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  • Saima Ali
    Saima Ali 12 minutes ago

    If I WERE you"

  • H o n e y B e a r
    H o n e y B e a r 15 minutes ago

    The black guy dancing is my role model😂

  • Júlia Vargová
    Júlia Vargová 28 minutes ago

    Miesto 18.

  • Nam Võ
    Nam Võ 30 minutes ago

    Meghan trainor: your lips are movin' so your lying Bart baker: you're men so you're lying Only men can bring faith and love to each other 💨💖

  • Leo Álvarez
    Leo Álvarez 31 minute ago

    Any 2020?

  • Suzyy Rai
    Suzyy Rai 50 minutes ago


  • World Best
    World Best 51 minute ago

    I listen to this song 100 times everyday since 17th September 2017.that brinks it to 2-3 million views.out of 612 million views 2-3 million views are due to me.i am totally addicted to this song.

  • Isis Almeida
    Isis Almeida 51 minute ago


  • Nola Hubbard
    Nola Hubbard 59 minutes ago

    This song puts me in such a good mood!!

  • Bassboy69
    Bassboy69 Hour ago

    I play bass

  • Dreamer24
    Dreamer24 Hour ago

    Guys she said " I don't need a fancy wedding " and I'm sure she means it the love between those two is real . But they are financially able to have a fancy wedding so why not ? What's bad in that ? Honestly their wedding looks like a fairy tale <333 . Congrats 🎉🥳✨

  • Nuno
    Nuno Hour ago

    davie504: nice

  • Jim Ka
    Jim Ka Hour ago


  • ian santos
    ian santos Hour ago

    Better not better not better not MISS this🎶 That hits me hard

  • Bert Smith
    Bert Smith Hour ago

    WHOS HERE IN 2020

  • Sage Mchottie
    Sage Mchottie Hour ago

    Why did they cancelled her again, ever since she got married and attempt to lose some Unwanted weight and life a happy life, ppl wrote get off for dead. She’s very talented and just trying to show ppl that she be more that the Do Wop! chubby chick. I don’t know man, but this woman use to get billions of views, now she’s struggling to stay relevant. When home girl Rihanna can be absent for 3 yrs and as soon as she drops a single, it shot straight to number 1. Dang Riri is queen lol

  • - Buehmann
    - Buehmann Hour ago

    122 people blinked.

  • Mia Lorie
    Mia Lorie Hour ago

    Love your video congratulations

  • kamilia Fio
    kamilia Fio 2 hours ago

    She sounds a little bit like Ariana Grande doesn't she?

  • The Damai
    The Damai 2 hours ago

    I miss her

  • Emerson Fuentes.H
    Emerson Fuentes.H 2 hours ago

    Que hermoso

  • Emerson Fuentes.H
    Emerson Fuentes.H 2 hours ago

    Me encanta

  • Georgina Isabel
    Georgina Isabel 2 hours ago

    I am really curious. Did Alexa go to their wedding?

  • Olivia Poles
    Olivia Poles 2 hours ago

    i love meghan Trainor she is my faivrote singer your the best and i agree i fell better when i'm dancing

  • Teresa David
    Teresa David 2 hours ago

    2020 1960

  • Teresa David
    Teresa David 2 hours ago

    Tio Joaquim 1960

  • Kinga Soltész
    Kinga Soltész 2 hours ago


  • Thang Khai
    Thang Khai 2 hours ago

    Who's here after watching The Voice UK special duet?

  • Hope Jones
    Hope Jones 2 hours ago

    Do people think that she’s somewhat shaming skinny people? Genuine question.

