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  • Ray Pellerin
    Ray Pellerin 14 minutes ago

    An old Polish guy is on his front lawn. His house is engulfed in flames. He is laughing his ass off. Neighbor asks him why he is laughing? Your house is burning to the ground. Polish guys says, "I have enough wood to build another house in the attic".

  • Zejqa
    Zejqa 41 minute ago

    This is actually quality 😂

  • Irrapture x
    Irrapture x Hour ago


  • Darren McAuliffe
    Darren McAuliffe 6 hours ago

    I saw a sign that said "Mother's Day Book Now." I wondered what's in a Mother's Day book?

  • Charming nowhere to hide

    My teacher just gives me detentions for breathing incorrectly

  • Luke Clarke
    Luke Clarke 8 hours ago

    Seen a sign the other day that made me piss my pants. Toliet out of order

  • John Cortex
    John Cortex 10 hours ago

    My personal favourite is the advice seen on most medicines etc - 'Keep away from children". I always try to . . . they can be so annoying at times!

  • Cassie
    Cassie 12 hours ago

    Why was he so rude to the irish teacher damn

  • Viking Power
    Viking Power 12 hours ago

    What does Micheal Jackson and Walmart have in common?? Little boys under shorts half off.

  • Viking Power
    Viking Power 13 hours ago

    The Tsunamis were Japan's enema. Find that offensive? Wait, I'm just getting started.

  • Thomas Godart
    Thomas Godart 14 hours ago

    Brutal 🤘 And excellent improv. 😅 Well done!

  • James Charles
    James Charles 15 hours ago

    I wanna be in a prison cell now

  • Jake Thompson
    Jake Thompson 15 hours ago

    why does this exist?

  • Magic Loaf
    Magic Loaf 18 hours ago


  • Mackem 1973
    Mackem 1973 18 hours ago

    My favourite comedian, going to see him at the Sunderland Empire next year, can't wait...

  • Nick Barnes
    Nick Barnes 18 hours ago


  • Joe Fleming-Mulford
    Joe Fleming-Mulford 18 hours ago

    What a fucking disgrace joking about the Jews and the nazis, what a fucking prick, I knew jimmy Carr was a twat but I mean really, he should be taken off air for that, any show on tele if he told that he’d be struck off in a minute.

  • Alec Zacharias
    Alec Zacharias 19 hours ago

    Oh boy he is the english’iest’ man I’ve ever seen

  • Ptao Tom
    Ptao Tom 19 hours ago

    0:22 I never get that joke at first. I just watched a second time and still didn't get it.

  • Ephemeral Q.
    Ephemeral Q. 19 hours ago

    1:22 Joke's on you, we don't use miles.

  • use code lazerbeam
    use code lazerbeam 19 hours ago

    Jimmy Savile was sold out so I had to go for the second rate Jimmy

  • liam 111
    liam 111 20 hours ago

    The best comedy is offensive.

  • Nanda Kaminski
    Nanda Kaminski 20 hours ago

    Ginger and Community.

  • Making Games
    Making Games 21 hour ago

    YEEEEEES, new material! Finally. I heard all the stuff on this channel before.. This did not disappoint. I am genuinely happy now. Let´s see what else I missed!

  • Online Troll
    Online Troll 22 hours ago

    38:00 I believe that man just lost his job hahahahah xD

  • αвѕolυтe αвѕυrd :3

    1:07:58 lmao she said that so casually The scream lmao xD

  • s c
    s c 23 hours ago

    driving through Beacher illinios i pulled over to look at my phone for directions to where i was going, as i started to pull out i looked up and saw a sign on the side of a building, "beacher-meat company" its ok i think i can handle that myself

  • Paul S
    Paul S 23 hours ago

    They all laugh the same.

  • Samusf19
    Samusf19 Day ago

    "How am ya?" Thats black country not brummie

  • Gunnar Theodór Gunnarsson

    Roadsign that show falling rocks is to warn you that rocks might be on the road.... so Jimmy´s joke is´nt that good, is it?

  • VanillaJokes
    VanillaJokes Day ago

    WillNE in 20 years

  • Jan Baltes
    Jan Baltes Day ago

    I learned jokes to quote :)

  • marko
    marko Day ago


  • Andrew Palmer
    Andrew Palmer Day ago

    Our local curry house, which had been closed down for mice dropping in the rice, was reopened....’Under New Management. Balti Rat! ......Yeah so larger droppings for your money we no thanks!

  • Damien Collins

    Australia uses Kilometres not miles

  • Logic Killer
    Logic Killer Day ago

    Indians are butthurt 😂😂 Indians suck at every sport so they watch only Cricket bcuz other nations aren't into it...

  • Jóhann Gunnarsson

    That first joke about watch battery fitted was stolen from I'm sorry I haven't a clue...

