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Professor Green - Astronaut
Views 670K8 years ago
Professor Green - Monster
Views 367K9 years ago


  • Rhiannon Tabberner
    Rhiannon Tabberner 10 hours ago


  • paul Reynolds
    paul Reynolds 12 hours ago


  • Rudo Phiri
    Rudo Phiri 21 hour ago

    I've been listening to this song for years and it still hits me harder each time. So underrated.

  • Maria Célia
    Maria Célia Day ago

    2020??? 6 years later... ♥️♥️♥️

  • Paz Lopez
    Paz Lopez Day ago

    Seen them live@Earls Court Channel 4 b4 shut down (2014)@Uk🎤❤️❤️❤️Top Notch Artists 👏🏼👏🏼

  • Harley '-'
    Harley '-' Day ago


  • aslı yagmur
    aslı yagmur Day ago

    2010..... wtf!

  • YouTube Monitor

    This is a banger

  • Nightcore Music
    Nightcore Music 2 days ago

    this still hits hard

  • Deniz
    Deniz 2 days ago

    Who listen 2020 ?

  • TheMusa77
    TheMusa77 2 days ago


  • Butch Mcnally
    Butch Mcnally 3 days ago

    This me at night turn over only way my gf hold tell me anything ok I here baby mean a lot best gf ever I met one kind she my rock 😙😙😙😙😙😙

  • madz51
    madz51 4 days ago

    Making a new track to this beat. Mad inspo

  • Ryan Hesmer
    Ryan Hesmer 4 days ago

    This song eats me up inside!

  • spinning debbie
    spinning debbie 4 days ago

    Dont know how I never heard this. 'on the way up you might be a person ppl take to...but they hate too''....Let's wish him the sober best for his life in 2020 <3

  • The Hypest
    The Hypest 4 days ago

    No real need for Alice to be prancing around like that really, real musicians go off their vocal talent, not their ability to seduce men through a screen

  • scott701988
    scott701988 5 days ago

    Kids from well to do familes well never be able to relate

  • Radomíra Rajnohová

    The way he's looking at her at 0.13

  • DoughnutGaming PS4
    DoughnutGaming PS4 7 days ago

    this is a song that remind me of my dead dad

  • michelle Harris
    michelle Harris 7 days ago

    good song

  • Sandra Cook
    Sandra Cook 7 days ago

    Will never get bored off this tune. Professor Green #amazing

  • Raihan24 Fadly
    Raihan24 Fadly 7 days ago

    2020 hands up!

  • Springboard Foyer
    Springboard Foyer 7 days ago

    Crazy how the artists never check the fan comments

  • Josh Lister
    Josh Lister 8 days ago

    Love you Tori please date me

  • Craig Bestwick
    Craig Bestwick 8 days ago

    This track is amazing

  • Shay Vaughan
    Shay Vaughan 9 days ago

    2020 babayyyyy

  • Banana Kerbalface
    Banana Kerbalface 9 days ago

    wow 10 years

  • ImStokze
    ImStokze 10 days ago

    Don't get why this song hasn't gone viral!! Madness

  • Paul Hampson
    Paul Hampson 10 days ago

    2020 still a tune, where's pro green gone anyway?

  • Grabbar Westerlund Guysmovieyoutubet

    You are in best man. On sing on man

  • spinning debbie
    spinning debbie 10 days ago

    ok. at first i thought she wasnt doing a good job at looking sexy, but by the end i realised Alice was humble enough to play the part of the ego-bitch. Fair play girl x

    • spinning debbie
      spinning debbie 4 days ago

      @The Hypest OK. My theory. She lays hands on the static of the TV screen. Alice channels his narcissistic ex....'you got it from me''. She ignores the effort he put into working his way up (drug dealing on a pushbike, leaving his friends). Millie is his ex, but still hitting on him (TBD to be determined). Made in Chelsea has now been merged to the BBC ( (TBC to be continued) but he made his way MCing, on the road. In the Made in Chelsea world everyone's wife swopping. Every thing's a commodity...'you got what you paid for'. But at the very end he's kind and say's ...'i got a lot from you'. 'One eye on the door' was about him letting down his side of the marriage....

    • The Hypest
      The Hypest 4 days ago

      Run that by me again

  • spinning debbie
    spinning debbie 10 days ago

    i'm so glad they didnt turn him into a monster.

