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  • Mathews Giji
    Mathews Giji 10 seconds ago

    what server/ mod/texture pack is that?

  • Daddy Daddy
    Daddy Daddy 8 minutes ago

    0:37 her scream was so high pitched 😭😭it made the sound go Oh my gggggGggoOoOoOOOdDddD

  • maciVs
    maciVs 10 minutes ago


  • ø k a y_h a v e n
    ø k a y_h a v e n 14 minutes ago

    The sheep was actually light gray

  • Thomas Slade
    Thomas Slade 24 minutes ago

    olive is the name of my dog haha

  • Philgamer_ 309
    Philgamer_ 309 28 minutes ago

    Fitz likes puss- i mean Cats

  • h3ckno
    h3ckno 28 minutes ago

    15 year olds are not kids

  • Play Boy
    Play Boy 31 minute ago

    the doki doki music is perfect for this

  • ••{Lolo}•• T_T
    ••{Lolo}•• T_T 32 minutes ago

    Can you guys go to the frick chamber already 🤠

  • Tony
    Tony 33 minutes ago

    5:20 Dolphins play with items, they dont destroy them. You basically killed a dolphin who thought you were playing with him.

  • Pyhisic
    Pyhisic 33 minutes ago

    what texture pack or shaders are theseeee

  • EBY H9
    EBY H9 37 minutes ago

    I went exploring in mincraft and found a mansion

  • boat_owner1488
    boat_owner1488 44 minutes ago

    sex tape better come out within the next 2 months

  • Nigward
    Nigward 46 minutes ago

    *1:00** sounds like auto tune.*

  • Grumbo248
    Grumbo248 51 minute ago

    So poki slept with Fitz’s cat

  • antony
    antony 51 minute ago

    that story was so nice

  • Can you Not
    Can you Not 52 minutes ago


  • spider Dan 21
    spider Dan 21 52 minutes ago

    These minecraft video are so good..I kinda hope it was longer but whatever

  • shadow kob
    shadow kob Hour ago

    I love you pokimane Iam from saubi Arabia

  • Elijah Pelito
    Elijah Pelito Hour ago

    Whaaat? Youve never watched Pokimane?!!! *pfffsstttt* You know shes fun, right?

  • The Anime Master

    I feel bad for carson

  • Elijah Pelito
    Elijah Pelito Hour ago

    B E B E

  • akasunci YT
    akasunci YT Hour ago

    Anybody else notice she skipped the purple combat and took a grey tactical

  • theHardInGame yt

    Pewds got the best solo minecraft playthrough for sure But I'm sorry Jack, these 2 got the best duo minecraft playthrough I don't even watch poki lmao

  • ReinDyr GT
    ReinDyr GT Hour ago

    Pokimane Oppai so small

    JOHN GAMING Hour ago

    I liked the event because it reminded me of pacific rim

  • Quincy Galvez
    Quincy Galvez Hour ago

    i came here thinking i will not enjoy this, but i enjoyed....wow....i was soo deep in the story and how everything tured out....so nice... and funny

  • im the batman
    im the batman Hour ago

    Make olive and carlson have a baby bt giving both of them fich

  • William Fady
    William Fady Hour ago

    Don't kill the dolphin it was playing with the stuff

  • spider Dan 21
    spider Dan 21 Hour ago

    Rule 1: Never dig straight down

    WILLIAM TONG Hour ago

    Carson is crying right now

  • SkyLegendJS 1
    SkyLegendJS 1 Hour ago

    Wtf is this 4:02 😂

  • Motomotolikes Chaser

    Pokimane 2019: ewww there’s a big poopoo on my painting

  • Mr Roar
    Mr Roar Hour ago

    I built a grave for her

  • Mr Roar
    Mr Roar Hour ago

    My Minecraft cat died to a creeper she was black like yours and I called it mimi

  • Get Inn The Jet
    Get Inn The Jet Hour ago

    That Dolphin was just playing with the items... and you brutally murdered him D: D:

  • Phantom Fire61
    Phantom Fire61 Hour ago

    btw cats scare creepers so have you cats outside

  • pedro bazan de almeida nogueira

    OMFG she used a SAO on the begin at the video

  • Lets Nine
    Lets Nine Hour ago

    Good video Very funny Kisses To France 😙

  • robert kasokeo
    robert kasokeo Hour ago

    She doesn’t kill the cat, only to watch him kill it later with lava😂

  • TheRoboticMeYT
    TheRoboticMeYT 2 hours ago

    WOw.. Never Thought they would fight for just a cat..

  • Gummy Girl
    Gummy Girl 2 hours ago

    "anyone ever tell you your a terrible person?" -Fitz 2019

  • Victoria Hicks
    Victoria Hicks 2 hours ago

    Next tame a wolf they are better and if you sleep the cat will sleep with you on the bed

  • Edgar Hernandez
    Edgar Hernandez 2 hours ago

    Do people actually buy merch like those jackets 🤔

  • Michael Cams2017
    Michael Cams2017 2 hours ago

    the sound effects you add to your videos are funny asf 😂

  • WazabiGaming29
    WazabiGaming29 2 hours ago

    7:10 I remembered a youtuber called "Lolnani" and she always talks like that

  • Nick Davis
    Nick Davis 2 hours ago

    I Wana see pokimane naked❤️

  • Joe McConnell
    Joe McConnell 2 hours ago

    ur editor needs a raise

  • Fiaro Rabe
    Fiaro Rabe 2 hours ago


  • Jordan Keene
    Jordan Keene 2 hours ago

    Close your eyes at 4:02

  • Harley Sorah
    Harley Sorah 2 hours ago

    I would describe you as an overall kind understandable funny person 👍🐥🐱

  • Kevin Piip
    Kevin Piip 2 hours ago

    5:56 the cat hated poki so much it tried to commit suicide. that should tell you something about her....

