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This is going to be hard...
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  • Eric Flower
    Eric Flower 2 hours ago

    Congrats to you, your wife, and your family! If you get on the show I'll watch it. Just to see you win!

  • Gary Mercer
    Gary Mercer 4 hours ago

    You need a roll bar on that Massey!!!

  • Gary Mercer
    Gary Mercer 4 hours ago

    I really appreciate this video and will say a prayer for your grandfather!! You have a big heart and inspire me whilst going through some trying times!

    I THE PREACHER 4 hours ago

    A Dilettante Presumptuous Theorem: Fahrenheit is Canadian. The Metric System is European and was adopted by Canada. Canada officially adopted the metric system beginning in 1970; prior to this period of time, Canada was following the Imperial measurement system. This occurred under Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau. So, there is no reason to apologize.

  • Alan Day
    Alan Day 4 hours ago

    I wonder why he is smearing saw dust on the wood?

  • Rauf Amirli
    Rauf Amirli 5 hours ago

    Amazing video. Thanks bro. Extremely helpful for beginners!

  • Billy Ray
    Billy Ray 7 hours ago

    β€œYou talking to me”?

  • Laurie Brett
    Laurie Brett 7 hours ago

    Amazing... Thank you for sharing!

  • Kenny Noble
    Kenny Noble 8 hours ago

    Thanks for the ideas! A couple of those ideas will help me build and use my own heater. I'm about to make myself a primarily recyclable-based home made paperboard chunk/waste wood chip/sometimes charcoal fueled window mounted space heater similar to this, but smaller. I think I might use a modified kettle grill (not a camp fire), a modified old and scratched up pressure cooker as the boiler, copper tubing as the coil and sand inside the pot like what you did there, and mine already has a sort of check valve so I can pressurize it for more efficiency. The space heater's window unit will probably be on the ground floor. It'd probably be a modified box fan with insulation around the edges and on the back of it. The back would be sealed with plywood or whatever's handy, 12 short hose sections would be put through holes in the fan box behind the blades, and routed to draw air from several inches beside the front of the fan. There will be a copper coil fastened to front of the fan with coat hanger wire. Hotter water will go through copper tubing from the top of the pressure cooker, through the top of the grill through the sheet metal window mounting bracket and insulation. It'll go into the top end of the larger diameter fan-front coil via coupler. The colder water will go from the bottom of the front-fan coil through another coupler, through the side of the grill's lid, and through the side of the pressure cooker. All points where pressure could escape will be sealed with gasket sealant from the inside (where the pressure's trying to escape), and all heat sensitive parts of the build (like the parts of the tubing that'd be attached to the fan box or near the window) will be wound with exhaust wrap. In the Summer I can use the grill for cooking and the window unit + a modified cooler or mini fridge for keeping soda cool and replacing my conventional AC on days that are just a little too hot for fans. Next year, I can make another space heater with 3 Fresnel lens boiler, blue or black dyed sand, and used frying oil to the system to track the sun and provide solar heat at another window. I'm doing this not because I think a small space heater or 2 will replace conventional gas heating, but because there's always a 10-15 degrees F. difference between my neighbor's place and my place in this duplex, their side is that much more efficient than mine, and the furnace is working too hard to keep me warm in Winter, too. I want to supplement the furnace without raising the utility bills much like I'm doing right now with a conventional forced fan space heater. It's up to the landlord if they want to insulate my place better or not, but it's up to me to decide how to keep warm until I get out of debt and get a new place, I est. about 5 years from now. In the meantime, I'm on a tight budget. There's also a building code, here for permanent builds/alterations to a property. I also don't want to either upset the landlord or do them any favors. When I leave I'm taking my heating/AC system with me, so I can continue to save money on heating and AC. Those are the reasons why I want to build a cheap and portable heat/AC system piece by piece. I'm in Iowa, so we have about equal need for both, depending on the time of year. Migrating for the seasons would be more expensive, though...

