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  • Pradeep Gopal
    Pradeep Gopal Hour ago

    Please review ‘little America’. I loved it and I’m sure you’ll have a blast with it. We need more Apple TV plus reviews :)

  • redrobotmonkey
    redrobotmonkey 2 hours ago

    This is better than anything Netflix has, except Dark, which is also not really appreciated in the main stream. It's too bad shows like this are overlooked.

  • Meg Delany
    Meg Delany 4 hours ago

    Found this, maybe related to eating the placenta? -- Those who eat my flesh and drink my blood have eternal life, and I will raise them to life on the last day. The one who eats my flesh and drinks my blood has eternal life, and I will raise him up on the last day. He who eats my flesh and drinks my blood has everlasting life, and I will raise him up at the last day. John 6:54

    ANDRES RICARDO 9 hours ago

    you're so right, the show has been so "intimate" so far I hope it doesn't go downhill form here on

  • Smiley
    Smiley 9 hours ago

    This episode was intense

  • Julia Dawson
    Julia Dawson 10 hours ago

    Does anyone else think that there isn't a second baby Jericho but it's the doll and she is able to make it feel completely real? It's like in the episode where Julian couldn't find the baby... When Leanne is around the doll comes to life and when she's away, it goes back to being a doll.

  • Anita Bonghit
    Anita Bonghit 10 hours ago

    Did I miss something? When a child or baby dies, there is a funeral or death announcement. Why didn't everyone at the party know that Jericho died. Wasn't there a funeral of some kind for him?

  • CheavorTV
    CheavorTV 11 hours ago

    My 2 cents: I watched the entire season, I was enjoying it but the last episode made me not like the series, it felt like it wasted my time. Additionally, i don't like suspense.. at all.. I disagree with your disagreement, i Want them to tell me stuff. If the writers are great, it will be amazing even if they reveal stuff early. I'm not invested in any of the characters. A season 2 is unnecessary.

  • jacobrocks7
    jacobrocks7 14 hours ago

    My pet peeve is they stretched S 1 to 10 episodes to explain what’s happening. Cult? Wish it was supernatural. Also intimate scenes in house was great. Not sure how it will be going to forward when they chase the cult...nonetheless looking forward to S2

    • Gabrielle Curran
      Gabrielle Curran 11 hours ago

      jacobrocks7 I think they is some type of supernatural stuff happening within the cult.

  • Jermaine Brown
    Jermaine Brown 15 hours ago

    I just watched this. It was SO good, so sad and so tense. I kept saying no no no NO NO don't let him be in the car, even though I knew he was because there were quite a few references to how hot the weather had been. It raised some interesting questions about extreme sleep deprivation, postpartum depression, and parenting in the West and more specifically the US, guilt etc etc etc, and I liked how we may never really know, at least up until this point, what motivated Dorothy to leave Jericho in the car, although I'm inclined to think it was disorientation brought on by extreme sleep deprivation, and maybe a touch of postpartum. I don't think given what we've been given so far about her that she was so sinister as to kill her baby on purpose. The ep was so well directed, shot, written and acted imo.

  • Sam Stevens
    Sam Stevens 18 hours ago

    Did anyone notice when the cult is hugging at the end, the aerial shot sort of resembles the shape of the placenta??? Loved this show, can't wait for season 2!

  • toni fowlkes
    toni fowlkes 18 hours ago

    I believe as the baby grows life Shaun feels less. I think Leann brought the baby back to life but there is also a trade off. In voodoo practices etc., a trade must be made so I believe Shaun loses life as the baby gets stronger and grows. Leann feels guilty about the trade off but she ultimately lives Dorothy much more than Shaun because she feels Dorothy is like a mother to her after so many years of watching. Just my current belief about the reality of what’s going on.

