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David Dobrik Too
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  • Michael Schaal
    Michael Schaal 4 minutes ago

    leave a like so that we can show liza and david that they should get back together. I really want to know why liza quit youtube or there is a video and I havent seenn it

  • laura ace
    laura ace 55 minutes ago

    Is it just me or david looked high af? lol

  • Erin Amos
    Erin Amos Hour ago


  • Thomas Lilygren
    Thomas Lilygren Hour ago

    people gotta get over them

  • Erin Amos
    Erin Amos Hour ago


  • Meg Griffin
    Meg Griffin Hour ago

    Honestly should Jonah be used to this?

  • sarah bautista
    sarah bautista Hour ago

    please come to miami more, we love you here

  • Yari_ _loves
    Yari_ _loves Hour ago


  • well done
    well done Hour ago


  • angie torres
    angie torres Hour ago

    imagine being young and rich

  • Bodenesser
    Bodenesser Hour ago

    when ´´outtakes´´ get over 7M views .... damn bro

  • Jackie Doggos
    Jackie Doggos Hour ago

    Bruh the comments about how when Jeff calls his dad “ daddy “ sounds like the modus, lol plot twist he is doii

  • Jeremiah Suddreth

    Then why did ya post it?

  • Daniella Elizabeth
    Daniella Elizabeth 2 hours ago

    1:25 WHEN LIZA SAYS UR NAME “Daniella” ❤️❤️❤️😂

  • Rossy Laguna
    Rossy Laguna 2 hours ago

    1:24 😂😂😂

  • Rossy Laguna
    Rossy Laguna 2 hours ago

    David is officially going insane

    Im RETRAC 2 hours ago

    0:04 what the fuq was that dance

  • AK-47Archer P
    AK-47Archer P 2 hours ago

    Liza: “pls no my dad watches your videos” Also Liza: *says and does more sexual stuff 😂*

  • SweetMates
    SweetMates 2 hours ago

    Song at 2:10 ??

  • ZapPro TV
    ZapPro TV 3 hours ago


  • Mandee Martinez
    Mandee Martinez 3 hours ago

    why does david sound like he's about to laugh every time he talks in his intro

  • Beatrize Margaux
    Beatrize Margaux 3 hours ago

    I literally shut my laptop & almost flung it across the room.

  • GoldenHector
    GoldenHector 3 hours ago

    Anyone tryna help me get to 1,000 subs 🥺?

  • Ty Saxon
    Ty Saxon 3 hours ago

    the word in my family in butthole

  • Ashley Gonzalez
    Ashley Gonzalez 3 hours ago

    Zane always looks coked tf out

  • NooNooIsLove NooNooIsLife

    i have bruises all over my leg from my best friend’s boyfriend constantly punching me in attempts to flirt. yano. average shit.

  • hi there
    hi there 4 hours ago

    0:44 jason said: 🍵

  • Clarissa Lara
    Clarissa Lara 4 hours ago

    Am i the only one that finds Zane annoying

  • Rebecca Boyer
    Rebecca Boyer 4 hours ago

    Hey David ima huge fan! Right now I need help! I’m getting kicked out of my apartment today if I can’t pay 600$ and you got a shit ton of me I’m at my house crying trying to figure sum shit out please help!

  • Niskso Joins
    Niskso Joins 4 hours ago

    Anyone know the song at 2:09 Please help PS:Thanks in advance

  • Sheepish Goat
    Sheepish Goat 4 hours ago

    I just realized how many of his vines I saw without realizing it was him

  • Mary Fleming
    Mary Fleming 4 hours ago

    HAHA it played there break up after this😂

  • Canadian Cookie
    Canadian Cookie 4 hours ago

    David saying "homie" is the highlight of my day

  • Madison Cain
    Madison Cain 4 hours ago

    the helicopter wasnt in miami lol we dont have mountains

  • Tubofice
    Tubofice 5 hours ago


  • Torrie George
    Torrie George 5 hours ago

    Does anyone think Natalie and David are secretly dating

  • Mimi Torres
    Mimi Torres 5 hours ago

    I pre-order the game, totally worth it

  • Joker Bakes
    Joker Bakes 5 hours ago

    What’s the girl with lipstick Instagram ?? I gotta know

  • El_Federal_13
    El_Federal_13 5 hours ago

    Whats the song called at 2:11

  • Dieom
    Dieom 5 hours ago

    Who’s here to find david’s comment from GQ? lmfao

  • Roro Snevets
    Roro Snevets 5 hours ago

    David I’m tired of buying tickets/ cars for your entourage.

