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  • Deputy Van Halen
    Deputy Van Halen 45 minutes ago

    Long story short...Stormy backs Labour!

  • Thomas Nappo
    Thomas Nappo Hour ago


  • Wasif Anowar
    Wasif Anowar Hour ago

    Yes there are MAN LOVE

  • Joe Joe
    Joe Joe Hour ago

    A disgustic oversize big fat brown saggy been bag... I've been throwing up ever since...

  • Burnzy Raps
    Burnzy Raps Hour ago

    Elton is a very kind man he’s tried to help and helped many celebs get clean!

  • rozana essam
    rozana essam 2 hours ago

    she makes me happy

  • Shawn Masters
    Shawn Masters 2 hours ago

    Poor lady is being used to tell little fat black girls that twerking is a benefit to talent. Then they wonder why they’re stuck with shitty dudes and why 75 of their kids fathers don’t stick around.

  • Ryosucc Bakahashi
    Ryosucc Bakahashi 2 hours ago

    The interviewer looks like saul Goodman

  • ann marie buscema
    ann marie buscema 3 hours ago

    Great Song

  • ann marie buscema
    ann marie buscema 3 hours ago

    What a wonderful voice

  • IshrafS
    IshrafS 3 hours ago

    Jeremy clarkson has a mindset of an 8 year old 😂

  • Suzi Star
    Suzi Star 4 hours ago


  • Асия Избасарова

    Она потрясающая😍

  • Suzie 55
    Suzie 55 4 hours ago

    You're telling me I waited 3 years for nothing?!!

    BLANKAR 5 hours ago

    Funny how shy russ seems on shows compared to on his own show

  • Srivignesh N
    Srivignesh N 6 hours ago

    "I cannot wait to eat them" 😁

  • rebel ram
    rebel ram 6 hours ago

    air head holly

  • Michael Waring
    Michael Waring 6 hours ago

    Amazing actor 👍

  • Ameya Hegde
    Ameya Hegde 7 hours ago

    Cool and different hairdo - every single performance

  • Free Will Is A Myth
    Free Will Is A Myth 7 hours ago

    Well I'm not surprised considering she's a drunk

  • Monique Taylor
    Monique Taylor 7 hours ago

    Butch look like coolaid

  • Cailânio Pires
    Cailânio Pires 8 hours ago

    I got nothing from this conversation...

  • millie
    millie 9 hours ago

    Huge testament to his skills that he could perform so brilliantly up against all that!

  • Gregg A
    Gregg A 9 hours ago

    Yes ma’am!

  • Anfield Hero
    Anfield Hero 10 hours ago

    Dynamo put his card at 2nd place when he show the last card he put it there

  • vasu priyan
    vasu priyan 10 hours ago

    Pavement/sidewalk ? Well, That's not a problem for an indian . Coz we don't have any.

  • Tonton Tholung
    Tonton Tholung 11 hours ago

    Still young LoL

  • Purpledancer
    Purpledancer 12 hours ago

    Literally and figuratively

  • Purpledancer
    Purpledancer 12 hours ago


  • Jake Husband
    Jake Husband 12 hours ago

    How the hell do you get a talk show with two speech impediments the British accent and can't see your r's...

  • Ken Rehill
    Ken Rehill 13 hours ago

    Who the fuck is Lena Durham?

  • Ken Rehill
    Ken Rehill 13 hours ago

    Leave her alone, she’s got enough on her plate.

  • Seb Bach
    Seb Bach 14 hours ago

    What a mess...Jesus Christ...who would date that...has she no self awareness

  • Sunset Rider PH
    Sunset Rider PH 14 hours ago

    Although Brian is my favorite in Westlife, I cant imagine Westlife without Shane. #westlife

  • Raymond Whitlock
    Raymond Whitlock 14 hours ago

    why sit with her legs closed when she just going 2 flap her ass cheeks all over the place

  • Raymond Whitlock
    Raymond Whitlock 14 hours ago

    musical talent n a slut ass tramp shaming the daugthers of zion what a shame funcking the place up

  • Inspiringer
    Inspiringer 16 hours ago

    I don't think many British people understand that we don't always stick to one word only to describe something. I've heard people say pavement and sidewalk. Trash bin and trash can. Also, nobody says "waste paper basket". Soccer was from the UK... We didn't change every word to make it easier for us. It is just that the English language has evolved from centuries of being on different continents. I am pretty sure that the English in the 1600s in the US was pretty much identical in the British isles because the colonists moved recently. Even Canada which has been under British control for longer still uses different words and nobody criticizes them. I know this is just comedy but I wish people would stop looking at the whole thing with such a narrow minded, simple explanation. We have always spoken English even before we were Americans.

