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  • Zero Fox
    Zero Fox 9 minutes ago

    If you made your own coins and stamped the date and true value of the metal on that day, I wonder if it would be illegal to try and use them as currency?

  • scott long
    scott long 14 minutes ago

    Ive watched a few vids. Maybe i missed something. They're pretty,sure,...but whats the value? Is there a way you make actual money? I mean, i have hobbies...but all i see is melting everything into pretty bars.

  • Zero Fox
    Zero Fox 15 minutes ago

    They look so cool I would love to just have those in my pocket to jiggle about, they look like stress relief!

  • Rob Lyndon
    Rob Lyndon 49 minutes ago

    Love ur work. Did u make more off youtube than the stack is worth ?

  • Torrath7411
    Torrath7411 51 minute ago

    Two questions. Could those ingots be remelted inside the mould to get a more seamless ingot? Could the graphite moulds survive the sustained temperatures needed to remelt or would you need a different material?

  • dtc989
    dtc989 Hour ago

    Dude, your videos are awesome! Keep it up!

  • Out of work bum ?

    The ingots look like mini loafs of bread thumbs up to ya

  • Zontar Zee
    Zontar Zee Hour ago

    It's clear that in the end, your greatest treasure is your dog. As it should be.

  • Denis Sybin
    Denis Sybin Hour ago

    Зачем он это делает

  • Andrew Hahn
    Andrew Hahn 2 hours ago

    How go the Tongs by Sam Towns?

    • bigstackD Casting
      bigstackD Casting Hour ago

      They’re absolutely bloody awesome mate I don’t know how I lived without them! I really want to get him done a big copper coin or brass coin or both but I’ve got 8 videos to film complete and edit and I’ve got 22 days to do it before I go on holidays for six weeks so it’s gonna be extremely tight for time🤦🏻‍♂️

  • R O D D I T
    R O D D I T 3 hours ago

    howtobasic puts on clothes

  • 謝順明
    謝順明 3 hours ago


  • apóvlitos
    apóvlitos 4 hours ago

    Someday im gonna do stuff like this and have a room full of metal bars

  • Lalit official
    Lalit official 4 hours ago

    I love dog 😘

  • Justin Keith
    Justin Keith 4 hours ago

    That ingot is damn near perfect. Stay shiny 😀

  • jkfdkjjd
    jkfdkjjd 4 hours ago

    Fuckin' nice lawn maaaaaaaate!

  • ste oglesby
    ste oglesby 4 hours ago

    ahhhhhh a man's best friend BEER 👍🍺

  • Wesley Grace
    Wesley Grace 5 hours ago


  • chaosshade
    chaosshade 5 hours ago

    so what do you plan to do with all this stuff anyway?

  • DarkVoidIII
    DarkVoidIII 6 hours ago

    I've no idea what that metal was the pulley for the drive belt was made out of but if it broke after casting, it's certainly not anything special. Unless it was some special plated alloy and melting and casting resulted in a dud blend. Still, you made the most of it, good job anyway! If the casing on the motor was that rusty, I'm not sure it was worth restoring it anyway. Do you make a determination of whether some find is on private property or not, before taking it? Not likely that someone would care about something that old and rusted though! :D

    • bigstackD Casting
      bigstackD Casting Hour ago

      Yes mate this motor was pretty bloody old but it was definitely not on private property and any detecting I do with my friends is done on government/state ground so anything I find I can basically take. If I was to take anything from private property I would definitely ask first👌🏻😁.

  • Malik Ghina
    Malik Ghina 6 hours ago

    i like it. from indonesian

  • Apple_Fury
    Apple_Fury 6 hours ago

    What are those chunks on top? Also, what is the graphite powder used for?

  • Владимир
    Владимир 6 hours ago

    Слиток латуни... Ценнейшая вещь... Это от нечего делать? Лучше бы на заводе нашли применение своим рукам...

  • numairyashia
    numairyashia 7 hours ago

    and here we see a modern day kobold

  • Wesley Grace
    Wesley Grace 7 hours ago

    I want to get a forge so I can melt stuff!

  • Ken Rascon
    Ken Rascon 7 hours ago

    This dude's life is depressing

  • Rodney Johnson
    Rodney Johnson 8 hours ago

    sounds like you're neighbors had a serious project going when you recorded this

  • SLi- Fox
    SLi- Fox 9 hours ago

    Curious to know how much profit after supplies and gas.