  • Abby Jaded
    Abby Jaded Day ago

    As an australian I'm dissapointed by he softness of the australian pub joke told here.

  • Kian Hardwick
    Kian Hardwick Day ago

    What is a heckle

  • ex0duzz
    ex0duzz Day ago

    What a liar.. Australia doesn't use miles or imperial system.. we aren't savages!

  • karl martin
    karl martin Day ago

    He's not offensive, he's just not funny

  • Telu Elatus
    Telu Elatus Day ago

    Your laugh sounds like a british joker

  • Max Jami
    Max Jami Day ago

    Not funny.

  • Dilly Dally
    Dilly Dally Day ago

    Birmingham accent sounds like Ms. Sloccomb from Are You Being Served.

  • Adnan Mirzaew
    Adnan Mirzaew Day ago

    Need Russian translation

  • Big Ben
    Big Ben Day ago

    Danielle is going to get sacked after this. Lol.

    • Cassie
      Cassie 12 hours ago

      cualquier mexicano mirando?

  • Drink Bleach
    Drink Bleach Day ago

    Hey jimmy i have now adapted ur laugh 😂 its perfect . Btw ur best joke is the mosquito net aids joke

  • paul signac
    paul signac Day ago

    This isn't a car show!

  • Haykuhi
    Haykuhi Day ago

    Thought Octomom was going to be called Octopuss

  • Frank Possible

    First time a “heckler” says something worth listening to.

    • Ezra Milos
      Ezra Milos 13 hours ago

      @z17seattle You obviously know nothing about Jimmy Carr. He's not Amy Schumer or Steve Hofstetter. Go see him live like I did, you'll see there's nothing prepared about the heckling.

    • z17seattle
      z17seattle Day ago

      @D S his laugh wasn't natural. And how often do people get to just raise their hand and ask the comedian a question. And the 1 in a million times THAT happens how often is it going to be good content that fits in well with the set?

    • z17seattle
      z17seattle Day ago

      @D S the odds of a random person raising their hand and getting to ask a question during a recorded set, during the perfect moment with a silent crowd, not being interrupted or warned/threatened by security. AND it was as entertaining as if Jimmy had written it himself. The timing and fit in seemed pretty suspicious. BUT, I can give it the benefit of the doubt maybe it was just a magical moment caught on camera

    • D S
      D S Day ago

      @z17seattle you got proof?

  • romancandlefight

    Volume is so fucked on this

  • Brian Martin
    Brian Martin Day ago

    The guys face at 4.40 when jimmys talking to his girlfriend.

  • marv1n
    marv1n Day ago

    The accents part is one of my favorites in history, Jimmy Carr is a fucking genius!

  • R. G
    R. G Day ago

    Why was he so rude to the irish teacher damn

    • John stone
      John stone 20 hours ago

      She took it well, northern Irish love this type of banter.

    • Derek Martin
      Derek Martin Day ago

      I think you'll find he's from Ireland

    • youcometome9
      youcometome9 Day ago

      As long as others find it funny. Besides it is well arranged.

  • OG Zig
    OG Zig Day ago

    poor welsh accent, a dislike im afraid

  • O S
    O S Day ago

    take the last letter from his first name and add it to end of his second name (i wonder if this was intentional)

  • Hadmin
    Hadmin Day ago

    2013. On the brink of PC disaster

  • Dave Jackson
    Dave Jackson Day ago

    He's on fine form here

    • Ptao Tom
      Ptao Tom 19 hours ago

      I swear to god, he has a lot of awesome jokes, why repost the same 10 minutes cut in different places over and over again?

  • Dave Krafty
    Dave Krafty Day ago

    there are more women archaeologist than men, because they love digging up the fucking past.

  • Alex Brook
    Alex Brook 2 days ago

    That random chuckle he does, is awesome... Is it intentional or an involuntary thing he does?

  • Dawnphyre
    Dawnphyre 2 days ago

    it didn't say 75 miles if you were in Australia

  • Ben Ruckus
    Ben Ruckus 2 days ago

    Need jokes on islame.

  • humanix
    humanix 2 days ago

    my god, he is so unbelievably charismatic and witty, it's not even fair.

  • zemekiel
    zemekiel 2 days ago

    2K snowflakes have downvoted this video.

  • Peter Cadieux
    Peter Cadieux 2 days ago

    I remember a sign it said buy 1 arm & get 1 hammer.

  • Antoinette Novella
    Antoinette Novella 2 days ago


  • Hans 2810
    Hans 2810 2 days ago

    The guy is uglier than his dad

  • mark jeffels
    mark jeffels 2 days ago

    That Special Ed teacher is gorgeous!!

  • spoofer20
    spoofer20 2 days ago

    I love those immensely triggered people at 8:03 . They dont look happy

  • Chuck
    Chuck 2 days ago

    I never gave homework. Students had to come ask for it. I told them that they know if they understand the material and if they don’t they would NOT pass the tests. Their choice.

