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  • Бетонные изделия

    Прирожденний шутник

  • Miles
    Miles Hour ago

    I don't see why people are complaining, it's a win win situation

  • Mark Thomson
    Mark Thomson Hour ago

    I saw Van Halen in NYC on their 1984 tour. D.L. Roth used that exact same joke about "woman banging on his dressing room door...finally let them out."

  • CrisCrosApleSos
    CrisCrosApleSos Hour ago

    whats with the robot like laugh tracks mixed with a live audience? ew

  • ohmusicsweetmusic
    ohmusicsweetmusic 7 hours ago

    ah british television and the horrible laugh track

  • curious curiouser
    curious curiouser 8 hours ago

    Just realised that Jimmy Carr would look great in clown face. Just picture it.

  • B_ Money-247
    B_ Money-247 9 hours ago


  • Victor VeVea
    Victor VeVea 10 hours ago

    You asked, "Why don't you let us know what your favourite joke was in the comments?" If I respond with a heckle like, "You" or a comment about the extra British "u" in favorite, will you give me an adequate thrashing? I'm afraid to say how great your work is because it could deprive me of an adequate response.

  • gaming Krandal
    gaming Krandal 10 hours ago

    Jim Carrey 46 minutes

  • zact lee
    zact lee 11 hours ago

    I drove a french couple once. Sorry to say the stereotype is true. They dont wear deodorant.

  • 13 chilly
    13 chilly 11 hours ago

    Is he doing stand up or a fucking interactive kids television show?. God damn dora the explorer over here lmao

  • Mr Weber
    Mr Weber 13 hours ago

    I generally do not find a Siri funny at all your sense of humour it is way off balance

  • The Lad
    The Lad 13 hours ago


  • Luka Kočevar
    Luka Kočevar 14 hours ago

    S A V A G E ...love it!

  • JustinBieber
    JustinBieber 15 hours ago

    This is so lame.... not funny

  • JustinBieber
    JustinBieber 16 hours ago

    I don't get it... Jimmy's girlfriend is not attractive at all! Like I just googled her and yick!

  • Gleb Kazakov
    Gleb Kazakov 16 hours ago

    Го в Россию Для своего выступления просто почитай новости за последние 5-10 лет Материал огромный

  • R Douglas
    R Douglas 17 hours ago

    I liked Mitch's fire exit joke better, still funny though. thexvid.com/video/0LAhEpQ0_cQ/video.html

  • Derek Mulready
    Derek Mulready 17 hours ago

    The audiance dosen't get the WIT

  • MrOldCrow
    MrOldCrow 18 hours ago

    Why picking on people from the audience who did not heckle?

  • vadergrd
    vadergrd 18 hours ago

    let's just stop the youtube autoplay for a second and aknowledge this man's genius!

  • sexypoetry
    sexypoetry 19 hours ago

    the ultimate comedy occurs at 2:16 ....the man and the woman are sitting next to each other, they arrived together, upon buying tickets together...but the boss carr (in a world where audience doesn't matter since the entire "art scene" is rigged) "knowingly" declares that "they are not going out with each other" ... this instantly becomes the "fact", in the venue where performer is ("by definition") in charge...whilst the audience is, basically, the bunch of morons who "must" go out sometimes, somewhere...like muddy cretins in glastonbury who cue in front of the box with the words "drop your written complaint here if you think that festival is not so good as it used to be" (i saw that on youtube too)

  • Clement Lee
    Clement Lee 19 hours ago

    Dr Strange found a new job as a comedian.

  • Max Erea
    Max Erea 20 hours ago

    I love the Jimmy Savile joke

  • B Dayapraar
    B Dayapraar 21 hour ago

    The business man of jokes.

  • Colin Warren
    Colin Warren 22 hours ago

    Jimmy So Vile and Michael Jackson should both have become Catholic Priests!

  • Harley Hintz
    Harley Hintz 23 hours ago

    Anyone else clap ? Or am I enjoying this a little to much!