  • Kieran Thomas
    Kieran Thomas 17 hours ago

    She could make me do anything.. ANYTHING 😂

  • K A T I E
    K A T I E 17 hours ago

    If my children don't learn about 1D in world history I'm homeschooling them.

  • K A T I E
    K A T I E 17 hours ago

    If 8 year old me would have watched this I would had been heartbroken

  • Nic Maennling
    Nic Maennling 18 hours ago

    Why doesn't he just quietly retire and disappear somewhere.

  • Ikola Kaiser
    Ikola Kaiser 18 hours ago

    Stop dying your hair Jonathan.

  • Connie James
    Connie James 18 hours ago

    Good God, can we move on from Ike Turner, now?!

  • riffly
    riffly 18 hours ago

    Clarkson brilliant as ever😂

  • JCJ All Day
    JCJ All Day 19 hours ago

    Is Ed from London tho'?

  • Haven Leu
    Haven Leu 20 hours ago

    *me not understanding how she does that with those nails*

  • Dolorik 701
    Dolorik 701 20 hours ago

    Acceleration/ deaccelaration lane, instead of "slip lane" uk

  • wildrose39
    wildrose39 20 hours ago

    Mel B wishes she was VB, she’s always been the tackiest Spice Girl

  • Johanna L-K
    Johanna L-K 21 hour ago

    I didn’t think I could love Stormzy any more than I already do. I was wrong.

  • Willcc19 -
    Willcc19 - 21 hour ago

    So this was just an excuse to shock Kit

  • Steven Hatton
    Steven Hatton 21 hour ago

    Defo had a few lines of coke def !

  • Don Emilio Zinno
    Don Emilio Zinno 22 hours ago

    As per we Italian citizens of the world, Danny DeVito is truly a Giant in the Movie World. Keepitup! Danny Boy and God Bless.

  • Marius
    Marius 22 hours ago

    He helped Eminem as well. Good man!

  • boukje Van houten
    boukje Van houten 22 hours ago

    Louis is lying his ass off... remember that video with Zayn, he was literally smoking a joint there XD

  • TechnicPlayer 72
    TechnicPlayer 72 22 hours ago


  • ShaggyNicholas
    ShaggyNicholas 23 hours ago

    But can she twerk while playing the flute at a lakers game? Too bad we'll never get to see.

  • Rukhsana Perween
    Rukhsana Perween 23 hours ago

    When Liam said all these bitter truth about the band then he is honest and when Zayn did that he is a traitor... Literally it's partial he's the man who taught us don't exhaust yourself in money and fame soo much that you forgot what you are.. All the haters should apologize to him for taking his honesty as a traitor thing... God he starve himself in those days and management still wants to make money out of that.. Waoo

  • 69,420 subs with no videos challenge

    This title will come back to bite you at some point noooo doubt

  • 69,420 subs with no videos challenge

    Gordon providing Jamie the moral support he needs: *"WHAT. ARE YOU DOING. YOU F@CKING. DONKEY!"*

  • Frederick Sowell

    Can we mute the interviewer and give him closed captioning?

  • ScaleneDragon
    ScaleneDragon Day ago

    She looks terrible what shame, I hope she gets better.

  • Eli Eli
    Eli Eli Day ago

    She could have spread more

  • The Beta That Became Alpha 69

    Tbh the flute was Loki gud

  • Ahmed Haris
    Ahmed Haris Day ago

  • stevie smith
    stevie smith Day ago

    Holly the Tory. She's a grossly over-paid, talentless, self-absorbed, thoughtless idiot. The same applies to that self-absorbed Tory loving Phillip Schofield. Both of them millionaires for sitting around on a sofa talking to many other self-absorbed overpaid talentless millionaires. And yet doctors and nurses all over the UK are grossly underpaid while having to put up with physical and verbal abuse while trying to save lives.

