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  • Brooklyn Sigley
    Brooklyn Sigley 9 minutes ago

    Kenneth is my dads middle name

  • it_me hi
    it_me hi 9 minutes ago

    He is Dad

  • Julie Skov
    Julie Skov 11 minutes ago

    I am very disappointed that he didnt say una sacapuntas hahaha

  • Gayle Cheung
    Gayle Cheung 14 minutes ago

    You’re awesome ♥️

  • Mattynator 911
    Mattynator 911 16 minutes ago

    And i thought John Cena would actually be here smh

  • Aiden Turpin
    Aiden Turpin 16 minutes ago


  • Charmaine Tan
    Charmaine Tan 16 minutes ago

    Sacrilegious violin playing😮

  • //Lazy Lemon //
    //Lazy Lemon // 18 minutes ago


  • Arnav Kathuria
    Arnav Kathuria 18 minutes ago

    She picks the iphone 6 and said thanks steve jobs Lmao The last iphone made under steve jobs was the 4s

  • gmoo84
    gmoo84 19 minutes ago

    I'm curious to hear what he thinks of Daniel Bruhls portrayal of Niki Lauda

  • Lameus
    Lameus 22 minutes ago

    it doesnt look 2d it looks like a telltale game

  • Kou D3x
    Kou D3x 23 minutes ago

    New form of camouflage.

  • Rosie Rennie
    Rosie Rennie 24 minutes ago

    185 cm in feet: 6.06955

  • costco freezer
    costco freezer 26 minutes ago

    steve carrell with gray hair and glasses in gray and blue = old nerd

  • corthew
    corthew 28 minutes ago

    This is what happens when Andy Warhol is reincarnated as a woman. ;)

  • Amcor09
    Amcor09 29 minutes ago

    Video title should be 'Will Smith and some bloke'

  • Domenic Saraceno
    Domenic Saraceno 31 minute ago

    Bill Nye is a stage actor, certainly no scientist.

  • Killo Zombie
    Killo Zombie 32 minutes ago

    Who else thought his name was Big Bang at first

  • Killo Zombie
    Killo Zombie 32 minutes ago

    Who else thought his name was Big Bang at first

  • The Grim Sneaker
    The Grim Sneaker 32 minutes ago

    The internets favorite dialect teacher

  • Jackee Lynn
    Jackee Lynn 34 minutes ago

    ughhh 😍😍😍

  • Anya Sharma
    Anya Sharma 39 minutes ago

    Where is sheldon...shelly

  • Ikea Uppsala
    Ikea Uppsala 43 minutes ago

    he's short and it's really okay in his case. if he were tall, he wouldn't be so cute yet manly.

  • 08wolfeyes
    08wolfeyes 44 minutes ago

    Tiffany is a very beautiful woman!

  • Croikey
    Croikey 45 minutes ago

    Any speedcubers here to give me tips? Im competing in a competition

  • Beatta Ugrin
    Beatta Ugrin 46 minutes ago

    Why they now talk about 1D like that I mean why even bring it to people now in this way... we were soo inlove with them and we grow with them and now they re coming with these statements about how it was just a job and some things that really hurt, just do your solo and dont bring it up..let us live with the good memories... it hurts 🤣

  • STILLunDEAD Marcum
    STILLunDEAD Marcum 52 minutes ago

    Bill Nye is my favorite Science Guy LOL

    I'M A YEET YEET IT YEET 56 minutes ago

    *iT's BiLL tHE sCIenCe gUy-*

  • Alysha Abandomations
    Alysha Abandomations 58 minutes ago

    0:26 that’s good o,o dang 0:47 DAMMMMMMMM

  • Cyruz 1145
    Cyruz 1145 59 minutes ago

    Aight let's flip em ac the other way

  • Eighty8
    Eighty8 Hour ago

    Bill making us feel stupid with every look after someone asks a question

  • Sparktite
    Sparktite Hour ago

    Whats that lighting effect i keep sseing, its pretty neat

  • Average Internet Surfer

    How *sAcRiLiGoUs*

  • Honey Hearts
    Honey Hearts Hour ago

    Liam that was for Harry right ?! WANTING HIS SPACE!! Cause let’s all be real LILO reunion’s keep on happening and Niall and you are always supporting and taking about each other in interviews. Soooo.....😭😭!!

