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  • daz374
    daz374 3 hours ago

    Jennifer is Sally Webster from Corrie.

  • Michael Woods
    Michael Woods 4 hours ago

    "Fuckin camera mate" ... I wonder if they'll ever realise that nobody cares?

  • Robert Powell
    Robert Powell 5 hours ago

    I have the white bmw reg plate.

  • Son Of Cherve
    Son Of Cherve 5 hours ago

    some of these people drove badly !!!

  • Christopher JZ
    Christopher JZ 6 hours ago

    Larissa K, please return your driving licence to the DVLA. Thanks

  • Dazza b
    Dazza b 6 hours ago

    Z100sx clearly at fault

  • Dazza b
    Dazza b 6 hours ago

    Sean D what a fool accelerating towards danger

  • Rich Martin
    Rich Martin 6 hours ago

    Karen B - plenty of time to let that big old truck in but just continues forwards like your typical dumbass.

  • Daniel Pickford
    Daniel Pickford 7 hours ago

    Most of the people posting on here don't understand how indicators or roundabouts work, obviously

  • Arteh
    Arteh 9 hours ago

    Rob S is a wanker wtf.

  • Randy in Transcona
    Randy in Transcona 10 hours ago

    4:27 just failed your future test. Car driver sent in the vid to the examiners

  • Sci-fi Future
    Sci-fi Future 10 hours ago

    At 5:36 you could have just let him in. He put on his indicator and there was enough room to let him in. Motorist are some of the most selfish people in the world sometimes!

  • LifeOfShae
    LifeOfShae 11 hours ago

    2:29 that wasn't the drivers fault the person who walked out was at fault it was a green light :/

  • Falney
    Falney 11 hours ago

    The Cyclist at 5:58 should be riding in the centre of the lane. It is much safer to do so in that position. At least the Highway code says that you should only ride in the secondary position (Next the the curb) when it is safe for vehicles to overtake.

  • Dee Dee
    Dee Dee 12 hours ago

    Karen B needs a lozenge

  • tallywacker_
    tallywacker_ 12 hours ago

    shock that the thumbnail is a middle aged man with a range rover that he can’t drive, thinking he owns the road😂

  • Bob Dillion
    Bob Dillion 12 hours ago

    7.07 danplayzlive well doing for making yourself look like the biggest knob Speeds up on a roundabout to try and get cam footage and still fails then you beep your horn at a car that is over 2 meters away haha #anything4footage

  • English
    English 12 hours ago

    Most of the camera wankers are to blame.

  • Bob Dillion
    Bob Dillion 12 hours ago

    0.31 and it’s all ready a cammer being a prick and showing the world they are proud about being such a cunt by posting it on TheXvid

  • Bob Dillion
    Bob Dillion 12 hours ago

    4.02 you the cammer are the prick mate

  • Kayleigh Hopwood
    Kayleigh Hopwood 13 hours ago

    Dont speed and you wont have a problem with speed cameras

  • Josh Lunt
    Josh Lunt 14 hours ago

    The front at 6:47 looks familiar...Blackpool? :)

  • Josh Lunt
    Josh Lunt 14 hours ago

    Nice bit of Babooshka by Kate Bush on Mike R's clip :)

  • John Denning
    John Denning 15 hours ago

    Zorban is an idiot

  • David Brearley
    David Brearley 17 hours ago

    Some of these cunts with dash cams ...are fucking aggressive drama queens...which is Yorkshire for......Cunts.

  • Derya Bozkurt
    Derya Bozkurt 18 hours ago

    1:45 what a waste of battery life.. why show us if you can't show us?? 9:48 Yeah he's an elderly man eho struggles to walk. So why the fuck do these people not use the pedestrian crossing?? That's what they're for 🙄

  • p Ww
    p Ww 18 hours ago

    K meiz... A beautiful British name 😁

  • p Ww
    p Ww 18 hours ago

    Those little clicks of butthurtdom

  • Brew Shark
    Brew Shark 18 hours ago

    The guy at 3:33-3:40 was driving too close, and was lucky to avoid a collision. I counted one second between him and the guy in front. Driving like that causes accidents.

  • Matt Harding
    Matt Harding 18 hours ago

    Harry R, what the heck are you doing? I know the white car was lane hogging but that undertake caused the incident

  • Lee Barlow
    Lee Barlow 19 hours ago

    .....stop the accidents not film them for fun

  • Lee Barlow
    Lee Barlow 19 hours ago

    ...... stick with the car taco’s

  • Lee Barlow
    Lee Barlow 19 hours ago

    Trouble is dash cam shielded pedo’s

  • will slow
    will slow 19 hours ago

    9:07 Ian S yes the sign has been highlighted but that car was on the narrow section before it had any chance of seeing you, and you was still your side of the white line.

