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  • Redskins Pride WGIL
    Redskins Pride WGIL 10 minutes ago

    Very easy to follow tutorial. I will share this with my homeowner friends.

  • Ronald Apodaca
    Ronald Apodaca 12 minutes ago

    Cool now that you told me how to flush my water heater If something happens and I flood my house accidentally I’ll just sue you because you told me how to do it

  • Air Repair
    Air Repair 32 minutes ago

    I used my VOM to test if voltage was getting to the PS.

  • Save Like a Pro with Leah

    Super informative! Thanks for sharing!

  • Richard Rodak
    Richard Rodak 38 minutes ago

    Great information as usual. Thanks for making these.

  • piz11
    piz11 42 minutes ago

    Another good video 👍🏾👍🏾

  • Reynaldo Jimenez
    Reynaldo Jimenez 46 minutes ago

    Thank you for the video, I am a HVAC service tech and I like how you explained everything in the video. You should be a hvac teacher so that way students know what to do when they get out of school. There are not that many good techs because hvac schools don’t have good teachers.

  • Brendon Hastings
    Brendon Hastings 47 minutes ago

    Great video you help me out a lot!! I appreciate it.

  • Julio Quishpilema
    Julio Quishpilema 50 minutes ago

    Thank you

  • wayne1965
    wayne1965 Hour ago

    You need to light the pilot?

  • Harry Dickson
    Harry Dickson Hour ago


  • Jozef Lak
    Jozef Lak Hour ago

    Very good info I wish you would have this video 10 years ago when I used to live up north.

  • Sal Venturi
    Sal Venturi Hour ago

    Something tells me this guy has memorized the Bible and can recite its contents backwards.

    ZE KENZY Hour ago

    Thank you for shared . I learned alot from your video ^_^. If possible could you make the same video with Heat Pump. Thank you ^_^.

  • terry bowen
    terry bowen 2 hours ago

    Great video I’m always learning and getting better from watching your videos so keep them coming 👍👍

  • billybbob18
    billybbob18 2 hours ago

    "At least I don't have to battle with the solid rod" -WordOfAdviceTV

    MICAH MUELLER 2 hours ago

    Why dose your inducer motor sound diffrent

  • Brian Zambotti
    Brian Zambotti 2 hours ago

    Looks fun

  • Marc king
    Marc king 2 hours ago

    Hello, I have 3 flashes indicating pressure switch is stuck open. I tried blowing and sucking the tube on the pressure switch and I heard the diaphragm. The heater does not turn automatically but I can get it to run one cycle by unplugging the power wire to the blower motor and plug it back it. I am trying to figure out if it the pressure switch is bad or if it's something else. Thank you very much!

    • Wesley Edwards
      Wesley Edwards Hour ago

      Test the voltage from the board to the inducer motor. Also test power going to pressure switch. I ran across a similar & had to replace the board all together.

    • Word of Advice TV
      Word of Advice TV 2 hours ago

      There are times where the board will blink a pressure switch error code but it has nothing to do with the pressure switch... From what you described, I can't guess what that can be. The blower motor you referred to, is that the inducer motor or the actual blower motor?

  • shawn engstrom
    shawn engstrom 2 hours ago

    Love your videos.

  • Terry Moline
    Terry Moline 3 hours ago

    Nice video 👍

  • Murtaza Ahmadi
    Murtaza Ahmadi 3 hours ago

    Home owners be like I dont need a pressure switch.

    • Word of Advice TV
      Word of Advice TV 2 hours ago

      Lol, hopefully not. I did mention in the video that jumping the pressure switch should be done for testing purposes only.

  • Ray-55
    Ray-55 3 hours ago

    Good show .Thank you

    • Word of Advice TV
      Word of Advice TV 2 hours ago

      You're welcome! Thanks for watching and leaving a comment!

  • Hercules Skinny
    Hercules Skinny 3 hours ago

    Always on point as usual. Thanks

  • Jack Wyatt
    Jack Wyatt 3 hours ago

    Does this apply to oil and gas furnaces?

