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  • Ladajzo Brinton
    Ladajzo Brinton 9 hours ago

    So, is the song a direct message to Callux or?

  • Eliot Desmet
    Eliot Desmet 13 hours ago

    Yo this edit is sick how did you copy paste yourself that good?

  • Jim Reubens
    Jim Reubens 14 hours ago

    It didn’t

  • Matthew G
    Matthew G 22 hours ago

    This simple setup and just Kon's vision makes it looks so beautiful. Gonna watch the actual video now. Keeen

  • Tobias Junker
    Tobias Junker Day ago

    poor kon he has to look at jj´s ass every video

  • Jack Mazza
    Jack Mazza Day ago

    0:25 you can tell it’s fake cause those are scissor doors they open upwards

  • T C
    T C Day ago

    Why ain’t you got a milk subs yet bro allways release great content bro

  • abdalrahman hassouneh

    is that callux's girlfriend? oh wait

  • Jacco H
    Jacco H Day ago

    The 2x speed thing is genius 🔥

  • can't think of a name

    Kon you may have answered this before but what age did start photography then editing? You're skilful with your art.

  • Logan Woodward

    Can you do more of these types of videos when you show us what cameras, lighting, editing and etc. It’s very interesting and love to learn more and those little things to change the dynamic of the shot.

  • Leen Millss
    Leen Millss Day ago

    Just seen the video you did an amazing job. The video didn't take away from the songs beauty. It was just perfect and clean

  • Xx GodLike Xx
    Xx GodLike Xx Day ago

    after party studios: am i a joke to u?

  • Dumblekore©
    Dumblekore© Day ago

    This didnt make me cry, but i know it made callux cry

  • Matuboy Brawl
    Matuboy Brawl 2 days ago

    Rip kon had to type the n word

  • Jeremiah Eiland
    Jeremiah Eiland 2 days ago

    Song any one

  • daniel whiteley
    daniel whiteley 2 days ago

    sarah gettin in youtube be like freezy and con

  • DaX
    DaX 2 days ago

    The top boy estate is summerhouse not summerset house lol

  • Tapiwa Muza
    Tapiwa Muza 2 days ago


  • Tapiwa Muza
    Tapiwa Muza 2 days ago


  • ID__ItzKyTheKing
    ID__ItzKyTheKing 2 days ago

    ever since i first listened to this i’ve always liked the line ‘you was beefin’ Deji now you wanna be his bredrin’ fsr the snake ad-lib sends chills down down my spine. this song is sick.

  • Ray Taheri
    Ray Taheri 2 days ago

    4:40 Lorenzo's laugh makes this vid ahahah

  • Jason Cox
    Jason Cox 2 days ago

    you probably won't see this comment. but big ups to you, without this guy we don't have such good sidemen vids to watch

  • Simen Storøy
    Simen Storøy 2 days ago

    Everything about this is insanely good! Beautiful song, wonderful music video and superb behind-the-scenes-video!

  • Simen Storøy
    Simen Storøy 2 days ago

    Such a beautiful song❤ And superb music video as well! Great work!

  • VM
    VM 2 days ago

    Is the song about lux?

  • QuantumCaza
    QuantumCaza 2 days ago

    Love the video bro actually NAHHH I love all of the videos you make!! legit inspiring me to make other videos on my channel other the coffee

  • Lol Lol
    Lol Lol 2 days ago

    1:30 wow she found the background in 1 minute damn that’s quick😂

  • Arun Jaswal
    Arun Jaswal 3 days ago

    When I saw it I thought she was surrounded in mmmmmilk

  • Lee Fixes Cars
    Lee Fixes Cars 3 days ago

    2020 and im still watching this its just too addictive like this if you agree

  • Meme Rodent
    Meme Rodent 3 days ago

    HE SAID bigger! 5:10

  • woodyAUS
    woodyAUS 3 days ago

    Resolve is sexy kon! as a complete newb to editing I love its simplicity and ease, and its free!! damn good experience!

    • woodyAUS
      woodyAUS 3 days ago

      @Konstantin I have read that a lot from people who come off the back of other software they have used for a while. I guess going in completely green helps as i literally have nothing to get confused with. If you are used to after effects, it takes so doing to switch something you know to something new for sure. plenty or videos and help out there though ;) All the best!

