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Just How Good Was Romario?
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7 Best Teams EVER on FIFA
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  • 12345 hold my juice
    12345 hold my juice 2 minutes ago

    Onlh one who got right🙏👏

  • MJ studios
    MJ studios 16 minutes ago

    The england player must consider playing for another nation team in the British

  • Random Videos for Random People

    So many Man City players

  • Double FM
    Double FM 41 minute ago

    How about the dutch centre backs?

  • Meggiemoo Blewett
    Meggiemoo Blewett 51 minute ago

    Biggest club from every region in England, South West - South East - North West - North East - West Midlands - East Midlands - Yorkshire & London

  • KongDiddy
    KongDiddy 52 minutes ago

    As a LASK fan I can only say.... senpai noticed us :O :D

  • Christian Round
    Christian Round 54 minutes ago

    1. Ramos 2. Chellini 3. Pique 4. Kompany 5. Godin 6. Hummels 7. Boateng

  • Yashiv Singh
    Yashiv Singh 58 minutes ago

    7 best goal scoring keepers please

    SOUL々 ROHAN Hour ago

    What about nepal

  • Strahinja Krneta

    17:38 Serbia Sergej Milinkovic-Savic🇷🇸❤️⚽🥇

  • SamChik
    SamChik Hour ago

    Love your content as always!! It would have been better if you included the football club names along with the managers' names while ranking them!!

  • Pako Fajer
    Pako Fajer Hour ago

    Poland - Striker: Lewandowski, Milik, Piatek, Kownacki, Wilczek

  • Sajit Gopalan
    Sajit Gopalan Hour ago

    Good list. The french quartet normally doesn't get enough praise, but were one of the best i have seen

  • johnny Lama
    johnny Lama Hour ago

    Can you do a video on starting 11 Deportivo La Coruna 1999-2000 where are they now i know all of them are retired but would be a great video

  • Noah Gaber
    Noah Gaber Hour ago

    Germany cm are missing

  • Syed Saquib Hussain

    Argentina strikers Dybala higuain tevez Aguero icardi

  • marko markovic
    marko markovic 2 hours ago

    Red Star !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! huh

  • MP
    MP 2 hours ago

    VIDEO IDEA: The Last Time Each Top Flight Club Was Promoted eg. Man United - 1974/75 (or 1991/92 if you only count the Premier League and not Division 1 since they haven’t been relegated since the Premier Leagues inception) and Bournemouth - 2014/15

  • Jk Tv
    Jk Tv 2 hours ago

    Respect my country SA old fast ones

  • MMGtheSERBIANqyqypoa

    Rambo would have won world cup all by himself

  • Ashik Ahmed
    Ashik Ahmed 2 hours ago

    write the name of the players

  • MMGtheSERBIANqyqypoa

    Predvrag Mijatović!

    SIHLE JACK 2 hours ago

    You mentioned Falcao but not Wayne Rooney

  • Claudia Ampiah
    Claudia Ampiah 2 hours ago

    16-Ansu Fati

  • NE0XIS
    NE0XIS 2 hours ago

    Video idea says Steven not seven lmao

  • Rannvijay Paul
    Rannvijay Paul 2 hours ago

    Like who wants "7 greatest play makers"

  • Pete Palmer
    Pete Palmer 2 hours ago

    7 greatest champion league final of all time

  • arif arif
    arif arif 2 hours ago

    Fuck you the best player for Iraq is wrong

  • Tom Stidman
    Tom Stidman 2 hours ago

    Aren't most of these stadiums aimed at National Team friendlies? Most of those matches draw a lot more people than a 4th level league match. They are still daft investments by their countries.

  • Marcel Golik
    Marcel Golik 2 hours ago

    Dan James > Ousmane Dembele

  • Arlo Vision
    Arlo Vision 2 hours ago

    You must be really bad to be in the USA second division

  • Sam Pickett
    Sam Pickett 2 hours ago

    No Allan Saint-Maximin?

  • Lê Nhật
    Lê Nhật 3 hours ago

    Le Cong Vinh? I think Hong Son is better than!

  • SouthWestGrizzle
    SouthWestGrizzle 3 hours ago

    How is Parker not 2nd... he captained England.

  • 이연우
    이연우 3 hours ago

    Man Utd XI that lost to MK Dons: where are they now?

  • Josef Aikman
    Josef Aikman 3 hours ago

    I'm sorry but Woodgate shits all over Scott Parker.