    • Word of Advice TV
      Word of Advice TV 3 hours ago

      Propane and gas yes. I am not sure about oil furnaces since I do not work on them.

  • Vega mann
    Vega mann 3 hours ago

    This would be good to know if you pressure switch failed on a cold night to get you through the night . Then get a new one put in the next morning . Thank you :)

    • Word of Advice TV
      Word of Advice TV 3 hours ago

      You're welcome! That would definitely work if the pressure switch is stuck open or closed. But just in case, I want to point out that if the pressure switch is actually tripping because there is a problem with the venting , then it would be a bad idea to leave it bypassed like that. It could lead to a carbon monoxide hazard or the furnace could be damaged further.

  • yo no fui
    yo no fui 3 hours ago

    How do I test the flame sensor teacher

    • Word of Advice TV
      Word of Advice TV 3 hours ago

      This video is dedicated to the flame sensor :) thexvid.com/video/-QKHz1Mv9Ew/video.html

  • HVAC*R Survival
    HVAC*R Survival 3 hours ago

    Curious, is your channel geared towards DIY homeowners?

    • HVAC*R Survival
      HVAC*R Survival 2 hours ago

      @Word of Advice TV with as many homeowners that are watching I would be concerned a unqualified person might try this or any other safety tests and make a mistake resulting in liability suit. Personally I try to leave out some steps to avoid that possibility.

    • Miguel Hernandez
      Miguel Hernandez 2 hours ago

      Actually head a issue today with draft pressure. Initial reading was -0.16"WC took apart the flue vent and found a dead bird in it, afterwards the draft pressure was -1.36"WC.

    • Miguel Hernandez
      Miguel Hernandez 3 hours ago

      Bypassing a safety switch can be a really bad thing. There's a reason that pressure switch is not opening or closing. IF draft pressure is good, I can see why you would do this. If NOT, I would not do that just out of fear of roll back or carbon monoxide leakage. For the most part, your videos are interesting and have good content for a DIY. I just heard your disclaimer about not doing this. I do like how you simplify stuff for the average person.

    • Word of Advice TV
      Word of Advice TV 3 hours ago

      My channel is geared towards basics. So I guess that's a yes? DIY, curious homeowner, HVAC students, new techs, techs browsing around on TheXvid, etc.

  • Bobby Wollard
    Bobby Wollard 3 hours ago

    I always keep coming back 2 you! 2 help me with my troubleshooting thank you

  • stanley McKinney
    stanley McKinney 3 hours ago

    Please don’t take this the wrong way, having a union inside of the appliance, probably not the safest place for it.

    • Word of Advice TV
      Word of Advice TV 3 hours ago

      It was like that when I bought the house and I didn't bother to re-do it since it passed the inspection. Thank you for the concern though!

  • B West
    B West 4 hours ago

    Hey good people! I need help. I changed the capacitor but the fan still not turning. BUT, when I press the "test button" the fan runs just fine. What could I checked next?

  • George Bartholemew
    George Bartholemew 4 hours ago

    It's not a flat head screwdriver, it's a slotted screwdriver. Flat head screws are conical and made to be countersunk. They may be slotted or phillips head. You would be more correct to call it a flat blade screwdriver.

  • Chris Maddox
    Chris Maddox 5 hours ago

    Hi friendly comment. Great video thanks. "OL" means out of limits" you don't draw, more likely "push" referring to the switch.

  • Titan Niki
    Titan Niki 7 hours ago

    You blew out Obstruction, With what?

    • Word of Advice TV
      Word of Advice TV 6 hours ago

      Sorry, I should have clarified.. I blew it out with my mouth, it does not need a lot of pressure.

  • Charles Wieland
    Charles Wieland 7 hours ago

    I was called to one of my neighbors house on a no heat issue. While asking him what he was experiencing I noticed a cockroach crawling up his jacket, after mentioning this to him he just kinda blew it off. Then I looked around a little more ( this was in the kitchen ) and I seen them EVERYWHERE! He wasn't even phased! I mean there was like a swing club of roaches! I went to the basement, fixed the issue and I was gone. Never again

    • Word of Advice TV
      Word of Advice TV 6 hours ago

      Yikes, roach land! That sounds gross.. I guess people learn to live with them and think it's normal? Thank you for watching and sharing your experience!

