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  • Clutch Player
    Clutch Player Month ago

    Cancel that unfunny Rick and morty show and bring back Space ghost.

    • Jakoby playz
      Jakoby playz Month ago


  • Nicole Csoltko
    Nicole Csoltko Month ago

    will there be a season 4 of Rick and Morty?

  • Rad Derry
    Rad Derry Month ago

    bugs the crap out of me that I cant get access to Rick & Morty in the UK : (

  • Clixess
    Clixess Month ago

    One of the most entertaining channels on TheXvid.

  • Luxury Wrist Watches

    We enjoy watching your videos. Keep up the good work!

  • Saldā Sinkope
    Saldā Sinkope Month ago

    I can't find any World Peace show videos on your channel. :(

  • BBB
    BBB Month ago

    Please allow viewers to add subtitles to your videos so more people can watch your videos thanks

  • Zack Ky Murr ALT
    Zack Ky Murr ALT Month ago

    I'm making a movie for adult swim called ashroid galaxy squad and i was wondering if you can watch my cartoons on my channel not the alt one just search Zack Ky Murr And you'll find it

  • gamingcode4best
    gamingcode4best Month ago

    hey toonami why dont you put saint seiya omega on adult swim?

  • Based Canadian
    Based Canadian 2 months ago

    bring back world peace....... stop being pussies make bank your welcome

  • Morty Smith
    Morty Smith 2 months ago

    Happy Valentines Day! 🌷🌷🌹🌹💐💐 ❤️💛❤️💛

  • Joey Kette
    Joey Kette 2 months ago

    Can you do a Robot Chicken version of Zootopia?

  • Kevin Janok
    Kevin Janok 2 months ago

    im here to tell you that i know

  • Marie-Hélène
    Marie-Hélène 2 months ago

    please upload some more robot chicken



  • steve lafogg
    steve lafogg 2 months ago

    your videos dont work and its only your channel why is that ???

  • Keyzen Thiru
    Keyzen Thiru 2 months ago

    i want Rick to come back more episodes for season 3 and i also want a crossover with gravity falls where rick meets bill #AlexHirsch #GravityFallsRock #JustinRoiland #RickandMorty #OnwardsAoshima! #Wubalubadubdub/PickleRick!!!



  • Pedro Zueira Gamer
    Pedro Zueira Gamer 2 months ago

    make the movie rick and morty

  • Dan Harmony
    Dan Harmony 3 months ago

    MDE was the only good show you had. By getting rid of it for the politics of the fans you have only made adult swim and the show itself seem more political. You are supposed to be a comedy channel. Stop being so sententious and just make people laugh.

  • Tron -
    Tron - 3 months ago

    AS sucks now. You guys are trying way too hard. Rick and Morty is trying too much to be like rick and morty. This new show is trying too much to be an AS show. Trying toooooo hard.

  • fatpatMC
    fatpatMC 3 months ago

    its official : hot streets is the gayest program you have ever put in my tv box..........well done!? pffft

  • Thriva Avirht
    Thriva Avirht 3 months ago

    Masta Killa feat. Method Man & Redman “Therapy” | 2016 Adult Swim Singles not available in your countery (WTF plz Fix) used to why is it in my liked then i come back to listen and cant....GODDAMMIT!!! plz Fin Fix

  • Review The Cheapest
    Review The Cheapest 3 months ago

    Your channel is legendary.

  • fatpatMC
    fatpatMC 3 months ago

    hot streets looks like the worst shit you guys have ever agreed to put on air did you think a dog voiced by the same dude who does morty was going to just make magic!? lol u guys just get worse and worse the programs get more garbage as time goes by its almost unwatchable

  • Nik Zam
    Nik Zam 3 months ago

    Gimme your music a.s.

  • Devashish Singh
    Devashish Singh 3 months ago

    Adult Swim is LOVE.

    WII BOWLING 3 months ago

    go away i hate you

    CLEO McNETT 4 months ago

    Early [as] Music from One Man band: Cleo McNett -

  • Koopa Da Quick
    Koopa Da Quick 4 months ago

    To be fair,

  • MrPanetela
    MrPanetela 4 months ago

    Hey what happened to the online Rick and Morty chat-bots? Why was it pulled offline?