  • DitIsSammy
    DitIsSammy 3 hours ago

    Yo that 🐧 is a pro

  • FIFA God 05
    FIFA God 05 3 hours ago

    The biggest upsets of the decade

  • Vansh Upmanyu
    Vansh Upmanyu 3 hours ago

    King coman plays left wing... Wtf

  • Magpie: Singular
    Magpie: Singular 3 hours ago

    I'd argue that Buffon, whilst not the best of the decade, is best of the last 20 years, and probably all time.

  • Marcellus Augustus Germanicus

    Alves over Lahm is blashpemy. It's not even close, Lahm is one of the greatest defenders of all time, Alves not. You don't compare a Benz to a Caribe.

  • Neil Mevada
    Neil Mevada 3 hours ago

    You missed France in LCB and also Lodi?!

  • TeeZo
    TeeZo 3 hours ago

    Also Fastest second division players

  • TeeZo
    TeeZo 3 hours ago

    Fastest CB in the world

    THE-LAW 3 hours ago

    mdr l'équipe d'espagne on dirait une famille de gitan

  • Robert Callanan
    Robert Callanan 4 hours ago

    Not hating or anything but this was proper boring

  • Donald J Trump
    Donald J Trump 4 hours ago

    What is a cap?

  • Alexander Booth
    Alexander Booth 4 hours ago

    Tom Pope > Nick Pope

  • Rodrigo Santos
    Rodrigo Santos 4 hours ago

    3:23 "They find themselves 16th in the Championship at the time of recording." I _knew_ Irish Guy must've been on uppers when he predicted that QPR would be promoted.

    • LazarouDave
      LazarouDave 3 hours ago

      I mean, they did start off fairly promising, but fell off a few weeks back

    • James Milner
      James Milner 3 hours ago

      Crazy thing is they’ve performed better than they have in previous seasons 😬😂

    • mr bruh
      mr bruh 3 hours ago

      but they are currently 3 points of off sixth

  • 67 4
    67 4 4 hours ago

    Bournemouth first premier league xi where are they now

  • Jazzi Kazzi
    Jazzi Kazzi 4 hours ago

    Do qpr

  • onefootball fan
    onefootball fan 4 hours ago

    Barnes over sandro? And no filipe luis wtfff

  • Kyoukai Ten
    Kyoukai Ten 4 hours ago

    Overloaded in attacking position is not too much of a headache because that's the position you need to change a lot during match, it'll be a different case if the one overloading is the defence position like england and germany, you can't bring 4 fucking right back to euro cup..

  • Sieg Jong
    Sieg Jong 4 hours ago

    Netherlands CB's: van dijk, de ligt, de vrij, ake, blind.

  • DForceBest
    DForceBest 4 hours ago

    France CMs?

  • dubravka dragutinovic

    Were is Serbia, and Kosov isnt country!!!!!!

  • NiiceyOfficial
    NiiceyOfficial 4 hours ago


  • TheUltimateSubPlayzzz

    umm is 4:33 fifa or real life

  • Sam Bowler
    Sam Bowler 4 hours ago

    Do league 1 and 2

  • Kenpatchi
    Kenpatchi 4 hours ago

    I believe martinelli and saka should be on this list

  • Lammy Romernous
    Lammy Romernous 5 hours ago


  • The Genius SM 23
    The Genius SM 23 5 hours ago

    7 over performing clubs in europe/world.

  • Jenzo
    Jenzo 5 hours ago

    2:45 wtf, Spain have like 6 midfielders in their team

  • The Racoon Trader
    The Racoon Trader 5 hours ago


  • Just WTF
    Just WTF 5 hours ago

    U butchered Cha Bum Kun

  • Cyro
    Cyro 5 hours ago

    Sterling is a LW smh

  • Amin M
    Amin M 5 hours ago

    in the Middle East, we are addicted to football( im wit6h barca !!!)

  • Splashfire98
    Splashfire98 5 hours ago

    What about Tom Barkuizen at 26

  • Fedro Game Designer
    Fedro Game Designer 5 hours ago

    France could play with multiple teams with different squad...lot of quality players

  • Ibby FC
    Ibby FC 5 hours ago

    The last time Liverpool won the league 11

  • Glenn B
    Glenn B 5 hours ago

    Gotta be woody

  • 3 Cold Capricorn
    3 Cold Capricorn 5 hours ago

    Looks like Bielsa would’ve stolen my heart back then and all

  • Thomas Muller
    Thomas Muller 5 hours ago

    All time 7s. Ajax, Bayern etc

  • Luke F
    Luke F 5 hours ago

    For Watford Adrian Mariappa is born 6 miles from the stadium in Harrow

  • Rl V1S10N
    Rl V1S10N 5 hours ago

    Luis suarez is from Uruguay 31:53

  • Daniel Ezzaq Zakaria

    Not a fan of c.ronaldo but he is the greatest player to play for real madrid not di stefano. No disrespect to the old time but this is fact