  • Jasonjjw west
    Jasonjjw west 20 hours ago

    I watch the show and then I come here to find out what I just watched. 😂😂

  • PaulAllenK
    PaulAllenK 21 hour ago

    Living in a tiny apartment about 10 blocks away from the beautiful house where this couple lives at 21st and Spruce in Center City Philadelphia my biggest problem with series is this rich couple living in this 2 million dollar brownstone driving a luxury car don't own a parking space nearby and always find free street parking right in front of their house. That is absurd and impossible. Otherwise bringing a doll to life happens everyday. Enjoyed hate watching this series.

  • dan cole
    dan cole 23 hours ago

    I love Steve and Lauren, amazing interview

  • Dee
    Dee 23 hours ago

    I last episode did answer a few questions. I think the next season we'll find out more about LeAnn & her backstory & her possible "special abilities". I'm looking forward to see how this story evolves. 🤔

  • Gordon
    Gordon Day ago

    what a f*cking c*ck tease this episode was....didnt answer ANYTHING!

  • Hochspitz Leonbergers

    Food always a feature in this show, croquembouche one of the most difficult deserts to make. Balloons also always there. It certainly answered some questions and left a cliff hanger as one would expect.

  • Candace Donald

    And back to the whole They aren't great at being parents thing, did anyone else cringe when he cut the top off the champagne bottle? Right by Jericho's head?😯

    • Gavin Sowter
      Gavin Sowter 21 hour ago

      Yeah he was shockingly close with that sword very dangerous bad dad!

  • Candace Donald

    Umm where was the baby?? I didn't see Leeann or anyone with him.

  • Northzyy
    Northzyy Day ago

    I have a theory that the cult (including leanne) are spirits, uncle George and aunt May came out of nowhere, how did no one see them come in, and at the end, all those people showed up ALSO OUT OF NOWHERE, then just like that, they were gone..

    • Gabrielle Curran
      Gabrielle Curran 11 hours ago

      Northzyy very good point!!!! I wondered the same thing!

  • Get Glam'd by Meghann Monroe

    Also, I love the idea Aunt May said to Leanne about one you both leave, she will have to deal with what she did, bc this entire time she really hasn’t. I think that’s what season 2 will atleast open with. She is now awake. She will have to process the grief and guilt. This show gave a face to something so gruesome but so common. What does that look like for this families? This also solidified why the show doesn’t have “the” in from bc it’s not a job it’s a name. We learned so much but still so much more to find out. What an arc Sean made from beginning to now! Hell all the characters. Sean was such an atheist and ass hole. He damn near had a rival in the basement with the uncle!

  • Get Glam'd by Meghann Monroe

    I love things about cults so this was right up my alley. I thought the episode was great. The last episode was so dark, it needed to ends slightly lighter. The suspense was great, especially when the PI was in the car. Talk about a scary movie moment! We was yelling at the TV. Is he dead? In the cult? What! I thought the guests at the party offered great insight about the couple as well. The juxtaposition of them parading this baby around all while super paranoid and guilty at the same time! I’m ready for season 2 now!

    ABC CINEMA Day ago

    Thank you for not adding the book spoilers , other reviewers are already spoiling the show...

  • Jazzbuh
    Jazzbuh Day ago

    First saw Toby Kebbell in Black Mirror and he was great in here. It's funny how the 3/4 of the main characters are from UK with Dorothy being the only American. I also enjoyed Nell Tiger Free's acting with her little mannerisms. I thought the cult was killed in the fire/shooting at the church and that they're ghosts since the cop saw them, but disappeared. What do you think?

  • Kara Kaan
    Kara Kaan Day ago

    Great review, as usual Steve. So what are Sean, Julian and Natalie still hiding? I think that coming into Season 2, we will probably slowly find out. Didn’t see the cult thing coming at all, but it was still a great ep. Hopefully the Emmys are paying attention to Apple TV actors,/directors etc. because they are so good!😊

  • Najee Ramsey
    Najee Ramsey Day ago

    I haven’t seen anyone talk about the private detective getting kidnapped lol

    • Get Glam'd by Meghann Monroe
      Get Glam'd by Meghann Monroe Day ago

      Najee Ramsey or the cult meeting LeeAnn on the street. Like did she magically make them go home? We’re those people always there watching her? What the hell

  • Kayum Miah
    Kayum Miah Day ago

    That mask suit flashback i think it is something to with jericos survival oh damn i have a theory These people are a cult, they also have a lot of money, they have cloned the baby using the placenta and the placenta in the fridge isn’t human. I dont know.

