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  • EML Recordings
    EML Recordings 3 minutes ago

    Bizzre, I'd have smashed the run and the swim, and probably failed everything else, takes an all around strong endurance athlete to do all of these most triathletes would have smashed it though tbh

  • Mike Gates
    Mike Gates 6 minutes ago

    The swim goes first, then the push ups and sit ups. The pull-ups are done hands over not under. The run is done with boots on. Good luck

  • Jordan Alker
    Jordan Alker 12 minutes ago

    everything is wrong with a bath... save it for the sauna and hottub facepalms

    BLAZINGINGPHOENIX 13 minutes ago

    He'd loose his gym shark money if he admitted use as they have a strict policy of not employing ppl on gear,most fitness ppl are on gear tho as your appearance is your paycheck and belive it or not its actually healthier to be enhanced when your going for sub 8% body fat all year round

      BLAZINGINGPHOENIX 3 minutes ago

      And for the record I dont care if hes never used them or if hes used them everyday of his life hes got a great physique that he should be very proud of

  • Вася Прокопенко

    Hi, Matt. Are you Arsenal's fan or what does mean gunners' tatoo on your right shoulder?

  • Jordan Alker
    Jordan Alker 19 minutes ago

    Also, under a minute slow isn't that bad, definitely better than i'd say 50%? wouldnt know but that sounds like an understatement.

  • CareyEve36
    CareyEve36 20 minutes ago

    what about for a whole week?

  • Jordan Alker
    Jordan Alker 24 minutes ago

    i am in the army and i think i know why it seems impossible. i will due note that you guys did it slow, im sure the ruck makes you more weary but the general consensus would be getting down faster, aka throwing your body at the ground pretty much, and then being able to sprint off as fast as possible from the prone position. the high crawl was also slow, i mean obviously it takes time getting a feel for the exercise before you can really move with it, and i have seen a Navy guy in platoon fucking swim thru the dirt so body composition makes a difference, you're height vs. width would Indefinitely make that harder. I am pretty damn high on the competitive sprint scale, so without the ruck i personally think i could own that challenge in just under 55 seconds. Thanks for the content Matt!

  • 2222 Ben
    2222 Ben 27 minutes ago

    Actually tho, Nice Filming!

  • Me You
    Me You 29 minutes ago

    They are doing chin ups, not pull ups😂😂

  • Kyle Anderson
    Kyle Anderson 29 minutes ago

    Who’s here from Greg Doucettes video?

  • Lasse Manninen
    Lasse Manninen 29 minutes ago

    Don't be so jumpy about beeing naked. It is natural. Come in Finland, and go to sauna. Everybody are naked.

  • Goldfish
    Goldfish 32 minutes ago

    Make a response video to Greg Doucette calling you out for being Fake Natty

  • Hamza Hassan
    Hamza Hassan 34 minutes ago

    Quality 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼

  • G SOS
    G SOS 55 minutes ago

    Helo volkom...

  • abdur butt
    abdur butt 56 minutes ago

    virgin media broadband gang

  • Elliott_k_b
    Elliott_k_b 58 minutes ago

    Am I the only one who saw the intro and checked if they clicked on the right video😂

  • Jabes
    Jabes Hour ago

    Only Mike did the press ups correctly, touching the ground with chest. But well done lads! (Also - do some aerobic training occasionally)

  • Jonek K
    Jonek K Hour ago


  • Trez GMNG
    Trez GMNG Hour ago


  • paul lewis
    paul lewis Hour ago

    arms not on chest during crunches

  • Fiskie
    Fiskie Hour ago

    It's so exhausting to watch this video. He is rambling all the time and his energy is so nervous. A bit like Gordon Ramsay but somehow worse. Anyway .. some videos like the entrance test were nice but this is a mess.

  • cancellara1979
    cancellara1979 Hour ago

    One guy can't even tie his laces

  • Dan Poole
    Dan Poole Hour ago

    For clarification, what exactly does the russian army fitness test involve ?

