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Blakes Exotic Animal Ranch
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Rip Snickers
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Feeding All Of My Fish!
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Turtles Love Strawberries!
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FOUND! Tons of baby mice!
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  • Brandon Franklin
    Brandon Franklin Minute ago

    You should look into getting some Goliath African Tiger Fish. They're awesome. Research them.

    JEBID APRAK 6 minutes ago

    Im form Indonesi. 🇮🇩..i like to you

  • Kavita Kadam
    Kavita Kadam 13 minutes ago


  • Jason Lee
    Jason Lee 26 minutes ago

    2:35 who dat

  • Chad Pudvan
    Chad Pudvan 29 minutes ago

    You should really add black backgrounds to your fish tanks. It would be much easier to see the fish and help the colors pop.

  • Hamish Perring
    Hamish Perring 41 minute ago

    I think you should do a series like “bird tour” then the next week or month “reptile tour” and just show us eveything as you go

    EMMANUEL CARLO 48 minutes ago

    Blake know he got some hoes in the yacht my man

  • Kamrul Islam
    Kamrul Islam 53 minutes ago

    Love u blake keep it up

  • Braiden Saville
    Braiden Saville Hour ago

    Please don't keep those pools. Build a few big tanks

  • curious pillai
    curious pillai Hour ago

    Why is florida the eden garden of invasive species

  • Arnav Agarwal
    Arnav Agarwal Hour ago

    We want some crabs...dude

  • Lizandi De la Fontyn

    Blake keep up the good work

  • Arazelly DeLeon
    Arazelly DeLeon Hour ago

    Y’all let him flop for brother nature smh

  • cyrus marquez
    cyrus marquez Hour ago

    Where are your sulcata tortoise?

  • Sharon Kaczorowski

    The albino iguana is so!

  • Josh Hibbs
    Josh Hibbs Hour ago

    AH, THE PRINT SHOP! I know it all too well. I work in one right now cleaning all the screens so they can be reused. He is right about 100 shirts but try looking at 20,000 shirts. We had to do that many over a period of like 2 weeks. The same images over and over again for a huge marathon event in New Orleans. After that, I hated seeing those shirts. LOL

  • Sharon Kaczorowski

    Good to hear you understand the needs of captive lions...I wish we had federal laws regulating exotics...lions and tigers and bears in basements and apartments or tiny cages are beyond cruel.

  • Sharon Kaczorowski

    Beautiful...they do occur in the wild but dint do that well...they have trouble concealing themselves hunting, or so I’ve read. Good news in the black bears...very happy to hear that.

    EVOKERP OFFICIAL 2 hours ago

    13:13 Another One

  • Sharon Kaczorowski
    Sharon Kaczorowski 2 hours ago

    Poor little Avatar...sounds like a serious mutation...sad you lost him as well. I am not-sure you should try another. It’s very abnormal and likely he had internal issues as well which killed him.

  • Sharon Kaczorowski
    Sharon Kaczorowski 2 hours ago

    So sad and sorry you lost all those animals to a fire...terrible way to lose them and so many at once.

  • Sharon Kaczorowski
    Sharon Kaczorowski 2 hours ago

    Love porcupines...great video.

  • camdyn pillay
    camdyn pillay 2 hours ago

    Lucy name it Lucy

  • Ka Ying Yang
    Ka Ying Yang 2 hours ago


  • rol lo
    rol lo 2 hours ago

    yoo blake ,where is morris.i've never seen her in the videos again

    • F**K t-RumP
      F**K t-RumP 2 hours ago

      She died suddenly didn't you see his video about it 2 months a go?

  • Aldrich Wichmann
    Aldrich Wichmann 2 hours ago

    You are the awesomes person you inspired me to get a pond and a tortes and a lote more

  • Josh Hibbs
    Josh Hibbs 2 hours ago

    That Amazon trip is going to be SO DOPE! I can’t wait to see footage from that after y’all come back. 🤙🏼

  • Tiamat
    Tiamat 2 hours ago

    Well you have Hot Chocolate she needs marshmellows name the new baby goat Marshmellow

  • Josh Hibbs
    Josh Hibbs 2 hours ago

    Did you see the $120,000 duct-taped banana?

  • david rominger
    david rominger 2 hours ago

    I wish you luck

    SMG BRENDEN 2 hours ago

    What site did u get them on the three new ones

  • Manikaran Singh
    Manikaran Singh 3 hours ago

    Make a video on African Cranes we haven’t seen a personal video on them in a while

  • Ty Michele
    Ty Michele 3 hours ago

    Is he single?

