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  • Bro Vs Sis
    Bro Vs Sis 4 hours ago

    Hello Lele I love your videos❤️❤️❤️

  • Rainy’s Productions

    “What do you have to say for yourself!?” Lele:”I’m a llama bish” *spits in their faces with water*

  • Edith Reyes221
    Edith Reyes221 4 hours ago

    i du nu who this girl is:uhh... what is josh doing.......? me:you kidding you blind SAVING HER LIFE OF COURSE

    • Edith Reyes221
      Edith Reyes221 4 hours ago

      sorry if this doesn’t make any scenes ;-;

  • Karol Parreno
    Karol Parreno 4 hours ago

    Wher. Is. Adam!!!

  • Carolyn Dabreo
    Carolyn Dabreo 5 hours ago

    I put thumbs up for every one

  • razor god
    razor god 5 hours ago

    Who still watched this in 2020

  • Julyssa Mendez
    Julyssa Mendez 5 hours ago

    When the panda and lion were fighting did anyone notice there was little girl staring at the camera

  • Raksa Peov
    Raksa Peov 5 hours ago

    This is so funny

  • It'surGirl Lauren
    It'surGirl Lauren 5 hours ago

    can u make english music

  • Olivia k Yeet
    Olivia k Yeet 5 hours ago

    American dancer in music video : heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelz Lele I'm a latina : dances in slippers

  • Dude Bro
    Dude Bro 5 hours ago

    What amazes me is that people actually enjoy this content.

  • Løttäg_gächa Trïn

    Imma make a Bahamian version called Bros and brositas

  • Veronica Lopez
    Veronica Lopez 5 hours ago

    I am online such a big fan of you it’s me Miranda and I was born in Mexico but I really really love you you are my best you tuber I’ve ever seen and always wanted to see you I really want you to come to Chicago because this is where I live and I really need you please I really want you to see you I’ve never seen the TheXvid or and my sister is a TheXvid or and she has so many followers

  • Sydney Marie
    Sydney Marie 5 hours ago

    Lele: ANNA Anna: I wAnNA bE A pRiNcEsS Me: and I want to be a mermaid Ps: Anna looks like Charlie D'Amelio

  • Lindsey Aragon
    Lindsey Aragon 5 hours ago

    Juanpa is funny 👍 if you agree

  • [ • Ę ł ė ģ a ń ť • ]

    I'm Puerto Rico bc I'm Latina ♡ Viva Puerto riiicoooooo >:3

  • Moonlight’s Awesome Videos!

    Lele : I don’t like anybody here A second later Lele : SHE’S MY BEST FRIEND I LOVE HER

  • Drift 795
    Drift 795 5 hours ago

    1:12 dont look up

  • ツH O P E
    ツH O P E 5 hours ago

    Lesbian Lele pons lol

  • Gordo Espinal
    Gordo Espinal 5 hours ago


  • Ines Jackson
    Ines Jackson 5 hours ago

    4:34 holy shit juan pa Thought it was the ice 😂😂 I got my visa

  • Jāne Txmboy
    Jāne Txmboy 5 hours ago

    Was Sebastian bails in there??

  • gabriel diniz
    gabriel diniz 5 hours ago

    I got cancer after watching this video

  • Asher Landon
    Asher Landon 5 hours ago


  • Harper Beyond
    Harper Beyond 5 hours ago

    So many bad words

  • habiba elameen
    habiba elameen 5 hours ago

    العرب اين انتم

  • Zachary Cohen
    Zachary Cohen 5 hours ago

    I make better videos than this, where’s my 20 million views

  • Sheila Tirikos
    Sheila Tirikos 5 hours ago

    Lake I just called that number and this dude said that I sound like a to and then hung up

  • Refat Eid
    Refat Eid 5 hours ago

    Lele:kajabajosk Him: Learn how to talk XD

  • ツH O P E
    ツH O P E 5 hours ago

    Vouldermour look like he got in a car accident

  • yara alhammad
    yara alhammad 5 hours ago

    bye for ever

  • • spinning art •

    Corner looks so adorable in middle school! That’s not a way to talk to somebody. And yes everybody is a jerk! Don’t change yourself because people don’t like you! Be yourself! 😁

  • Jāne Txmboy
    Jāne Txmboy 5 hours ago

    Y U M M Y letter by word if u like the song🎤

  • Dylan
    Dylan 6 hours ago

    The purple haired is gay

  • Beast Mode82
    Beast Mode82 6 hours ago

    I passed out cuz it's so stupid

  • Courtney's Playhouse

    1:57 kid:*rights REEEE on board*

  • Rose
    Rose 6 hours ago

    Outro song?

  • Rose
    Rose 6 hours ago

    Outro song?

  • My old Friend sort of

    I saves my selfs

  • Amirali Heidari
    Amirali Heidari 6 hours ago

    Come here after a year! Still the same nonsense sh...

  • melissa Cardi
    melissa Cardi 6 hours ago

    A little annoying

  • My old Friend sort of

    Sooooo one of them got killed by oranges

  • cstansberry406
    cstansberry406 6 hours ago

    ITS yes hannah stoking

  • Rose
    Rose 6 hours ago

    Outro song?