  • XxDoom_NinjaxX 1000

    Idiots the second they take steroids is when they are almost as big as Dom Mazzetti

  • Jan Simič
    Jan Simič Hour ago

    best intro ever luka did good job creative enough to make me think abaut how long was you doing this intro with 2 year old son

  • hjkljhhkl
    hjkljhhkl Hour ago

    The problem with body building is they don't work on cardio. Lungs are muscles too ya know

  • Herman VdWesthuizen

    Alright massive respect but the running and swimming was quite funny

  • Filipe Pinto
    Filipe Pinto Hour ago

    Best fitness intro ever 💪

  • Matthew Wallace
    Matthew Wallace Hour ago

    Looks like this fitness test is selective for stamina (I believe max power for as long as possible) and endurance (sustained cardio vascular work) and not so much on speed and strength.

  • Emiliano Galvan morales

    Spetsnaz work out or delta force work out

  • Jackson Smith
    Jackson Smith 2 hours ago

    Finally someone exposes what kinda fraud you are. I told you years ago that your bullshit was gonna get exposed. So glad people are waking up now. Must be fun fooling people based on a lie, creating a follower base on social media built on a lie and make money from it. " my wife would devorce me if I was on ped's" you need to work on your bullshit. Anyone that believes that you're natural is clueless about what you can and can't achieve naturally and you just use these fools instead of educating them. You're a weak ass bitch

    DEECEE's ADVENTURES 2 hours ago

    not a vary fast swimming method there...

  • tony Falla
    tony Falla 2 hours ago

    The emphasis should be on body structure and healthy diet, not mindless weight gain and increased weight training.

  • Markus Marcinkiewicz

    10:27 mike's facial expressions hello darkness My old friend...

  • Mincu Robert
    Mincu Robert 2 hours ago

    Looks very very good ! But weak .

  • Sweaty Boi649
    Sweaty Boi649 2 hours ago

    You act like it’s a great achievement for you to be proud about but if you keep doing this your going to have diabetes one day

  • andrew swan
    andrew swan 2 hours ago

    boots not trainers boys;()))))))

  • SxmplyySunrise
    SxmplyySunrise 2 hours ago

    The potassium is fine in our bananas. It isn’t bog standard potassium. It is an ion. Meaning there are less electrons. It has a full shell therefore it is not very reactive.

  • Jonathan Hendricks
    Jonathan Hendricks 2 hours ago

    Did anybody fart during this?

  • Conor MacCloud
    Conor MacCloud 2 hours ago

    Top Video. Really have to work on my chest engagement. It has always lagged behind my other body parts. You might have just told me why.

  • Christopher DeCareaux

    All respect to yall for giving it a go. Just a clarification for the push-up rules, if you break the plank position you also get disqualified and are considered done at that point.

  • MyNameIsKaBoom
    MyNameIsKaBoom 2 hours ago

    us army is the best out of all of the countries like if agree

  • MrSathfreak
    MrSathfreak 2 hours ago

    Keep your head up buddy you'll get another gig unless your competition is out to get you...

  • Bran Sco
    Bran Sco 2 hours ago

    ah man, youll bounce back from this!!

  • Anik Tabor
    Anik Tabor 2 hours ago

    Luca melts my damn heart i want him

  • Eda Ozoglu
    Eda Ozoglu 2 hours ago

    Multi-stage fitness test. Also known as the PACER/BEEP test

  • Pritam Roy
    Pritam Roy 2 hours ago

    What i eat for 4 day he ate for breakfast

  • Mariana Munteanu
    Mariana Munteanu 2 hours ago

    I just love all the intros Luca is so adorable! Always enjoy watching your videos! Keep up the great work!!!