  • Shannon T
    Shannon T Day ago

    I truly cannot wait for the Haunting of Bly Manor! 🙌

  • shamble pants
    shamble pants Day ago

    Excellent review! Oh, man - I so did NOT want this episode to end! I have tons of questions, but will enjoy mulling them over until season two. I believe the injury to Sean's hand is alluding to the stigmata - also considering the wood splinters he keeps pulling from his body. Is he to be completely sacrificed? Who knows. I really have no idea where things are going...and that's exactly where I like it. Keep me guessing. Keep me intrigued!

  • JesMei
    JesMei Day ago

    Just another example of a wonderful buildup that ends up as a let down. It is similar to the anxiety of getting a shot being way worse than the actual shot. ** edited to add: I still loved it overall.

  • Mr.Johnny_Raincloud

    Lol I forgot about this show. Need to reup my HBO NOW account

  • Caitlen Lucke
    Caitlen Lucke Day ago

    I have so many mixed feelings about this show. I only began watching it because I am a fulltime nanny and was curious- although I will say the “witchy nanny/slutty nanny” trope is getting old. But I think this show at least kept it interesting and doesn’t make Leanne so one dimensional. I do enjoy this show a lot and it keeps me on the edge of my seat but it also had me confused too often. I love hearing your take on things! This is the first place I come after a new episode of Servant and the same goes for HMT.

  • CoinOpTV
    CoinOpTV Day ago

    Thanks for the review - I'm with you looks like Sean may end up being a 'believer' next season. Have they announced how long we have to wait?

  • Will M
    Will M Day ago

    How did you watch episode 10? Edit: Oh its friday..

  • wyrefrog
    wyrefrog Day ago

    Soooo... I think now is a good time for me a to stroll on over to the episode 10 review comment section (on my high horse) 🤓

  • Paul Smyth
    Paul Smyth Day ago

    A few questions popped up for me. For example I do believe that Leanne can raise the dead but at the same time wouldn't you need a body first? And it appeared that Jericho was taken away by the guy in the hazmat suit because his death was obviously reported to police. Soo now I'm guessing can and did Leanne bring the doll to life with her abilities? It did not appear that she left with Jericho at the end I suspect she wouldn't have shut him in a suitcase either. And when she left the house the baby turned back into a doll. Anyhow soo many questions soo many theories I'm praying the law suit they have against the show will not cease a second series. Good insights Steve also thank you I've enjoyed them all.

    • Michael Danielson
      Michael Danielson 3 hours ago

      That is why Sean should get a DNA test.

    • Paul Smyth
      Paul Smyth 19 hours ago

      @Island Gyal ooh! Interesting! Yes im on board for that theory too. Its all very mind bending I hope S2 will reveal alot more of Leannes abilities.

    • Island Gyal
      Island Gyal 19 hours ago

      Paul Smyth I’m thinking she doesn’t need an actual dead body but maybe like a symbol of it, so the doll would’ve been that so she could do her magic.

  • Dark Vader
    Dark Vader Day ago

    Leanne is the only one with Power. They feed off her and don't want to lose her to Dorothy because of what she did. They aren't done here!

  • Shannon T
    Shannon T Day ago

    Night and the writer said they have 60 episodes. They said the entire series will be in this house! You can pull up interviews on here, I believe Lady Jenevia had these full interviews with both show runners and all of the actors! It was an interesting interview!

  • Shannon T
    Shannon T Day ago

    Great review! I agree it’s the Uncle taking more away from Sean. Leann just wants a normal life! I wonder if Leann is even their niece, and either way sadly they just want keep her as their “servant” under the radar. Night and the writer have been very clear about keeping us guessing between if many things are supernatural or real life. Don’t drink the Kool-Aid Leann! I REALLY hope they show leann’s past in future episodes!