  • Mariana Nubat
    Mariana Nubat Day ago

    Divaaaaaaaaa!!!!!! Viva Halsey!!!!!!!!

  • StanWeiner
    StanWeiner Day ago

    Agenda push with Stormzy and his Cambridge graduate

  • Ryan Rodney
    Ryan Rodney Day ago

    A suppose it helps him get over the fact he’s meddled with many children over the years

  • StanWeiner
    StanWeiner Day ago

    Everyone laughs at Stormzy, he cant think of what to say

  • StanWeiner
    StanWeiner Day ago

    Stormzy using the word 'like' every 2 seconds. Like.

  • Raphipod
    Raphipod Day ago

    New Grand Tour season is coming on Friday, really looking forward to it.

  • Tone 210
    Tone 210 Day ago

    Just what we need another loud fat black classless bitch smdh.

  • AV
    AV Day ago

    Long story short, he told the story without telling the story because the story was deeper than you are allowed to know 😯

  • Fuzzy Head
    Fuzzy Head Day ago


  • simplekaty
    simplekaty Day ago

    He's beautiful

  • space monkey returns

    4 minutes in and I can't watch anymore because of that twat James Cordan. He's such a wanker, rude, loud and invading Borris's space. He should go back to the USA...

  • Coke Lord
    Coke Lord Day ago

    Embarrassment to the race

  • Andrei M
    Andrei M Day ago

    Smart dog...

  • Chris C
    Chris C Day ago

    Nothing at all about his partying days with mike Douglas

  • DingdongGaming

    Ironic that the ad on this was a Greta vegan advet

  • Thomas Livingstone

    Fuck me Keith is annoying....

  • Thomas Livingstone

    Come on BBC, let’s have a proper long running top gear series, there’s plenty more for these guys to offer. All because of one argument. THATS typically English...

  • Dave Lee Williams

    Their all to greedy anyway, tv shows, numerous restaurants, books etc etc etc , I’m sorry that Jamie and Gordon are making less money lol, but much money can you spend in a lifetime

  • rodley25
    rodley25 Day ago

    Ive met him twice and he really is the most down to earth and pleasant guy.

  • Kevin Johnson
    Kevin Johnson Day ago

    How do all you positive people feel now after that Lakers Game twerk, yeah very talented, lmmfao

  • Fin Ley
    Fin Ley Day ago

    This title could be taken in a very bad way....very bad

  • Chief Ebans
    Chief Ebans Day ago

    Of the two women on that sofa, if you had to choose which one has three kids, who would it be?


    Honestly sheep are a bunch of badass.

  • Coco Pops
    Coco Pops Day ago

    *I'm sorry but how is twerking amazing, what happened to class*

    • Destiny Martin
      Destiny Martin 4 hours ago

      No offense, but having that much fat in the backside would make it easy for anyone to twerk. I give her props for the singing and flute playing though.

  • Ahsan Siddiqui

    you shocked her with her worst nightmare, kit. not cool mate.

  • Tony Rizo
    Tony Rizo Day ago

    Leadership? Hahaha dont make me laugh.

  • N D
    N D Day ago


  • Palm93
    Palm93 Day ago

    Love her

  • Miff Miff
    Miff Miff Day ago

    God I love black chicks

  • Glühfunke
    Glühfunke Day ago

    Wow Lena Dunham is getting hot. Fuck everybody who disagrees with me.

  • akula444
    akula444 Day ago

    "foock me Tommy"

    ELITE MCX Day ago

    Peter crotch 🤖🤖🤖

  • Abhimani Wijesekera

    Other artists does the hair flip Halsey nah! Let’s do a mic flip

  • Aндрей Имашев

    Я хочу тебя Сандра меж Буллок

  • The Stig
    The Stig Day ago

    This guy looks familiar