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  • Saurav Pandya
    Saurav Pandya 2 seconds ago


  • Work Hard Play Hard F##k Harder

    Wtf???? Cm punk said he never ever going back to wwe...

  • JanCarlo Lau
    JanCarlo Lau 4 seconds ago

    What a way to kill the potential hype wwe 🤦🏻‍♂️ SMH

  • Mustaquim Ahmed Tanbeer

    miz vs punk on mic. on wwe back

  • Chanel Adriana
    Chanel Adriana 5 seconds ago

    Definitely not a man of his word.

  • avdhesh sharma
    avdhesh sharma 7 seconds ago

    Woooooooooooooooooo..... He is back

  • Pakistani banda
    Pakistani banda 7 seconds ago

    Great loved it

    DAMON KING 8 seconds ago

    Bhai maere to rogtae khade ho gaye vo video dekh kar

  • Greg Young
    Greg Young 10 seconds ago

    Closest we’ll ever get to seeing him back in a WWE Ring

  • Oeks Lohk
    Oeks Lohk 10 seconds ago

    Fuck cm punk

  • Vetri _
    Vetri _ 10 seconds ago

    I'm so glad he's back! I want him to wrestle but I dont see wwe giving up the Fiend or Brock.

  • timbay
    timbay 11 seconds ago

    Holy shit...

  • alex bruss
    alex bruss 12 seconds ago


  • Cybzr
    Cybzr 15 seconds ago

    this is what everyone started to cry about

  • Harshvardhan Saini
    Harshvardhan Saini 16 seconds ago


  • ThyOliveOil
    ThyOliveOil 19 seconds ago

    *every wwe fan ever* OMG MON GET THE CAMERA

  • tzanetos.kavaliotis
    tzanetos.kavaliotis 21 second ago

    3 of the best of Ring Of Honor in the same ring!

  • Big Smoke
    Big Smoke 23 seconds ago

    Oh my god I cant believe this Literally that was **BREATHTAKING*

  • Anil Thakor
    Anil Thakor 23 seconds ago

    Big cp

  • Boody Jacoub
    Boody Jacoub 26 seconds ago

    This is like The Best News of 2019 so far.. CM Punk is like the long lost countryman who is finally back to save his Home.

  • Austin Erew
    Austin Erew 28 seconds ago

    Cm punk is back

  • Arsh Clair
    Arsh Clair 28 seconds ago

    I guess ufc didn't work out

  • Hungery Boy Vision
    Hungery Boy Vision 29 seconds ago

    My child hood is complete

  • Vivek Gaddam
    Vivek Gaddam 31 second ago

    Just Waiting for smackdown!!!!

  • Bart Wing
    Bart Wing 33 seconds ago

    Boy if Paul and punk were together again...

  • Chase XL
    Chase XL 35 seconds ago

    Holy Shit ! Holy Shit ! Holy Shit !

  • Yousuf Al Kadiri
    Yousuf Al Kadiri 36 seconds ago

    Cody Rhodes will be most disappointed man in the world right now after seeing this

  • Day Happy
    Day Happy 38 seconds ago

    CM punk CM punk CM punk CM punk CM punk CM punk CM punk CM punk CM punk CM punk CM punk CM punk CM punk CM punk CM punk CM punk CM punk CM punk

  • ShadrachThaProject TV
    ShadrachThaProject TV 38 seconds ago

    😂 anybody can talk so much negativity about wwe when they leave but wwe don't care and just bring you back home

  • Chanel Adriana
    Chanel Adriana 41 second ago

    I thought he said he’ll never come back to wwe this goes to show that everyone has a price and will do anything for it

  • lolox318
    lolox318 42 seconds ago

    And the man has succumb to the machine once again after a not so good mma career, that being said its nice to see punk back where he belongs...entertaining the wrestling fans.

  • Lloyd J RiSpark
    Lloyd J RiSpark 42 seconds ago

    I'm I seeing things?