  • donkey 69
    donkey 69 3 hours ago

    I need some duck weed

  • Fabrice Bähler
    Fabrice Bähler 3 hours ago

    You have to give the plants in the aquarium much light

  • brent
    brent 3 hours ago

    Damm your a badass

  • Kishor Gautam
    Kishor Gautam 3 hours ago

    You are Soo cool man .and you are my inspiration from Nepal

  • Jewels
    Jewels 3 hours ago

    Tortoises are boring

  • April Gabriel Rodriguez

    Glad to see you growing into bigger and better things Blake stay up and blessed homie 💖

  • Francis Francia
    Francis Francia 3 hours ago

    Blake request for african lovebirds and parakeet video...

  • Damon Russell
    Damon Russell 3 hours ago

    Has the Indian runners hatch any babys

  • Live_fast94 Renzo
    Live_fast94 Renzo 4 hours ago

    How many orders have been placed

  • Live_fast94 Renzo
    Live_fast94 Renzo 4 hours ago

    Let’s get some hoodies I love that turtle logo but put the Blake’s exotic animal ranch on the back I’m ready to buy that hoodie I support what you do🤘🏽🤘🏽💪🏽💪🏽

  • Shug Dunning
    Shug Dunning 4 hours ago

    Hey man I can’t wait to order your cow t shirt tomorrow and I really want your signature on my shirt to show my friends

  • Kennah Travis
    Kennah Travis 4 hours ago

    My birthday is in February

  • Big Paydrow
    Big Paydrow 4 hours ago

    A count on how many times he says living their best life lol

    • Big Paydrow
      Big Paydrow Hour ago

      Yea . im down lol

    • Tiara Wilson
      Tiara Wilson 2 hours ago

      Big Paydrow we should make it a drinking game 😂😂 take a shot everytime he says it

  • Miguel Lopez
    Miguel Lopez 4 hours ago

    Hi I have a baby sulcata and I would like to know that I can feed him because they told me lettuce and apple but he doesn't want to eat the apple, what other option do I have. And what plant can I put to decorate your area?

  • rio boni
    rio boni 4 hours ago


  • Bad ASMR
    Bad ASMR 4 hours ago

    Love the intro but it should say welcome to the ranch

  • LJO1496
    LJO1496 4 hours ago

    Thats absolute Not Offense, just a question as I am Somebody who has no knowledge about fishs. You are Building Fantastic enclosures for all of your animals but the fish tanks are looking really boring too me. Doesn't Need the fishs more stuff to hide and such?

  • Bruce Malo
    Bruce Malo 4 hours ago

    100 comments and zero replies. Rude ?

  • riddics realm
    riddics realm 5 hours ago

    blake must be a millinair cuz how could someone own that much stuff that he does

  • Sonia Hanley
    Sonia Hanley 5 hours ago

    Ur amazing Blake so r all ur animals wow :)

  • Christina Dvoracek
    Christina Dvoracek 5 hours ago

    I was going to ask you when scareface girlfriend was going to be there Blake

  • Yowell’s Hoppin Hilltop Farm

    This video is amazing can you help me build my channel

  • Tony Black
    Tony Black 5 hours ago

    Man don't be afraid to show the women next time bro

  • ricky hodges
    ricky hodges 5 hours ago

    we can see how much you love yore life on and away from the ranch just look at yore smile on yore face say it all

  • Brenda Cole
    Brenda Cole 5 hours ago

    I loved snickers to and she was my favorite goat to and I am so sorry.

  • Troubler2
    Troubler2 5 hours ago


  • Josh67
    Josh67 5 hours ago

    Things of that sort

  • Kitten Klan
    Kitten Klan 5 hours ago

    Blake how is the peacock doing?

  • Apricotsrgood Gaming

    How much do u spend a day

  • Iconic beast
    Iconic beast 5 hours ago

    Hey Blake when I am older and I move down to Miami can I work for you?

  • Kim Hellard
    Kim Hellard 5 hours ago

    The cranes are beautiful and I love the grow out tank for the new additions

  • Nikki Richards
    Nikki Richards 5 hours ago

    The piece of wood that is in the tank you put the fish that have ick will now have all that ick disease soaked into it, so wont it get other fish sick that ya put that wood in?? Why do feed 4 straight veg and then 3 days of pellet instead of every other day? The cranes have gotten so big and pretty...

