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9 years ago
Tribute to LazzaroTribute to Lazzaro
Tribute to Lazzaro
11 years ago

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  • Relit
    Relit 2 years ago

    Keep up the fantastic work! I enjoy your Playlist! If you get a minute let me know what you think of my TheXvid! Thanks!!!

  • Sydney Eleanor Hire
    Sydney Eleanor Hire 7 years ago

    I liked and commented on your videos and channel so feel free to do the same for me...

  • LessOnOfficial
    LessOnOfficial 7 years ago

    hey AndreRibeiro1984 Nice Channel

  • MsTheWalls
    MsTheWalls 7 years ago


  • AlGhaffar
    AlGhaffar 7 years ago

    That smoke will kill you bro

  • sodolskoi
    sodolskoi 7 years ago

    too mainstream

  • Go Sia
    Go Sia 7 years ago

    so GREAT Channel!!!! best regards Gosia ! :o)

  • dirtyparisband
    dirtyparisband 8 years ago

    the whitest boy alive, nice remix! stay cool!

  • EdD1EgJiNaJ
    EdD1EgJiNaJ 8 years ago

    great channel, but plz post new vidz ;-)

  • gitadji
    gitadji 8 years ago

    Nice channel :)

  • Douglas Hudson
    Douglas Hudson 8 years ago

    Thanks for posting the audio of music Pacific State, because it makes me travel to past and future at the same time, it reminds me of friends, of nights, the women I had sex for pleasure and especially remember my childhood, and all I spent this period Thanks

  • DeepHouseification
    DeepHouseification 8 years ago

    Hello :) Thank you for the comment! Stay tuned or the future uploads!

  • zechlas
    zechlas 8 years ago

    Hello, Thank you very much for your friendship. Have a nice day. Karl

  • planetona
    planetona 8 years ago


  • Marie Octavia d'Eze
    Marie Octavia d'Eze 8 years ago

    Nino Rota was a genius. The others on you channel are great too. Merci - XOXO Marie TG

  • Zuzu Bibi
    Zuzu Bibi 8 years ago

    np. X

  • Zuzu Bibi
    Zuzu Bibi 8 years ago

    Yeah i like ur channel!! Kisses

  • Beano Plays
    Beano Plays 8 years ago

    Hello and Welcome wish u Happy days :)

  • frenchie
    frenchie 9 years ago

    super channel... keep it up Amigo...

  • MissAnna
    MissAnna 9 years ago

    A good student who reads Dostojevskij and Orwell... also likes Veronica Vanoza... thats a combination... interesting

  • Meowmew Chou
    Meowmew Chou 9 years ago

    Glad to see your upload,thank you so much!Have a nice day*Molly

  • João Ferreira
    João Ferreira 9 years ago

    Nice uploads! 1Obrigado de Portugal!

  • frenchie
    frenchie 9 years ago

    super channel !! molto grazie per uploads ;)))

  • littlepieceofchicken

    ha you have a funny outlook on life!! :D sher you only live once! - thats what i always say cool channel

  • Meowmew Chou
    Meowmew Chou 9 years ago

    Your music channel is awesome!!i love so much!!

  • jkPoc
    jkPoc 9 years ago

    You have the best channel .!

  • public death
    public death 9 years ago

    whuzup! Check out my video called "Da Observing Eye" it's a song I wrote'

  • Giovanni Mannelli
    Giovanni Mannelli 10 years ago

    era giusto cosi',per dire grazie del video dei Negresses

  • hoiduda
    hoiduda 10 years ago

    thanks ! I hope you enjoy. and btw... you have cool channel with lots of good music!

  • 2ManyNoobs
    2ManyNoobs 10 years ago

    haha thanks man :D love your channel, very funky ;)

  • Nair
    Nair 10 years ago

    Good tunes yo

  • EdD1EgJiNaJ
    EdD1EgJiNaJ 10 years ago

    thnx a lot 4 the comment comment on my channel :-)

  • Joana Ferro
    Joana Ferro 10 years ago

    Grazie mille :D Mi piaciono moltissimo le lingue. Non so dire molto in italiano ancora ma voglio praticarlo. It's great when someone tells me something like that (sorry, I guess I can't say nothing else in italian :p). See ya later!

  • Inês Brito
    Inês Brito 10 years ago

    Study...I have to study a lot.. Mourinho began in F.C.Porto, my hometown team that I love :) Well, 'Coisas' mens 'Thing', the word 'Catano' is a popular expression, is something like extraordinary or akward, it can have more meanings.. The full expresion mens wierd things, or stupid things. If you want to know more things you're free to ask. Oh, and sorry for my poor english :P

  • Inês Brito
    Inês Brito 10 years ago

    *around :P

  • Inês Brito
    Inês Brito 10 years ago

    Everything great aroud here...! Despite politics and so on. What about Italy?

  • Sonnie Nash
    Sonnie Nash 10 years ago

    oo, ciao petalo! i'm going to italy next week :) cant wait for the ice cream!!

  • Sándor Kéri
    Sándor Kéri 10 years ago

    ciao! greatings from Hungary :-)

  • djcrik
    djcrik 10 years ago

    ola as de ver as minhas chamadas anonimas fika bem ;-)

  • Phillip O
    Phillip O 10 years ago

    cheers mate thnx for comment, oi how do u mean alter-ego? have a good one, nice music in here!

  • Liquicity
    Liquicity 10 years ago

    Cheers mate! Nice mercedes, is that yours? if so, big the fuck up bro for being rich mate! :) Happy listening, Liquicity

  • TJ1916
    TJ1916 10 years ago

    Thanks for the comment, weed in the hills is great except I usually get too wasted first - at which point the hill-climb turns into a trip to buy cake. After the cake I usually forget which hill it was I was about to climb and end up smoking more weed, and then promptly forget everything. Including where I put my cake...

  • Sinessa
    Sinessa 10 years ago

    Yeah... I don't understand the whole 'sub4sub' mentality. It's like subscriptions and video views have some value or currency or something for these people. It's all for show, they just want to look good. It makes them appear popular I guess... in their own little bubble world. x

  • Sinessa
    Sinessa 10 years ago

    Hey, just poppin' in to say nice channel. Props for the uploads. Some goood stuff Have fun <3