  • Musa Khamis Musa
    Musa Khamis Musa 43 seconds ago

    Lol, Now That He's Back, Let The Crying & Bitching Begin 🤦‍♂️

  • Devon Harrison
    Devon Harrison 46 seconds ago

    I can hear Jerry lawler voice now “OMG HE’s BACK THE GREATEST IN THE WORLD CM PUNK”

  • Hnunpuia Pachuau
    Hnunpuia Pachuau 47 seconds ago

    best in the world

  • Chris R.
    Chris R. 48 seconds ago


  • MrPantera123456
    MrPantera123456 48 seconds ago

    My god I sure hope a return happens. This man is truly a legend!

  • Sergio Ramos
    Sergio Ramos 51 second ago

    I'm The CulT Of PersonaliTy 🔥🔥CM punk cm punk

  • prison mike
    prison mike 52 seconds ago

    Survivor Series is in Chicago this year

  • Danny Cardona
    Danny Cardona 52 seconds ago

    AEW nibbas mad af rn 😂😂

  • Badar Ismail
    Badar Ismail 53 seconds ago

    I still can't believe this

  • Ckypwnd
    Ckypwnd 53 seconds ago

    Who here is still watching this in 2019? Where my peeps at? 😂

  • AllWillFail
    AllWillFail 55 seconds ago

    This is nothing short of ICONIC. the cult of personality himself. God dammit WWE. His first match back should definitely be against Shane. Both older guys who can still perform. We all know how its going to end. Rey is gonna win. Then Punk is gonna ultimate heel and become a part time champ when he beats Rey for the title....YESSSSSS

  • ToolTek MD
    ToolTek MD 59 seconds ago

    I literally dreamed of this moment. No really, about a week ago. How should I use my newfound powers???

  • don't mess with me never ever

    What is Joe doing in that suit, he should be wrestling

  • Immanuel Ad
    Immanuel Ad Minute ago

    CM punk I can't to stop my tears😭😭 Love u

  • Yousuf Al Kadiri
    Yousuf Al Kadiri Minute ago

    Rest in peace AEW

  • Bajan Guy246
    Bajan Guy246 Minute ago

    The 2nd City Saviour!

  • Efrain Salas
    Efrain Salas Minute ago

    I was hoping aew.

  • Live WidMusic Sumit

    He will be in royal rumble.. Enterence no 30.. Wollaaa

  • Dre Murf 313
    Dre Murf 313 Minute ago

    😳😳😳HOLY SHIT!!!

  • Godfather
    Godfather Minute ago


  • Ericflames
    Ericflames Minute ago

    Well, I'm glad I stayed up late

  • strikeslifer
    strikeslifer Minute ago

    Cm punk Cm punk Cm punk

  • Sunil Bishwokarma
    Sunil Bishwokarma Minute ago

    cm punk is back who cares

  • Iziah Jones
    Iziah Jones Minute ago

    All we need is aj now night of returns 😂😂

  • gaurav balmiki
    gaurav balmiki Minute ago

    Money is the most powerful thing in this world

  • jeet dutta
    jeet dutta Minute ago

    The moment I was waiting for 5yrs

  • Dev Dev
    Dev Dev Minute ago

    CM punk Returns Really 🔥

  • aldreen alexander uitzil caamal

    Si cm punk regresa no perderé la wwe

  • Roblox Gay
    Roblox Gay Minute ago

    Yes yes yes He came back (not to wrestling) to wwe on backstage what the fuck I wanted him to wrestle

  • Mr KhK
    Mr KhK Minute ago

    HOLY S#%T!!!!

  • comegimmecuddle
    comegimmecuddle Minute ago

    its about dam time hell yea

  • Jamirimaj
    Jamirimaj Minute ago


  • Mustaquim Ahmed Tanbeer

    at least we can get punk vs joe in mic.