  • Cubiq
    Cubiq 2 hours ago

    14:00 Never dig straight down! Especially in hardcore lol

  • Jake Lovato
    Jake Lovato 3 hours ago

    it sounds like poki has autotuned at 11:14 lmao

  • Drew Brown
    Drew Brown 3 hours ago

    I love the sao music in the background, it goes so well

  • Don’t Trip
    Don’t Trip 3 hours ago

    I remember watching Fitz’ stream when he killed the cat I was like 😮

  • Jack Steven
    Jack Steven 3 hours ago

    what shader do they use??

  • Evil Warrior
    Evil Warrior 3 hours ago

    Racist poki

  • Narwhaldude 15
    Narwhaldude 15 3 hours ago

    What shaders are you using??

  • prod by DIL3N
    prod by DIL3N 3 hours ago

    "Carson meet Olive." 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Pinnotte_Slayer
    Pinnotte_Slayer 3 hours ago

    That Sword Art Online music LOVE ITTT!!! I

  • Alexzandra Rubino
    Alexzandra Rubino 3 hours ago

    Carson is such a cute name for a cat omg

  • Ainta virus
    Ainta virus 3 hours ago

    Why did I get a cat ad

  • Matthew Vazquez
    Matthew Vazquez 3 hours ago

    Literally played soundtrack from SAO😑😂

  • RitzierTitan14 6
    RitzierTitan14 6 3 hours ago

    You sed he takes every thing you love but he didn't take myth

    BIG YIKES 3 hours ago

    I miss callmecarson

  • TTv Pheonix
    TTv Pheonix 3 hours ago

    R.I.P no more hardcore mode Nvm wait how did she kill fitz

  • Maars
    Maars 3 hours ago

    Yall see fitz moving his bed next to Poki's, all baller like. Incredible.

  • Mj Solorzano
    Mj Solorzano 3 hours ago

    Kids are stupid team mek

  • XTR Infinite
    XTR Infinite 3 hours ago

    00:37 FURRY BURN IT

  • Naden
    Naden 3 hours ago

    Poki-“You stole my cat” Fitz- “ I didn’t steal shit she just likes me more” 😂

  • Michael Kata
    Michael Kata 3 hours ago

    She killed that Dolphin on porpoise 😱.

  • Josh D
    Josh D 3 hours ago

    11:19 The only time Carson will sleep with Poki

  • tom staff
    tom staff 3 hours ago

    this th first pokimane video ive watched and i live

  • karter Tilson
    karter Tilson 3 hours ago

    No never play with him again please don't please please. The only reason why is well he bullied me for being a deafault

  • TinyTimsauce SUCKS
    TinyTimsauce SUCKS 3 hours ago

    Can’t wait when they find out about foxes

  • Omar Mohamed
    Omar Mohamed 4 hours ago

    Great video :3

  • meiamojulio
    meiamojulio 4 hours ago

    Where can I watch all the hours they played from episode 1-4

  • Armando Gonzalez
    Armando Gonzalez 4 hours ago


  • tee. xiller
    tee. xiller 4 hours ago

    The auto-tune tho

  • meiamojulio
    meiamojulio 4 hours ago

    Where can I see all the hours they played from episode one through episode 4

  • AskedTiny Gaming
    AskedTiny Gaming 4 hours ago

    So when are you guys getting married in Minecraft

  • Memey
    Memey 4 hours ago

    Im not ur cat

  • Alfredo Ruiz
    Alfredo Ruiz 4 hours ago

    Fortnite burger

  • erik gomez
    erik gomez 4 hours ago

    If y'all think these cats live happily ever after shiiiiiiit just wait and see the fuckery that happens next 😂🤦

  • Akbar Deen
    Akbar Deen 4 hours ago

    Irl Mimi is plotting something

  • Josiah McCue-Oliphant

    2:00 who noticed he said ps4 and poki put up a picture of a xbox controller?

  • I’m just weird ़

    Omg I love when poki plays Minecraft, lots of love from NYC❤️

  • DurpFace 1029
    DurpFace 1029 4 hours ago

    “Banana is too Ezz for headshot” LOL

  • JeniusGamer
    JeniusGamer 4 hours ago

    That’s SAO music!!!! I love it😤🙌🙌🙌👍💙

  • Mystical Coin
    Mystical Coin 4 hours ago

    I died when fitz stole poki's cat XD

  • Maria Escandon
    Maria Escandon 4 hours ago

    Link sound affects YESSSSSSS

  • Bimbo Gaming and MORE!

    I really like these videos with fitz, have fun and make sure olive lives >.<

  • Max Thompson
    Max Thompson 4 hours ago

    3:58 I wasn't looking at my screen at this part

  • Isaac Rios
    Isaac Rios 4 hours ago

    Can I be comment of the day😄😁🥰

  • Jorge Morales
    Jorge Morales 4 hours ago

    She go to Fitz for comfort

  • Z The one
    Z The one 4 hours ago

    This is my favorite videos!!!

  • GE_hardwire
    GE_hardwire 4 hours ago

    Love you and fitz's gameplay keep up the good work

  • Sykotic Army
    Sykotic Army 4 hours ago

    i love how you use SAO music. i love that show and its definitely my favorite Anime

  • Max Thompson
    Max Thompson 4 hours ago

    Ah finally... been waiting to see this couple again