  • The Little Itty Bitty Pity Show

    Damn! What a Change , not the sound, it’s like the way it was from the start. I was there before that...... when no one knew you and I had to wait to get my preorder with only two or three songs to get by until it came time to deliver and then I could memorize the rest , less than a week from it’s release and still telling everyone that they had to here this song by someone that they never heard of, as is I ever talk about anything else! Music is more than everything, and M Train delivers then & now and apparently a whole hell of alot Hotter! But I Loved You from the day I heard You for the first time. Things change, but when musicians do from the ways that made them are generally a career killer, mostly due to pressure and the wrong influences and the other crap that goes on in the industry. Then again, a little change in evolving, with keeping the origins through and through, just upping it a little more every time and a curveball here and there of some unexpected different and change from something completely different and not overly dramatic or overdone but great in the all in all is awesome Rad when it winds up workin out and giving the subtly a little kick up a notch jackpot of a gamble and that’s what’s cool about music and the music that defines an artist and their signature sound and what separate the great from the one that follow and stay in the run of the mill bandwagon wake of the Lead Sh*p Oh yeah, Megan, did I tell You that Your More Hotter that the Hott that You already were before getting this Hott of a Hot Hottie ! Okay, I’m gonna leave it at that, so I can get outa here and go spontaneous combust 🔥

  • Vlog Clock
    Vlog Clock 3 hours ago

    Есть кто-то из России👇👇👇👇👇

  • Teerapong Nabnian
    Teerapong Nabnian 5 hours ago

    Amazing this song ft pcd ❤️

  • KJ Nguyen Quoc
    KJ Nguyen Quoc 5 hours ago

    *Her voice is FLAWLESS!*

  • Athénaïs
    Athénaïs 5 hours ago

    76 days until I marry my own dear future husband ❤️ Cannot wait!

  • Gin chan
    Gin chan 5 hours ago

    Yass! It's time Megan came back with a hit! 2020 will be a great year for music lovers.

  • Dinathi Piyasena
    Dinathi Piyasena 5 hours ago

    my mom - clean your room me - my name is no -.. my mom - ok No go clean your room

  • John Paolo Gomez
    John Paolo Gomez 5 hours ago

    Whenever I listen to this song I just think of snoopy dancing with all the kids in a conga line

  • Elsi Jen
    Elsi Jen 6 hours ago

    Omg realised at the start she sounds a bit like Nessa from Gavin and Stacey!😂

  • Dee babes
    Dee babes 6 hours ago


  • Vickie Eaton
    Vickie Eaton 6 hours ago

    This new sound/Album is the bomb!

  • Ricky Webb
    Ricky Webb 6 hours ago

    About the base when I was younger I said rabbits instead of base

  • Timi Pálfi
    Timi Pálfi 6 hours ago

    This song makes me so sad but very beautiful.

  • Martin
    Martin 6 hours ago

    This sound is just a perfect combination of her old music and some modern beats i love it!

  • olimar Abao
    olimar Abao 7 hours ago


  • doina dragomir
    doina dragomir 7 hours ago

    she will never be a great singer , but i dont know who keeps pushing her !

  • Jessica Driscoll
    Jessica Driscoll 8 hours ago

    What a beautiful wedding!


    OMG 2300 million views ,230 Crore , That means approximately twice the the Indian demographic number..... That's insane...


    kinda sweet song

  • Rachel Sheldon
    Rachel Sheldon 9 hours ago

    She flopped because she’s 1000000% unlikeable. Jealous of anyone on the four that’s competition to her. She’s gross. Inside and out.

  • Gamer girl Chips
    Gamer girl Chips 9 hours ago

    She’s actually not fat but me I’m skinnyer (bones and skin for real)

