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  • Zandy
    Zandy 17 minutes ago

    Gib would absolutely destroy jake Paul

  • P a t e.ツ
    P a t e.ツ 26 minutes ago

    1:30 when my mom tells me that i'm adopted:,(

  • TheYoungLion Dar

    You remind me of Mr Bean

  • Erol Hassan
    Erol Hassan Hour ago


  • Erol Hassan
    Erol Hassan Hour ago

    You dick head

  • Aadem TV
    Aadem TV Hour ago

    Jake is a pussy he don’t want to fight u

  • Freestyle _lad
    Freestyle _lad Hour ago

    7:20 I cant be the only one who thinks logan looks like a registered sex offender....well you know what they say "like father like son"

  • Lawand IpR
    Lawand IpR 2 hours ago

    Gib vs jake paul

  • Finl3Y BiG. MaN
    Finl3Y BiG. MaN 2 hours ago


  • Hellyus
    Hellyus 2 hours ago

    Okay... I dont want you to have your own event tbh.. I want you on the undercard! Dont let these matchroom-fuckers milk the TheXvidcommunity like this

  • Nazeem Saloojee
    Nazeem Saloojee 2 hours ago

    Why does jake dress like the undertaker

  • Dan Dutfield
    Dan Dutfield 3 hours ago

    I once got 4 icons in one pack

  • Haze Switch
    Haze Switch 3 hours ago

    Roses are red Violets are blue I know Gib's gonna beat Jake And so do you!

  • Sondorous
    Sondorous 3 hours ago

    Gib vs RackaRacka

  • m-Kh3ild
    m-Kh3ild 4 hours ago


  • 2ng
    2ng 4 hours ago

    Very funny brother I like

  • S S
    S S 4 hours ago

    The best funny youtuber is Tgfbros sub and like to them

  • Hey Alfie Here
    Hey Alfie Here 5 hours ago

    One word - pussy

  • ekey hebat
    ekey hebat 5 hours ago


  • Kyle Ismail
    Kyle Ismail 6 hours ago

    Gib is getting subs fast you know👏👏

  • Jose Vasquez
    Jose Vasquez 6 hours ago

    Jake Paul is fuking stupid you could win king pack

  • Claire Cooper
    Claire Cooper 6 hours ago

    Why does this guy think hes a good boxer hes absolutley shocking they all are i can bet u jake paul kills him

  • Helen Fallan
    Helen Fallan 6 hours ago

    How do you get the full icon cut draft

  • Flame - Agar
    Flame - Agar 6 hours ago

    6:58 saying everything about gib but somehow knows nothing about him and that he’s relevant makes sense 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

    ACTIVE OZZIE 8 hours ago

    Jake paul

    ACTIVE OZZIE 8 hours ago

    James Paul

  • myaimslow skirt
    myaimslow skirt 8 hours ago

    Bro didn't deji destroy Jake but since he was out of shape he lost 😂😂😂 how tf is he going to defeat gib????

  • Abduls Gaming CH
    Abduls Gaming CH 8 hours ago

    slim Adam saleh and anesongib 3 boxing muslims who r the king

  • vannarith sorn
    vannarith sorn 8 hours ago

    Gib you’re shit your not going to do shit to jake

  • vannarith sorn
    vannarith sorn 8 hours ago

    Gib u are not going to do shit to jake

  • butthole tickler
    butthole tickler 9 hours ago

    I bet you stick

  • Enoc Alva
    Enoc Alva 11 hours ago

    Ooh just got a new message from keemstar Message:20hours ago

  • MACKIE man
    MACKIE man 11 hours ago


  • Kerrie McNamara
    Kerrie McNamara 13 hours ago

    go jake peul

  • Josh Sikes
    Josh Sikes 13 hours ago

    Your going to lose

  • Jake Klatt
    Jake Klatt 14 hours ago

    Faze rug looking ass

  • Sphinx_games
    Sphinx_games 14 hours ago

    He's so cheerful

  • Afghan Lion
    Afghan Lion 15 hours ago

    Yo have u ever got copystriked for using enter sandman in your vids

  • Eclipse Aim
    Eclipse Aim 15 hours ago

    to all the people saying anesongib won cuz of harrys classes but harry could of looked at the window🤨.

  • Faisal Sakkijha
    Faisal Sakkijha 15 hours ago

    Plz do it in riadh

  • the king's time
    the king's time 16 hours ago

    i would die of laughter if gib loses after all of these call outs

  • Thuytien Tran
    Thuytien Tran 16 hours ago


  • Thuytien Tran
    Thuytien Tran 16 hours ago

    YEAH GIB!!!!

  • Gabriel Anoff
    Gabriel Anoff 16 hours ago

    And Jake paul shits bricks thinking about gib to this day

  • Jakepaul is kill biggeb

    Jake will kick your balls

  • cg_afc Me
    cg_afc Me 18 hours ago


  • Dragonboy 123
    Dragonboy 123 18 hours ago

    Esongib: I missed a week I give away a copy of fifa Esongib now: (missed mouth) says nothing about it (-_-)

  • David Castaneda
    David Castaneda 18 hours ago

    Boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring

  • David Castaneda
    David Castaneda 18 hours ago

    You suckkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!

  • Louie Hill
    Louie Hill 18 hours ago


  • Aadam Hussain
    Aadam Hussain 18 hours ago

    ksi made you

  • OfficialAdamHayhurst
    OfficialAdamHayhurst 18 hours ago

    Why do you act like u have autism in all your videos?