  • TJP films
    TJP films 2 hours ago

    are you gay

  • Paulvon128
    Paulvon128 2 hours ago

    these guys are super fit except the run. Guys this age should easily run 1.5 miles under 10 min. If they trained for it they could do it. Great job guys

  • Makeu Upset
    Makeu Upset 3 hours ago

    I'm only impressed by bodybuilders if they can throw their weight around. Do backflips, wallflips, Kips. run fast!

    JASON KHAKIMOV 3 hours ago

    She got the jat tho ngl

  • Rune
    Rune 3 hours ago

    German army test

  • J T
    J T 3 hours ago

    Why are you editing your muscles to be bigger in the thumbnails? Tbh i know why but it's wrong...

  • Kylian Mbappé
    Kylian Mbappé 3 hours ago

    What's your cycle man? Looking to hop on the bike soon so hmu

  • Sexmaster 420
    Sexmaster 420 3 hours ago

    I eat so much more than these women I’m only like 12

  • idan124
    idan124 3 hours ago

    8:45 i almost spit my coffee out on my entire screen

  • SRGaMeR 009
    SRGaMeR 009 3 hours ago

    whats about the date 8-8-06.

  • Junior Kemmish
    Junior Kemmish 3 hours ago

    probably got wore out after 2 or 3 minutes.......body building and navy seals training are 2 completely different ways to build your body

  • idan124
    idan124 3 hours ago

    the brown guy has phenomenal physics

  • Jules C
    Jules C 3 hours ago

    Who watches this low iq masturbation?

  • Carlos Spicyweiner
    Carlos Spicyweiner 3 hours ago

    Is it a requirement to do this test with shirts off? Especially since it was freezing outside?

  • Blues Rock
    Blues Rock 3 hours ago

    Well it depends on genetics and diet for example when i find out that Dwayne Johnson was natural i got so surprised but after finding out his diet kinda makes sense

  • SoULtRaDeR
    SoULtRaDeR 3 hours ago

    so do the us army seals take off their shirts and train all the time or r these two just flexin??

  • Niall O'Byrne
    Niall O'Byrne 4 hours ago

    jelly snake lololololololololololololol

  • Igor .Bronz
    Igor .Bronz 4 hours ago

    I passed the pre-screening BUD/S test when I was 20, although it was easier at the time because I weighed only 165 lbs and was in top cardio form after boxing for a few years. At 27, I weigh close to 200 with much more muscle, and I doubt I would be able to pass this test. I don't do much cardio and I have a much higher oxygen demand now anyway. I'm much more strength oriented now, as opposed to endurance - which is what you need to get through the pipeline.

  • Akid Rayman
    Akid Rayman 4 hours ago

    Luca:while you've been training your body I've been training my mind

  • vlxse
    vlxse 4 hours ago

    The Fitness Gram Pacer Test

  • Akid Rayman
    Akid Rayman 4 hours ago

    Sos I disliked because no Luca intro t wo hours later I cannot dislike me liking it

  • Sebastian Ibanez
    Sebastian Ibanez 4 hours ago

    😞i would feel so ulgy around these ppl

  • Suro 6
    Suro 6 4 hours ago

    The marine CFT would be interesting to see. this is the PFT

  • Maciej
    Maciej 4 hours ago

    Why are they always doing this stuff when it's raining xd Also, it really is 55 seconds, as stated here:

  • Jonathan Sergei
    Jonathan Sergei 4 hours ago

    How's that fake natty life treating you? Fucking Bum!

  • TheRealEffluence
    TheRealEffluence 4 hours ago

    Hahahaha whoever believes he did this natural is an idiot. It takes like 10 years to build 40 pounds of muscle natural if you do everything perfectly.

  • Patrick Savalle
    Patrick Savalle 4 hours ago

    This guy says you're full of shit. And dope. Any comment?

  • David Hilton
    David Hilton 4 hours ago

    why doesn't he like to look at the camera??

