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  • Jenna
    Jenna Hour ago

    I love the intro! It is like comedy Great British Bake Off.

  • KholdStare54
    KholdStare54 Hour ago

    This is my favorite series from you guys.

  • DontSigh
    DontSigh 2 hours ago

    I'm like genuinely disappointed

  • R Bry
    R Bry 2 hours ago

    James is so frustrating!!!! His indecisiveness in the middle order screwed the lads. At least he admits it though 🤣

  • Noreen Bridget Ryan
    Noreen Bridget Ryan 2 hours ago

    Really great new intro 👍🏻

  • Rob Wissenburg
    Rob Wissenburg 2 hours ago

    Please dont let anyone american do these videos. My ears are bleeding...

  • Wayne Wayne
    Wayne Wayne 2 hours ago

    Its Cervelat its Swiss but its a French word😅

  • Blue Barney446
    Blue Barney446 2 hours ago

    wait have i been saying compost all wrong, i’m now questioning how i’m questioning it

  • Lauren L
    Lauren L 2 hours ago

    Where did the mango purée go???

  • Rebecca D
    Rebecca D 3 hours ago

    the intro is very bake off (also so glad pass it on is back it’s my favourite)

  • Eugenius Genta Pradana

    The moment Barry started cooking I wanted to scream "Nooo, Barry don't do it!!!"

  • ibrahim Ibrahim
    ibrahim Ibrahim 3 hours ago

    As an idea, you could have a reaction video on a recap of the best moments in the previous pass it on videos.

  • Tiana Misic
    Tiana Misic 3 hours ago

    Is anybody else wanting to scream at their screen, “YES!! THEY ARE MAKING A BLOODY CURD!!!”

  • TheLisaAlexandra
    TheLisaAlexandra 3 hours ago

    The avantgarde vegan cookbook

  • boahkeinbockmehr
    boahkeinbockmehr 4 hours ago

    Do you also have those sidecutting pealers in the uk or only these razor looking kind? I find the side cutting version a lot more comfortable to handle

  • K Ajero
    K Ajero 4 hours ago

    Janice! It’s season 2, please update Jamie’s music to more even funnier lol. 😂

  • yasmin4494
    yasmin4494 4 hours ago

    Barry you are genius! I am not vegan and I am dying to try your lasagna

  • jellojello17
    jellojello17 4 hours ago

    I enjoy that the conversation of non plastic cleaning supplies is happening. We got the ball rolling with alternative straws, and it's really neat seeing you guys use the platform for expansion on that same idea.

  • Eng Teck Tan
    Eng Teck Tan 4 hours ago

    Are you kidding? That coconut brush has been in use in Asia for decades. How the hell is a ripoff even something innovate?

  • Daniel Ellis
    Daniel Ellis 5 hours ago

    Barry Taylor ruining YET ANOTHER pass it on....again

  • Draqo360
    Draqo360 5 hours ago

    Jamie thought that berries was a bake cheese cake filling, and also most of the fail is Ben's fault part of being the first in basically the same a a leading position and to stir the team in a direction. Yet all he did was set up a "anything" can be done situation and thus caused the down fall of each person there after.

  • Michael Bigness
    Michael Bigness 5 hours ago

    Need to make it 992

  • LoLyaNa13
    LoLyaNa13 5 hours ago

    Yesss!!! Moreee of theseee!!

  • siusi
    siusi 5 hours ago

    Why is Ben talking so much... COOK!

  • Ark Lyte
    Ark Lyte 6 hours ago

    YAY!!! I LOVE the Pass It On's! SO glad they're back. :D :D :D My absolute favorite part of this is how everybody COMPLETELY panics and is terrified of actually doing anything because they're so afraid of screwing anything up.....and then they screw it up. :D I laughed through pretty much the entirety of this video. Thanks for the awesome entertainment lads!!!

  • Trisha Sloan
    Trisha Sloan 6 hours ago

    I. Love. Pass. It. On!

  • J. Michael S
    J. Michael S 6 hours ago

    What a pleasant surprise that you had a vegan option!!!! Thank you x10!!!! Continue being awesome!

  • Lindsay
    Lindsay 6 hours ago

    The dish may have been a dud, but the new intro is stunning, well done, guys! I think in order for dessert to be successful (and I'd love to see you guys give it another go!), there needs to be a little more time allocated to each (as there's usually some form of baking involved) and the parameters of the dessert theme need to be a little tighter.

  • Shane Vlaardingerbroek

    This is rubbish. Too much sugar spikes insulin.

  • TheCruzFamily
    TheCruzFamily 7 hours ago

    12:45 am & im yelling at my phone 😂😂

  • Sierra Nevada
    Sierra Nevada 7 hours ago

    If love watching Ben go first and actually start something. Then everyone freaks out not knowing what to do or what Ben has made

  • Sandra B
    Sandra B 7 hours ago

    Dear James, If you'd like a Canadian wife, I'd like to volunteer.

  • Debbie Baking For Therapy

    Oh dear boys 😂

  • gamrage
    gamrage 7 hours ago

    So Jamie made a fancy Sloppy Joe, Mike made a Chicken "Sandwich," and Barry made garbage..

  • AwkwardPotato
    AwkwardPotato 7 hours ago

    I am SO excited for these to come back omg! I laugh so hard. 😂 Love y'all!