  • Kraftkidd27
    Kraftkidd27 4 months ago

    dragon ball super

  • 0rdnajela
    0rdnajela 4 months ago

    What if Rick went to a Dimension that was paused long enough by another misc person long enough for a significant difference in time or wasn't created at the same time as everything else! Theoretically with infinite possibilities new universes would be constantly being made for every second of time since some universes thing that makes them unique could theoretically also be the that they exist in different time. Also with that in mind c 137 would also be the "Prequel" to literally half the universes in existence. I say prequel because they would be made after another universe but take place in a time before it if that makes sense. And it wouldn't be time travel just interdimensional travel to a universe of a different time. Like interdimensional time zones. Down to all of the smallest fraction of time that exists less than millisecond or anything like that is theoretically a time zone in which exists different countries or in this case universes!

  • amélie bernèche
    amélie bernèche 4 months ago

    so now that tim is innocent , will we be able to see more heidecker shit's show

  • NormalStyleCrew
    NormalStyleCrew 4 months ago

    why do you tweet that theres a trial but then put lemon faggots on. at least play some decker or on cinema, any tim and eric stuff at all would be better than this nonsense

  • AzzLana Tube
    AzzLana Tube 4 months ago

    Like.Share.Subscribe and ENJOY :)

  • Jake Bussell
    Jake Bussell 5 months ago

    when is Day 4 coming out?!! #electircsun20

  • Jon Yodice
    Jon Yodice 5 months ago

    Will the full 48-minute Heidecker Trial Day 1 be put on this channel? yes or no. Your website is as horrible this year as it was last year. except now you have fish in a tank and faggots playing crossword puzzles and working without audio engineers to babysit them throughout the 'production' as they choose to either yell or whisper

  • Ronoroa Zoro
    Ronoroa Zoro 5 months ago

    transhomem Trill League in animacao in 2018, or at least a single pilot's fame made black dynamite

  • no mo
    no mo 5 months ago

    unsubbed. you guys are reaching new lows with assembly line yeah, bloodfeast, and ad spam.

  • Ronoroa Zoro
    Ronoroa Zoro 5 months ago

    bring The Boondocks with Aaron McGruder back in 2018, best time now, the country is in total chaos, there is no shortage of material for satire and criticism. #Aaron McGruderThe Boondocks2018 RESPONDER

  • TheToastPeople
    TheToastPeople 5 months ago


  • Joey Oriente
    Joey Oriente 5 months ago

    wuba luba dub dub

  • Coolguy1a123
    Coolguy1a123 5 months ago


  • John Marbles
    John Marbles 5 months ago

    unsubbed. MDE FOR LIFE

  • Jenna Raleigh
    Jenna Raleigh 6 months ago

    So where are the NYCC videos? I need the Robot Chicken NYCC 2017 panel!! It's pretty bad actually, I'm violently sobbing as I'm writing this.

  • TheToastPeople
    TheToastPeople 6 months ago

    Superjail, bring it back.

  • Cyrus Igono
    Cyrus Igono 6 months ago

    good stuff!

  • Prod. Dotaki.
    Prod. Dotaki. 6 months ago

    Can I upload my songs from soundcloud on your channel?

  • guayomixXx
    guayomixXx 6 months ago

    [as] is a proof that still awesome people in the world...

  • Jonathan de Bouter
    Jonathan de Bouter 6 months ago

    Hello anyone at Adult Swim. On June 23rd you posted a video with this URL: I'm dying to know what the music is that's playing in the first minute. I'm going crazy here. Please help?

  • Andrey Myakishev
    Andrey Myakishev 6 months ago

    Make a Rick and Morty bonus features playlist

  • مشاهير السعودية

    بنت سعوديه 💕 تعلم اختها 👩 سواقه السياره 🚙

  • Stefano
    Stefano 6 months ago

    Where did the live stream go?

  • Michael DiPietro
    Michael DiPietro 6 months ago

    Where did the live stream go?

  • Michael Hamilton
    Michael Hamilton 6 months ago

    Can you guys make an "Inside Rick and Morty Playlist" so that after watching one it does not go to a random fanmade video?

  • Koas iis
    Koas iis 6 months ago

    who knew this fuckin nutcase made one of the most successful shows on AS.

