Transworld Skateboarding
Transworld Skateboarding
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  • Jareth Arneberg
    Jareth Arneberg Hour ago

    I could die laughing every time. Fucking legendary foot work.

  • BetterSkateThanNever

    Such a ripper. What happened to JR?

    • squeaknj
      squeaknj Hour ago

      He passed away a few yrs back.

  • smateus
    smateus 2 hours ago

    What city is that?

  • Frantisek Moravík
    Frantisek Moravík 2 hours ago


  • DawnOfTheElderly
    DawnOfTheElderly 2 hours ago

    Yo he’s stealing everything!!!XD

  • Grant Richmond
    Grant Richmond 2 hours ago

    Marek so smooth and that nollie 360 fs kickflip was wild

  • joshbaker1001
    joshbaker1001 3 hours ago

    best video i've seen in a while

    D7NEWTON7 4 hours ago

    i knew it was a pickle rick board

  • Alexander Bertallo
    Alexander Bertallo 5 hours ago

    Fun session...

  • wyattjacob34
    wyattjacob34 5 hours ago

    This is pool skating with JWorth and friends

    JR CRONHEIM 5 hours ago


  • Sebastian Ariega
    Sebastian Ariega 5 hours ago

    Lesss goo

  • Alexander Bertallo
    Alexander Bertallo 5 hours ago


  • tyron smith
    tyron smith 5 hours ago

    Those spots are a dream

  • Unknow Lardon
    Unknow Lardon 5 hours ago

    Niceee boys

  • Nolan Fort
    Nolan Fort 6 hours ago

    Good clip 💪👌

  • CrazyAssPatersonSkaters


  • Bernardo Reis Kessler

    @lil.nickdias 🔨💥

  • JayLuv Designs SF
    JayLuv Designs SF 8 hours ago

    Camp lo!!

  • portugal yes
    portugal yes 8 hours ago

    What camera and lense was this recorded on?

    • BrushyZeus
      BrushyZeus 2 hours ago

      Of course it’s more than a vx, this is an hd camera. You’re not gonna find anything good for $200 but I’d recommend looking on eBay for used canon t3i/t2i with a rokinon 8mm fisheye.

    • portugal yes
      portugal yes 3 hours ago

      @BrushyZeus do you any good used cameras for skating for around 200$

    • portugal yes
      portugal yes 3 hours ago

      @BrushyZeus wow that camera isnt cheap its more than the VX

    • BrushyZeus
      BrushyZeus 3 hours ago

      portugal yes hpx170 and xtreme fisheye

  • Johnny Lotto
    Johnny Lotto 9 hours ago

    The Camp has had a resurgence lately and I’m not mad at that.

  • Miguel Alonso García
    Miguel Alonso García 10 hours ago


    CULT BOY COLLECTIVE 10 hours ago

    seriously dont give me a 5 minute video with a minute and a half long intro

  • kingofthedeepsea
    kingofthedeepsea 11 hours ago

    Ripping and dipping on ledges never sticking

  • J K
    J K 11 hours ago

    While skating in the 90’s I could only afford the blanks or just whatever I could find. There are a few people I would love to not only get a reproduction but I would really love to get the Autographed. I would love to have the extra cash to get a few dozen decks to make a couple furniture pieces I’ve had the idea for as well, including one called “The boarder Throne”. I’ve even got a rocking chair and a few other ideas. I’ve even been trying to figure out a couple ways I could use an electric skateboard to be a cheap power option for my manual wheelchair. Power chairs are just so big and can make you feel older than you actually are the problem is my body can’t handle the WV terrain, It’s all Hills! But the ones made for adult use and the better quality are just to expensive for me to be taking them apart.

  • Ernesto Jimenez
    Ernesto Jimenez 11 hours ago

    Mannnn sweet collection

  • kissmyasymptote
    kissmyasymptote 12 hours ago

    not bad but he's way past his prime...

  • Yuri Puchert Moreira
    Yuri Puchert Moreira 14 hours ago


  • Олег Бобров
    Олег Бобров 14 hours ago

    Respect to all riders inna di cru! WIcked! ))

  • nathan thompson
    nathan thompson 14 hours ago

    last night a stripper told me she wanted to sit on my face

    • Brolivia Wilde
      Brolivia Wilde 8 hours ago

      i first read that as "last night a stripper told me he wanted to shit on my face" O_o

  • fiendbastards
    fiendbastards 14 hours ago

    He wears my shoes XD

  • TheWalkmanRotation
    TheWalkmanRotation 15 hours ago

    They added Carl which is sick-now add Hosea and the cipher is complete.

  • Nick Revitte
    Nick Revitte 17 hours ago

    Sick that these guys are still around! It was rad to see a couple of random Dave Davis clips too!

  • Grant Richmond
    Grant Richmond 17 hours ago

    He Ollie's like Christian malouf

  • mrKerij
    mrKerij 18 hours ago

    9:57 damn that was fuckin gnarly

  • RocketRacoon717
    RocketRacoon717 19 hours ago

    Double like

  • Cameron Alden
    Cameron Alden 20 hours ago


  • Paul Albanese
    Paul Albanese 21 hour ago

    Appleyard Vagrant, I wish I knew where to get a pair of those these days.

  • Torrin DePierro
    Torrin DePierro 21 hour ago

    fucking shredders this was sick

  • George Davis
    George Davis 22 hours ago

    Where is Crob?