  • Daisy Cobb
    Daisy Cobb 6 hours ago

    That looks SO cool!!!

  • Kingz_outlaw Tv
    Kingz_outlaw Tv 7 hours ago

    David needs to suprise Jeff with a car

  • Cliipzy
    Cliipzy 7 hours ago

    4:47 someone just found a pic of jasons head and put it in the picture😂😂

  • Jace Barry
    Jace Barry 7 hours ago

    what’s the phone case that he is using i like it😂😁

  • Lydia Mcmillion
    Lydia Mcmillion 7 hours ago

    It’s plain and simple I love David Dobrik

  • Rihanna Ghalleb
    Rihanna Ghalleb 8 hours ago

    Is it just me who doesn’t like Joanna 😂

  • Chhith SovannNiroth
    Chhith SovannNiroth 8 hours ago

    4:39, that cute pause

  • Angelica Mendez
    Angelica Mendez 9 hours ago

    is it just me or does david look high in this video lol

  • Cody irrelevant
    Cody irrelevant 9 hours ago

    I dont know if I should be happy or upset. The video didn't end on 4:20 but in the end we got more video. . . cool.

  • Jacqueline Flores
    Jacqueline Flores 9 hours ago

    Did jonah take vardons camera? The one David bought him after Vardon said he wanted to be a vlogger or is that just me overthinking because that thought came to me just now😂

  • Jessie Tait
    Jessie Tait 10 hours ago

    I feel like Sarah lowkey smoked weed jk

  • Lulu GLP
    Lulu GLP 10 hours ago

    Jason looks so young ever since he left Trisha, he looks healthy now!

  • Trisha Sharma
    Trisha Sharma 11 hours ago

    How is this published on 14 nov 2019 if it hasnt even come yet???

  • lil_dreamer 2003
    lil_dreamer 2003 12 hours ago

    These people really living the life

    HARSH CHAUHAN 13 hours ago

    Need more Alex in the vlogs instead of others who just hangout with David for shoutouts ......

  • Alisha Karriem
    Alisha Karriem 13 hours ago

    bro jeff fresh out of the shower killed me

  • Łėxį Jåñë
    Łėxį Jåñë 13 hours ago

    *ThE wAY sHe LOokS aT hiM.*

  • Ayoub Meddah
    Ayoub Meddah 13 hours ago

    What's her @ ?

  • Theo Trevino
    Theo Trevino 14 hours ago

    BigNik : We have the drip! Jason : ay just fuckin talk normal

  • Maya Trickett
    Maya Trickett 14 hours ago

    Hahaha the last clip ❤️😂😂😂❤️❤️

  • hunter 64
    hunter 64 15 hours ago

    I love how jonah was so scared and suzie was enjoying it

  • youngharold
    youngharold 16 hours ago

    david saying homie is probably the funniest thing ever

  • Tiffany England
    Tiffany England 16 hours ago

    Biggest Flex video.

  • Mudrika Soni
    Mudrika Soni 16 hours ago

    Liza is the Picasso of musically (David that's so cuteee) Anyone here in 2019, binging David and Liza videos cos you miss them sooo much?

  • Laci Patrick
    Laci Patrick 17 hours ago

    Finally, a video over 4 minutes and 21 seconds

  • Rogeez 57
    Rogeez 57 17 hours ago

    Airbag ass? Does it save lives and sometimes take them?

  • Nikeairmax95
    Nikeairmax95 17 hours ago

    Jeff’s god lmao

  • Keeley HODGES
    Keeley HODGES 17 hours ago

    who else is binge watching liza and david after the break up

  • Nikeairmax95
    Nikeairmax95 17 hours ago

    Never gets old lmao

  • Rodolfo Vera
    Rodolfo Vera 17 hours ago

    Natalie doesn’t have an airbag ass, I thinks it’s great Like if u agree

  • Zoe Helmke
    Zoe Helmke 18 hours ago


  • Becky Lloyd
    Becky Lloyd 18 hours ago

    I love your bunny!

