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What is World Toilet Day?
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  • Sebastian Hein
    Sebastian Hein 2 hours ago

    What car trucks are these lol 😂 the terror of the street I have never saw one here in Europe

  • Technix
    Technix 2 hours ago

    Although this is funny, you have to understand the result of these kinds of debates. If this was the opposition in your country, would you vote for them? These people just come off as insane and mad. The only electable candidate should be Vladimir Putin, the rest should look like madmen, which is exactly what it looks like.

  • haissemweneht
    haissemweneht 2 hours ago

    It is time for the Canadians to pick a side and do what is right for the oppressed. Get off of the fence and stand with the youth of Hong Kong. Do you really think China has the Worlds best interest in hand? Human Rights Abuse mean anything to you?

  • Jump Man
    Jump Man 2 hours ago

    have anyone heard about some of HK supporters paint signs on universities' walls in Montreal recently? which will cost Canadian people big money to clean up because those walls were built with very expensive materials

  • Daniel Dillon
    Daniel Dillon 2 hours ago

    as a British citizen i fully condemn china for its actions of dissolving the one country two systems, china thinks that it can do anything it wants and because the United kingdom cannot contend the actions of china as we are not a powerful country as we once was and i do think that the whole of Hong Kongs people should rise up against china's actions in terms of policy and because the elections are coming up i think there should be a fully democratic government which is in control of Hong Kong until the one country two systems ends and when it dose end there should be a referendum given to the Hong Kong people to be Chinese people of Hong Kong people

  • Joyce Koch
    Joyce Koch 2 hours ago

    If anyone doubts the true face of China being hostile toward freedom all one has to do is look at the conduct aimed at the youth of Hong Kong.

  • husonuso
    husonuso 2 hours ago

    Why don’t the news show how police instigate people? Why don’t they show the amount of missing people in the past 2 months? Why don’t they show the excessive brute force being used on KIDS? Sad that the lot of people commenting can’t empathize. You will know the same pain when it’s done to you, and when it happens, you will know how stupid you looked

  • Alan Gonzalez
    Alan Gonzalez 2 hours ago

    Un capo el hombre con la bandera 0:57

  • Devin E
    Devin E 2 hours ago

    Didn’t know smoking would hurt him 🤔 because inhaling anything into your lungs is natural

  • haissemweneht
    haissemweneht 2 hours ago

    Tip the truck over on its side...its called leverage!

  • amrl syrwn
    amrl syrwn 2 hours ago

    I bet the reason the police wear a mask is because the protesters smells so bad.

  • The Canada First Party

    Its RACIST Discrimination How The Canada Government uses the Word Native to exclude born Canadians . being Native has nothing to do with a Race Creed or Colour , not by the definition of the word Native .

  • sadakm Abdullah
    sadakm Abdullah 2 hours ago


  • deniece donnafield
    deniece donnafield 2 hours ago

    🇺🇸❤️I can't help it, I lost total respect for him! I seen him in a video, if I'm not mistaken How We as Americans as a whole are so easily persuaded to do what Israel wants..... 🇺🇸 United States, is supposed friends to Israel. Yes! the good of people of Israel, but maybe not so much their government at this time!

  • sadakm Abdullah
    sadakm Abdullah 2 hours ago

    Yanak ic kirim

  • Hanson
    Hanson 2 hours ago

    Poor lad holding a flag being sprayed by water cannon

  • Budzzable Rides
    Budzzable Rides 2 hours ago

    Canada is not the great country it once was, communism is creeping in thanks to the media and our corrupt government. Party members fired after they prove corruption with audio tapes, the list goes on.

  • Larry Lee
    Larry Lee 2 hours ago

    So that's where those vehicles from Mad Max went...they were wondering who took them! :+(

  • Parcordia Xin
    Parcordia Xin 2 hours ago

    When death race vehicles come into play

  • Hai Domo
    Hai Domo 2 hours ago

    Stupid Canadians don't seem to know what the HK Human Rights and Democracy Act is all about and why Hong Kong had been the most free economy in the world. It all boils down to U.S H.K Policy Act. Stupid Canadians should voice out and be brave to tell China not to meddle in Hong Kong internal politics.

  • Suze Teichreb
    Suze Teichreb 2 hours ago

    Hilarious 😂 What a great personality! 😃

  • anton continental
    anton continental 2 hours ago

    Chileans have never surrendered. Our women and youth have shown immense courage, strength of character and wisdom to lead us into a new and better Chile for all, not just the few as has been the case heretofore.

  • Zeus tony
    Zeus tony 2 hours ago

    HongKong, Paris, Chile, Iran stand together

  • The Canada First Party

    If people don't have to Identify as Their Gender do they have to Identify as Their Citizenship ?