  • Vicki Takacs
    Vicki Takacs 7 hours ago

    I just knew you'd have a video on this. I just ran out and want to make my own but there are so many conflicting ways of making it. I was hoping you showed how to make it using a converter or 9 volt batteries. Have you ever tested the CS to see how many ppm you have in it? I've seen solutions of 20 all the way up to 2,000 ppm but I am thinking that even more important is the size of the particles. Would a tds measure that? I will have to do more research I see.

    • Word of Advice TV
      Word of Advice TV 5 hours ago

      Haha yeah :) I started my channel planning on making videos like this but somehow it turned into a HVAC channel. (health and wellness videos end up being suppressed - they are not advertiser friendly) To be honest, I am not that well-versed in the science behind this either. (this was also something Alex was promoting to me, just like the wheat water) My dad was saying that in Russia many people made their own. Just need distilled water, silver, and a power source. This is how he described it: "I would put the silver rods in the water, clamp on my wires to the rods and turn on power. Clouds of grey would then disperse from the rods and the water would turn cloudy but after a short time it would turn crystal clear." He said it only took half a minute to a minute and the water was ready. But from how he described it, I am pretty sure the silver concentration in the water was insane. I remember him telling me how he thought he would die one time when he decided to try to drink a glass of this water instead of a spoon. "After about 5 minutes the ringing in my head kept getting louder and louder and I had to close my eyes and hold them with my hands because it felt like they were going to pop out." Luckily the silver over-dose ended well and a few days later he was back to normal... Alex tested the PPM of silver in the water made by the machine in the video and said it was around 20ppm. I don't have the machine or the meter to test it so I wouldn't be able to tell you much more than that or how to measure the size of the particles.. As an experiment, I tried drinking a whole glass of the 20ppm water and had no symptoms at all. I don't think the way my dad made his water was a good method but if you find out something interesting, let us know! :)

  • Ray Selby
    Ray Selby 8 hours ago

    be careful about where you move in the USA every state has different requirements to work in the field. i moved from Mass. to Maine and had to get all my Licences retested costing me now 800.00 for oil and 5k for gas. AC no licence required just EPA cert. which i have.

    • Word of Advice TV
      Word of Advice TV 5 hours ago

      Oh wow, that's good to know! Thank you for the heads up!

  • Willie Gillie
    Willie Gillie 9 hours ago

    The igniter is also a common problem. If ya don’t see a glowing orange light the gas valve won’t open and burner won’t light. Be careful replacing it. They are usually fragile and break easy.

  • Trust mE No One
    Trust mE No One 10 hours ago

    What is the best ac to get that you can open the ac box and clean the coils

    • Word of Advice TV
      Word of Advice TV 5 hours ago

      A few brands have those. They are called "cased coils" where the evaporator coil comes with a "case" around it. The front panel or door comes off and the A-coil is easily accessible.

  • Trust mE No One
    Trust mE No One 10 hours ago

    I have carrier ac unit it been running since 05 14 years

  • HVAC Know It All
    HVAC Know It All 13 hours ago

    Hey buddy, shoot me an email...I'm the host of the HVAC Know It All Podcast, love to have you one as a guest.

  • Viviana Valencia

    Excellent video

  • Gloria Kolodziej

    Thank you. You saved me a service call. May God bless you.

    • Word of Advice TV
      Word of Advice TV Day ago

      Glad I could help! Thank you for leaving a comment. God bless you and family as well, stay warm!

  • Luis Romero
    Luis Romero Day ago

    A learn a lot from you!!!!

  • Gene Miller
    Gene Miller Day ago

    When it finally dies, cut it open and be ready for a shock.

    • Word of Advice TV
      Word of Advice TV Day ago

      I bet!! If I do replace it, I will try not to forget to film the cut open heater :)

  • Lubert
    Lubert Day ago

    it's getting coldrer in CA, so checking out the filter thing. This is my first year to take care my 1 year old furnace. so glad that I bought the right cheap filter, and I will change them often if I use it everyday.