  • S
    S Hour ago

    I mean... I'm twenty years old now so in the rational part of my brain it's totally normal and logical to me that some people get better along with others and some people just do their jobs and are just nice like... I get that. But ngl my heart did break a little bit when he said they're not all best friends.

  • R
    R Hour ago

    man im hungry, i need me a quantum pizza. COMPUTER , GO!

  • TrickWithAKnife
    TrickWithAKnife Hour ago

    This was a facinating video. The description of the different /s/ sounds, in particular, was very useful. I teach English in Japan, and students often struggle with switching between /s/ and /sh/ in particular words. I'll try using what I learned here to help them differentiate.

  • Muminah G
    Muminah G Hour ago

    7:06 i actually got so sad why would he say that 🥺🥺🥺🥺

  • Edzel Marc Robion

    Lighting comes in REALLY handy for this type of style.

  • Jason Bi
    Jason Bi Hour ago

    This should be titled BUT IN SPACE

  • Andrew Cross
    Andrew Cross Hour ago

    Ontario Provincial Police is the O P P badge.

  • Dina Diana
    Dina Diana Hour ago

    I felt that when he cracked his neck!!!

  • ooh jenniekim
    ooh jenniekim Hour ago

    But what if they want us to think they're not getting back and suddenly we get a comeback as a surprise? No? Okay. 😩

  • Bye Felicia
    Bye Felicia Hour ago

    She's never heard of Dutchsinse on TheXvid! Check him out y'all!

  • Kawika Jones
    Kawika Jones Hour ago

    When we are able to make space vessels with artificial gravity, these issues will be a thing of the past.

  • tby 232
    tby 232 Hour ago

    what happened to him?

  • Naseem Rehman
    Naseem Rehman Hour ago

    "I wanna talk about something basic, rhoticity."... Me: yeah, rotisserie.

  • Jah Mari
    Jah Mari Hour ago

    3:14 when ever someone says god aint real and you cant prove he is im a pul this up

  • Locust Swarm
    Locust Swarm Hour ago

    I hope this video covers flatulence and it's mental effects on other crew members when confined in a metal can somewhere in space. Matches? What do you do? Open a window?

  • jakarta gamer
    jakarta gamer Hour ago

    but i have a question can we fill up space with air? like make entire planet just trees and make a tube to space so the air in there can be SUCCed out into space until one day the entire space is filled with air(or just the concentration of air is in our reach of space

  • Beanbag Chair Productionz

    Bill Nye has lost faith in humanity.

  • Tessa Johnson
    Tessa Johnson Hour ago

    7:21 excuse me while 10 year old me dies inside

  • Nash Ley
    Nash Ley Hour ago

    Why doesn't Bill Nye make a company that will definitely solve global warming. Everyone at the UN would listen because Bill Nye is respected by all

  • Matija Dzajevic
    Matija Dzajevic Hour ago

    Are wrestlers allowed to say they act?

  • cristy
    cristy Hour ago

    I liked the part where he said carry on

  • Gray Ravenclaw
    Gray Ravenclaw Hour ago

    My directioner heart just broke

  • Mike Hunt
    Mike Hunt Hour ago

    "Chan chuang" is not event close to meditation lol. It's the "horse stance", an isometric exercise looks as if you are sitting on the saddle of a horse. . . Or a sybian xD. It kinda looks like a wall sit but with your legs apart and no wall.

  • Multi Fangirl
    Multi Fangirl Hour ago

    His laugh😍😍😍

  • Zoe
    Zoe Hour ago

    She'd be great to hire for borderlands cosplays

  • Multi Fangirl
    Multi Fangirl Hour ago

    What has happened to Harry after Zayn left? He has changed completely😭😢 God, can we get our sweet old hazza back? We need him so much😢

    • OopsHi LS
      OopsHi LS 16 minutes ago

      why you talk about him in Liam's video? stfu

  • Huyen Ly
    Huyen Ly Hour ago

    This was 5 months late...I was sad, but now I'm not. Love Bill. He's so sassy now.