  • Kristijan AAA
    Kristijan AAA 3 hours ago

    Well done, HK police.

  • Walter Barillet
    Walter Barillet 3 hours ago

    It's boss in level 10. Megaman

  • Angelee thompson
    Angelee thompson 3 hours ago

    Schiff you really have got some nerve!!....ohhhh how I can not wait until you get your JUST REWARDS....and I hope that it is soon!! You are a horrible person and do NOT deserve to be up in that chair giving orders with your hateful self!! I can't wait until you are PUNISHED to the fullest you sorry piece of crap!!!

  • Davi M. Kim
    Davi M. Kim 3 hours ago

    Globalism Princess need 'Demission'.

  • R. L.
    R. L. 3 hours ago

    Jail them. Enough damage to the city...

  • Edyard Kolgin
    Edyard Kolgin 3 hours ago

    На 5 секунде мега эпичность

  • Vitus Yu
    Vitus Yu 3 hours ago

    Thieves and liars inc.

  • Sairam Dodda
    Sairam Dodda 3 hours ago

    Mam may what will power to reach pm and you remember your father

  • mikei
    mikei 3 hours ago

    “I dont know what to say, something about football”

  • Westlynn KS-U
    Westlynn KS-U 3 hours ago

    These parents held a sign asking the government to release the protesters. They think the protesters are innocent. But the funny thing is that they will not be sorry for the innocent citizens who have been hurt by the protesters. They are free to harm Hong Kong citizens who ask them to stop the violence. Can you imagine what kind of treatment would be enjoyed by mainland Chinese in Hong Kong? They will kill him directly. In fact, they have already done this. On November 11th, a mainlander was attacked by the protesters with bricks and hammers, just because he said a mandarin.

  • Sairam Dodda
    Sairam Dodda 3 hours ago

    Madam finally reached the goal father and mother rev bruiser killed iam very happy for you

  • Юрий ббб
    Юрий ббб 3 hours ago

    Не у на такого не будет

  • Clos Montana
    Clos Montana 3 hours ago

    You guys didn’t understand, trump was showing his power .... “I put the candy on the head and you put the candy on the head “

  • vw R32
    vw R32 3 hours ago

    That's a police car/ truck/ ah watchyoumay callit? What is that machine?

  • Enki Enlil
    Enki Enlil 3 hours ago


  • MikkyunUnlimited
    MikkyunUnlimited 3 hours ago

    Unless Britain get serious, the situation surrounding HK will not change at all, even if it’s former subsidiaries scream whatever.

  • Enki Enlil
    Enki Enlil 3 hours ago


  • Daniel Chun
    Daniel Chun 3 hours ago

    Hongkong, Chile.. Next?

  • Enki Enlil
    Enki Enlil 3 hours ago


  • Taliskuji M
    Taliskuji M 3 hours ago

    The protesters are trying to stop their government from selling out Hong Kong to China! FREE HONG KONG!

  • jess zhang
    jess zhang 3 hours ago

    I think is Hong Hong

    MURR DOG 3 hours ago

    Where does the electric power come from? to reload these batteries ....think..

  • Kira Queen
    Kira Queen 3 hours ago

    That one dude riding the dinosaur really made my day 😂😂

  • mirol maxus.7
    mirol maxus.7 3 hours ago

    Sir baskan erdogan ♥️♥️

  • James G
    James G 3 hours ago

    be water, now police push the water into sewage.

  • Brad Wolf
    Brad Wolf 3 hours ago

    I suggest any laws written in English be abolished outside of England. - Eugene Kwok

  • Julio Velazco
    Julio Velazco 3 hours ago

    The problem is the REAL gangsters. That simple. Just saying.

  • Brad Wolf
    Brad Wolf 3 hours ago

    Time Mark: 0:29 ...outside of Canada.

  • Dung Tran
    Dung Tran 3 hours ago

    Smacked those China Communists, the free world will live at peace!

  • Achihab Halib
    Achihab Halib 3 hours ago

    Someone's not getting Christmas presents from santa this year.

  • Jim Smith
    Jim Smith 3 hours ago

    Never thought vaping was bad at first but when u think of it Vaping is moisture . Too much moisture in a house can cause mold to grow.

  • RyanW
    RyanW 3 hours ago

    FREEEE HK FREE CHILE!!!DESTROY ALLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 隔壁喵叔
    隔壁喵叔 3 hours ago

    HongKong style?