    • Konstantin
      Konstantin 3 days ago

      woodyAUS I found resolve super difficult - going to try teach myself some new things on there!

  • Jay Gannon
    Jay Gannon 3 days ago

    what video editing software is that that you are using ?

  • Harry Potter
    Harry Potter 3 days ago

    Is it just me or does sarah look like Love from 'You'

  • I forgot my name
    I forgot my name 3 days ago


  • aceeNa
    aceeNa 3 days ago

    It certainly made callux cry...

  • TheLegendary_Almond Shaq


  • DevZquad
    DevZquad 3 days ago

    where can i find the green screen follow me on instagram ting anyone plz help!

  • Localfireworks
    Localfireworks 3 days ago

    Great vid :D

  • Mr Nobody
    Mr Nobody 3 days ago

    what editing program is this

  • Daniel Duarte
    Daniel Duarte 3 days ago

    After seeing the recordings, I gotta ask: when is Sarah doing some grime?

  • Physical Phisycs
    Physical Phisycs 3 days ago

    I respect the thumbnail

  • Meghna Mandal
    Meghna Mandal 3 days ago

    Such an amazing video kon

  • Jepta Visuals
    Jepta Visuals 3 days ago

    Amazing video man! I'm also learning how to color grade on Davinci Resolve, but sometimes when I export my footages from Premiere to Davinci Resolve, it doesn't load some footages...

    • Jepta Visuals
      Jepta Visuals 3 days ago

      @Konstantin Oh weird.. I'm going to try it again, thanks!

    • Konstantin
      Konstantin 3 days ago

      Jepta Visuals sounds strange - on this project I imported braw 6k footage in the past I dealt with high bit footage and not had any issues

    • Jepta Visuals
      Jepta Visuals 3 days ago

      @Konstantin Never tried it on one track, definitely going to try that thanks! But I also heard from other people that Davinci can't show 10 bit footage, do you have experience with 10 bit footage on Davinci?

    • Konstantin
      Konstantin 3 days ago

      When you export XML from premier to Davinchi do you have all of your clips on one track or is it on different tracks ( that might be the issue, I tend to export my XML files with everything on one track because I could never figure out what setting in premier to use to export the whole timeline)

  • Muzza LL
    Muzza LL 3 days ago

    100% underrated! Absolute G

  • Dyln Gaming 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

    Love your editing

  • Veronika Aleshina
    Veronika Aleshina 4 days ago

    I love how you go through your whole workflow! How do you go about capturing sound, and sound design for some of your projects? - fellow first-gen Russian editor in Australia ☺️

  • aash
    aash 4 days ago

    bro you’re actually too talented. i rate the worth ethic sm.

  • Safet Huskic
    Safet Huskic 4 days ago

    JJ: Can we film a music video? Kon: Sure, can we like instead of your music just put some PronHub sounds JJ: I dunno man, just f.ck it

  • Aaron
    Aaron 4 days ago

    What’s the remix playing.....

  • SamsCamera
    SamsCamera 4 days ago

    peak when this had got more views than the MV haha

  • BadaBingBadaBoom
    BadaBingBadaBoom 4 days ago

    Sarah should collab with talia

  • stormtrooper30
    stormtrooper30 4 days ago

    Damn Kon, you the B💣MB!

  • Jewfish
    Jewfish 4 days ago

    song was realesed last decade and it still bangs

  • Dylan James
    Dylan James 4 days ago

    Jallow.... CYKA BLYAT

  • Mr Beast
    Mr Beast 4 days ago

    I love finding this gem every so often 👑👑👑

  • Klyps
    Klyps 4 days ago

    You're too underrated. You should be at *MILLIONS* of subs for your content.

  • Mr madness
    Mr madness 4 days ago

    I didn’t vry

  • NewJacob YT
    NewJacob YT 4 days ago

    I didnt cry but another Jacob will

  • Roxburgh
    Roxburgh 4 days ago

    Killed it

  • E M
    E M 4 days ago

    im new to ur channel but that girl that he was with in waitrose seems so toxic she was giving and telling him always waht he picked was unhealthy and giving him the healthier option for obvious reasons

  • Josh Peters
    Josh Peters 4 days ago

    Sick video! DaVinci is a beast at colour grading for sure

  • Christopher McKenna

    Most underrated TheXvid on the planet

  • Johnny Dah
    Johnny Dah 4 days ago

    Your content are so underrated

  • Connor Parker
    Connor Parker 4 days ago

    Bro your videos are sick man

  • Ben Ivanovic
    Ben Ivanovic 4 days ago

    Kon this is incredible, never stop making these videos.

