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jongin | you and me
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kyungsoo - ilysb
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roh kisoo - just dance
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hyungwon - underwater
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baeksoo - closer
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cbx - best of me
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baekhyun - light
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  • Leila
    Leila 2 hours ago

    everyday i miss kyungsoo

  • Abbygail Jade Ponce
    Abbygail Jade Ponce 7 hours ago

    Kyungsoo yah we miss you 💕🙁

  • greenpotato
    greenpotato Day ago

    I always have goosebumps whenever he does those gorgeous and clean runs! Why isnt he getting his own rnb album right about now??!?!

  • Anjikinss L-1485

    2:11 felt good. I got goosebumps

  • cheiii chanwook

    Kyungsoo marathon 😍

  • Kyungsoo's future wifeeey


  • Kyungsoo's future wifeeey


  • こぱ
    こぱ Day ago


  • A B R I L
    A B R I L Day ago

    Gracias por tanto Perdón por tan poco 💕💕💕💕💕💕

  • Nieves Manihuari Vargas

    2:10 re morí aquí.

  • thuy linh
    thuy linh Day ago

    08:24 what is that song

  • ARI ♡
    ARI ♡ Day ago

    I died....thanks

  • Chika Adigwe
    Chika Adigwe 2 days ago

    His voice just kept on getting better and better. That's why he has one of the best vocals in the k-pop music industry.❤️

  • •Coogie•
    •Coogie• 2 days ago


  • SparksVine139
    SparksVine139 2 days ago

    thanks for the video!! im loving this so much to feed my longing for him T_T

  • darkedgelord666
    darkedgelord666 2 days ago


  • Vanessa Baez
    Vanessa Baez 2 days ago

    OMG TANKS FOR THIS 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Anjar Aditya
    Anjar Aditya 2 days ago


  • Javiera Ossandón
    Javiera Ossandón 2 days ago

    god, I miss him so much

  • Eleanor
    Eleanor 3 days ago

    3:43 oh my fucking god

  • kendalll
    kendalll 3 days ago

    this was so necessary to watch at 2:51 in the morning

  • Alex Cagatao
    Alex Cagatao 3 days ago

    3:37 What song??

    EXONCE 3 days ago

    I absolutely love Kyungsoo's voice. He's my EXO bias too. I love him & I miss him so much. ❤

  • Jessie whoop whoop Oh yeah!

    Wtf he’s so talented

  • Tonatiuh skr
    Tonatiuh skr 4 days ago

    I want to protect it, I have to protect it

  • nrmady _
    nrmady _ 4 days ago

    His voice is justtt💞💞💞😭

  • Niomi Heart
    Niomi Heart 4 days ago

    Ever since I took tap I randomly tap like he does. It becomes a habit lol

  • Just with IFA
    Just with IFA 4 days ago

    I know, I always liked the proper idol. One of them was My Hyungwon. My H.One

  • Exo OT9
    Exo OT9 4 days ago

    4:25 He's such a princess.... I LOVE HIM! and I miss him so much!!!!

  • Larissa Gomes
    Larissa Gomes 4 days ago

    Ele come de boca fechada graças a deus, não é igual aos outros idols que parece que ta comendo merda

  • Banu Yoo
    Banu Yoo 5 days ago

    Thank you so much!!! SM needs to hear this and let him have a solo album. i miss him, miss his voice a lot.

  • Jatziri AE
    Jatziri AE 5 days ago

    D.Osito. ❤️

  • ilze maria
    ilze maria 5 days ago

    kyungsoo improved so much on his vocals, I'm so proud of him

  • i'm asleep
    i'm asleep 6 days ago

    his voice is so good 😌💖

  • a ov
    a ov 6 days ago

    I want this video to be my husband

  • 边佛罗伦萨
    边佛罗伦萨 6 days ago

    you deserve heaven, thanks😔😔💛

  • antiesoshal
    antiesoshal 6 days ago


  • fangirlkaren 04
    fangirlkaren 04 7 days ago

    i miss him ;(

  • Bernard Jaudian Jr
    Bernard Jaudian Jr 7 days ago

    what song in 1st part??

  • Ana Claudia Gomes
    Ana Claudia Gomes 7 days ago

    Best voice in kpop 😍

  • Anjar Aditya
    Anjar Aditya 7 days ago

    D.o exo lucu banget

  • Blade The Slayer
    Blade The Slayer 7 days ago

    I was half asleep i thought I was actually speaking with kyungsoo. Oh my god that was tripy

  • The Aidana
    The Aidana 7 days ago


  • paprika MLB
    paprika MLB 7 days ago

    What is the song of the minute 3:18 ?