  • wixxu yt
    wixxu yt Hour ago

    Michael is dead Samuel is not And if you think so You are a thot

  • Daniel Johnson
    Daniel Johnson Hour ago

    I like her

  • irem bulut
    irem bulut Hour ago

    I am glad that he started to speak a bit slowly

  • Elisa Martinez
    Elisa Martinez Hour ago

    Darker skin ?

  • NeelTheSphynx
    NeelTheSphynx Hour ago

    "I take a 2D picture that looks 2D." Uh... K.

  • Marxo
    Marxo Hour ago

    her house must be gorgeous

  • Glitch.in.the.system

    0:56 I CANT.

  • Adrian Paulino
    Adrian Paulino Hour ago

    That solar scale squeaking was low key a funny (& probably unintentional)... 10:30

  • brayden finch
    brayden finch Hour ago

    whoever disliked this didn’t have a childhood/ didn’t enjoy it lmfao

  • Joe Luis
    Joe Luis Hour ago

    Diacytyle is no longer used in ejuice for the passed 3 years

  • fangirlgeek15
    fangirlgeek15 Hour ago

    I came here all excited and now I'm just leaving sad. Liam kinda broke my heart when talking about One Direction. I don't expect them to get back together because they're all doing their own thing, but it hurts when they say they aren't really friends....

  • Elisa Martinez
    Elisa Martinez Hour ago

    This is therapeutic paint me!!

  • Dawn4j
    Dawn4j Hour ago

    "IT is almost impossible to turn a man into a woman" le that sink in. 😬

  • loïs
    loïs Hour ago

    my name is Lois lol I was looking away for a second and then she yelled my name at 17:05 i JUMPED man

  • Vorci Buscapolli

    imagine being high, in space!

  • RivaledRandom
    RivaledRandom Hour ago

    Bill: A Airplane works like a bird *747 flaps wings to Florida*

  • prithisheric
    prithisheric Hour ago

    I am good at 1D .

  • Anji Chant
    Anji Chant 2 hours ago

    Bill, are you an alien? Bill: No I'm one of YOU.. Goes on to correct himself: I'm one of US Me: 😏

  • Beanbag Chair Productionz

    1:04 he's Canadian

  • João Vilaça
    João Vilaça 2 hours ago

    This guy is so nice. Very pleasant person.

  • tjpm
    tjpm 2 hours ago

    I like this lady.

  • Kent Davis
    Kent Davis 2 hours ago

    Bill Nye has "I'm so done with this sh*t" written all over him.

  • leland townsend
    leland townsend 2 hours ago

    don't forget teleportation needs coordinates.

  • Danica Disney
    Danica Disney 2 hours ago

    such a good guy to be a fan of🥺💕

  • Jarrod3588
    Jarrod3588 2 hours ago

    Only 90’s kids will remember: “your gender is based on your chromosomes” - Bill Nye

  • Martial Race
    Martial Race 2 hours ago

    Ok...that's pretty awesome.

  • Amam Wan
    Amam Wan 2 hours ago

    Good now they do a autopilot

  • MONEY_ MAN2434
    MONEY_ MAN2434 2 hours ago

    There are 2 other kickers with 64 yard FG

  • Bisontyson
    Bisontyson 2 hours ago

    “Is Ice Cube still- WHAT?!”

  • Spinico
    Spinico 2 hours ago

    Morgan: Are you selling yourself short all the time? Michael: ᵧₑₐₕ

  • Guitar God
    Guitar God 2 hours ago

    Who's Liam Payne best friend? Ans. Zayn Malik

  • Cassie Lujan
    Cassie Lujan 2 hours ago


  • Itz Tretzy
    Itz Tretzy 2 hours ago

    Bill Nye is a G

  • Dom Mo
    Dom Mo 2 hours ago


  • Dom Mo
    Dom Mo 2 hours ago


  • Jen Kem
    Jen Kem 2 hours ago

    Super cool!

  • dwrabauke
    dwrabauke 2 hours ago

    BMF on the on and off button. i knew it.

  • Itry togame
    Itry togame 2 hours ago

    To teleport just fall asleep on a car ride you wake up some ware different

  • lordminion 66
    lordminion 66 2 hours ago

    how in the world do you have a science degree and not know what a neutron does lol 😂 😂