    • SLi- Fox
      SLi- Fox 5 hours ago

      bigstackD Casting , Cool. Thanks for the reply.

    • bigstackD Casting
      bigstackD Casting 8 hours ago

      If you’re getting into this for profit there would be none to be made after supplies gas usage and your time you would be probably behind . Now it’s quite profitable for me only because of the ad revenue on the channel but I didn’t get into this for the money as. I didn’t monetise my channel till last year and did this as a hobby for 3 years before that so definitely wasn’t making any profit back then either. Like I said mate I do this as a hobby away from my regular job so if it did cost me a few dollars here and there I really don’t mind👍🏻

  • Eric TheCreeper
    Eric TheCreeper 10 hours ago

    4 yr old me: *sees yellow coloured metal* "GoLd?"

  • juan sbastian ramirez
    juan sbastian ramirez 10 hours ago

    Dear friend, I have seen one of your videos in which you dare to melt iron, I loved it. Since you are very involved in the subject, in metal smelting, I have decided to ask you if it is possible to melt an alloy of copper and iron. You have more means than me and I would like you to try. A big hug from the Canary Islands, your antipodes, who dreams of your success joining Tuesday and Venus. Estimado amigo, he visto uno tus videos en el que te atreves a fundir hierro, me encantó. Dado que estás muy metido en el tema, en la fundición de metales, me he decidido a consultarte si es posible fundir una aleación de cobre y hierro. Tú tienes más medios que yo y me gustaría que lo intentaras. Un fuerte abrazo desde Canarias, tus antípodas, que sueña con tu éxito uniendo martes y venus.

  • Moises Castillo
    Moises Castillo 10 hours ago

    Is a joke about the wife?

  • cagad101
    cagad101 10 hours ago

    Were did you get ur attachment for ur drill for polishing bars? Little round disk

  • God of plumbing
    God of plumbing 11 hours ago

    Put them on a block of dry ice.

  • Patricio Tello Roldan
    Patricio Tello Roldan 11 hours ago

    And then what..? Do you use that ingot for something? Or do you sell it? The people buy it?

  • God of plumbing
    God of plumbing 11 hours ago

    Why do I love these videos?

  • Norman Ingram
    Norman Ingram 12 hours ago

    Very inspiring! Cheers Mates!!

  • John Mortellaro
    John Mortellaro 12 hours ago

    Thought u guys would do some Christmas castings.

  • Q
    Q 12 hours ago

    Engineering a 20hp regenerative blower into a precision set of paper weights.

  • Justo Mantas
    Justo Mantas 12 hours ago

    In comparison: The same value in gold is about a matchbox in volume. And in Bitcoin, of course, it could be just a piece of paper or a memory in a human brain.

    GAMER 4 LIFE 13 hours ago

    316 rs it's cheap i wanna buy it

  • TheMuddatrucker
    TheMuddatrucker 13 hours ago

    The crucible that was falling to pieces? If the bottom was to fall out as you were carrying it obviously it would spill and splash everywhere! Would your boots and trousers protect you?

  • Kyle Cissell
    Kyle Cissell 13 hours ago

    Awesome video as usual. Is is just me or does everyone else always smile when they see ingot 😂

  • Greg Owens
    Greg Owens 14 hours ago

    You should make some sort of BigStackD emblem to print onto your coins and then sell them as merchandise. People will defo buy them it'd be cool to watch the video of them being made. You could have your logo on the front and then have a number and date on the back.

  • Dominik Buchar
    Dominik Buchar 15 hours ago

    Can i like... double like this video ?

  • cyotie42
    cyotie42 15 hours ago

    could you cast a engine part. or a petrol tank so we could see how its done.

  • cyotie42
    cyotie42 15 hours ago

    such a nice day should have taken the iron horse.

  • Scott Free
    Scott Free 16 hours ago

    Love metal working. But I wouldn't get crap done with that cute dog around. I'd be lovin on the pooch the whole time. Never met a dog I didn't like.