    • Nur Janah
      Nur Janah Day ago

      3.18 is White Sugar by Monsta X

  • Yani Ramirez
    Yani Ramirez 7 days ago

    where is Like Rain Like Music?

  • Just Lilyx
    Just Lilyx 7 days ago

    Here i come, cause i miss him so bad. It's 500 days until he discharged from military.

  • Michael Why
    Michael Why 8 days ago

    Miss d.o

  • Dong Mun Han
    Dong Mun Han 8 days ago

    9:07 my favourite part

  • Dong Mun Han
    Dong Mun Han 8 days ago

    My most favourite vocalist in the whole universe!!! Forever

  • Ri Jun Kyun
    Ri Jun Kyun 8 days ago

    OMG this so beautiful 😭👏🏻

  • fangirlkaren 04
    fangirlkaren 04 8 days ago

    coming back here coz i miss him so much!😞

  • 됴알모경
    됴알모경 9 days ago

    늦덕인데 죽을것같아요ㅠㅠ 너무 보고싶어요 일상생활이 힘들어요ㅠㅠ

  • EXOTOCIN the love hormone

    who else came here because he/she misses kyungsoo a lot 😭 SAME 😭😭😭

  • EXOTOCIN the love hormone

    whenever i miss kyungsoo, i just listen to his voice, a pure blessing to my life 😭💕 you know i miss you a lot. please be healthy always and may you have constant happiness in your life in whatever path/situation you are in my love. I'll always be here, rooting for you. I'll wait for you on January 25 2021

  • Bella Samendra
    Bella Samendra 9 days ago

    Chansoo uwahhh

  • Korean Drama
    Korean Drama 9 days ago

    Aigoo my lil penguin is almost perfect. Great voice Excellent acting skilss Best dancing skills including tap dancing Handsome face. Height ?? ?? Ahhh I guess there's nothing we can do about that 😂😂 But I will still be your most # 1 fan no matter how short you are 😂😘😘😘 PS: Honestly I just miss him 😭😭

  • Sharon
    Sharon 9 days ago

    watching this made me realize how good exo's performance outfits were on so many of their stage performances

  • Brigetta Tang
    Brigetta Tang 9 days ago

    When ad cuts his high notes.....

  • Rajib G Hasan
    Rajib G Hasan 9 days ago

    Made some mukbang video kenapaaa?? Biar makin banyak yg nonton...

  • Rajib G Hasan
    Rajib G Hasan 9 days ago

    Aduuhhh pengen dimakan...😍😍😍

  • Gastón Bordón
    Gastón Bordón 9 days ago

    Ha ha nu ru No wa neeeeeeeee gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Me encanta eso. Aguante kyungsoo loco.

  • shadowboy 666
    shadowboy 666 9 days ago

    2:30 i got shook

  • Pelotuda
    Pelotuda 10 days ago

    I miss Kyungsoo. :(

  • pineapple wonho
    pineapple wonho 10 days ago

    he smiles with his eyes first before his mouth :((( precious

  • pineapple wonho
    pineapple wonho 10 days ago

    if i ever made a video on do kyungsoo’s best vocals, idk how i’ll be able to fit seven years of footage in a video

  • Baekhyun Half Million Seller

    All the songs : 0:00 Lim Hee Sook - I Really Didn't Know 2:41 Heechul & Min Kyung Hoon - Sweet Dream 2:49 EXO-CBX - For You 3:32 EXO - Cosmic Railway 4:12 Baekhyun - Psycho 4:30 EXO - Don't Go 4:49 EXO - Love Shot 5:06 Journey - Open Arms 5:35 Bumkey&Rhythmking - Love Song 6:34 SG WANNABE - As I Live 6:49 EXO - Boomerang 7:13 EXO - Universe 7:30 EXO - Cosmic Railway 7:43 Baekhyun - Take You Home 7:57 EXO - Forever 8:10 EXO - 24/7 8:15 EXO-CBX - Cry 8:31 EXO - Wait 9:13 EXO - Angel/Into Your World (Both are the same) 9:26 EXO - Miracles In December 9:37 EXO - Eldorado 9:56 EXO - Drop That 10:05 EXO - Tempo 10:19 EXO - White Noise 10:32 EXO - Thunder 10:42 EXO - Playboy 10:56 Paul Kim - Rain 11:31 EXO - Stronger 12:13 Jeon Young Rok - It's Still A Drak Night 12:36 Kim Hyun Sik - Like Rain Like Music 12:51 EXO - Overdose 12:59 EXO - What If

  • Gravity Noise
    Gravity Noise 10 days ago

    Do Kyungsoo is the best, i miss him so much TT

  • Yo Nice Skirt
    Yo Nice Skirt 11 days ago

    Oooff almost forget to watch this today

  • NRainny
    NRainny 11 days ago


  • meet me in the hallway oopies

    Mama was literally the perfect debut song for EXO, it displayed their vocal talent and was just a fucking banger, it is anything to turn you into a stan.

