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  • ebertrollerx -
    ebertrollerx - 20 hours ago

    Glycerine Bush

  • Adriano Fiorini

    that is a real fight!!!!!!

  • Christian Martinez
    Christian Martinez 2 days ago


  • Vitor Pereira
    Vitor Pereira 2 days ago

    Romero cabana🇧🇷🇧🇷

  • Marcus Danielsen
    Marcus Danielsen 3 days ago

    Spread yellow gunk on my pancake heart Country churned girl in my grocery cart I paid for her dreams, she taught me to cry Like watery knives, like rain from my eyes I can't believe you're not mine I can't believe you're not mine Margerine Margerine I can't believe you're not mine I can't believe you're not mine Margerine Margerine Margerine Margerine Margerine

  • Mixed office
    Mixed office 3 days ago

    Braine freeze would’ve been a good parody of rape me

  • El Lobo
    El Lobo 3 days ago

    No entendí pero la tuya por si acaso

  • Jack Valenzuela
    Jack Valenzuela 5 days ago

    BTTF Reference 1:09

  • AVA ROCK 100%
    AVA ROCK 100% 7 days ago

    De lo poco bueno de las nuevas temporadas de los Simpsons

  • Lil Gala
    Lil Gala 9 days ago


  • Jazeem Thompson
    Jazeem Thompson 9 days ago

    I love ryu hadoken💪

  • Dull Future
    Dull Future 10 days ago

    If that’s Carl on bass, who’s on drums?

  • Dull Future
    Dull Future 10 days ago

    That bass line on politically Incorrect fucking RULES

  • Steven94th
    Steven94th 10 days ago

    This shit really is accurate to how they made their music, it was really all about the attitude...

  • K-Jailberg
    K-Jailberg 10 days ago

    Kurt Cobain in Parallel universe

  • Mttx Youtube
    Mttx Youtube 11 days ago

    Şehinşah vs Patron

  • Ineudh
    Ineudh 11 days ago

    esta tocando una guitarra para zurdos he is using a left-handed guitar

  • Who am I ???
    Who am I ??? 12 days ago

    Then she kill him

  • Alejandro Fernandez
    Alejandro Fernandez 12 days ago

    En Santiago del Estero en los años 88 o 90 en el campo en un grabador a pila lo escucha a Ivoti ya desde mis 6 años todo gracias a mi tío Lito que escuchaba Ivoti

  • Fazbear Entertainment

    Its Homer not Homero plus this was posted one year after my birthday

  • Lovely María
    Lovely María 13 days ago

    When I saw this episode, it remembers me Nirvana's songs, in my opinion is the best episode I saw 😄

  • Rishee Mahimkar
    Rishee Mahimkar 14 days ago

    You know you've made it when Simpsons makes a parody on you

  • CheeZstuff
    CheeZstuff 14 days ago

    in homero

  • yellow
    yellow 14 days ago

    Margarine kinda slaps tho

  • Detractor G
    Detractor G 15 days ago

    Tremendo chamame ....y gracias Europa por tanta belleza

  • Abstractmass
    Abstractmass 15 days ago

    whats the last song homer is paroding about marge

  • Mendes
    Mendes 16 days ago

    Paródia de Rape Me kkkkkk Amo muito o Nirvana e o Simpsons também! Melhor episódio de todos!!

  • Murat Arda Aslan
    Murat Arda Aslan 16 days ago


  • BenC
    BenC 16 days ago

    1:00 using the bend from heart shaped box Also that back to the future reference is on point

  • giova714
    giova714 16 days ago

    Which episode of Simpsons is this

  • Gloopss
    Gloopss 16 days ago

    Oh god

  • A 2 A
    A 2 A 17 days ago

    Courtney in this love kurt more than real life.. damn

  • 𝑗 𝑜 𝑛 ت
    𝑗 𝑜 𝑛 ت 17 days ago

    "He who is tired of weird al is tired for life" - Homero

  • killx killx
    killx killx 17 days ago

    if only kurt really had someone like marge instead of courtney.

    • Rowan Melton
      Rowan Melton Day ago

      I swear Homer quits his dream job so he can afford to put Marge through uni, just for her to run off with some arrogant, preppy cunt professor...

    • Mila
      Mila 11 days ago


  • Moises Tapia
    Moises Tapia 17 days ago


  • A W
    A W 18 days ago

    3rd song was a parody of glycerine by bush


    Still better than Disney +

  • Adam Bowering
    Adam Bowering 18 days ago

    Full episode

  • Brian
    Brian 19 days ago

    Vs C dz VS vf Vvt sx vv que vs V ACÁ WvsvwV va DVDs V gz QVQV XV CS XS CSQV WZ VVWSCW QZ QC SC CSW C ZC W w. Ww d cs. Qqxqzqsccqsqccq dw wx xs wx

  • Muhammad Asif
    Muhammad Asif 19 days ago

    No body should be 'forced' to loose or to win. 🤓

  • Ján Šebo
    Ján Šebo 19 days ago

    1:36 ,,rape meeeeee. Rape meeeeeeeee..”

  • Lia Dlino
    Lia Dlino 20 days ago

    Até de volta pro futuro colocaram

  • Scalie Kisses
    Scalie Kisses 21 day ago

    Carl's hairstyle is cracking me up

  • Chiristian
    Chiristian 21 day ago

    Quienes hablan español? XD

  • rayooo blanco
    rayooo blanco 21 day ago

    La he escuchado al reprdocuirla en mp3 pero no logro recuperar el sitio, se habrá quitado?

  • rayooo blanco
    rayooo blanco 21 day ago

    No puedo encontrar Crónica Musical, tema en lado b para cassette donde esta chacarera aparece, año 1998, porque quiero escuchar por Internet el chamamé al inicio llamado la Cau, precioso como todo este canto.

