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Lucus - Boom (Lyrics)
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The Story of Billie Eilish
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Trevor Daniel - Wake Up
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  • eric 250
    eric 250 Minute ago

    Is my favorite SONG

  • ジミンKore
    ジミンKore 2 minutes ago


  • Lacey Andoson
    Lacey Andoson 4 minutes ago

    He did not Really die he Hideing And he still is x

  • the musical lyrics
    the musical lyrics 8 minutes ago

    No matter how many number of friends you have,but if they can't stand with you in your difficult times, then its better to have a single friend, on who you can count on, who you can trust, who can stand with you in your ups and downs.....

  • Liam_GAMING
    Liam_GAMING 12 minutes ago

    who else listens to this while thinking u're in a movie :)))

  • Princess Baluarte
    Princess Baluarte 13 minutes ago

    Hi if this comment will get up to 50 likes I'll be singing this to my crush at school in our roon

  • Dalhjav Bold
    Dalhjav Bold 14 minutes ago

    You can't touch music But music can touch you!!!

  • Rio Dyatmika
    Rio Dyatmika 15 minutes ago

    Tik tok?

  • Celil Taha Kara
    Celil Taha Kara 25 minutes ago


  • GIBBY¿
    GIBBY¿ 27 minutes ago

    Ha theres a tab onnone of my favorite website that has a very similar title

  • David Nord Heidelberg
    David Nord Heidelberg 28 minutes ago

    Am I one of the few that didn't find this song from Tik Tok?

  • Mundo Gamer
    Mundo Gamer 32 minutes ago

    Soy español XD

    OFFICIL KHODIROV 37 minutes ago

    when I linten this music, I will too enjoy

  • HEAT_ Cyborg
    HEAT_ Cyborg 39 minutes ago

    Am I the only one Who is NOT from TikTok

  • Valen -.
    Valen -. 40 minutes ago


  • Husky Tuke
    Husky Tuke 45 minutes ago

    I didnt Come from tiktok

  • kuswanto dikromo
    kuswanto dikromo 48 minutes ago


  • IJ GC
    IJ GC 53 minutes ago

    Do you have a version of this song but the song only without the lyrics? Thanks.

  • Mark Pahate
    Mark Pahate Hour ago


  • Nicolas Vinicius


  • The Jones Chronicles

    Love song are so cute

  • GavrielSCA
    GavrielSCA Hour ago

    Anybody from that tiktok videos?

  • First Gamer
    First Gamer Hour ago

    Just i find that girl in the left corner? :/


    My favorite song thanks this song is love ❤️❤️🌹🌹🌹

  • H A
    H A Hour ago

    I love u

  • Joanna Jenkins
    Joanna Jenkins Hour ago


  • Jay G
    Jay G Hour ago

    Bruh forgot is so much better

  • Cole Sater
    Cole Sater Hour ago


  • A. Deshmukh
    A. Deshmukh Hour ago


  • ED Torregosa
    ED Torregosa Hour ago

    2020 Here Listning <3 <3 <3

  • ED Torregosa
    ED Torregosa Hour ago

    2020 Here Listning <3 <3 <3

  • dexster recto
    dexster recto Hour ago

    i think this is the best for me

  • Iliana Petrova
    Iliana Petrova Hour ago

    Rip 😔

  • maya abuanzeh
    maya abuanzeh Hour ago


  • Michał Wajcht
    Michał Wajcht Hour ago

    nirvana Smells Like Teen Spirit 1bilion in 10 years, falling 95 mln in 1 year wtf?

  • Mix of Everything arabic

    i love u

  • Call me The happiness

    Mac n chesssss 🧀

  • MYS Bekolegend
    MYS Bekolegend 2 hours ago

    FORTNİTE Entered the chat

  • Yousef Idress
    Yousef Idress 2 hours ago


  • French Fries Gaming
    French Fries Gaming 2 hours ago

    This song kinda emotional when u really patient with it

  • Muhammet Alş
    Muhammet Alş 2 hours ago


  • mordu de la pêche 49

    J'adore sa donne la pêche à fond

  • Crina Mrinca
    Crina Mrinca 2 hours ago


  • JustUkiyo
    JustUkiyo 2 hours ago

    The guitar in the background reminds me of Rise and Fall By Craig David

    GU OF GOD 2 hours ago


  • Jimmy Gem
    Jimmy Gem 2 hours ago

    20 years no ex no bf 12 years old : every men is cheater Me: ...! say...

  • nicol
    nicol 2 hours ago

    tikka tokka

  • Slawny Cossvoscki
    Slawny Cossvoscki 2 hours ago

    Slawny ❤️ Elsa

  • Serious Amigo
    Serious Amigo 2 hours ago

    Comments section exists *le random people - TIK TOK SONG!!!

