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  • Assunta Romano
    Assunta Romano 5 hours ago

    Bellissima stupenda incantevole DONNA!! Molto affascinante calorosa!! Eleanor TOMLINSON È simpatica, CARISMATICA!! OLTRE ad ESSERE una GRANDISSIMA BRAVISSIMA ATTRICE e CANTANTE. Ha una voce incantevole!! BEATO L'UOMO DI BUON GUSTO CHE AVRÀ ACCANTO UNA DONNA COMPLETA COME ELEANOR TOMLINSON!! È UN UOMO MOLTO FORTUNATO. 🍀🍀🍀🤞🤞🤞🤞❤❤❤👏👏👏👏 👑

  • President Santana
    President Santana 5 hours ago

    Riz Ahmed is so much funnier than Amy Schumer and he is not even a comedian LOLL

  • Milla Clifford
    Milla Clifford 6 hours ago

    A G R E E D

  • David Kane
    David Kane 6 hours ago

    We need to start writing all the information we can about EVERYTHING in pen and paper to save the future.

    • David Kane
      David Kane 6 hours ago

      A life in colour

    • David Kane
      David Kane 6 hours ago

      Not a brain sorry a seed the eye

    • David Kane
      David Kane 6 hours ago

      The pupils are called pupils because they are learning we are not put a brain in the earth and water it

    • David Kane
      David Kane 6 hours ago

      I wrote this to reach anyone in the comments section because we are running out of time, frequencies, brain waves and everything about computers internet and colour spectrums, the key to communication lies in fungus, earth is the best smartphone. The plastic bin bags are made of is the key to light spectrum loading. Planet X, frequency on x

  • Tiger Team 2
    Tiger Team 2 7 hours ago

    This guy is a complete twat I saw him briefly he was on his phone and couldn’t even be bothered to say hi!!!what an egotistical nob just like his cousin

  • ouch wittz
    ouch wittz 7 hours ago

    Amy " I try to be funny" Schumer

  • No Mas
    No Mas 7 hours ago

    That was awkward

  • Ryan Hindley
    Ryan Hindley 8 hours ago

    Who's watching after Boris tore Corbyn a new arsehole at the General Election 2019?

  • Luka
    Luka 8 hours ago

    i like how Jonathan Ross get along with stormzy

  • Marko Zoric
    Marko Zoric 8 hours ago

    Bio si jako miran

  • chěrrïïshyű `
    chěrrïïshyű ` 9 hours ago

    some of yall are gonna hate me but theyre done and bts came along to replace their popularity, for me atleast🤷🏽‍♀️ oh.. and not coming back to this message because i cba soo any responses i get, idrc. byeee x

  • UKLeonie
    UKLeonie 9 hours ago

    Ollie Murs gets pushed back everytime his on the show.

  • The Only Way Is Yeshua

    He looks buzzing. Jaws going everywhere.

  • Kate Bowen
    Kate Bowen 10 hours ago

    Why can't you show the damn videos?

  • zSamuellz
    zSamuellz 10 hours ago

    I’ve always loved Aisling. Just such a brilliant sense of humour. Perfect lass.

  • Phoebe D'Orville
    Phoebe D'Orville 10 hours ago

    She is stunning

  • Mike Point
    Mike Point 11 hours ago

    Simply two of the most classiest people . Great video . Thanks for sharing . Cheers

  • Oliver Smith
    Oliver Smith 12 hours ago

    Anyone see at the start where Jonathan goes to shake Ed’s hand

  • Leon Hill
    Leon Hill 12 hours ago

    Grew up listening to Wiley. Now becoming the Wiley

  • Bray Dog
    Bray Dog 13 hours ago

    Who watching in 2020 R.I.P paul ❤️

  • tribleA
    tribleA 13 hours ago

    A very talented and well spoken lad, love him!

  • Jas Law
    Jas Law 14 hours ago

    Amy Schumer is so shit

  • lacky c
    lacky c 14 hours ago

    He gt a crazy stare like eminem lol

  • Snudzyy
    Snudzyy 15 hours ago

    tom hanks you absolute hero

  • diungy alisnr
    diungy alisnr 15 hours ago

    The JRShow Want The 3rd stormzy reply lol 😂😂


    J R was hanging in there trying to make it all look legit and like there's nothing wrong. The other 3 were a joke to riz. No wonder riz ripped them up at the end

  • Akmal Ahmad
    Akmal Ahmad 16 hours ago

    Anniversary, birthday and Christmas all in one day. Smart David.

