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Rest in Peace, Hara.
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The Passing of Sulli.
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  • Indian EXO L
    Indian EXO L 2 minutes ago

    That's what SM deserves I hope after their contract end they don't renew their contract with SM

  • Angela Costales
    Angela Costales 10 minutes ago

    It's good idea YG will have a 4 girl group with Blackpink

  • Call Me Torrence
    Call Me Torrence 10 minutes ago

    Sm is all over the place

  • imnotartisticatall
    imnotartisticatall 16 minutes ago

    The whole idols leaving the group, us fans would like a reason why!

  • Jc Bergado
    Jc Bergado 28 minutes ago

    Imagine exo having thier own label then kris, luhan, and tao coming back. My OGs coming back together will be my death. ❤

  • #ProtectNayeon JHope’s chicken noodle soup

    #ProtectTaehyung #ProtectNayeon

  • Slushiey
    Slushiey 48 minutes ago

    If EXO were to leave SM when their contract expires where would u like to see them go?,or would u like them to start their own company?...i know a few places where i would like to see them go,but im not gonna say bc some ppl will get hella lmk where you’d like to see them go,or would u like them to stay at SM?😊😊💜

  • Victoria Vlogs
    Victoria Vlogs 56 minutes ago

    Chaeyeon isn’t the youngest anymore but that doesn’t matter, I feel so bad for Chaeyeon I love Busters and Chaeyeon I feel really disappointed in that Tv show

  • Saphira Evani
    Saphira Evani Hour ago

    I think jyp would love to adopt exo as his children

  • na yuta
    na yuta Hour ago

    i thought you were serious about stray kids having a new member -_-

  • Helen Saavedra
    Helen Saavedra Hour ago

    It's very unfair to Sehun do small parts! He's very talented! I don't get it! I still can't get over about Baekhyun and Taeyoen dating issues. I want them together😭😭😭 But what did you do, SM???👏 Huge clap for the bravery of my boys! Keep it up!!! It would be very great if Suho leads the SM! He knows more!❤❤❤ I just wish no suicide incident will happen again. I just want to cheer Taeyeon😊 Be happy💖💖💖

  • Vilazinha
    Vilazinha Hour ago

    That punch absolutely did not look like a joke and I’m surprised you’d go for that excuse

  • Harry Charles
    Harry Charles 2 hours ago

    I'm an Exo-l, and my opinion is Exo sold a lot of their albums and gaved record breaking songs and they became popular in the whole world but I just don't like how SM treats them some of their songs are popular but none of them ever had a dance practice, they're members are leaving and they couldn't even defend them just like what happened to lay, they became careless now three members had already left if I were to ask EXO deserves more

  • mgawsmestevan
    mgawsmestevan 2 hours ago

    Lee Sooman is just interested in a few members and it’s clear with SuperM who they are. I dunno, I feel like EXO has seriously been through the most and probably the only group I know of to get stronger after 3 members leave. Like seriously. I can’t see them leaving the company just yet though. With military service around the corner for a lot of them.

  • Fake Love
    Fake Love 2 hours ago

    _i once had a friend in facebook who's profile is jeongyeon, she took the who do you look like in kpop, the results was jimin._

  • Bailey-May Walker
    Bailey-May Walker 2 hours ago

    anyone watching this after heart shaker

  • JiminPark The Son Of Beyonce

    SM will forever punish Exo for not becoming the group that broke all records and bariers and made Korea popular over seas. instead, its a random band from a broke company that achieve the unimaginable, aka BTS. Its clear SM literally punish Exo for something they have no control over, and the fact that superm isnt doing a better job is driving that company insane. I feel bad for Exo, they r part of royalties of Kpop but r treated like some rookies from an unkown company.