  • Samir Abadeer
    Samir Abadeer 6 months ago

    Thank you for checking out my latest composition in 4 versions

  • TheDeathToday
    TheDeathToday 7 months ago

    Yeah, hi AdultSwim. Please give us back Metalocalypse or sell the rights back to Brendon Small instead of keeping it out of spite you dildos.

  • Jenna69Talia
    Jenna69Talia 7 months ago

    More Off the Air please!!!

  • edgar of hoth
    edgar of hoth 7 months ago

    oh my gosh episode 7 of season 3 is amazing

  • Fall Catalyst
    Fall Catalyst 7 months ago

    Hey anyone want adult swim to add lord bung's Confinement to there lineup

  • obet santiago
    obet santiago 7 months ago

    sooooooooooo you want this toy in your show well i has mario and luigi on kart toy

  • Stewie Williamson
    Stewie Williamson 7 months ago

    Thanks for making my adulthood residable throughout ages, much likeness.

  • Peter Petigrow
    Peter Petigrow 7 months ago

    no more robot chicken? awww....

  • Rick C-137
    Rick C-137 7 months ago

    WHAT UP TheXvid!!!

  • holyfnshet
    holyfnshet 7 months ago

    Stop Looking At ME!!!

  • vollsticks
    vollsticks 7 months ago

    Fucking Matt Furie header drawing ONNNNNNN POIIIIIIIINNNNNT!!!!!!

  • Harvey Rabbit
    Harvey Rabbit 7 months ago

    Please put an end to this blatant theft.

  • Dhananjay Ganjgaonkar
    Dhananjay Ganjgaonkar 7 months ago

    Rick and morty (y)

  • Yiğit Güven
    Yiğit Güven 7 months ago

    WHY. why ashi.

  • Corey Browning
    Corey Browning 8 months ago

    rick and morty gravity falls and Ducktales make me happy even in my saddest moments

  • Eva Valdivieso
    Eva Valdivieso 8 months ago

    what about if you make an episode of rick and morty with a morty woman?

  • ADEL Enhance
    ADEL Enhance 8 months ago

    episode 4 won't be live ?

  • whaaaaales
    whaaaaales 8 months ago

    Is there no Ricking Morty this week? If that means no SamJay, then I think I'm OK with that.

  • RegalBlade
    RegalBlade 8 months ago

    The Rick and Morty's trailer of the season 3 is gone ?

  • holyfnshet
    holyfnshet 8 months ago


  • Manuel Prendinger
    Manuel Prendinger 8 months ago

    I want that szechuan sauce like, right now

  • Dj.Dixray
    Dj.Dixray 8 months ago


  • fatpatMC
    fatpatMC 8 months ago

    dubbed anime is pretty much the worst thing ever and dubbed jojo is fucking spitting in the face of people who actually like anime who like art BEFORE funimation destroys it with the same garbage ass NA voice actors stop promoting funimations ruined art its fucking gross you ppl are gross what your doing is gross you just jump on whatever ppl like like a year after it airs then let funimation ruin it then air it like its magical or new FUCK OFF SERIOUSLY if you such scrubs you need it in english just play old tranformer episodes that way you wont be promoting funimations slaughter of real art thx - everyone whose not a fucking 12yr old in America

    • fatpatMC
      fatpatMC 8 months ago

      just look at what they did to mikasa she was the silent assassin til it got dubbed then turned into this airheaded ditsy bitch what a fucking joke

  • gamerLectron LetsPlay
    gamerLectron LetsPlay 8 months ago

    make more family guy episodes it would be the best because family guy is so funny! make some episodes of transformers related to it the last knight one

  • lazy Perfectionist
    lazy Perfectionist 8 months ago

    You idiots played fishcenter over the rick and morty s3 episode 3 on the livestream, on the specific time that rick and morty was supposed to be on so only the second half got shown. Seriously?!?! WTF is wrong with you?!

  • Mr. Blutarsky
    Mr. Blutarsky 8 months ago

    Seth Green. I have one sentence for you: Two Smurfs enter, one Smurf leaves.