  • • Minilollipup •

    Gives me romantic book / wattpad vibes

  • Josue Cordova
    Josue Cordova 2 hours ago

    6th graders after a breakup:

  • Anti Hoax
    Anti Hoax 2 hours ago

    😍😍😍😍😍😍😁😁😁😁😁😁😋😋 yeyyy

  • april
    april 2 hours ago

    1:28 it’s « your touch is heaven sent»

  • hoerey
    hoerey 2 hours ago

    I love how i found my new favorite songs through tiktok

  • Hamsaveni Shankarmurthy

    Crazy song Crazy tune 👍👍👍👍🎆🎆🎊🎉🎇

  • Za Zithym
    Za Zithym 2 hours ago

    Lol i thought this is going to be a cover of imagine by john lennon

  • Malak Echarif
    Malak Echarif 2 hours ago

    I love you tou

  • kissmyasspl0x
    kissmyasspl0x 2 hours ago

    So a dumb 21yr "rapper" who didnt write his songs which are not even rap genre has died of a seizure poor innocent boy? HE WILLINGLY TOOK MANY PERCOCETS AND HAD WEAPONS WITH HIM ON THE PLANE THIS WAS SUICIDE. This was no accident, if it was this was one dumb ass N****

  • Adam Berresford
    Adam Berresford 2 hours ago


  • Rebecca Chen
    Rebecca Chen 2 hours ago

    N No No T No Te No Tea You really think I was doin one of these?

  • Unbeilevable Games
    Unbeilevable Games 3 hours ago

    1:45 : Im kinda scary, hard to read,im like a ouija board. Zozo : *confused screaming*

  • Suman Sourav
    Suman Sourav 3 hours ago


  • AleFox AMV
    AleFox AMV 3 hours ago

    FALLING - Trevor Daniel is out! Leave like and subscribe to my Channel... My Hero Academia AMV (FALLING)💣💥 (

  • Amelia
    Amelia 3 hours ago

    I love your song❤❤❤❤😍:3 :3 :3

  • Y2JFan94
    Y2JFan94 3 hours ago


  • Formenos
    Formenos 3 hours ago


  • fatima bianes
    fatima bianes 3 hours ago

    Tang ins

  • Marcus Lim
    Marcus Lim 3 hours ago


  • подсолнух гоша:з


  • Nevaeh Henderson
    Nevaeh Henderson 3 hours ago

    I only know "Say So", but I love it!!!

  • Kiano Menschaert
    Kiano Menschaert 3 hours ago

    this song lets me think :l ofal things that happend in lifeee

  • Lola Mariani
    Lola Mariani 3 hours ago

    mantap jiwa ANJAI

  • Denz Ragay
    Denz Ragay 3 hours ago

    Im a miss aloser am a hayter am a user

  • Lachy and Riley Holman

    I love this song

  • max pro
    max pro 3 hours ago

    Кто Русский лайк

  • Wieke Alvernia
    Wieke Alvernia 3 hours ago

    yaaa!!.... i need you here with me because you are my longing pain killer dear nda 💛

  • Gabydoo La gogole
    Gabydoo La gogole 3 hours ago


    CATERINA MAKSI 3 hours ago

    I saw it on google and I thought it was fake but when it was all over tik tok and the news I started crying so hard xxx and juice went too young 😭😢🥺😍

  • Peter Cortez
    Peter Cortez 3 hours ago

    Raymond brought me here

  • Nika TV
    Nika TV 3 hours ago

    nice musiic drop the music nice your boyyy 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Jordan Williams
    Jordan Williams 4 hours ago

    Guys aren't supposed to cry a lot but everytime I hear this song it hits different

  • Eda Akpınar
    Eda Akpınar 4 hours ago

    Tek türk benmiyim yauvv

  • Nimarjeet Balakrishnan

    nice background and goodworck timing

  • Arnabi Goldar
    Arnabi Goldar 4 hours ago

    2:16 thank me.... for... and so on... 😊😊

  • Nilini Demel
    Nilini Demel 4 hours ago

    Love this song

  • Aventail
    Aventail 4 hours ago

    when your getting killed by an iran solider and you decide to call your girlfriend but his phone rings

  • Jasmin Solomon Tabunan

    I came here because of tiktok😂

  • Ann Flores
    Ann Flores 4 hours ago

    i feel the lyrics

  • Azzby
    Azzby 4 hours ago

    who is mane

  • Kenan Gamer HD
    Kenan Gamer HD 4 hours ago

    L O V E Y O U 🥰

  • ReadMePlz Official
    ReadMePlz Official 4 hours ago

    Im not depressed My cat didn't die Can i get a like From not lying, please ?

  • Huỳnh Ngân Tống


  • دي استار /F1
    دي استار /F1 5 hours ago

    في عرب متواجدين KSA

  • tracey plays roblox
    tracey plays roblox 5 hours ago


  • ยุติ แก่นพรม

    Omgggggg wt I noticed is so XD okkkkk cryy

  • Doc-Junior Cullen
    Doc-Junior Cullen 5 hours ago

    i love it

  • Albert von Känel
    Albert von Känel 5 hours ago


  • jeremiah_. collins
    jeremiah_. collins 5 hours ago

    *thoughts on doja cat, shes trash. I’m not talking about that girl* *OOOH WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE LIVING IM MY PICTURE BANGING ON MY HOTLINE*

  • Penny Chan
    Penny Chan 5 hours ago

    Wow so many likes

  • Taök Taök
    Taök Taök 5 hours ago

    TikTOK 2020 ✋♥️😁