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Will Matthews
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  • A.F
    A.F 3 hours ago

    muy buen trabajo da gusto verte trabajar ,enhorabuena

  • Jesse
    Jesse 4 hours ago

    No chance of humidity delaminating that top?

  • Jesse
    Jesse 4 hours ago

    17:55 Oh shit! Roseanne's on!

  • Triune Blades
    Triune Blades 14 hours ago

    Great job on these beauties!

  • V-G-Z
    V-G-Z Day ago

    I can´t believe it, somebody on TheXvid who aktually knows what he´s doing.

  • Игорь Кузнецов

    Вопрос : - на хуа выкручивать вентиль .? Что бы потом этот участок вырезать ?Стекающий флюс делает в огнеупорной , керамической вате аккуратные , сквозные отверстия .Поменять изоляцию после сварки уже не получится .Короче - дурака работа любит .

  • Eustaquio fonseca

    " Show.

  • EmptyGlass99
    EmptyGlass99 Day ago

    The top should be floating on the base to allow for expansion and contraction. Screwing it in place like that will cause you problems down the road.

  • Savage
    Savage Day ago

    The way you planed the top was ingenious

  • Charles J Gartner

    why the poly glue? Is it stronger or cheaper?

  • J Batisi
    J Batisi Day ago

    Nice strategic placement of the "Best Dad Ever" Mug

  • Rick Dowe
    Rick Dowe Day ago

    I take it the person you made that for is left handed . Nice job, I do leather work have for 27 years and I always put in a welt in my knife sheaths. Job well done.

  • Robert
    Robert Day ago

    Nicely done. I have a similar Original Bowie from Japan except with wood handles pinned to the tang that I’m restoring from my childhood. I really like what you have done here especially with the wire brushing on the body of the knife. Your sheath is very well done.Very nice tribute to your Dad. Cheers!

  • Jesse Dean
    Jesse Dean 2 days ago

    This guy did some awesome restore on this chainsaw!👍

  • Toro DeFuego
    Toro DeFuego 2 days ago

    Dude, basic safety..... fill the bottle with water before cutting through the walls....

  • Pino Marino
    Pino Marino 2 days ago

    That points and condenser assembly is made by Wico. I believe parts are still available.

  • Jose Carlos Kruega
    Jose Carlos Kruega 2 days ago

    Buen trabajo

  • Amiga Forever
    Amiga Forever 2 days ago

    Hello superb video thank you & very good work ! But why did you paint white ? Greetings !

  • Йожъ Архип

    На ремень его не повесить. В кармане носить? 🤔

  • Effen Truth
    Effen Truth 3 days ago

    Great bench! Why polyurethane instead of wood glue? Not really familiar with polyurethane glue.

  • Douglas Wren
    Douglas Wren 4 days ago

    I agree with MaSGames . it is a impossible task and you cracked it

  • Huver De La Sierra
    Huver De La Sierra 4 days ago

    That work bench looks like it will last a life time, thanks for sharing and teaching us your skills.

  • Michael Trimble
    Michael Trimble 4 days ago

    That is by far one of the coolest and most worthy restos I have seen yet. Amazing work!

  • Kenneth MacKenzie
    Kenneth MacKenzie 5 days ago

    Hi Will, I forgot to thank you for the excellent video. Guess I was too busy thinking back to the days when health and safety didn't really come between me and my tonnage bonus. Keep up the great work.

  • redd foxx
    redd foxx 5 days ago

    Wow , your best tool is mind . Well done Sir

  • Jake Bykerk
    Jake Bykerk 5 days ago

    Now I’m here wondering how and who broke it to start with

    PREDATOR KING 5 days ago


  • Victoria Perea
    Victoria Perea 5 days ago

    whats the blue spray?

    DONALD DUKE 5 days ago

    Now THAT'S how a workbench SHOULD be built !

  • Kenneth MacKenzie
    Kenneth MacKenzie 6 days ago

    Dear God, back in the 70s I worked as a visual inspector in Hallside steelworks in Cambuslang near Glasgow, UK. We used these 'Hycycle Buffs' to inspect the billets by removing some of the oxidised surface on the billets which were 15-20 feet long, and this coating disguised the flaws in the steel. The billets were laid side by side on skidded bays of about 50 feet long. We stood bent over, walking backwards up the bays, grinding the billets until flaws in the shape of long cracks were revealed at which time they were sent to large surface grinders which ground the flaws out. It was hard going but I worked with a terrific squad of guys. The works closed in 1980 and in 2020 I still miss the old place. Happy days indeed !!!!!

  • Edyberto Contreras
    Edyberto Contreras 6 days ago

    BoldGuy track oh yes!!

  • Randy Baker
    Randy Baker 6 days ago

    All that work for something that take 5 min to bang in with a hammer

  • Tony Joe
    Tony Joe 6 days ago

    Very nice sir, very nice indeed

  • Ernz G. Celeste vlog

    hello welding time

  • Evan Fleming
    Evan Fleming 6 days ago

    Are you sure that's not an old KA-Bar knife?

