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Twins Share The Same Guy
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You Had ONE JOB.. 😲
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Pregnant Text Fails
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Funniest Kid Test Answers
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  • HOunDz GAminG
    HOunDz GAminG 4 hours ago

    2:30 Instagram that's Facebook bruh

  • Diamond_Dark love life

    I'm double jointed

  • Edward McNett
    Edward McNett 4 hours ago


  • Scratch Rabbit
    Scratch Rabbit 4 hours ago

    I want some cash

  • andrew 18284
    andrew 18284 4 hours ago

    Me in my head : what the fuccc

  • Maria Govea
    Maria Govea 4 hours ago


  • Ernesto
    Ernesto 4 hours ago

    Muscular horse 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Eli Lewis
    Eli Lewis 4 hours ago

    God bless the last guy

  • I do whatever is on my mind

    This is how people are subscribed 👇🏼

  • Social Potato
    Social Potato 4 hours ago

    2:20 it looks like adi snuck into the vid

  • Hehe
    Hehe 4 hours ago

    6:23 haha that went me laughing

  • gacha wolf girlxxx
    gacha wolf girlxxx 4 hours ago


  • Kane Kinnear
    Kane Kinnear 4 hours ago

    Yes im a savage robot

  • Sean and Beck Sampson

    Dead bride

  • Okpara Jones
    Okpara Jones 4 hours ago

    You suck. I made it through the whole dang video with five lives, and I'm in the 2nd grade!

  • Loren Díaz loves dogs


  • DEADLINE200424
    DEADLINE200424 4 hours ago

    That guy stacked tho

  • Yolo Bro
    Yolo Bro 4 hours ago

    That g wagon dude : I'm just gonna give some random person on the street 160 dollars because they have the same car as me

  • Aafia Rahman
    Aafia Rahman 4 hours ago

    *its 2020 guys, expect this to happen*

  • savage Queen
    savage Queen 4 hours ago

    Yay I’m early

  • Alexis Zogg
    Alexis Zogg 4 hours ago

    I do that to my friend Rhianna alll the time. I'm 6ft. So her head is at my elbows.

  • TheAwesomeGT 1
    TheAwesomeGT 1 4 hours ago

    Nobody: People in the comments: iM fIrSt

  • supreme Alejandro
    supreme Alejandro 4 hours ago

    0:29 my uncle

  • Carinne Barnett
    Carinne Barnett 4 hours ago

    The red haired girl looks like someone from my hero Acdamea

  • Mr. Progamer
    Mr. Progamer 4 hours ago

    Hi 394comment

  • Saad A
    Saad A 4 hours ago

    That was beautiful 😢,

  • Elijah Torres
    Elijah Torres 4 hours ago

    I noticed that in yarn, someone always knows something that other people dont

  • Osiris Vega
    Osiris Vega 4 hours ago

    Liked and followed btw I loveeee your TheXvid videos ❤️

  • Katy Pham
    Katy Pham 4 hours ago

    I told a stranger my address near my house and they were cool cuz I think they thought I was lost or something

  • Soldier Heart
    Soldier Heart 4 hours ago

    I’m 5’9 and 12 years old. My birthdays November 19 I’ll turn 13. What’s also sad is since their are a lot of tall people in my school their either taller or the same height as me. I don't think I’m that tall until I stand right next to my boyfriend or when people say, dang your tall, how tall are you, why are you so tall,

  • Kane Kinnear
    Kane Kinnear 4 hours ago

    Contact lenses

  • Mrs. I love flamingo

    Expecto poteoneum does NOT trip people bro I wards off dementors

  • Gacha life noobs Sexton

    They haven't came back yet

  • Talk to Much
    Talk to Much 4 hours ago

    To bad I’m already subscribed I love ur videos

  • Naim Popma
    Naim Popma 4 hours ago

    No don't do it

  • Anime Lover
    Anime Lover 4 hours ago

    His name is tall but not spelled like that it is spelled tal

  • Abby Jacinto
    Abby Jacinto 4 hours ago

    I think it meant smoking means death

  • Big dilf
    Big dilf 4 hours ago

    A zombie

  • S300ADD '
    S300ADD ' 4 hours ago

    Tal: roast me Me: you are so big and long that hp glasses fall of yur head

  • c a l i
    c a l i 4 hours ago

    billie eilish brought me here

  • polsea awd
    polsea awd 4 hours ago

    Definetely staged.

  • Chuck Greene
    Chuck Greene 4 hours ago

    Why does this dude kinda copied infinite’s room and like he copied like a different fin

  • Keny Bautista
    Keny Bautista 4 hours ago

    that hot

  • mixing madness
    mixing madness 4 hours ago

    I am early you are the best reactor and I am subbed and other your installation

  • Spectrum DK
    Spectrum DK 4 hours ago

    Taken life all the way🔐

  • Mia Hill
    Mia Hill 4 hours ago

    I don’t like ketchup

  • Jennifer Fishman
    Jennifer Fishman 4 hours ago

    This is not real

  • Cookiegaming 9
    Cookiegaming 9 4 hours ago


  • Zalen Hulings
    Zalen Hulings 4 hours ago

    At 44 seconds it made laugh

  • Rosèismy Bias
    Rosèismy Bias 4 hours ago


  • Sonicboomer 1
    Sonicboomer 1 4 hours ago

    She was hitting on my friend

  • Grace Neni
    Grace Neni 4 hours ago

    When your half early and there’s no comments ..... to like

  • Mikey Yount
    Mikey Yount 4 hours ago

    Ghost rider is the best ever

  • croxyys 816
    croxyys 816 4 hours ago

    I thought it was a girl not a man

  • Renzy Bea
    Renzy Bea 4 hours ago


  • Rita Saadi
    Rita Saadi 4 hours ago

    Lool, I don't wanna be that Kind of comments, but I Just posted my first cover ever, I really need advices :))