  • Mert Mert
    Mert Mert 8 months ago

    türk konuşan yokmu

  • BrandonSkeleBonez
    BrandonSkeleBonez 8 months ago

    i miss aqua teen hunger force :(

  • Alex Lanier
    Alex Lanier 9 months ago


  • oceane pineau
    oceane pineau 9 months ago

    CA VA

  • LeapTrade's Biggest Fony

    like rick and morty send your fan mail to Donald Stafford P.O. Box 108 Cave Junction OR, 97523

  • Savage Deven935
    Savage Deven935 9 months ago


  • Lenin Rodas
    Lenin Rodas 9 months ago

    Prender la opción de sub títulos por favor hay acentos que no puedo entender !!

  • Rick Sanchez
    Rick Sanchez 9 months ago

    Wubba lubba dub dub

  • Good Benji
    Good Benji 9 months ago

    I wish there was more Robot Chicken...

    VIRTUALMEMORY 10 months ago

    need more bumps

  • Joseph Burnett
    Joseph Burnett 10 months ago

    is Off The Air dead? that was the best shit but the most recent one was 4 months ago

  • Game Squirrel
    Game Squirrel 10 months ago

    I find myself vibing with your late-night line up. Also, the random things that come up in little white text on the black screens, Love it.

  • samuel carrillo
    samuel carrillo 10 months ago

    south park sucks gorilla dick, adult swim you are pissing everybody off.

  • Red Knight Bulgaria
    Red Knight Bulgaria 11 months ago

    samurai jack you end NICE PLS MAKE next animation SYM BIONIC TITAN I LOVE YOU :)

  • Red Knight Bulgaria
    Red Knight Bulgaria 11 months ago

    samurai jack you end NICE PLS MAKE next animation SYM BIONIC TITAN I LOVE YOU :)

  • Beyond Manhattan
    Beyond Manhattan 11 months ago

    why an end fast samurái Jack why???????????????????????? wait 10 year so an end fast i dont have logic very bad

  • Lupifacter
    Lupifacter 11 months ago

    I can not wait to leave the new season of Mr. Pickles

  • TheZachorios
    TheZachorios 11 months ago

    when are you idiots going to make the next season of metalocalypse

  • The Skeleton HitMan
    The Skeleton HitMan 11 months ago

    Wanna Watch Rick And Morty For Free? Go To Netflix....

  • tha won whizkid
    tha won whizkid 11 months ago

    weirda fux robot chick in at?

  • barad
    barad 11 months ago

    pigs are humans too

  • Dilly Mackey
    Dilly Mackey 11 months ago

    Great job.

  • MAX 330
    MAX 330 11 months ago

    ╭∩╮(-_-)╭∩╮ bring back world peace

  • Napoleon
    Napoleon 11 months ago

    I'm sorry to ask but when is your next episode of rick and morty, I really need to know because you got me hooked on it, alright enough of that, I have read the cocmics and watched the show, so I REALLY BADLY NEED TO KNOW RICK'S BACKSTORY.

  • ZigGie tha
    ZigGie tha 11 months ago

    hope there going to be more rick and morty shows

  • Lylha
    Lylha 11 months ago

    Rick and mortyyyyyyyyyyyy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Asriel Dreemurr
    Asriel Dreemurr Year ago

    dear adult swim: is it true that there is going to be a revival of one piece? as we saw last the team was seperated.

  • kanyallhearmenow


  • WaffleNeko
    WaffleNeko Year ago

    Also, is there an adult swim deviantart? i wanna send a pic i made!

  • WaffleNeko
    WaffleNeko Year ago

    If you commented on my channel i would screencap it and frame it on my wall XD, it would be an honor

  • Sam S.I.
    Sam S.I. Year ago

    what do you smoke?

  • MasterBabo
    MasterBabo Year ago

    WHERES METALOCALYPSE U CHEAP BASTARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • JustTheTip
    JustTheTip Year ago

    Yo if you kill samurai jack and put that girl on the main story im gonna lose my shit destroying the fucking cartoon of my childhood. GOOD JOB NEW IS BETTER RIGHT FUCK THE OLD SHIT.FIX IT !!!!!!!!

