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DIY Vape and Weed Nails
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  • Alison Dragit
    Alison Dragit Minute ago

    Doneeee xxxx Please pick me I would appreciate it love youux

  • Brytanika Gonzalez
    Brytanika Gonzalez 4 minutes ago

    I don't personally like how you can see your natural nails underneath but good video.

  • mia moore
    mia moore 13 minutes ago

    Why did the ThumbNail look like a pocket- If you know...you know 😌

  • M. J
    M. J 17 minutes ago

    Does the discount code no longer work?

  • J Yaya G
    J Yaya G 45 minutes ago

    Do you have to us you uv lamp?

  • BellaanDitsy
    BellaanDitsy 51 minute ago

    In the process of three times did you have to refill the acetone?

  • Kuukua Addo
    Kuukua Addo 56 minutes ago

    Enterd trying to start my own nail business this would help

  • Stacie Shaw
    Stacie Shaw 58 minutes ago

    Ooh girl I’m so excited for ya you making milestones left and right ...

  • Emily’s Squad
    Emily’s Squad Hour ago

    I entered the giveaway! Idk if I’m to late or not but idk 😂 I love your vids so much 🥰🥰

  • Liz Lika
    Liz Lika Hour ago

    You have the patience of a saint!!! Out there doing gods work lol. Your videos are not only extraordinarily informative, very entertaining as well as extremely motivating but theres something almost therapeutic about watching/listening to you. I've been binge watching you for a couple weeks, digging thru your archives and soaking it all in! Just waiting on my massive Amazon order of polygel, dried flowers, bling, uv light and tools lol...all bc of YOU 👑💎🤩💅💖💎👑🌸🌼🌹

  • Merhawit Isak
    Merhawit Isak Hour ago

    Hi booo! I entered the last giveaway but I didn’t win soooo I’m trying my luck this time 💖 xx fan from Amsterdam

  • Maureen Thurston

    Geez who doesn't smoke! Maybe it's cuz I'm in Colorado that I just think everyone does LOL. I was just wondering what color is she using her nails I don't think she said, what gel it was😉

  • Karin Grobbel
    Karin Grobbel Hour ago

    Hi there! I really enjoy watching your videos. Quick question, how do u remove the nails to star a new design? Thank u! 💖

  • Elizabeth Onyeka
    Elizabeth Onyeka 2 hours ago

    Hi from Italy!! 🎉🤗

  • Martina Piccolo
    Martina Piccolo 2 hours ago

    I entered the giveaway 😍

  • Keara Thomas
    Keara Thomas 3 hours ago

    I entered I am keara and I want to do nails when I grow up so I hope I when I am 12 years old

  • NailEmpire Learn with me.

    I just love your Chanel, its my fav

  • Jahnuel Rampasard
    Jahnuel Rampasard 3 hours ago

    done done done

  • Dulce Vazquez
    Dulce Vazquez 3 hours ago

    I liked comented I subscribed I turned on the notifications and I love your videos i really want nails and i love you

  • gabriella infante
    gabriella infante 3 hours ago


  • Glory Cruz
    Glory Cruz 4 hours ago

    I entered the give away. I was inspired by you. You make things look so simple and you make it easy to do. I love your videos... I started with poly gel and I think I'm ready for the acrylic and this would really help out a lot especially while budgeting. God bless

  • Marleen van Dijk
    Marleen van Dijk 5 hours ago

    This was the first and only polygel I ever tried and I hated it... thought I sucked but seems like it’s a product problem😂 maybe I’ll give polygel another try

  • The Life Of IZZY
    The Life Of IZZY 6 hours ago

    done ✅

  • Unicorn Dalal
    Unicorn Dalal 6 hours ago

    Your Chanel is the best😍

  • Javeriya Ahmed
    Javeriya Ahmed 6 hours ago

    Love your intro girl!!🤣🤣

  • Pink Sugar
    Pink Sugar 6 hours ago


  • Gacha Paws Master
    Gacha Paws Master 7 hours ago

    I entered

  • Zoebug Pichardo
    Zoebug Pichardo 7 hours ago

    my just entered

  • Rachel Hernandez
    Rachel Hernandez 8 hours ago

    I entered! Love your channel btw ❤️

  • Nessa E
    Nessa E 9 hours ago

    I entered the giveaway ! @___nessa on IG

  • Myliah Brown
    Myliah Brown 10 hours ago

    Hey hey!! I entered the give away!! Fingers crossed🤞🏽😌

  • cierra wynne
    cierra wynne 10 hours ago

    Thank you so much! This is so new to me, I am so excited to try. Liking and subscribing❤❤

  • Emma Weaver
    Emma Weaver 10 hours ago

    Done xx

  • Magical Alexandra Games And More

    0:45 yes they were 8 dollar each. Me : but the title said 1 dollar.

