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"Negative Latency"
Views 405K3 days ago
The new 1080p KING!?
Views 368K7 days ago
Ryzen prices are rising!!
Views 391K14 days ago
Amazon Alexa on your FACE?
Views 333K17 days ago
Resell your DIGITAL games?!
Views 432K24 days ago
Noo, my vapes!!
Views 369K28 days ago
DON'T open that text!!
Views 449KMonth ago
Views 634KMonth ago
Disable Cortana NOW
Views 595KMonth ago
They're ALL vulnerable!?
Views 514KMonth ago
Huawei: It's not "hacking"...
Views 464K2 months ago
Why would I buy the Note 10?
Views 817K2 months ago
Views 527K2 months ago
Bethesda... y u do dis?
Views 473K2 months ago
Facebook's Worst. Day. Ever.
Views 463K2 months ago
Huawei screwed up AGAIN!
Views 482K2 months ago
Russia's taking our photos!?
Views 376K2 months ago
Use Office 365, go to JAIL!
Views 476K3 months ago
AMD gave up!?
Views 915K3 months ago
Huawei's ALLOWED to spy now!
Views 447K3 months ago
Your phone is spying on you.
Views 389K3 months ago
AMD played us all...
Views 490K3 months ago
Huawei's BACK!
Views 680K3 months ago
Macbooks could catch FIRE!?
Views 424K3 months ago
RTX is getting CHEAPER...
Views 516K4 months ago
Man, AMD is on FIRE!
Views 549K4 months ago
8K Xbox? I'm skeptical.
Views 743K4 months ago
...Google LOVES Huawei now?
Views 555K4 months ago
AMD won't let you buy this...
Views 454K4 months ago
Your PC is now an Xbox!
Views 610K4 months ago
Views 626K4 months ago
Welp - that's it for Huawei!
Views 790K4 months ago
Intel CPUs are in TROUBLE...
Views 639K5 months ago
Fuchsia OS is REAL!?
Views 566K5 months ago
This CAN'T be real...
Views 622K5 months ago
Apple LIED about iPhones!?
Views 714K5 months ago
What is Samsung DOING!?
Views 407K5 months ago
NEW Intel... "Musclebooks"!?
Views 520K5 months ago
Views 664K5 months ago
China BEATS Amazon!
Views 381K5 months ago
Apple Gave Up!?
Views 624K6 months ago
EA PROMISES no loot boxes...?
Views 399K6 months ago
No Star Wars spoilers here...
Views 286K6 months ago
No Ray Tracing? No THANKS
Views 393K6 months ago
Views 520K6 months ago
Does Facebook have no SHAME?
Views 487K6 months ago
Uh, Apple...Are you OK?
Views 751K6 months ago
It's time to CHOOSE A SIDE.
Views 537K6 months ago
The FUTURE of Gaming!?
Views 384K6 months ago
What is Microsoft THINKING?
Views 486K7 months ago
THIS is Google's Controller!?
Views 728K7 months ago
It's good to be an AMD fan...
Views 605K7 months ago
Views 591K7 months ago


  • Killerkings1111 DG
    Killerkings1111 DG 3 hours ago

    honestly linus you are this into technology and new products but you still advance your teleprompter from your phone?! get someone behind camera to do it.

  • StarvingGeek
    StarvingGeek 3 hours ago

    lol no it wont

  • DavidMalcolm
    DavidMalcolm 3 hours ago

    People need to stop talking about Andy Rubin without pointing out that he's a total skeeze and sexual predator. Stop letting this awful person rehab his image. He's a bad person and he needs to go away!

  • asdaffewwerqa asafdaqwrad

    2:38 You can already do that with Parsec.

  • Dammit Greg!
    Dammit Greg! 4 hours ago

    So much cringy comments in that segment. Trying too hard man, stick to the news instead

  • Ghostcatcher64
    Ghostcatcher64 5 hours ago

    0:50 i liked that sentence that's basically what i thought xD

  • David Faustino
    David Faustino 5 hours ago

    "4K Blu Ray Player and why that matters" It doesn't.

  • Sandy BoleYT
    Sandy BoleYT 5 hours ago

    Apple tv remote x

  • David Faustino
    David Faustino 5 hours ago

    Uh.. but faster cards still do 1080 faster.. maybe its a 1080 price/performance king...

  • Marcin Nawrocki
    Marcin Nawrocki 6 hours ago

    So in 2030, you just watch games on stadia played by its AI. In 2050 google assistant AI subscribe you to stadia, and will play games for you, as you so you can collect "achivments", so you can trade hats. All while you do not need to even watch games you play. In 2060 googel AI will play you while watching stadia, so it can trade hats for you . That is the future. Could you folks (at google or other corpo) finally get marketing teams that have slightest idea what they are selling?

  • Sorin f
    Sorin f 6 hours ago

    fun factor in a 3/10 info is more of a 7/10. pls do better

  • Jerry Berglund
    Jerry Berglund 6 hours ago

    At least no one could say SONY Xperia 1, Xperia 5, Xperia 8, XPeria 10 and Xperia 10 plus is to tall. :-)

  • Lyk_Aunn 124
    Lyk_Aunn 124 7 hours ago

    2:15 how did Google squeeze 1080p in a 2mp front facing camera!?!?!?

  • kuvisit
    kuvisit 7 hours ago

    Quick brits

  • Darren Francisco
    Darren Francisco 7 hours ago


  • Joey Keilholz
    Joey Keilholz 7 hours ago

    BULLSHIT LMAOOOO they're fucked because ISPs are worthless greedy bastards and very few people have good enough internet

  • mr. man
    mr. man 7 hours ago

    that time i went to pornhub and exidently pressed a gay video.... now the AI thinks im gay.