  • Code Name Noob
    Code Name Noob 2 days ago

    Spot on Belfast impression there

  • foljs
    foljs 2 days ago

    Anybody got what's he's saying around 2:15? "Tree (?) the mean?, keep them clean (?)" ?

    • foljs
      foljs 2 days ago

      OK, found it "treat them mean, keep them keen"

  • Waqas Ahmed
    Waqas Ahmed 2 days ago

    Hahahaha this was great!

  • Poogy Bear
    Poogy Bear 2 days ago

    I thought I'd come to the comments and read about how people are making fun of his laugh and to stop doing that. Like people telling other people to stop talking about Mike Tysons lisp, when it's a video about Mike Tyson.

  • larry worrell
    larry worrell 2 days ago

    Anyone noticed how he says in Australia convenience store 75 miles ahead, but we call them service stations and use kilometres?

  • Orn Gorn
    Orn Gorn 2 days ago


  • nick sausley
    nick sausley 2 days ago

    I have a special needs kid and he's absolutely right. Only had homework 2 times in 3 years. Fuckers.

    • aoeu256
      aoeu256 Hour ago

      Wow, many too many incentives for some children to be special...

  • franko barressi
    franko barressi 2 days ago


  • New Message
    New Message 2 days ago

    Around here the short bus kids only do half a day, so... if you're gonna teach, the Drool Patrol is definitely the way to go.

  • Jake Guard
    Jake Guard 2 days ago

    That audience member sounded exactly like Sean lock

  • Aidil Iqmal
    Aidil Iqmal 2 days ago

    i love how his laugh here is not the same as his laugh now

  • J Nuy
    J Nuy 2 days ago

    XD 🤣

  • Peter MacMullin
    Peter MacMullin 2 days ago

    brilliant build up to offencive

  • FLEX316
    FLEX316 2 days ago

    Never in my life has a Australian woman said have you slimed yet !!!!!.

    ITS ISACC BRO 2 days ago

    I think I'm disabled, I'm gonna need her as my teacher 👀

  • marko
    marko 2 days ago


  • marko
    marko 2 days ago


  • xilo301
    xilo301 2 days ago

    Jimmy is an expert making enemies of all professions nations and religions.

    • Making Games
      Making Games 21 hour ago

      I wouldn´t have time to mind if he grilled me, I would be laughing to hard. But apparantyl he doesn´t travel well these days. I told him to come to the Netherlands a few months ago and he still hasn´t..

    • Steve Thea
      Steve Thea Day ago

      He damn grilled the last lady

  • Dingo Booty
    Dingo Booty 2 days ago

    I’m adopted from Thailand. I asked my father what he thought of euthanasia and he told me they should stay there...

  • Wibster
    Wibster 2 days ago


  • TheJklay
    TheJklay 2 days ago

    Jimmy making tax jokes is funny in hindsight

  • abigail fear
    abigail fear 2 days ago

    Let's just clear the brummie sayings up THEY WHERE ALL BLACKCOUNTRY SLANG funnyly enough birmingham isn't part of the black country

  • J Bottero
    J Bottero 2 days ago

    They want the children to drive carefully to avoid hitting the slow children playing.

  • Jewels Gulley
    Jewels Gulley 2 days ago

    cualquier mexicano mirando?

    • xilo301
      xilo301 2 days ago

      No hay ninguno, carnal.

  • Vladislav Kulikov
    Vladislav Kulikov 2 days ago

    I swear to god, he has a lot of awesome jokes, why repost the same 10 minutes cut in different places over and over again?

    • Careful Icarus
      Careful Icarus 18 hours ago

      ​@Making Games I'm french. I saw him in Brussels. He plays in a lot of European cities. But it's true, he doesn't travel a lot around the world with his tour. Probably because no enough foreigners know about him.

    • Making Games
      Making Games 21 hour ago

      @Careful Icarus Yeah, the flight to the UK and the hotel makes it a bit expensive to come see him and also quite hard to plan for..

    • xilo301
      xilo301 Day ago

      @Careful Icarus yes. TheXvid is a great promotion and free for the artist. I know about him because he was at a roast in USA.

    • Careful Icarus
      Careful Icarus Day ago

      @Vladislav Kulikov There are a lot of youtube videos about him. This is how I learned about him.

    • Vladislav Kulikov
      Vladislav Kulikov Day ago

      @Careful Icarus I can't infortunately, I doubt he tours in Russia). That's my point. That's bad advertisement. If there is nothing else they show of him, to a clueless viewer it might seem like that's the only funny stuff he's got

  • Jam Boy
    Jam Boy 2 days ago

    I completely agree with jimmy

  • Jean-Louis Branchaud

    5:56 that one woman offended

  • Ibrar Siddiqi
    Ibrar Siddiqi 2 days ago

    The devil meets Basil Brush ...