  • Triggered because of PTSD

    me, 90% of this video: "is it seeweed?"

  • Bre  Nixon
    Bre Nixon 7 hours ago

    Barry, Barry, Barry....Barry! It's always Barry that goes his own way. I am literally laughing out loud. Gods guys!

  • Victoria Valdez
    Victoria Valdez 7 hours ago

    Butter popcorn and hot tamales (candy)

  • TheLiametchells103
    TheLiametchells103 7 hours ago

    lol how happy was barry to say spaff

  • gamrage
    gamrage 8 hours ago

    If Umami represents savory.. Why don't we use the term "SAVORY!!?"

  • CJ
    CJ 8 hours ago

    Ben: A tart is nice and open ended, should be fine Everyone else: Parade of Panic

  • Serrin Croft
    Serrin Croft 8 hours ago

    Sorry Jamie but these are awesome! Keep them coming!

  • Matthew Lechner
    Matthew Lechner 8 hours ago

    What happened to the mango stuff? #mangogate2019

  • Jacki Dunn
    Jacki Dunn 8 hours ago

    Ugh we love mikes mind

  • ev13191
    ev13191 8 hours ago

    You guys should try a setup where each person when they finish goes to an isolated room where they can watch what's happening and commentate on it

  • Lisa Kat
    Lisa Kat 8 hours ago

    These alternatives really scare me. Like I'm allergic to all kinds of things and now those are being used

  • Button
    Button 8 hours ago

    my biggest worry with plastic alternatives is the allergy risk and willingness of people to throw disabled people under the bus for needing single use plastics. For example my mother is deathly allergic to all coconut based products so someone using that scrub brush would contaminate cutlery and plates for her without her knowledge risking her life. I would like for places that switch to alternatives in a commercial setting to have signage for allergy or materials risk.

  • Lori Brid
    Lori Brid 8 hours ago

    Did James really use the lunchbag all year?

  • Cesar Joughin
    Cesar Joughin 9 hours ago

    A great one is milk chocolate and pork

  • Alal Malal
    Alal Malal 9 hours ago

    Can’t find this anywhere in toronto

  • Darth Hope
    Darth Hope 9 hours ago

    In all honesty I think the stupidly expensive glass is a combination of placebo and temperature

  • Geoff Pritchard
    Geoff Pritchard 9 hours ago

    Absolutely love that you guys are having this conversation. In my household, it's ziplock bags, seal-able compostable plastic bags would be amazing.

  • Elizabeth Killinger
    Elizabeth Killinger 9 hours ago

    apparently, Chop Straws are already a thing:

  • OpinionsGetYouBanned

    Get rhett & link to do one of these

  • John Smith
    John Smith 9 hours ago

    Mike opening the fridge and saying there is nothing in here is how I feel about adult life.

  • Shaleen Jas
    Shaleen Jas 9 hours ago

    Has anyone ever watched these with subtitles on?! It's gold! ... they have managed to subtitle "whatchya reckon it is?" to "Jerk it is" 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • user_name_is_unavailable

    Omg when they showed the TV in the background at 1:11, I actually thought it looked like Drive. I can't believe I was right. I think I may have seen that movie too many times 😂

  • William Rhyne
    William Rhyne 10 hours ago

    I'm going to keep using plastic straws.

  • John Smith
    John Smith 10 hours ago

    I love these so much

  • Jonathon Guseman
    Jonathon Guseman 10 hours ago

    Fun fact: This is pretty much how all the meat (and black beans) is cooked at Taco Bell. I'm glad the secret to culinary excellence is finally being shared with the general public.

  • Somar Jela
    Somar Jela 10 hours ago

    Jamie is an idiot

  • Amy H
    Amy H 10 hours ago

    Mikes whisk 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Lynn Cookies
    Lynn Cookies 10 hours ago

    You guys should do a pass it on gingerbread house... Only you would each probably need more than 10 minutes

  • estevens2011
    estevens2011 10 hours ago

    Am I the only one who doesn't understand how cookie and patisseries are not desserts? Like in my world, those are varieties of dessert...

  • Martin G
    Martin G 10 hours ago

    Chopstick straws so you can eat the ramen and drink the broth

  • sh4dowchas3r
    sh4dowchas3r 10 hours ago

    we've been using Vegware stuff at work for about a year. you really wouldn't know it wasn't "normal" plastic.

  • Sarah Fowler
    Sarah Fowler 10 hours ago

    This makes me want to make lasagna. And then I got sad because my husband can't eat grains or dairy. 😭

  • Cody Wilson
    Cody Wilson 10 hours ago


  • belg4mit
    belg4mit 10 hours ago

    Five piles of ingredients, each a collection of odder items beginning with the same vowel e.g; apple jack, anchovies, etc and each participant has to introduce a new ingredient. Order might be draw the vowels from the hat and go in alphabetical order.

  • Dead Inside
    Dead Inside 10 hours ago

    I mean like.... just dont use straws...... YOUVE GOT A FUCKING GLASS JUST DRINK

  • Luisa Damato
    Luisa Damato 10 hours ago

    "Please be something There's nothing in here!" The inner cry of anyone who forgot to buy groceries and got the munchies at 3 am

  • Anna P.
    Anna P. 11 hours ago

    I guess Jamie didn't remember this video when making the chocolate star in the Ultimate Triple Chocolate Battle