  • Anne Bell
    Anne Bell 17 hours ago

    Vin's eyes are so tired. He is an exceptionally nice guy who lost an exceptionally nice brother in Pal. A tragic accident I don't think anyone will forget. Amen ❤❤❤

  • ria fojas
    ria fojas 17 hours ago

    I think that’s what you call puberty, Ed. Surely you got past that phase.

  • say jack13
    say jack13 18 hours ago

    Holy shit! She actually did chop sticks in her heels!

  • marty mcfly
    marty mcfly 18 hours ago

    She's got legs up to her shoulders

  • vwbeetle
    vwbeetle 19 hours ago

    yeah she would be a fun night out top Sheila

  • Emp Tee
    Emp Tee 19 hours ago

    Americans don't fucking understand anything.

  • Schmutzgreifer
    Schmutzgreifer 21 hour ago

    Aisling is funny!

  • Threeper %
    Threeper % 22 hours ago


  • Threeper %
    Threeper % 22 hours ago

    Fat woman, No talent!!!

  • TiN MaN
    TiN MaN 23 hours ago

    A very smart stormzy Got talent in a different way to other artists.

  • rorykelly45
    rorykelly45 Day ago

    Stormzy is livin the good life these days man lol... Top bloke 👌👍

  • Mark Allen
    Mark Allen Day ago


  • Boon
    Boon Day ago

    Damn ginger chicks are gorgeous

  • Georgia Barker

    She needs to lose weight. The twerking wasn't necessary and did not look good. I'm all for loving yourself and positive body image, but it is not right to promote obesity.

  • Becky Earnshaw

    This is why I proud to be British 😂

  • michael carroll

    Stormy A.K.A THE RAIN DROP... BOY COT THIS FOOL, THAT is encouraging HATE, AND racist, crap IN THE U.K,

    • zuygj bnsv
      zuygj bnsv 7 hours ago

      it wake up respect each other stick together they want us fighting each other this dudes pathetic put some public enemy on and listen up good

  • Avery W
    Avery W Day ago

    “I’m a busy boy” 😂 iconic

  • I R H
    I R H Day ago


  • A Person
    A Person Day ago

    Who hot paid to study Harry's face and how do I acquire this position

  • cnmmd qiuoo
    cnmmd qiuoo Day ago

    ‘Just go straight for the mum’ Wiley has been taking notes

    • diungy alisnr
      diungy alisnr 15 hours ago

      The stormzy is completely full of shit. A halfwitted racist. He says he hates the UK, If this is the case, we can easily crowdfund a one way ticket to his ancestral hut in UmBong

  • Hellblazer311
    Hellblazer311 Day ago

    "Going from being a nobody to somebody, with a brother." He's right, because prior to Furious they were both small time.

  • Rock Styler
    Rock Styler Day ago

    When she was growing up, everybody laughed when Amy Schumer said she wanted to be a comedian. *Nobody is laughing now....* Because that was the funniest joke she ever told.

  • Q Hassan
    Q Hassan Day ago

    She is funny as fuck 🤣🤣😂

  • No Yes
    No Yes Day ago

    Asian Bear Grylls

  • Sharah
    Sharah Day ago

    Fucking mammy..

  • Gaza Youth
    Gaza Youth Day ago

    Makes me feel proud to be a British born Pakistani

  • Zeron!
    Zeron! Day ago

    Four Lions is one of the best films ever made

  • klaas klapsigaar

    Mail me if you need a stand in.

  • myutube account

    I thought I was the only one who thought the welsh and indian thing

  • banana man
    banana man Day ago

    I love Boris 😘😘😘😘😘😘

  • Captainofthedank

    W H I T E M A N F U N N Y

  • Preston Chandler

    She's nuts but I like it.

  • Glitch
    Glitch Day ago

    there was an earthquake when she twerked

  • Jas Law
    Jas Law Day ago

    Love Riz, just ashame how the rest of them are racist bigots in front of him. They need to respect him and stop being so weird just because he's the only brown one there. Olly Murrs is great don't get me wrong but honestly the way they're behaving with Riz seems so off.

  • Divij Jain
    Divij Jain Day ago

    2 more :(((((

  • beatnuts1uk
    beatnuts1uk Day ago

    Riz's Dad was right. Those fuckwit bankers got paid huge bonuses and kept their jobs after fucking up the economy...

  • s
    s Day ago

    wtf we watched the night off 3 years ago

  • Sam
    Sam Day ago

    Good to you know too

  • RCost
    RCost Day ago

    Armpit. That is all.

