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  • princemaktho
    princemaktho 4 hours ago

    Every time I see this man, I fall more in love

  • djvapid
    djvapid 4 hours ago

    I hate that idiot holding the mic. He's got a very punchable face.

  • P Brazil
    P Brazil 4 hours ago

    Just realized that I’m still pissed about that atrocious end. I’ll go take a cold shower now. 😡 😭

  • jeebs621
    jeebs621 4 hours ago

    Wth even is this show about? I always see the name.

  • Norma Galindo
    Norma Galindo 4 hours ago

    Qué hermosa ! Qué graciosa ! ES ELLA .

  • Don't Believe Me Just Watch

    Patricia is over the Hill actress, FAT, Sloopy, who would cast this Drunk crackhead . TRUMP 2020

  • MirMir
    MirMir 4 hours ago

    God I love her, she just made me feel a little bit better.

  • Ashy Perry
    Ashy Perry 4 hours ago

    Horrible final season but still the greatest show of all time.

  • maymaylingling
    maymaylingling 4 hours ago

    you can feel the happiness through the movie

  • Todd Foret
    Todd Foret 4 hours ago

    All of Pedowood is "Fleabags"

  • Zeke Ziegler
    Zeke Ziegler 4 hours ago

    Now fucking D and D decided show up eh?

  • TMaelstrom
    TMaelstrom 4 hours ago

    Poor Alfie, he got put on the spot there lol.

  • Michus V
    Michus V 4 hours ago

    I've never watched the show (may have only clicked the video because of a massive crush on Emilia!) and while I do want to try it, knowing the ending sucks is really off putting. Why bother watching it if I know it's leading up to disappointment?

    • B V
      B V 4 hours ago

      Because the first four seasons are that good. Seriously, it's worth watching just that. Pretend nothing happened after and everything will be fine.

  • Me before You
    Me before You 4 hours ago

    the only person i respect in that cast, she didnt respond in a rude way compared to everyone who was asked, she understands we were not angry at their hard work but at the writing....Emilia is an amazing person i'm glad to be her fan i swear.....we loved the show thus why we were'nt happy with the ending

  • A. Junior De los Santos

    Too bad the ratings here are soooo damed low, wonder why...

  • Lily Kim
    Lily Kim 4 hours ago

    He just won an emmy and the first question was about tom cruise lmao

    • Seaport
      Seaport 4 hours ago

      He looked so confused by it too. Truly bizarre.

  • Seaport
    Seaport 4 hours ago

    I was so goddamn happy for every Fleabag win. And Phoebe also presented with Bill Hader, and they were delightful together, so that was the cherry on top.

    • JerichaG92
      JerichaG92 4 hours ago

      Seaport I need them to work together

  • Tony DiMeo
    Tony DiMeo 4 hours ago

    I’m so thrilled 😁 she won

  • mrabrasive51
    mrabrasive51 4 hours ago

    My favorite show!..

  • Joel Delaney
    Joel Delaney 4 hours ago

    I feel like Kit couldn’t watch it because it brought up some issues about letting go of the life he create around the show. Like made him sad or something. I dunno I could be wrong 🤷🏼‍♂️ I’m still sad it’s over anyway.

  • Mr. Drobot
    Mr. Drobot 4 hours ago

    How many Ds had to go into Gelman’s mouth to be a part of the show? Millions?

  • Glenn Kirste
    Glenn Kirste 4 hours ago

    Hollywood = pedophiles.

  • Takuan Soho
    Takuan Soho 4 hours ago

    At first I was skeptical as the origin of the mystic and skekses seemed different but the charcters and the world building and design are absolutely amazing.

  • Josh Jenkins
    Josh Jenkins 4 hours ago

    I think Shia is mildly interesting. But mainly because he's such a natural bullshitter. I seen a lot of interviews if you look hard at him you can see through the fassad. He is basically just a selfish drug addict dick.

  • Ur Mum
    Ur Mum 4 hours ago

    game of thrones overrated af

    • Ur Mum
      Ur Mum 4 hours ago

      Seaport on everything

    • Seaport
      Seaport 4 hours ago

      I cheered every time GoT lost. I didn't mind Peter Dinklage winning because he did the best he could with writing that was just wretched, but I was thrilled that they lost the best writer category. And let's be real, Better Call Saul should've won best drama.