  • Robert Graham
    Robert Graham 7 days ago

    That was truly inspirational. I am about to start my workbench build and have watched quite a few videos and most are using tools I can only dream of owning. Yours provided me with an insight on how to use the tools I have and the budget I have to get the job done. Brilliant.

  • Swinging Southpaw Style

    Late view Sir, but I’m a new Sub. Great job. I’ll be trying my hand at this soon. Cheers for the post.

  • andyds1
    andyds1 7 days ago

    Best restoration ever

  • Daniel McGlaughlin
    Daniel McGlaughlin 7 days ago

    Veggiemite... lol

  • Senior Savage
    Senior Savage 8 days ago


  • Pierre
    Pierre 8 days ago

    before cutting a gas bottle fill it with water to expel the gas.

  • Lucas Holbrook
    Lucas Holbrook 8 days ago

    In your parts list in the description is it really 1/8” nipple looks a little bigger?

  • Juan Angel Sada
    Juan Angel Sada 8 days ago

    Beautiful and Amazing Work_ Greettings from Nuevo Laredo, Tamps. Mexico

  • Derrick Hamilton
    Derrick Hamilton 8 days ago

    Could I borrow some of your mental patience?

  • dan clas
    dan clas 8 days ago

    Awesome job , great to see new life given back to an old saw and live to cut another day.

  • Hunter2323
    Hunter2323 8 days ago

    any chance you could comment on a set screw/anchor to act as a stop for the head rotation?

  • Ryan McGuire
    Ryan McGuire 9 days ago

    Will- Awesome video, did you have plans you were following that you can share?

  • srvfan454
    srvfan454 9 days ago

    The leather handle replacement gives me some ideas for my worn out old Estwing hatchet!

  • keza41
    keza41 9 days ago

    Apart from making stuff myself, I don’t think there is anything more satisfying than watching a craftsman going about his work, excellent YouTubing my man.

  • John Bowering
    John Bowering 10 days ago

    Really wicked job.well done.lots of hard work went into this project.beautiful end product. John uk

    CAL WETZEL 10 days ago


  • Sean Kilcoyne
    Sean Kilcoyne 11 days ago

    Very nice I like that you kept your mistakes in the video

  • Grage Wolf
    Grage Wolf 11 days ago

    Hello dude ! You did so a great job and I want to do a same forge and burner. The problem is that I can't find the dimensions do you mension for your burner. Do you have a website where I can found this items please ?

    JBSOUL 11 days ago

    My favorite part was when you figured out how to get the top on by yourself. Self reliance is disappearing fast nowadays.

  • Nelson Vega
    Nelson Vega 11 days ago

    Well done!

  • john smith
    john smith 12 days ago

    Nice job!!! BUT....I wudda put a welt on the sheath to keep the knife from cutting the threads.

  • Braxtly Tools
    Braxtly Tools 12 days ago

    I'm late to the party on this video, but it is FANTASTIC!!!!! Well, done. We are definitely sharing it on social media!!!! Emmy Braxtly

  • _Markers Stuka
    _Markers Stuka 12 days ago

    Awesome!!! Wonderful. Good job.

  • yard limit
    yard limit 12 days ago

    whats with the stupid noise in the background..............i think you would call it music.......couldn't even watch the whole thing on account of it........

  • mtb_d4n
    mtb_d4n 13 days ago

    What grid sandpaper did you use to refine the knife?

  • Terence Cragg
    Terence Cragg 13 days ago

    Excellent job!

  • Steve Sanchez
    Steve Sanchez 13 days ago

    Dog 📹 videos

  • Derek McLean
    Derek McLean 13 days ago

    Was that a rigidizer spray you used? Did you end up coating the whole insulation with castable?

  • _Markers Stuka
    _Markers Stuka 13 days ago

    Awesome!!! Wonderful. You're really artist.

  • Dary John Mizelle
    Dary John Mizelle 14 days ago

    You obviously have the understanding and technique to restore an ole knife. Why not design and build a new. original knife?

  • Will Willoughby
    Will Willoughby 14 days ago

    I have the same vise, broken in the same spot. Thanks for the video.

  • johnny weichert jensen

    What do you use spraying the isolation (blue in color)

  • Bret M.
    Bret M. 15 days ago


  • Stroke It
    Stroke It 15 days ago

    Could do without the crappy skipping CD music. And holy crap, you chose the absolute most difficult, most time consuming and least efficient way to build a forge. Good job though. Looks nice.

  • джексон курочкин

    Респектище за мастерство!!Добротную вещь починил!

  • Brian Trow
    Brian Trow 15 days ago

    Nice job you've done there I'm glad to see I'm not the only one that has to do things three four times sometimes

  • bravo one-niner
    bravo one-niner 15 days ago

    What was the liquid u put the knife in at the beginning?

