Anya Blaze Shapeshifter

    I don't know if you'll see this but I have two movie recommendations. One: The Tom and Jerry Nutcracker special. I grew up watching it on Boomerang during the holidays. Its mostly just a Tom and Jerry version of the Nutcracker. It's not too much but I think it a sweet movie and I wish I could find it again to watch it once more. Two: The Nutcracker Prince. I forgot who made the movie but I found it and now watch it every year. Its sweet, a little creative and a nice adaptation of the Nutcracker story. The only thing I don't like is when it does a close up on the Nutcracker's face when in doll mode. It's a bit creepy but that's more of a nitpick if anything. I also know you plan your reviews out. So if you do see this I will not expect them this year. That's unreasonable. But I know you like Tom and Jerry. And I feel like good/decent Nutcracker production's do exist that dont have rat natiez or nightmare fuel. Have a merry Christmas Doug/Critic; to you, your family and your crew. ^^

  • Miyakuli
    Miyakuli 6 hours ago

    I didn't like this one at all, and I feel as the only one who feels this way x'D The only thing that was amazing was the animation, and the doll story that actually made me tear up at the end, otherwise... It was too childlish in the writing compared to the other 3 imo, the jokes were pretty bad and I personally think Woody character is totally OOC in this one. I didn't like at all the romance, they don't have alchemy in my eyes, and the other charac were totally forgotten ; also there are a lot of contradictions in the movie, first with Buzz who acts once again as if he didn't know he was a toy, even if it's for the joke, it doesn't fit with the previous movies. Even worse, he became a comic relief only, that's a shame. And the end...I get why it feels emotional for people but I hated it ; I get the message with all the "growing up" and "taking its independence" idea, but it goes totally against the spirit of the original trilogy imo. The end of the 3rd one was perfect, it felt real bcs at some point, we all got through this situation too. The end of the 4? Just think the morale is bad : choosing love over friendship (even though they're friends since so many years and they can let go just like that and he has been only few days with the girl and he decides he's gonna spend the rest of his life with her...ok he was already in love but she changed a lot so he had to discover a new side of her, so how can he decide such a thing as quickly as this, I don't get it xDD), the toy the most loyal toward its child decides to leave for a girl and says to get over it (so it destroys all the idea of unconditional love and loyalty that has been built in every movies).... This movie didn't need to exist, and I still don't want it to exist.

  • Ace 257
    Ace 257 6 hours ago

    Was video made in 1998?

  • Deserie Ruiz
    Deserie Ruiz 6 hours ago

    I love how he says kovu . "Koou" LOL

  • Anime King
    Anime King 6 hours ago

    It was crap. Buzz was like reset or something.

  • Mika Shaorshadze
    Mika Shaorshadze 6 hours ago

    I personally only have two criticisms of the show: Grunkle Stan suddenly regaining his memories, thus taking a lot of the weight out of his earlier sacrifice, and Mabel never having any consequences for starting Weirdmageddon. Asides from that, I love the show.

  • bighugeweiner
    bighugeweiner 6 hours ago

    Nostalgia Critic: I made the worst video of the year. TheXvid Rewind 2019: Yes, yes you did.

  • rob bob
    rob bob 6 hours ago

    I prefer to this is a prequel to Christmas story 2 and the original Christmas story is stand alone

  • Nionivek
    Nionivek 6 hours ago

    The Key to the Grinch IMO is that he should have no specific motivation to be the Grinch. He could be anyone, he is someone who so believes in the commercialism and shallowness of Christmas that he is not only willing but entitled to taking away everyone's happiness. He is every person who was forced to listen to too much Christmas songs and went crazy, he is every parent who spent so much at Christmas that they never want to celebrate it again. Giving him these specific motivations work against him. Not that you cannot have a tipping point, but... they need to be relatable. HECK! the entire "Everyone is obsessed with Christmas and drives him absolutely crazy" is perfect!

  • Crusix Angel
    Crusix Angel 6 hours ago

    Disney kinda "cant" use make a man out of you anymore. If they did certain..."woke" cultures will scream "omfg sexist! Cancel disney!"

  • Hunter Hunter
    Hunter Hunter 6 hours ago

    “I know! ... Its intentional... “

  • Stella Ordoñez
    Stella Ordoñez 6 hours ago

    R.I.P Mrs Brisbee 😣😔

  • Chile the Flamingo
    Chile the Flamingo 6 hours ago

    Brother bear was my childhood

  • mr. crow
    mr. crow 6 hours ago

    Donnie yen and jet li is in the movie. Now they be teasing.

  • Phelexy
    Phelexy 6 hours ago

    5:07 Did you use green screen, how did u do that?

