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50 Questions with Marty
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Painting the MIRA
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MUDDIES for our Subaru
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Disrespected Evo
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2SEXY vs Moog's Daily
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Modifying Mum's Car [Part 4]
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Modifying Mum's Car [Part 3]
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Modifying Mum's Car [Part 2]
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Modifying Mum's Car
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2Sexy Gets a Turbo
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The Return of 2Sexy
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JDM Wheel Restoration
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  • mythiccycles
    mythiccycles 12 minutes ago

    I got my signed poster in the mail! Thanks Marty n Moog! Been watching the channel for years... keep up the great work!

  • Alexander Liebscher
    Alexander Liebscher 17 minutes ago

    I was hoping they'd just run around the track for a bit and decide who wins by just talking it out.

  • Greg Thomas
    Greg Thomas 18 minutes ago

    I have been watching since forever. And the only thing I have been hoping for is a damn BMW. common guys

  • 802 Garage
    802 Garage 25 minutes ago

    Aussie stars in a reasonably price car! The near identical time is actually quite surprising on a reasonably long track.

  • Mclovinthedank
    Mclovinthedank 29 minutes ago

    I love this! Please travel the world and challenge other youtubers!

  • Pedro David
    Pedro David 42 minutes ago

    I came to read the best driver in the world. Where are you bastard? I can smell your civic

  • 01hadouken
    01hadouken 54 minutes ago

    I can drive my car upside down. Your move MCM.

  • )Peron1-MC(
    )Peron1-MC( 56 minutes ago

    reverse hydrolock XD

  • Ryan Rohauer
    Ryan Rohauer 57 minutes ago

    They are rubbish drivers scroll down to see more of me

  • Rob Smith
    Rob Smith 58 minutes ago

    I really would like to send you do a good budget build on the yaris a nice drop descent rims etc . A unusable but custom Daley at a affordable price

  • VintageDriver
    VintageDriver Hour ago

    marty hate toyota´s ..until he buy one..

  • Solace
    Solace Hour ago

    "Munich in bavaria" "Part of germany" Pick one

  • Dave Chessher
    Dave Chessher Hour ago

    when are you going to stick a big engine in it?

  • Erik Ulloa
    Erik Ulloa Hour ago

    For some reason, I was hoping to see you guys at Speed Academy's TheXvid Challange when you said you drove the same car

  • wanderinggentile

    Costa Rica's favourite taxicab.

  • paintslinger2009

    Heat/sun don't mix with any phone or tablet or freezing temps inside a car goes through insane hot and cold in canada you couldn't do this everyone had a phone auto shut off due to heat because the phone was in the sun or dash before freezing kills the screen and battery but If it's quick disconnect you would be good

  • Jack Scarratt
    Jack Scarratt Hour ago

    Thanks for scrolling down, I am the best driver in the world.

  • Harley Adam
    Harley Adam 2 hours ago

    I wish we could get cars like this in America.

  • Jack Frost
    Jack Frost 2 hours ago

    Wish I could make my 2009 Passat move like this.. oh well

  • James Frampton
    James Frampton 2 hours ago

    Evo driver is shit at shifting

  • Stephen Genua
    Stephen Genua 2 hours ago

    For all of us in Canada and the USA the Potenza RE003 is the same as the Firestone Indy 500.

  • Hasse Thorslund
    Hasse Thorslund 2 hours ago

    I miss your garage vids,,, more wrenching less foolin plz,,,

  • Skint14A
    Skint14A 2 hours ago

    Love the content, realistically u aren't gonna prove anything tho as neither of u know how to track drive properly. The evo should be winning but isn't being cornered at its limits and marty was not exiting corners properly

  • Ryan Coldiron
    Ryan Coldiron 2 hours ago

    Change the name of the channel to "Marty and Graybeard", aye!

  • Sir Chedderdogg
    Sir Chedderdogg 2 hours ago

    I AM the worlds best driver HANDS DOWN! just ask the last 5 insurance companies that I've used.

  • Stanzaz
    Stanzaz 2 hours ago

    seasick... in a car.... carsick?😂😂😂😂

  • BPBomber
    BPBomber 2 hours ago

    They are both shite drivers

  • colony haze
    colony haze 2 hours ago

    Put two professional drivers and the Evo would destroy the golf

  • Camilo Miño
    Camilo Miño 2 hours ago

    I love u guys bles from Chile 🇨🇱✌

  • Fabio Moreira
    Fabio Moreira 2 hours ago


  • SimonTrent8000
    SimonTrent8000 2 hours ago

    I really wish i had a track just like that to thrash my MR2 on. So lucky guys.

