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The Deadliest Tank of WWII
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Why Do You Even Exist?
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  • Oyebolah Babatoundey
    Oyebolah Babatoundey 11 seconds ago

    U guys r incredible

  • Ian The Cool Thief
    Ian The Cool Thief 38 seconds ago


  • Luke Baughman
    Luke Baughman 42 seconds ago

    Grasssssssssss taste bad

  • Stranger
    Stranger 56 seconds ago

    11:25 You're welcome

  • royjones3rd
    royjones3rd Minute ago

    Unlawful possession of a what?

    SHREDDIOUS WT Minute ago

    You guys make videos like merica made m4’s

  • Sorcerersupreme007
    Sorcerersupreme007 Minute ago

    Do a Predator vs Mandalorian fight or Predator vs Klingon!

  • Nathan Davidson
    Nathan Davidson Minute ago

    I feel like your portrayal has as many inaccuracies as the normal view, just in the opposite direction.

  • Anonymous Abroad
    Anonymous Abroad Minute ago

    8:52 sometimes i wish i had this gift, saying brutal things in nice ways that don’t offend the witless masses. “Genetic bottlenecks” looool

  • Ethan Ton
    Ethan Ton Minute ago

    ROBLOX is better Minecraft is has less games ROBLOX has multiple games

  • Amy Lopez
    Amy Lopez 2 minutes ago

    People are weird

  • Holly Dance
    Holly Dance 2 minutes ago

    Being a kid, nothing could be worse than losing privacy for me. Despite being young, everyone deserves privacy.

  • Strawberry Juice
    Strawberry Juice 2 minutes ago

    So this would mean Tupac Shakur would have still been alive if they kept on reviving him

  • ClownFlash
    ClownFlash 2 minutes ago

    death is the same as not being born.

  • BradtheBad101 Gaming
    BradtheBad101 Gaming 3 minutes ago

    Horrible kids would you look what you did it was your ignorance, that formed a beast with your wit! badadabam bun

  • phantom lizerd
    phantom lizerd 3 minutes ago

    This is like the fourth day in a row that he posted it’s nice

  • Alize A
    Alize A 3 minutes ago

    Ah always go for the legs lol

  • Oyebolah Babatoundey
    Oyebolah Babatoundey 3 minutes ago

    I'm a great fan from Nigerian

    FLEX Z0MBIE 3 minutes ago


  • Judged Soul
    Judged Soul 3 minutes ago

    just got word from 6ix9ine -Ned kelly wasn’t Australia’s most notorious outlaw

  • Jeff Ramirez
    Jeff Ramirez 3 minutes ago


  • Oyebolah Babatoundey
    Oyebolah Babatoundey 3 minutes ago

    From Nigeria, I love u infographics

  • Jimmy Saval
    Jimmy Saval 3 minutes ago

    Freddy the noncey one vs penny wise

  • Erin Bragg
    Erin Bragg 3 minutes ago

    Now that's what I call content

  • Big_ papa Productions
    Big_ papa Productions 4 minutes ago

    Steve should have won

  • DJ Scream
    DJ Scream 4 minutes ago

    Kelly gang kelly gang kelly gang!

  • PUG King
    PUG King 4 minutes ago

    If you want to know more about Ned Kelly the extra-credit TheXvid channel that a great series on him

  • Shaded Block Studios
    Shaded Block Studios 5 minutes ago

    A minute will pass

  • Jegge
    Jegge 5 minutes ago

    Yeah boi

  • Cg07
    Cg07 5 minutes ago

    This is the dumbest video i have watch on this channel

  • Are u super cereal
    Are u super cereal 5 minutes ago

    Yo w...

  • SUB2TheHomelessToad
    SUB2TheHomelessToad 5 minutes ago

    The sign did say dead or alive

  • James S
    James S 6 minutes ago

    Uk. Still has loyalty within commonwealth and kick it then it’s daughter America will throw a tantrum.

  • Jennifer Lamback
    Jennifer Lamback 6 minutes ago


  • Akemi Parker
    Akemi Parker 7 minutes ago

    The devil doesnt take shape of anyone, he is donald Trump. PERIOD.

  • Yashas Padigala
    Yashas Padigala 7 minutes ago

    The Asian Thanos

  • broke spot
    broke spot 7 minutes ago

    He kinda looks like solair

  • Jackie Allison
    Jackie Allison 7 minutes ago

    Phew I've never even liked kale

  • AttackBoii Randoms
    AttackBoii Randoms 7 minutes ago

    area 51 was built in 1955

  • Some Guy
    Some Guy 8 minutes ago

    Competition will drive innovation, which will drive down cost, which will make space accessible to more and more people over time. But in any case, what is wrong with rich people building stuff for them to enjoy in space? It doesn't affect my life here on Earth. If getting to space costs loads, I ain't ever gonna go there. That doesn't change if rich people can't go too. Let them do it if they want, if anything it gives me something cool to watch. I don't get to play professional sports either but I can still enjoy watching it even if the dudes playing it are the ones with millions of dollars.

  • SuperSuperGodfist
    SuperSuperGodfist 8 minutes ago

    What you talking about? I wash my hands before eating.