  • A.V.A
    A.V.A 6 hours ago

    Its interesting how Disney switches from almost 1 on 1 remakes and fixing (or creating) plotholes like Lion King and Beauty and the Beast to re-imagening like Jungle Book and Malificent. Cinderella and Aladdin kinda fall in between. They tell the same story with start, middle and end but on a different path. And I have to say, I enjoy the re-imagening movies the most as it adds a lot of new with characters you love. So I hope they will stick to those more and that Mulan (although it kinda looks like it will fall with Cinderella and Aladdin) will also be more of a re-imagening. But the trailer sure was very awesome and I really look forwards to this movie, as I wasn’t a fan of the animated at all.

  • Edgame T
    Edgame T 6 hours ago

    ME TV

  • Tala Pia
    Tala Pia 6 hours ago

    slightly disappointed that Phantom of the Megaplex didn't get a review. that was one of my favorites and the inclusion of Mickey Rooney is just a plus

  • Saida Ibrahim
    Saida Ibrahim 6 hours ago

    I,m watching frozen 2 next week

  • juan vega
    juan vega 6 hours ago

    Jesus Christ look at y'all's teeth not to judge but it looks like you got a bunch of canned corns stuck in your gums 1:36

  • Robert Pettit
    Robert Pettit 6 hours ago

    Is it just me or does Cumberbatch's voice sound more like Christoph Waltz's than his own in this film?

  • juan vega
    juan vega 6 hours ago

    The live action Death Note was actually badass the ending was a little bit s*** but it was good

  • Max Reardon
    Max Reardon 6 hours ago

    I grew up watching those old fashioned Xmas movies, Rudolph, Frosty, Drummer Boy, and Grinch. For the longest time that was the only version I could watch as we didn’t own the Jim Carrey version. I enjoyed that original but I love Jim Carrey’s. Maybe it’s cause it was more special when I would get to see it or his humor and take on the character but I always watch that version every year now. I will say I haven’t seen the original in a super long time so maybe now I can take more out of it but it’s not my favorite. With all that said I don’t ever want to watch this movie. In its entirety at the bare minimum. The stealing and family part at least sound decent so maybe those scenes but the rest of the movie looks stupid and even if those two scenes are master class I only want to watch those two scenes. The other two are wildly more watchable and enjoyable. Ones even really short and better.

  • Emily Jacksen
    Emily Jacksen 6 hours ago

    that magical christmas sweater girl transformation won you my like, good sir!

  • rob bob
    rob bob 6 hours ago

    4:00 you forgot the British Cadbury bunny you covered in this year commercial special

  • Sheaon Thirteen
    Sheaon Thirteen 6 hours ago

    I prefer the orginal

  • Lovely Peaches100
    Lovely Peaches100 6 hours ago

    This show was literally my child hood

    TREJAN CRIGER 6 hours ago

    Agent Black was probably Dave Chappelle

  • Burst Your Bubble
    Burst Your Bubble 7 hours ago

    no mushu, no watch

  • Oscar Sandoval
    Oscar Sandoval 7 hours ago

    **Pushes back invisible hair a million times

  • Jon Smith
    Jon Smith 7 hours ago

    Guys. He insulted House.

  • Serasia
    Serasia 7 hours ago

    Charlie Brown: Isn't there anyone who knows what Christmas is all about?! Aliens from Signs: *DOOR!*

    BACON LOVER 7 hours ago

    My one problem is when he said Adam Sandler doesn’t look like that with his shirt off and showed a modern pic of him but Sandler did look like that when he was younger

  • Lachlan Harrison
    Lachlan Harrison 7 hours ago

    Infinity war is the most ambitious crossover event in history Me: what about this

  • aharddaysnightmare
    aharddaysnightmare 7 hours ago

    Dello Felegates

  • graphkid
    graphkid 7 hours ago

    Nostalgia critic needs a comic series for himself and others

  • chrisz71
    chrisz71 7 hours ago

    I legit cried at the end of Gravity Falls. It was so good! I'm just glad I got into it later because had I waited with the hiatuses it probably would have killed me.

  • The God Emperor
    The God Emperor 7 hours ago

    Disappointed you didn't wear the thigh high boots and bow.

  • aharddaysnightmare
    aharddaysnightmare 7 hours ago

    I liked Keanu Reeves and Key & Peele in this movie a lot, but i was bummed that the aliens weren't in the movie at all

  • devlyin jones
    devlyin jones 7 hours ago

    please review BABY'S DAY OUT

  • Binh TC Nguyen
    Binh TC Nguyen 7 hours ago

    Brown door.