  • ziva the non-original

    I think Sean's going to go after Leanne to make her bring back Jerico, Dorothy's gonna lose it, and leanne's going to go and help someone else who might deserve her gift, for season 2. Personally I'm looking forward to what's to come next

  • Teresa W
    Teresa W Day ago

    Hate to say it, but Aunt May was right. Leanne should have not resurrected Jericho. Uncle George seemed to be warning Sean that Leanne did not fully consider the consequences of what she did. I was interested by Georges comment that "what is sown is perishable; what is risen is imperishable" which I took to mean that once resurrected, Jericho would no longer be really human. May and George may have only let Leanne perform miracles after careful consideration up until this, but this one time she got away from them?

    • Julia Dawson
      Julia Dawson 10 hours ago

      See that phrase the uncle said, I took it that once resurrected it can't die. But then Jericho turned back into the doll so I guess that's not it. I honestly thought that they all died in the fire and she brought them back.

  • Serious Reviews

    Its took a pounding on the twitter page, but i loved it, and loved nell xxx

  • Serious Reviews

    thanks great video, loved the season, fingers crossed for a second season

  • Shifty
    Shifty Day ago

    Yeah I'm done till I can binge the whole series at once. "Lost" played a similar game with the audience.

  • matekon
    matekon Day ago

    I think the sacrifice is Sean not feeling.

  • Richard Morgan

    Well I’m a little relieved to know I wasn’t the only one in this thread deeply disappointed with the way this season concluded. There were almost zero likable characters in this show! Plus I’m really not sure what the message is here. The portrayal of the atheists in this show was almost laughably shallow but the “true believer” cultists were not exactly angelic either! Nothing made any sense and now we learn there’s plans for four seasons? There was potential here but they dropped the ball. Now it seems the show has devolved into yet another boring evil cult story and I won’t be on board.

  • yeLLa Bae Ty
    yeLLa Bae Ty Day ago

    Brooo your smirk on the thumbnail gets me every time 😩😂

  • J. Jackson
    J. Jackson Day ago

    I gave up on this show around episode 4. Not sure if I should go back but have been enjoying your break downs. Good work sir!

  • Max McD
    Max McD Day ago

    Better to show scenes of the episode and narrate it rather than have the camera pointed at yourself. No thanks. Better call a YT video advisor

  • Gabrielle Curran

    Are we sure that Leanne left with Jericho? I know she didn’t leave him with the Turners but I didn’t see her holding him when she left the house. Did I miss something? Ps. I really hope this story continues next season because there are so many questions I have that I need to know!! Lol

    • Gabrielle Curran
      Gabrielle Curran 11 hours ago

      Island Gyal that makes perfect sense, never thought of it quite that way, thank you. I wonder why Aunt May told Leanne that they both needed to come home though?

    • Island Gyal
      Island Gyal 19 hours ago

      I think Leanne’s presence in the home is what makes Jericho come back to life, and when she’s not around the doll is there. Kinda like when she toyed with Julian by not “resurrecting” the doll into the real life baby until he told her what really happened. I think that’s why when Sean asked who was the baby Uncle George told him “you know who it is” as if indicating it was really Jericho brought back to life. Another hint is when Dorothy’s dad is holding the baby and speaking to Julien he says the replacement baby is “uncanny” to Jericho. I took it as subtle proof that Leanne can revive dead things (like that dog from a few episodes back)

    • Ren B
      Ren B Day ago

      I know right😣 this is frustrating. I want answers !! Lol

  • You Tried It!
    You Tried It! Day ago

    i highly doubt season 2 will involve dorothy/sean etc. i think the cult will move onto a new victim in season two. and that's how M Night can keep making multiple seasons. there is nothing you can add to the dorothy storyline, it's done. it was a sad ending but very good episode.