  • Enrique Martinez
    Enrique Martinez 8 hours ago

    you guys should be wearing hard hats for safety

  • anonymous69
    anonymous69 9 hours ago

    try insulating the piping as it runs to and from the shed. You're losing some valuable numbers in temperature by leaving those lines out and open in the elements like that ;)

  • TJ Jones
    TJ Jones 10 hours ago

    Are those wolf's or just yotes? The yipping makes me think they are only yotes but just a guess

  • TJ Jones
    TJ Jones 10 hours ago

    @23:15 Halo loading from Xbox.....nice touch 🀣

  • Zanni Giese
    Zanni Giese 10 hours ago

    You can make an amazing medicinal tea with the green hills! They are a potent parasite killer and an anti cancer tea which served cold, with a touch of sugar tastes a bit like prune juice

    KPMACHINE1 12 hours ago

    The most important question for me is there enough room for some lady lovin in there?

  • Jennifer Parsons
    Jennifer Parsons 14 hours ago

    You should try and build a small fireplace on the end of the camper, fitted with a grate. I bet that would work better and keep you nice and toasty!

  • Jennifer Parsons
    Jennifer Parsons 14 hours ago

    Wow! I just found your channel and I am amazed! Love the tiny shed camper!

  • Quentin Carlson
    Quentin Carlson 14 hours ago

    Hey if your doing the coper pipe thing you should youse a swedish torch it works best for me

  • Zack Woodhurst
    Zack Woodhurst 14 hours ago

    If you could dedicate another solar panel and battery you could possibly get a tankless water heater and use that with your ammo box so you could fine tune your heating supply without needing fire but by that point you might as well get a space heater

  • Studio Jason
    Studio Jason 15 hours ago

    What are you going to use for the gaps in the walls?

  • SOFTLY Spoken
    SOFTLY Spoken 15 hours ago

    so sorry

  • freedom or death
    freedom or death 16 hours ago


  • Khalid Ejaz
    Khalid Ejaz 16 hours ago

    Love the idea. Will try it one day. One thing i want to point out; carbon monoxide detector should be close to floor.

  • Johneekay
    Johneekay 16 hours ago

    this is really cool ! I love your videos. I also love your creativity.

  • OG S
    OG S 16 hours ago

    Pretty cool but I think Imma pass on this one leave it for the butterflies πŸŒΈπŸ¦‹

  • country life
    country life 17 hours ago

    Start a business making these you'd make a lot of money and I'd buy maybe 1 or 2

  • Kimberly Lopez
    Kimberly Lopez 19 hours ago

    Its adorable when he does flourishes with end product. PRESENTATION. I'm just trying to picture this outdoorsy metal guy adding a mint as a drink garnish.

  • Vullkan Gacaferri
    Vullkan Gacaferri 20 hours ago

    try using a rocket stove to heat the water.

  • Montana Ranger
    Montana Ranger 20 hours ago

    Id be getting some trail cams mounted to get photo evidence as well.

  • μ•ˆκ°œλΉ„
    μ•ˆκ°œλΉ„ 20 hours ago

    Thanks for all info. I envy your life!

  • Montana Ranger
    Montana Ranger 21 hour ago

    Canadians and their maple syrup.....

  • Javier Rodriguez
    Javier Rodriguez 21 hour ago

    Modern day eskimo's!

  • woodsman forlife
    woodsman forlife 22 hours ago

    Great job!

  • Howard Miller
    Howard Miller 22 hours ago

    Looking forward to see how this works for u on a night stay

  • Edub One
    Edub One 22 hours ago

    How about a small, quiet honda generator, small gas can and an electric radiator from Walmart. Three things instead of twenty.

  • Cody Turcotte
    Cody Turcotte 23 hours ago

    I was curious to know that if you were to close the inlet valve part way to slow the flow of water to help regulate the temp inside?

  • Nallely Cruz
    Nallely Cruz 23 hours ago

    I commented on a follower that my laptop was hidden for a couple of years after many many, many attempts unlocking it, all failed. Searched a few videos but nothing helped. I don't understand why I didn't find this before. I was too, on the verge of throwing my laptop away. Waiting on it to restart and hoping it works. Thank you sooo much for your video πŸ˜ŒπŸ™

  • Tj Dude
    Tj Dude Day ago

    I recently discovered your channel. You are very well spoken and I genuinely enjoy watching you plate the foods you create. There is art involved and it just adds to the experience. Thank you for all you do. Best vids I've found for general all area foraging.

  • Edward Kesock
    Edward Kesock Day ago

    You guys are are the best helping your grandfather out wish mine were still here great job and love that security system after watching this video!

