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3 Omelette Recipes COMPARED
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  • Léon Klaczynski
    Léon Klaczynski 6 hours ago

    On today's Pass It On: Ben makes a Risotto, and Baz cooks some aubergine.

  • Tim Dornaus
    Tim Dornaus 6 hours ago

    love the reaction videos. keep those

  • Jo Piagalis
    Jo Piagalis 6 hours ago

    Mike: “If you were a goalie and your team scored a penalty, you wouldn’t walk away saying less is more”😂😂😂

  • Reuben McKay
    Reuben McKay 6 hours ago

    Barry should have won....

  • Next Level Guy
    Next Level Guy 6 hours ago

    Love Sorted but the new intro is terrible, really miss the old version

  • Spookay T'is Me
    Spookay T'is Me 6 hours ago

    Why can't they say IKEA?

  • WondrousPurple
    WondrousPurple 6 hours ago

    It's time for another London's Best, guys.

  • Marc Hannam
    Marc Hannam 6 hours ago

    Maybe like a fast food pass it on next?

  • Rendanfuls (čti. Ren-Dan-Fuls)

    NOPE! Again! And you know it wasn't enough

  • Tim Dornaus
    Tim Dornaus 6 hours ago

    this is just the best

  • Bree Hamment
    Bree Hamment 6 hours ago

    More please!

  • TheMrVengeance
    TheMrVengeance 6 hours ago

    I swear Ben did that on purpose, he deliberately started a dish that requires constant stirring and attention so the other three wouldn't have time to screw it up in between him starting the dish, and finishing it. 😂Genius.

  • Jo Piagalis
    Jo Piagalis 6 hours ago

    This has been requested so many times, I’m glad they got round to it eventually

  • Bryan Iaboni
    Bryan Iaboni 6 hours ago

    Why not try a battle version of pass it on? Two pairs of two going head to head while the other partner is in the dark. Then switch places and repeat for a few cycles. A chef and normal together and the remaining normal gets to taste test and determine the victor!

  • kiki gamble
    kiki gamble 6 hours ago

    Hi. I love Pass It On cooking episodes. My question is what purpose do the holes in the table serve? Peace to you and yours

  • thër S
    thër S 6 hours ago

    Ben, Ben, Ben... Now that's where you can see he's the head chef of this group. Anyways, my verdict would be that noone gets more than a 7, cos it was 30% pure luck. Ben - 7 (cos, u know, food... But deductions for the handcuff), Barry - 5.5 (stirring, aubergines, the idea of vanilla prawns and the clever comeup), Mike - 5 (stirrng, realyzing the need for more liquid, and the chn 5spice was a good idea), Jamie - 4 (stirring, umami and... drinking the gin? rly?) - oh, and the flat joke.

  • Holly Abair
    Holly Abair 6 hours ago

    Well done!! I would love to see a Pass It On Ben and Barry vs James and Mike, both teams get two goes each, dishes judged by Jaime.

  • No Akomplice
    No Akomplice 7 hours ago

    The fat one isn't funny.

  • Fiona Clapham Howard

    Well, we've learned who can do teamwork and who can't. Ben set it up for team work but only Mike kept that concept high in his priorities. If Jamie and Barry can't express their individual creativity on their own terms they don't want to play. And so the opportunities to shine AND collaborate are missed. Ben's thought about strategy, it's time the divas in the crew did likewise.

  • Tabitha Hutchins
    Tabitha Hutchins 7 hours ago

    I actually loved this! Great lesson in team work! Everyone is always so busy trying to standout that they screw everything up. Yes Ben forced them to play ball but I think they can take this lesson and do better in future but with a less restrictive dish

  • Fallstar
    Fallstar 7 hours ago

    This was exactly what I imagined.

  • werbette
    werbette 7 hours ago

    So angry. They were so very very angry. I love it. (Sorry guys.)

  • Maria Jose da Cunha
    Maria Jose da Cunha 7 hours ago


  • ThatSaukca
    ThatSaukca 7 hours ago

    I need to re watch the pretentious ingredients videos. I do not remember most of these things :p

  • Sora.N Minakaze
    Sora.N Minakaze 7 hours ago

    The land and sea challenge. Create a surf and turf dish that celebrates the best of both the land and the sea. The order: The order of which the guys came to the office that day. so earliest starts first and latest starts last. in case of a double trouble, the earliest goes again

  • Katie T
    Katie T 7 hours ago

    Pluses: people have learned to check the oven :D

  • No Akomplice
    No Akomplice 7 hours ago

    The fat one isn't funny.

