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  • dgp dgp
    dgp dgp Year ago

    "Global News" The uploader has not made this video available in your country.

  • Alexander Small
    Alexander Small Year ago

    What has happened to your Hurricane Irma video, I really like that video.

  • Maliki King
    Maliki King Year ago

    Global is nothing more then a talking head of the elite, until you report on the truth like Flat Earth, you'll be nothing more then POS liars!

  • Yassine Romio
    Yassine Romio Year ago

    Please i am from morocco and i need a FLAT HEAD SYNDROME headband

  • bongcouver
    bongcouver Year ago

    ZERO COVERAGE OF VENEZUELA! Your agenda is showing clear through. Nothing on real news in the world from your "organizatgion". You are the reason journalism has died and the general public do not trust anything from you pathetic, boot licking fools. We will hold you to account for this. All of you will.

  • Ahmed Al-Sharabi

    They used one of your materials I think;

  • John Adams
    John Adams Year ago


  • Hi 8
    Hi 8 Year ago


  • WhatsApp Hack
    WhatsApp Hack Year ago

    Kind of weird how all these news channels pushing the same view. So hard to find unbiased news as of lately.

  • Instagram Hack
    Instagram Hack Year ago

    I bet when Obama was waving goodbye, all he was thinking of was his vacation.

  • swiralgod
    swiralgod Year ago


  • Greg Albert
    Greg Albert 2 years ago

    I was just watching the news and they were talking about the Halifax Explosion that took place in 1917.I have yet heard anybody mention the second one that took place in 1945 I think.I was in the orphange at the time and I was five years old at the time.I spoke of it many time over the years and lot of people here in Antigonish never heard of it witch I was surprised.I think it would be interesting for Global news to look into it.

  • tanto supreme
    tanto supreme 2 years ago

    goes to show even foreign bootleggers of us politics can become official

  • John Meers
    John Meers 2 years ago

    Wow! It looks like your viewers are not happy with the way that you report the news. I can't blame them. It appears that you have been paid off by the corrupted establishment that is now spreading like a virus throughout the world. A word to the wise. The people of this earth are waking up. It will not be long before this virus is eradicated. All the power will be returned to the people where it belongs.

  • Jim Gagne
    Jim Gagne 2 years ago

    i see alot of shit on trump but none on hillary emails thats been out... whats wrong here? hillary paying global now? how about the real polls of trump up 67 % and hillary down 19% in the new polls

  • Gerry Flowers
    Gerry Flowers 2 years ago

    Liberalism has run amok. I will not be watching Global anymore. Treated Steve Darling as a piece of trash, 44 years old and everyone there is afraid to lose their jobs. Also, let us see more on Chris Galus and his sexual Harassment. Wikileaks has released so many emails that tell everyone who Hillary is, who Bill really is, her donations from the Middle east, pay for play, yet you have shown your left wing bias one time to many. Shame on you for reporting only the half of the news you should be showing. Where is the story about the City Hall raising the Communist flag and the representatives of this city wearing red scarves. Shame on all of you. Good bye.

    • Titus McCarthy
      Titus McCarthy 2 years ago

      What are you talking about? Global has been and always will be right-wing shit.

  • Disillusioned Canuck

    Why isn't there any reports about things like how Kathleen Wynne is corrupt and wasting Ontario Tax dollars on frivolity? Why isn't there any reports about the fact Ontario pays more tax then anyone in Ontario and the hydro one rates that weren't supposed to increase with the sale have gone up 2 times? Why isn't there any reports about how badly the liberal government under Kathleen Wynn are bankrupting Ontario while her government spend spend spend? Why no reports about how refugees are given preference to housing over Canadian citizens? Has the media really come to this? Do the corporate masters that own your station really dictate the stories? What has happened to journalism in Canada/Ontario? Why do u feel it necessary to keep Canadians uninformed?

  • snow85225
    snow85225 2 years ago

    Extended: Media tour Fort McMurray damage from wildfire == is NOT viewable???

  • Todd Clarke
    Todd Clarke 2 years ago

    lyn collier needs a life. can't stand watching her so i don't watch this news show.

  • Andre Courchesne
    Andre Courchesne 2 years ago

    LOL you now disable comments on those stupid horoscope videos! I've just unsubscribe because you keep having these one without a big disclaimer: "it's all false and untrue, for entertainment only" Main stream media is dead.

  • Jack .B Quick
    Jack .B Quick 2 years ago

    Do you clowns ever give real news or just the propoganda your told to spew.. Not one word ever about the Bank of Canada getting taken to court by COMER to be forced back to its original mandate before that piece of shit Trudeau screwed us in 1974.. Not one of you piece of shit news companies has even ever mentioned it even though it is top news to Canadians and thier finacial well-being.. Don't get me started on the false flag reports you assholes do either, promoting hatred and war around the world for the Rothchild family so they can get Central banks in these few countries that they dont yet control their finances.. Every war the U.S. has been in for the last 60 years has been about world control of finances so the Rothchilds can continue to exploit the rest of the world of their natural resouces for the few families that run America and eventually the world through war and propoganda.. This is why you are so hated around the world.. Promoting America.. Global = Fox = Propoganda and Hatred Take your American propoganda and go to America you assholes and get the fuck off my TV

  • Andre Courchesne
    Andre Courchesne 3 years ago

    Horoscopes... really?! Horoscopes!! You done giving them a platform to lie to everyone and take the money of the gullible? How can you called yourself a NEWS organisation and have these segments. SHAMEFUL!

  • Kristina Mariano
    Kristina Mariano 3 years ago

    Please support the "Teal Pumpkin Project". Put a teal pumpkin in front of your house and a poster on your door to tell children you have non-food treats(erasers, markers, stickers bubbles, tattoos, glow sticks)to help children with food allergies enjoy Halloween.

  • thechipmunck9769
    thechipmunck9769 3 years ago

    Kristi Gordon we all love and support you !

  • Wielding Eminator
    Wielding Eminator 4 years ago

    Do not support the amnesty of illegal immigrants - "illegal" is "criminal".

  • stratorarious
    stratorarious 4 years ago

    I see that comments are disabled for Justin Turdeau where he addresses the nation after the little incident there. I guess this must have been done because he is so popular??

  • How to Get Rid of Cellulite

    I try to practice my english, your channel is good to learn

  • Gatya Gumilang
    Gatya Gumilang 4 years ago

    Nice videos!

  • AbsoluteZeroMusic
    AbsoluteZeroMusic 5 years ago

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  • Matt Layden
    Matt Layden 6 years ago

    I was wondering if you could upload any Heart Of Courage episodes.

  • Mass Vue
    Mass Vue 6 years ago

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  • Mass Vue
    Mass Vue 6 years ago

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  • Kelly Powel
    Kelly Powel 6 years ago

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  • workingmen1
    workingmen1 6 years ago


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  • Damaysi Vazquez
    Damaysi Vazquez 7 years ago

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    Global News 7 years ago

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