  • Lubert
    Lubert Day ago

    one more advice, if you can link the video related, or you recommanded to watch inbed your video or in the description. it takes me sometime to find the comparsion of all filters. thanks

    • Word of Advice TV
      Word of Advice TV Day ago

      Thank you for the suggestion! I added a link in the description

  • Lubert
    Lubert Day ago

    thank you for your video! Now I feel better for the filter I bought, according to your explanation, the 300 MPR, and 5 MERV. it's true, is not about clean the air, is to have a good flow and block particles that might dust the blowers. The story at end is cute! Hope you become big TheXvidr ;-)

  • Tom Thumb
    Tom Thumb Day ago

    Here's something I saw but maybe I'm wrong in understanding this. When you test at the board, If you have your T-Stat calling for heat you check at the board on the (W) and (C) for 24 volts a/c, for cooling if your T-Stat is calling for cooling you check voltage on the (Y) and the (C) for 24 volts. If you are not calling for either heat or cool you would check your (R) and your (C) for 24 volts. If you don't get 24 volts on either (W) or (Y) and common when calling for heat or cool that would mean your thermostat is faulty.? Reply

    • Tom Thumb
      Tom Thumb Day ago

      That I knew but the checking of voltage at the board when furnace is calling for heat would have to be checked with the common and Y,W, or G with multi meter and not the (R) and the W, Y, and (G) because there would be no voltage on the meter unless the common and R,W, or (G) is tested. Again only when the T-Stat is calling.

    • Word of Advice TV
      Word of Advice TV Day ago

      It could be something wrong at the thermostat, a loose or disconnected wire, or sometimes the board is still bad. If the thermostat is suspected, a good way to test it is to simply jump R to W (for heat) at the control board. If the furnace comes on and works normally, then likely the problem is at the thermostat.

  • Tom Thumb
    Tom Thumb Day ago

    Hi Jay, Here's something I saw but maybe I'm wrong in understanding this. When you test at the board, If you have your T-Stat calling for heat you check at the board on the (W) and (C) for 24 volts a/c, for cooling if your T-Stat is calling for cooling you check voltage on the (Y) and the (C) for 24 volts. If you are not calling for either heat or cool you would check your (R) and your (C) for 24 volts. If you don't get 24 volts on either (W) or (Y) and common when calling for heat or cool that would mean your thermostat is faulty.?

  • James Green
    James Green Day ago

    You just saved me a service trip and my wife didn’t freeze all night. Awesome video thanks!!!

  • Ryan Mack
    Ryan Mack Day ago

    Have you ever seen the blower motor itself be the culprit for it not shutting off? We checked everything you suggested and it was fine. We replaced the blower and now it works as it is supposed to. Don’t see how the blower could have been the problem. Any idea?

  • Ryan Klewicki
    Ryan Klewicki Day ago

    Thank you

  • aj
    aj 2 days ago

    Brownies =)

  • Daniel Martinez
    Daniel Martinez 2 days ago

    New subscriber mannn!! You're bad ass for real thank you so much sir!!

    • Word of Advice TV
      Word of Advice TV Day ago

      You're welcome! Glad to hear the video helped. Thanks for leaving a comment, stay warm!

  • Rick L
    Rick L 2 days ago

    Another good video,,, I had to replace a worn out furnace at the house we just purchased ,, was a lot Leary on the new ones as I had no experience or much knowledge about them ,, I’ve worked on a lot of the old type was a simple system,, but your videos have eased my mind,,, if it ever messes up I have a good idea on how to attack the problem thanks to you!

    • Word of Advice TV
      Word of Advice TV 2 days ago

      Glad to hear the videos are helpful! Thank you for watching and leaving a comment!