  • Ria Bale
    Ria Bale 19 hours ago

    Hey! Where’s Sunday’s episode? :)

  • jeIIy
    jeIIy 20 hours ago

    I never understand people who cut across lanes on a roundabout. It's a roundabout, just...go round

  • my dog baily
    my dog baily 20 hours ago

    the uk must have the worst drivers

  • p Ww
    p Ww 20 hours ago

    Bristol hippodrome... That's normal driving to not block a junction like you were going to.. 👍

  • Lee Barlow
    Lee Barlow 20 hours ago

    It’s not cams we need it’s speed tacos. Speed kills

  • Lee Barlow
    Lee Barlow 20 hours ago

    It’s not cams you need it’s patients

  • Lee Barlow
    Lee Barlow 20 hours ago

    I bet these guys with the cams are football divers

  • nuffflavor
    nuffflavor 23 hours ago

    Wanker.... ROFL !

  • Falney
    Falney Day ago

    1:13 uhm.... Did some one drive into the back of our guys car then? Also how the hell do you screw up that badly.

  • Molly M
    Molly M Day ago

    Do you have to sign something that says ‘I’m a an absolute dickhead’ when you buy an Audi, Range Rover or a VW?

  • Gegman
    Gegman Day ago

    4:50 hahahaha

  • Beats Last
    Beats Last Day ago

    I m. N. E. W H. I

  • Tim Mason
    Tim Mason Day ago

    Connor needs to read the Highway code. For at least Ten times, until he learns how to USE the Highways properly.

  • tegworld
    tegworld Day ago

    1:00 is the fault of the driver we're on board with. He shouldn't have been using the bus stop lane as his approach to turn off. The car ahead was in the correct place and wouldn't have been looking in that spot whilst making their exit. Why submit a video clip that makes yourself look like a complete twat?!

    • tegworld
      tegworld 19 hours ago

      Mini did indicate too late as you say. But that whole bus stop/exit lane needs to be amended in my opinion. Switch from white dotted lines to yellow then back to white is just unclear. I find it hard to pin all the blame on either driver. I believe the road planning is most to blame in this instance. If I was approaching with the intention of turning off I would assume that the bus lane was to be avoided beforehand. I suspect similar incidents happen regularly there. A clumsy scenario...

    • Halo Wanna
      Halo Wanna 21 hour ago

      There was a turn lane there the mini didn't enter it note did he indicate with sufficient time

  • alex v2
    alex v2 Day ago

    my ex kellys husband being called a moron has made my year haha xxxx

  • Hi 2019
    Hi 2019 Day ago

    1.35. Tesla autopilot

  • Pauline Woodcroft

    Yes you have right of way when cars are parked on the opposite side of the road BUT the Highway Code states that if the approaching vehicle has already committed to overtaking the parked vehicles then you must give way. So actually that twat at the end was wrong! Like so many other drivers on here! 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

  • jeIIy
    jeIIy Day ago

    These people seem happy to get in an accident as long as it's not their fault

  • Beeba K Smith
    Beeba K Smith Day ago

    **relaxing tape in the background** Poor Wayne: Jesus F**KING CHRIST

  • Dara Bradley
    Dara Bradley Day ago

    7:08 yea the Ibiza was bad but I must say the dash cammer has the pedal control of a 10 year old, and that’s coming from a 15 year old

  • p Ww
    p Ww Day ago

    Range rovers again... I'm shocked 😲 😁

  • p Ww
    p Ww Day ago

    All Deranger Rover drivers... Arseholes

  • Joseph Marsh
    Joseph Marsh Day ago

    What a dreadful woman in mini cooper blaming dash cam person 😔

  • Rob
    Rob Day ago

    2:29 ahhhhh that’s sweet. Those two cars fancied each other and wanted to kiss 😀😍 😂

  • Rae Dury
    Rae Dury Day ago

    “WOAH WOAH WOAH WOAH!!” “AnD dRiVe AwAy HaPpY”

  • Scooter Tramp
    Scooter Tramp Day ago

    You know all those no gun laws you were complaining about? Well now you know why we have them. It would slow up traffic too much driving around all those dead people sitting in their shot up cars or just lying on the pavement where the is no

  • Bob Dillion
    Bob Dillion Day ago

    1.02 not your fault but your reaction are that of someone on there phone and looking up at the last second

  • p Ww
    p Ww Day ago

    Yeah matt charm darn....👍

  • HorlicksB4Bed
    HorlicksB4Bed Day ago

    Any new vids coming?

  • p Ww
    p Ww Day ago

    Some people's choice if music is real road rage... Terrible.. 👍

  • Falney
    Falney Day ago

    2:20 and that's why older drivers need to be retested :/ Nearly caused a crash and then immediately crashed after.

  • Gail G
    Gail G Day ago

    Ive always said driving is the easy bit its watchin out for idiots is the hardest

  • p Ww
    p Ww Day ago

    Learn about zipper lanes dickhead.

  • Bob Dillion
    Bob Dillion Day ago

    7.34 Tom your are the prick mate please see rule 168 of the Highway code

  • Balraj Maan
    Balraj Maan Day ago

    See a bad driver not stopping or unsure? Then loads of speed up and horn them, what happen to anticipating bad drivers rather than horny Neanderthals 🤦‍♂️

  • Maximilian Beggel

    Tbh, UK roundabouts are fekkin stupid. No leeway and loads of dedicated lanes. Don't know who invented that but it's a shite system

  • Roy Thorne
    Roy Thorne Day ago

    Snapmoto @4:43... Maybe if you'd picked a lane, that might not have happened.