  • Hannah Hartung
    Hannah Hartung 7 hours ago

    Next time you have double trouble, don’t tell them who is going last and then at the end who ever has scored themselves highest or lowest goes again at the end!

  • Auhida Chowdhury
    Auhida Chowdhury 7 hours ago

    If you can't tell, Ben's been to China.

  • Mr. K
    Mr. K 7 hours ago

    See idk why Baz gets all the spat in Pass it On videos when Jamie acts like a knob 75% of the time. Baz just puts his expectations at bare minimum yet he pushes through.

  • Calise Sellers
    Calise Sellers 7 hours ago

    Seems like there should be a way to not go totally off the rails, while still adding things and being creative... but then again you guys have done a lot of these by now and it's easy for us as viewers to facepalm in retrospect lol, when we don't have to come up with something with no communication.

  • Thomas Moxon
    Thomas Moxon 7 hours ago

    I loved this episode. Ben is a genius.

  • penguin chick
    penguin chick 7 hours ago

    How about only normals do a pass it on...then a guest chef do one with ben n James? ✌🐧

    P0LARFANG 7 hours ago

    How about a Pass It On where everyone thinks the theme is different

  • zackary keleher
    zackary keleher 7 hours ago

    Please do more, they're great!

  • Simon Watten
    Simon Watten 7 hours ago

    Went to Rockfish in Plymouth today and did not disappoint. Fish and chips were amazing, but it’s not cheap. Absolutely amazing quality though.

  • Mary Bell
    Mary Bell 7 hours ago

    This was you’re first real ‘fail’. The only good part was Janices comment to Jamie’s drinking.

  • baked fish
    baked fish 7 hours ago

    ben's getting more and more annoying now!

  • aylith663320
    aylith663320 7 hours ago

    James on holiday or still has a runny bottom? #SorryNotSorry

  • Simon Metin
    Simon Metin 7 hours ago

    next episode order - number of twitter followers

  • sjlarue1
    sjlarue1 7 hours ago

    Hey...Chinese Shrimp and Grits!

  • Ala - Lucie
    Ala - Lucie 7 hours ago

    Chef vs Chef battle pass it on next? xD

  • Roman Cunningham-Reid

    I’m 5 mins through and it’s already the best video I’ve ever seen them do

  • Anders Resbo
    Anders Resbo 7 hours ago

    Remind me again who started one of these by going down the Full english breakfast route? Don't throw stones when you live in a glass house Jamie :D

  • Dan Gill
    Dan Gill 7 hours ago

    You guys need to do a pass it on, but after this, have Ben with handcuffs on and just make him watch everyone else cook. No input to the dish, just watching it all fall apart (hopefully)!

  • Evergreen Tree
    Evergreen Tree 7 hours ago

    Mum used to put Vegemite in her Bolognese sauce so I was totally on-board with the marmite. Turns out half of my family is quite intolerant to yeast extract though (yeast is fine) so she doesn't do that anymore. I've had to learn to live without strong umami flavours as I can't tolerate yeast extract, MSG or any of its friends (free glutamates) or flavour enhancers.

  • thër S
    thër S 7 hours ago

    Tbh, the base (consotto-orwhatitis) was Ben's idea, and the other 3 didn't fuck up, but even added a touch here and there. Thats good! But the main toppings - prawn, aubergines - that was the other 3 who made it to what pairs well to the dish. Soooo... what you called handcuffs, might have actually be kinda useful. Now. I won't say that is something to follow from now on, but if you wanna have a pass, why not rely on the chefs a bit more? Just a touch. I dont want you to lose the comedy factor. But i still want the dish to be a pass..

  • baked fish
    baked fish 7 hours ago

    1. Ben (because he did the most) however 5. Ben (because he didn't let anyone else add to the dish, leaders are supposed to allow contribution!)

  • stupidcoyote
    stupidcoyote 7 hours ago

    I think it would be interesting to see a pass-it-on with just the chiefs (back and forth). Of course, that would also leave it open to do a pass-it-on with just the normals.

  • gari265
    gari265 7 hours ago

    The frames need to be switched...the reaction video should be larger so we can see your faces better, and the Pass It On original video should be in the little corner box

  • Jeremy
    Jeremy 7 hours ago

    SUGGESTION: Perhaps you guys could invite a guest chef to the next pass-it-on and take turns in pairs (1 normal with 1 chef). Perhaps the theme could be a banquet. There could be a unique curveball given to each pair on their turn to force them to get extra creative.

