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How A Hacker Lost Me $10,000
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Fortnite Duos With NINJA!
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We *BROKE* Fortnite Tag...
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  • Hiroki Isaza
    Hiroki Isaza 4 hours ago

    is not the gun is your aim

  • UpRyZe Sync
    UpRyZe Sync 4 hours ago

    I have the elf and imma be sad because it’s my only rare skin life if u agree🥺 ⬇️

  • twt films 2
    twt films 2 4 hours ago

    Oh my god the glass just smashed everywhere

  • Kirstin Carson
    Kirstin Carson 4 hours ago

    Offff offff

  • Maria Palacios
    Maria Palacios 4 hours ago


  • OctavianTiberius
    OctavianTiberius 4 hours ago

    Nobody stops playing minecraft, they just go AFK for a while.

  • Sync Exotik
    Sync Exotik 5 hours ago

    Lachy winning solo games that’s a shocker he dosent have fresh lol

  • BunnyGaming
    BunnyGaming 5 hours ago

    i miss your old intro pls bring it back

  • SPACE cadex
    SPACE cadex 5 hours ago

    Anyone wanna play some fortnite? Basically just comment your name on this comment👇 I WILL ADD YOU. Thanks 😺

  • Drew Smith
    Drew Smith 5 hours ago

    who is watching in December 2019?

  • Beth Ramseur
    Beth Ramseur 5 hours ago

    0:39-0:41 Lachlan: One good look'n detective and it's me by the way. Me: You have a bandage on your nose?!

  • brooklyn wombacher
    brooklyn wombacher 5 hours ago

    Whose watching in 2020

  • Talon Roberts
    Talon Roberts 5 hours ago

    He says to not jump and he says let’s jump into a match

  • Patrick Hoskin
    Patrick Hoskin 5 hours ago

    Those were the good day so sad the pack stopped playing a lot of Minecraft.😔

  • Joshua Perez
    Joshua Perez 5 hours ago

    because your better than me and i never got a win can you help me pls?

  • Bryan Yoffe
    Bryan Yoffe 5 hours ago


  • Joshua Perez
    Joshua Perez 5 hours ago

    can you add me in fortnite my username is JoshWashy228

  • Owen Taylor
    Owen Taylor 5 hours ago

    Me: Clicks video to watch it Ad: Ha, NOPE

  • Jordan Wilson
    Jordan Wilson 5 hours ago

    Seson 4

  • caleb jecker vlogs
    caleb jecker vlogs 5 hours ago

    Guess what oof oof

  • UndertaleNinja
    UndertaleNinja 6 hours ago


  • elham eskander
    elham eskander 6 hours ago

    Your a bot

  • Christian Byrd
    Christian Byrd 6 hours ago

    Lachlan did not drop out of high school

  • Caleb brun
    Caleb brun 6 hours ago

    At 510 he doesn’t even have a shotgun?

  • TrOpical Gaming
    TrOpical Gaming 6 hours ago

    Who else is watching this in chapter 2

  • Parker Dlugosch
    Parker Dlugosch 6 hours ago

    I watch prestonplazs

  • Brady Sherry
    Brady Sherry 6 hours ago

    Thank you and good job brandostev for Lachlan

  • Shershah Iqbal
    Shershah Iqbal 6 hours ago

    Lachlan "he's so low he's so low I need to get to him". Ignores the 7 shockwaves in his inventory

  • Console only Faze clan

    I started fortnite in season3

  • Fortnite Boi
    Fortnite Boi 6 hours ago

    Lachlan this is going to be hard kinda After challenge dude that was easy

  • Jonah Sterling
    Jonah Sterling 6 hours ago

    You should do this again but with the tiny person glitch

  • hello hello
    hello hello 6 hours ago


  • hello hello
    hello hello 6 hours ago


  • Ashwin Sharma
    Ashwin Sharma 6 hours ago


  • Docondo !
    Docondo ! 6 hours ago

    "me is me, me is good" -bullshit

  • Margaret Mills
    Margaret Mills 6 hours ago

    Little did you know it would actually come back next season

  • Maxwell Taylor
    Maxwell Taylor 6 hours ago


  • Andrew Chagares
    Andrew Chagares 6 hours ago

    i found a mithic goldfish

  • Andrew Chagares
    Andrew Chagares 6 hours ago

    try tefo

  • Matthew Vetsch
    Matthew Vetsch 6 hours ago

    He missed a gold asalt rifle

  • Griggsy 8
    Griggsy 8 6 hours ago

    Who’s watching 9th December 2019

  • Juliet Matthews
    Juliet Matthews 6 hours ago

    I think you’ll get 11 kills your winning game

  • UNknown_ Polar
    UNknown_ Polar 6 hours ago

    4:00 What is a 90?