  • annie kai
    annie kai 11 days ago

    Best vocalist 😍

  • Sakura
    Sakura 11 days ago

    OK Done! List of songs in this video >>> 0:00 Buzz - Thorn 0:51 EXO - Wait 1:36 Chen - Beautiful Goodbye 3:04 EXO - Monster 3:38 EXO - Diamond 4:05 SG WANNABE - Jewelry Box In My Heart 4:30 EXO - Lucky 4:49 EXO-CBX - Cry 5:06 EXO - Gravity 5:44 EXO-CBX - Baekhyun Solo Ringa Ringa Ring 6:05 Baekhyun & Loco - Young 6:52 Kim Gun Mo - The Moon Of Seoul 7:19 Heechul & Min Kyung Hoon - Sweet Dream 7:55 EXO-CBX - Paper Cuts 8:09 Baekhyun & SoYou - Rain 8:37 EXO-CBX - Vroom Vroom 9:01 EXO - Universe 9:18 BoA - Am I Okay Like This 10:00 EXO - Wolf (remix) 11:04 EXO - My Turn To Cry 11:08 EXO - MoonLight 11:24 EXO - Call Me Baby 11:33 EXO - What If 11:38 EXO - My Turn To Cry (Baekhyun Solo Stage) 12:46 EXO - Sing For You (Jazz ver. remix) 13:24 EXO - Baby Don't Cry 13:58 EXO - The Eve

  • Sakura
    Sakura 11 days ago

    I'm thinking of making a comment of all the songs in this I think it'll help...

  • BaeTaeng7
    BaeTaeng7 11 days ago

    His voice is seriously one of the best in the Kpop industry

  • Army suga
    Army suga 11 days ago

    i love kyung supreme bias wonderful my little owl❤

  • Maulidiana Rizqi
    Maulidiana Rizqi 11 days ago

    Suka banget sama suara Do Kyungsoo..enak banget sumpah. Alussss, enak di dengerin intinya..Love and miss you Kyungsoo 😍😍😍

  • Jael vaej-
    Jael vaej- 11 days ago

    Chilensis entenderán; 0:14 ZAPATEOO' ESCOBILLAO'


    Love you kyungsoo is my life😍😚

  • Phornthip Ruenchit
    Phornthip Ruenchit 12 days ago


  • kyungsoo dio
    kyungsoo dio 12 days ago

    omg i sleep when i hear this

  • Honeybustanutoats .-.

    you can say what you want but he’s one of the top voices in kpop and no one can change my mind

  • D.O kyungsoo
    D.O kyungsoo 12 days ago

    my bb kyungsoo

  • Salem Lazycat
    Salem Lazycat 12 days ago

    If you love him, every moment will be perfect

  • sina rosie
    sina rosie 12 days ago

    I honestly have been waiting for someone to compile his killing part...thankyou so much and i miss him :(

  • Phornthip Ruenchit
    Phornthip Ruenchit 12 days ago


  • Phornthip Ruenchit
    Phornthip Ruenchit 12 days ago


  • Byel Siu
    Byel Siu 12 days ago

    Yêu chết i đc, người gì đâu ăn mà cũng thấy moe moe vậy chứ

  • Kirsten Graham
    Kirsten Graham 12 days ago

    Came here again after Swing Kids

  • Mee Mee
    Mee Mee 13 days ago

    I like this, his voice🐧❤

  • Laudya DKS12
    Laudya DKS12 13 days ago

    Ohh i love you so much

  • Leyla Tural
    Leyla Tural 13 days ago

    fuck kyungsoo just bias wrecked me and my bias was kyungsoo-

  • may chavez
    may chavez 13 days ago

    seeing rookie kyungsoo made me miss that time he used to perform beatboxing during shows ;-;

  • Bnisha 04
    Bnisha 04 13 days ago

    These performances did not age well.

  • pide hendi
    pide hendi 13 days ago

    istg i held back tears and my period is over so it’s not some hormonal sadness guys i’m actually crying over a korean celebritiy but what can i do he’s so talented and squishy and manly he makes me want to cry so badly ,_,

  • Katarzyna Powłoka
    Katarzyna Powłoka 14 days ago

    06:31 song plese 🙏

  • Sab Razon
    Sab Razon 14 days ago


  • atiqah siregar
    atiqah siregar 14 days ago

    I miss you baby.............

  • MrsBooDangit
    MrsBooDangit 14 days ago

    Worst video ever

  • Glori Espinoza
    Glori Espinoza 14 days ago

    1:18 what song??

    JUNGKOOK V 14 days ago