  • baked fish
    baked fish 7 hours ago

    we really need james back! its not chaotic enough!!

  • Simon Metin
    Simon Metin 7 hours ago

    next episode order - in ascending order of number of twitter followers.

  • Tim White
    Tim White 7 hours ago

    I did not like that. I don't mind that the chef can do more complicated dishes but treating the normals like they are stupid and then complain that they didn't add more made me mad and then the normals pass the dish. "Yes. We are so stupid that stirring is all we are good for." Boring and Irritating.

  • Melissa Caroline Kane

    Love love love this!!!

  • Novelty Banana
    Novelty Banana 7 hours ago

    It's no fun when ben goes 2 times. bring James back.

  • EviOnYT
    EviOnYT 7 hours ago

    Hey guys. Is there any chance you could do the episodes from season one instead so there can be some gap between the original release and the react? Thank you and keep up the great work. Pass it on is my fave series.

  • Amanda Biggs
    Amanda Biggs 7 hours ago

    A pass it on where it is just the normals (2 go twice) and one where the chefs alternate would be interesting!

  • Sabrina Wilhelm
    Sabrina Wilhelm 7 hours ago

    More Benuendos occur.

  • gari265
    gari265 7 hours ago

    Haven't laughed this much seeing a pass it on video for ages! Loved the roasting of 'master puppeteer' Ben!

  • Docia Wellisch
    Docia Wellisch 7 hours ago

    They should do a pass it on with rosanna pansino

  • Sabrina Wilhelm
    Sabrina Wilhelm 7 hours ago

    Jamie won't weep. He got to drink gold leaf gin from a stilletto.

  • Taché Smith
    Taché Smith 7 hours ago

    lol Ben looks so proud of himself 11:19 honestly love it

  • ReN S
    ReN S 7 hours ago

    Well done Ben 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 I'm so happy for you mate, you're one smartass man 😏😍

  • Opinionated Bastard
    Opinionated Bastard 7 hours ago

    So the real name of this channel is metrosexuals r us

  • Nemanja Sladojev
    Nemanja Sladojev 7 hours ago

    I loved this, Ben going full on mastermind.

  • khaxjc1
    khaxjc1 7 hours ago

    This pass it on makes me want a Remote Control Episode where 1 chief controls all the normals. Multitasking fun would happen I assume with trying to control everyone sharing the kitchen.

  • Ben Walton
    Ben Walton 7 hours ago

    Barry, Mike and Jamie totally going over the top about being boxed in. You can see the frustration on Ben’s face. Barry was able to get some aubergine in there, then Mike thought to get a marinade on the prawns. Jamie, well he just tried to make himself a coffee, and then just complain rather than thinking about how to add to the dish, would slicing the chilli or ginger for a garnish, or just washing some lettuce been that hard, he didn’t even do a good job stirring if that’s all he said he was boxed in to do, it was so dry!

  • Matt H
    Matt H 7 hours ago

    This was not a pass it on. It was Ben--->people who stir the risotto--->Ben. Fail!

  • Gregory Kyi
    Gregory Kyi 7 hours ago

    THEY SHOULD JUST DO A past it on with Ben and James... and have Barry, Mike, and Jamie judge. then next episode Normals do a pass it on and the chefs judge.

  • Emily
    Emily 7 hours ago

    Reactions to some of the old ultimate battles would be ace

  • LongaVita
    LongaVita 7 hours ago

    I'd invert all the scores, basically go (10-score)=newscore. So for Ebbers that's a 1.5. Why? Because the way he forced them down a narrow corridor is against the spirit of pass it on. It forced everyone down a narrow road of his choosing. Meanwhile, the normals are to be applauded for not ruining the dish despite the format of the show technically calling for it in that situation.

  • Michael Otton
    Michael Otton 7 hours ago

    the dish is definitely a pass but the pass it on is a fail

  • Matthew S
    Matthew S 7 hours ago

    Sorry guys, I think it is a fail as a pass it on. Too many viewers agree that no one cooked, Ben started a dish and three normals stirred rice for half an hour.

  • April Rodenborn
    April Rodenborn 7 hours ago

    You guys need to have training drills where Ben and James provide you dishes that are just started and the 3 normals work TOGETHER to finish them lol.