  • Don’t touch my phone Gamer

    tHiS iS tHe sOcIeTy We LiVe In

  • Rein Ashley Rivera 2nd


  • Shadow Chanz
    Shadow Chanz 4 hours ago

    That what I wanna do but my teach is STRICTTTTTTTTTTT

  • MrBeast
    MrBeast 4 hours ago

    ☑ᴛᴀᴘ_❤️_ᴏɴ_ᴍʏ_ɪᴍᴀɢᴇ💎 ✨_sᴏᴍᴛʜɪɴɢ_sᴘᴇᴄɪᴀʟ_💖❁❀___........4534

  • Tara Quee
    Tara Quee 4 hours ago


  • روحي لليمن
    روحي لليمن 4 hours ago

    When you dine and dash but then tip the price of the meal Waiter/Waitress: That's it??? 2:05

  • SpiritWolf13343
    SpiritWolf13343 4 hours ago

    DIY: Solve the rubik's cube on the back next to the power up sign or send it to me to solve it lol

  • Turtle Killz
    Turtle Killz 4 hours ago

    Old tal> new tal

  • Rayhan Evercoss
    Rayhan Evercoss 4 hours ago

    09 Pz9

  • Ivan T
    Ivan T 4 hours ago

    3:46 secret attack

  • Groompy
    Groompy 4 hours ago

    just like my comment for being honest

  • Pxlxrz1K
    Pxlxrz1K 4 hours ago

    @ReaxtionTime I hope u know that 79% of your views and subs are girls that are single and ready to mingle

  • Molly Bog
    Molly Bog 4 hours ago

    Some are pure and some half-bred Some are sober and some are wasted Some are rich because of fate and Some are poor with no food on their plate Some stand out while others blend Some are fat and stout while some are thin Some are friends and some are foes Some have some while some have most

  • Savage not average
    Savage not average 4 hours ago

    react to unspeakable 15 most useful life hacks of all time

  • Spliteditz
    Spliteditz 4 hours ago

    Your mom will live forever Like to activate

    • Unknown Rez
      Unknown Rez 4 hours ago

      It still counts if i like and dislike.

  • wæko liza
    wæko liza 4 hours ago

    Actually black people know's what means ...........poor

  • Akil Gunawardana
    Akil Gunawardana 4 hours ago

    13110th view I'm so early

  • Parekura Rahui
    Parekura Rahui 4 hours ago

    you look like Novak Djokovic

  • Aleilah Hinton
    Aleilah Hinton 4 hours ago

    I'm in 5th and I have snack time! So I don't have to sneak in snacks!

  • Eric Theodore Cartman RCCoon

    Comment Beavisfire1993 to win Iphonex

  • Shadow Chanz
    Shadow Chanz 4 hours ago

    I would give to poor =~= not really rich I would just a little bit but more for the poor =)

  • Charli Pham
    Charli Pham 4 hours ago

    G O E A T S O M E R I C E ! !

  • xuewang zheng
    xuewang zheng 4 hours ago

    My friend screamed and spit in my ear 🤯🤯🤯🥵😨😨

    ROBLOXMASTER XD 4 hours ago

    8 months ago-28k likes usually gets 200k

  • Isabella Eaton
    Isabella Eaton 4 hours ago

    Its a patern

  • The Best OF all
    The Best OF all 4 hours ago

    He just dig in his nose and eat it

  • Callum Berrigan
    Callum Berrigan 4 hours ago

    I followed you my Instagram is callum_berrigan

  • Bear Baller
    Bear Baller 4 hours ago

    I said that to my teacher in the 5th grade

  • Zoe Rose
    Zoe Rose 4 hours ago

    Some people these days

  • Carry Mohney
    Carry Mohney 4 hours ago


    SUBARU 4 hours ago


  • Erika Sandiego
    Erika Sandiego 4 hours ago

    Yay early! Ok but why does “rice man” sort of look like Anthony?😂

  • Winter Angel
    Winter Angel 4 hours ago

    Meh and meh friend and meh cousin had 5 life’s left meh cousin almost lost one tho

  • V T
    V T 4 hours ago

    Hio there, when is jennifer coming back?

  • Jaden Wingfield
    Jaden Wingfield 4 hours ago

    I followed you and love the videos

  • Lazerainz gaming
    Lazerainz gaming 4 hours ago

    No views😡

  • Ivan T
    Ivan T 4 hours ago

    1:43 who laugh like

  • SS3 Super
    SS3 Super 4 hours ago

    The rich girl and my sister can relate

  • Elise Kurz
    Elise Kurz 4 hours ago


  • Gaming alan -and vlogging

    My hidden talent is breathing I do it every 2 seconds

  • Kuzenator
    Kuzenator 4 hours ago

    Hey Tal nice video i already watched this before but im still watching this because of you

  • Baseball Monkey
    Baseball Monkey 4 hours ago


  • Unicorn explorers 🦄🤩

    I don’t care about the presents I care about God being born on the hat day

  • brxken.loserxoxo
    brxken.loserxoxo 4 hours ago