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  • Maken X
    Maken X Hour ago

    The real pop still exists, you just have to look good here is kim, another star who has the talent to be among the best pop stars in the world.

  • Aoli Fu
    Aoli Fu 4 hours ago

    She’s very pretty and I like her style, it reminds me of real pop that I’ve been nostalgic for the 2000s to the early 2010s. I hope her music will continue like this :)

  • Arlen Gutiérrez
    Arlen Gutiérrez 4 hours ago

    here because jimin and jungkook's playlist from spotify my god this girl is so pretty and her voice

  • Matthew TayLour
    Matthew TayLour 5 hours ago

    I was playing this and my cousin honestly screamed from the third floor, "GIRL FUCK HIM!" .... so its stands☺️😆...Kim Girl, fuck him😘.

  • Soleil Bleau
    Soleil Bleau 6 hours ago

    I was gonna say do we really need another basic blonde doing bland pop but I hear there is a twist

  • Nick Flint
    Nick Flint 7 hours ago

    Oh my life this song is 100percent amazing

  • Mark Rayvon
    Mark Rayvon 9 hours ago

    this video said trans rights!

  • Theronizer Thesecond

    I love your plastic trail!

  • chaz kraizer
    chaz kraizer 11 hours ago

    This is trash. You're an idiot if you like this.

  • jjcousin1
    jjcousin1 11 hours ago

    Double thumbs up!!

  • action point
    action point 13 hours ago


  • hakan Güner
    hakan Güner 14 hours ago

    Beautiful song❤

  • jjcousin1
    jjcousin1 14 hours ago

    Good song :) I like the highs

  • Killary Klinton
    Killary Klinton 17 hours ago

    Who needs a wig, when Lich Queen Kim has frozen you solid??

  • Cadu Obando
    Cadu Obando 18 hours ago


  • Vibha B
    Vibha B 20 hours ago

    *okay why is this not trending??? Exblain America exblian*

  • High Fructose Dreams
    High Fructose Dreams 20 hours ago

    Pop perfection

  • Impelled
    Impelled 22 hours ago

    some of these comments holy shit, she’s a WOMAN not “a trans” you dont see a straight guy and say “oh a straight” thats not how this world works.

  • Sweet Camz
    Sweet Camz 23 hours ago


  • nathaniel ologun
    nathaniel ologun 23 hours ago

    i wanna say shes hot but idk what to think since shes trans am i still allowed to call her hot (no disrespect)

  • Jackson Brown
    Jackson Brown Day ago

    Bet he still has those big ass man feet cant hide those

  • Darth Bagel
    Darth Bagel Day ago

    Trans rights🏳️‍🌈

  • Sewstyleshoot Insta

    VVS what it means?

  • GαяGαяღ
    GαяGαяღ Day ago

    0.75x speed is the spookiest youll eva here

  • GαяGαяღ
    GαяGαяღ Day ago

    you guysss shes on tmz omg

  • GαяGαяღ
    GαяGαяღ Day ago

    what the friggg shes on tmz

  • GαяGαяღ
    GαяGαяღ Day ago

    what the friggg shes on tmz omg omg this is unreal

  • Din
    Din Day ago

    I love the synthwave feel of this. I hope Kim breaks the mainstream if anything to bring pop music back into shape. Enough nasal moaning already.

  • Sheldon Turley

    She remind me of Lady Gaga when she was coming up......she great.

  • Theronizer Thesecond

    You are a great artist to really pull up the fashionista from being a part of the world to being more in mode of it, unlike poppy where every seems piece together, yours feels more full and yet less distracting.

  • Theronizer Thesecond

    the simplicity of you with everything, really doesn't ever pull away from the full mood!

  • Theronizer Thesecond

    The outfits are perfect and simple

  • Theronizer Thesecond

    I love your imagination with art everywhere even on your face.

  • Theronizer Thesecond

    monster make up is way too manly women say, you should only look like a sex kitten

  • GαяGαяღ
    GαяGαяღ Day ago

    so i see buns stop streaming after it hit 1 million views our goal is 5 million dont stop

  • VaughnLive Misc

    It's a guy with fake breasts and a mental disorder. Maybe even had an operation on his/her vocal cords to sing better. (cheating)

  • Joseph Christopher

    Cause of this my heart is on fire!!!!!! 🔥

  • Maximiliano Espinoza Álvarez

    I really love this song and Kim this is true so good btw I heard I little bit of Charli XCX on the background it’s just me?