  • Pebb R
    Pebb R Day ago

    I wonder if you could coil the copper around on the floor of the camper and surround with sand using the same concept as yours in the pot but creating a warming bed instead. Your scenario made me think warming floors/tiles used in house remodels or new builds and then the warming bed thought came from that.

  • GiGiGoesShopping

    Look into the tiny woodstove used in boats. Here's an example of one.

  • SuperGoldnut
    SuperGoldnut Day ago

    Morels like Psilocybin give about 1 day to pick. Well the Psilocybin need to be picked at night, usually growing out of a cow patty. Magic shrooms can improve your feeling of well being. Researchers, led by neuroscientist Molly Crockett, found that the results were strongest in people who'd taken the drugs in the last 24 hours, though most seemed to be experiencing an "after glow" hours after the effects of the drugs should have worn off. They found people who'd taken psychedelics were more likely to feel positive, and some even experienced a shift in their moral values.

    • SuperGoldnut
      SuperGoldnut Day ago

      I have been considering growing morels at home along with some other mushrooms

  • SuperGoldnut
    SuperGoldnut Day ago

    Have you tried chicken of the woods or chicken mushroom? Don't eat if growing on conifers, eucalyptus, or cedar trees, as these are reported to contain toxins that can make you sick. The young ones are awesome. One decent sized one can fetch me around $20 plus per pound from a local restaurant(that's about 1 mushroom) With any wild mushroom you should be familiar with them and use a guide(book/internet) and then touch it to your lips. If you get a tingling sensation then DO NOT EAT

  • SuperGoldnut
    SuperGoldnut Day ago

    I use butter in my soup with Yukon gold taters,(appears what you have). I also make one with roasted cauliflower. My secret (well not anymore) is dried chervil and I will sometimes use 1/2 veggie broth and 1/2 chicken broth. If a vegetarian is involved then I use 100% veg broth

  • Edwin Bell
    Edwin Bell Day ago

    As a boy, you were lucky to have a good Father and a "Great" Grandfather! Now as a good young man You'll continue the family tradition of raising and teaching your own children! πŸ˜‡πŸ‘

  • Mike Hager
    Mike Hager Day ago

    Remove the heat system from the trailer. Keep it outside and allow the fire to do its thing over night

  • bethgalactica c

    Sounds like Sasquatches 😬

  • peaceful observer

    Think of the can more of a reservoir you should mount a small coil inside off the can to increase the amount of surface area the iheat can radiate to the air it will heat quicker more efficiently.

  • jared vargas
    jared vargas Day ago

    You don’t happen to have the dimensions of the camper do you?

  • John Mitten
    John Mitten Day ago


  • Phenetics Co
    Phenetics Co Day ago

    .... there's cheap bullets for the bear problem.

  • John Marinelli

    I love it

  • John Marinelli

    I find no fault.I live it.One question where are you Alaska?

  • Gaingam Gangmei

    There’s quit different, trees which I seen in Labanon Cedars??

    LGM LGM Day ago

    nice frame, I start with a string and a bubble. too

  • Bob Smith
    Bob Smith Day ago

    fucking kidding me I will try next time

  • Roland Deschein

    You are helping me survive in a couple years. Thanks man!

  • robert burns
    robert burns Day ago

    Are you still a youth Paster

  • robert burns
    robert burns Day ago

    God bless you , Jesus reigns

  • robert burns
    robert burns Day ago

    Are you still a youth paster?

  • Mike Cull
    Mike Cull Day ago

    steel would work better as the hot metal in the flame as copper will degrade over time,if you took short pieces and connected them with pipe fittings you could make a grate to put over the fire then run copper back to the can. Once heated circulating the hot water thru a radiator would increase the efficiency in releasing heat to the area your trying to heat. On your outlet where you get steam, you could run a hose off it and pass it through ambient temperature water where it will condense back into hot water mix with it and create lukewarm water. Or use the steam to drive a small steam engine and generate some off grid power charge some batteries and have light at night as well. Just always vent the steam to atmosphere or use a pressure release valve. Steam is 1700 times the volume of water, definitely dont want an explosion. Nice build i like your setup

  • tomfreed
    tomfreed Day ago

    It is called a thermosyphon effect. No pump requires heat flows from hot to cold until it equalizes out then the flow is stopped. Simple but efficient and effective. Simplicity is always the best. I have the same thing too for the house hot water heater. It is a solar water heater using flat panel and plumb to existing inside water heater. Identical to the hook up here using the heating element ports on the water heater. It works excellent. I am off grid so no 220V for me but i do not need it anymore with solar water heater. Try it you save big bucks on electric bill as water heater uses a lot of power, a lot!!!!! Search for flat solar water heater panel on C.list or i bought mine on C.list used for under $100. You can also use the inner tank of old electric water heater instead. Online search is your best friend very much shows you how to do everything.