    • Kira Queen
      Kira Queen 3 hours ago

      They're more hardcore than Hong Kong

  • Caroline Mikaelson
    Caroline Mikaelson 3 hours ago

    They really should have started with, "do you have ticket number...?". I feel like it could have not been him, but idk.

  • my anal cavity
    my anal cavity 3 hours ago

    “There are things I wish I could change” the line is drawn when you voluntarily become a terrorist.

  • Chuck McGill
    Chuck McGill 3 hours ago

    Royal makes GREAT TOILET PAPER,,,,,,just sayin

  • Aki - Lucky
    Aki - Lucky 3 hours ago

    Omg stop "There's no vinegar"

  • Eduardo Marquez dr la cruz


  • Chuck McGill
    Chuck McGill 3 hours ago

    It's OK, CN rail says stuff isn't moving anyways, strike or not. Free the Royal Family and Prince Andrew, get on that story will ya.

  • Ichi Droid
    Ichi Droid 3 hours ago

    CCP lies, cheats, steals and manipulates to achieve their goals which is to enrich their own party and its core leaders. HK people and the world have had enough.

  • Iwasa Toru
    Iwasa Toru 3 hours ago

    what hell you talking about?? don't get it wrong ! protests do not threaten Canadian businesses. China does. what a stupid News.

  • Chuck McGill
    Chuck McGill 3 hours ago

    If Chinadians actually KNEW how much Justine and Torontostan are HATED out West, then a proper conversation maybe actually be possible. HA HA HA, jk, like that will happen in today's "Canada". Have a nice day ladies.

  • gorak iste
    gorak iste 3 hours ago

    Kashmir Kashmir bolke bahot mehngai kar di tumhain ullu banaya

  • Fabian Ho
    Fabian Ho 3 hours ago

    These are spoilt kids/brats.

  • Zaki Choudhary
    Zaki Choudhary 3 hours ago

    Gaza. The world's largest concentration camp (Baruch Kimmerling), where an entire civilization has been destroyed (UNHCHR), where a million kidz are poisoned every day (Sara Roy), where you get shot for trynna flee.

  • ffunny ffrends
    ffunny ffrends 3 hours ago

    "im here to stop. this future. atrockcity"

  • gorak iste
    gorak iste 3 hours ago

    pakistanio ye imrand khan chutia bana raha hai tumko

  • Chuck McGill
    Chuck McGill 3 hours ago

    Shame Chinadian media doesn't cover live riots around the world like the rest of the journalists do. Shame eh.

  • Kit Bear
    Kit Bear 3 hours ago

    This proves beyond a doubt that the government is not your friend. We are forcefed from birth that we are the masters and they are the servants. Since when did the servants turn against the masters? A year later from when all this first started and the French government still won't give in. This looks like a French Revolution 2.0 and God bless everyone involved in taking down that shill Macron. Viva la revolution! Governments show their true face when put under pressure and their contempt for us. The pyramid is only as strong as it's foundations, take it away and it all crumbles to dust. They know it and fear this the most. We outnumber them by thousands to one.

  • gorak iste
    gorak iste 3 hours ago

    mera lavda pakistan

  • Wolfgang Pichler
    Wolfgang Pichler 3 hours ago

    too bad - poor canadians !

  • dan lam
    dan lam 3 hours ago

    Cu ra het dau hang thi tu dau du chua 4 trieu dan HK?

  • 团一
    团一 3 hours ago


  • Charlie quinn
    Charlie quinn 3 hours ago

    Ogmygawwwd Megan acting the same way all the royals do. Well I never! I just watched a video where someone was complaining because she was resembling Diana in dresses.... meanwhile kate comes our the hospital in a bright red spin off of Diana's outfit.... If You HAVE a problem with megan all of a sudden. You. Are. A. Elitist. BIGOT! After a lot of research Into it. I honestly can't see how she's any different from the rest.? Other then a little bit black and a little bit American. Even then she bows her head and looks all pious, the same as the rest. Bigots! That's genuinely the only conclusion I can come to?

    RAYMOND NATERLIN 3 hours ago

    We hope Beijing will get around to punishing Canada for arresting Meng...we hope the Hammer comes down on HK and that gradually China outlaws trade and finance via Hongkong...too many insults toward the Mainland during these protests...trashing the national flag...beating Mandarin speakers...inviting foreign powers to intercede... etc etc....Time to put HK in its place and Canada.

  • Stayloyal StaySuckafree

    @ 2:13 that car just missed her.