  • Gholamreza Jahanara

    Hi it is very informative and educational, I tried all of your videos to fix my Trane XR 80 not igniting and glowing problem but so far not successful the ignition is ok checked by store, don’t know what should I do next, thanks

    • Word of Advice TV
      Word of Advice TV Day ago

      @Gholamreza Jahanara Sometimes it says hi limit but the problem is actually a tripped flame rollout switch ( thexvid.com/video/VAHSmeTTKpI/video.html ) One easy test you can try, is to simply jump the high limit switch. (only to test it and see if it fires up)

    • Gholamreza Jahanara
      Gholamreza Jahanara Day ago

      It blinks 4 times which shows on over is high limit problem but I changed it and still not working

    • Word of Advice TV
      Word of Advice TV Day ago

      @Gholamreza Jahanara If there is no power going to the ignitor after the inducer motor starts spinning, then either the board is bad or there is a different error that is causing the board not to send power to the ignitor. That's why I was asking what do the 4 blinks mean on your furnace? There should be a diagnostic chart in the manual or the back of the furnace door that explains the codes.

    • Gholamreza Jahanara
      Gholamreza Jahanara Day ago

      Thank you so much I do not hear the gas valve opens, but checked the ignition with my friends meter there is no voltage to ignition when the system turns on, if there is no voltage to ignition still have to hear the gas valve opening or b/c of bad circuit it will not open as well

    • Word of Advice TV
      Word of Advice TV 2 days ago

      @Gholamreza Jahanara What does 4 blinks mean on your furnace? Something like ignition lock out? If the ignitor is good and you can hear the gas valve opening for a couple seconds, that means either the control board is bad or there is a loose wire/connection at the board. From what you described, it does sound like a bad control board but can't say for sure without a meter.

  • Anita Goodwin
    Anita Goodwin 2 days ago

    Still don’t know which side goes up or down

    • Word of Advice TV
      Word of Advice TV 2 days ago

      It does not matter which side up and down is on, it's the sides of the filter that matter.

  • Moe P
    Moe P 2 days ago

    Can you do a video on diagnosing dish washers?

    • Moe P
      Moe P 2 days ago

      @Word of Advice TV Thank you!

    • Word of Advice TV
      Word of Advice TV 2 days ago

      @Moe P Haha yeah.. Dishwashers and fridges. I don't know many techs that do like working on those. Kenmores are pretty popular though so I am sure you will be able to find some info on it on Google or TheXvid.

    • Moe P
      Moe P 2 days ago

      @Word of Advice TV Same here. I hate them 😅😅😅. I have a Kenmore , I don't know what series. Them dishwashers a mf.

    • Word of Advice TV
      Word of Advice TV 2 days ago

      They are my least favorite appliance to work on :) Dishwashers tend to be brand/model specific so unlike furnace and AC brands where a lot of things overlap, with dishwashers many problems vary from brand to brand. Making a general dishwasher diagnosing video would be tough. Repair Clinic already has many many videos out there that are pretty good. They go by individual brands too.

  • L
    L 2 days ago

    My inducer motor will come on very briefly, l like 2 seconds and then shut right back off.

  • L
    L 2 days ago

    You are the BEST! Very detailed information with no unnecessary babbling! You give all the points needed, you speak clearly and with good volume. Now, back to my furnace that is acting up to check a few more issues you covered here.

    • Word of Advice TV
      Word of Advice TV 2 days ago

      Thank you for pausing to leave a nice comment :) Good luck!!

  • John KNOX
    John KNOX 2 days ago

    Thank you so much for posting this video you just save me heart aches and pain I cannot figure out what was going on thank you again

    • Word of Advice TV
      Word of Advice TV 2 days ago

      You're welcome! Glad to hear the video helped you fix it!

  • Andrea Viverito
    Andrea Viverito 2 days ago

    nevermind, I see now that the wire was placed later in the video

  • Andrea Viverito
    Andrea Viverito 2 days ago

    didn't see any wire coming out of the humidistat control. Doesn't there have to be some?

  • Andrea Viverito
    Andrea Viverito 2 days ago

    Great Video really helped me understand the process. BUT why aren't you wearing goggles. Be careful!

  • Scott Jones
    Scott Jones 2 days ago


  • Spencer Borum
    Spencer Borum 2 days ago

    You're a natural teacher. Good video.