  • Glenda Morey
    Glenda Morey 2 hours ago


  • Game On Garage
    Game On Garage 3 hours ago

    Any idea where this car is now?

  • Atrocious Nightmare
    Atrocious Nightmare 3 hours ago

    I loooove this!

  • Jeff Leblanc
    Jeff Leblanc 3 hours ago

    Ther ugly I would have went with a round one I believe they make round ones also I guess they don’t look real bad thers something about the shape I guess I say round I’m old school

  • Drift In Japan
    Drift In Japan 3 hours ago

    I'm the internet's #1 best nuggety driver they're referring to.

  • Guff
    Guff 3 hours ago

    Best part 5:11

  • Malc2169
    Malc2169 3 hours ago

    Moog - apex of the last corner is about half a mile on your right.

  • David broadchat
    David broadchat 3 hours ago

    48:00 i think they found some powder in the car

  • Fierce Recognition
    Fierce Recognition 3 hours ago

    my old stock 110 hp honda civic did mad skids lol i put tiny tires on it with gold rims and it roasted them all through the town

  • PiaGGio Driver
    PiaGGio Driver 3 hours ago

    You guys need to make a time on the drag race to see who is better driver with same car

  • flinchey
    flinchey 3 hours ago

    So we don't get to see what the Mira can do?

  • Jockiezz
    Jockiezz 3 hours ago

    17:54 and what happened there now ?

  • Jon m
    Jon m 3 hours ago

    That golf is such a boring car.

  • Andrejack Plays
    Andrejack Plays 3 hours ago


  • Ice Man
    Ice Man 3 hours ago

    When are we getting a CD with the awesome tunes in the background, awesome video guys, keep up the good work

  • scotty197878
    scotty197878 3 hours ago

    Dull. This channel has really lost its way while others have set the bar higher. Too much about making money now and not spending it on content

  • TheSquigglySlug
    TheSquigglySlug 3 hours ago

    mighty cart mods

  • Taylor Painter
    Taylor Painter 3 hours ago

    that ending was gold

  • Tim Phillips
    Tim Phillips 4 hours ago

    Time for a Postie bike race to see who is the quicker rider.

  • DKH MotorSports
    DKH MotorSports 4 hours ago

    I am the mr. Bean of race car driving I would win this !! You guys suck lol, I am the greatest lmfao

  • jamiecivic
    jamiecivic 4 hours ago

    3 months too late guys, No excuses either You guys more than had the means to do this sooner

  • MrTacticalSloth
    MrTacticalSloth 4 hours ago

    Re003 are junk

  • Symbiotic226
    Symbiotic226 4 hours ago

    Racing through traffic is way more exciting than racing on a track

  • Arron Green
    Arron Green 4 hours ago

    Your both shite at racing :D

  • Gary G
    Gary G 4 hours ago

    I’m the best driver in the world, I could’ve gone round in 1:11

  • Pete Lattimer
    Pete Lattimer 4 hours ago

    speeds look impressive.....oh wait, that KM/h and not MPH as we are used to in the UK!

  • Klumpy
    Klumpy 4 hours ago

    Woah this is old

  • Paul Johnson
    Paul Johnson 4 hours ago

    Words hurt sometimes Moog... Words hurt...Spot On though...✌

  • SannyyyRC
    SannyyyRC 4 hours ago

    Good afternoon, I’ve already subscribed to your channel for several years, it’s always been very interesting to do this myself, and to establish a channel for Russian-speaking TheXvid users, there is plenty of knowledge in this regard, since I worked at a service station for a long time, but the problem as always rests on finances which in free circulation is practically nonexistent. I remember you had a similar situation at the very beginning, and you organized a fundraiser for the first car. I wanted to ask if you could help me with something like this. I would be extremely grateful, with respect, Alexander

  • Paul Prenzler
    Paul Prenzler 4 hours ago

    Yaris Hilton needs a turbo upgrade like the young guy did to his Echo thexvid.com/video/lzXgMB548qU/video.html

  • Hugs
    Hugs 4 hours ago

    5:35. Aaahh. Perfectly in tune lol.

  • Mac·au
    Mac·au 4 hours ago

    Moog wines more 🤣

  • Pat Gaffney
    Pat Gaffney 5 hours ago


  • JJ's Automotive
    JJ's Automotive 5 hours ago

    MOOG is gonna plough Marty, no doubt. (I'm 00:50 in.)

  • Grim Reaper
    Grim Reaper 5 hours ago

    Just had a vision of of what miss Hilton could be not just a sleazy night on the camera I'm thinking Ken Block Ford Festiva 😉

  • obglobgablob
    obglobgablob 5 hours ago

    Whoever said it in the comments of one of your other videos was right: this is the show that Top Gear Australia should have been. If they'd done something more like this, with you guys, maybe one or two other people who fit, a bit of friendly banter with lots of hands-on, instead of just copying the British version it might not have failed like it did.

