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  • Norberto Stahl
    Norberto Stahl 4 minutes ago

    them guys are pushing 2000hp easy lol

  • Norberto Stahl
    Norberto Stahl 4 minutes ago

    chevy i6 that they use left and right in brazil.

  • Jerry herc
    Jerry herc 5 minutes ago

    Put some crazy ass Honda engine in it to get the civics that keep getting you

  • Mark Searcy
    Mark Searcy 7 minutes ago


  • Bill Alleman
    Bill Alleman 9 minutes ago

    Try a Buick 3.8?

  • Sean Gruett
    Sean Gruett 12 minutes ago

  • funwithguns89
    funwithguns89 12 minutes ago

    OMG..sick nasty!

    JMD IDPA 32 minutes ago

    Put a viper 8.4 v10 in Ruby!!!!!

  • Matthew Hartz
    Matthew Hartz 33 minutes ago

    Why do one engine when you can do 2

  • Colton Yeezy
    Colton Yeezy 34 minutes ago

    Get chu a v10 from a viper easy power

  • frieddayfriday
    frieddayfriday 36 minutes ago

    damn! that looks ton of fun.

  • Captain Awesome
    Captain Awesome 36 minutes ago


  • Mark Robinson
    Mark Robinson 55 minutes ago

    3.8L Grand Ruby

  • Adam Moore
    Adam Moore 55 minutes ago

    Don't do a 2j swap. Everybody is doing 2j and LS swaps.

  • Bran Don Won
    Bran Don Won 59 minutes ago

    4-rotor (R26B) Mazda 787B type engine

  • christian Gay
    christian Gay Hour ago

    Could do a crazy vr38 you know the alpha queen gtr is making 3000+ hp

  • Ben Jones
    Ben Jones Hour ago

    Give Buffy some love!!!!

  • Jason Moyle
    Jason Moyle Hour ago

    the video is gone its not playing!! wtf is going on?

  • BenFenner
    BenFenner Hour ago

    Would love to see a built 1UZ (Toyota V8) in Ruby. They are classic over-built Japanese engines with HUGE power potential (high RPM as well). They just don't get the love they deserve.

  • Bimmer Dude
    Bimmer Dude Hour ago

    please do a home depo fence pipe drive shaft!!

  • Christopher robbins

    Boostin performance 4g63. Give it some dsm love. Max out a 5 bar map sensor.

  • James Riddle
    James Riddle Hour ago

    And rubies you can also do a Cummins swap

  • mustanguy102
    mustanguy102 Hour ago

    Barra would be tits in ruby.

  • Bradley Wagman
    Bradley Wagman Hour ago


  • Toby Mathis
    Toby Mathis Hour ago

    I think yall should try it with a nice wet green 4x4. Should be a little stronger

  • English bull terrier Molly

    Were do all these TheXvid car people get the money. They all dump money into race and super cars, must be nice to have a trust fund, I just dont understand every car TheXvidr has a lambo, 2 ferraris, or 3 race cars there building, how did they all get 2 million dollar cars, I've seen more people saying it's my konnenseig than there are actual konnenseigs in existence. Just sayin.

  • bloodviper_playz

    I wonder what a Florida man looks like? Cleetus: hell ya brother

  • Ruben Entenza
    Ruben Entenza Hour ago

    Barra..... Ford powered Corvette would get the purists steaming more so than a Toyota engine. Plus it's a good counterpart to all the GM powered Mustangs

  • jon scott
    jon scott Hour ago

    3000 lbs lol idk what a corvette weighs tbh

  • Robert Kelley
    Robert Kelley Hour ago

    Maybe it was supposed to be connected to "house" power and why the dyno results were underwhelming, lol.

  • Wind of change
    Wind of change Hour ago

    Do an import swap, would be hella weird but cool too. Rob dahm did something in a similair vein except he swapped a rotary into a corvertte.

  • Tjay Schul Schul
    Tjay Schul Schul 2 hours ago

    Nissan GT-R RB26 swap in ruby would be crazy! Or a Wr-x ej257

  • j s
    j s 2 hours ago

    Would love to see an import engine in your fleet ... but not so much in a vette , would love to see it kept a v8 . Maybe a hellcat , or maybe a ford since old neighbors heart has been real faithful 5.8l ford trinity ? Maybe a serious 4v terminator? I would definitely vote v8 with twin turbskies!! But either way Keep on DEWing what you DEW!!