  • Its Dragooon
    Its Dragooon 16 hours ago

    Where do u get the cleaning tools

    • bigstackD Casting
      bigstackD Casting 13 hours ago

      The local hardware store is where I get all my cleaning tools and all my grinding discs and sanding discs I get from eBay

  • billywayne McWilliams
    billywayne McWilliams 16 hours ago

    I've watched at least 20 of your videos. Say something damnit😛

    • bigstackD Casting
      bigstackD Casting 13 hours ago

      🤫🤭🤭. It’s better for people to think I don’t know what I’m doing then for me to start talking and prove them right👌🏻. I think that makes sense🤔

  • Cerberus Bonsai & Arboriculture

    That was surreal watching it melt-through that ice-block and 'shed' its oxidized&dirty&etc outer-layer, I'm guessing that, if allowed to dry slowly and then simply placed in a swishing bath of water, that the oxidation/dirt/etc wouldn't come off so easily? IE that there's something to the forces/elements/huge-temperature-disparities-being-reconciled that causes 'agitation' on the ingot's periphery to create that dirty-to-clean effect as it passes the ice? Thanks a ton for posting, realize I have to watch like 20+ videos before I can realistically begin my own experiments (am already that many videos in right now!) and'll be cruising yours as this was just tops from what I've seen so far! IF you'd be so kind--- what should a DIY, at-home/McGuyver'ing smelter(wannabe) like myself do if aiming to maximize the *strength* of the final product? I've only learned about aluminum-basics so far and seeing that propane-based/small foundries can do other metals has me wondering if alum is even the best idea, I want to make stuff that is strong (ideally in a "dynamic" sense and less of a 'static' sense, IE my goal/project will be an over-sized slingshot that I'd be using on-job and I want it to be as diesel as possible!) and was intending to just make the best/cleanest alum I could (from cans - cannot tell if it's worth sourcing higher-quality alum alloys) but this video has me wondering!!! Weight of the final product is irrelevant to me only strength, for instance if I could make a use-able hammer from at-home forging I know I will be forging stuff the rest of my life! :D

  • Scott Bayer
    Scott Bayer 16 hours ago

    There must have been something in the pyrite to make it pop... moisture maybe? 🤷‍♂️

  • DyslexicAnaboko
    DyslexicAnaboko 17 hours ago

    Dood I remember when that knob blew up on you. Weren't you worried about the crucible shattering? Seemed dangerous.

  • GG Aja
    GG Aja 17 hours ago

    Joker mask 😂

  • Luke Webster
    Luke Webster 17 hours ago

    Do you sell

  • Rodney Johnson
    Rodney Johnson 17 hours ago

    ban idiots not guns I like that if you were in America I would suggest joining the N.R.A. national riflemen uf America

  • Andrua Andrua
    Andrua Andrua 17 hours ago

    Мужик работает сантехником

  • alex hook
    alex hook 17 hours ago

    Treasure !

  • Akarsh M
    Akarsh M 17 hours ago

    When will you sell them?

  • Kenneth Seebach
    Kenneth Seebach 17 hours ago

    Song .Estes Tonne .Fire and water.on utube check it out with a beer you love the song .

  • cyotie42
    cyotie42 17 hours ago

    omg you found that peski ass. dragon ball Z yes yesYES burn,melt,destroy that stinking thing now i dont have to hear its 0n the telle or kids t talking about it any more yeahhhh. thanks very

  • Red Roy
    Red Roy 17 hours ago

    The ads play no issue...the video on the other hand stays in a perpetual state of buffering. What a rip off.

  • Its Dragooon
    Its Dragooon 17 hours ago

    How do u know when it’s ready to pour? And how long does it take?

  • llamu dos
    llamu dos 17 hours ago

    Anyone else thinking those shelves are going to break soon? Its just a waiting game:)

  • EggheadJr1
    EggheadJr1 18 hours ago

    If you had removed the paint and plastic, would that have created less slag?

  • B. A. Lineman
    B. A. Lineman 18 hours ago

    1:48 ... but I am a whore n I will melt anything 🤣🔥

  • mattrjacobs52
    mattrjacobs52 18 hours ago

    This is one of the best channels on TheXvid. No politics, no scandals, no click bait; just exactly what is promised. Thank you BigstackD you are my break from hectic reality.

  • Delicious DeBlair
    Delicious DeBlair 18 hours ago

    Did you not preheat the molds before pouring this time?