  • Lina Lol
    Lina Lol 11 days ago

    i can’t stop crying

  • Charbel Issa
    Charbel Issa 11 days ago


  • javlinable
    javlinable 11 days ago

    Take me how you find me Mind yourself, don't mind me Who are you? Remind me (who are you, blud?) 🤔

  • 21eesa 21
    21eesa 21 12 days ago


  • Thomas Glass
    Thomas Glass 12 days ago

    Fat tune

  • Stackz MC
    Stackz MC 12 days ago

    Pro green never fails to disappoint

  • DopeMusicPlaylists24/7

    Smooooth hit

  • Ishiqa Rainbow girl
    Ishiqa Rainbow girl 13 days ago

    Hello professor green I’m 10 years old and I know karim’s mother Auntie Sylvia. I just wanted to say wow I know someone famous. Please could you subscribe to my channel

  • Nongluck Kong
    Nongluck Kong 14 days ago

    Love it

  • Tesco Customer Service

    Played this in the store and we got the most complaints we’ve ever received!

    • My nans Fit
      My nans Fit 12 days ago

      Hey if i scan ur channel will i get 50% off soap,?

  • TRNX kjlaza
    TRNX kjlaza 15 days ago

    2020 Anyone? 🎉

  • Gary Jackaman
    Gary Jackaman 15 days ago


  • Marco Ferrito
    Marco Ferrito 15 days ago

    2020 anyone?

  • Lee Haymonds
    Lee Haymonds 15 days ago

    I suffer with PTSD and can relate to song in a massive way as when I hit my lowest points in life I look bk on pics of my misses my kids and all our memories and i soon brings me bk to a better point

  • Patricia Moseley
    Patricia Moseley 18 days ago

    I love this song but it's funny how you forget about songs. When is pro green going to bring some new tunes out. 2019 31st dec but will still be banging it out for time

  • alecs mt-09
    alecs mt-09 18 days ago


  • Patricia Moseley
    Patricia Moseley 19 days ago

    Forgot about this tune and he needs to bring some new tunes out asap pro

  • Bruno Dacruz
    Bruno Dacruz 19 days ago

    I love this song

  • Johnny94best
    Johnny94best 19 days ago


  • Werten a.k.a Hoshi
    Werten a.k.a Hoshi 19 days ago

    I wish we had songs like this in 2019. :(

    TTV_XRSUNNER YT 21 day ago

    Banga remember listening to this when I was young pls bring this kind of music back

  • Eddie B
    Eddie B 22 days ago

    INXS need you tonight.

  • Andy Dan
    Andy Dan 24 days ago

    Introduce me them I find evil in them ☻

  • Scott Starrs
    Scott Starrs 24 days ago

    A proper good beat and lyrics

  • Adam Patrick C
    Adam Patrick C 24 days ago


  • Adam Patrick C
    Adam Patrick C 24 days ago

    He walked past me the other morning, ,how random

  • Bob Bobbington
    Bob Bobbington 24 days ago

    Got bored n put this on 1.25x speed, wasnt disappointed

  • Dustin Adamson
    Dustin Adamson 24 days ago

    I'm always on the target.

  • Burning Wang
    Burning Wang 25 days ago

    Is he really a professor? If so it will be somewhere dodgy like the university of crack cocaine.

  • KirkeGaming
    KirkeGaming 25 days ago

    That botox....

  • Ben Hajioff
    Ben Hajioff 26 days ago

    most mexican song in the world

  • Dustin Adamson
    Dustin Adamson 27 days ago

    who is saying names... .... I have one for you.... Adamson

  • Paul Burress
    Paul Burress 27 days ago

    Why can't i get u all stop please i am tired its blowing my head i have tried everything god please

  • Molly Murdoch
    Molly Murdoch 27 days ago

    Listening in 2019 anyone ?

  • Toms onfire
    Toms onfire 28 days ago

    has he always been pop?

  • Simon Chester
    Simon Chester 29 days ago

    Top tune

  • Simon Chester
    Simon Chester 29 days ago


  • Adrianns Thompson
    Adrianns Thompson 29 days ago

    This guy makes my days better #depression

  • Tem Production
    Tem Production 29 days ago

    Professor back

    DAYOSI LEO 15 29 days ago

    this song is give support power to me if my self feel down frustation. nice lyrics song, i like so much this song.