  • Sacred Sans 2334
    Sacred Sans 2334 6 hours ago

    11:43 Laclan: I got this just stay chill Random fortnite player: Time to rain on your parade

  • Hastings Terry
    Hastings Terry 6 hours ago

    Play it again

  • Veronica Griffith
    Veronica Griffith 6 hours ago

    My name is powerchild242

  • Mr. Hippo Productions


  • Andrew Chedzey
    Andrew Chedzey 7 hours ago

    I was team mech

  • Zia Wilkinson
    Zia Wilkinson 7 hours ago

    He left an epic sniper at plleasant

  • EmJayFN
    EmJayFN 7 hours ago

    It brought a tear to my eye when Zarby killed them. Rest In Peace Zarby you will always be remembered

  • Tess Mercille
    Tess Mercille 7 hours ago

    Do random skin challenge Monopoly only with gold and purple

  • Tess Mercille
    Tess Mercille 7 hours ago

    Do random skin challenge but with Monopoly Monopoly only purple and gold

  • Marcos Gonzalez
    Marcos Gonzalez 7 hours ago

    Anyone here when JUICE WRLD died

  • Marcos Gonzalez
    Marcos Gonzalez 7 hours ago

    Anyone here when JUICE WRLD

  • yetiking21 MARK
    yetiking21 MARK 7 hours ago

    lachlan im not trying to be mean but u kinda need to stop being toxic that is the reason i unsubscribed because when i was in your match you said that i was garbage and that kinda hurt

  • Matt
    Matt 7 hours ago

    i was just going threw your old vids and had a nostalgia attack from your inrto

  • Kevin Gonzalez
    Kevin Gonzalez 7 hours ago

    2021 anyone

  • ExoTic Trotta.
    ExoTic Trotta. 7 hours ago

    Is The Skin Still Available?

  • RG caveszz
    RG caveszz 7 hours ago

    Who else got a ton of frame drops?

  • electrik
    electrik 7 hours ago

    I got over 40 just to let you now

  • Popular Jack
    Popular Jack 7 hours ago

    It’s sad how Fortnite took away Minecraft.

  • Kyle Pedrero
    Kyle Pedrero 7 hours ago

    My epic is KP Smooth10 and I want to be in one of your vids

  • Mary Cutler
    Mary Cutler 7 hours ago

    Oof and oof

  • Brayland Carpenter
    Brayland Carpenter 7 hours ago

    Rage much calm down there buddy btw

  • Abubakr
    Abubakr 7 hours ago

    Who’s watching in chapter 2

  • Heather Kerr
    Heather Kerr 7 hours ago


  • Shea geoghegan
    Shea geoghegan 7 hours ago

    Combat Shotgun purple

  • Stanley Dale
    Stanley Dale 7 hours ago

    Mistakes where made, big mistakes where made

  • Lisa Kasick
    Lisa Kasick 7 hours ago

    These vids are awesome

  • Steven & Jade
    Steven & Jade 7 hours ago

    Who’s watching in chapter 2

  • Switch Bro's
    Switch Bro's 7 hours ago


  • Jake Paul’s A pussy

    Anyone in 2019? *Cough cough* I don’t know why people do this 😅😂😂😂

  • ColorfulCrayon6
    ColorfulCrayon6 8 hours ago

    The *RANDOM* game challenge in Fortnite Battle Royale

  • Andrew Bodnar
    Andrew Bodnar 8 hours ago

    Who's watching in 2019-2020

  • Kiahini Bates
    Kiahini Bates 8 hours ago

    Are you Dumbdumb is a pump that is better than pack

  • Samaksh Ghai
    Samaksh Ghai 8 hours ago

    Yo swatt power was in your game so many times

  • Khai Vannor
    Khai Vannor 8 hours ago

    You copied lazerbean

  • Shane Jensen
    Shane Jensen 8 hours ago


  • Dalton__ Jacob
    Dalton__ Jacob 8 hours ago

    me just watching lachlan: my mom walks in: 23:09

  • Gabriel Lezama
    Gabriel Lezama 8 hours ago

    What do you mean Lachlan i s the best at fortnite

  • Dennis McCarten
    Dennis McCarten 8 hours ago


  • PHX Fired
    PHX Fired 8 hours ago

    Who is watching in December 2019 when vending machines are vaulted

  • Drift Offical tik tok

    Roses are red my scar is gold and I died this game is dodoo

  • Sexy boy101 Sexy girl101

    :Nobody: When he said my mouse was not supposed to fall on a button on my keyboard :me: hacks

  • A&M Unity
    A&M Unity 8 hours ago

    I switched to the wrong weapon. That was a whole bunch of scuffed -Lachlan 2018

  • The Brawler Trio
    The Brawler Trio 8 hours ago

    All three of these items are vaulted... epic what are you doing

  • Watery Cheese
    Watery Cheese 8 hours ago

    Oof and oooooofffffff 😅

  • Connor MacArthur
    Connor MacArthur 8 hours ago

    I have a 2932 cp shiny mewtwo +a 2398 cp shiny mewtwo and a 2384 cp rhyperior

  • DrillzxFN
    DrillzxFN 8 hours ago

    Bruh he is so pride full of not shouting out the original creator

  • PS4 Postles
    PS4 Postles 8 hours ago

    I am in 2019

  • Silicks
    Silicks 8 hours ago

    Lachlan u won’t see this but these videos are amazing ngl mate

  • Universe
    Universe 8 hours ago

    I miss the old pump design:(

  • maso3550 maso3550
    maso3550 maso3550 8 hours ago

    LACHLAN you were in youtube rewind

  • Lisa Rea
    Lisa Rea 8 hours ago

    Please can you gift me iv got 2 skins

  • Farrah Pearson
    Farrah Pearson 8 hours ago


  • Lisa Rea
    Lisa Rea 8 hours ago

    Please can you add AJMono iv only got 1 win

  • Connor Oloughlin
    Connor Oloughlin 9 hours ago

    U r the gaot

  • Dylan Latell
    Dylan Latell 9 hours ago

    Who else is tired of seeing these who else comments