    • Delicious DeBlair
      Delicious DeBlair 9 hours ago

      @bigstackD Casting It seemed to fast quench when it hit the molds it why I asked. Typically when I cast, I try to get my molds up to the temp of the metal I am pouring so as to not have gas coming out of them olds and to not have the metal prematurely freezing. Was just curious if maybe this time you had somehow gotten so busy or distracted with your friend there that maybe the mold did not get a chance to get very hot is all.

    • bigstackD Casting
      bigstackD Casting 13 hours ago

      Delicious DeBlair I pre-heat my molds every time it’s just with my editing sometimes I might not show it.👍🏻😁

  • Dsn CSGO
    Dsn CSGO 19 hours ago

    cute doggo

  • Holllywoodmr215 Ttv
    Holllywoodmr215 Ttv 19 hours ago

    Can you do a video weighing all your bars and coins again, but at the current value

  • Dim Moos
    Dim Moos 20 hours ago

    Your dog is always sleeping.

  • Beth davis
    Beth davis 20 hours ago

    Cracking video most enjoyable.


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  • William Borgeson
    William Borgeson 20 hours ago

    Been watching you for months and now I know why you send all your steel to a friend, great video!

  • Susan Serwatka
    Susan Serwatka 20 hours ago

    Hey D, the finished product was fantastic my friend. Have you ever tried stirring the contents of the crucible after it's all melted? I mean a good stir like from the bottom of the crucible all the way up to the top. I'm thinking it might help eliminate some of the cracks and lines. You might need something with a flattened end like a spoon instead of the thin rod you use now. It won't hurt and it's easy enough to try.

    • bigstackD Casting
      bigstackD Casting 20 hours ago

      Yes Susie I have studied so many times so many ways with so many different pieces of metal but at the end of the day it’s up to the melting gods how your Ingot is gonna turn out. I knew straightaway when I was pouring this bar that it was gonna turn out fukd as it poured like honey and not like water because I let it cool down too much before pouring it🤦🏻‍♂️. But at the end of the day I don’t worry I can always re-melt it . I left the bar on the bench for a few days in the garage and every time I looked at it I liked it more and more each time and i got to the point where now I love it and it’s imperfections and wouldn’t ever think about re-melting it😁👍🏻.

  • Purdy Mouth
    Purdy Mouth 21 hour ago


  • Mr. Truth
    Mr. Truth 21 hour ago

    Will your Bullie/Pug ever get his own channel?

    • bigstackD Casting
      bigstackD Casting 19 hours ago

      Mr. Truth His name is Ingot 👍🏻. He is 14 months old. He will be staying right here in my house with my three kids as my mother will be watching them while me and the wife go on a well deserved holiday👌🏻😁

    • Mr. Truth
      Mr. Truth 20 hours ago

      @bigstackD Casting - Hopefully you'll have relatives watching over him while you're gone... May we know his name?

    • bigstackD Casting
      bigstackD Casting 21 hour ago

      Maybe one day he will because he would probably get more views than I do, he is actually a pure breed French bulldog and when I bought him he fit in the palm of my hand but he wasn’t allowed to leave his mother until he was a few months old so he could feed and grow but now the little shits 15 kg and he’s like a little fat barrel , He’s an absolute little champion and I can’t imagine life without him ! the second I walk in the house he’s by my side until the time I leave👍🏻. He’s such a clingy little dog. In A few weeks I’m going on holiday and won’t see him for 6 weeks it’s gonna absolutely kill me😞.

  • Jacob Adams
    Jacob Adams 21 hour ago

    Love the flaws that appear in your bars I think they look good and give each pour some character.

  • Appsus
    Appsus 22 hours ago

    You melted aluminium-silicon alloy. This alloy (also known as silumin) is very fragile.

  • Танкист VerBa
    Танкист VerBa 22 hours ago

    Ломать -не строить

  • Whiskey Shaw
    Whiskey Shaw 22 hours ago

    I want Ingot.

  • Ron Seipel
    Ron Seipel 22 hours ago

    If space and the Mrs. allowed, it would be neat to have a CNC to mill the finished bars clean on all sides

    • bigstackD Casting
      bigstackD Casting 21 hour ago

      Trust me I would love absolutely nothing more than to have a industrial CNC milling machine to make all my molds and all my ingots absolutely 👌🏻perfect . Maybe one day my friend but until now I’ll just keep on sending and grinding

  • Brenden McNemar
    Brenden McNemar 22 hours ago

    Is that your first btime teying American beer? How was it?