  • Karen Moloney
    Karen Moloney 23 hours ago

    twisted evil looking freak

  • Zain Shah
    Zain Shah 23 hours ago

    I’ve just come for the comments 🤣😂

  • Marc Schoofs
    Marc Schoofs 23 hours ago

    "that man there" could be maried with someone else...

  • Advena
    Advena 23 hours ago

    Carr reminds me a lot of Lucifer in this video

  • solipsismworld

    I can't decide if the more family friendly material isn't as funny, or whether the audience reaction is bringing things down that much. Would love to hear Jimmy's view on what was going on here.

  • Kudgy 209
    Kudgy 209 Day ago

    Hearing Jimmy Carr's laugh on any game show always makes my day better)))

  • Terry Silver
    Terry Silver Day ago

    I was shocked and appalled by every joke.

  • raj sharma
    raj sharma Day ago

    her parents must be real proud

  • rajesh shah
    rajesh shah Day ago


  • Bender
    Bender Day ago

    Is it OK to refer to you as JC during the holiday season? I didn't know who you were last week. Very funny and the presentation is impressive. I am a HUGE Sam Kinison fan, you do similar material but you are as far away as you can get from the Sam approach but you are just as funny. Thanks.

  • stenbak88
    stenbak88 Day ago


  • Robert Thomas
    Robert Thomas Day ago

    He's funny AF.

  • Christian Meglio

    70? Based upon this publish date, he was probably not even alive during WW2. My Father-in-law is almost 88 and was not old enough to go into the military during WW2. You would need to be about 91 today to have even caught the end of the war.

  • Edie &Andy
    Edie &Andy Day ago

    His shirt is soooooo pretty.

  • ShawnForReal
    ShawnForReal Day ago

    Americans are the type of people who will praise their troops for murdering half the planet then cry about these jokes after 10 minutes of trying to understand it. Jeez

  • Seeker
    Seeker Day ago

    What an obnoxious person he is !!!

  • bearman127
    bearman127 Day ago

    Wow how many ads: If want watch this without ads like tax avoidance, just pull the red play bar to the end of this vid, then press reply.. Can watch without these ad breaks, sure they gets enough £££...

  • D Ay G
    D Ay G Day ago

    ...i don't understand the joke

  • LasTCursE69
    LasTCursE69 Day ago

    They should cast Jimmy in a Joker movie

  • Lyle Gorch
    Lyle Gorch Day ago

    I don't really wanna know, but I gotta ask: Who's "Fritzzle"?

    • Lyle Gorch
      Lyle Gorch 21 hour ago

      @NNS 12 Thanks. Sorry I asked.

    • NNS 12
      NNS 12 22 hours ago

      Lyle Gorch Austrian man who built a cellar in his house and held his daughter captive for like 24 years and abused her

  • Liam Bestford
    Liam Bestford Day ago

    4:51 he plays for the team where My family are from

  • Sarmen PM
    Sarmen PM Day ago

    "My parents are going to watch this" Oh sweetie...They know,They already know 🙊🤷‍♂️

  • Stephen Chase
    Stephen Chase Day ago

    James Anthony Patrick Carr, your net worth is $12,000,000 worldwide, including stand-up tickets and hosting 8 out of 10 cats!! You were born September 15th, 1972 in Limerick, Republic of Ireland. You are currently 47 years, 2 months, and 19 days old. I love men and women as the bisexual I am!!

  • Keith Hinchcliffe

    1:00 - He's not gonna swap with that? Interesting, cuz sh'e considerably better looking that his real girlfriend, Caroline.

  • a clown
    a clown Day ago

    I'm still convinced you're gay

  • pewpewpew
    pewpewpew Day ago

    i did not get the last joke. anyone?

    • Chris Hogue
      Chris Hogue 10 hours ago

      Look for this video, Confederacy: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO), and you'll get it.

