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  • Dawn break
    Dawn break 25 seconds ago

    No that isnt true you people are really ridiculous. It is the one time where race, religion, sex etc DOES count... the lawyers pick a jury that will help benefit their client... imagine if the police officer that shot dude cause she thought it was her place had all white people on her jury... they would have burned Texas down thinking that's why she got 10 years but the state wanted mostly black and Spanish on the jury for a reason! I cant believe how stupid people are

  • angel brito
    angel brito 49 seconds ago

    I shut it down 15 minutes into the interview. Brain stimulating content was non-existent.

    BUTTA KNOWS BEST 59 seconds ago

    God Bless her

  • Andrew Scott
    Andrew Scott Minute ago

    Bro, Angela Yee’s Asian side came out when she said “15” in response to LaLa (29:30).

  • Ayame Kyoto
    Ayame Kyoto 2 minutes ago

    People saying no one's going to touch him... I don't know; Zimmerman out here untouched, but Tekashi's already been kidnapped, robbed and shot at, in under six months in a sequence of events.

  • Nazzy Sosa
    Nazzy Sosa 3 minutes ago

    Yee deff tryna fucc

  • Thomas Pereira
    Thomas Pereira 4 minutes ago

    Dame don't even own the money he has if there was recession by by money

  • CD M
    CD M 5 minutes ago


  • opinionatorX
    opinionatorX 6 minutes ago

    Dang Man! RIP La La Anthony (June 25,19981-October 13,2019) We have to stop this black on black violence. Lets stand up as a community.

  • tHeRe’S a BeE?
    tHeRe’S a BeE? 7 minutes ago

    This boi literally said he don’t wanna talk about being molested 6 times and really they keep talking about it

  • Key From92
    Key From92 7 minutes ago

    Wale leave the fuckn bud and alcohol alone mane. Seems to b workn against u. But i always been a fan of yours. U had an excellent show in ATL.

  • Velli Sixty
    Velli Sixty 7 minutes ago

    One of this craccas eyes are bigger then the other. He needs to get fucced.

  • BADNEWZ Da Assassin
    BADNEWZ Da Assassin 8 minutes ago

    As a Cowboy Fan I Salute!!

  • Danny Kingz
    Danny Kingz 9 minutes ago

    She’s so gorgeous

  • Tora MAZLLC
    Tora MAZLLC 9 minutes ago

    🤦🏾‍♀️😩🤣🤣🤣🤣 we are a tad bit crazy but hey 🤷🏾‍♀️ That's balance 😎

  • Key From92
    Key From92 10 minutes ago

    Lmao charlamagne is a real woman hatin mfr!!!! The first chance he get to down blacc women he used it... smh. Clown.

  • James Anderson
    James Anderson 10 minutes ago

    This dude really pulled a good one on a lot of people. I knew Tekashi was fake. Probably was an informant all along.

  • Jantzen
    Jantzen 10 minutes ago


  • travel squadd.
    travel squadd. 10 minutes ago

    "He feared for his life ".....officer acquitted.....I'm tired of this....sad

  • Sho Jo
    Sho Jo 10 minutes ago

    "It's gonna get to a point where we can no longer be passive. At some point we have to fight aggression with aggression." I'm down for aggression or complete separatism from these devils.

  • KR Training
    KR Training 11 minutes ago

    It's crazy how there are so many comments about how he articulates himself which is great btw because I was also surprised not ever hearing of him until this interview. But it shows that there are so many of us as black men misrepresented because we shouldn't be surprised in my opinion of a black man being able to articulate himself IMO!

  • dave M.
    dave M. 12 minutes ago

    That last scene when Tommy tell Cash to stay in the car made me shed a tear 😥

  • N Sargent
    N Sargent 12 minutes ago

    You said, " Or they are just hoes."😂😂😂😂

  • Sharaszad Cooke
    Sharaszad Cooke 13 minutes ago

    Stfu Envy and let her tell her story!!!!!

  • PrimordialChaos1
    PrimordialChaos1 13 minutes ago

    What's wrong with her face? 😂

  • Bobby Boobs
    Bobby Boobs 13 minutes ago

    shy envy always trying to act so innocent.... when you even bring up the term cheating this dude so into defense mode or start acting silly

  • Darnell Whitehead
    Darnell Whitehead 14 minutes ago

    I keep saying it it's only but so much we're going to take until we start pushing back✊✊✊ as black people we're greater and numbers✊✊✊

    FARK GOOGLE 14 minutes ago


  • dave M.
    dave M. 14 minutes ago

    Who remember Lala from BET?

  • Rooster Roo
    Rooster Roo 16 minutes ago

    I wanna enjoy the Fruits of my Labor with a Lady with soft feet and features

  • Plusamillion #PPM
    Plusamillion #PPM 16 minutes ago

    I feel what lyfe was saying the climate is definitely different when it comes to women and the mentality in the music. There was foxy brown,and lil Kim but it was a lane all of it's own.Now that's what it is all around the board

  • PurelyAfrican
    PurelyAfrican 17 minutes ago

    If I was zoe's husband I would be on set 24/7. Zoe looks like a better looking version of Robert's ex lol!