    • Ser Aeggo Butterworth
      Ser Aeggo Butterworth Day ago

      Nice. I know there weren’t many answers in this finale, but I’m still amazed at how much exposition and detail Shyamalan et al manage to pack into these 30-minute episodes without it feeling heavy handed or awkward. The episodes consistently feel longer than half an hour as I’m watching them - in a good way. With 60 episodes this story and the little world they’re creating could get extremely complicated.

    • You Tried It!
      You Tried It! Day ago

      @Ser Aeggo Butterworth just saw an interview. they are planning to make 60 episodes!!!

    • Ser Aeggo Butterworth
      Ser Aeggo Butterworth Day ago

      @You Tried It! I had the same thought. Very interesting to hear it’ll be the same family next season.

    • You Tried It!
      You Tried It! Day ago

      @Shannon T oh wow really. i hope they get a happy ending then.

    • Shannon T
      Shannon T Day ago

      You Tried It! Night and crew confirmed it will be the same family in interviews.

  • Eric Garcia
    Eric Garcia Day ago

    As much as I love this show... the story itself should be done. There’s really nothing they can add to it. Everything was answered. Dorothy opened her eyes to the situation. Book closed

    • Justin C
      Justin C Day ago

      @xosecox12 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

    • xosecox12
      xosecox12 Day ago

      Eric Garcia you’re not the writer for the show. You don't know what hasn't been answered.

  • Gary Louie
    Gary Louie Day ago

    I loved this whole season.. Can’t wait for season 2!

  • sign543
    sign543 Day ago

    I have been intrigued by this series, because it is well filmed and acted. What is NOT good is how they’ve stretched out so much mystery in 10 episodes...just to not explain anything. It’s very frustrating. I feel like the pay off is going to be somewhat anticlimactic...or it’s going to be some kind of cheap Deus Ex Machina where the problems will be solved, and it’ll seem like it could’ve been told with far fewer episodes. I keep watching, because curiosity...but I constantly struggle with wanting to punch the damn screen, because it’s just one cliff hanger after another with no real payoff.

    • sign543
      sign543 12 hours ago

      @globeatin - That’s it exactly. And, sadly, I think it’s going to wind up being exactly the way you described. Sigh...

    • @globeatin
      @globeatin 14 hours ago

      I feel exactly the same. I don’t trust this director enough to believe that the pay off will be worth all the suspense. And the fact that he spent so much time in the season delaying and wasting time to only cram a BUNCH of relevant stuff into one episode does NOT fill me with confidence about his ability with pace and character development.

  • doug avila
    doug avila Day ago

    One word describes the series from 1 and 2......CHILLING!!!!!!

  • Kimberly Painter

    I really liked season one and looked forward to season two. I honestly couldn't watch beyond episode two because to me, it just wasn't good at all.

  • Candice G
    Candice G Day ago

    It was disappointing

  • Kimberly Painter

    Hey Steve, tell people to download series lover 2019 from the play store on their android phones. That's how I found Servant 😊

  • Steve Whyte
    Steve Whyte Day ago

    When was he going to tell them about the placenta? I liked that this episode hinted that there was a logical explanation for the events that had happened then took it back to the supernatural at the end.

  • Steve Whyte
    Steve Whyte Day ago

    IMDB says there's 11 episodes, are you sure 10 is the finale? Not that it didn't run as a finale but I hope there's another episode this season, at least we know there's a season 2!

      EDWIN CDY Day ago

      it's finale, you can go to appletv and it says watch the whole season

  • Pretty*Girl* Swagg

    Sooo when the uncle tells Shawn to ask for Jericho and he does......but at the end its still a doll.....that's was just to stall him. I'm very ready for second season!

  • Miss Misha
    Miss Misha Day ago

    The creators of this show owe you a debt. I was annoyed with this finale until you explained it to me lol. Thank you

  • mando Papathomas

    I think in season 2 they will be looking for baby Jericho as if he was kidnapped, hence the Amber alert reference/introduction in this episode. The only one with a dilemma about this might be Sean who knows if the police find the baby and run tests for dna it might show the baby is not theirs. But then again he appears now to be convinced that the baby is really Jericho.