  • Brandon Bailey
    Brandon Bailey 19 hours ago

    Still get trun up cant nun stop me

  • Brandon Bailey
    Brandon Bailey 19 hours ago

    Yo I lost my leg in a motorcycle accident 2 years ago fwm bro

  • Aline Sanchez
    Aline Sanchez 19 hours ago

    i love how mean everyone is to natalies butt because they jealous. she got latina genes what can i say??

  • Cole
    Cole 19 hours ago

    Jason looks really high at the EA event lol

  • FS-Jake
    FS-Jake 20 hours ago

    Why is his twitter account suspended

  • Akshera Siddi
    Akshera Siddi 20 hours ago

    Narcissistic David, painting himself in every house and on every car.

  • Nasim F
    Nasim F 20 hours ago

    Wow this is so sad

  • FS-Jake
    FS-Jake 20 hours ago


  • Megan Denning
    Megan Denning 20 hours ago

    Come to WVU!!!

  • Jack Prock
    Jack Prock 20 hours ago

    who's the old guy hanging with the little kids

  • Jose Perez
    Jose Perez 20 hours ago

    Do 24 hours in the pool

  • Abi _558
    Abi _558 20 hours ago

    Memories 🤧🤧😔💔

  • 「•Just Latte•」

    It's George B u s h

  • Anabella
    Anabella 20 hours ago

    U just left auburn and I’m watching this and I’m sad so I’m turning it off

  • valerya lopez
    valerya lopez 21 hour ago


  • Tyler King
    Tyler King 21 hour ago

    Been watching all your videos man and your a great guy your heart and compassion for others is super inspiring man you think of others before your self and your the least selfish person I’ve ever seen I’ve never even met you but i feel like I’ve known you for ever the way you care for others and surprise them and how you got your friends song on the radio man is so fucking cool bro a lot of people fake this whole internet or TheXvid thing bro but your so damn genuine and such a fucking cool dude man your younger then me and the way you act and carry yourself is so inspiring man and we need more people like you in this world full of hate and judgmental people bro keep being great you’ve made me cry on your videos and i don’t even know you YOU GOT A GREAT HEART AND I KNOW YOU WONT READ THIS BUT I STILL HAD TO MESSAGE YOU YOU MAKE ME WANNA BE A GREAT HUMAN BEING AND PAY IT FORWARD GOD BLESS MAN HOPE I MEET YOU ONE DAY AND HOPE I CAN BE HALF THE FRIEND YOU are man love you.bro

  • Prashurya Goswami
    Prashurya Goswami 21 hour ago

    I just don't like this couple.

  • Honey Bri
    Honey Bri 21 hour ago

    Can we talk about the person with 6 toes... wth!!!?

  • Maddie Matthews
    Maddie Matthews 21 hour ago

    hers honey wow not seat geek

    • sehhi vooty
      sehhi vooty 10 hours ago

      and have a 3 some with corrina and tod or Jeff and I and corrina. I Will also marry corrina.

  • Luna Bearess
    Luna Bearess 21 hour ago

    Ooh! Did you get to see Luke and Tyler?! (Cartoonz and Wildcat) I know they were there, anyways... Glad you had fun!

  • Paige Townsend
    Paige Townsend 21 hour ago

    Did anyone else hear David say I’m a great boyfriend to Natalie ??

  • yo han
    yo han 21 hour ago

    show some love :) thexvid.com/channel/UCNWXG-qdu6Zoxoe_WyX2y0A?view_as=subscriber

  • Raymond Yuill
    Raymond Yuill 21 hour ago

    The ending of the vlog was almost exactly like Cody Ko's old vlogs.

  • Brad Clark
    Brad Clark 21 hour ago

    Hey guys trying to buy a car as my one has broken down please help x 38-9020-0756025-00

  • andrew scap
    andrew scap 21 hour ago

    Nah we want Natalie

  • EZZY
    EZZY 22 hours ago

    dom would be a good joker...

  • shakira nae
    shakira nae 22 hours ago

    IM DED