  • Mirrissa Polancy
    Mirrissa Polancy 11 hours ago


  • Monster Chick
    Monster Chick 11 hours ago

    Entered ❤️

  • Melanie Brown
    Melanie Brown 11 hours ago

    I really hope I winnn

  • Ashley  Coronado
    Ashley Coronado 12 hours ago

    i entered queen 😭❤️ your videos give me life

  • nessahjaye
    nessahjaye 12 hours ago

    I am in love with both of you guys. This is the content I didn’t know I needed. Thank you!!!

  • Melissa Gore
    Melissa Gore 14 hours ago

    Thanks for another great creative video! And thanks for hosting a giveaway!

  • Shelby Kempf
    Shelby Kempf 14 hours ago

    Entered😊😊 Insta: shelbykempf

  • TheJohnsons
    TheJohnsons 14 hours ago

    Obsessed😍 Because of you and getnailed32 is the reason I’m pursuing doing nails. I’ve always loved doing nails I tried acrylic one time years ago and I wasn’t terrible but this is the level I’m trying to be at! You’re amazing! I’m patiently waiting to order my stuff off amazon so I can finally start but it isn’t cheap lol gotta save a few paychecks😩 on top of 2 kids. Pray for me yall🤣🤣😩😩

  • Vanessa Sanchez
    Vanessa Sanchez 14 hours ago

    Entered the giveaway, still fairly new to your channel but I love that you're self-taught and your intro is the best 😅😀

  • Jada Dixon
    Jada Dixon 14 hours ago

    Already subbed and followed on IG so ig I'm done lol fingers crossed 🙏

  • MilliBebe28
    MilliBebe28 14 hours ago

    I entered!!! Love this nail look. Super cute but I am no where near doing anything close to this lol

  • Alondra Vasquez reyes
    Alondra Vasquez reyes 15 hours ago


  • Bobbi Quigley
    Bobbi Quigley 15 hours ago

    Love that pale pink.

  • Alana Lovely
    Alana Lovely 15 hours ago

    I have entered ive been doing nails off the scene for sometime now and ive never won a giveaway but i call my self your biggest fan and i love your technique and how you go about doing your nails and im a little young like 18 but i do pretty good ive learned a few things from you and thanks so much.........LOVE YOU i really hope i win........❤😍😘

  • Johanne Riche
    Johanne Riche 15 hours ago

    Your nails are so cute and your videos are so great ❤❤❤

  • Koda Braylee
    Koda Braylee 15 hours ago

    I entered 😊

  • friendsforever katie
    friendsforever katie 15 hours ago

    giiiirll come to my home and teach me how to paint bith hands okarr

  • Alexandra A
    Alexandra A 15 hours ago

    I entered the giveaway I hope everyone has a good day!!💜

  • Blaze Bunny
    Blaze Bunny 16 hours ago

    Done! @pandaglaze_ on Instagram! 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤 this would be a huge blessing! 🙌💙

  • Adrienne Rayborn
    Adrienne Rayborn 16 hours ago

    Entered for the giveaway! Love your work Evie! 😍 You are an inspiration!

  • Mel B
    Mel B 16 hours ago

    The dappen dish is so pretty! It's really cool to see when forces join together. I watch both of you ladies' channels. Awesome work!

  • Leah Jaquay
    Leah Jaquay 16 hours ago

    You made me want to do nails and get into it. Keep up the good work love all your nails !!

  • Hedit Lorenzo
    Hedit Lorenzo 16 hours ago

    I want to enter the giveaway, you inspire me in my ways !!

  • Sarai Brown
    Sarai Brown 16 hours ago


  • Redz Booty
    Redz Booty 16 hours ago

    Hey girl I can't wait to get your nail products from your store on your website next month

  • Samson Tauala
    Samson Tauala 17 hours ago

    Hey I just commented on Instagram I subscribed on my hubbys account lol love your videos!!!👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽 cannot wait for the giveaway God bless love💅🏾

  • Katie Marie
    Katie Marie 17 hours ago

    Would this work if you used the polygel in acrylic steps? Ex... glue tip on and place polygel on top.

  • Maria Perez
    Maria Perez 17 hours ago

    Will a 24 w led uv lamp work..? Or do I need higher watts..?

  • Janett Lovato
    Janett Lovato 17 hours ago

    I’ve entered the giveaway! I hope I win so that I can start learning how to create beautiful nails like you !