  • Alex Goonie
    Alex Goonie 5 hours ago

    Bin off the Mira, get a Toyota starlet turbo. Cheap 90’s car. Love them

  • Shaun Snyman
    Shaun Snyman 5 hours ago

    Ricer dinky toy cars

  • alin george
    alin george 5 hours ago

    How much Hp??

  • Jeff Gillis
    Jeff Gillis 5 hours ago

    Such an idiot to go to track with NOS and not taken test runs prior.

  • Nico Le Belge Voyageur

    I wouldn't even dare to put my Ford transit on the track. Bendy mountain roads are already enough for it. Although it is meant to become my travelling home

  • utah branse
    utah branse 5 hours ago

    It needs a widebody

  • Zak Faurie-Williams
    Zak Faurie-Williams 6 hours ago

    Name suggestion ; Sensei

  • Epilepsy Lava
    Epilepsy Lava 6 hours ago

    Need the stig to do the final lap

  • Jose Garcia
    Jose Garcia 6 hours ago

    Now I know this won't be seen, but I've always wanted to see the boys do a 3000gt project. I mean Twin turbo, awd, all wheel steering, adjustable suspension and exhaust. Seems like it's right up there alley. But the true dream would be for them to take a lower trim of that car and seeing what they can make of it

  • Casey Stoner
    Casey Stoner 6 hours ago

    They've bought the "mighty" back!

  • Casey Stoner
    Casey Stoner 6 hours ago

    Looks like you two had fun.

  • BYK
    BYK 6 hours ago

    0:25 if you scrolled down to find the best driver in the world... it´s Ricky from LLF.

    DRYVE-BY 6 hours ago

    was really hoping they would bring something like the 240zx out for this but I still loved it

  • Nissan Skyline_
    Nissan Skyline_ 6 hours ago

    Hub cap fell of.........weight reduction bro

  • Peter Griffin
    Peter Griffin 6 hours ago

    They should also have gone for a spin on that cart track

  • Hizashi Yamada
    Hizashi Yamada 6 hours ago

    U Dudes are off your Nutz HARD THANX 4 THE LAUGHS.

  • Nathaniel Mathies
    Nathaniel Mathies 6 hours ago

    You know how I can tell you weren't pushing it hard enough? All 4 wheels stayed on the track.

  • Vance Hibberd
    Vance Hibberd 6 hours ago

    Evo 9 all day. Analogue and proper mechanical engineering. I've had an Evo 9 and they're off the charts. Plus so much better looking. The golf will be worth a fraction of the Evo 9 in years to come also. Golf's are for people who can't drive... really... my wife would love one 😂

  • XxDONTlookBACK
    XxDONTlookBACK 6 hours ago

    Best skids challenge!!??

  • Qwerty
    Qwerty 6 hours ago

    Is it just me or is Marty's jumper on acid

  • Sean Hendren
    Sean Hendren 6 hours ago

    Was the outfap at bathurst last weekend cause i saw it today commin from bathurst on my way there...it looked awsome by the way guys...gj

  • chicomaxima1
    chicomaxima1 6 hours ago

    Definitely is Marty . This dude always miss Shift His Gears

  • Grugger Dugger Hoose

    My step brother has a yaris the shape before this one and its so weird how the interior is basically identical and performance is too. Wee 1 litre needing its head booted in to even do motorway speeds lol

  • Bart Klompenhouwer
    Bart Klompenhouwer 7 hours ago

    You should build a full track focused car, and then test who's better.

  • Christiån Kirkenes
    Christiån Kirkenes 7 hours ago

    YOU FOUND ME !!!

  • Vespa Davidson
    Vespa Davidson 7 hours ago

    Is one of these guys called Martin??

  • ice9 dragon
    ice9 dragon 7 hours ago

    "winer takes all" 🙃

  • MrAe86ln
    MrAe86ln 7 hours ago

    you guys should do something with cleetus mcfarland when his out here for summernuts

  • winstonsmasterplan
    winstonsmasterplan 7 hours ago

    Couldn’t find your names guys in the comments section, dam you must be the worst drivers in the world

  • ReefSome
    ReefSome 7 hours ago

    You wouldn't believe it, but This guys are multimillionaires! All revenue curtsy of youtube views

  • C C
    C C 7 hours ago

    Motor boat s9me ass in that thing

  • Aaditya
    Aaditya 7 hours ago

    Best drivers in the world in the comments section 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Luke
    Luke 7 hours ago

    i think at the end of the championship the looser has to daily the yaris