  • Wolf Duck Studios

    Guys we got bored so we are bugging mcdonalds Join our stupidity if you dare Rick and Morty fans unite! Cause if we don't and Rick comes to our universe we want to be something he won't destroy :P

  • Cyanide
    Cyanide Year ago

    Hey,can you NOT fucking air Rick and Morty over Samurai Jack next time?Thanks

  • ZillaPlayz
    ZillaPlayz Year ago

    Last weekend I tried to watch Toonami but it kept showing the same re-run of Rick & Morty :(

  • Live With In Christ's Kingdom 754

    Adult swim Repent in the name of Jesus Christ the use of foul language can be an offence towards God Yahuah you can be in danger of hell fire. Seek God and Jesus Christ and have eternal life in the kingdom of God. Colossians 3:8 - But now ye also put off all these; anger, wrath, malice, blasphemy, filthy communication out of your mouth. Ephesians 4:29 - Let no corrupt communication proceed out of your mouth, but that which is good to the use of edifying, that it may minister grace unto the hearers. Ephesians 5:4 - Neither filthiness, nor foolish talking, nor jesting, which are not convenient: but rather giving of thanks.

  • Mono Nonny
    Mono Nonny Year ago

    All these cry babies wahin' about waiting 1 stinkin' week lol don't take shit from them Adult Swim, ya'll are fine, and your April Fool's joke was funny. I'm cool with waiting a week.

  • Tea Tea
    Tea Tea Year ago

    I'm a huge Rick and Morty fan, so I'm always happy with new R&M content, but I do not agree with your April Fool's 2017 prank. That was disrespectful to the creators, actors, and fans of Dragon Ball Super, Samurai Jack, and Rick and Morty. People were looking forward to DBS and SJ and it's an incredibly bad business move to deliberately not air shows that you advertised. (ESPECIALLY with SJ just getting back on air) It's not a good business move to "surprise" your audience with new Rick and Morty episodes because a significant portion of your audience who are fans of the show will miss the episodes because they aren't expecting them. Also, the audience members who aren't fans of R&M are less likely to become fans of the show because they are less likely to be interested in something that they are tricked into watching. Please don't do pranks like that in the future. Respect your fans and the show creators. Pro-tip: It costs $0 to do it. Forgot to add: I've heard a few people threatening to do harm to Adult Swim employees as a result of this "prank." At least give a shit about your employees who are just trying to work and get paid and don't put them in harm's way. And yes, this "prank" is putting your employees in harm's way. Act responsibly in the future. Please.

    • Noah Fischel
      Noah Fischel Year ago

      Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuude, what??? They got paid a shitload of money for that night. Notice how there was only 3 or 4 regularly used commercials that night? Because Carl's Jr., Samsung, and a bunch of other businesses were told what they were doing and paid a fuckton of money to be the exclusive ads during a time that they knew, once word got round, that people would be hooked to. To your second point, have you ever watched Rick and Morty? If so, then you'll understand that the April Fools Joke was the perfect way to advertise the season. For a year and a half, the show creators, staff, actors, producers, and Adult Swim themselves have gotten BOMBARDED by assholes going "Wehr's seezon threeeeeeeeeeee :''''''(???????". So of course, by dropping the episode unannounced, people would post it on social media, and NO ONE WOULD BELIEVE THEM! Then, the joke would be on that person because the episode actually WAS released. Then they post it online, reap the benefits of all that exclusive advertising by people (like me) watching that episode about 20 times over. Rick and Morty has overtaken as the top AS show, after Aqua Teen ended. The fanbase is rabid, and very very large. What they did was not risky at all, and (as a fan of both Rick and Morty, and Samurai Jack) I thought the joke was hilarious! Get off your high horse and pony up to having to wait another week (which is actually tonight. Congratulations. Feel better after seeing the episode?). You had to wait a week, R&M fans had to wait 1 year, 5 months, and 29 days. Give them some slack.

    • Mono Nonny
      Mono Nonny Year ago

      lol cry more

  • Mr. Blocky
    Mr. Blocky Year ago

    Okay, who the FUCK messed with Samurai Jack? No I'm being legit serious WHO DECIDED TO BE THAT DICK AND NOT LET US WATCH SAMURAI JACK SEASON 5 EPISODE 4 WHEN IT WAS CLEARLY LISTED SAMURAI JACK SEASON 5 EPISODE 4 WOULD BE AIRING APRIL 1ST!?!?? Goddamit Adult swim! (btw love your april fool's joke, I'm just mad I didn't see what happened next :L)

  • Folklorebrony
    Folklorebrony Year ago

    Where the FUCK is the SAMURAI!!!!??????????