  • MrHakla1
    MrHakla1 17 minutes ago


  • Salvi
    Salvi 17 minutes ago

    Watch he’s only gonna get 10years or less and I’m not gonna be surprised

  • 63 Impala rag Dude
    63 Impala rag Dude 17 minutes ago

    Say what you want, this dude got a lot of stories with receipts. They need to Stop hating on him.

  • RustyHornzMusic
    RustyHornzMusic 17 minutes ago

    Y'all Could Have At Least Gave a Spoiler Alert, Damn.

  • FreeWay Keazy
    FreeWay Keazy 18 minutes ago

    When the camera man tried to hold his laugh in🤣🤣🤣

  • Wordsmith 3115
    Wordsmith 3115 18 minutes ago

    Charlamagne was not looking at her abs 😂😂😂

    NICK NICK 18 minutes ago


  • Shamar Jones
    Shamar Jones 18 minutes ago

    this what Gherbo gon look like in 20 years

  • Asilia African Animal Ranch

    Where i live in africa (east side) police dont have guns.. Ok higher ranking officer di but basic police dont have guns and it forces then to only deal with situations in the calmest way.. If they need help the military steps in... It has to bw very serious to have guns get involved but i will also mention hand guns are illegal.. Only hunting rifkes and shotguns allowed by residents.. Very safe society and one more thing is most community deal with crime themselves with out police.

  • Reaze's Pieces
    Reaze's Pieces 20 minutes ago

    Introvert before the Dussè kicks in extrovert after lol 🥃

  • o o
    o o 20 minutes ago

    Charlamagne is gay he like that donkey dick

  • Tim Mooney
    Tim Mooney 20 minutes ago

    Why did Rangers refuse to help?

  • the goat
    the goat 20 minutes ago

    Can yall atleast spell his name right must be sneek dissing cuz he'l whoop yall favorite fighters

  • WestLAHunitspoke cali baby

    Lyfe has a point the music is worst then before black ppl promoting bullshit and the white ppl loves it cause it brings the money

  • Yahshua Yahudah Ben Yisreal

    She is a thot kanye dam you not know that

  • haleigh
    haleigh 22 minutes ago

    5:57 LMAO

  • Richie Cintron
    Richie Cintron 23 minutes ago

    This guy said he beat Canelo twice 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Irving Santillan
    Irving Santillan 23 minutes ago

    Crazy how my city on the news

  • Slickjc1
    Slickjc1 23 minutes ago

    Biggs was on Drink Champs, brought him along. Never heard of dude. He was talking just like this. Looked up Collection One. 🔥🔥🔥 Dude didn't skip media training class. Knows how to carry an interview. He's been on Sway In The Morning too.

  • 95KyBoo
    95KyBoo 23 minutes ago

    They haven't aged atoll! Wow

  • Dommy521
    Dommy521 24 minutes ago

    they have to change the police protocol it's a must

  • Tamika Thomas
    Tamika Thomas 24 minutes ago

    I knew he was gonna get DOTD

    ANTHONY CIVA 25 minutes ago

    🇬🇾 🇬🇾🇬🇾🇬🇾🇬🇾🇬🇾

  • Julio B
    Julio B 26 minutes ago

    That hoe got too many miles on her already chill Kanye!

  • Noe Ramirez
    Noe Ramirez 27 minutes ago

    Jimmy a rat and he dick riding a rainbow rat give me my likes

  • flclub54
    flclub54 27 minutes ago

    T.I. your a dumbass. Iggy had a better album than YOU niqqa lol

  • Yohan Ribota
    Yohan Ribota 27 minutes ago

    Omg the fucking vibe on the station was unique

  • Thomas Pereira
    Thomas Pereira 27 minutes ago

    He's gonna cry

  • showtimePolk
    showtimePolk 28 minutes ago


  • Donovan Shannon
    Donovan Shannon 28 minutes ago

    you one foot in the grave old man, just be grateful and humble to see another day

    BIGJAY 29 minutes ago


  • Kanani Nathan
    Kanani Nathan 29 minutes ago

    Nobody fact checking her..... she has never been a Delta.... her whole hometown of Calhoun Falls SC know she is lying ..... smh

  • Lion Horse
    Lion Horse 29 minutes ago

    This charmain guy is a joke.

    FARK GOOGLE 30 minutes ago

    I was in human trafficking And I LOVED IT!

  • BlacButterfly 30
    BlacButterfly 30 30 minutes ago

    Kim only has the most viewed sex tape ever!!