  • The Art of Mastery
    The Art of Mastery 8 minutes ago

    Where do they always find those crazy stories?😂😂😂

  • potatomato :p
    potatomato :p 8 minutes ago

    Australia's most notorious outlaw is the australian accent.

  • Joseph Porfido
    Joseph Porfido 8 minutes ago

    How TF he holding that rifle at 1:06

  • Judged Soul
    Judged Soul 8 minutes ago

    Nah I just got word from 6ix9ine and he said he wasn’t Australia most notorious outlaw

  • Polish Filipino
    Polish Filipino 8 minutes ago

    I mean, if his suit is made out of Iron, he'd technically be more of an Iron man than Iron man

  • G. Reilly
    G. Reilly 8 minutes ago

    fck yeah boi

  • Steven Vaquer
    Steven Vaquer 9 minutes ago

    i had to takea breath of fresh air too!

  • Nick Bracchini
    Nick Bracchini 9 minutes ago


  • Mrdcdukes 1
    Mrdcdukes 1 9 minutes ago

    I wanna see ca vs tx

  • Green Monster
    Green Monster 9 minutes ago

    I swear there is something similar to this on Netflix

  • Dragon Striker
    Dragon Striker 9 minutes ago

    If we do whe find the new gta 51

  • OwO
    OwO 10 minutes ago

    If they see someone upside down, they know they can't stop him

  • B R
    B R 10 minutes ago

    Wanna go to college? You're legally obligated to get drafted. Better fake those "bone spurs" like our POTUS. Lol

  • punkfan97
    punkfan97 10 minutes ago

    I'm pretty sure Oswald was the gunman although he didn't act alone I think Oswald would've talked so he had to be silenced. Ruby had known ties to organized crime so it wouldn't be too much of a stretch because Joe Kennedy Sr made his fortune by bootlegging during prohibition and Bobby was going after the mob so why not you know

  • Alpha Male Relationship and Business Coaching

    I can learn more about killing from watching Infographics than join the military

  • Jack_Wenchester
    Jack_Wenchester 10 minutes ago

    I saw this on Simple History!

  • Peter Hechtsuppe
    Peter Hechtsuppe 10 minutes ago

    what nonsense.

  • ShiningKnightz
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  • minura ka
    minura ka 11 minutes ago

    私の私の私の......素敵なビデオ 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  • Sapperface memes
    Sapperface memes 11 minutes ago

    Australia most notorious outlaw is The Emus

  • Jihwan Park
    Jihwan Park 11 minutes ago

    And that is the reason why you shouldn’t do drugs

  • Reynaldo Domingo
    Reynaldo Domingo 11 minutes ago

    How about you vs mafia? Tell me more

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  • Flexzz
    Flexzz 11 minutes ago

    Sub to me

  • ZeeBeast13
    ZeeBeast13 11 minutes ago

    57th. Lol watched pretty much every video

  • Beyond Tubular
    Beyond Tubular 11 minutes ago

    Right next to the kangaroos... he was the most deadly....

  • Brains Applied - Unraveling The Human Mind

    *Nonsense!* Your mom said I was most dangerous down under... If you know what I mean 😏

    • Falcon Animations
      Falcon Animations 9 minutes ago

      Ur weird and yes I know what you mean pervert🖕🏼

  • 100 subs with No videos?
    100 subs with No videos? 11 minutes ago

    Went there last year going the some time soon

  • Creators Hub
    Creators Hub 11 minutes ago

    If only the military had this man during the *Great Emu War.*

  • Zippiz
    Zippiz 11 minutes ago

    Do ed kempler

  • Xx Ya boii xX 4
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  • Victor Thenekhamsyharath
    Victor Thenekhamsyharath 12 minutes ago

    Say YEET

  • William  K
    William K 12 minutes ago

    3rd comment

  • Blob Blob
    Blob Blob 12 minutes ago

    69 views lol

  • Ronnie Palmer
    Ronnie Palmer 12 minutes ago

    Early squad where u at?

  • Jacob Montminy
    Jacob Montminy 12 minutes ago

    In All the 6 comments will you notice me? Like if yes comment if you want to say something

  • Edda Chen
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  • Orbital cum Stain Oscar
    Orbital cum Stain Oscar 12 minutes ago

    In usa his name is R Kelly

  • Athrun Cohen
    Athrun Cohen 12 minutes ago

    I love Australia 🇦🇺 and everything about them

  • Avery the Cuban-American
    Avery the Cuban-American 12 minutes ago

    He was an outlaw but he couldn’t defeat the emus and spiders

  • Sc4red
    Sc4red 12 minutes ago

    juggernauts in the 1800's really been a thing

  • Isosner Animations
    Isosner Animations 12 minutes ago

    *screeches* (Translation from australian to English: A B C D E F G)

  • JasonWittenFan
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    34 views, 80 likes. Nice..

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      Adft gaming no your not

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    Love ur vids

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    Yeah ned

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    28 commit

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    Lol was watching ur vids when this notification came up

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    The earliest I’ve been

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    Notification squad! Love your videos!

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    Nice animation as always 👍

    • The Art of Mastery
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      Gamingwithjuniorgummy Yeah it's amazing, I wonder wich programs they use to do this

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