  • Ignacio Paz Garcia
    Ignacio Paz Garcia 2 hours ago

    Yeah it seems the budget of exo is lower now... It was clearly presented in the obssesion MV

  • IndigoBoo
    IndigoBoo 2 hours ago

    Jennie<3: hi blonk: foCkEN LAZY

  • bucca2
    bucca2 2 hours ago

    Cherry Bullet is such a good group. I’m gonna miss those girls so much

  • Sweet Heart
    Sweet Heart 2 hours ago

    우리 엑소 형제들.... ^^ 맘에 들어. 그리고 누구는 앞으로 저렇게 살지 말길. 약하다고 함부로 대하다니. 채연이나 내 어떤 자매에게도 다시는 그러지 않는 게 좋을 거야. 짤려서 억울해? 그럼 자신에게 당하는 사람은 안 억울하고? 흔히 재미나 스트레스 풀이로 남을 괴롭히는 자는 자기의 억울함밖에 모르지. 잘못하고 제대로 반성을 안 하면 자기가 한 것의 몇배로 돌아오는 법. 나쁜 것도, 좋은 것도. "장난"인 폭력도 괜찮지 않아. 특히 여자애를 상대로......! 단지 겁을 주기 위한 시늉이었다 해도 마찬가지고. 자기는 자신의 힘으로 남을 핍박하거나 압박했으면서... 남이 자신에게 그러는 건 안 된다? 억울하다? 정말로 억울해?? 저 정보가 사실이라면 방송인으로서 기본 자세도 안 되어있는 건 물론이고 사람으로서도 기본이 없다는 뜻인데. 그런데도 방송인을 할 자격이 있다고? 물론 제대로 반성하고 사과할 기회와 또 한번의 기회를 줬을 수도 있지... 그치만 사람들로선 이런 걸 되풀이하는 걸 예방하기 위해서인거 아니겠어? 그래야 누구나 쉽게 따라하지 못하지. 자신부터 너그럽지 않았으면서 남들이 너그럽지 못한 걸 크게 탓할 순 없는 거야.

  • zyra loves
    zyra loves 2 hours ago

    *lisa & krystal jung left the group

  • ChaeyoungsTea
    ChaeyoungsTea 2 hours ago

    so the leader of cherry bullet left... so i wonder if their gonna be like blackpink and not have a leader now.

  • VivaLaBOUNCYx5
    VivaLaBOUNCYx5 3 hours ago

    I honestly want the best for EXO it’s not surprising to her their dissatisfaction with everything. I really hope they manage to work something out because I love them so much 🥺

  • Suga Kookie06
    Suga Kookie06 3 hours ago

    Jennie is actually such a sweet heart, idk why people hate her for everything! Try getting up there doing what she or any other idol does and be happy and energetic ALL THE TIME come on guys 🙄

  • yuyu2007
    yuyu2007 3 hours ago

    BELUGA WHALE (if you know, you know)

  • Yusra Abdullahi
    Yusra Abdullahi 3 hours ago

    Why can’t they just stop criticizing artists

  • szz1070
    szz1070 3 hours ago

    Ok so.... I just gotta say this... Exo fans.. You probably already know this or see it coming. SM has the habit of putting lots of money into new employees (idols) for debut and then shrink the budget as they get older. Just ask fans of TVXQ, SJ, GG, Shinee etc. They hv big budget for SuperM now...Just wait a few years down the road.. You'll see 😓. So.. For EXO members to complain now, sorry to say, your big budget days are over. It's just business. And I'm saying this as a fan of these SM idols. Kpop idols shelf life is short. Regardless of whichever labels they are from. They're lucky if they are still popular for 5 years.

  • Śushï Pøtātö
    Śushï Pøtātö 3 hours ago

    Sorry But when you said that when exo’s contract expires you will never see them in the sm building but some exo members are in nct nct dream and etc. so will you see them there ?!?

  • Drew
    Drew 3 hours ago

    SOOOOO bummed about Kokoro Linlin and Mirae!!! AND Dawon! And Chaeyeon... such a sad update :(

  • Exo is legends
    Exo is legends 3 hours ago

    Exo criticized Sm ❤️❤️❤️ Me: my attendance plss

  • Zakia Bibi
    Zakia Bibi 3 hours ago

    I think you should also make a video about gidle. Like the success they’ve achieved as a rookie group. 2019 was a year for girl groups. But the one that stands out for me is gidle.

  • Niven42
    Niven42 3 hours ago

    "Let the people decide if they want to accept this." Exactly how I feel about IZ*ONE, X1, and Fromis_9 suspending activities because of the voting scandal.