  • Ferra Isniza
    Ferra Isniza 9 hours ago


  • Amer'e Swain
    Amer'e Swain 9 hours ago

    who got an ad b4 the vid

  • Brenton Tutorials And Games

    the girl sounds liek the girl in bart bakers song

  • Amer'e Swain
    Amer'e Swain 9 hours ago

    who looked in comments and found somthing that u didthat someone said

  • Meryleine Oliveira
    Meryleine Oliveira 9 hours ago


  • Meryleine Oliveira
    Meryleine Oliveira 9 hours ago


  • Meryleine Oliveira
    Meryleine Oliveira 9 hours ago


  • Meryleine Oliveira
    Meryleine Oliveira 9 hours ago


  • Meryleine Oliveira
    Meryleine Oliveira 9 hours ago

    BOP ❤️😍😍

  • Meryleine Oliveira
    Meryleine Oliveira 9 hours ago


  • Meryleine Oliveira
    Meryleine Oliveira 9 hours ago


  • Meryleine Oliveira
    Meryleine Oliveira 9 hours ago


  • Meryleine Oliveira
    Meryleine Oliveira 9 hours ago


  • Meryleine Oliveira
    Meryleine Oliveira 9 hours ago


  • Meryleine Oliveira
    Meryleine Oliveira 9 hours ago


  • Meryleine Oliveira
    Meryleine Oliveira 9 hours ago


  • Meryleine Oliveira
    Meryleine Oliveira 9 hours ago


  • Meryleine Oliveira
    Meryleine Oliveira 9 hours ago


  • Ilah Pena
    Ilah Pena 9 hours ago

    1:12 that dog was like were the fuck did everyone go

  • Lily The savage
    Lily The savage 9 hours ago

    Never heard of this guy Mike before but damn, such great tone and vocals

    ANISSA MONAE 9 hours ago

    Omg this was so my jam lol when it came out lol still a great song !!

  • Im Playing
    Im Playing 10 hours ago

    0:01 Joe Cool?!?!

  • Ceecily
    Ceecily 10 hours ago

    Honestly I love this song but I personally think bashing “skinny” people to make big women feel good isn’t right everyone is equally beautiful 💯

  • StarSailorMars
    StarSailorMars 10 hours ago

    We love a skinny shaming queen 💀

  • Rick Flores
    Rick Flores 10 hours ago


  • Si me respondes eres putaaa


  • John Smith
    John Smith 10 hours ago

    Fat acceptance may as well be smoking acceptance. Both are relentless killers. She’s shaming fit people and spreading misinformation. If you are fat you are not perfect. You’re going to die from heart failure. She says she’s not a size 2 and that ok, but she’s a size 12. Bitch, it’s a bit disingenuous. Y’all cheer this shit nowadays. Telling people that reality is however they see it. This will lead to the destruction of our species, thanks 🤦🏼‍♂️

  • ゆっぽTV
    ゆっぽTV 10 hours ago


  • Mariafernanda Urzua
    Mariafernanda Urzua 10 hours ago

    I have been listening to this song for ¡4 YEARS!

  • Sarah Nunes
    Sarah Nunes 10 hours ago


  • Kevilyn Kailaine
    Kevilyn Kailaine 11 hours ago

    Música boa que presta é raro ninguém gosta né agora funk Jorginho de a nossa ontem não que não escuta a pessoa mais esses tipo de música vocês todos clica que não gosta mas eu não fica de boa qualidade música que ensina ao contrário de funk

  • Violeta Chan
    Violeta Chan 11 hours ago

    mis pastelitos??

  • Mackenzie Harper
    Mackenzie Harper 12 hours ago

    The song is just ok I guess. But that's one fugly looking dude she's singing with!! 🤢🤢

  • Ozkan Yazan
    Ozkan Yazan 12 hours ago

    the beat drop tho!

  • cartm
    cartm 12 hours ago

    This was amazing !

  • EMELY Guirola
    EMELY Guirola 12 hours ago

    That looks like a kids wonderland honestly

  • Hello my world!
    Hello my world! 12 hours ago

    Viciooo...;-; ta aqui o comentário em português q tu tava procurando ;-;

  • Lupita Laguna
    Lupita Laguna 12 hours ago


  • LisaGenerationX
    LisaGenerationX 12 hours ago

    Cute bubble gum song that Is captivating. I like it.

  • true newfie3853
    true newfie3853 12 hours ago


  • Yulius Sutedi
    Yulius Sutedi 12 hours ago

    Mainnen malika

  • Esmeralda García
    Esmeralda García 13 hours ago

    Amo a esta mujer.❤️

  • Edward Berara
    Edward Berara 13 hours ago

    This one sounds like a Hillsong.

  • artmisegrl
    artmisegrl 13 hours ago


  • Sienna Sevigny
    Sienna Sevigny 13 hours ago

    Is anyone here in 2020?

  • Jim Ka
    Jim Ka 13 hours ago

    Go meghan

  • Vernando Too
    Vernando Too 13 hours ago

    So far my fave for her upcoming album, followed by ALL THE WAYS

  • José camilo Martínez medrano

    Está canción es fabulosa

  • José camilo Martínez medrano

    Te amo

  • José camilo Martínez medrano