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The Kombucha King
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i'm a cyber bully
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ASMR has gone too far
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The Wise Men of Instagram
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The Couples of Pinterest
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Fitness Comedy
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Trashtagram: Violin Guy
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good news :)
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bad news :(
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Crea Tyler is back.
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5 Minute Beauty Hacks
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Reading Natgeo Tweet Replies
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Tik Tok is trolling me
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Well That’s Uncomfortable
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Bad YouTuber Music
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5 Min Crafts
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Roasting Fans pt. 2
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My mistake...
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Worst of Buzzfeed
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Q&A with my parents
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Lele Pons is bad
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Dogs on Instagram
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Making fun of your art
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2017 In Review
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Googling myself
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Our first time...
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Cole Labrant *IM SORRY*
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Hvar'dly know her!!
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  • Precious A
    Precious A 25 seconds ago


  • Ayiza
    Ayiza 2 minutes ago


  • Michael K
    Michael K 38 minutes ago

    Simple.. Mark said "fuck you up the ass" that's absolutely heterosexual

  • tally
    tally 38 minutes ago

    cody ko ended pollution in one video

  • Zack rizzgaam rixx maattt

    I cringed so hard when Cody said we're gonna have really fun.

  • Xqb Oz
    Xqb Oz 43 minutes ago

    Jdkdkkwksk I thought it was Noel in the thumbnail 🗿

  • Mikayla Johnson
    Mikayla Johnson 51 minute ago

    Oopsie fuck 13:57-13:59

  • Jonathan Stauss
    Jonathan Stauss 54 minutes ago

    I’m serious get this shit on itunes

  • DecentlyGood
    DecentlyGood 55 minutes ago

    5:40 Bruh isn't that a pornstar? That looks like Alex Blake.

  • Half Dead
    Half Dead Hour ago

    Man the last bit is just wholesome. GT is a really awesome person

  • Sassy Pants
    Sassy Pants Hour ago

    ~~~some of these kids see me, more than their own dad~~ i DIED

  • cameron gomez
    cameron gomez Hour ago

    She looks like Nash Grier

  • Sharky Cole
    Sharky Cole Hour ago

    You heard it here. Blue a$$ water.

  • George Hiatt
    George Hiatt Hour ago

    Noel's song and the nickel in my ass thing was the funniest thing I've seen in a while 😂

  • Ajax Blvd
    Ajax Blvd 2 hours ago

    I’d get my ass roasted if I ever did this and my friends found out

  • Rayanna
    Rayanna 2 hours ago

    Yeah, I’d buy insurance from Cody Ko.

  • Mareva Orozco
    Mareva Orozco 2 hours ago

    "That's a juicy ass melon, goddamn." I've watched this video tOo many times 🤣

  • Abby’s Vlogzs
    Abby’s Vlogzs 2 hours ago

    May I just say I can’t stand when they play the video that they are supposed to show us for 5 seconds then switch back to them talking and it bothers me like wtf stop

  • CoolkittenMia Ilikedogs


  • Isaiah Clark
    Isaiah Clark 2 hours ago

    9:48 me when I haven't done my homework for the fiftieth time and the teacher says "you didn't do your homework, did you"

  • Sabri Rodriguez
    Sabri Rodriguez 2 hours ago

    9:22 this is for what you came, thank me later (also subscribe they are hilarious)

  • Limes Luqux
    Limes Luqux 2 hours ago


  • Jim Schoeler
    Jim Schoeler 2 hours ago

    fml dude this should've been a thats cringe and gross episode

  • Kim Phan
    Kim Phan 2 hours ago

    yes noel ty

  • Jody Evans
    Jody Evans 2 hours ago

    This thot ha more views than logic’s icey. I love this world

  • ᗷυмвlє ᗷєllє

    God isn’t real. I can prove it.

  • meme 4
    meme 4 2 hours ago

    15:40 are we just gonna ignore that😐

  • purplecatonbroadway
    purplecatonbroadway 3 hours ago

    I love that you can tell so many people just straight up traced a screenshot lol

  • Tiffany Mone
    Tiffany Mone 3 hours ago

    “What should I do?? I’m gonna cut my tits off. THESE ARE FOR NO ONE” Noel

  • gremlin
    gremlin 3 hours ago

    i want someone to tell him that you can pay people to fuck you, thats a thing

  • Gabe Phillips
    Gabe Phillips 3 hours ago

    I totally agree that children shouldn't have keyboards. I am a child, and I hate everything I comment, no matter what. Who is giving children keyboards?!?