  • Djoudie Alexander
    Djoudie Alexander 4 hours ago

    SM f***ed exo so much

  • Cristina Quilaton
    Cristina Quilaton 4 hours ago

    I watched got7 jb's celeb bros episode and he mentioned there that he usually advise his juniors to keep practising while they are still trainees 'cause when they debut they might not have enough time to practise. I wonder if he was the senior somi is talking about. 🤔

  • Ella Faye Colon
    Ella Faye Colon 4 hours ago


  • pengu
    pengu 4 hours ago

    kokoro and linlin were my cherry bullet biases :(

  • Ella Faye Colon
    Ella Faye Colon 4 hours ago


  • Ella Becerra
    Ella Becerra 5 hours ago

    “Number B”

  • Zaara Khan
    Zaara Khan 5 hours ago

    I really hope SM doesn’t debut a new boy group. Mostly because Nct Dream would be the perfect boy group for 4th generation kpop if only SM promoted them and made them a fixed unit. I also feel it’s too soon to make a new boy group, I’d be fine if the boy group is an Nct subunit but if it’s an entirely new group I wonder what they’ll do to NCT

  • Nothing But Nazzy
    Nothing But Nazzy 5 hours ago

    Dahyun is signing to TT in knock knock. Her dance in the rap in TT is the exact same as the dance she does while going down the stairs in the Knock Knock M/V.

  • ire aut
    ire aut 5 hours ago

    Chan would literally kick jyp himself out of stray kids

  • Waterfront
    Waterfront 5 hours ago

    Why would they even be let to go on air to apologize for what they said? What's done has been done. Just man up and accept the consequences.

  • Kpop Trash
    Kpop Trash 5 hours ago

    #ProtectTaehyung I'm sad... For MOMOLAND,BLACKPINK,AND BTS💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  • sarahline
    sarahline 5 hours ago

    I love sunmi she just doesn't care lol

  • jimilobli 〰
    jimilobli 〰 5 hours ago


  • roses are rosie
    roses are rosie 6 hours ago

    beluga whale

  • Ateezfever
    Ateezfever 6 hours ago

    Beluga whale KJ beluga whale

  • laci threatt
    laci threatt 6 hours ago

    plot twist: the new boy group is just another nct sub unit

  • Kemoni Brown
    Kemoni Brown 6 hours ago

    MAMA are some snakes smdh🤦🏾‍♀️

  • Tünde
    Tünde 6 hours ago


  • 情勢国際
    情勢国際 6 hours ago

    The comment the old guy made to the 40 year old is a play on words if you watch Korean Scouter’s video. He speaks Korean and things are being lost in translation. Stop jumping to conclusions. At least mention the possibility you don’t know coz we probably don’t know what happened

  • Mew Meow
    Mew Meow 7 hours ago

    That punch was obviously not a joke. Chaeyeon looked extremely uncomfortable and hurt. Poor girl... she should file for assault. Stupid men, he deserves jail time.

  • Madi Iannone
    Madi Iannone 7 hours ago

    beluga whale :)

  • uracchi
    uracchi 7 hours ago

    my bias linlin and my wrecker kokoro left cherry bullet along with mirae, that i love as much as the other members now that's what you call shit

  • mueed
    mueed 7 hours ago

    Literally no one hating on Jennie in the comments: Kpop stans hating on haters: jEnNiE: I t- hAtErS: wOw sO diSResPecTful

  • stan cherry bullet
    stan cherry bullet 7 hours ago

    I know many aren’t really acknowledging a lot about Cherry Bullet. But the lost of these three members saddens a lot of fans, however, please keep supporting the remaining 7 girls in their future comebacks, Cherry Bullet has proven to be a bright & bubbly rookie group full of talent that is undeniable, and it is a shame that they remain so underrated compared to other rookies who’ve debuted this year. So please show your love and support for Cherry Bullet! ❤️

  • Honsie
    Honsie 7 hours ago

    Imagine a world with an EXO label. 😭🥺 And Chaeyeons things, has me LIVID. They shouldn’t be allowed back on that kids show at all.

  • Sana
    Sana 7 hours ago

    It's so sad that cherry bullet just lost 3 members ☹️

  • duchess clotho
    duchess clotho 7 hours ago

    EXO is a prime example of wasted talent. This a group that has the chops to really make it big if they had been allowed to flex their musical abilities. I like the group and the members but I hate the songs they have been putting out lately. They sound overly produced and just obnoxious. I really wish SM would allow them to write their own material and produce it. Maybe then we would have some legit good music from them.

  • JennaMiro MultiStan
    JennaMiro MultiStan 7 hours ago

    Wow just wow, this is my first year learning about all the MAMA awards and because I’m getting into all the kpop groups and that is just so disrespectful how they treat the groups like what the heck?!