  • Joseph Just Music Campbell

    Them Boys Ripped it

  • Dylan Jackson
    Dylan Jackson 22 hours ago

    Yes Daniel

  • Chad
    Chad 23 hours ago

    That dude reminds me so much of Steve Olson. Hail Shorty's video

  • Darius Blue
    Darius Blue Day ago

    Someone tell Carl to leave the dad shorts to Ishod

  • imjaysn
    imjaysn Day ago

    Hosea peeters and friends

  • Jeffrey King
    Jeffrey King Day ago

    In 1980/81 Tony Hawk was sponsored by Dog Town S/M HOSOI AND MIKE SMITH ,DUANE PETERS 1979/80 GATOR

  • Fustel Bavedila


  • Kasper 777
    Kasper 777 Day ago

    1:43 that was cool

  • seven
    seven Day ago

    wish i had a skate house😔✊

  • Joseph Wallington

    Man's is top.

  • jay blummer
    jay blummer Day ago

    Makes sense!

  • JP
    JP Day ago


  • Zain Khan
    Zain Khan Day ago

    Was that first song Ik it’s by nak

  • JHue666
    JHue666 Day ago

    “Im so sweaty...and i gotta condom on”

  • no bs
    no bs Day ago

    Great history lesson, thank you for all the rad work Jim ❤️

  • DA1M
    DA1M Day ago

    mj's 411 pro file part ❤

  • Tony Sadallah
    Tony Sadallah Day ago

    so beautiful

  • the eye of every storm

    The Clash sucks

  • toyan xD
    toyan xD Day ago


  • Gleb Logvinenko

    Very good! Tell me please the name of the song.

  • Mauricio Ruiz
    Mauricio Ruiz Day ago

    That triangle miami trick insane

  • Олег Бобров

    nice work Koby!

  • kanin sides
    kanin sides Day ago

    Sooo good

  • Kevin Alfaro
    Kevin Alfaro Day ago

    SONG ??????!!!!!!!PLZZ

  • xJayFromVA
    xJayFromVA 2 days ago

    This was awesome man

  • Kiki Rhodes
    Kiki Rhodes 2 days ago

    Put him on CREATURE

  • CossRooper
    CossRooper 2 days ago

    dude's face on the high 5050... definitely shit his pants with that deep squat

  • Evan May
    Evan May 2 days ago

    1:19 dude this heelflip backsmith was so fucking nice

  • LotWizzard
    LotWizzard 2 days ago

    1::02. friggn beautiful

  • Jon Evans
    Jon Evans 2 days ago

    Wow that was sick, kickflip back smith was crazy

    • Evan May
      Evan May 2 days ago

      it was a heelflip! way crazier!

  • Walking Push
    Walking Push 2 days ago

    On skating bruised. But fun. I love skating.

  • Ryan Bobadilla
    Ryan Bobadilla 2 days ago

    How was he not pro in this video!?

  • pdxraves
    pdxraves 2 days ago


  • Grant Richmond
    Grant Richmond 2 days ago

    Heelflip back smith and gap kickflip 50 hubba was wild

  • Barto Boi
    Barto Boi 3 days ago

    Doctor: You have 7 minutes left to live Me:

  • rawpastedate
    rawpastedate 3 days ago

    Hell yeah !!

  • Ado
    Ado 3 days ago


  • pdxraves
    pdxraves 3 days ago

    Toy machine or foundation

  • Olivier Lucero
    Olivier Lucero 3 days ago


  • green star
    green star 3 days ago


  • Олег Бобров

    great video, horrible soundtrack

  • Arman Latifi
    Arman Latifi 3 days ago

    So good 🙌🏼

  • Felipe di Oliveira
    Felipe di Oliveira 3 days ago

    I gave this video a huge thumbs down and for some reason I thought I was being extremely edgy or nit picking. It's funny that most of the comments show the same disapproval. I truly believe that the more skaters are cool to people in any environment, the better things become to skateboarding and its surroundings as a whole. That being said, it's such a shame that it's become cool for some groups of kids this lame behavior of not respecting pedestrians space, cyclists, and so on, as well as cursing loudly. C'mon guys, we can, we must be better than this. Let's set a good example for the world.

  • Elijah Odom
    Elijah Odom 3 days ago

    Tampa must have no spots. They had to go to Miami 😭

  • Michael Rossi
    Michael Rossi 3 days ago

    When I was younger, this is how I imagined every pro skater collected shoes and boards but unfortunately a lot them have to sell their unused boards just to get by or simply can’t afford the storage

  • alpine turtle
    alpine turtle 3 days ago

    Beagle is entertaining asf

  • Ryu So
    Ryu So 3 days ago

    low life Vietnamese must be, look at those cheap lowlife tattoo

  • shane hull-mullins
    shane hull-mullins 3 days ago

    Yo Seattle needs something like this?

  • Jarrod Rodos Taylor

    Enjoyed it all

  • Ashley Brown
    Ashley Brown 3 days ago

    Nosegrind the rail against the wall. Grind your own nose off on the wall. Super sketchy.

  • Derek Wilson
    Derek Wilson 3 days ago

    3:38 hilarioussss

  • Derek Wilson
    Derek Wilson 3 days ago

    love the crusty vibes. song is mutable lol

    FULL TILT 3 days ago


  • Sj Park
    Sj Park 3 days ago

    Can anyone help how I can get my OG Santa Cruz Hosoi picasso (pink) from the late 80s valued? I am the original owner and has a transparent grip tape on it with old skateboarding stickers.

  • P. Boscardin
    P. Boscardin 3 days ago

    I hope the inchworm is alright

  • Hirst Christopher
    Hirst Christopher 3 days ago

    Great part. Fantastic music. 👍

  • Eddy Okka
    Eddy Okka 3 days ago

    Yep they told me...sesh is on...

  • Jake St Peter
    Jake St Peter 4 days ago

    Makes me wanna go skate. Well done! 👍🏼👍🏼

  • Joseph Wallington
    Joseph Wallington 4 days ago


  • Milan Aldunate
    Milan Aldunate 4 days ago

    sponsor him pls