  • Blahammad Ali
    Blahammad Ali Day ago

    The fucking cheek of that dog owner!!! What a careless prick

  • Blahammad Ali
    Blahammad Ali Day ago

    Came for the Mike R comments. Wasn’t disappointed

  • Bob Dillion
    Bob Dillion Day ago

    6.35 why are you in the right? There is no give way signs and your side says slow

  • Ben
    Ben Day ago

    Whats the song at 3.00 ?

  • Bob Dillion
    Bob Dillion Day ago

    2.00ow look prick speeding on a bike but I bet every think is everyone else’s fault

  • Jotie van droogenbroeck

    Is it just me or bike riders have radio in there lids

  • ncis
    ncis Day ago

    oh no,its the "shitting peugeots" again,mofo's everywhere.

  • jeIIy
    jeIIy Day ago

    haha fuck that first guy, started driving before the light changed and made those lads run. Hope they got a good laugh at him

  • Bob Dillion
    Bob Dillion Day ago

    Anyone that needs to tell themselves “this is one for TheXvid” or anything like it needs a slap

  • PrizeBitch
    PrizeBitch Day ago

    2:06 imagine how bad that would've been had the Audi used the roundabout properly. Audi owners poor driving actually saved itself that time! 😂

  • Bob Dillion
    Bob Dillion Day ago

    9.12 if he’s the knob what does that make you for moving out (for no reason) while he’s overtaking you

  • Bob Dillion
    Bob Dillion Day ago

    Tasha b you should have your licence taken away your driving is atrocious

  • Bob Dillion
    Bob Dillion Day ago

    4.20 mind your own business let the police deal with them and stop being a fucking cry baby

  • Bob Dillion
    Bob Dillion Day ago

    7.47 what a prick braking down 😐

  • mr table lamp
    mr table lamp Day ago

    connor i m afraid the vote is you are the weakest link.

  • Mr Wiggles
    Mr Wiggles Day ago

    Send the footage of that twat on a moped to the police. He'll get his provisional taken away for riding with a pillion on the back on L plates - especially as he's just endangered his mate's life and he's not even wearing a helmet.

  • Adam T
    Adam T Day ago

    Is Karen B pre op? 😂

  • HellFire 156
    HellFire 156 Day ago

    Jake, hang the fuck back dude, no need for you to try and get past, the car made a mistake and was trying to turn around, you’ve got a bike and yes you’re allowed to filter (in slow moving or stopped traffic) but there was no need to ride like a twat

  • Mr Wiggles
    Mr Wiggles Day ago

    Please people, just take care in car parks. So many of us just go into auto-pilot and forget that the rules of the road still apply.

  • Kingfusion11
    Kingfusion11 Day ago

    Lol all these road ragers are white things after they rage they say 1 or 2 F words then say "Move" too shook to fight

  • JayVee Games
    JayVee Games Day ago

    9:37 that road is always home to stupid drivers I’ve seen quite a few crashes on there

  • Mike Wilkinson

    Highway Code rule no.1 Anyone driving a German manufactured car owns the road, drive on it at your peril.

  • Michael Leung
    Michael Leung Day ago

    "see what that guy did?" not hog an out side lane forcing drivers who want to overtake have to cut you up?

  • Clive Graham
    Clive Graham Day ago

    Becky F The biggest backfire in dashcam history

  • wolverine1981pl

    1:46 driver doesnt check roundabout (L car aproaching) but has problem with van doing same thing LOL

  • David Brearley

    Some of these cunts with dash cams are just going too fast for the traffic conditions ..then over reacting aggressively.

  • Lee Roberts
    Lee Roberts Day ago

    People who drive into you and then drive off without stopping, you're nothing but a scumbag. It really is ironic, how they went stop for you but if the shoe was kn the other foot, they would be complaining. You learn a lot from these compilations. 👍

  • Dana
    Dana Day ago

    At 4:16 - did Gary have use of the lane he was in AND the next one over or was the SUV okay to use that second lane? Who was in the wrong?

    • G&D infinity
      G&D infinity Day ago

      hi I'm the dash cam driver, firstly I sent the clip in with the road signs but they have edited them out for some reason and secondly the lane I'm in is for left and straight on middle lane is for straight on with a little filter lane on exit and right lane is for 3rd and 4th exit.the 2 lanes on the left is for the 4th exit coming the other way, I use that roundabout daily he doesn't .I admit I didn't see his LITTLE side indicater because I know that lane is NOT for turning left and when I did see him viering into my lane I sounded my horn but it was too late I tried braking but he just pulled me round I wondered what the hell happened 😬 he try blaming me but it went through insurance and it was proven it was his fault 👍

  • asim bashir
    asim bashir 2 days ago

    Karen B! Caitylyn jenner?