  • Tim Smith
    Tim Smith 5 hours ago

  • Suro 6
    Suro 6 5 hours ago

    swim is first so youre tired, wet and uncomfortable throughout the rest of the exercise

  • Gilla
    Gilla 5 hours ago

    How can arching your back be better only because it reduces the range of motion, how does that work when wanting to build mass & strength? Its just less stress, like the amount of weight on the barbell... Reducing the weight has the same effect as reducing the range of motion no?

  • Lunch Box
    Lunch Box 5 hours ago

    i love all the intros best part of the videos

  • Michael Coombes
    Michael Coombes 5 hours ago

    why the orange spoon?

  • Billy bob Jones
    Billy bob Jones 5 hours ago

    5:31 🤣

  • maxwell smart
    maxwell smart 5 hours ago

    I was in the Marines from 1974-1977. At 175 lb. I maxed the PFT every time I took it....

  • Fff Fff
    Fff Fff 5 hours ago

    Haha , Grindr 🤫

  • Maddy
    Maddy 5 hours ago

    Your sister is a good pole dancer but it seems like she not a good instructor

  • AKingerino
    AKingerino 5 hours ago

    ehm 8 shots of coffee is 600 mg of caffeine...

  • bret wright
    bret wright 5 hours ago

    Bodybuilders are in no way equipped to do any ot this. They're bodybuilders, which is a specific kind of athlete. They aren't runners, swimmers, or any other kind of endurance athlete. They're strength trainers and sculptors. Most elite warriors I know are wiry. Large muscles require more oxygen and energy to power through and are best suited to explosive power. I don't know why this video was even made.

  • Jason Novak
    Jason Novak 5 hours ago

    Try the new US Army Combat Fitness Test (ACFT). Way different from the old PT test

  • toni dp
    toni dp 5 hours ago

    Greg got me here. Roid boy Matt

  • Daniel Pacheco
    Daniel Pacheco 5 hours ago

    I wish we could all use one unit of measurement (kg/lb) .. would make life much easier ,..smh

  • Laraine Fenn
    Laraine Fenn 5 hours ago

    Shut the fuck up little shits hating on this guy Well done Matt keep up the good work

  • Tihomir Mladenov
    Tihomir Mladenov 6 hours ago

    Here, you have my respect and like, guys! Especially because of the water part lol. When I was younger, like 22 or 23, I was 85-ish kilos, doing cardio, situps, pushups was easier, and I'm talking without following a serious workout schedule. Now I'm 29 and like 95 kilo's and when I don't practice for a month or two because of schedule, it's a huge PIA to get back to my fit state. How I wish I could go back to 85 kg but I just can't do it. These tests I think are best fit for people who are not more than 85 kilograms, practice a lot of cardio and are tough, but not like buff dudes. When you're heavy you just can barely make it. And you'd also be a huge target on a battlefield since that is for the military.

  • Titanium Nova
    Titanium Nova 6 hours ago

    For lads there size, that was a impressive 1.5 miler! Well done 👌

  • The Day
    The Day 6 hours ago

    First of all u should do the test without brakes couse its not only about the individual exercises it tests statmina as well and the order is rly importaint as well so basicly u just did some random exercise with breaks and thats about it. I mean the results are not too bad but cosidering how muscular u are makes me wuonder what the hell is in them. I exercise frequently and I am not anywhere near that. I am 80Kg 181cm atm w a body fat at probably like 14% and I could beat them in all of the exercises they did especialy running so guys what the hell is in them big slabs of ''muscle'' of yours??

  • Thomas Paturau
    Thomas Paturau 6 hours ago

    5 minutes of silence for Elijah Galy

  • Muhammed Shaik
    Muhammed Shaik 6 hours ago

    Top video mann

  • JJ Richards
    JJ Richards 6 hours ago

    That pairs fire and manoeuvre hurt me eyes 😂

  • Zannnnah
    Zannnnah 6 hours ago

    Nice legs run in the family clearly

  • Al Meyer
    Al Meyer 6 hours ago

    We had one Marine in my unit that would do the 3 Mile in 15 minutes