  • Deadpoolwins101
    Deadpoolwins101 Year ago

    Dear Adult Swim Fuck you for repeating Rick and Morty for 3 hours. At first I didnt care for the show, but now I absolutely hate it now I hope who ever thought it was a good idea to do this as and April Fools joke will get rocks/bricks thrown at him once again Fuck you for delaying Samurai Jack

  • HappyLandOSorrow

    That samurai jack April fools joke wasn't funny, after jacks over im done with adultswim, u just flipped off all jacks fans that have been waiting years 4 an end 2 the story

    • Beary the Bear
      Beary the Bear 11 months ago

      damn quit being a baby it's not like they're never going to show samurai Jack again, stop acting so entitled remove that stick that's up your ass

    • Noah Fischel
      Noah Fischel Year ago

      You waited 7 days since the last episode though. Rick and Morty fans waited 1 year, 5 months, and 29 days.

    • Mono Nonny
      Mono Nonny Year ago


  • Smutek na smutek

    possible spoiler allert. rick is still in the simulation. he did not escape.

  • rwdplz1
    rwdplz1 Year ago

    It's been so long I forgot how great the 'Rick and Morty' writers are. Best April 1st EVER.

  • crazitaco
    crazitaco Year ago

    I don't normally do this, but from the deepest reaches of my heart, FUCK YOU ADULT SWIM, for preempting Samurai Jack so you could endlessly loop the steaming shitpile that is Rick and Morty.

    • DiamondEggBoss
      DiamondEggBoss 7 months ago

      I love Rick and Morty and I'm 13...

    • fatpatMC
      fatpatMC 8 months ago

      the only ppl that think rick and morty is the shit are LITTLE FUCKING BOYS #reality

    • JaedenFromTheJTJ
      JaedenFromTheJTJ 8 months ago

      Sit down.

    • KayowayTheCastaway
      KayowayTheCastaway Year ago

      Hoooly shit guys. I mean, crazitaco has a right to be angry. Samurai Jack hasn't had a new season in what, 12, 13 years? I mean I feel like defending Rick and Morty because it definitely isn't a steaming shitpile, but really, it was only a year and a half. A decade long wait would get me pissed if an episode was delayed

    • Noah Fischel
      Noah Fischel Year ago

      Steaming shitpile? Really?

  • Jordan Jonson
    Jordan Jonson Year ago

    If you think you're funny you are quite mistaken. Adult Swim you have been privileged and honored to air one of (if not the) greatest animated serious of television history on your shitty program. You gather the fans of Samurai Jack to all new adventures of the Mighty Samurai, and what did you do. You PLAY WITH OUR FUCKING EMOTIONS! Samurai Jack Season five is the best show that you have on you sad ass hat of a network. Not Family Guy, Not Toonami, Not Squidbillies, And CERTAINLY NOT THE CRUDELY DRAWN FAILURE YOU CALL RICK AND MORTY! You stop playing pranks on your viewers and air Samurai Jack when it's supposed to be aired! Don't you ever do this shit again you results of broken condoms!

    • Clutch Player
      Clutch Player Month ago

      Keep going with the tears, kid. Its just so entertaining to watch you throw a bitchfit like a big baby would! XD

    • Montgomery Louis Gérin
      Montgomery Louis Gérin Month ago

      Ye Mono Nonny was right; Youre going through your emo phase.

    • fatpatMC
      fatpatMC 8 months ago

      the only ppl that think rick and morty is the shit are LITTLE FUCKING BOYS who NEED to hide behind fake pics that arent real arent them in a world where every cell on the planet has a digital camera in it............aka SCRUBS RL SCRUBS scroll up for examples

    • The twenty one pilots addict
      The twenty one pilots addict 9 months ago

      Family Guy and Rick and Morty are the be fucking shows tf you talking about

    • Jordan Jonson
      Jordan Jonson Year ago

      I win!

  • micwillie
    micwillie Year ago


    • Mr. Blocky
      Mr. Blocky Year ago

      No, original Teen Titans on Toonami, that's a show I want back! Put it on Toonami, but don't make a series, it's done with Trouble in Tokyo.