  • Tamthasaint
    Tamthasaint Day ago

    I like season 2 more, i had more of a understanding of Joe, like who he was, and it shows him trying to improve, trying to be a better person. Love's change in character seemed kind of rushed but i loved that Joe had met someone that made him see himself. But as the finale goes, Joe obviously may go back to his old ways. I feel that season 3 may be a bonnie and clyde type of season.💕

  • julie lambreghts

    crazy theory, i think leanne is the reincarnation of the holy mary

    • Kristen Quimby
      Kristen Quimby Day ago

      A Leanne as in "alien" was proposed as a theory on Loungeroom Empire

    • Kristen Quimby
      Kristen Quimby Day ago

      I thought that after they said "church of the lesser saints" although Mary is a major saint

    • julie lambreghts
      julie lambreghts Day ago

      @DistantBikerPlanet yea a reincarnation of a holy being. also the finale , shawn had splinter in the palm of his hands. This could be a refrence to jesus hanging on the cross with nails in the palm of his hands. idk i thought it was interesting to point out.

    • DistantBikerPlanet
      DistantBikerPlanet Day ago

      Well fuck I just figured it out. She is a saint, she's saint Therese known as 'little flower'. Or at least the cult must think she is the reincarnation of the saint.

    • DistantBikerPlanet
      DistantBikerPlanet Day ago

      Not crazy, but they church is of the lesser saints, is Mary a lesser Saint?

  • mandy sobeski
    mandy sobeski Day ago

    When Dorothy looks in the crib she it shoes someone in a hazmat suit so were the police called anput the baby dying in the car ,and if so how are the playing off who does everyone think the baby belongs too.If Dorothy's baby doed in such a2ay I don't think they could keep that out of the news seeing who she is and the manner of death.So many questions still.

    • Gia B
      Gia B 8 hours ago

      No the police we’re never called I think that was Julian in the hazmat suit they covered up the death I think the baby is buried in the cellar that’s why may said she could smell it in the house

  • Katherine Butler

    I was pretty disappointed with this episode, especially with it coming after the last two eps which had such emotional gut punch. Thinking about it, I'd rather have just had one season in keeping with everything that made it such an amazing, unique show, mainly the very small cast and intimate setting, than opening it up to become something more than that. I agree, the prospect of the cult storyline is not a particularly exciting or appealing one. Really hope I'm proven wrong, and Season 2 etc is just as good!

    • Gordon
      Gordon Day ago

      agreed.....the show "jumped the shark" slightly

  • SK Wilde
    SK Wilde Day ago

    Four seasons planned! "Am I a little worried?" Not if Steve is posting his reviews ^u^. You make my day, man!

  • mindy Saunders

    I completely agree with your theory about Sean sacrificing his taste, and touch but I also think that Sean making the placenta wakes Dorothy up . Now she will feel everything tenfold

  • beast4000
    beast4000 Day ago

    Great wrap up. Always watch you to make sense of what I just watched lol

  • Jennahheaven123

    As soon as I finished watching I came on here to see your take. The ending was so unsatisfying like they opened it for season 2

    • FavianTube
      FavianTube Day ago

      Same, he does a good job of explaining and pointing out things I missed

    • Ren B
      Ren B Day ago

      They r opening for season 2. I'm confused. Trying to figure one who is the baby? Like who's it's mother? Is Leanne the child from that news fire. Or is she just a girl from an abusive family that sole the identity of a girl named Leanne and moved to Dorothys house. And what's with the splinters. Is leannne a witch or something??? And in the end it looked like dorathy realized that wasn't Jericho the real baby and knew it was a doll.

