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The most powerful Xbox…
Views 535K19 days ago
Oh dang… that’s fast
Views 525K21 day ago
PLEASE let it be good…
Views 671K24 days ago
1M Subscriber Q+A!
Views 409KMonth ago
Intel wins at SOMETHING!
Views 520KMonth ago
Xbox is a PC!
Views 421KMonth ago
CANCELLED by China!?
Views 592KMonth ago
THIS is only $349??
Views 458KMonth ago
"5G" is "Here"
Views 479KMonth ago
It's REAL...
Views 529KMonth ago
Views 614KMonth ago
Half-Life is BACK!
Views 496K2 months ago
Stadia is... just okay
Views 543K2 months ago
AMD keeps KILLING it!
Views 449K2 months ago
That’s… too many threads.
Views 580K2 months ago
It's over, Intel.
Views 881K2 months ago
Valve, you sly fox.
Views 491K2 months ago
Google to Apple: WATCH OUT
Views 472K2 months ago
Not ANOTHER one...
Views 401K2 months ago
Google broke my Home mini.
Views 372K2 months ago
"Quantum Supremacy"
Views 516K2 months ago
THAT'S what it looks like!??
Views 552K3 months ago
It's coming BACK!!
Views 702K3 months ago
Overwatch on Switch... is bad
Views 382K3 months ago
Intel finally GETS it!
Views 472K3 months ago
"Negative Latency"
Views 525K3 months ago
The new 1080p KING!?
Views 404K3 months ago
Views 364K3 months ago
Ryzen prices are rising!!
Views 411K3 months ago
Amazon Alexa on your FACE?
Views 350K3 months ago
Resell your DIGITAL games?!
Views 440K4 months ago
Noo, my vapes!!
Views 372K4 months ago
DON'T open that text!!
Views 455K4 months ago
Intel's getting desperate...
Views 576K4 months ago
Views 638K4 months ago
Disable Cortana NOW
Views 603K4 months ago
Everything you love... gone
Views 676K4 months ago
They're ALL vulnerable!?
Views 519K5 months ago
Huawei: It's not "hacking"...
Views 466K5 months ago
Why would I buy the Note 10?
Views 823K5 months ago
Views 531K5 months ago
Bethesda... y u do dis?
Views 475K5 months ago
Facebook's Worst. Day. Ever.
Views 464K6 months ago
Huawei screwed up AGAIN!
Views 483K6 months ago
Russia's taking our photos!?
Views 377K6 months ago
Use Office 365, go to JAIL!
Views 478K6 months ago
AMD gave up!?
Views 920K6 months ago
Huawei's ALLOWED to spy now!
Views 450K6 months ago
Your phone is spying on you.
Views 390K6 months ago
AMD played us all...
Views 491K6 months ago
Huawei's BACK!
Views 681K6 months ago
Macbooks could catch FIRE!?
Views 425K7 months ago
RTX is getting CHEAPER...
Views 517K7 months ago
Man, AMD is on FIRE!
Views 550K7 months ago
8K Xbox? I'm skeptical.
Views 751K7 months ago
...Google LOVES Huawei now?
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  • Furkan DSU
    Furkan DSU 9 minutes ago

    A operating system dies when programs stop supporting it.

  • Gigaheart
    Gigaheart 38 minutes ago

    Crunch can fuck off.

  • Kenneth Griffin
    Kenneth Griffin 2 hours ago

    Does the vincero watch come with the arm stuck in the button like in the video ad? if it was from Linus, it might be worth more, just sayin.

  • DeeSnutts
    DeeSnutts 3 hours ago

    I'm only here for the mustache

  • Quinton B
    Quinton B 3 hours ago

    Is the sound a second ahead of the video??

  • Data Soong
    Data Soong 4 hours ago

    tard guy... bad strimer wrost may time

  • Sarah Lanier
    Sarah Lanier 4 hours ago

    I guess trees dont exist anymore Microsoft

  • Jonathan Walters
    Jonathan Walters 4 hours ago

    Lol just got 7 new feature updates today and 3 security updates yesterday with windows 7. Just saying ;)

  • Jacob McPhee
    Jacob McPhee 5 hours ago

    The best part of these is the peanut gallery

  • Aaron Sykes
    Aaron Sykes 5 hours ago

    I appreciate you Riley. You're great.

  • The Open Rift
    The Open Rift 5 hours ago

    To clarify, Doom Eternal didn't receive another delay this week. The release date is still March 20th.