  • Anthony Harrison

    I'm imagining Jimmy Carr as a cartoon-book hero, what would that be like!

  • Jessica patterson

    I don't get school shooting jokes ...... I think its aimed at a younger audience

  • Eyjafjallajökull

    "doing this job"?? this is a highly paid Pastime end of story! 😜😂😂

  • Julio H
    Julio H Day ago

    I wonder if someone would have yelled out "Prophet Muhammad" if Jimmy would actually say jokes about him.

  • paula treanor
    paula treanor 2 days ago

    He done a micheal jackson joke at croydon. m.j. had vitiligo that is why he was classed as black and white.

  • paula treanor
    paula treanor 2 days ago

    The first time i seen him was at fairfield hall croydon.he was greatly funny.

  • Jack McConnell
    Jack McConnell 2 days ago

    Remember when you could tell these sorts of joke

  • Bearded Patriot
    Bearded Patriot 2 days ago

    I about cried laughing so hard lmao. Jimmy Carr is becoming more & more legendary.

  • craig davidson
    craig davidson 2 days ago

    She is a Babe, is it wrong to say that about a special needs person? 😆😆😆

  • Darren Croghan
    Darren Croghan 2 days ago

    i wonder if her husband saw this?

  • Dunning Kruger
    Dunning Kruger 2 days ago

    Your mom is fat.

  • Вячеслав Семухин

    Когда уже будет перевод на русский язык?

  • FLAPslapSLAPflap
    FLAPslapSLAPflap 2 days ago

    Well, he fucked up that guys situation lol

  • gharbi hamza
    gharbi hamza 2 days ago

    He Fucking obliterated her.

  • Gene Thompson
    Gene Thompson 2 days ago

    The only jokes Jimmy Carr does that I don't like is on Thatcher... I respect her.

  • mimoocho dom
    mimoocho dom 2 days ago

    Red flag to a bull.

  • somma pt
    somma pt 2 days ago

    Cool cheers from Portugal 🇵🇹

  • Richard Martin
    Richard Martin 2 days ago

    PMSL! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • ScotsLeo Queen
    ScotsLeo Queen 2 days ago

    #1 fave - @48:27 "I'm not worried about Islamic suicide bombers, they can only do it once. A Hindu suicide bomber, THAT'S more of a threat" 🤣 Course I lmao for entire show but that was sharp as a razor, love to ya Jimmy, don't ever change! ❤️

  • ShogunBean
    ShogunBean 2 days ago

    Lol the Jesus teenage mom joke killed me I'm Christian and I never thought about it like that 😂😂😂

  • Doogle Ticker
    Doogle Ticker 2 days ago

    This is the funniest, best argument to remain in the UK. Nobody else would "get it" and understand, instinctively, the train wreck that is the UK. lol It is a culture apart and worth preserving.

  • smallworld77
    smallworld77 2 days ago

    She should've just gone along with the joke... Would've ended much better for everybody!

  • Bebo May
    Bebo May 2 days ago

    Boy he threw her under the bus, then he backed up and ran over her again, then he backed up and ran over her again, then he backed up and ran over her again!!!

  • Jeffrey Daniel
    Jeffrey Daniel 2 days ago

    6:16 that moment when your like, ‘I’ve made a bad decision!’

  • Jeffrey Daniel
    Jeffrey Daniel 2 days ago

    This guy is funny AF!

  • Gemini M
    Gemini M 2 days ago


  • Ayy lmao
    Ayy lmao 2 days ago

    That woman kept shooting at her own kneecaps with every sentence lol

  • 79Sarwar
    79Sarwar 2 days ago


  • Patrick Lewis
    Patrick Lewis 2 days ago

    Did she not know she was sitting up front at a Jimmy Carr performance? This is like showing up to the circus and being surprised when one of the clowns gets eaten by a lion.