  • Viren Gaglani
    Viren Gaglani 29 days ago

    Still listing to profeseer green he songs rip love them

  • Alan Quinney
    Alan Quinney Month ago

    Pro needs to make a song with eminem 👌👌

  • Cam Smith
    Cam Smith Month ago

    You got it all You got it from me You got it all You got it from me Oh babe, you got it all You got it from me You got it from me You got it from me Take me how you find me Mind yourself, don't mind me Who are you? Remind me (who are you, blud?) Used to cycle from Holloway to Highbury Just to shot a .9, B That's a nine bar Called Porchery, drive (beep, beep) Get in a beep, beep when I drive her Swat seizuring, drive for Slap us, wavin' goodbye to my pals (bye) Why am I buttin' in? If I ain't gettin' out what I'm puttin' in I ain't worried about what coulda been (why now?) 'Cause if it should've been, it would've been You got it all You got it from me You got it all (I got what?) You got it from me (I got a lot) Oh babe, you got it all (I got what?) You got it from me (I got a lot) You got it from me (I got what?) You got it from me (I got a lot) My ex is your next, that the TBT She texts me to link up, that's the TBC (brr) Might see me on the road, or the BBC Everybody on road, gonna pree, pree me (said that's my man) It's a long ting What's your name? Where you from? Thing Nowadays everybody's on things We should link up, have a little drink up I still say what I think, blud It's the wizard In the fur like I'm in a blizzard Eatin' MCs for desert I'm a grown one I don't leave shit to karma I take it into my own hands You got it all You got it from me You got it all (I got what?) You got it from me (I got a lot) Oh babe, you got it all (I got what?) You got it from me (I got a lot) You got it from me (I got what?) You got it from me (I got a lot) Right to it, I get right to it Nobody can do it the way I do it (mmm) Run through it, fly through it Anything I say before, I say goodbye to it (bye bye) Bye bye, used to call things my size Now I'm Thais drinkin' mai tais Welcome to my world (welcome) Is that your girl or is it my girl? (who know?) I'm tryna figure out what the difference is Between you and me's a couple differences (still) You make money, I make more I get what I want, you get what you pay for You got it all You got it from me You got it all (I got what?) You got it from me (I got a lot) Oh babe, you got it all (I got what?) You got it from me (I got a lot) You got it from me (I got what?) You got it from me (I got a lot) ;)

  • Lochlan Productions

    I could 100% walk past my own mother, sister on the street and not know any better...

  • Lochlan Productions

    Try this.. take a photo of someone you know well. Look at it every day... You'll forget what the person actually looks like and focus on that photograph😉🤔🤯😎

  • Steph’s Vids
    Steph’s Vids Month ago

    I listened to this tonight for the first time...and I froze, for the whole’s chilling, and heartbreaking, but so real and pure 💔

  • Marian Rarinca
    Marian Rarinca Month ago

    deep... 😢

  • ConspiracyPrepper36

    I miss my mom 😞 RIP mom 1/10/19 😞

  • Ross Heathorn
    Ross Heathorn Month ago

    Relate to losing my dad m8. Last words I said 2 my dad were I hate you never wana see you again hope you die. He did next day. Argument was bout me hanging out on streets doing drugs I wasc14. I got some ruff acoustic tunes on here put in Ross Heathorn flattery should come up. Got 9 raw no effects songs up peace people x punk Folk mc

  • myles baker
    myles baker Month ago

    Way better than most of the crap that's about now a lot of grime and rap nowadays has no emotion or substance just clothes cars women

  • OfficialReaper301

    Who is Here Because of carwow

  • 96 Namnav
    96 Namnav Month ago

    I love this song to Channel [V] From Vietnam 16/12/2019

  • Rachel Starkey
    Rachel Starkey Month ago

    Love pro green v and rag n bone man so super Dooper unique talented people v love that pro green s does work with the homelessness situation and suicide prevention to he's so caring pro green your a star v and you rag n bone man !!! !!!

  • Anderson Bolla
    Anderson Bolla Month ago

    Sample da SOS Band em Just be good to me de 1983

  • Jord Sharples
    Jord Sharples Month ago

    Banging tune!!! This guy is awesome!!!

  • Abel Billy Alvarez

    every time i hear this song, tears run down my face...

  • tv box android
    tv box android Month ago

    Do you like your own people green?

  • Николай Цимбалист

    Fucking.... After seven years...

  • Wicked fucking Winehouse

    Love this song boyyyyyyy

  • Rachel Starkey
    Rachel Starkey Month ago

    December Friday 13 th anyone )) whoop whoop do love this tune !!

  • The Charming Devils

    If I can say, this is the other version of Love The Way You Lie. Yeah!🔥🔥🔥

  • Jody Snowball
    Jody Snowball Month ago

    Who is here after Lola..?

  • Fatal1ty v2
    Fatal1ty v2 Month ago

    Slim Shady wannabe

  • Kinnik Okwad
    Kinnik Okwad Month ago

    Where is Professor Green, anyone listening in 2019??

  • chelsea bloxam
    chelsea bloxam Month ago

    ABSOLUTELY LOVE this song so so much relates to me alot always makes me have a cry without fail <3 professor green the man your amaze keep going <3

  • Leo Dayosi 15
    Leo Dayosi 15 Month ago

    always listen this song if i was feel down and frustation. this song is keep up my spirit to get my dreams.

  • Jake Cox
    Jake Cox Month ago

    That peter Andre line is still savage lol

    • AvGDz
      AvGDz 4 days ago

      Jake Cox what does it mean. I don’t know about it

    YOUTUBER DUBLE G Month ago

    Sick G ma don