  • Caitlin Higgins
    Caitlin Higgins 4 hours ago

    Two of my favorite actors/celeb crushes. Excellent shows, too. And congrats to Bill for winning a Best Actor in a Comedy Emmy tonight❣️

  • Demond Garrett
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  • JeanetteIsweetcupcakes


  • Renee Lasswell
    Renee Lasswell 4 hours ago

    It is criminal Andrew Scott wasn't nominated. He completely steals the show!

    • ches wajda
      ches wajda 4 hours ago

      Andrew Scott will have his time - this was not his time.

  • Francis Vincent Ong
    Francis Vincent Ong 4 hours ago

    the idea of Fleabag was made many years ago and it's first season is a whole completed story, so ending it well in a season two is a miracle. . She has enough genius to come up with a new concept that reflects her current state of mind and not have to mine her younger self for ideas.

  • Ronald Melendez
    Ronald Melendez 4 hours ago

    I wonder how the viewership for this show was? I dont feel like many people heard of it?

  • El Luchador
    El Luchador 4 hours ago

    Last Week Tonight is great and deserves plenty of praise but I'd love to see other talk shows being acknowledged. Oliver is collecting all these Emmys doing a half hour show with 30 episode seasons while guys like Colbert are cranking out hour length shows 5 days a week with interviews, comedy bits, and a monologue covering the news of the day. Again, I find Oliver's show incredibly informative an eye opening but I don't consider Oliver to be the face of late night. Jon Stewart also used to clean up at these awards shows but at least he did his show daily.

  • Juggalo Guy
    Juggalo Guy 4 hours ago

    What a trashy way to dress, for a normally classy lady, im a bit dissapointed tbh

  • Nate Lalande
    Nate Lalande 4 hours ago

    13-21 John Stewart’s your bois coming

  • derek simmons
    derek simmons 4 hours ago

    jon bois lookin ass

  • Xzavior McNeal
    Xzavior McNeal 4 hours ago

    This show is gold. Amazing and well deserved

  • Stereotypical Ravenclaw

    She’s just a bright side girl. ❤️

  • Jeremy Hopkins
    Jeremy Hopkins 4 hours ago

    They really did write themselves into a bit of a corner. What happens now, Gene dies? Barry goes on the run? There aren't many ways I could see them resolving this. But they will, and it will be great.

  • Dawny K
    Dawny K 4 hours ago

    "You have a good chance. Theres not many people nominated" what a douche 😑

  • David Cipriano
    David Cipriano 4 hours ago

    D&D are heading to Star Wars next. 😒

  • Omar Usmani
    Omar Usmani 5 hours ago

    Season 8 sucked. Period. They had two years and access a ton of money to end the series off with a bang and they failed miserably. Completely mismanaged it. Such a shame. No excuses.

  • Maye VB
    Maye VB 5 hours ago

    I used to watch Mr Mercedes and he was one of the best characters of the show so congrats and also on being Latino 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  • DevilKaz
    DevilKaz 5 hours ago

    Dayum Boi Emilia Clarke is Hot AF and looking like a Snacc. She as Robbed she carried that Shit Season 8 on her Back and gets Nothing for it Pure BS

    SPEAK UP 5 hours ago


  • Denesha Cohen
    Denesha Cohen 5 hours ago

    Congratulations, well deserved!

  • madgy85
    madgy85 5 hours ago

    He handled those loaded questions like a champ 🏆.

  • Ana Coronel
    Ana Coronel 5 hours ago

    I love David harbour 😍

  • Erik Hewitt
    Erik Hewitt 5 hours ago


  • Rachel Sahar
    Rachel Sahar 5 hours ago

    Jennifer, doing your passion shouldn't be hard work. You found your lucky break when Selena got killed. Ever since it's been fun work for you. Hasn't it? Doing the things that you are passionate for is not work. It's a privilege

  • TrulyDiamond
    TrulyDiamond 5 hours ago

    that damn lady 🤦🏾‍♀️

  • Elle Song
    Elle Song 5 hours ago

    I’m so proud of him and love him so much! I love his work and passion to do what will make him happy. His story touches home for me and I’ll keep rooting for him for the years to come!

  • Liz Lemon
    Liz Lemon 5 hours ago

    She really is a lovely, unpretentious actor.