  • Maximum Banta
    Maximum Banta 5 hours ago

    Turkey with their centre backs Soyuncu Demiral Ozan Kabak and Ayhan and Portugal with their right back Semedo Cancelo Pereira etc

  • Shanemandem
    Shanemandem 5 hours ago

    7 best managers who were not a professional footballer.

    • Trolling Troll
      Trolling Troll 5 hours ago

      @Shanemandem none of them are professional footballers still tho

    • Shanemandem
      Shanemandem 5 hours ago

      @HZRDcamanndo83 i added professional footballer now... Cus prolly worded it wrong but there are managers who are never a pro footballer... Like andre villas boas

    • HZRDcamanndo83
      HZRDcamanndo83 5 hours ago

      Shanemandem hate to break it to you but I don’t think any managers are footballers

  • Merilly Hughes
    Merilly Hughes 5 hours ago

    can u do a vid for Cote D' vore and south africa

  • Cameran Moore
    Cameran Moore 5 hours ago

    France cb is overloaded

  • Josh Js
    Josh Js 5 hours ago

    Daniel James?

  • Handerborte 97
    Handerborte 97 5 hours ago

    Best La Masia XI under the age of 25 Best Basque XI #HITCsevens #PeoplesChannel

  • Louis Oconnor
    Louis Oconnor 5 hours ago

    Scott Parker over Jonathan Woodgate? What a joke of a list

    • Louis Oconnor
      Louis Oconnor 2 hours ago

      James Milner Woodgate in his time at Leeds was one of the most technically gifted centre half’s of his generation. Glided across the field and that’s why a team of Madrid’s stature decided to spend such a large amount on him because they knew his potential. Unlucky through injury but we can’t go and say that Scott Parker was a better footballer because it simply isn’t true

    • James Milner
      James Milner 3 hours ago

      Well yeah he really fucked up his career whereas Scott Parker was proper quality at West Ham and one of the prems best holding midfielders whilst at spurs

  • Daniel McNally
    Daniel McNally 5 hours ago

    Benzema is banned from international football for his controversy with valbuena. Just look it up

  • Genkenaar0827
    Genkenaar0827 6 hours ago

    U forgot Sander Berge.

  • lenny hill
    lenny hill 6 hours ago

    Stoke fans anyone

  • xaxaxxa xaxaxaxx
    xaxaxxa xaxaxaxx 6 hours ago

    Where is olympiakos ;;;;;;;

  • Alex P
    Alex P 6 hours ago

    Best player from every league in Europe (only top divisions)

  • Vũ Đặng Minh
    Vũ Đặng Minh 6 hours ago

    21:39 Lee Cong Vinh just killed me smh

  • Cayleb Woolley
    Cayleb Woolley 6 hours ago

    7th comment lol

  • Harry Cox
    Harry Cox 6 hours ago

    The Man City team that lost 5-1 to Chelsea in the FA cup in February 2016, where Peligrini played a B team. Where are they now please.

    • sourzia
      sourzia 2 hours ago

      That's a long title

    • COADY
      COADY 2 hours ago

      Harry Cox that would be a class video

  • Rohan Sohan
    Rohan Sohan 6 hours ago

    Iniesta should be at 1

  • Kalaala Sports tv
    Kalaala Sports tv 6 hours ago

    🤯🤯🤯🤯 thexvid.com/video/-2eYIgbeeAQ/video.html

  • morkujin irukandji
    morkujin irukandji 6 hours ago

    Bebeto Romario Leonardo

  • Thomas Hargreaves
    Thomas Hargreaves 6 hours ago

    I’d like to point out that a youth player that we signed in August 2014 is now a regular.

  • MobEra89
    MobEra89 6 hours ago

    Whats the pin for your fantasy league

  • Ronn Naskar
    Ronn Naskar 6 hours ago

    You missed Renan Lodi

  • Scotty
    Scotty 6 hours ago


  • Aleksandar Vesic
    Aleksandar Vesic 6 hours ago

    Last 7 La liga/premier league winning captains,where are they now?

  • Cdoyle 777
    Cdoyle 777 6 hours ago

    I hate when people go first second like nobody gives two flying shits