  • Dinchen
    Dinchen 8 hours ago

    SK is so fucked up, please wake up, it's nearly 2020 and their social behavior is so ugly and medieval... sorry not sorry

  • Lily Ofthevalley
    Lily Ofthevalley 8 hours ago

    Even now when the things regarding the molka chat room were clarified by justice and Seungri's implication revealed, those who hated him to an unreasonable extent find justification for their lack of discernment saying that he saw a molka video but didn't report it so he is guilty. In the business chat room he participated, accidentally was upload a 20s video of JJY having sex so he was surprised and had a harsh reaction asking the idiot who did it to stop and the idiot stopped, never uploading other videos. In Korea, a molka video/picture or so can be reported to police only by the victim not by the 3rd part. Assuming he knew it was a molka video he couldn't report himself so stop accusing him that he didn't do anything, moreover as an idol under contract he couldn't overpass his agency and go to police without infringing his contract and damage his group, be realistic before judge. How about reporter Kang and other 200 journalists which had the chats in their hands for a couple of years and literally they did nothing but sharing them which is illegal but since nobody filled a complaint against them, police didn't bother to investigate, how comes nobody hate and pointed them. How comes SR is hated for seeing a 20s video but those who watched all the videos again and again and knew the identity of some of the victims and did nothing, they are living peacefully. Kang personally talked with five victims so she knew SR wasn't a perpetrator from their mouths, she knew from chats that SR wasn't involved in molka chatroom but still she made him falsely the face of the scandal with edited chats as if the chats were from his phone not from JJY's phone. How comes nobody is outrageous of her lack of ethics and character as journalist, why she destroyed SR's reputation and career with lies and manipulated information instead of exposing JJY's group from start? How comes nobody figured out that reporter Kang was biased against SR more than she ever was against JJY's group otherwise she would have made the victims her priority not waiting until BS' scandal exploded and then mixing both cases as one and spreading a narrative with Seungri's chats insinuating that facts from chats happened in BS' club though the chats were from dec 2015-jun 2016 and BS opened in feb 2018 so where JJY's group operated had nothing to do with BS, even the rapes didn't happen in Seoul but in some province and in Daegu. Even after JJY's group trial started she continued to defamed Seungri on TV, radio shows and podcasts saying awful things about him to justify her injustice towards him. #ApologizeToSeungri is the minimum that can be made in order to show some education, civilization and common sense.

  • Kuzovaj
    Kuzovaj 8 hours ago

    I saw exo and sm problem way back when they lost their first 2 members lol. SM has a habit to toss their old artist to the side and focus on new one. Wait what about NCT lmao wow they just debuted last year too and already luggage to sm lol.

  • diana
    diana 8 hours ago

    exo go to psy !!

  • Vess.Finesse 64
    Vess.Finesse 64 8 hours ago

    I feel like SM has been a bit off with EXO for a while. Don’t get me wrong, they’re still amazing as always but with all the things the members said, it gives me different feelings. And especially with SuperM and that whole situation. I just hope it gets better because I don’t want anything to go down. And regarding with what happened with Chaeyeon...damn that’s just disturbing. I’m 14 and I can’t imagine being on a live broadcast and having someone say that to all. I just hope things get better because this last half of 2019 for KPOP has just been off 🖤

  • Jack AndTheBeanstalk

    I saw Momo and Jihyo perform at the concert and it was life changing

  • Snage Snawyer
    Snage Snawyer 8 hours ago

    Type of people that fanboy over the backstreet boys when that was cool lol posers, they learn dance moves, take vocal coaching, sing songs that ghost writers give them and you eat it up

  • Min Yoongi The Genius

    Thats one interesting joke yall. Dont know what kind of humour you have but like.. im uncomfortable. Also i think my bias in stray kids is being replaced omg-

  • Adeline Wang
    Adeline Wang 8 hours ago

    EXO just mad they haven’t been winning artist of the year these past 4 years.