  • Ashton Savage
    Ashton Savage 3 hours ago

    I’m fucking wheezing!! Where the gamers hang out 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Cfbaehr Ps4
    Cfbaehr Ps4 3 hours ago

    Lele Pons is very bad though her script is worse than TheXvid rewind 2018

  • Christian Curlee
    Christian Curlee 4 hours ago

    adjit pai did 9/11 change my mind

  • Tiffany Mone
    Tiffany Mone 4 hours ago

    2:07-2:16 has me CRYING😭😭😭

  • Young Thug420
    Young Thug420 4 hours ago

    8:08 is the best part

  • Jojo Siwak
    Jojo Siwak 4 hours ago

    kombucha is NASTY

  • Dat_kid_xx Yt
    Dat_kid_xx Yt 4 hours ago

    I came from pandora lol thought this was a actual song

  • Artanis
    Artanis 4 hours ago


  • Josh is Mad 4 memes
    Josh is Mad 4 memes 4 hours ago

    If your hear for the meme it at 9:23

  • Toby Penney
    Toby Penney 4 hours ago

    Ajiz pai

  • Worst Producer
    Worst Producer 4 hours ago

    3:28 lmfaoo 2 girls one cup had me dead

  • Worst Producer
    Worst Producer 4 hours ago

    1:00 LMFAO

  • James Alan
    James Alan 4 hours ago

    I’m still waiting for the song filled with dad jokes

  • Bob Hefly
    Bob Hefly 4 hours ago

    Please do another that's cring

  • seokgyeom
    seokgyeom 4 hours ago


  • Tyler Bessette
    Tyler Bessette 4 hours ago

    I literally coughed and gagged while watching the opening

  • The Fandom Queen
    The Fandom Queen 4 hours ago

    Can confirm...there are Christians who are not like these girls.(me......I was talking about me)

  • Nathaniel Wayne
    Nathaniel Wayne 5 hours ago

    Was anyone questioning the tits on the wall😂

  • Erin Damon
    Erin Damon 5 hours ago

    "i put a xan in my other xan and put that xan in another xan and keep goin until I got a big ass xan" - epic meal time but with xans.

  • VexWinters
    VexWinters 5 hours ago

    3:45-3:54 Best Part

  • Qui-Gon Jinn
    Qui-Gon Jinn 5 hours ago

    “He’s just spitting it out because he’s spoiled” Spoiled how? His parents obviously didn’t care for him as a child, didn’t give him the right foods for a good diet. He’s not spoiled, he’s just ignorant

  • _ HuffleProud _
    _ HuffleProud _ 5 hours ago

    1:01 well this has aged poorly and unfortunately, what with all of the vaping deaths...

  • Oaktree Village
    Oaktree Village 5 hours ago

    An ad came on in the middle of the video and it was very welcomed

  • chorkielover45
    chorkielover45 5 hours ago

    Jake to 21: “it opens up” Me: “Isn’t that the purpose of a door?”

  • Anthony_Ramos_Stan WeebLord

    0:14 Yeah, teachers only exist in America, nowhere else.

  • Paul Dillon
    Paul Dillon 5 hours ago

    cody voice sound so good when u fried lmao

  • Reza Hussaini
    Reza Hussaini 5 hours ago

    9:24 no one gonna talk about the meme

  • incoherent coughing
    incoherent coughing 5 hours ago

    dude asked for 150,000 and wrote 150 million on the screen. this explains a lot

  • EJ
    EJ 5 hours ago

    “Mom...I’m edging” DEAD

  • EJ
    EJ 5 hours ago

    I lost it when he sniffed the cup

  • Dhuhaa Fazili
    Dhuhaa Fazili 5 hours ago

    Jake Paul's alter ego should be a polite, respectful, chill dude. It'd be an improvement.