  • Victor McClain
    Victor McClain 30 minutes ago

    I see Angela you got all spruced up for My Boy 50 huh😂😂😂😂

  • BullShitThat
    BullShitThat 31 minute ago

    Don't worry... guns don't kill people

  • Clos Montana
    Clos Montana 31 minute ago

    Lala definitely cheated

  • Joy ItIS
    Joy ItIS 31 minute ago

    Damn Envy🤣 he put 50 out there - he’s actually in town 💀

  • Queen Nikki
    Queen Nikki 31 minute ago

    "I have nothing else to say. Some DOTD just sell themselves" LMAO😂😂😂

    SCUZZY 31 minute ago

    Angela doesn’t know how to joke... “say she cheated with Envy”. CTG said “what” like he was going to get her fired.

  • drew snacks
    drew snacks 32 minutes ago

    I’m smoking on that La La, I feel like Mr. Anthony

  • Kadeem The Dream
    Kadeem The Dream 32 minutes ago

    This is horrifying

  • Cynta Pleasant
    Cynta Pleasant 32 minutes ago

    Almost didn't click but so glad I did. Prayers and Blessings up for Tony that God continue to use her.

  • Tyree Chef Ree Morman
    Tyree Chef Ree Morman 32 minutes ago

    I truly dislike how these stations will bring in an honorable man like Minister Louis Farrakhan, then go to talk about black people uniting and so on... but then exchange hate messages and beef the next day. It's just the continued circulation of bullshit that keeps people at odds with one another. So yeah radio station and media outlets are the number conspirators of black violence in America.

  • keon john
    keon john 33 minutes ago

    I think the problem is that wale cares too much and that brings his blessings and curses

  • 205 TreCody
    205 TreCody 35 minutes ago

    🤣😂 great energy.

  • Naturally Ray
    Naturally Ray 36 minutes ago

    It's really assaulting how he dresses too for occasions, like why isn't he dressed with kim??

    GERARD aka DJ GEE 36 minutes ago

    I got to give respect to Lala. She really grew with every season and did a great job playing Kesha. 💯 I don't know her personally so I'm not judging who she is beyond that. Best of luck going forward Lala. Also somebody really need to pick up MELO! Come on Laker Nation!

  • Richard noble
    Richard noble 37 minutes ago

    Why police officers don't kill caucasian people by mistake?

  • Niababey01
    Niababey01 38 minutes ago

    PROTECT THE BABIES! These poor children

  • josh Stewart
    josh Stewart 38 minutes ago

    Who here in October 2019?

  • Umakor Chukwuma obaro
    Umakor Chukwuma obaro 38 minutes ago

    Smart,funny and incharge

  • Aquarian Gypsy
    Aquarian Gypsy 38 minutes ago

    People are sick. These conversations need to be had. I’m glad that Toni got out and she’s helping. God bless.

  • Famous Fred
    Famous Fred 38 minutes ago

    If Melo go the China she's going to be like Jordan

  • Macmittens411
    Macmittens411 39 minutes ago

    This fuckin idiot PnB Rock is ALWAYS in Jail. Always got shit in his car. So dumb.

  • cece bornleader
    cece bornleader 39 minutes ago

    He's always been AUTHENTIC🎯

  • Bryanna Weigel
    Bryanna Weigel 39 minutes ago

    Love her

  • Greggory Allen
    Greggory Allen 40 minutes ago

    She need to go on vlad

  • Shalanda Childs
    Shalanda Childs 40 minutes ago

    It's crazy that are talking about this because on my way to Myrtle Beach, SC I saw all these Billboards about be care. Big reason why I got my gun license.

  • julian G
    julian G 40 minutes ago

    Envy a light skin insecure sensitive ass nigga. Whole album is fire like the rest of em

  • Jak Adams
    Jak Adams 41 minute ago

    I won’t be surprised if @cthagod wife leaves his ass I can’t brag about being faithful for 3 years of a 10+ relationship that’s just crazy to me

  • Lashawn Baptiste
    Lashawn Baptiste 41 minute ago

    Miss Chyna is a smart talent

  • Kanani Nathan
    Kanani Nathan 41 minute ago

    I have a homegirl who grew up with her and they say she is a damn liar...

  • ThePatrioticRussianSeal

    Kayne knew what he was marrying wit kim. He didn't care before, I know he been saved but how he expects kim to change now. Not making excuses but her whole brand revolves around sex. If he doesn't like what she stand for he going have to leave. I don't like how kim acts or dress but then again I never date her. The whole saved thing came to late plus you excused before.

  • christal cephas
    christal cephas 42 minutes ago

    "Visions are for the people that can see them."# 👍❤

  • Fashow People United
    Fashow People United 44 minutes ago

    Charlamagne undressing lala with his eyes... 👀

  • bigmac5066
    bigmac5066 44 minutes ago

    It’s not black ball it’s called the “Ox List” that’s when the NBA stop fucking with you but won’t tell the public why. Allen Iverson, Steve Francis, Carmelo Anthony, Antoine Walker, and the list goes on. Vince Carter will be 43 yrs old in January, Carmelo is 35 with no injury and never had a major injury in his career and he’s not on a team in the NBA and to make matter worst he’s better than 60% to this day, it doesn’t make any sense.