  • Manzana1C
    Manzana1C Year ago


  • internetmaster1
    internetmaster1 Year ago


  • micwillie
    micwillie Year ago

    PLZ, show a clip of jack facing off against the sisters of aku

  • Stunžėnas Nojus

    Rick and morty S3?

  • Lucio Solito Vergara

    hola, vengo de parte del publico latino americano, quiero preguntar si hay alguna posibilidad que el bloque vuelva o como un canal aparte, con sus serie, así como hiso comedy central en estos últimos años teniendo un canal en LA. gracias por su atención y espero ser respondido pronto

    • micwillie
      micwillie Year ago


    • TheMysticSonic26 & Knuckles
      TheMysticSonic26 & Knuckles Year ago

      Aunque le pidas que adult swim regrese a latino américa no lo van a hacer porque a ellos les valen verga y punto, zzzzzzzzzz

  • PunaJussi
    PunaJussi Year ago

    Whut happened to MDE World Peace?

  • Harry Pott
    Harry Pott Year ago

    Your name sounds like a porn website.

  • H Mason
    H Mason Year ago


    • Icee202 Productions
      Icee202 Productions Year ago

      You are the prophet we do not deserve. We are deeply sorry for not seeing this coming.

  • evilcornet309
    evilcornet309 Year ago

    Will you upload jack series on this channel?

  • Aqua Teen Hunger Force

    don't worry i'll be back in 2019-2048.

  • El Eddio
    El Eddio Year ago

    I'll give you guys 20 bucks for season 3 of Rick & Morty

  • El Eddio
    El Eddio Year ago

    Rick & Morty Season 3? Please? Whats taking so long? I would do anything to get it. ANYTHING..

  • Johnny Willis
    Johnny Willis Year ago

    what is the name of that show about a bunch of labs under water? i'm looking for the dextems episode.

  • Jordan Evans
    Jordan Evans Year ago

    Is there going to be another On Cinema Oscar Special?

    • funghazi
      funghazi Year ago

      it's on Tim Heidecker's youtube channel

  • rocket truaxe world!

    You know Robot chicken is bad!

  • Jenna69Talia
    Jenna69Talia Year ago

    WAH! Why no Off The Air next week?

  • Timmy
    Timmy Year ago

    when the samurai jack will appear , you will post the episode on youtube?

  • Screen Hoopla
    Screen Hoopla Year ago


  • Luc Webb
    Luc Webb Year ago


    • Justyn Stringer
      Justyn Stringer 9 months ago

      Rick and Morty Season 3 is on [as] July 30. :) I love R&M, so fans, STOP HATING ON THE SHOW FOR GOD'S SAKE!!!!!

  • mrglipglopman
    mrglipglopman Year ago

    I need more rick and morty wubba lubba dub dub

  • Jared Perlman
    Jared Perlman Year ago

    I love off the air

  • zipfry
    zipfry Year ago

    Your giving katie Rich a job? After what she said on her twitter account before shutting it down..?? Shame on you for giving her another platform to spout more rubbish and insults.

  • 2Negative4Creep
    2Negative4Creep Year ago

    Stupid Jews btfo by Sam Hyde

  • Ian Bruesch
    Ian Bruesch Year ago

    Saying that the story was overlapping the comedy is the WORST FUCKING EXCUSE to kill a show. Much less one with such a massive fanbase.

  • Odin Tillgren
    Odin Tillgren Year ago

    You guys hiring? I got a degree.

  • Zozano
    Zozano Year ago

    Bring back Metalocalypse ya fucks

    • Johnny Willis
      Johnny Willis Year ago

      i concur. wtf? they then left us hanging with frisky dingo.

    • 12DAMDO
      12DAMDO Year ago


  • szogun offcial
    szogun offcial Year ago

    WHERE you can see your CHANNEL

  • Monkey
    Monkey Year ago

    put adult swim on netflix

  • Instagram Hack
    Instagram Hack Year ago

    King of the Hill was the best show ever aired on Adult Swim. It's so sad to see them stop making new episodes.

  • illuminati star
    illuminati star Year ago

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  • dimlight2
    dimlight2 Year ago

    Bring Metalocalypse back!