    • bigstackD Casting
      bigstackD Casting 22 hours ago

      It was bloody awesome my friend but I’ve drank a hell of a lot of overseas beers and loved them all as I’m not discriminative when it comes to getting drunk👌🏻😁

  • captainjerk
    captainjerk 23 hours ago

    Awesome collab buddy! Great bars! I love the imperfections in these gloppy bars! Makes them look like golden chocolate! LOL Adrock sure had fun at your place! Thanx for the vid D! Ingot will be a cute lil dog his whole life! :D

    • bigstackD Casting
      bigstackD Casting 23 hours ago

      Cheers buddy I appreciate that and yes we had a great time and will be doing it again soon but we might meet up in another country or city so we’ll see how we go with that😁👌🏻

  • Wiiranataa_ ID
    Wiiranataa_ ID 23 hours ago

    it's your country's symbol, it's better not to put it down

  • Mariachi Sta Maria Magdalena

    Un poco de todo! Me suscribo!!

  • Rafal Scrapper
    Rafal Scrapper 23 hours ago

    cool 👍👍👍😀👍👍👍

  • Sa Si
    Sa Si 23 hours ago

    This is getting out of hand - now, there's two of them?

    • bigstackD Casting
      bigstackD Casting 22 hours ago

      There is only one BigStackD my friend but we both had a great time👌🏻😁

  • Accuracy Marked

    Your shelves ARE up we'll be smelting brass to build bolts for the new steel shelves....No, that would be dissimilar moisture collecting metals touching....need warm dry wood for you smelt lag bolts and lag screws for the wood.

  • synchro505
    synchro505 Day ago

    The bar might only be worth .80 USD, but just looking at the finished product is priceless.

  • TMoD7007
    TMoD7007 Day ago

    What material are these large gears in the opening shot made from?

    • bigstackD Casting
      bigstackD Casting Day ago

      The top 3 are pure brass and the bottom 7 are steel 👌🏻 I saw them in a scrap bin and thought I would bring them home as I might use them at some point in the future the 3 brass ones on top are worn out and can’t be used but the steel ones are all brand-new unused they were thrown out because they are phased out from my work site👌🏻😁

  • Futten
    Futten Day ago

    two tattoed aussie melters or just cheeky camera trickery? i wonder why the ingots were so wierd on the surface

  • TertiaryChrome

    I remember you tried once to fill all the cracks and holes of a bar with molten tin. Do you intent to try once again? Did it prove successful ? As always, those are impressive bars.

  • زيد العراقي


  • The Nigerian
    The Nigerian Day ago

    Couldn’t you have just incinerated the insulator?

  • Toni Davidson
    Toni Davidson Day ago

    Hey big stack you have inspired me sir, I have my own devil forge setup now and I'm loving the results in comparison to my old kiln type setup forge. I just have one question I am on a quest to create a flawless half and half brass and copper ingot but I can't seem to cast without cracks apperaing, am I quenching to late or could it be something to do with my molds? I use essentially the same setup as you but never get the same results and I refuse to say "he's just better" lol any advice would be so appreciated.... Much love from northern Ireland ya legend

    • Toni Davidson
      Toni Davidson Day ago

      @bigstackD Casting yeah I'm using graphite to I just have this odd obsession driving me insane Im trying to create an alloy brick to finish my mantle piece the idea is to print myself, my wife and the children's zodiacs in it as I had a friend fabricate the punchs for it. I've been told adding sodium helps I've been told adding zinc helps but so far I have to agree it seems more luck. Is it possible I could be leaving to much graphite residue before my pour?

    • bigstackD Casting
      bigstackD Casting Day ago

      Hey Toni how are you buddy when it comes to pouring the perfect bars a lot of it does come down to luck I have found when I pour my bars into graphite they come out a hell of a lot better than if I pull them into cast iron or steel. A lot of my bars will have imperfections and holes but I honestly couldn’t tell you anything to do to eliminate that as I myself haven’t found out👍🏻😁

  • Benito Musolini

    My wife and my girlfriend both say you and Art Adrock are twins.

  • Tony Loechte
    Tony Loechte Day ago

    So cool When they pop Just take them out Hey you and AdRock should go over to the Narvarda desert with some big mf forges and melt down that entire air craft grave yard and then cast areal life size solid replica of Buckingham palace.

  • Benito Musolini

    these videos are soooo addictive