  • Alexis Gordon
    Alexis Gordon 17 hours ago

    Huge inspiration I started doing my own nails a few months ago because of your videos💅🏼 I entered the giveaway ❤️

  • Amber Klotter
    Amber Klotter 17 hours ago

    0:05 The gif tho oml

  • Princess B
    Princess B 17 hours ago

    Doneeeee plzzzz

  • Beauty By Essence
    Beauty By Essence 17 hours ago

    I ENTERED!!!! I’m hoping to win, because I’m an aspiring nail tech, but can’t afford good products 😢😂

  • Riley Cole
    Riley Cole 17 hours ago


  • Eliza Leilanni Allende

    HELP I’ve ordered the same poly gel but it won’t stay on or harden completely. Can it be my up lamp? Got that from wish too lol

  • Stefany Rodriguez
    Stefany Rodriguez 18 hours ago

    Done I hope I win cause Rn we don’t have a lot of money but my mom is gonna get me more poly gel cause I ordered some off wish casques it’s cheap but then the bottle was so tiny so my moms gonna order off amazon so i hope it goes to someone who really needs it I don’t need it that much! Goodluck everyone😇

  • Christine Mathis
    Christine Mathis 18 hours ago

    You are creative and its nice to see these products ....

  • margarita fernandez
    margarita fernandez 18 hours ago

    I am also left handed

  • Jazzmyn Lumpkin
    Jazzmyn Lumpkin 18 hours ago

    Love these 😻

  • pretty squad
    pretty squad 19 hours ago

    we are loveing this

  • Tina’s Life
    Tina’s Life 19 hours ago

    I entered!

  • Yannick Ravariere
    Yannick Ravariere 19 hours ago

    Did you watch the movie bird box

  • Erin Andress
    Erin Andress 19 hours ago

    I recently moved away from home to a small town for school and there’s literally no good nail salons here and anyone that knows me knows I loveeee having my nails. So I’ve decided to start doing my own nails and eventually girls at school hopefully. Winning this set will help me begin my nail journey with great tools to set me up for success. So in short I’m saying I entered lol.☺️

  • kensley. smith
    kensley. smith 19 hours ago

    I did al, of it I would love to have a brush and files 😊

  • Alley Pepper
    Alley Pepper 19 hours ago

    Oh wait nvm

  • Alley Pepper
    Alley Pepper 19 hours ago


  • Phyllis Anna
    Phyllis Anna 19 hours ago

    I entered the giveaway, love your videos😭😭

  • Diya Dolan
    Diya Dolan 19 hours ago

    I thought those were pregnancy tests in the blooper

  • Savanna Francis
    Savanna Francis 19 hours ago

    I entered! 🖤 love your videos forever!!

  • CaribbeanBeauty
    CaribbeanBeauty 19 hours ago


  • Kjerstin Brelje
    Kjerstin Brelje 19 hours ago

    Omg your so good at nails I want to be able to start doing them just like you I’m entering in the give away omg!

  • izeprnzess
    izeprnzess 20 hours ago

    Im enetered! Testing my luck ig is sierralovesnails

  • Norma Roman
    Norma Roman 20 hours ago

    Beautiful nails, and the colors, thanks...bye...😺😺😺😺😺

  • lynne34x7
    lynne34x7 20 hours ago


  • Christine Mathis
    Christine Mathis 20 hours ago

    Women you bad as f***..love it

  • Erica O
    Erica O 20 hours ago

    done, periodt.💁🏾‍♀️✅

  • Quinn Larson
    Quinn Larson 20 hours ago


  • Bella Molina
    Bella Molina 20 hours ago

    Just entered!! Love those nails. Now im craving a strawberry and cream popsicle 🍓😁

  • Isella
    Isella 20 hours ago

    I wanna win so I can start doing nails because you inspire me 🥺

  • Isella
    Isella 20 hours ago


  • gally woods
    gally woods 21 hour ago

    Done ! ❤️

  • Sarah Morgan
    Sarah Morgan 21 hour ago

    Done 💞💞

  • Mariah Torres
    Mariah Torres 21 hour ago

    Love love love your nail work and love watching your videos! 😩😍 entered// ig: htx.mariahhh ❤

  • Jessy Grand
    Jessy Grand 21 hour ago


  • Crystal Ramirez
    Crystal Ramirez 21 hour ago

    I do my own nails too, but I never feel like I’m finally finished I feel like I’m such a perfectionist and since I made them I want to non stop fix them so I hate and love doing my nails 🙄