  • josh murdock
    josh murdock 19 hours ago

    big nose backwards lmao

  • Camel Lover Lover
    Camel Lover Lover 19 hours ago

    He's 5'8... He's 88 Kilos and in shape with actual boxing skill

  • Jedi Salas
    Jedi Salas 19 hours ago

    I got a 194

  • legend ssj
    legend ssj 19 hours ago

    gib knockout jake Paul in your next fight

  • lilz x
    lilz x 19 hours ago

    Ahhh Jake's a teen he is wearing braces

  • My Five Minutes
    My Five Minutes 20 hours ago

    We all know your viewers, and supporters aint british, they just wish they were, cause, who wouldnt if they were born arab. Youre all going home.....

  • Mo Khan
    Mo Khan 20 hours ago

    “The only difference between me and Anthony Joshua is that I never lost.....” - onion gib 2019

  • Amiir Mahat
    Amiir Mahat 20 hours ago

    Sub to sidemen

  • Amiir Mahat
    Amiir Mahat 20 hours ago

    Sub to sidemen

  • Amiir Mahat
    Amiir Mahat 20 hours ago

    Sub to sidemen Like if you did or are going to

  • Emmett Loyd
    Emmett Loyd 20 hours ago

    Yo jake is going to destroy bro

  • delfina velez
    delfina velez 20 hours ago

    Foke you

  • Sunin Chhimi
    Sunin Chhimi 21 hour ago

    Mother f gib

  • Алек Ананиев

    You are the draft klng and i like you

  • Five Star Town Car
    Five Star Town Car 21 hour ago

    9 year olds be like shut up jake paul is the best

  • Nur Sharmil Aqamar Safeei

    4:45 this is nostalgic, how I supported this guy when he was a fat middle Eastern guy who plays FIFA for a living to this world wide beast.

  • Razor jaw86
    Razor jaw86 22 hours ago

    Hahahahaha doesn’t even hit 1 million views, talking about being more relevant than Jake lmao

  • Not U
    Not U 22 hours ago

    We all know that jake would win!

  • Soccer Moments
    Soccer Moments 22 hours ago

    Gib is a legend

    SUJAL LIBANG 23 hours ago

    i am challenging you small gib for 1 million dollar You vs me

  • Josephine Kam
    Josephine Kam 23 hours ago

    Do all middle Eastern’s have big as noses....sheesh. I hope jake breaks his nose so he can get a nose job like Fousey. PERIODTT POOH 😂🤣 He’s gonna finish big nose 🤣

  • Cool Surahs
    Cool Surahs 23 hours ago

    F u

  • Cool Surahs
    Cool Surahs 23 hours ago

    Big nose

  • Cool Surahs
    Cool Surahs 23 hours ago

    I think your drunk

  • Night Shinobi
    Night Shinobi 23 hours ago

    Gib Bitch Gib Bitch Gib Bitch 😂😂

  • Adrian EM YT
    Adrian EM YT Day ago

    I used to like jake but he changed and started smoking so now i like you gib lets go knock em out in 1st round

  • Michael Calvo
    Michael Calvo Day ago

    Who else is here for gib to punch his dumb ass in his own face like if u think jake will beat gib

  • gang shit
    gang shit Day ago

    whoop Jake's ass and make us proud

  • Moh Almasri
    Moh Almasri Day ago

    منجد هذا قاعد يتكلم عربي قاعد يعيد و يزيد كلمة يلا

  • Andy Kalil
    Andy Kalil Day ago

    Yo you are Loud af my kid.

  • Emmanuel Levey

    from maxplaysfifa to jake paul if you beat jake that'll be mad for uk

  • Kris MUFC
    Kris MUFC Day ago

    Jake Paul is very gay and he probably had intercourse which his brother and his dad

  • Nino Jorens
    Nino Jorens Day ago


  • Travis Elbourne Vlogs

    Jake is gonna crush you

  • Thor Boy
    Thor Boy Day ago

    Stop overactive piece of shit

  • Levi and vincent

    Lessssssgooooooooooooo gibbbbbeeeeeeeerrrrrrer🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩💕💕❤❤❤❤❤❤


    If jake punch that fucking big nose that thing wiol be flat! Hahahaa

  • Tropical 99
    Tropical 99 Day ago

    Build a fut Draft on the toilet 🚽🎮🎮🎮

  • Aka mr jet shit done

    Gib will knock jake ugly out

  • Andrew Dudek
    Andrew Dudek Day ago

    The truth is, gib is gonna whoop jakes ass, end of story😣

  • Cooper Lehman
    Cooper Lehman Day ago

    Why was everting Vidal said silenced.

  • Jade Mcleod
    Jade Mcleod Day ago

    Click bate

  • Pdiddy Hoe
    Pdiddy Hoe Day ago

    He’s actually funny making me crease up !

  • Joshua Uwagboe

    Wait.... are you the one who was roasting Logan paul at the most recent press conference?

  • Roblox Dude
    Roblox Dude Day ago

    U have a big nose

  • Homosexual black femenist

    Well tbn I didn't understand anything he said but he's cool

  • Novak A
    Novak A Day ago

    Bro GIB is zooming in subs

  • Mutya Alfaro
    Mutya Alfaro Day ago

    Hello Piniccio hahahah