  • A kick to the grundel says:

    Maybe mount a simple heat-sync system on the top of the ammo box? Could provide better heat dissipation without actually using a radiator while keeping with your thermal battery idea. Just a thought, as your current setup seems more than sufficient.

  • bmoregta
    bmoregta Day ago

    I know im late sorry. I never watched these kind of videos and because of you im going to put my money together with my girlfriend to by a 20 acre lot to build for me and my family you did this bro thanks a lot for your video. im sorry about your mom and even more hurting i believe is your dad and you so again im sorry and rest in peace to your mom again thanks for the ride and for taking all of us on your cabin journey peace love stay blessed πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘β€πŸ’―

  • Burken Productions

    you talk a lot, this video should have been 15 min shorter. fell asleep 3 times

  • sheer mustafa
    sheer mustafa Day ago


  • Electric Bear
    Electric Bear Day ago

    Re your 'thieves', some people are just nasty! Horrible to hear :-(

  • Burken Productions
    Burken Productions 2 days ago

    1:00 "check out serious?" It's "check out seriously" you need to use adverbs in the correct place. It sounds so weird when you dont

  • Electric Bear
    Electric Bear 2 days ago

    What a wonderful build between you and your old man. If I'd had a Dad, I hope we'd have made anything half as brilliant. Oh, and thank god for power tools! ;-)

  • Psychological Warfare V2K Gangstalking Mental Rape

    Keep it up. Love your content and even more, your morals which make your content and your success possible. Thank you.

  • Louis
    Louis 2 days ago

    Use a hot water bottle for warmth dude! I realise this is an older video now and you may have sorted your heating issue by now, but I just thought I'd suggest it anyway. They're basically insulated rubber water bags designed to slowly emit heat overnight etc. They're fairly common in my country (New Zealand)

  • cleversausage
    cleversausage 2 days ago

    2 thumbs up and also ten toes ,mate! Brilliant! Fricking brilliant - loved this video!! Had box of the kids old Disney videos 20 or more in my shed and I left it open and I'm thinking the neighbors stole it , as they have small kids,as can't find them anywhere! And they used to steal a lot before - plant holders with Orchids in it...My English stepdad's ashtray,vege rack,and other stuff... Also people coming over for a free feed - some okay,most non-contributors but mere users and losers, and being complete tossers,deliberately breaking the place,to get in when they want,if I'm not home ,etc,stealing small items,doing crimes in the neighborhood then running to hide in my sitting room...When the local Bill comes over to catch them,I let them do their thing....Cop comes to the front door,while another sneaks in the back gate,so locked it with cheap padlock,and also a old bike chain,with combo! Have 2 computers with web cams, pointing toward the front entrance. and Installed cheap CCTV cameras as well... (scared the visiting friends/thieves./criminals a bit doing that!) :) These bums think they can jump the fence and take veges galore as they like etc...So planted trees at one small back fence,still small,be years before they''re tall, planted avocado seeds and have 2 trees growing.Have nurtured a vine to cover the small gate to the backyard, to prevent people from jumping it,to steal stuff...So yeah,my hair's turned grey,heading toward only having one left in my head,rather like Homer Simpson! Am in a cheaper housing project and am limited,by their rules,so have to sell what I have on the sly,or through friends for a not allowed to have a business on the premises...

  • GB and PG
    GB and PG 2 days ago

    Mr Buddy with one or two 20lb propane tanks. Problem solved.

  • Rob Sten
    Rob Sten 2 days ago

    How do you generate the electricity from ?.

  • Darth Vadar
    Darth Vadar 2 days ago

    Also great job on video. You communicate very well with no BS. Thanks.