  • Matt Wells
    Matt Wells 6 hours ago

    You know, most of the time I don't watch these videos because I'm just not interested in what the title of video is and I forget that the title is not the only thing that's talked about. A "I want a Gaming Chromebook - Techlinked Jan. 17, 2019" would be nice. Of course, simply my opinion/perspective. Still love you guys <3

  • Krispy As Fk
    Krispy As Fk 8 hours ago

    Wait people aren't joking when they say they care about climate change? Huh... There's literally nothing I care about less.

  • Mel ITgreybeard Ivey

    A modest proposal: Apple could offer a service of unlocking phones - or retrieving certain content - at a “very secure” one-location-only center on their campus. Being able to do so may require a change in their encryption technology, but would prevent, to the extent possible, leakage of the tools and methods to outside entities.

  • moh.h.h h
    moh.h.h h 12 hours ago

    well the lens might melt in your eyes but you could've got a peak what in the other side of wall😵

  • Adal Martinez
    Adal Martinez 12 hours ago

    Forgot juno

  • The_Scientist777
    The_Scientist777 13 hours ago

    Here's something i need to get off my chest like Linus at 6:03-7:15. I completely agree with everything Linus said, & i can't believe there are actually idiots who defend the "Sequel trilogy." / First off, Force Ghost couldn't make lightening just magically appear(Yoda in ep VIII), & you can't just learn an advance Sith Power on the fly(Rey on ep IX *Spoliers* Lol). / Second, you can't be a "jedi master" (Leia on ep IX *Spoilers* Lol), unless you start training when you're 3-years or younger. Luke & Leia were never "jedi masters" in the Eu because of this, instead they were "jedi knights." So Linus Rant about ep IX making Leia a "jedi master" is completely justified. Also here's a fun fact, you're not even a "Padwan" until you make your own Lightsaber, which Rey never does. / Third, Leia being Mary Poppins in space is BS (Leia in ep VIII), just ask Astronaut Chris Hadfield,"What happens when you're in outer-space without a spacesuit?" / Fourth, Yes, "Force Healing" was a thing in the Eu, but "Force reviving" wasn't (Kylo Ren on ep IX *Spoilers* Lol). And it's just as dumb as bringing back Papltine (Trailer for ep IX *Spoilers* Lol), since why would Anakin need Darth Sidius if he could just resurrect Padme back like Space Jesus? / Finally, Linus can't Spoil what's already turned into shit by Disney. I could go on if anyone still thinks otherwise (So basically, "change my mind").

  • Dustin Simons
    Dustin Simons 15 hours ago

    I miss this corporation not being 100% clickbait bullshit. Bring back not Douchious Douche Tips.

    • Dustin Simons
      Dustin Simons 15 hours ago

      And please instantly fire the person who does your fucking thumbnails and titles; they are terrible and make me want to never watch one of your videos again.

  • Ephraim Dawson
    Ephraim Dawson 16 hours ago

    Great. But can those glasses run Crysis?

  • nasserm20
    nasserm20 17 hours ago

    How dead if just after a year

  • Chronic Rage
    Chronic Rage 17 hours ago

    how does one confuse an MRI with an X-ray?

  • Taco The Cute Dog
    Taco The Cute Dog 18 hours ago

    Hi, Linus.

  • The Automaticist
    The Automaticist 18 hours ago

    Oh Linus, blissfully unaware of how polarising that last one was.

  • Felix Samuelsson
    Felix Samuelsson 19 hours ago

    0:55 Did Samsung just use an iPhone to showcase their TV?

  • yeossimika
    yeossimika 20 hours ago

    RIP Windows 7, your superior interface and user-friendly aesthetic will be missed dearly.

  • Ayoub Tagui
    Ayoub Tagui 21 hour ago

    90% of the chromebooks have shitty hardware, how can steam compatibilty be a thing ?

  • Nib-Na5ty
    Nib-Na5ty 21 hour ago

    Stop fucking saying memory. Its ram not memory. This isnt a phone it's a computer.

  • Autism Storm
    Autism Storm 21 hour ago

    I swear I saw the sauce bot two years ago

  • w4rell
    w4rell 22 hours ago

    Where is the French Potato 🥔 ?

  • Gerardo Flores

    I got to be honest here throughout this entire video I swear he looks like he is stoned out of his mind or he's as that funny and humorous

  • Klaus the German

    Apples solution for keeping lightning. Packing a usbc to lightning adapter with their devices.

  • lyth1um
    lyth1um Day ago

    so prior macstuff wasnt for pro's? ohh noes. some ppl are angry and stupid.