  • amar gummels
    amar gummels 5 hours ago

    Why not Suriname please come to Surinam✌🏽✌🏽

  • Kim Hellard
    Kim Hellard 6 hours ago

    What’s up with Goliath

  • Stephanie Newton
    Stephanie Newton 6 hours ago

    Omg I am soooooo sssssooooooorrrrrryyyyy you little puppy died

  • david hattox
    david hattox 6 hours ago

    Blake love the Christmas Shirts. The fish look fantastic and whenever you are able to get the giant tank the Arapaima will be the stars. Tell the camera guy he is doing a great job on keeping up with you and the animals, sorry I forgot his name. So proud of all you have accomplished this year and I hope you continue to go through life walking to the beat of your own drum. Happy Holidays to you, your family and everyone that helps you with your dreams. Your loyal supporter and follower from almost the beginning. You are living your best life🐢

  • Jquan Jackson
    Jquan Jackson 6 hours ago

    Those cranes got judge too 🔥🔥

  • Jquan Jackson
    Jquan Jackson 6 hours ago

    Holy aripama 😅

  • Fate Glint
    Fate Glint 6 hours ago


  • Estella Gurcan
    Estella Gurcan 6 hours ago

    Give us a update on the gougy gang’s babys

  • Zack
    Zack 6 hours ago are making me want to put a huge ass tank in my basement!

  • Mason R
    Mason R 6 hours ago

    I thought arapaima were illegal in the states ?

  • Tom Brady
    Tom Brady 6 hours ago

    How much for a tortoise? Love you bro keep up the grind.

  • Mrs. PuppySaver For life

    I had to do this this past summer. It sucks but is necessary. You could have a volunteer help with daily Maintenance and then you could spend more one on one time with the animals

  • Gabe Leamon
    Gabe Leamon 6 hours ago

    Love the intro

  • Fishing For more
    Fishing For more 6 hours ago

    I thought you where lil pump with snake around your neck lmfao

  • brandon de Costa
    brandon de Costa 6 hours ago

    Love the fish gallery videos. Keep up the monster work!

  • Amanda Vickery
    Amanda Vickery 7 hours ago

    Blake, I really, really luv watchin ur videos!!!!

  • Charity Ware
    Charity Ware 7 hours ago

    How do you name all of the animals.

  • Bobbie Hanke
    Bobbie Hanke 7 hours ago

    Can't wait for videos from peru!!!

  • Martin Tran
    Martin Tran 7 hours ago


  • Lily Princiotta
    Lily Princiotta 7 hours ago

    Yay! The website is back up!😁

  • tilapiastew
    tilapiastew 7 hours ago

    It looked like rhubarb you were feeding the torts, do the poisonous leaves not affect them?

  • Javiel Sthilaire
    Javiel Sthilaire 7 hours ago

    Great Video Paul!😎

  • Troll Glitter
    Troll Glitter 7 hours ago

    When are you send my red foot tortoises out and I hope I can see you again and help around the ranch and thank you for everything you do

    • Emma Edele
      Emma Edele 3 hours ago

      Troll Glitter you know Blake

  • 17 demonathan
    17 demonathan 7 hours ago

    Love the intro and the animals. I support this channel to the fullest good job Blake spreading positive energy

  • Trini_aquascaper
    Trini_aquascaper 7 hours ago

    Get some aquasoil for the planted tank

  • Katreal Earthly
    Katreal Earthly 7 hours ago


  • Katreal Earthly
    Katreal Earthly 7 hours ago

    What if the birds fly away

  • Carolyn Shields
    Carolyn Shields 7 hours ago

    Hello Blake I love your videos! Keep up the good work

  • Semi Vild
    Semi Vild 7 hours ago

    cellular device

  • Jesusman69
    Jesusman69 7 hours ago

    Where did you get the ariapima

  • Jack -X
    Jack -X 7 hours ago

    Leopard print blake?? And the goat hand sign? You under programming?

  • Mr Slime
    Mr Slime 7 hours ago

    Are we just gonna ignore the fact that willie is just so fluffy looking like a pillow sleeping at 5:20. Haha 😃🤗

  • Eryka Sainz
    Eryka Sainz 8 hours ago

    Oh my god I luv your videos keep doing what u doing u changing the world 🔥💯🙏🏻. I hope one day we can make a video together Cus I’ve been starting my own TheXvid channel with my bf it’s called (g&e kova). We watch u all the time n we absolutely love your videos💯🔥.

  • Tiara Wilson
    Tiara Wilson 8 hours ago

    You should name the peacock 🦚 Stella since she never left and she’s just apart of the ranch now she deserves a name

  • ThunderTyger Plays
    ThunderTyger Plays 8 hours ago

    Blake have you ever thought of getting horses?