  • Arturo Polonio
    Arturo Polonio 6 hours ago

    Quien aqui por woshingo

  • Lizy Mango
    Lizy Mango 6 hours ago

    How do you know Justin

  • Jimin _U nice_keep going Chimmy

    Juanpa:I like Asians Me:Me too BTS💜💜💜💜

  • Dorina Török
    Dorina Török 6 hours ago

    3:31 when the gangstas attack u in gta

  • Chonniez UwU Marquez

    Do you have a a yes i dk but

  • Jackson mould
    Jackson mould 6 hours ago


  • My old Friend sort of

    You going to the hood but I’m Irish umm

  • HappyRainbowsForme TOO

    those subtitles though.....

  • Shaila Martinez
    Shaila Martinez 6 hours ago

    Anybody noticed Natile and Eeeze

  • Dat Kawaii Potato
    Dat Kawaii Potato 6 hours ago


  • T.T.V sniper jean
    T.T.V sniper jean 6 hours ago


  • gacha _girl
    gacha _girl 6 hours ago

    The goat was like whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaatttttttttttttttttttttt

  • carolinagamezv04
    carolinagamezv04 6 hours ago

    Hahahah omg i can't stop 😂😂😂😂😂😆

  • Sophia Lee
    Sophia Lee 6 hours ago

    wait isn’t she married to juanpa?

  • tushena Rajbali tushena Rajbali

    You are my best friend

  • Natalie Owen
    Natalie Owen 6 hours ago

    Teacher:giving Twan the test Twan: I’m fine thanks😂

  • My old Friend sort of

    I think that the dancing girl was softie dosie

  • Slap shot Studios1708

    I hope that this is the last episode of amigos

  • Ryleigh MC
    Ryleigh MC 6 hours ago


  • mylifeinfilm
    mylifeinfilm 6 hours ago

    I love you lele and I think you’re unique

  • Alhanoof Alhanoof
    Alhanoof Alhanoof 6 hours ago

    دوره العوره

  • Makenzie Deloach
    Makenzie Deloach 6 hours ago

    This weird!!!!!!!! I

  • May Plays
    May Plays 6 hours ago

    I like cats more

  • Abi Carr
    Abi Carr 6 hours ago

    Lele pons sounds weird in the video

  • Yana Landau eyelash extensions microblading waxing

    is the girl in the red and the girl in the yellow twins

    ᏞᎯᎩᎯᏞ 6 hours ago


  • babygoaxxxtentacion fan

    U have the right to remain silent anything u say can and will be used against u in corter law u are able to use an interny if u can not afford an interny one will be appointed to u .thats what they say in the movies

  • Taliia Sanders
    Taliia Sanders 6 hours ago

    That plot,twist tho

  • Roberta Abrahams
    Roberta Abrahams 6 hours ago

    That guy who said she’s talking to a tree looks like ambjay

  • Slimefun107 Yay
    Slimefun107 Yay 6 hours ago

    I love soffie dosie

  • Kathryn Alsfelt
    Kathryn Alsfelt 7 hours ago

    When he said "And let's practice!"... When he told that to her fiance... I was like okay.... She's getting married tommorow..

  • Taniya Madhar
    Taniya Madhar 7 hours ago

    It’s 10 not 9

  • Zaynab Haris
    Zaynab Haris 7 hours ago

    It was so funny when lele say you fucken syko i once done darws and someone dared me to do that naked thing in public and u did for 2 hours

  • Eddy Paredes
    Eddy Paredes 7 hours ago


  • LighterJames
    LighterJames 7 hours ago

    They look like they're trying too hard to promote this song

  • imbadatfortnite imbadatfortnite

    Fights aren't like that these days lol

  • XxMint_ChanxX
    XxMint_ChanxX 7 hours ago

    Poor lele lol 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Jayla Santos
    Jayla Santos 7 hours ago

    lele pons you are the best

  • Patricia wachter
    Patricia wachter 7 hours ago

    Me as a techer 😈😉

  • comet black
    comet black 7 hours ago

    Definitely worst fortune teller

  • Tae Lee
    Tae Lee 7 hours ago

    He attac He protacc But most importantly he hispanacc

  • cutie TT
    cutie TT 7 hours ago

    Captions are normal totally not lying

  • Leandra Sutton
    Leandra Sutton 7 hours ago

    They forgot Martin Luther King jr. Day

  • Keiri Sandoval
    Keiri Sandoval 7 hours ago


  • Tiona Boxall
    Tiona Boxall 7 hours ago

    Every like this gets is how many ppl like twan and lele

  • N Write
    N Write 7 hours ago

    Who’s the male singer?? Juanpa???

  • Wolfypawstarmoon Sky high wolf

    The Latinas of friends XD

  • Jack Deering
    Jack Deering 7 hours ago

    Nice scream over when the dog yelped in pain at 3:38.

  • Team Jaguar
    Team Jaguar 7 hours ago

    2020, anyone? My New Year’s resolution is to be ina relationship

  • ItzGio
    ItzGio 7 hours ago

    Who actually enjoys this?

  • Wolfypawstarmoon Sky high wolf

    I really want part 4 of him saying WHAT THE FuCK

  • Andrew Reyes
    Andrew Reyes 7 hours ago

    Oye need porme se salsa

  • Team Jaguar
    Team Jaguar 7 hours ago

    This video is when the Nerds turn into the popular kids

  • Roor Roor
    Roor Roor 7 hours ago


  • Roor Roor
    Roor Roor 7 hours ago


  • Angela Smith
    Angela Smith 7 hours ago

    wow ima celabrate the toothfairy