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  • Ndoki Hasaki
    Ndoki Hasaki 11 months ago

    Idea for a magic card: SJW 5 colorless mana You may choose to take out a student loan instead of paying SJW's mana cost. If SJW becomes the target of a spell, ability, effect, criticism, mean words, looks, or is touched in any way it will immediately flee to its safe space and be removed from the game. 0/1 _Literally Hitler!_

  • Triangle_Pants
    Triangle_Pants 11 months ago

    Now even Count Dankula over on Twitter has defended you. This just keeps gettin better! lol

  • Jerry7077
    Jerry7077 11 months ago


  • robert jamieson
    robert jamieson 11 months ago

    hey man i saw that you are subscribed to Aaydin, have you checked out Hard Bastard?...if not give him a look, you'll understand the connection

  • Zeddersk
    Zeddersk 11 months ago

    Just a heads-up. I've followed your channel for about a month now and enjoy your content. I don't know what's caused the shit storm over Christine Sprankle, or what's caused Tolarian and Wedge to join in on twitter. However, while cruising through reddit, posting allegations against you of harassment seems to be the "in" thing atm. I'll just copy and paste a post in a thread I saw: "She [Christine Sprankle] blames most of the harassment on MTGHQ/ Unsleeved Media and his followers. If TheXvid gets enough reports about a user they're bound to listen. So let's not sink to their level, let's do this the right way. No death threats, no direct confrontation, let's all of us report his channel so that we send a clear message: "We won't allow or tolerate this kind of behaviour in our community anymore." If you know five of his videos that best represent how he advocates harassment then please post their titles so they're easier to find when making a report...." So yeah - brace for impact, but keep bearing in mind that you have fans to support and enjoy your content.

  • 789456456123
    789456456123 11 months ago

    Subscribed after watching two of your videos, Keep it up! Your content is great and genuine

  • nicholas daley
    nicholas daley 11 months ago

    You are coming to Kilroy Right?

  • Silent Capture
    Silent Capture 11 months ago

    Another good book you might be interested in is a book called Bloodlands, by Timothy Snyder. Jared Diamond also has some good reads.

  • cbeebe007
    cbeebe007 Year ago

    Hey man, I recently got a temp ban on reddit discussing MaRo's post about the Spike card. I have screenshots of the mod responses, pretty interesting. Basically my posts were about that there is biological and psychological evidence to reject the statistical independence assumption between the variables of female players and spike players. Their response: ``Unfortunately, for reasons having to do with events during a mammoth hunt 50,000 years ago, your ancestors -- and as a result, you -- are unalterably genetically unqualified to understand the problems with your argument. If there was anything we could do, of course we would, but biology and science are undeniable facts, and we know you wouldn't want us to argue against them.'' And this was followed up by a mute so I can't even reply back to the snarky mod.

    • Ray Hewitt
      Ray Hewitt 11 months ago

      +cbeebe007 Your ... your ancestors fucked a mammoth? Kudos!! You are a wang among men.

  • Zach cash
    Zach cash Year ago

    Something you might wana mention on your channel Leftists broke some windows at a comic shop simply because they dared host the artist Ethan Van Sciver for a signing.

  • Rakka Kaze
    Rakka Kaze Year ago

    Any reason why comments aren't on for post-process streams?

  • Fabian Saam
    Fabian Saam Year ago

    Sad, the professor from Tolarian Community College made an ideologically driven video on ixalan story: They can't even handle just talking about the story without injecting their own ideology from the first minute on...

  • Darklordabc
    Darklordabc Year ago

    Why don't you have links to your Patreon? You make it hard for people to support you.

    • Rich Davis
      Rich Davis Year ago

      I cant even find it by searching.

  • Victor Von Droom

    Dude, are you seriously in the ''antiSJW'' fad? Don't get me wrong I despise SJW tumblrphiles as much as any (and I'm a Spanish leftist) but man, don't be a manchild pls... Too many YT manchilds whining about those ''terrible SJWs''... Mostly teenagers with no real power and... yeah you get my point I hope. I've been a sub for a long time but for the moment I'm out of this train. I really hope that all this SJW crap just die over time, SJWs and antiSJWs are turning into the same shit with different smell.

    • Rakka Kaze
      Rakka Kaze Year ago

      The general politics of the US would like a word with your 'mostly teenagers with no real power' viewpoint. The mainstream media hard panders to them, and huge amounts of legislation is constantly being thrown at the wall trying to get stuff to stick, and it is.

  • BloodWingKinghts

    Subbed, thank you for being a voice of sanity in this community where the mentally ill are trying to take over.

  • Brandon Huyck
    Brandon Huyck 2 years ago

    Hi J, I am alive and would love the Swell the Host deck. I really like your videos and hope you keep doing this for a long time! :)

  • Zack Gross
    Zack Gross 2 years ago

    Hey J its been awhile since you uploaded anything on here. I like watching your drafts, helps me evaluate which cards to take sooner than others. Also, have you picked anyone for the Commander decks? Id like to get into EDH but as I said In another comment, I sold my collection a couple months ago. Thanks, and keep em coming friend

  • Brandon Huyck
    Brandon Huyck 3 years ago

    I'm not sure what you look for in a comment when you pick the winners or if it is randomized but I would love to win one of the Commander 2015 decks. I have never played Commander before but with these new decks out, I am considering trying it out. Out of the five decks, I really can't decide what one I would like the most. It would either have to be Call the Spirits, Wade into Battle, or Swell the Host. Wade into Battle seems really slow to me with all of the big creatures but I haven't played Commander so it might be good. However, I keep on coming back to Call the Spirits and if I had to pick one I might buy it would be that one. Anyway, please pick me!

    • AlephNull
      AlephNull 2 years ago

      +Brandon Huyck I don't think he ever mentioned commenting

  • Nolan Bespalko
    Nolan Bespalko 3 years ago

    liking the videos, a commander deck would be lovely :)

  • Mortismors
    Mortismors 3 years ago

    I have to say your videos are some of my favorite. Commander is kick ass and I really like the new experience counters. Wish there was an Azorius deck, blue white is my bread and butter. Nothing like counter spells, bounce spells, and tons of flyers. I feel a new modern deck coming on...

  • Luke Russell
    Luke Russell 3 years ago

    Some paper magic gameplay would do great here

  • Tijmen Van Gennip
    Tijmen Van Gennip 3 years ago

    I'm alive!! :D Great vids!

  • Cormac Connolly
    Cormac Connolly 3 years ago

    Love the expanding content!

  • NdrewGolem
    NdrewGolem 3 years ago

    Desert Twister?! Hot dog!!!

  • Chris VA
    Chris VA 3 years ago

    Oy vey

  • squirtleninja
    squirtleninja 3 years ago

    Rolling the dice for that sweet UG or BW.

  • XSanctusMalumX
    XSanctusMalumX 3 years ago

    I'm not dead.

    • AlephNull
      AlephNull 2 years ago

      +XSanctusMalumX course, with golgari, it wouldn't matter anyway

  • Felix Goding
    Felix Goding 3 years ago

    Would be awesome to get one of these!

  • vincent Ristuccia
    vincent Ristuccia 3 years ago


  • Dr. Lemon
    Dr. Lemon 3 years ago

    I'm alive :D

  • JebbyGD
    JebbyGD 3 years ago

    I'm alive.

  • Dean Dobson
    Dean Dobson 3 years ago

    I too would love to win one of your commander 2015 decks!!!!!

  • David Landi
    David Landi 3 years ago

    yo id like to get something :D

  • SnK Viper
    SnK Viper 3 years ago

    pick me please