  • Professor Woland
    Professor Woland 21 day ago

    Hate is white, love is black.....

  • Guilherme Martins
    Guilherme Martins 21 day ago

    That "rape me" references are so good

  • journey
    journey 21 day ago

    The first song sounded like lithium and smells like teen spirit The second one sounded like come as you are

  • soy Corona bro!
    soy Corona bro! 22 days ago

    1:03 thats from back to the future

  • Michael Doyle
    Michael Doyle 23 days ago

    Sounds kinda similar to Nirvana

  • Лёханус
    Лёханус 23 days ago

    super homer i love you

  • Nicholas Truelove
    Nicholas Truelove 23 days ago


  • crusty lips
    crusty lips 23 days ago

    Just realised hate me ishomers version ofof rape me by Nirvana

  • homero thompson
    homero thompson 23 days ago

    2:08 rape me!

  • kompot DBF
    kompot DBF 23 days ago

    Politically Incorrct is unironically good

  • Mate mateux
    Mate mateux 23 days ago

    Is that rape me ? 😂

  • BrokenTeethYT
    BrokenTeethYT 24 days ago

    "Im in love with my car"

  • Cameron Farroll
    Cameron Farroll 25 days ago

    It sounds a bit like lithium

  • Cev Jordan
    Cev Jordan 25 days ago

    The Glycerine by Bush spoof, ‘margarine’. Lol.

  • lapinus
    lapinus 26 days ago

    smells like homer spirit

  • Pedro_Lucas7906
    Pedro_Lucas7906 26 days ago

    hahaha heart shaped box as politicall incorrect

  • Victor Martínez
    Victor Martínez 27 days ago

    Escucha poroto Martínez cuánta guaracha tomamos escuchando este chamame

    • Victor Martínez
      Victor Martínez 24 days ago

      Gracias ala persona que le gustó mi comentario gracias

  • T t
    T t 27 days ago

    Se pega un tiro?

  • tubi stop motions
    tubi stop motions 27 days ago

    Nirvana and Back to the Future= I LIKE IT!

  • strawberry smith
    strawberry smith 27 days ago

    ''shave me'' LOL.

  • Alessandro Beljurov
    Alessandro Beljurov 27 days ago

    Glycerine -Bush

  • COBAINjr
    COBAINjr 27 days ago

    No one else noticed glycerine?

  • neils breakdown
    neils breakdown 28 days ago

    I know this is a cliched comment, but why the fuck has this 10 year old Simpsons clip kept appearing in my recommended videos for the past 3 years

    REFUSED 28 days ago


  • Filip Smetana
    Filip Smetana 28 days ago

    10yo video

  • BellowD Gaming
    BellowD Gaming 28 days ago

    Marge - Homer your song is so angry and bitter Later on... Marge - He loves me so much after what I did to him... No wonder Homer's songs are so angry and bitter

    HOODIEZ FILM 28 days ago

    1:04 hommage to "back to the future".

  • remember tomorrow
    remember tomorrow 29 days ago

    0:23 Sonic Youth reference?

  • De Leon
    De Leon 29 days ago

    1:03-1:10 that back to the future reference

  • Rąmîrø Vërgè
    Rąmîrø Vërgè 29 days ago

    2:30 this is a parody about that song?

  • Leandro Lemen
    Leandro Lemen 29 days ago

    already way better than the live movie ever was👍

  • Luiz •
    Luiz • Month ago

    Episode name And season?

  • lo&fı
    lo&fı Month ago

    1:03 wait... back to the future??? lol

  • Wyatt Pentz
    Wyatt Pentz Month ago

    That last song was totally glycerine by Bush

  • Eskeeree Skurrt
    Eskeeree Skurrt Month ago

    I have this video in my recommendation since like the last 4 months.....

  • ahmet tuna erdoğan

    omer kürt çoban

  • David Fernandez
    David Fernandez Month ago

    This is real?

  • David Fernandez
    David Fernandez Month ago

    This is real

  • miguel angel
    miguel angel Month ago

    Ken wins

  • 1,000,000 subs with videos

    Homer Kurt Cobain


    Lowkey that song about marge was hella good lol

  • Ronald Icochea Espinoza

    Alguien habla español ?

  • Biban288
    Biban288 Month ago

    Все бы так и было если бы у него была нормальная жена

  • Просто Сало

    2009: noooo 2010: noooo 2011: noooo 2012: noooo 2013: noooo 2014: noooo 2015: noooo 2016: noooo 2017: noooo 2018: noooo 2019: yes :)

    • Mango Tree
      Mango Tree 15 days ago

      These memes are kind of retarded. Just because you didn’t see a video until 2019 doesn’t mean nobody else did

    EL GATO RYAN Month ago

    Shoryukennnn aaaaaa

  • Ayden Daugherity
    Ayden Daugherity Month ago

    Brain freeze- Rape me

  • max imillianmus
    max imillianmus Month ago

    lol the songs were actually enjoyable

  • e.e.m.j
    e.e.m.j Month ago

    1:29 Rape Me LOL

  • CoolDaddyJames79
    CoolDaddyJames79 Month ago

    It would be more accurate if marge killed him.

  • gordis osis
    gordis osis Month ago

    Episodio de la historia lleno de hidalguía , valor, patriotismo y amor, y pone a Córdoba, de donde soy, como en alguna que otra oportunidad en situación de ignominia.

  • Kurt Liam
    Kurt Liam Month ago

    Lol at the end he sung glycerine by bush

  • J A Y V E E
    J A Y V E E Month ago

    Bush, Nirvana, Pearl Jam

  • cassy piper
    cassy piper Month ago