  • BritishIdiots
    BritishIdiots 2 days ago

    Talking back to jimmy Carr... big mistake

  • BusyBasaz
    BusyBasaz 2 days ago

    I've seen just about every Jimmy Carr video on TheXvid. As much as I hate to be the focus of attention, I know you can't just do "move along" on Jimmy. You answer as best you can and hope he doesn't gut you.

  • Charles Bawden
    Charles Bawden 2 days ago

    Too high brow for the US Jimmy.

  • ssi1991
    ssi1991 2 days ago

    Wow, talk about digging your own grave...

  • Vincent Bradshaw
    Vincent Bradshaw 2 days ago

    John you prick funeral director. Have you had a look at yourself? The only white kids in North America that dress like you are just that, kids!!! Grow up you knob......V

  • Shaun Stephens
    Shaun Stephens 2 days ago

    Great vid, thanks. It's a shame you use that same outro joke so often though, it's becoming cringeworthy.

    • Shaun Stephens
      Shaun Stephens 15 hours ago

      @lion I'm talking about using it on youtube. The video was only uploaded 3 days ago.

    • lion
      lion 20 hours ago

      ...its a 15 year old video mate, doubt he still uses it

  • Not Q
    Not Q 2 days ago

    I thought friends with benefits meant you could get onto their dental plan.

    • Not Q
      Not Q 2 hours ago

      @username1nmillion Can't a friend pick a fight in the morning?

    • username1nmillion
      username1nmillion 5 hours ago

      NO, it JUST means you'll have the bedroom benefits of being married {to her} WITHOUT the risk of any morning she wakes up feeling fat and wants to trick you into having a fight with her {because she wants someone to blame & you're the nearest person she wants to blame} ...Also of return home end of the day: time to apologise and she'll want you to think you started the fight. 👨‍🏫🎭 🔮👥🧟‍♀️🏟->😩👏

    • anonymous opinions
      anonymous opinions 2 days ago

      Into, maybe

  • Lloyd Thomas
    Lloyd Thomas 2 days ago

    Filmed 14 years ago... So have Vicky's kids stumbled across it yet?

  • Ghost King
    Ghost King 2 days ago

    That ending got me. The bit about the cab driver I mean.

  • Yeet Boi
    Yeet Boi 2 days ago

    F u

  • Kalki Kalyani
    Kalki Kalyani 2 days ago


    • Kalki Kalyani
      Kalki Kalyani 2 days ago


    • Kiarra Kiarra
      Kiarra Kiarra 2 days ago

      Whelp, we can tell pretty clearly no one has ever accuse you of being too smart.

    COUGZ 2 days ago

    she has been done once again

  • Constantinople, 1054

    If you’re going to a comedy night with your fuckbuddy... You’re dating. Sorry.

    • Vincent Wisse
      Vincent Wisse Day ago

      @Michal Mikuláši Both examples of two people with some connection to each other going somewhere together. Shows two people going somewhere isn't always dating

    • Michal Mikuláši
      Michal Mikuláši Day ago

      @Vincent Wisse i somehow fail to understand your comparison of "father and daugther going to theatre" and "two adult fuckbuddies going to see standup comedy" as being in the same category :D :D :D wtf man :D :D

  • wttao39
    wttao39 2 days ago

    Another Brilliant example of how Carr interact with the audience and hecklers..... Also a perfect example of what it's going to happen to anyone who doesn't has a sense of humor and feeling annoying by Carr's joking. A world of advice..... Don't be puritan and conservative minded, ENJOY the show and most importantly DO NOT TRY TO DEBATE with Jimmy Carr..... just learn to accept any joke especially if the joke is you..... There is a Great Lesson for all us here..... So accept and do not try to argue.... The man does that for a living and combine with the high IQ he has you CAN NOT WIN..... 😜

  • ifuss
    ifuss 2 days ago

    I want to show her my tummy banana

  • The JoJo Referencer

    “Sexual prrredataa”

  • LasTCursE69
    LasTCursE69 2 days ago

    This guy is hands down my favourite comedian