  • Marek Viva
    Marek Viva 3 hours ago

    Europeische union kaput ist ende hahaha

  • Joey Arora
    Joey Arora 3 hours ago

    I'm not Aboriginal Canadian I was born and raised in Alberta..and I have seen so much racism between our non-aboriginal and Aboriginal groups growing up.. and I'm 38 years old and I still see this disgusts me that our government has not taken an active role.. and does absolutely nothing.. the government is al racist and we as Canadians need to look at ourselves.. we pretend to be tolerant and accepting... It's all a lie we can even give the founders of our nation dignity and rights... This is genocide.. and our leader should be arrested and put in jail.. we need to be the change do not depend on are useless government.. you have thousands of murdered people and they couldn't even care.. your politicians need to be publicly humiliated.. because the way things are going right now there is no and there will be no change.. I guarantee you you want your voice heard you need to take action in a democratic and safe manner but you need to be loud and you need to be in their face and you have to do it in public.. otherwise they will walk all over rights.. they do not deserve sympathy .. they are crooks and murder

  • davn christ
    davn christ 3 hours ago

    just get them all

  • TechBuRn
    TechBuRn 3 hours ago

    Non-news please stop making our country look stupid.

  • Amar Dhaliwal
    Amar Dhaliwal 3 hours ago

    Reading all the reviews I see people that are awake to the madness going on. Then how did lib*** get elected again?

  • gernand the great
    gernand the great 3 hours ago

    If anyone knows what there saying that would help a lot

  • CMCSS 2003
    CMCSS 2003 3 hours ago

    All that work with the shield wall and they run within seconds

  • Kampala Take Away
    Kampala Take Away 4 hours ago

    I can only read comments 🤔

  • No Body
    No Body 4 hours ago

    It's been months now , these troublemaker cause a lot of people out of work .

  • Joey Arora
    Joey Arora 4 hours ago

    This report is absolute trash and I would like to know her her full name and organization that she works for.. if anyone knows it please publish it ...

  • Victor Ray
    Victor Ray 4 hours ago

    Support Iraq from HK lovers.

  • Nicolas Camacho
    Nicolas Camacho 4 hours ago

    How come this Carrie Lam is still the Governor? Hasn't she a big part of the responsibility of what is happening in Hong Kong? Better put her for 10 years in jail for letting everything escalate, and not the students who have no perspective for a good future and just responded to the violence they get presented by the police..


    Liberate paris

  • albertloh
    albertloh 4 hours ago

    Strategy was to be like water without form, yet they flow into a little bottle called HKPU to be collected by the police?

  • Robert Corvin
    Robert Corvin 4 hours ago

    The Ministries of Love, Peace, Plenty, and Truth are missing. Prolefeed is already in place. Just a matter of time before we start speaking Newspeak and go to Joycamp. Doubleplusgoodthink to you all.

  • Bruce Lin
    Bruce Lin 4 hours ago

    They will learn to use petrol bomb, soon

    • Will Johnson
      Will Johnson 2 hours ago

      I was gunna say the same thing. In the meantime, they've definitely got the stones.

    • he2000
      he2000 3 hours ago

      need money

    • Ermalin Branton
      Ermalin Branton 4 hours ago

      Just Like Home Kong

  • Phantom Thief Irwin
    Phantom Thief Irwin 4 hours ago

    Free Chile

  • lenny xiang
    lenny xiang 4 hours ago

    People just don't know they are watching the fall of capitalism...

    • areUaware
      areUaware 2 hours ago

      @Realistic Racing Community , "Democracy" has killed more.

    • errol kong
      errol kong 3 hours ago

      For real , them that have eyes let them see

    • Realistic Racing Community
      Realistic Racing Community 3 hours ago

      Capitalism (meaning individual freedom in the economic sphere) is evil. We should let communism kill another couple hundred million people for the good of the collective. 👀

    • Albert Pang
      Albert Pang 3 hours ago

      Capitalism sucks do you know that. Its very bad 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎 Even in hong kong. Citizens there hated and loathe the communists china. Asians existance and political issues creates hate and resentment amongst people around the world. A good politician government will never ever promote unnecessary protests in their own country. Only incompetence loser politician government does. Which is why protests happens in their own country. A lousy incompetence ruler wont know how to protect and care for the welfares and benefits of their own citizens

  • Wai Kit
    Wai Kit 4 hours ago

    对历史毫无认识,对当前与未来国际大势一窍不通。 低B,无脑,白痴的香港年轻一代,被美国CIA台独等势力所利用也蒙然不知!真的脑袋小如甲甴,不愧为时代垃圾!!!你们这些甲甴不要来大马,不然杀虫剂侍候!

  • rollerblading geek
    rollerblading geek 4 hours ago

    This is so obviously a dishonest passive aggressive excuse for resigning, with a completely different underlying motive. The usual slimey actions of a politician.