  • Gary
    Gary 2 days ago

    That’s sped up

  • Joe Perezic
    Joe Perezic 2 days ago

    So you teach people to be diy ers so to keep hvac companies from making a living? Will you feel bad when some gets hurt to causes a fire?

  • aj
    aj 2 days ago


  • Daniel Ebbeling
    Daniel Ebbeling 2 days ago

    My 50VA transformer heats up and smokes before it’s popping death on my steam boiler. I need to make sure that one 24v circuit is not directly contacting another ? Opens gas valve and actuated ignition sequence. A couple minutes into the cycle; the gas valve closes while t-stat is still calling for heat. Could an electronic t-stat create too much resistance while closed? This is when my transformer starts to cook. This is an excellent tutorial. Much respect!

  • Michael Prosperity
    Michael Prosperity 2 days ago

    Thanks. I did mine and used a old nylon to catch the sediments. Replaced the anod rod with a magnesium one and replaced the valve with a ball valve. Testing the pressure relief valve should always be done as well. I soaked the top nut of the anod rod with liquid wrench and then used an impact gun to get it off. Wrenching it off with a breaker bar was a no go.

  • M Detlef
    M Detlef 2 days ago

    FIRST: SHUT of the power (or unplug a gas heater), then RUN hot water in a sink or tub until ALL the hot water has LEFT the heater. THEN proceed with all his steps.

  • M Detlef
    M Detlef 3 days ago

    NEVER touch the pressure relief valve!!! ONLY open hot water faucets.

  • Norman G
    Norman G 3 days ago

    I DONT LIKE UPSELLING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mcken32
    mcken32 3 days ago

    Holy crap!.. I just fixed my water heater. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

    • Word of Advice TV
      Word of Advice TV 3 days ago

      I'm happy to hear that! You're welcome! Enjoy the hot showers ;)

  • Podshow Radio
    Podshow Radio 3 days ago

    Very informative I'm now changing from the expensive filters to the 300 Filtrate and changing once a month.

  • Steve O. Adinlewa
    Steve O. Adinlewa 3 days ago

    Thanks a lot. This worked like a charm. My wife thinks I’m mister fix it now and my daughter doesn’t have to sleep in a cold house. Thank you again. 👌🏾

    • Word of Advice TV
      Word of Advice TV 3 days ago

      Happy to hear that! :) Thank you for commenting, stay warm!

  • Evan Archer
    Evan Archer 3 days ago

    Dude it is relieving to hear how green you were at the start. I’m planning on a career switch, and thinking of going the hvac route

    • Word of Advice TV
      Word of Advice TV 2 days ago

      @Evan Archer Good luck man!!

    • Evan Archer
      Evan Archer 2 days ago

      I just wrote a test today to get into the sheet metal/residential hvac union here in Toronto, if this doesn’t work out, off to hvac school I go

    • Word of Advice TV
      Word of Advice TV 3 days ago

      Yeah, I was extremely HVAC illiterate not too long ago ;) I am sure you won't regret it! Even if you decide that down the road it's not for you, HVAC knowledge is good knowledge to have.

  • Madara Uchiha
    Madara Uchiha 3 days ago

    Those are pretty cool ideas ...even though i have been using a heat gun but those ideas are great like survival thing 👍👍👍

  • Davlin Pattison
    Davlin Pattison 3 days ago

    Who installed the system you're standing in front of? Your Humidifier drain is agianst the exhaust. Also your furnace exhaust is all wrong. Reducer should be hire up and I'm not sure about the size of chimney but looks out of place. Also with the hr sounds like you picked a Mans Trade not some little boy game. This all sounds like a regular day for me hahahah I LOVE DOING HVAC!

  • A D Rob
    A D Rob 3 days ago

    Great video. I am techno ignorant and it really helped a lot.

  • George Kochmar
    George Kochmar 3 days ago

    Jay were can i get 2.5 lbs of r22 refrigerant so i dont have to go thru a major repair job to use another refrigerant...?