  • Galvatron1117
    Galvatron1117 Year ago

    It doesn't matter that you cancelled World Peace. We're on the march. No one watches that fag Gelman's shit, anyway. Tim's too political now and is losing respect. You didn't let Metalocalypse finish their story while Robot Chicken has been on for like a fucking decade. It's one bad decision after another with you people. But Trump won and now it's ours. In ten years you'll all be out of work.

  • Sargo
    Sargo Year ago

    rip MDE-World Peace. Type F to pay respects

  • cjstarkey
    cjstarkey Year ago

    MDE you fucks

  • Perry Duncan
    Perry Duncan Year ago

    Wish you guys actually made good content like you used to. Unsubbing, really disappointing shit. Fuck Heidecker and Gelman

    • faded robin
      faded robin 8 months ago

      What's the bad content? And are you talking about the channel or the TheXvid channel?

  • Mister Bearmore
    Mister Bearmore Year ago

    Fact: Farts are the ghosts of the things we ate.

  • ben lunato
    ben lunato Year ago

    i had to unsub MDE for life niga

  • jeanny may
    jeanny may Year ago

    Please interview Tom Green and Space Ghost simultaneously on the Eric Andre show.

  • Empo
    Empo Year ago


  • Mizplaced Deity
    Mizplaced Deity Year ago

    Hello, Adult Swim, We The People... (LOL) need more AMV's(Animated Music Videos) like @BigGrams - Born To Shine and @CakesDakilla - New Phone Who's Dis. I Love the direction keep up the good work... @Adult swim. Share, Like, and Subscribe to the Love!!! #AMVMatter #Animation #Music #videos #Adultswim #HipHop #Biggrams #Cakesdakilla #Anime #Trap #amv #american #cartoon

  • Trip Away
    Trip Away Year ago

    Hey guys! You could translate AS shows to spanish?Gretings from Sudamerica!

  • Media WareHouse Guy


  • N B
    N B Year ago

    San Francisco Police, Justice and Associates are Traitors to the USA: I document responses @ "So I'm Proof, Aye, I Semper Fi, As Some Provide, As Home Purifies, So I Am Per Vie.... " -Me, Oct 30, 2016

  • Just watch it
    Just watch it Year ago

    i think i can do a better job with getting you views and maybe some activity on this site. not bragging though. but for real give me a chance. comment on my comment and i'll give you my email

  • John Hull
    John Hull Year ago

    I liked adult swim when it was still centered around animation instead of just really bad live action. There's no thought put into anything they do anymore.

  • dusttodust
    dusttodust Year ago

    Hey [as]shats, how about less of the pomo nihilist braindamage aimed at the lowest common degenerate, and more for those with (what should be) average adult intelligence? Oh, and maybe try having a little taste?

  • Jon Ben-Amor
    Jon Ben-Amor Year ago


  • nicholas pootlass

    is there any1 i can send in a script idea for a part of a episode?

  • Aqua Teen Hunger Force

    i'm Master Shake & Frylock & Meatwad and we'll be back in July 2019-August 2037 in Aqua Teen Hunger Force with Carl.

  • Damnpothead !
    Damnpothead ! Year ago

    as a fan please give us a dose and the youth some nostalgia to the past again. love you forever adult swim you sexy beast

  • Lemeres
    Lemeres Year ago

    Give the Dream Corp LLC ad guys a raise. They did perfect internet ads. The early campaign with the short, forgettable ads... and then suddenly changing those ads to add in longer ones. I successfully kept me from hitting skip, got me to watch the whole thing, and then do research into the show. Successful ad.

  • Darth Falcon
    Darth Falcon Year ago

    more videos Star Wars Please

  • hank henshaw
    hank henshaw Year ago

    There was a commercial w/ vampires vs. Snowmen,I really liked it. Can someone post it so I can share it? 10/14 2016

  • kleptooohhyena
    kleptooohhyena Year ago

    Neon Joe on blu ray plz

  • Caleb Louthan
    Caleb Louthan Year ago

    Adult Swim I appreciate your content, I like the use of drugs and your shows combined blow my mind

  • ThereDare
    ThereDare Year ago

    Looking forward the new video!!