  • Shahbaz Sheikh

    Have we missed something, whats Amy Schumers problem?

  • Solid Snake
    Solid Snake Day ago

    amy schumer.. out here hating like shes that good. he should have said at least i dont steal content for my career...

  • Nasrin Javeh
    Nasrin Javeh Day ago


  • William H
    William H Day ago

    Alpha beta case study on that couch there

  • Triangle Facilities

    Love this guy

  • N1k32h
    N1k32h Day ago

    I think this actor can go a long way man! Big up!!!

  • Awesome TD
    Awesome TD Day ago

    She looks amazing.

  • Bad Man Arnie
    Bad Man Arnie Day ago

    i swear in the thumbnail it just looked like David Blaine on some good pills.

  • Sam
    Sam Day ago

    mh daddt

  • Sue Rose
    Sue Rose Day ago

    Anyone concerned about the Genocide? 🤔 petroleum byproducts medical implantation. With No Informed Consent. Is it you? Check your notes they lie! Who you gonna call? The Exorsist?

  • Viper the Dragon Samurai.

    Double 360 by Hamilton.

  • Michael Gracey

    Why is james so dopey but so with it at the same time 😂

  • LGH Hype
    LGH Hype Day ago

    When he first blew into it I thought he was about to play Careless Whisper

  • Ruddy Bakewell

    "I was like, like, like, and then like". Zzzzzz. Followed by fake laughter.

  • Rio
    Rio Day ago

    Its not hard to describe grime. Its an evolution of jamacian chatting and clashing on the mic mixed with rapping and dubstep, hiphop and ragga...(Sure you can add other elements but that's the foundation that's how you can describe on that stormz)

  • Chiefline
    Chiefline Day ago

    Why would she embarrass herself wearing a short skirt with horrible legs like that?!?

  • Nico Pillay
    Nico Pillay Day ago

    A natural comedian storyteller

  • LivB
    LivB Day ago

    The welsh/pakistani thing was brought up by Michael Sheen at Craig Ferguson years ago 😊

    • VS7
      VS7 7 hours ago

      LivB ok then u nonce lol

  • Edyta B
    Edyta B Day ago

    You just have to love Stormzy 😉😍😂

  • VRS 20VT
    VRS 20VT Day ago

    Didn’t realise The Illusionist was her first film, as it’s one of my favourites! I thought Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging was her first film, but she must’ve been older in that. But I agree with the others, we got Poldark!

  • Mr Vengeance
    Mr Vengeance Day ago

    fk stormzy

  • stevenpayne81
    stevenpayne81 Day ago

    Oh my god! he went on the Jonathan Ross Show? I would have told them to fuck right off! Fake ass motherfuckers! boring scripted grandma t.v!

  • ismene vokas
    ismene vokas Day ago

    Hi toni

  • Belize Boy D
    Belize Boy D Day ago

    No she might look good but she is fully gassed up and very annoying

  • Björk
    Björk Day ago

    i fucking love michael 😂💕

  • Mr White flying a Kite

    Why the fuck is this guy all over my news feeds just because you brainwashed fuckers likes to be fucked in the ass. Mr Black push white girl up the flaps and then send the fuckers back.

    • bodoy euir
      bodoy euir Day ago

      Stormzy backstage listening to wileys new track: Ahh shit, here we go again

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 2 days ago

    Crouchey was loving that

  • lee van cleef
    lee van cleef 2 days ago

    He's a drip..

  • A N
    A N 2 days ago

    I suggest you go back to hole you came from because some Bangladeshi kids probably couldnt even buy a 10p cupcake and to mock people who earn that in a whole week. Please feel my passion when I say GO FUCK YOURSELF!

  • PurelyAfrican
    PurelyAfrican 2 days ago

    Every story riz tells is just absolutely hysterical- he's just wonderful! 😍 And when he puts olly in check it's the funniest thing ever! 😂😂

  • LDN--Kandahar
    LDN--Kandahar 2 days ago

    He dissed all three at the end with the freestyle. Legend 😂

  • drttyu liqm
    drttyu liqm 2 days ago

    Stormzy in 2019: I grew up on Wiley’s music Stormzy to Wiley in 2020: Where’s yours?

    • seeni gzty
      seeni gzty Day ago

      The more I see this kid the more I love him. I’m old - I bet his mommas so proud xx

  • stunna
    stunna 2 days ago

    how can you not love him

  • M C
    M C 2 days ago

    This man is either very talented or really thought about everything he was gonna say on stage