  • The Saiyan Who Choose Baseball Tyler O’Neill

    Wwe needs him if they wanna beat AEW

  • seeking 4truth
    seeking 4truth Minute ago

    He talked all that mess about them. Now he back Wrestlers kiss butt too much

  • Shailaja Shailaja
    Shailaja Shailaja Minute ago

    Who were waiting for a match b/w CM PUNK VS SETH ROLLINS

  • Shawn Lazarus
    Shawn Lazarus Minute ago

    So is he gon fight?

  • Mauro Cobo Alvarez
    Mauro Cobo Alvarez Minute ago

    CM Punk A J Lee's husband is here, Paige A J Lee's friend and foe is here just missing A J Lee and that's it.

  • Mike Kariuki
    Mike Kariuki Minute ago

    I don't want to believe it please! This tech guys be making clones of punk

  • SNIPES257
    SNIPES257 Minute ago

    Wtf yesssssss

  • Aakash Deep Mondal
    Aakash Deep Mondal Minute ago


  • Sambhav Muhun
    Sambhav Muhun Minute ago

    that Daniel Bryan V Adam Cole match was AWESOME

  • BeatRiXy 452
    BeatRiXy 452 Minute ago

    This mann going to change the culture of WWE @Believe in that

  • Houston H
    Houston H Minute ago

    WTF!!! Well that will break the wrestling internet for a week.

  • Mr Pickle
    Mr Pickle Minute ago

    Cm punk is here to save the wwe from bad ratings and boring matches

  • O.J L
    O.J L Minute ago

    Cm punk is back!!! Wwe is better now!!!

  • Ninad Patil
    Ninad Patil Minute ago

    This scene gives me "GOOSEBUMPS"........SMILING AND CRYING AT THE SAME TIME🔥❣❣❣

  • Emily/Sean Thompson

    My nipples got hard from this I missed him in the ring

    MICHIRAE100 Minute ago

    I am very very happy

  • Dikshant Poharkar
    Dikshant Poharkar Minute ago

    I can't get enough of it already😂🔥❤ CM punk is the best in world , we CM punk ice cream bars now 😂😂

  • Sha Mu
    Sha Mu Minute ago

    This is definitely gonna get people to start watching WWE Backstage now. Thank You FOX!!💙

  • TesseractGaming
    TesseractGaming Minute ago

    I hope the Saudis will throw a bunch of money on Punk so he’ll wrestle again.

  • Johnny Walker
    Johnny Walker Minute ago

    First encounter of Samoa Joe and CM Punk in WWE.

  • Jimbo Slice
    Jimbo Slice Minute ago


  • Arafat Saddam Bora
    Arafat Saddam Bora Minute ago

    This story line is simply bullshit. Boring and Super boring

  • Devon Mclean
    Devon Mclean Minute ago


  • TheChubby Lemon
    TheChubby Lemon Minute ago

    This is........groundbreaking

  • Rangga Alyansa Putra

    At least one more match at WM 36

  • Ahmed Mohyuddin
    Ahmed Mohyuddin Minute ago

    Renee where's your bf dean Ambrose😂😂😂😂😂

  • mlyons1287
    mlyons1287 Minute ago

    Never say never I guess

  • Dhimas Tri Prastyo
    Dhimas Tri Prastyo Minute ago

    change the culture? is that an attack to that nxt guy, what's his name myles? lol

    SHORTY JORDY!!! Minute ago

    Holy Shit

  • Omair Shahid
    Omair Shahid Minute ago

    This...will go down as *THE MOST ANTICIPATED RETURN* in the History of WWE.

  • Beaux Bowden
    Beaux Bowden Minute ago

    Do your worst.

  • zayn 0929
    zayn 0929 2 minutes ago

    I changed

  • Booty O Jay
    Booty O Jay 2 minutes ago

    I lost no nut November.

  • Soar Alba
    Soar Alba 2 minutes ago

    Think of the sheer amount of money Punk will make if he returns to WWE. Money to choose a company that he hates over a company run by his friends. Mental.

  • abhishek bharti
    abhishek bharti 2 minutes ago

    My big dog is back💓💓💓💓💓#best in the world