  • Joe Smyth
    Joe Smyth 15 days ago

    Wow good job

  • archangel20031
    archangel20031 16 days ago

    I'd make a series of 1/2" holes every 12" to 18" down the center of every board, then use a 1/2" steel rod threaded on both ends to pull it all together. It will add strength for the life of the table through the boards and also prevent them from racking while gluing together. You can then recess the ends and plug them so they are net seen. I'd also put the oil on before installing the top so you can get all sides easier, it will prevent the wood from absorbing moisture in the humid summer.

    • JBSOUL
      JBSOUL 11 days ago

      Make your own video.

  • Wiley Head
    Wiley Head 16 days ago

    that's a K bar not a Bowie knife

  • outdoorzone
    outdoorzone 17 days ago

    Why not fire brick instead of that mess of concrete?

    • Richard England
      Richard England Day ago

      That's castable refractory cement. It's the same stuff firebrick is made out of. In theory it'll be more durable than just tossing a brick it there. Though a brick would be easier to replace when the floor eventually wears out.

  • outdoorzone
    outdoorzone 17 days ago

    Great vid!! What belt sander was that??thx

  • Evan Kees
    Evan Kees 17 days ago

    Looked like just had some patina that coil looked brand new

    • Evan Kees
      Evan Kees 15 days ago

      @darius goulden yeah I know but I bought a 1950s envinrude and the coil was cracking and such but it was also not the original coil

    • darius goulden
      darius goulden 15 days ago

      Those parts are made to be replaced, I had to replace a magneto on a Suffolk punch from the 1950s and you can buy new old stock

  • 357 bullfrog
    357 bullfrog 17 days ago

    Beautifull work. And that Spanish guitar instrumental was really something. I could listen to it all day long.

  • GFDE
    GFDE 17 days ago

    really good work, i also liked a lot to watch the leather work you did and that you dont put just any stupid music on your video, thumps up! ;)

  • manuel barron
    manuel barron 18 days ago

    I watched the whole video and a swore the whole time you beat on it with the hammer. Come on u f cking son of a bi... Break loose you bast..d

  • fb pliegorrivero
    fb pliegorrivero 18 days ago


  • ZenMinus
    ZenMinus 18 days ago

    Very nice rebuild, a little OTT, but no hole for the VFD fan and those misaligned and untidy labels 😊.

  • Pitbike Mirek
    Pitbike Mirek 18 days ago

    Hi plz new video

  • Cretu Octavian
    Cretu Octavian 18 days ago

    Awesome restoration, nice job! :D

  • Are we not entertained?

    And then the garage floor wasn't level...

  • Greyghost680
    Greyghost680 18 days ago

    The luckiest man alive. You realize what you are doing is taboo with the 2x4 ripping on the table saw right?

    • Greyghost680
      Greyghost680 17 days ago

      @J Bujanos prone to kickback from binding between saw and blade kerf. Better performed on band saw. Ask any safe woodworker. This is a no no.

    • J Bujanos
      J Bujanos 17 days ago


  • ken jepsen
    ken jepsen 18 days ago

    Gave me something to watch while the wife was chatting away on the phone to me.. THANK YOU! ;)

  • Eyelinerım Çok Güzel

    Kıllarını kesmene ne gerek vardı şimdi amk

  • Чингис Серикулы

    Мой АСМР

  • Rauf Ahmadov
    Rauf Ahmadov 19 days ago


    FREDDY VELASQUEZ 19 days ago

    Greetings from Brooklyn, New York. Your dedication to woodworking and craftsmanship reminds me of Norm Abram. Take care.

  • CardiakMusik
    CardiakMusik 19 days ago

    Omg this durability was overkill for a DIY woodworker like myself. But man this was beautiful to watch! Awesome vid!

  • joe LeGrand
    joe LeGrand 19 days ago

    Love that floor jack, to save your back by using your head!! Love the table frame, with the "H" frame legs. I am making a dinning Farmhouse table, the the same frame , but with a single top stretcher & a single bottom stretcher .

  • Niklas_ 227
    Niklas_ 227 20 days ago

    Dont give so much gas when the motor is cold!!!

  • didierleclerc66
    didierleclerc66 20 days ago

    Nicest pine workbench ever.

  • SkyForce
    SkyForce 20 days ago

    Хуево пилит. У меня немецкий Stihlлучше берет, и вообще, американцы и канадцы воры.

  • SukoYote
    SukoYote 20 days ago

    Paranormal activity? (Just kidding) 6:40

  • bang ding ow
    bang ding ow 20 days ago

    Belt sanders are terrible tools.

  • Neville Cartwright
    Neville Cartwright 20 days ago

    Wow, what an awesome restoration! Great job! I must agree with ok BoOmEr - it's great watching a video without annoying background music! Job well done all round!