    SPEAK UP 5 hours ago


  • beomgyuwu
    beomgyuwu 5 hours ago

    8:06 emilia is so adorable 🥺

  • Emilce Diaz
    Emilce Diaz 5 hours ago

    Emilia is so awesome! What an intelligent woman she is. She understand the fans' anger and doesn't argues with them. I love her!💖

  • Avery W
    Avery W 5 hours ago

    All the people who say "I dont care", "miss me with the pronouns" etc, what is it doing to you that you cant just keep your opinion out of it? Is it affecting you that bad that youre butthurt cause it sure sounds it for people who "dont care" And it isnt a liberal issue it's a quality of life. Don't say you know someone else's life and rights cause you sound just as dumb as your comments about it. You're acting like pansies just cause someone wants to identify as who they feel like. Whats it to you? Grow up much? Maybe change the channel? You dont have to agree but no need to be a troll to people you've never even come across in your life. And i mean the whole trans community not the 1 or 2 people you've met in your life. Handle your responsibilities and mind your business *your life and not others*, everyone else will mind theirs too. Simple

  • Prince Deluca
    Prince Deluca 5 hours ago

    Where are the haters for season 8?

  • Vlamir Marques
    Vlamir Marques 5 hours ago

    Love Bill and Kate

  • Mark Holden
    Mark Holden 5 hours ago

    Yessss thank you for this <3

  • Joseph Deluca
    Joseph Deluca 5 hours ago

    Despite the ending, it was a great ride. Still the best show we ever had.

    • Richard Head
      Richard Head 4 hours ago


    • Omar Usmani
      Omar Usmani 4 hours ago

      No not true at all. Most overrated show of all time. Season 3 and 4 were masterpieces but the rest were ordinary tbhz

    • LC
      LC 5 hours ago

      Joseph Deluca yes, so true!

  • beomgyuwu
    beomgyuwu 5 hours ago

    dany & ser jorah ❤️

  • Peter Stewart
    Peter Stewart 5 hours ago

    So proud of Patricia here, so happy to see a celebrity using their platform to do some good.

  • Lauryn Gibson
    Lauryn Gibson 5 hours ago

    i hope this means he gets a vacation omg

    • nelly
      nelly 4 hours ago

      writing for barry season 3 starts october he’s gonna be working hard and it’ll show

  • Pee Diddler
    Pee Diddler 5 hours ago

    What answer are you going to expect asking him about PC culture? He’s obviously not going to answer it earnestly due to the harsh environment in media now.

    • Seaport
      Seaport 4 hours ago

      He did answer it earnestly, though? It may not be what you wanted to hear, but he's talked for years about changing language and words that shouldn't be used anymore, and he's always said that it's a good thing and makes you a better comedian who doesn't resort to hacky try hard edgelord bullshit. He actually values empathy.

  • Benjamin Patterson
    Benjamin Patterson 5 hours ago

    Can we get some happy questions. This is depressing.

  • Jeremy Toh
    Jeremy Toh 5 hours ago

    Do you research Angela, you've got the wrong show!

  • Atlas Riolas
    Atlas Riolas 5 hours ago

    Hell yes Patrica!

  • Atzimba Torres
    Atzimba Torres 5 hours ago

    He went alone, and it’s okay but i really wanted to he there and not only because of all the famous people, but because i just do not want him to be alone in his success, i think he is such an amazing actor and person that doesn’t deserve to be by himself on a really important and marvelous night for him.

  • Linny Crocus
    Linny Crocus 5 hours ago

    Wow. The first question they ask him after he has won an Emmy. Really? That's what they ask him?

  • man in chair
    man in chair 5 hours ago

    They fucked it up so bad. Not only did they spoil the ending , but by doing so , they cast a shadow over the whole series. Why bother re-watching the show when you know how stupidly it ends.

  • grace gesalan
    grace gesalan 5 hours ago

    Im just here because he looks like if steve carell shave his beard. Just me? Kbye

    • James A
      James A 4 hours ago

      IMHO Oliver used to look better when he resembled a middle aged Harry Potter with his old British mop top haircut.

  • Joseph chan-goldstein

    The audacity of dumb and dumber! Still pissed that they ruined GOT!

  • Clever Kat
    Clever Kat 5 hours ago

    Just a thot being a thot and everyone ready to white knight hypergamy but don't hear a peep when they bash males all day long and court rape men for everything they have

  • T L1978
    T L1978 5 hours ago


    SHE SAID WHAT 5 hours ago

    So that's why it's easier to work at night

  • Bob L
    Bob L 5 hours ago

    Hey Arquette, how about advocating for American taxpayers rights?