  • Susan Appleby
    Susan Appleby 2 days ago

    Binged the ENTIRE 8 episodes lastnight and got about 2 hours sleep. This hit home very hard, especially the way she was so "inconvenient" to many people who had no idea how much pain she was in. I actually cried a lot during the whole thing, seeing how Marie was treated like a burden to everyone and the other girl was pampered all the way through it (which I am very glad she did) but reminded me of a few things that I had forgotten about the process. Some people dont want to deal with it so they make you think it never happened. That is a real thing. Very real.

  • Ric Martin
    Ric Martin 2 days ago

    Can someone please help me understand something? The video footage of Jason Batemans character when he purposefully showed his face to the camera and flipped off the camera. This is obviously the shape shifter, but why would the shapeshifter outsider want to taunt the camera and the police?

  • Dan Palm
    Dan Palm 2 days ago

    What’s up with the guy in the hood at terry’s house when they were collecting evidence?

    • Suleman Rana
      Suleman Rana 13 hours ago

      That’s the outsider I’m guessing

  • Courtney🦄
    Courtney🦄 2 days ago

    I really do not understand how the HFPA overlooked Lauren Ambrose’s performance on this show. If you saw who was nominated over her, it was a huge mistake. Her performance was amazing! So subtle and simply amazing. As always thank you for your reviews! Edit: Subscribed

  • Keisjdn Kdkdn d
    Keisjdn Kdkdn d 2 days ago

    Can we all agree this show deserves more attention, it’s only been two episodes and I’m hooked

  • pimpchez
    pimpchez 2 days ago

    Great review brother 👏🏿✊🏿

  • jacdc202
    jacdc202 3 days ago

    I found it interesting that detective Ralph said they need to find out “what” killed the kid instead of “who”, while talking to terry’s wife on the porch. He’s starting to think somethings not right.

  • J Gunzler
    J Gunzler 3 days ago

    Plot Hole?!?! 🕳 The little black girl saw “Terry” at the Park covered in blood where he then hopped into the white van and took off. When the guy and his dog discovered the boys body, the white van was still there. HOW is this possible?

  • Mr.EagleMan
    Mr.EagleMan 3 days ago

    So is terry still alive?

  • JK
    JK 3 days ago

    Said his name wrong

    RARIESandROVERS1 3 days ago

    The midwife is my mom

  • Leigh Donerson
    Leigh Donerson 3 days ago

    I don’t think the baby is real at all, I believe that it’s a coping mechanism to think this is a real baby or some sort of power that Leann has that allows them to imagine a real baby. How I came to this is because of Leann’s uncle in the crib. I highly doubt he would put a baby that is alive on the floor.

  • Get Glam'd by Meghann Monroe

    I literally cried when I saw the baby and wanted to throw up at the same time. As a mom, you can’t not feel something. Love your reviews! This show and handmaids tale!

  • Andrés Rojas
    Andrés Rojas 4 days ago

    No book spoiler here, but they are in episode 2 of 10 and they already told half of the book. I hope they keep with a good pacing without stretching down the story.

  • DavesHadeNuFF187
    DavesHadeNuFF187 4 days ago

    Great review again man!!! I really enjoyed it.I like how they are uncovering all this to do with what happened with the kid and I love the story in general.I feel maybe there is something to do with the person and his nurse that Terry was going to visit.I think there is a reason why Terry’s wife told the cop Terry was the only one who really visited him.Another thing,I didn’t expect at all Terry to die.I was like no way he died?I mean they just kinda leave it off until the cop goes to the house from what I remember.I feel this man with the face is tormenting all these people involved in the case almost and trying to get them to do bad things,like the kid that shoots everyone at the courthouse,or gets them to kill themselves.Also I can’t remember if it was the first episode or second episode,but I found it interesting how whoever that guy as Terry was,is giving them the finger on camera lol.I thought that was crazy the cop spotted that.Also too,I saw the preview for the next episode and wow 😮.This show looks like it is going to heat up big time in the next few episodes.

  • Dallas Cowboys Highlights

    I've watched the first two episodes and it's really good so far. I haven't read the book so it's all new to me. Hopefully the show won't go full stupid (see Castle Rock) later in the season.