  • SicariiD
    SicariiD 2 hours ago

    Get someone to make you matte black straight panels, get a kinda stealth bomber, batmobile look :)

  • Tromp Kramer
    Tromp Kramer 2 hours ago

    Rb engine from a nissan

  • Daniel Australia
    Daniel Australia 2 hours ago

    Another great Yt channel check out, Neutral Drop. Good entertainment

  • Tucky2012
    Tucky2012 2 hours ago

    I can see the emotion in your eyes once you got that slip 😁

  • EF's For life
    EF's For life 2 hours ago

    Barra in Ruby let's go

  • jon scott
    jon scott 2 hours ago

    anyone that parks a c7 on the fucking drive way is a legend

  • Morgan Adair
    Morgan Adair 2 hours ago

    Apparently too much free time... put either iron wood or some extreme known strong in the lathe and turn it as well as put the remained shafts in lathe and true it all.... knotty wood versus clear wood yada yada

  • Dawson Harris
    Dawson Harris 2 hours ago

    Duramax swap ruby and line it up with the Cummins galaxy 🤔

  • Rawmon94
    Rawmon94 2 hours ago

    Hondette! Kswap joint project with the boosted bois

  • Martin Johann Kloppers

    LIMA the LIMO has to happen... HAS to happen. Your channel will not be complete without LIMA the LIMO. Ok, maybe "Lemur"...

  • Martin Johann Kloppers

    The Holley doesn't let you design a boost curve for each gear?? It has one boost setting per the entire gear?? Ok steering clear of that for sure on my LS builds... I'm an import build guy, and I LOVE boost-by-gear/RPM for the exact reason that you can design the exact boost curve you want for every gear, to keep the tires planted on the verge of ripping loose through peak torque, then ramping up the boost as you get into high RPM so that the torque doesn't drop off etc...

  • jon scott
    jon scott 3 hours ago

    i dont watch slk2jz but i ran in to him at a red light on my cbr in ybor i got a video of him shooting flames .. i didnt even know who he was.. i asked him if he wanted to race he said said no bc i had a 600 not a 1000 i was like dayummm ok lol

  • Mark Sidorov
    Mark Sidorov 3 hours ago

    9:03 watch the guy in the blue waddle to the door

  • Caynn Fittler
    Caynn Fittler 3 hours ago

    1000cc haybussa

  • Joey Drennan
    Joey Drennan 3 hours ago

    Do an RB30 Swap on ruby. That’ll really throw people for a loop and never been done!

  • Techheadzc32
    Techheadzc32 3 hours ago

    DO NOT CHANGE FROM GM! Look into the LS V12 built in Melbourne. Look up this will make it NUTS!

  • dionisis001
    dionisis001 3 hours ago

    you should try screwing cylidrical pieces together to make a long cylinder and then do the same but with a hollow center so it looks like a tube to see if it's stronger.......

  • Peter Wittorff
    Peter Wittorff 3 hours ago

    I would love to see an old 5 cylinder audi engine in ruby🥰

  • Dylan Johnson
    Dylan Johnson 3 hours ago

    I have a complete Barra engine you guys can have 😂 comes in a complete fg xr6 turbo cars been written off by hail damage

  • Michael Niland
    Michael Niland 4 hours ago

    if you put a barra in ruby itll be faster than leroy

  • Andris Kiršteins
    Andris Kiršteins 4 hours ago


  • Chris Bechtold
    Chris Bechtold 4 hours ago

    A tiny 2000HP 2.0L Honda would be hilarious! Just think of all the extra room in the engine bay!

  • AnthonyTee
    AnthonyTee 4 hours ago

    Keep Ruby ls

  • Drew Davenport
    Drew Davenport 4 hours ago

    give ruby a big inch (700+) nitrous motor and throw nitrous flames out of a nice set of zoomies or bullhorns.

  • Jared Vanderkaaden
    Jared Vanderkaaden 4 hours ago

    4 Rota

  • Eric Robert
    Eric Robert 4 hours ago

    PVC pipe with concrete and rebar on the inside

  • Luke Brownlie
    Luke Brownlie 4 hours ago

    Holden RB30, or a Mercedes OM642

  • Victory Racer
    Victory Racer 4 hours ago

    OMG i never knew two step is so deadly

  • Ken McKay
    Ken McKay 4 hours ago

    A body on leroy ? Im excited .but a corvette hmmmm

  • Grant Harvey
    Grant Harvey 4 hours ago

    Barra the world!!