  • DeltaZun
    DeltaZun 7 hours ago

    Naruto: ends Me: *sits next to Tom*

  • Justin Wight
    Justin Wight 7 hours ago

    So, thanks to this, I now know what to get for my partner, thanks NC and lovebooks.

  • Timilehyin Hussain
    Timilehyin Hussain 7 hours ago

    "Why are good, smart people punished and bad stupid people rewarded." High school in a nutshell

  • Kurtis Deakin
    Kurtis Deakin 7 hours ago

    I found it from a webreview I sadly can't remember and have pushed it to everyone of my lame friends!!!!

  • GIChiyo
    GIChiyo 7 hours ago

    That is EXACTLY the same point that I was hooked, when he goes into the basement I was already happy with it when it actually managed to trick me (and technically they give you the answer early on in the episode) that cinched it for me. Also it has probably one of my favorite video game themed episodes ever made, it get's game jokes so well without doing cheap forth wall jokes or outright naming games. I freaking adore this show and I bought Book 3 immediately when it came out, uy it if you can it has so much in it, both in plain sight and hidden, I love it OK gushing post over haha

  • Alexandra Pierce
    Alexandra Pierce 7 hours ago

    Does anyone remember the scooby doo move from the late 80s or early 90’s? It was called Scooby Doo and the Ghoul School It was just Scooby and Shaggy teaching at an all girls school but they are also ghouls, like daughters of famous monsters like Dracula and the wolf man. I’d love to see you review that one! I actually loved it as a child. Don’t know where I got the tape, I’ve never met anyone else that’s heard of it!

  • Welcome to the Metaverse

    Sometimes I get annoyed by the way Doug classifies something as being "for little kids", which he has been doing a lot lately. Doug is usually fair with this, but whenever he brings this up, his tone seems to be implying that innocence means 'being childish.' Now, I know what he means most of the time. Such media can either be simply aimed at small children; upbeat, innocent and good-natured, while somethings are for adults with mature elements such as violence, sex and substances with complex themes that are tragic or contain a cynical, mean-spirited edge. Others are more family content where it's an all ages, which involves having an artistic standard. A more grounded reality is used to feel more adult while the moments of fantasy and optimism are meant for children. I guess for me, I don't understand how applying to fantasy or optimism automatically has to be only for children. I'm a brony man I relish in this stuff. I need positivity because its the only way I can survive the difficult stuff. Now I get it, that adult life is hard. We go through stressful and difficult challenges to survive, developing a cynical outlook overtime. Tragedies occur, we don't always meet the nicest people, and it often seems we have to soak up the misery to seem secure. We enjoy adult content and movies and TV shows, because It often implies strength, being able to understand such difficult parts of life by scoffing it off as relatable or funny. It's also exiting from the accents of danger or the freedom of expressing one's self in a shameless manner. However, there's nothing wrong with wanting to have some positive outlook on life or be a good influence on others. Sometimes, optimism can come off as condescending if a person thinks it's too easy, disregarding the challenges others go through. But people often forget that being nice can challenging too, because it means being decent during hard times and even professional to mean people. So I can't stand it when people disregard innocence as being childish, when it's actually one of the more difficult things a person can achieve.

  • Agent J
    Agent J 7 hours ago

    4:35 "Feral Williams". Not even five minutes in. I'm out. Good day, sir.

  • Golden Gifts
    Golden Gifts 7 hours ago

    26:01 speaking of green eggs and ham... Critic, can you please review the Green Eggs and Ham Netflix Series? Idk if you would like it, but I dont see many reviewers jumping on the show yet. I can’t predict how you would react, so can you please do it?

    TREJAN CRIGER 7 hours ago

    I’ve never heard of this shit

  • dragonball slayer326

    Gravity falls will always be a treasure for me

  • Cheshire Kat
    Cheshire Kat 7 hours ago

    I think that it did the same thing for comic book movies in general, as the 1960s Batman show, did for Batman movies in particular.

  • redstonepro 999
    redstonepro 999 7 hours ago

    They do know how to say that couple relationships are pratically the 50/50 will work and will not work out kind.

  • orly2me
    orly2me 7 hours ago

    Could this be the one live action Disney movie that might be... good?


    If you get the chance Doug WATCH...AMPHIBIA

  • Hue G. Rection
    Hue G. Rection 7 hours ago


  • The Strawberry Pimp
    The Strawberry Pimp 7 hours ago

    Sous is not a dufus, he is a child at heart

  • Jaden Omega
    Jaden Omega 7 hours ago

    I freaking LOVE this movie, one of my favorite Disney movies, it makes me feel as if I was a kid again.