  • rishi
    rishi 4 days ago

    Oi KON’s videos remind me of mix of Casey and MKBHD, quality stuff bro

  • Lincoln Chan
    Lincoln Chan 5 days ago

    what do u use to edit *I'm sorry, I'm new so I want to know

  • Randolph Games
    Randolph Games 5 days ago

    This video is like an episode of Hustle and it's blowing my mind

    • Ladajzo Brinton
      Ladajzo Brinton 10 hours ago

      Hustle was mad. I was watching that like 8 years ago

    • Ispill Killz
      Ispill Killz Day ago

      My guy randy.

    • Jaipie Eccles
      Jaipie Eccles 4 days ago

      It feela weird seeing your gaming channel, i had to click on your channel to make sure it was you

    • Matthew Jones
      Matthew Jones 5 days ago

      Randolph Games hey dude

  • Рамазан Шаймуратов

    Интересно, сколько русских подписано на этот канал)

  • Mattias Galeta
    Mattias Galeta 5 days ago

    7:39 anyone wanna hack into their WIFI?

  • Ivon Lighton
    Ivon Lighton 5 days ago

    the emotion he showed whilst explaining the sponsor also brought a tear to my eye.

  • Its Dev
    Its Dev 5 days ago

    Honestly this man got such a great talent

    NOLWAZI 5 days ago

    I didn't cry but nice song I would listen to it again.👍🏼👌🏼✨

  • denden51
    denden51 5 days ago

    the girl from You!!!!

  • Epicninja
    Epicninja 5 days ago


  • Gold Ribbons
    Gold Ribbons 5 days ago

    love your videos!

  • freshlybaked
    freshlybaked 5 days ago

    Awesome video! These behind The scenes are great

  • Saskia Chandranathan

    *Ur talent is insane, even something so simple was made into some serious magical, love ur BTS vids 👌🏼🔥*

    VORTEXX83 5 days ago

    Kon u are mad talented bro gg u are a true artist lets get kon to 1 mill for this year

  • Harry
    Harry 5 days ago

    Nobody: Sarah Close: LOVE!! LOVE!!

  • Don don
    Don don 5 days ago

    Kon is so underrated

  • Liam Tough
    Liam Tough 5 days ago

    Is she actually singing that fast

  • Connor Rehbein
    Connor Rehbein 5 days ago

    Wasn’t going to click on this video but glad I did it was really good, especially since I’m planning a music video currently

  • HawkGaming
    HawkGaming 5 days ago

    Kon honestly keep this up mate, your vids are so sick for im learning to edit better and take sick shots

  • Lazar Potato
    Lazar Potato 5 days ago

    You are brothers

  • SWB_xXPsychoXx_
    SWB_xXPsychoXx_ 5 days ago

    Ive been using skill share for a while now and tbh its gr8 So make sure to check it out guys Btw kon nice video buddy❤❤❤

  • Chris Gets Fit
    Chris Gets Fit 5 days ago

    Callux is in tears right now....

  • AxTech
    AxTech 5 days ago

    What do you think of the price difference between the pocket 4k and 6k and do you think it's worth it?

    • AxTech
      AxTech 5 days ago

      @Konstantin yeah, rigging out the 4k will probably cost about the same at the end of the day, I feel like what you said (saving for the 6k) might be a better purchase in the long run, thanks mate

    • Konstantin
      Konstantin 5 days ago

      AxTech what im leading up to us by the time you buy a good speed booster it will be almost the same price

    • Konstantin
      Konstantin 5 days ago

      I prefer having the option of a canon mount rather and not using speedboosters also having 6k future proofs you for a couple of years ahead.

  • AxTech
    AxTech 5 days ago

    I want jobs like this

  • bigwardy111
    bigwardy111 5 days ago

    Such a tallented guy and love how you share so much detail and your amazing passion for what you do

  • B
    B 5 days ago

    Cheers, sons crying now 🙄😂

  • James
    James 5 days ago

    Summer house fool

  • Corey Proberts
    Corey Proberts 5 days ago

    Kon mate, great video, always enjoy your little behind the scenes, keep it up.