  • Riley Mannion
    Riley Mannion 4 hours ago

    You should do a exposed carbon shell to cover up around the wheels and intake and in between the intake and turbos back to the windshield then bring it back to the wind tunnel and see how much it helps

  • oharagavin
    oharagavin 5 hours ago

    RB30 billet block, bullet race engines

  • Garrett Carpenter
    Garrett Carpenter 5 hours ago

    Love the channel guys

  • Garrett Carpenter
    Garrett Carpenter 5 hours ago

    Put an all aluminum 565 bbc conventional headed with twin 88s skip the 7s go strait to the 6s lol

  • brady cook
    brady cook 5 hours ago

    Diesel swap it

  • Mr Quez
    Mr Quez 5 hours ago

    Put a big block in ruby

  • Joe Doyle
    Joe Doyle 5 hours ago

    2jz for ruby fs

  • Joshua Elliott
    Joshua Elliott 5 hours ago

    Put a r35 gtr's 3.8tt v6 in ruby

  • E1337Jerk
    E1337Jerk 5 hours ago

    Barra all the way

  • Hendo 196
    Hendo 196 5 hours ago

    put a barra in ruby

  • TurtleNade
    TurtleNade 5 hours ago

    LMAO my mans almost died at 15:03

  • Jeremy Hass
    Jeremy Hass 5 hours ago

    4G63T swap

  • Gytis Sakalauskas
    Gytis Sakalauskas 5 hours ago new Rubys crazy engine idea?

  • Zach, Zac, and Zack
    Zach, Zac, and Zack 5 hours ago

    Technically there are speed limits for every on ramp they are the speed of the highway to get up to speed

  • Gregory Watson
    Gregory Watson 6 hours ago

    What ya guys know bout rotary engines? That could be crazy cool. And kooky! And expensive! What in racing cars isn’t? Nothing SCREAMS domestic import in the burnout box like a well-assembled 4 rotor.

  • Charming Charmley’s

    Duramax in Ruby!!

  • Daniel perez
    Daniel perez 6 hours ago


  • Joe Hay Tyler
    Joe Hay Tyler 6 hours ago

    Put an opala engine in it that’ll send that thing to the 6s

  • Travis Mosher
    Travis Mosher 6 hours ago

    No body for leroy

  • jaamin diemer
    jaamin diemer 6 hours ago

    Fuckin Mint👌

  • jaamin diemer
    jaamin diemer 6 hours ago

    Make a crazy drift cart with Ruby's motor yee yee. Tell u what

  • Lucas Meyer Bech Olsen 8C Østerbyskolen

    what is the horsepower count?

  • ulicess cervantes
    ulicess cervantes 6 hours ago

    N54 from a bmw haha

  • Jason Thomas
    Jason Thomas 6 hours ago

    Put a compound turbo Cummins in ruby

  • ThePeopleVerse
    ThePeopleVerse 6 hours ago

    Don't watch for import action. Can hardly wait for the Chevy 2 build and race videos. How about Ruby getting an old school Hemi with a blower?

  • Ken Martin
    Ken Martin 6 hours ago

    Vortec 4200!!

  • leo ruiz
    leo ruiz 6 hours ago

    Love james attitude 😬🤣 it makes what it makes 😬🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • sawyer95
    sawyer95 6 hours ago

    One word, Barra

  • Mike D
    Mike D 7 hours ago

    Put a hot Detroit 4-53t in Ruby!

  • Billy Mead
    Billy Mead 7 hours ago

    There are no fnnning eagles in imports. So much for doing it for Dale. Yall would have to bow to mai xing. Dont sell out. Next thing yall go to the track and complain about being called a man and throw a fit over no urinals in the womens bathroom.

  • Mark Dent
    Mark Dent 7 hours ago


  • Brad Prang
    Brad Prang 7 hours ago

    Cummings 12v or duramax some sort of diesel would be cool in ruby

  • SchwiftyE30
    SchwiftyE30 7 hours ago

    V-12 twin turbo swap on Ruby.

  • David Nall
    David Nall 7 hours ago

    beef up the front end and put a duramax in it.

  • fmxboy1991
    fmxboy1991 7 hours ago

    427 twin turbo limo?

  • marek poulin
    marek poulin 7 hours ago

    A 4g63 would be funny 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Nick Deakin
    Nick Deakin 7 hours ago

    If your going to a turbo 6 cylinder a ford 4 L barra motor from australia would be better than a 2J