  • whynot131313
    whynot131313 8 hours ago

    Pass it on idea: Sculptural. The dish etc is up to you, but the goal is to create something beautifully three dimensional.

  • Anthony Mogridge
    Anthony Mogridge 8 hours ago

    pass it on battle? 2V2

  • Ffion Hoare
    Ffion Hoare 8 hours ago

    Random risotto..but idea pass it on hand cuffed

  • whynot131313
    whynot131313 8 hours ago

    That's a fail from me folks! Love the dish idea, but the process was disappointing.

  • skyski90
    skyski90 8 hours ago

    I think an all chef relay would be fun. Ben, James, and a couple other chefs. I'm of the belief that they tend to go sideways because a lack of communication and not ability on the side of the "normals." It would be cool to see if trained chefs struggle just as much.

  • Sabrina Ouenzar
    Sabrina Ouenzar 8 hours ago

    If Barry feels unconfortable when Ben cuts up an onion without looking, he should see that Forever-Smiling Turkish Chef whose videos have been going around on Instagram lately

  • Andrew Steven
    Andrew Steven 8 hours ago

    How disappointed would Ben be when it was his turn again if Barry decided to just toss bens dish away and started something else

  • Laura Parkinson
    Laura Parkinson 8 hours ago

    Jaime is upset he couldn’t mess it up 😜😂

  • khaxjc1
    khaxjc1 8 hours ago

    Remote control with one chief controlling all the normals at once, sharing the kitchen, to make a 3 course meal.

    • khaxjc1
      khaxjc1 8 hours ago

      Liked it so much I finished the comment then watched again.

  • Henry Smith
    Henry Smith 8 hours ago

    What the hell happened

  • louise petrilli
    louise petrilli 8 hours ago

    I truly love love you guys ❤️❤️❤️🇨🇦👍👏

  • eyad mardini
    eyad mardini 8 hours ago

    This episode was fucking great! MORE PLEASE!

  • khaxjc1
    khaxjc1 8 hours ago

    Remote control with one chief controlling all the normals at once, sharing the kitchen, to make a 3 course meal.

  • Jenelle Kernaghan
    Jenelle Kernaghan 8 hours ago

    From what I’ve noticed you usually pass when you all cook as much as possible and let James finish. He ignores what he doesn’t like and creates a dish that you all usually like.

  • Daniel Costalis
    Daniel Costalis 8 hours ago

    OMFG you guys, you could have stopped stirring for a minute to get some scallops or greens or grill some broccoli.

  • Thundter
    Thundter 8 hours ago

    The recipe has been removed from the coop site so the link no longer works. Is this recipe available on the sorted food site?

  • Timothy Greer
    Timothy Greer 8 hours ago

    You should do a duck-duck-goose version where the first person is drawn from a hat and tags in the next person up

  • Sarah Mooney
    Sarah Mooney 8 hours ago

    You should review one of the older chaos filled Pass it On's

  • Camilo R
    Camilo R 8 hours ago

    We need a redo xD

  • Leo FOnt
    Leo FOnt 8 hours ago

    One cooks and three stir...

  • James Baio
    James Baio 8 hours ago

    A different perspective. All you guys had to do was stir, sure. But that's what he would have been doing too. As Ben said, you guys didn't come up with sides or garnishes...and Jamie didn't even do the stirring part. don't worry about a process you don't have "control" over...sometimes the best thing to do is keep the process going. Find things to guys have been doing this for over 10 years and don't know what goes with the stuff you're making? You haven't thought about sides for dishes? What flavors accompany the main dishes that you've made in the past? You all have come a long way...the fact that you didn't screw up the risotto is LITERALLY steps above where y'all were starting this show out. If you want to have agency in the recipies you make...maybe learn to branch out a bit? Besides...y'all are great people and just need to keep learning. That said...maybe it's time to do a few episodes on how to make sides to go with a meal?

  • Indre Hilara Bylaite

    Strawberry 🍓 and balsamic vinegar!

  • Louis-Jean Lebel
    Louis-Jean Lebel 8 hours ago

    You should do a "Pass it On" redemption video. Take a Pass it On recipe and ask some to do a redemption with it. Like a proper burger... without pineapple!!!

  • Aimee T
    Aimee T 8 hours ago

    Ben makes me so nervous when he chops and looks at the camera 😳

  • louise petrilli
    louise petrilli 8 hours ago

    Love those