  • Melinda Nelia Natividad

    I was pissed with that person saying it's their money and it was well spent, fyi, it's not a concert or fan meeting. She's on a vacation... VACATION. I'll say it TWICE for them to understand 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣 Btw, what milestone are we talking about here? I'll make it my goals for next year 😁

  • Byun Baekhyun
    Byun Baekhyun 9 hours ago

    Exo :(<3

  • ELSA
    ELSA 9 hours ago

    U jealous homie

  • Sydney Moravec
    Sydney Moravec 9 hours ago

    Too soon man. Too soon. 5:25

  • GlobalMC
    GlobalMC 9 hours ago

    If anyone thinks they have a say in what happens to those two cast members calling chaeyeon a prostitute and a bitch, you need to get your head checked. The only person with a say in all that is chaeyeon. but sadly I doubt she'd be allowed to express how she really felt being treated like that.

  • Project Clasping
    Project Clasping 9 hours ago

    " No matterbgay,straight or bi, Lesbian, transgender life Im on the right track baby, i was born to survive No matter black,white or beige Chola or orient-made Im on the right track,baby,i was born to be brave"

  • grace suzanne
    grace suzanne 9 hours ago

    jyp please just save all the groups being mistreated by SM and YG

  • LCKittyQueen
    LCKittyQueen 9 hours ago

    I can’t believe this about my linlin, mirae and koko. linlin was and still is my bias

  • ilsik
    ilsik 9 hours ago

    1:47 i were crying and then i turn on the captions but well i'm still crying

  • megha singh
    megha singh 9 hours ago

    These people are so fucking desperate. Lol. She is an entertainer and artist. Not some kind of show piece.

  • Let Me Dream
    Let Me Dream 9 hours ago

    You know what? I wish exo should go to p nation instead... sm as been treating them so bad this few years

  • reesemalo
    reesemalo 9 hours ago

    My gay ass is quaking lol Platonic kisses are a thing

  • śȗp̰̃ęrtȗbęr kid


  • SandyGabriella DeLeon
    SandyGabriella DeLeon 10 hours ago


  • Kaden Gonzalez
    Kaden Gonzalez 10 hours ago

    Did anyone else just see SM Station post a picture of ITZY 😍😍😍

  • munmun kawaii
    munmun kawaii 10 hours ago

    Poor my baby jihyo😭

  • Aoi
    Aoi 10 hours ago

    Big 3 please, don't show in mama anymore.

  • Orbital Ujung
    Orbital Ujung 10 hours ago

    Smh, cherry bullet already losing members 😥😥😥

  • Aoi
    Aoi 10 hours ago

    I wish world know, mnet is the real devils. UNFAIR!!

  • taetae fairie
    taetae fairie 10 hours ago

    i’m scared i feel like k-pop is falling apart. luckily we have bts and twice to make it a little better...

  • Jamie
    Jamie 10 hours ago

    Wait..... did they just say make a nEW LABEL??!??!? IM SHOOK

  • 군대 벨벳
    군대 벨벳 10 hours ago

    Beluga Whale

  • Choi Minjae
    Choi Minjae 10 hours ago

    Well exo treatment already was bad when they released nct and not just because of superm.

  • Saamiya Saleh
    Saamiya Saleh 10 hours ago

    I hope we get a twiceXred velvet song Bcuz man would that be SicKkKK

  • wajeeha javed
    wajeeha javed 10 hours ago


  • TriStar 101
    TriStar 101 10 hours ago

    *Cherry Bullet stans are crying because I sure am*

  • byun rośe beak
    byun rośe beak 10 hours ago

    Well to get it back, exo must be together again.

  • Computer Chord
    Computer Chord 10 hours ago

    I’m a little confused about the whole band “comeback” concept in Korean pop music. In Western pop, a comeback means you dropped off the charts and lost a lot of popularity and then managed to return to stardom afterwards. I don’t get it when Korean bands advertise they are making a comeback like it’s something to advertise or be proud of every few months. Can someone help me to understand what makes this concept so culturally dependent?

    • KPOP Junkee
      KPOP Junkee 10 hours ago

      Hey! So a comeback in KPOP just means they've come back with new music whether it's a mini album, full album, etc. They'll have new concepts and maybe try a new genre. They'll go through a promotional period and then maybe in a few months "come back" again! That's the short version. Hope it helps!

  • Sam Rao
    Sam Rao 10 hours ago

    this is something out of a fantasy but imagine how it would be if yunho, siwon and suho were to form the 'director trinity' of sm or something. it'd be totally bonkers yet awesome at the same time 😂

  • Gloriana Phan
    Gloriana Phan 10 hours ago