  • Vanderley Soares

    Quen veio pelo o track by track... E claro pela fe❤

  • Nate Saintlouis

    I love your song Kim Petras 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟❣❣🧡🧡🧡💛💛💌💌😎😎💟💟💙💙❤❤💜💜🖤🖤🖤🖤💖💖💖💖💖💕💕💕💕💕💓💓💓💓💓💚💚💚💚💚💚💞💞

  • kim_ Petras_is_Queen

    I love Kim so much!! 😍❤️ She's absolutely gorgeous ✨✨ everything she does or touches turns to gold... Love her music it's brought me allot of joy in such a hard time in my life RN.... Words can't describe how thankful I am for this beautiful gorgeous woman and her badass music😝😍😘🖤💙💜✨

  • mistressdianarahim

    I just realized nikita dragun was in the dance scene, sitting on a chair at the back on her phone

  • Sarah Likes Tacos

    This is some Eurovision shit if I've ever seen it

  • Qx CMRNA
    Qx CMRNA Day ago

    The most beautiful voice, don't 💤 on her... True talent 🔥

  • Eric Victor
    Eric Victor 2 days ago

    Cant believe I played this million times asf.

  • Yosr Bargouti
    Yosr Bargouti 2 days ago


  • Rodrigo Nate
    Rodrigo Nate 2 days ago


  • DeltaX
    DeltaX 2 days ago

    She's gonna be a legend

  • RiceFieldWorkers
    RiceFieldWorkers 2 days ago

    Serve queen!!!!

  • breathing is for the weak

    She's so goddamn talented, beautiful, powerful and I don't understand why this is so underrated

  • Theronizer Thesecond

    You remind me of culture club fashion

  • Theronizer Thesecond

    I was like whoa , a little too much , not really liking you like Britney, that sports bra is some illusion

  • Theronizer Thesecond

    Paris Hilton symbolism for good economy

  • Theronizer Thesecond

    The latino guy is way cuter

  • Theronizer Thesecond

    The nerd is cuter

  • Theronizer Thesecond

    It's like all the things you don't want in music videos

  • Theronizer Thesecond

    What clarity was that, i am so like nothing really sense and it make sense but really you have a place somewhere to make clarity and that you think about clarity as you are clarity as a person or something

  • Theronizer Thesecond

    You look raveled by a universe

  • Theronizer Thesecond

    I love your creepy ass like style of make up

  • Theronizer Thesecond

    I love all the ices

  • Theronizer Thesecond

    Something you thought should be in the 90's but now.

  • Fernando Muñoz Vilches

    I love this song so, so much. I need a video.

  • Juge44
    Juge44 2 days ago

    This is going on my ipod - love it!

  • Sophie T
    Sophie T 2 days ago

    The music video is really creativeonce you pay attention

  • Sha lom
    Sha lom 2 days ago

    How come this masterpiece has less then 1B views

  • George Kanev
    George Kanev 2 days ago

    Why is this song on my mind all day ?? Since 1 month ! It’s a hit , good job Kim 👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • Sense8 FanClub
    Sense8 FanClub 3 days ago

    You took the wrong turn Took the wrong turn at the wrong time You took the wrong turn Took the wrong turn at the wrong time You met the wrong one Met the wrong one on the wrong night Yeah, you took the wrong turn Took the wrong turn at the wrong time Never should've came alone Never gonna make it home Nothing matters anymore Go ahead and lock the door You're my bloody valentine You can't help but hide the blinds Hurry, quick, you're out of time Out of time It's your final destination Count your blessings, time to make a sacrifice Take a deep breath, let it sink in Now you realize You took the wrong turn Took the wrong turn at the wrong time You took the wrong turn Took the wrong turn at the wrong time You met the wrong one Met the wrong one on the wrong night Yeah, you took the wrong turn Took the wrong turn at the wrong time Fire, flames, blood, and bones Whips and chains, heart of stone I am who you really fear Hold your tears, save the prayers Demons, devils, crucified You and death come eye to eye Go and kiss your life goodbye Kiss your life goodbye It's your final destination Count your blessings, time to make a sacrifice Take a deep breath, let it sink in Now you realize You took the wrong turn Took a wrong turn at the wrong time You took the wrong turn Took the wrong turn at the wrong time

  • Corey Troup
    Corey Troup 3 days ago

    Give me all my roses while I'm here. Wow. Thats fuuuucking real & deep shit if I ever heard some.