  • Luiz Alegria
    Luiz Alegria 3 days ago

    What if you’ve got no voltage to the switch ?

    • Word of Advice TV
      Word of Advice TV 2 days ago

      @Luiz Alegria Glad to hear that! Thank you for the update, stay warm!

    • Luiz Alegria
      Luiz Alegria 2 days ago

      Word of Advice TV thank you for your quick response. I should have said .. no power to the high limit switch. Sorry. But thanx to your very informative videos I was able to fix my problem. 👍

    • Word of Advice TV
      Word of Advice TV 3 days ago

      It could be a bad furnace power switch or perhaps a tripped breaker? Try to trace the wire going to the door switch to see where the power comes from and go from there.

  • maaz khan
    maaz khan 3 days ago

    It's 87 under car

  • James D
    James D 3 days ago

    Very high quality and valuable video that is much appreciated. I found the 5 or 10 min videos are not much use even for a beginner with little to no value. Thanks

  • BigGuyUSA
    BigGuyUSA 3 days ago

    I've done literally hundreds of water heater flushes.. The title of this video should be "HOW TO DRAIN A WATER HEATER" not "FLUSH"... In order to "FLUSH" a water heater, you need pressure to flush a water heater.. Second, IF your "FLUSHING" your pushing out the sediment with incoming water flow and pressure and the tank is never empty or void of water as the outlet is not capable of draining out more water than is coming into the tank. That is FLUSHING. IF you want to simply drain the tank and that is usually only done when there is a leak or a replacement in process...then you'd use this process....IF you do "DRAIN" the tank, that would be the time to install a BRASS Ball valve, in order to more efficiently drain the collected sediment out of the tank as the factory installed "Drain Valves" are crap and have a severely restricted flow ability. and almost always are hard to shut off after flushing as the sediment gets in the passage way and under the valve seat and makes it hard if not impossible to actually shut them off.... and if your replacing the tank, then absolutely change out the drain valve.......jus sayin

  • Diamond dogs
    Diamond dogs 3 days ago

    My word was pornhub and I was terrified whenever I handed someone my phone to type something thank you so much

  • Greg Richard
    Greg Richard 3 days ago

    Visit store, buy sand Use gas . Make more sense to buy a spring type pipe bender.

  • Chase Neal
    Chase Neal 3 days ago

    I just started no college 1 week on job training... I’m 28 and very excited

  • charles dlamini
    charles dlamini 3 days ago

    Great learned a lot

    LOSCAR INTE 3 days ago

    Appreciate your time to help the masses

  • Ali Abdul Razaq
    Ali Abdul Razaq 3 days ago

    Thanks so much.

  • John D
    John D 3 days ago

    Don't be that annoying new tech/ helper that's always talking and asking questions while the season tech is trying to troubleshoot a system. Ask one question then shut up and watch. Nothing more annoying then someone who never shuts up. Carry the senior techs tools.

  • Justin Watts
    Justin Watts 4 days ago

    Awesome Video!!!!!!

    • Justin Watts
      Justin Watts 3 days ago

      .17 pressure air drop reported per their tests... You may wish to test this pleated filter by Flanders.. GOOGLE: Flanders pre-pleat lpd merv 8 filter

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      Thank you!

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    Old Wortex 4 days ago

    awesome ideas. #1 was my issue as well. Thank you for the great tutorial.

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    #10, yes that does suck. Great video. Was very entertaining thank you for the post. I'm subscribing with notification. 👍

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      Haha wow, I think you just beat the record of the most consecutive comments posted on one video. The more comments the merrier! ;) Thank you for watching and commenting on each point! I appreciate you subscribing too, the witty comments were fun!

  • Russell Barnes
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    #9, 1/2 lunch, that's on you bro. No reason it the world you cant take a full hour lunch. EVERYONE ELSE DOES in other businesses. A break is absolutely needed to rest and collect yourself. Especially in the hot summer.

    • seionne85
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      Just looked at your channel, my 8 year old makes better videos. Stop being so negative, because this man is contributing sooooo much more than you. Next. ;)

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