  • Franchesca Pepaj
    Franchesca Pepaj 5 hours ago

    Cody looked like JB in the end

  • MEME central
    MEME central 5 hours ago

    tiktok must be mad at that guy who changed costumes because he was doing something that took effort

  • Aaron O`connor
    Aaron O`connor 5 hours ago

    You fucking dig

  • Amaya Stokes
    Amaya Stokes 5 hours ago

    her fingernails are so dirty for what reason

  • Alyssa Del Vecchio
    Alyssa Del Vecchio 5 hours ago

    Ooooh that’s what brown nosing is referring to

  • J santana
    J santana 5 hours ago


  • shamar ximines
    shamar ximines 6 hours ago

    I love this song

  • XxGoldm1n3xX24 PS4
    XxGoldm1n3xX24 PS4 6 hours ago


  • XxGoldm1n3xX24 PS4
    XxGoldm1n3xX24 PS4 6 hours ago

    she got so serious lmaoo

  • Libra Super Star
    Libra Super Star 6 hours ago

    Fun fact: one of their husbands (I don’t remember which one) is actually gay and was put through conversion therapy which explains why he was so willing to wait

  • esteban mk14
    esteban mk14 6 hours ago

    9:31 jaja WTF

  • Lizbeth De la cerda
    Lizbeth De la cerda 6 hours ago

    he's not speaking because its meant for tick tock ASDKDJUS

  • Brooke Ferree
    Brooke Ferree 6 hours ago

    i wish he would make fun of one of my tiktoks

  • Wafa Mirza
    Wafa Mirza 6 hours ago

    Proud to be Pakistani rn

  • crybaby
    crybaby 6 hours ago

    that girl was really drunk and couldn’t give consent. *drum roll* sexual assault

  • Celestia
    Celestia 6 hours ago

    Censoring urself must've been an extreme sport. loool

  • Hue Wong
    Hue Wong 6 hours ago

    Dude fuck Logan, what an ass hole.

  • Magbee Herold
    Magbee Herold 6 hours ago

    I always set my alarm for the Tardis sound from doctor who so every time I hear it I get unreasonably angry and my sister just thinks I hate British people

  • Inerthetic
    Inerthetic 6 hours ago

    9:25 what you came here for, thank me later

  • UwU
    UwU 6 hours ago

    9:26 When you start learning about sex in health class

  • Firefly Jake
    Firefly Jake 6 hours ago

    Did you seriously put the link to this video in the description? What’s the point of that? 😂

  • 𝘒𝘦𝘭𝘴
    𝘒𝘦𝘭𝘴 6 hours ago

    When you try to make a bad song but it comes out 🔥🔥🔥

  • jjoannna ‘
    jjoannna ‘ 6 hours ago

    Iconic video

  • Reptilewolf
    Reptilewolf 6 hours ago

    Noel... is an islander??!

  • dheddie
    dheddie 7 hours ago

    “When you kiss someone for the first time you unlock a new fortnite skin called the foreskin that was stripped from you at birth”

  • Heaven Knox
    Heaven Knox 7 hours ago

    I aM ilLumiNati

  • Evin O
    Evin O 7 hours ago

    Too cringe to watch

  • Heaven Knox
    Heaven Knox 7 hours ago

    5:40 Noel spinning around the sitch with his camera is cracking me up

  • Dr. Beans
    Dr. Beans 7 hours ago

    Bro this video’s as funny as my profile pic

  • S͎e͎a͎w͎e͎e͎d͎

    “Because I’m fucking rich, And you’re a fucking bitch” I’m sad Noel didn’t say that

  • BigFatCat 15
    BigFatCat 15 7 hours ago

    Barry has a very punchable face...

  • Fringes
    Fringes 7 hours ago

    The real question still remains... "WHAT ARE THEY DOING??"

  • Antree On Gfuel
    Antree On Gfuel 7 hours ago

    Song was fire at the end

  • JamesplaysCod
    JamesplaysCod 7 hours ago

    If Travis Scott or the Migos made this itwould of been a banger

  • Tree Hugger10
    Tree Hugger10 7 hours ago

    1:00 this clip didn’t age well

  • Nora Leigh
    Nora Leigh 7 hours ago


  • I'm kinda fucking stupid, but

    Bruhhhh- ya gotta do a vid on this: