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  • Redemis123
    Redemis123 2 hours ago

    Can't wait for the oracles remake

  • Ced 214
    Ced 214 2 hours ago

    I need one of those mini carts

  • Spearmint Pony
    Spearmint Pony 2 hours ago


  • Kamisu Bear
    Kamisu Bear 2 hours ago

    I mean... can you share those dungeons with pals using the amiibo? I plan to make my friends suffer with the most horribly difficult designs possible within the realms of that game.

  • JacobPea
    JacobPea 2 hours ago

    It's strange, the biggest problem is how short the game is, but the game is designed around its length. The end really ties the whole thing together nicely. I like how the end objective is referenced through the entire game, but you dont know until the end, then after beating the game, you find out what that sound/item meant towards the extra missions at the end

  • Léa Vodkàà
    Léa Vodkàà 2 hours ago

    Je me demandais justement ce que pouvais bien contenir cette fameuse boîte que je vois partout x) merci !

  • karmalink20
    karmalink20 2 hours ago

    Tried 100 times. He still stops me even when he's looking away.

  • Professor Q
    Professor Q 2 hours ago

    So Thinker knight only throw his wrench? XD

  • Dark Valkrie
    Dark Valkrie 2 hours ago

    Man if they release a Tokyo car game... I ain't wasting my money on it

    MARKAGEDDON 2 hours ago

    I honestly hope they fix it soon as I'm currently playing a physicall copy and honestly its really hard to play with the framerate issues also just got the feather and honestly whenever I jump it feels like it gets worse as well

  • rabid. rivas
    rabid. rivas 2 hours ago

    Compare it to what steam offers and everytjing there is for free

  • Omar Kaj
    Omar Kaj 2 hours ago

    I see the stages seem 2D when compared to "Half-Genie Hero". And wasn't that zombie genie Rotty Tops?

    • Scissorman
      Scissorman 2 hours ago

      Well, they ARE 2D. At the very least they are made of flat images laid out in a 3D engine, but still.

  • R-2 R
    R-2 R 3 hours ago

    I like the fact that link is trying to stab Dampe. Kinda funny

  • Zombie Vex
    Zombie Vex 3 hours ago

    I swear, if I see one more direct gameplay or one more delay, I am going to lose my crap

  • ExoticKeko
    ExoticKeko 3 hours ago

    Polar knight kinda Vibin doe

  • Mariana Baca
    Mariana Baca 3 hours ago

    I really don't understand this complaint. Nintendo adds a additional minigame/randomizer for people who want to play that, with some tutorial levels. It is essentially completely optional. Either you are a 100% completionist and 100%-ing the game is a reward in itself, or you are just playing this mode for fun, in which case the mode itself is the reward. It would be more annoying to have an awesome drop or trophy be locked behind this very long game mode for those who want to just skip it. Like... I am sort of sad there isn't an online mode for this, and you need to use amiibos to trade levels. It seems like a great mode for races and what not.

  • Sergius Verus
    Sergius Verus 3 hours ago

    Poor Jirard

  • Ray Ray
    Ray Ray 3 hours ago

    Nice video. Cant wait for it came from a box to make a video on accessories

  • Heavens Priorities
    Heavens Priorities 3 hours ago

    Gamer: YO LETS GO I just STOLE SOMETHING Marin: THIEF, someday you will leave this island Amount of Players stealing stuff drops to 0%

  • Pit Kid Icarus
    Pit Kid Icarus 3 hours ago


  • Felix Miranda
    Felix Miranda 3 hours ago

    2:30 Lol that's literally what everyone else tried too at first.

  • MorganCooks
    MorganCooks 3 hours ago

    I keep telling myself I don't need a lite, I already have a regular switch, but I love the form factor

  • Karez
    Karez 3 hours ago

    16-bit Shovel Knight! O M F G !

  • Grchman
    Grchman 3 hours ago

    still waiting for mine to come in the mail... but the link looks tight! i love how shiny it is

  • Girlkitty Plays
    Girlkitty Plays 3 hours ago

    God i love this song so much. Fire Emblem music is da best!

  • wiiownsps3and360
    wiiownsps3and360 3 hours ago

    Dampé: Your reward... Dez nuts! HA! GOTEM!

  • Jesse Jimenez
    Jesse Jimenez 4 hours ago

    Does the hori duraflex fit in the white Official Nintendo case from Best Buy?

  • draketheman75
    draketheman75 4 hours ago

    Don't like the new artstyle feel it doesn't have as much emotion or atmosphere as the original.

  • Rendiss
    Rendiss 4 hours ago

    Finna try and make a Bluetooth switch N64 controller with a better analog stick. Why am I doing this? Because it's alot more comfortable and I love playing smash games with an N64 controller.

  • The0ptimus
    The0ptimus 4 hours ago

    6:07 SO TRUE.

  • The Catholic Nintendo Nerd

    I never played the Game Boy version all the way through, so I thought this Switch remake would be a great way to start.... Boy was I wrong! Still, I respect others' opinions on this game, and your review would be great for fans of the original!

  • Graphomite
    Graphomite 4 hours ago

    This game is both opposite and similar to Tower Fortress by the same company. Instead of going up a tower with a projectile weapon, you go down a hole with a melee weapon.

  • mdgiebel
    mdgiebel 4 hours ago

    It doesn’t make the game unplayable just not as enjoyable. Sell us a $60 game that should be smooth running and enjoyable. We didn’t get that, we got a $30 port at best in its current condition.

  • Midnight Ninja
    Midnight Ninja 4 hours ago

    The FPS dips are so bad I'm surprised Nintendo didn't have a day one patch

  • Alyks the Sage
    Alyks the Sage 4 hours ago

    An Ending that never gets old, no matter how many times you see it. It will always be Beautiful.

  • The Friend of Many Squirrels

    That looks better than the final controller

  • The Friend of Many Squirrels

    That looks better than the final controller

  • Thomas R
    Thomas R 4 hours ago

    Smash Ultimate??? :D

  • Bobby Snider
    Bobby Snider 4 hours ago

    The reason I bought a switch. Yep.

  • IEJ7to1 *IEJ7654321*

    Hmmm. Very subtle difference. to the naked eye, there is no difference

  • Austin Hellickson
    Austin Hellickson 4 hours ago

    Am I actually the only one that's had no issues at all? At least none that are noticeable?

  • Thomas Adamson
    Thomas Adamson 4 hours ago

    I think the chamber dungeon is actually fun so i wont have to worry about this

  • LonelyLabsMonkey
    LonelyLabsMonkey 4 hours ago

    "Dampé's dungeons are like Super Mario Maker... for the 3DS". Top tier burn.

  • The0ptimus
    The0ptimus 4 hours ago

    Despite the occasional BS in the dungeons, i really enjoyed this game! Exploring the beautiful overworld was my favorite part!

  • SuperSaiyanFour Kronos

    you have to do this if you want the last seashell

  • Ari Cruz
    Ari Cruz 4 hours ago

    Not that I’m complaining but why does Nintendo release another new switch with a new Legend of Zelda game? Original switch = Breath of the Wild Switch Lite = Link’s Awakening

  • nateisaspy
    nateisaspy 4 hours ago

    Lies you can beat the knight boss with arrows if you hit it's back!!!

  • Sean Britton
    Sean Britton 4 hours ago

    If the shopkeeper kills you and you choose retry youll still keep the shit you stole

  • Felipe Carvalho
    Felipe Carvalho 4 hours ago

    Looks waaaay better than what we got

  • Falvern57
    Falvern57 4 hours ago

    PSA: Completing up through the 3rd set gets you a full heart container.

  • it’s me NK
    it’s me NK 4 hours ago

    this is why i love smash bros

  • Tony Wondergem
    Tony Wondergem 4 hours ago

    Thank you. Big help.

  • Ravonna El
    Ravonna El 5 hours ago

    Im want to see lumpytouch turn shantae in to the stuff nightmares like he did with banjo and kazooie who agreed with me?

  • Cody Garrett
    Cody Garrett 5 hours ago

    Love the fishing in remake

  • Emilio Da Paz
    Emilio Da Paz 5 hours ago

    I'm so glad this made it in the game.

  • SuperButters64 oofergay

    Shovel nite not in smasj brosders??? Guess we well make it wit Powe r of themselfvs@@@!!!1111@

  • bEtchaos7 gaming
    bEtchaos7 gaming 5 hours ago

    The c button diamond has a much more snes like squish to it

  • Edward Clint
    Edward Clint 5 hours ago

    Why count pixels that way? Couldn't you just write a simple program that grabs a few random pieces of a screenshot, looks for the smallest stretches of a single color (one pass for vertical, one for horizontal), then divide the image size by those values? You could process an entire frame this way I suppose, though it would be slower.

  • PaperPopper
    PaperPopper 5 hours ago

    Omg, this looks sooo gooood!

  • Uriel Septim
    Uriel Septim 5 hours ago

    To defend this Dampe dungeon is for new dungeons but you must create it yourself which makes it super special. I just unlocked the four challenge list and it's going to be challenging to design.

  • iTheman 6s
    iTheman 6s 5 hours ago

    DQ11 Hero has the coolest looking sword in the game.

  • Falvern57
    Falvern57 5 hours ago

    I'm missing something. I followed the video and went to every location shown and did the minigames but I still only have 19 hearts. I beat all 8 dungeons and even went back to check the boss rooms in case I somehow forgot to pick up the heart container initially and still nothing. What did I miss? Is there a full heart container hidden somewhere else that I over looked?

  • Noe Escobar III
    Noe Escobar III 5 hours ago

    why are you all bitching about a game you're enjoying? fuckin brats

  • SuperSaiyanFour Kronos

    interesting about #32 ......i got a chamber stone in my game and got the sea shell from a blooper.

  • mikespov
    mikespov 5 hours ago

    No Bluetooth? 👎🏻

  • Matthew Bateman
    Matthew Bateman 5 hours ago

    ... But didn't we want "A Link to the Past" a little more?

  • C Reborn
    C Reborn 5 hours ago

    I think I will get this. I need a break from tough video games!

  • hide apostol
    hide apostol 5 hours ago

    you can actually use hookshot on the river mini game

  • Ryan
    Ryan 5 hours ago

    Is this the same game?

  • xilooften
    xilooften 5 hours ago

    100%ed my normal run and about 70% with my hero run rn the framerate jumps but it doesn't affect gameplay as long as you don't care about framerate it's no big deal, shouldn't be an issue at all, but people are freaking out over this like it's a competitive game. i am not excusing Nintendo/grezzo for this however

  • Arc Ray
    Arc Ray 5 hours ago

    aside from the stick, i like what we got. especially the less sleek logo they started with. that being said i AM an avid N64 fan and this stuff gets me a bit giddy. i want to see it working on a console, but this dude should donate it to the national video game museum. this is like more rare than Disk Drive game jewel cases.

  • The Dragon Legault
    The Dragon Legault 5 hours ago

    yeah but is this game really worth the 60 dollar price tag i dont think so i think it should be 40 bucks

  • WizardOfYeet
    WizardOfYeet 5 hours ago

    i could never beat it on the ps3, let's try switch.

  • ChrisCa1601
    ChrisCa1601 6 hours ago

    Nice. I'll have to try that. I finally unlocked the Duck Hunt dog and stage. Still missing a few moves and CDs.

  • Cyber
    Cyber 6 hours ago

    If you don't mind that switch online price even though it's terrible then you've completely missed the point The ratio of value to cost is still skewed against the consumer Super Nintendo games finally added value but until it matches it's cost then it's still a problem The 3DS is still the main thing that is killing the value in the classic game library So when GBA games get added then I'd pay without complaint The 3DS never got GBA outside of the early adopter systems and the Wii U isn't a factor due to portability Or just fix the online quality and fix the smash ultimate preferred rules and tourneys

    • Cyber
      Cyber 5 hours ago

      Also 4 Swords online Just saying that'd be perfect

  • SPFC 1930
    SPFC 1930 6 hours ago

    I don't play handheld mode because of the stupid joycon-drift thing

  • Turtle BoB
    Turtle BoB 6 hours ago

    4:26 that's it quit you tube lying a bad thing

  • Isaac Berry
    Isaac Berry 6 hours ago

    Bro this is literally what I need. This looks so fun.

  • ꧁αlciσк꧂
    ꧁αlciσк꧂ 6 hours ago

    I want Sakurai as a dlc

  • Narkeeus 005
    Narkeeus 005 6 hours ago

    Cool link is just stranded out at sea again and leaves me unsure if this "Reincarnation" of the hero* survives being out at sea or not. Makes me sad.

  • Jimmy Sniffit
    Jimmy Sniffit 6 hours ago

    I have played docked for 2 days now and I haven't noticed anything wrong. I think people are just making a mountain out of a molehill!

  • sonymicronin
    sonymicronin 6 hours ago

    With the addition of Brainchild to the channel GameXplain finally has a brother in the crew.

  • DJ NightKat
    DJ NightKat 6 hours ago

    I’m pretty sure Nintendo has debunked the Ultra Games branding dispute before. Their reason for calling it the Nintendo 64 was for consistency.

  • Chris Jackson
    Chris Jackson 6 hours ago

    Is this a demo available in the eshop?

  • novembermember
    novembermember 6 hours ago

    Just like the 3ds Pokémon games. I hope Sword and Shield do not have this framerate issue.

  • deadteddiebear1177
    deadteddiebear1177 6 hours ago

    They should have just given you a golden tunic and a trim of what color mail you're wearing. Then you could wear the golden poop.

  • Justin Raymer
    Justin Raymer 6 hours ago

    Another change that disappointed me was the Rooster/Boomerang attack. On Gameboy, you can throw the boomerang and pick up the rooster before it comes back. Once you do this, the boomerang will come back and spin under you and follow you around as ling as you are holding onto the rooster, acting like a lawn mower blade, destroying everything you fly over.

  • Domonomnom
    Domonomnom 6 hours ago

    Just checking the vid to listen to burning town dont mind me

  • Ryan Luebke
    Ryan Luebke 6 hours ago

    Was This part of the first season pass

  • Eric Kruckenberg
    Eric Kruckenberg 6 hours ago

    Has anyone tried to rob the store yet? *THIEF!!*

  • Chicken Chakra
    Chicken Chakra 6 hours ago

    Is the secret ending just Marie

  • DownstrikeThe LightningWyvern

    Sheik is called a man when they know about zelda is sheik logic

  • specialformula14
    specialformula14 6 hours ago

    sean is an idiot modding it

  • Berts Furaira
    Berts Furaira 7 hours ago

    Did he say love lol the n64 and the Dreamcast controllers are two of the worst designed controllers ever made.

  • JP ShellPhish
    JP ShellPhish 7 hours ago

    is the audio echoing for anyone else?

  • The Mutton Chop Gamer

    If your goal is 100% completion, try to make these dungeons in such a way that you need to visit as few rooms as possible. This means get as many chambers as you can without chests and shove every boss tile to a place out of your way to beat the dungeon. This thought process has done me good so far.

  • aircrafts and trains

    idk which one to pick between the 2 but I grew up with the original one

  • AmazingNintendoNerd
    AmazingNintendoNerd 7 hours ago

    0:26 guys look it’s the spirit from smash bros

  • Maxine Demchuk
    Maxine Demchuk 7 hours ago

    The boo in B-1 wont die

  • Morgan
    Morgan 7 hours ago

    Honestly can’t wait to play this silly game. It’s cute, clever, and I find it so funny.