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This Has To Stop...
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What is this Instrument??
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PewDiePie Plays BASS?
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Belle Delphine COPIED me?
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The truth about my FACE...
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I'm the BASS Guy
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Russia REJECTED me... :(
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STOP doing this to me...
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BASSo Mode
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This video is in REVERSE
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How to Make a Guy CRY
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Spooky BASSY Skeletons
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How to Make a Girl Smile
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  • Jonas Assheuer
    Jonas Assheuer Minute ago


  • Leds Guitarist
    Leds Guitarist 2 minutes ago

    Oh i see a literal iron fingers 😂😂😂 10 hours of slapping bass 😂😂😂 OMB 😂😂😂

  • qopoy dnon
    qopoy dnon 3 minutes ago

    The way he speaks and the effects is why im here I dont even know to play a bass guitar

  • Harry Potter
    Harry Potter 5 minutes ago

    Very impressive, how bout American Idiot played by an idiot?

  • Taiel Vega
    Taiel Vega 8 minutes ago

    No entendí nada xd ayuda

  • Zacccy_R.
    Zacccy_R. 8 minutes ago

    heah well that is a good question y does ur acoustic have only four strings... can u not afford 2 more

  • Matthew Remigio
    Matthew Remigio 9 minutes ago

    1:02: ummmmmm.....

  • Khairul A. L. Hakim
    Khairul A. L. Hakim 10 minutes ago

    At the time I'm watching this, this video got 462k likes. There better be Davie playing guitar video when I search it afterward.

  • Admin Aysh
    Admin Aysh 10 minutes ago

    Is that girl a filipina? She looks a filipina??

  • Philimon kratos
    Philimon kratos 11 minutes ago

    $7 was much much better than $17

  • Samuele Medici
    Samuele Medici 12 minutes ago

    I came for the bass years ago. I stayed for the therapy time

  • Unk nown
    Unk nown 14 minutes ago


  • Bucciarati
    Bucciarati 14 minutes ago

    Very impressive but can u play "il vento d'oro" in Italy

  • Jese Julio
    Jese Julio 14 minutes ago

    10:20 RIP 110 Dollars

  • Seswangs
    Seswangs 14 minutes ago

    he did everything better except for the previous 69 guy

    • qopoy dnon
      qopoy dnon 3 minutes ago

      Don't say playing with a pick is illegal, since Dee Dee Ramone did it and he is amazing. Best bass players Geddy Lee, John Paul Jones, Cliff Burton

  • why creepy
    why creepy 15 minutes ago

    F*** Samsung

  • BadMooMooNo!
    BadMooMooNo! 16 minutes ago

    If you cant play with your toes, then are you really even good?

  • ali boy
    ali boy 16 minutes ago

    hey guess what !!! i slap like and dead

  • Herbert08171
    Herbert08171 19 minutes ago


  • 10Dinooli10 LP
    10Dinooli10 LP 19 minutes ago


  • Team Void Gaming
    Team Void Gaming 19 minutes ago

    I swear in class and I get shouted at by the teacher. This dude wears a Cyka Blyat short which means fucking bitch in Russian in front of 1k+ ppl and in public and he doesn't get mugged or assaulted at all.

  • Nio J
    Nio J 19 minutes ago

    Play the double bass

  • bo jackson
    bo jackson 20 minutes ago

    get the macbook fixed or sold while its still worth doing.

  • Ishida Kayn
    Ishida Kayn 20 minutes ago

    Impressive, but Can you play In my prison in prison?

  • unamericano
    unamericano 20 minutes ago

    $78 guy definitely had my favorite melody and delivery. Nothing like some tapped harmonics to make a melodic line more interesting

  • Christan Alayon
    Christan Alayon 23 minutes ago


  • 박신정
    박신정 23 minutes ago

    says eminem* shows pic of post malone* BASS!!!!!!

  • Jedislayer
    Jedislayer 23 minutes ago

    It’s two am and I just realized i got trolled

  • kookeekwisp
    kookeekwisp 24 minutes ago

    *B A S S*

  • Mike
    Mike 25 minutes ago

    I move that we rename Minecraft to Mineslap. Anyone else second the motion?

  • Leds Guitarist
    Leds Guitarist 27 minutes ago

    "OMB-OH MY BASS" Davies became BB-Bass Boss 🎸🎸🎸

  • Misses Witch
    Misses Witch 27 minutes ago

    "Real Men ask girls to send BASS" Remember that, Guys!

  • Adrien Niyonkuru
    Adrien Niyonkuru 28 minutes ago

    Good job

  • ᛗᚤ ᚾᚨᛗᛖ ᛁᛋ ᛃᛖᚠᚠ

    he's playing open handed, and its pissing me off

  • Richard RK900
    Richard RK900 28 minutes ago

    5:40 *Megalovania intensify*

  • Påñtšü Mäśtęr
    Påñtšü Mäśtęr 30 minutes ago

    LOL, just because of how u used someone else to help you that made me laugh, u get a like :)

  • Seswangs
    Seswangs 32 minutes ago

    his timing is spot on just like his rythm

  • Dakota Talarico
    Dakota Talarico 32 minutes ago

    Very impressive, but can you play "unravel-tokyo ghoul" but in tokyo Japan

  • RingtoneCrash
    RingtoneCrash 32 minutes ago

    Everyone subscribe to the pro, NOW!!

  • Rypht - Omega
    Rypht - Omega 33 minutes ago

    This is just a bass put through a shredder and taped together at the bottom

  • J3MiNEx_ 96
    J3MiNEx_ 96 34 minutes ago

    Davie can do EVERYTHING

  • All About Racing
    All About Racing 35 minutes ago

    🅱️ A S S

  • Morgan Lockhart
    Morgan Lockhart 38 minutes ago


  • Mike
    Mike 38 minutes ago

    Impressive but can you play We can Make the World Stop while making the world stop?