  • Nathen T.
    Nathen T. 3 days ago

    Who else here from Roomie

  • Sergio Antônio
    Sergio Antônio 3 days ago

    500.000 views 🔓 1.000.000 views 🔓 10.000.000 views 🔒 20.000.000 views 🔒 30.000.000 views 🔒 40.000.000 views 🔒 50.000.000 views 🔒 60.000.000 views 🔒 70.000.000 views 🔒 80.000.000 views 🔒 90.000.000 views 🔒 100.000.000 views 🔒

  • Kae Lauren
    Kae Lauren 3 days ago


  • Theronizer Thesecond

    That was cool the glitter soul!

  • Hick Medeiros
    Hick Medeiros 3 days ago

    Essa música merece mais reconhecimento

  • Charlotte Anderson
    Charlotte Anderson 3 days ago

    She looks like if Sabrina carpenter and dove Cameron had a child

  • Jahaziel Lebron
    Jahaziel Lebron 3 days ago

    1M Yassss✨💁🏽‍♂️🔥

  • Caleb Belkin
    Caleb Belkin 3 days ago

    essa batida me faz imaginar um grupo de vampiros vestidos de preto caminhando em direção a uma vila de pessoas indefesas

  • Caleb Belkin
    Caleb Belkin 3 days ago

    kim: close your eyes billie: but my eyes wont close

  • philip shen
    philip shen 3 days ago


  • CARLOS Adam
    CARLOS Adam 3 days ago

    1 million fuckkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!

  • Christian Avery
    Christian Avery 3 days ago

    When he puts his dick inside my hole I yell Woo! Ah!!!!! Like Kim

  • M I N A _ H A R B
    M I N A _ H A R B 3 days ago


  • Brett edwards
    Brett edwards 3 days ago

    Can’t stop singing the song and watching the video it’s my new favourite song

  • Prince Sikdar
    Prince Sikdar 3 days ago

    U r so cute

  • Prince Sikdar
    Prince Sikdar 3 days ago

    2019 in

  • Bill Pillus
    Bill Pillus 3 days ago

    This song is such a bop. The definition of pop music.

  • Cody Pace
    Cody Pace 4 days ago

    Come to Ft Wayne in Indiana Kim!!!

  • L N
    L N 4 days ago

    Why do I envision this as a really great high fashion runway song?! Yaaaaaaaass!!

  • Erison Emanuel
    Erison Emanuel 4 days ago


  • angelbabe3368
    angelbabe3368 4 days ago

    Your literally queen of the trans community 🌈

  • Todd Orr
    Todd Orr 4 days ago

    That's an awesome song. Congratulations

  • Diego Rodriguez
    Diego Rodriguez 4 days ago

    I saw her perform this live on her Clarity tour in Oakland I was snatched 👻💀☠️

  • itis whatitis
    itis whatitis 4 days ago

    what the fuck is a jungkook,,,, lol

  • Sophie T
    Sophie T 4 days ago

    Hey was the girl at 3:23 in the video spotlight by marshmellow?

  • Mario Lazarte Figueroa

    Is the number in the link real Its a joke im not stupid

  • Emanuel Marquez
    Emanuel Marquez 4 days ago


  • ho hey you
    ho hey you 4 days ago


  • Jeremiah Morgan
    Jeremiah Morgan 4 days ago

    Omg 1millllll yassss

  • André Vieira
    André Vieira 4 days ago

    Merece mais reconhecimento Maravilhosa 💚💚💚

  • Taylor Mitchie
    Taylor Mitchie 4 days ago

    Honestly I want to attend a kim Petras concert 😍😍.

  • lemme get uhh
    lemme get uhh 4 days ago

    I get a boner with every listen, guaranteed. 🤤