  • Brobe
    Brobe Day ago

    2:07 the stand is "a product for sucker wannabes who buy pro things to flex on their buddys" - shots fired to MKBHD

  • Josiah Horton
    Josiah Horton Day ago

    The one and only time I remember Linus saying quick bits in Tech Linked

  • maxdarner567
    maxdarner567 Day ago

    that ovlet should have been called a scootcase

  • Lewd Lolipop
    Lewd Lolipop Day ago

    yje closest to Channel super fun

  • aspring14
    aspring14 Day ago

    *Linux Users When they see Windows Vulnerabilities* mhmm...

  • Robert Toms, III

    Where's the Blackjack but nobody asked Where's the hookers at. Ergo LTT has hookers

  • pyro121psycho
    pyro121psycho Day ago

    Qoobo.... It is a Tribble with a tail.

  • Robert Toms, III

    14:00 (Linus) f scripts this is a burner channel anyway, ( Riley) oh thanks I see all my hard work is well respected Lol

  • Alief Rezki
    Alief Rezki Day ago

    Living robot is literally virus

  • Inareth
    Inareth Day ago

    James is nutty all right.

  • Jesse
    Jesse Day ago


  • Fairplay
    Fairplay Day ago

    looks like no gpu upgrade until 2021 or 2022

  • Veature_iTech Guy

    Do companies using phrase Net Zero pay a royalty to Net Zero dial-up internet?

  • Kodishang Tshwaane

    Don't do it! It's too POWERFUL! 2:20

  • Right Wing Safety Squad

    Alright, I wasn't anti-vax before, but now that I know about robot-micro-frogs no one's injecting me or my future babies with anything.

  • fette
    fette Day ago

    please dont buy from manscaped, the lawn mower 2.0 still slices skin, just go on reddit and read for yourself and dont trust the reviews on their website

  • Qrow Ok
    Qrow Ok Day ago

    Chrome is a distro of a distro. It is a chromium distro whitch is a linux distro

  • killerdrone360

    How do you even power a tv. Of that size????

  • stacey eaton
    stacey eaton Day ago

    Steam on chrome OS doesn't seem like it would be too difficult to accomplish since it runs amazing on my Nvidea shield...

  • EdgyShooter
    EdgyShooter Day ago

    Advert for Vincero before the video and during 😂

  • EdgyShooter
    EdgyShooter Day ago

    And you thought a lithium battery exploding in your pocket was bad...

  • Brian Spragge
    Brian Spragge Day ago

    Do a video on Julia countertop kitchen. I can't find any videos on TheXvid.

  • Rylan
    Rylan Day ago

    the firefighters toggled

  • Kenji Kawano
    Kenji Kawano Day ago

    wow black ops 2 is real

  • Epic Gamer Sauce

    Raspberry pi 4 is a more capable gaming machine than a chromebook.

  • Fis Fixx
    Fis Fixx Day ago

    oh shoot rainbow six siege is becoming a reality

  • Mondoblasto0
    Mondoblasto0 Day ago

    5:07 "'On the contrary, play through your ridiculous Steam back catalogue while you wait.' I don't really get what I just said, but alright." I... uh, really don't get that either. Really. (cough) <.<; >.>;

  • mjc0961
    mjc0961 Day ago

    Oh great. So now another Grand Theft Auto game I bought years and years ago is going to be updated to force me to use the broken Rockstar Launcher if I want to continue playing it. Fuck all the way off, Rockstar. You're the absolute worst.

  • Adam Loos
    Adam Loos Day ago

    When I first saw Steam for Chromebook, I thought it was going to be cloud computing rather than using chromebook's hardware

  • Aura Rowe
    Aura Rowe Day ago

    Steam on Chrome OS even if it supported 0 games could use it for Remote streaming to your main rig back at home. I do this over 50km away and it works wonderfully can even play non-steam games this way, playing Tarkov on my laptop at school lol

  • James Collins
    James Collins Day ago

    You can use in home streaming feature of the steam Android app to game on a Chromebook, and it works amazingly well.

  • RedCube
    RedCube Day ago


  • Shawn James
    Shawn James Day ago

    Does that mean mr beast can open a coal fired power plant since he planted all those trees

  • Eliah Haaland
    Eliah Haaland Day ago

    Mojo lenses ... well I know how to get A+ on my next exam!😎

  • Pedro Rotoli
    Pedro Rotoli Day ago

    Dude, that teflon spatula thingy is quite old, I remember seeing that crap a few years back.

  • cgraham6
    cgraham6 Day ago

    The Switch and its single Nvidia X1 SoC is proof you don't need a discreet GPU to game anymore, and proof that Chtomebooks can. Steam for Chrome OS would be awesome.