  • Chris Kuhn
    Chris Kuhn 39 minutes ago


    • Chris Kuhn
      Chris Kuhn 36 minutes ago

      There wasn't enough SlAAAp tho. Almost made me cry

    • Chris Kuhn
      Chris Kuhn 38 minutes ago

      The walking dead was sick AF

  • Seth Liyanage
    Seth Liyanage 41 minute ago


  • Once NnaYa
    Once NnaYa 43 minutes ago

    play GTA 5

  • Azhar Nabhani
    Azhar Nabhani 47 minutes ago

    You should collab wih The Omnific

  • Moises John Barien
    Moises John Barien 47 minutes ago


  • Batman Guy
    Batman Guy 49 minutes ago

    Veey Impressive! but can you play Vulfpec's song Dean Town???????? Cover please outstage

  • Marco_Online YT
    Marco_Online YT 50 minutes ago

    Hey Davie504, do you have a band? Because you are so pro with BASS.

  • Batman Guy
    Batman Guy 50 minutes ago

    Very Impressive! but can you do a cover of Vulfpec's Dean Town?? I think not. And if so. outstage them!

  • Wesley King
    Wesley King 52 minutes ago

    Kidding right

    EIRNXX 54 minutes ago

    Can you play dream theater song? - in the presence of enemy

  • ŝeves
    ŝeves 56 minutes ago

    А хуле Япония такая скучная блять(

  • Stijn Bronswijk
    Stijn Bronswijk 57 minutes ago


  • jobeious
    jobeious 58 minutes ago

    Wow I'm looking out my window at the bass rock just as you said that, it's right next to my town

  • MishcutiieLoves Yew
    MishcutiieLoves Yew 58 minutes ago

    You should go outside often :D

  • Jose Torres
    Jose Torres 59 minutes ago

    I dont understand anything you said

  • banci wright
    banci wright 59 minutes ago

    i liked mirror sunglasses vigilante cop and 90s Suzanne vega dress wear

  • Cody Lawson
    Cody Lawson Hour ago

    Music store employee: Which strings you want? Davie: yes

  • ŝeves
    ŝeves Hour ago


  • Cody Lawson
    Cody Lawson Hour ago

    12 string guitar players: *wAiT thAtS ilLeGaL*

  • Daniel Khadimallah


  • Joseph Hare
    Joseph Hare Hour ago

    It’s illegal

  • Despacito Despacito

    we passed 69,420 likes already davie. whats your gender?

  • Zechariah Catoy
    Zechariah Catoy Hour ago

    -i think your copying pweds horse name.and intro-

  • FSM Games
    FSM Games Hour ago

    136 (10)

  • Tane Lambie-Harrison


  • Ismam Ali Shihoron

    youtube showed a t-series song ad before this video started

  • Zechariah Catoy
    Zechariah Catoy Hour ago

    Did you mean a redstone clock

  • Andre LS
    Andre LS Hour ago


  • Logan Currie
    Logan Currie Hour ago


  • N E E P L A Y z
    N E E P L A Y z Hour ago


  • donny shloipman
    donny shloipman Hour ago

    dude ur classic! keep slapping boss. i mean bass!

  • Brad Lopez
    Brad Lopez Hour ago

    Very epic

  • Ryan Kearney
    Ryan Kearney Hour ago

    Lucky that Jean Baudin isn't on Fiverr.

  • Xander
    Xander Hour ago

    where's the SLAPPP!?

  • musicmaker111
    musicmaker111 Hour ago

    Go to West Virginia and play country road already

  • Zedster 15
    Zedster 15 Hour ago


  • Christian Chon
    Christian Chon Hour ago


  • Cgyxa
    Cgyxa Hour ago

    Да да , я тут живу)

  • Minecraft Platinum Fireworks Inc.

    slap subscribe to davie504 now for the italian voice reveal for God sake.

  • Shauvik Malakar
    Shauvik Malakar Hour ago

    Duck yea

  • Rejeshi
    Rejeshi Hour ago

    Marcin is better at guitar

  • Alessandro
    Alessandro Hour ago

    If you read this SLAPPP LIKE TO THE VIDEO

  • Melvin Hamn
    Melvin Hamn Hour ago

    very impressive.... but what can you do with only one hand and one string?!

  • TGOizHere YT
    TGOizHere YT Hour ago


  • Jonas Nilsson
    Jonas Nilsson Hour ago

    What strings do u most use? 😎🎶 Favorite brand? Keep slapping

  • James Mears
    James Mears Hour ago

    I like number 3, it sounded great

    • basslass
      basslass 54 minutes ago

      Thank you James! Cheers from #3!

  • Sjoerd Brouwers
    Sjoerd Brouwers Hour ago


  • rekrap94
    rekrap94 Hour ago

    Davie you are incredible.

  • Bertud Lupon
    Bertud Lupon Hour ago

    But can you play "how i could just kill a man" after you have killed a man 🤔

  • Electric_ mohawk


  • KRAKEN Spirit
    KRAKEN Spirit Hour ago

    There is a invisible obstacle preventing me from liking this but I won't to like it how to???

  • James Burke
    James Burke Hour ago

    Dear Davie shut up and play your bass

  • Жора Матосян


  • Blake Kallok
    Blake Kallok Hour ago

    We need more BaSs, SlAPp "like" if you agree

  • Tomas Kamen
    Tomas Kamen Hour ago

    why the hell are there 6 strings on that bass? and why is it so high pitched??

  • peterlostig
    peterlostig Hour ago

    12:30 look at Davie. That's where he knows he f*cked up 😂