  • Darth Vadar
    Darth Vadar 2 days ago

    Do a bypass valve at the hot water intake and loop it back to the cold outlet outside. Then you just shut off the hot intake to ammo box and open the loop. It's off now but still circulating three the line outside to not over hear the tube. Reverse procedure to reheat the cabin. You should vent the loop also.

  • Richard Williams
    Richard Williams 2 days ago

    Well I'll be damned! I never know you could eat this and no dept very soon I'll try harvesting it from below my place where here in NZ there are acres of it. We call it Raupo being a Maori word. No wonder our native swamp hen or Pukako as it is commonly known always digs and pulls these young shoots from its growth bed. Thank you. You have just shown me something that I have plenty of locally.

  • Andy Werling
    Andy Werling 2 days ago

    A wilderness Japanese capsule hotel.

  • Greedie Smith
    Greedie Smith 2 days ago

    I found it easier to drag logs I can manage home then process them on site less handling. And if you place them across runners elevated the rain will wash the dirt off from dragging.

  • Vivian Cheung
    Vivian Cheung 2 days ago

    6:58 hehe tree pasta

  • WinsomeWinslet
    WinsomeWinslet 2 days ago

    For a second I thought he's about to make real stone soup! :)))

  • Mike Flynn
    Mike Flynn 2 days ago

    The Outsider, Tip, if you add Heat Sink Finns to the side of your Ammo tank it would give off heat more evenly and better, Also you could add a second one way valve and make a inner loop that you can turn a valve and send half the water back to the pot bypassing the ammo box. That would let you regulate the heat.

  • cigsmoke42069
    cigsmoke42069 2 days ago

    do this but with a car radiator instead of an ammo can

  • Kenny
    Kenny 2 days ago

    You are going to need a much bigger ventilation hole after eating all those beans.

  • Ryan Strong
    Ryan Strong 2 days ago

    A little late to the party. Bought one of the Outsider flashlights and I couldn't be happier with it. Also, love the videos. They are very interesting and entertaining. I think you've found a great balance between commentary and straight footage. Keep up the great work and best of wishes to you guys!

  • Gordon Xu
    Gordon Xu 2 days ago

    Very good design, what if the water in the reservoir got heat up in a pot at the beginning before putting into the radiator tank?

  • Dan Haywood
    Dan Haywood 2 days ago

    Cool AF brah.

  • Tim Robertson
    Tim Robertson 2 days ago

    Sorry to hear

  • mehdi md.369
    mehdi md.369 2 days ago

    Thanks πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  • My Info
    My Info 2 days ago


    • My Info
      My Info 2 days ago

      Engineering Dad ❀️ endless possibilities...

  • Eccentric Smithy
    Eccentric Smithy 2 days ago

    Instead of ammo can, how about a car radiator?

  • Miguel Mdfk
    Miguel Mdfk 2 days ago

    Saludos desde Sur America y esta tiny house es una excelente idea con su sistema de calefaccion,,solo hay que agregarle ruedas y seria una excelente solucion para los Home less de los angeles,new york,montes apalaches etc,etc,para que tenga un lugar digno para sobre vivir...Animoooooo...

  • john costa
    john costa 2 days ago

    Have you thought of radiant heat thru the entire floor ? A small radiator from a junk yard or something to move air over box would double your heat. Solar panel on roof with a computer type fan.

  • Don Hanscom
    Don Hanscom 2 days ago

    what if you dug a firepit, put the coils in the bottom and cover them with that sand then build a fire in the pit... you could then leave hot coals in the pit when you went to bed and it would continue to heat the coils slightly well into the night

  • jr Rankins
    jr Rankins 2 days ago

    How if you add a valve from the hot side to the cold line kind of like a bypass for the tank

  • Sean Azmitia
    Sean Azmitia 2 days ago

    Antifreeze idea no bueno

  • Sean Azmitia
    Sean Azmitia 2 days ago

    Good shit bro. Would like to see a pressure relief valve for safety. Didn't see it

  • Laurie Brett
    Laurie Brett 2 days ago

    A very well documented account of your building activities. Thank you so much for putting in all the time to share it with us!

  • MessenJAH Ecclesiastes

    Act of 1871 and the two jurisdictions

  • Rob Sten
    Rob Sten 2 days ago

    Any reasons not using a gasoline snow blower to remove the snow ?