  • DezzyTee
    DezzyTee Day ago

    Literally every news in this video: Sounds good, doesn't work.

  • vitez simunkovic

    There is no 144p vid !

  • Mr. AC
    Mr. AC Day ago

    we need iron man suites not these smart glasses

  • RL Agito
    RL Agito Day ago

    wish people would stop making carbon dioxide equal to recycling or toxic waste pollution. carbon doesnt do shit to the climate. if it did deserts would be warm at night but there is no change to that as moisture retains heat not so much gases. people need to stop nodding their heads at this carbon scare but whatever be dumb and naive of political cons you can have this garbage realm until the days of noah come back and God gets rid of all this stupid shite.

  • ZY Huang
    ZY Huang Day ago

    What? I thought tech news is always white

  • aperson167
    aperson167 Day ago

    Why did you say doom eternal was delayed. It was delayed back in 2019 but not again in 2020. You guys scared me

  • Devo
    Devo Day ago

    Half life :-)

  • PRună
    PRună Day ago

    wallhacking irl

  • Brendon B
    Brendon B Day ago

    "You didn't even say it right" Who Cares! He said LTTSTORE.COM! And that is all that matters!

  • Savin Wangtal
    Savin Wangtal Day ago

    Contacts are scary. I will do glasses. Gimm basic email alerts, news flash and navigation function, and Ill use it. I think if it is reduced to text only then it won’t have to be very obtrusive(?)

  • Sharice Lewis
    Sharice Lewis Day ago

    FYI that Med Bay is a CT scanner, not an Xray machine and the article is horribly inaccurate about the way it could be implemented b/c radiation standards vary greatly depending on the country.

  • StaySic4Ever
    StaySic4Ever Day ago

    Hah yeah no.

  • LowSpecChaosUHD

    that xray thing is a scam person who done it is affiliated with another startup. who made a "blood testing device" lol F *check source*

  • Magic Plants
    Magic Plants Day ago

    dude who does that intro and then watches it and thinks "Yeah that's a good take" Super cringe I can't take it

  • Ravi Sankar
    Ravi Sankar Day ago

    No mention of the FF7 Remake delays? Then again you guys didn't even mention it for E3 last year, even though it was the most hyped game of the event.

  • pyram1de
    pyram1de Day ago

    James and Riley show, love it

  • Forsaken Chief


  • cob - Anime on Piano and More

    Gonna sound like a fucking weeb but with AR I would like something like SAO ordinal scale That would be sick

  • Liam Kelly
    Liam Kelly Day ago

    Could see the sol-gel liquid scoop thing being handy in like science labs or something. Where you've spilled something of a limited quality that's hard to get. Or something hazardous or otherwise impossible to clean. Same with maybe medical??

  • Desser57
    Desser57 Day ago

    just waiting for that sweet mLED display...

  • 917DeviL
    917DeviL Day ago

    "it's hard enough to see other firefighters WITHOUT walls due to all the smoke in the room" ..Rylie - "I know what that's like!" ...hmmmm is Rylie hotboxing the room again? :D :D :D :P lmao

  • Nidhogg
    Nidhogg Day ago

    1:10 smart glasses and lenses are bullshit. More and more ppl wear dioptric glasses ... for those ppl, it s impossible to replace them with anything else, that dioptric smart glasses that don't exist (yet)

  • undead504
    undead504 Day ago

    The contact lenses can see the firewall lol

  • Joel Ocampo Luna

    they really need a new writer

  • Androvsky
    Androvsky Day ago

    Funny how you're editing everything, camera angles, jokes, B rolls, but you can't even take a second to google how in the f*ck you say analyses? Cute accidents are funny when it's a word nobody's heard of.

  • tydfil
    tydfil Day ago

    I bet them lenses will be uncomfortable

  • Andrew Lofthouse

    Why did you cover nappies ha 😂😂

  • Insane GamersTM Beefy

    The Microsoft streaming thing does work quite well! I've been using it now for 3 months including "Project XCloud" Be warned though, you must have a decent connection on both sides if you want to stream your One X to your Phone... Xcloud has a very limited library but is on point, true 1080p 60 streams all round and support for all controllers is great!

  • matt reigada
    matt reigada Day ago

    I already have Steam running on my Chromebook, it’s just not very practical because Pixelbook is passively cooled which means even with an i7 it throttles if you actually try running anything.

  • TheShockmister

    Microsoft is the DEVIL.

  • Blister Fingers

    Most obnoxious channel TheXvid has ever reccomended.

  • Tom F
    Tom F Day ago

    Chromebook, with 128 GB ram. Only now can you open 3 tabs on chrome !