  • Cody
    Cody 5 hours ago

    Why is this comment section full of so many transphobic assholes? Can y'all just chill

  • Well Read Bull
    Well Read Bull 5 hours ago

    I'm definitely shipping John and Angela! Go back a few years and watch their interactions. It's priceless😈

    • Yogi Bear
      Yogi Bear 4 hours ago

      He hates her

    • Zelda Coach
      Zelda Coach 5 hours ago

      Well Read Bull Angela Bishop is a hack, not a real reporter. She wouldn’t know what day it was.

  • Elrich Gomes
    Elrich Gomes 5 hours ago


  • Alex Cross
    Alex Cross 5 hours ago

    He will win an Oscar one day!!! Remember this comment!!!!

  • mountopian 1
    mountopian 1 5 hours ago

    I had the playboy that your sister was in.

  • Mr_BigShot
    Mr_BigShot 5 hours ago

    Great job bill!!! Your my favorite actor!! Can’t wait for Barry season 3. Plz kill of Henry’s son. I don’t like him

  • Joe Blow
    Joe Blow 5 hours ago

    It almost annoys me how awesome she is, lol. 🤦‍♂️

  • Domepeace_ltd productions

    Too bad she was so pretty, now she looks like a trans.

  • Sprink Hole
    Sprink Hole 5 hours ago

    I'll maintain my rights to say whatever the fnck pronouns I want. Thanks dude-woman.

  • Byun
    Byun 5 hours ago

    Its weird seeing Jaeden so quiet

  • Kellae Renae
    Kellae Renae 5 hours ago

    Brilliant performance and brilliant answers to the questions. He's so seasoned.

  • zizinnnn
    zizinnnn 5 hours ago

    John “Crystal Ball” Oliver

  • Tim Walters
    Tim Walters 5 hours ago

    I didn't know the emmys were even on . Don't care .

  • Wendy Butler
    Wendy Butler 5 hours ago

    I think of him as a hero. An enlightened man.

  • DrainTheSwamp
    DrainTheSwamp 5 hours ago

    what a silly bitch

  • marcus epstein
    marcus epstein 5 hours ago

    Wtf with those first 2 questions. Madness those guys should defo get fired from there jobs.

  • Solar Snake
    Solar Snake 5 hours ago

    Absolutely disgusting.

    • It's Gadfly
      It's Gadfly 5 hours ago

      @Solar Snake You never answered my question. Why do you think she's disgusting?

    • Solar Snake
      Solar Snake 5 hours ago

      @It's Gadfly Wrong

    • It's Gadfly
      It's Gadfly 5 hours ago

      Your hatred for this woman is showing. Perhaps it's because she makes you feel useless?

  • K J
    K J 5 hours ago

    Bill fucking Hader everybody!

  • Tikka 300 WSM
    Tikka 300 WSM 5 hours ago

    They are special because they want to mutilate their body??? Should people that have body piercings have special rights too????

    • Tikka 300 WSM
      Tikka 300 WSM 5 hours ago

      @T L1978 you stfu you mental disorder. Cutting off your balls don't make you a woman.

    • T L1978
      T L1978 5 hours ago

      Stfu, you assuming ass sheep!!!!

    • Sprink Hole
      Sprink Hole 5 hours ago

      They can't even wear them visible at McDonalds...

  • Michael Ledford
    Michael Ledford 5 hours ago

    An old dried up has been skank crawls out to lick leftist boots in hopes of getting a major film role,nobody wants to be lectured by hollywoods pampered elite class.

  • Chelsee-Ann
    Chelsee-Ann 5 hours ago

    Congrats to Bill! I just finished Barry and it was great! I’m sooo excited and cannot wait for Season 3. He deserves all the praise for his work 😊😊😊

  • Michael Shane
    Michael Shane 5 hours ago

    You Liberals are REALLY , REALLY , REALLY S*icko People. A person CAN MUTILATE their body , but they at the end of the day is the same gender as when they was born. You L*ibtards are supporting Mental Illness.

  • Ellehub
    Ellehub 5 hours ago

    Talk about amazing style.

  • n29eo
    n29eo 5 hours ago

    My Queen..! Eloquent and classy as always!