  • Richard Morgan
    Richard Morgan 4 days ago

    I really appreciate your in depth reviews! I didn’t read this one so I’m already at a disadvantage. I was shocked when Terry was killed but I was wondering how he would be able to avoid that fate after being told by an inmate he would be waiting for him. Being shot in the neck might have been a mercy! From the looks of things, it seems we have a story of parallel universes. I don’t have any theories about the hooded person with the deformed face but I’m not yet ready to declare evil intent. Nor am I ready to say the man the young girl keeps seeing is evil. Could be the same person or could be someone trying to warn about the other! I’m always reluctant to take things at face value in stories such as this! The original Outer Limits series taught me that lesson! (The original was by far the best!)

  • DavesHadeNuFF187
    DavesHadeNuFF187 4 days ago

    Great review man!!! Yeah with something like this show I hate spoilers.I don’t blame you.It’s just way too good to be ruined.I can already tell that this will be up there with one of my new favorite Stephen King tv show.It’s crazy how finally after all these years they are really diving into Stephen King more then they normally do.It’s crazy it took a remake of Stephen Kings It to do that.The man is loaded with such amazing stories to make movies and tv shows with for a good while.His son is great too.Like father,like son is a true statement there lol.

  • Ian Gagel
    Ian Gagel 4 days ago

    Great review! However the clothes were actually Terry's from the strip club.

  • Andrea Smith
    Andrea Smith 4 days ago

    I love your channel! I'm about to start one similar. Any advice? I have an actual camera and tripod not an iPhone. I'd appreciate any advice on lighting and microphones! I'm planning on having a simple set-up also. I have my game of thrones dragon eggs, Dr strange/Spiderman/Batman figurines, my Hogwarts banners and Star Wars poster but I'm seriously jealous of all your cool shit.

  • Stella Boshnjaku
    Stella Boshnjaku 4 days ago

    Did Dorothy pick up Leanne’s resume at the exact moment when she heard the baby crying through the baby monitor ?? I can’t go back and check but that’s a bit creepy

  • Roller Girl
    Roller Girl 4 days ago

    Wait!!! I thought the clothes in the barn were Terry Maitland’s “gift shop” clothes he changed into at the strip club? And I thought the mysterious liquid was blood?

    MAMA DEE REACTS 4 days ago

    I’m not a SK reader but like the supernatural aspect! Started reacting to it because the trailer was so intriguing!!

  • Batman
    Batman 4 days ago

    The clothes are from Terry when he left the strip club . Remember the owner guy talked about his big belt buckle .

  • Anne Carr
    Anne Carr 5 days ago

    Have not read the book, but this show is dark & eerie yet so compelling feel like i am reading the book as its executed so well i cant wait for episode 3, if it had been on Netflix would of binge watched it all.... :-)

  • Kay Elizabeth
    Kay Elizabeth 5 days ago

    Did you notice when they did the replay it showed the child getting shot in the head, even noting the gore splitting out. Why when he took the glasses off it didnt reflect this? There was no wound on his head. What did he do shoot the top of his head? Detail on that really bothers me. They showed it in the slow mo I even rewound it to make sure.

    • Kay Elizabeth
      Kay Elizabeth 5 days ago

      @POSH .B may be right look like just blood to me not an actual hole seen it in the hat but not directly on his forehead

    • POSH .B
      POSH .B 5 days ago

      Kay Elizabeth I def saw a hole at the top of his forehead when the detective bent down to take his glasses off.

  • Teague Tinney
    Teague Tinney 5 days ago

    I think the point of Joe not being as obsessive towards Love as he was towards Beck is because he is trying to heal and start a new life in the beginning of the season. But the point of season 2 is that you can try to become a new person but still instinctually make the same mistakes. The whole 2.0 theory with the same plot structure dissatisfied me from the start but emphasized on the whole “trapped in sticky situations” theme.

  • Shay 8091
    Shay 8091 5 days ago

    You did this show justice, loved watching it then your reviews immediately after !!!