  • iAMe100XP
    iAMe100XP 8 hours ago

    I want a modular Xbox Twice, powered by a Tesla, with a long phone as a controller, with games that are photoshopped. I guess it'll never happen...

  • Hynek Borůvka
    Hynek Borůvka 8 hours ago

    James should preach.

  • Brandon Sellers
    Brandon Sellers 8 hours ago

    lmao the pixel book go is ribbed for her pleasure...

  • Sk Asifur Rahaman
    Sk Asifur Rahaman 8 hours ago

    steam is copying parsec

  • MrBizaaro
    MrBizaaro 8 hours ago

    Even i am skeptical, but never underestimate google's software prowess

  • GZ EL
    GZ EL 8 hours ago

    Why does Linus have a tattoo? Wtf!

  • Claudiu Grigore
    Claudiu Grigore 8 hours ago

    certainly not at that price 700$ nop !!!!!! 200 $ yes !!! of corse if it is tha ferst edition thei ken selet at wat prise thei want no . it is on tba AM4 MEDIUM RANGE . MY OPINION ... DO NOT LAKE YOR COMPETITIOR ... THA TRUTH IS PROBABLI BADDD !!!

  • IntelliPocalypse
    IntelliPocalypse 9 hours ago

    Mil of meter

  • Angus menegon
    Angus menegon 9 hours ago

    If it works anywhere near as well as the negative latency on the Apple Pencil then we are in for a treat

  • Псина Злой
    Псина Злой 9 hours ago

    NO. You pee before filming. Stop the recording and go pee.

  • Sayyed Kamaludheen
    Sayyed Kamaludheen 9 hours ago

    5:25 Background voice: Save as Elaaan! 🤣

  • Rob Shapiro
    Rob Shapiro 9 hours ago

    vapegate is financed by big tobacco

  • megakiller999
    megakiller999 9 hours ago

    Nani?! Negative latency? Could this be more powerful than a solid state drive combined with an SSD?

  • Mark Mark
    Mark Mark 9 hours ago

    bad porn mustache....

  • Dylan Anderson
    Dylan Anderson 9 hours ago

    The guy yelling from off camera trope is so played out. Someone tell him to stfu.

  • Koehnia
    Koehnia 9 hours ago

    Is it just me or james' face is just lifeless? No matter how he change his expression, his eyes remains the same. It's like he's a robot.

  • Courage 15
    Courage 15 10 hours ago

    This title is exactly what I commented on the video I saw this and quoted as "Meme of the month" LOL...

  • Austin Martín Hernández

    This is like a meme that was taken seriously.

  • Nero Murf
    Nero Murf 10 hours ago

    that is a one ugly phone😂😂😂🤯

  • compted
    compted 11 hours ago

    If your diesel truck makes 1100+ hp it will probably blow a little smoke. Get over it they are still better on emissions than most gas cars per gallon of fuel burned. #NHRDA

    XALI-_- GAMERX 11 hours ago

    It's 12 Mbps in my country + my country is not included in this stadia's supported 14 countries list. What a horseshit life...

  • Fred Flintstone
    Fred Flintstone 11 hours ago

    its a 150 tdp gpu it BETTER be beating the 1650 lmao. The rtx 2060 is a 160w tdp card, just so you guys (amd fanboys) can keep perspective here.

  • Joshua Maly
    Joshua Maly 11 hours ago

    Liked for the "You'll play with me?!" and "This is hypothetical."

  • Pika chu
    Pika chu 11 hours ago

    Steam is becoming parsec

  • André Niemand
    André Niemand 12 hours ago

    Negative Latency is BS and Horse $h!t

  • Hazim Zaidani
    Hazim Zaidani 12 hours ago

    So Google says Stadia has King Crimson's ability?

  • Frank
    Frank 12 hours ago

    That phone needs an IR blaster

  • trung vo
    trung vo 12 hours ago

    sorry, but I have to put a dislike because of the joke guy, distracting and annoying. Her presentation is good though

  • nazsoryu
    nazsoryu 12 hours ago

    Can't personally support a predator like Andy Rubin

  • Pravin Kaushik
    Pravin Kaushik 13 hours ago

    "Negative Latency" sounds like the work of an enemy stand. Probably King krimson.

  • Azri Zakaria
    Azri Zakaria 13 hours ago

    Sony: The new Xperia will cinematic display so it will have a long and beautiful display Essential: hold my phone

  • ELZOOL12
    ELZOOL12 14 hours ago

    This is reminiscent of the "Attack of the Show."

  • its just luke Revive
    its just luke Revive 14 hours ago

    Where is Linus with his Pixel 4? Jern noticed that, unless it was just a prank... bro.

  • Adam Rasmussen
    Adam Rasmussen 14 hours ago

    Stadia putting Minority Report tech to noble use?

  • diamlierx
    diamlierx 15 hours ago

    Stadia is a stupid name and negative latency is predictive bullshit

  • Blinkin
    Blinkin 15 hours ago

    2:35 this is already a thing you can do, its called parsec, me and my friends played the entirety of mario party 2 and it works with many other things too

  • J Barnsley
    J Barnsley 15 hours ago

    Ribbed, for her pleasure.

  • Aidan Brown
    Aidan Brown 15 hours ago

    That 14fps part made me think something was wrong for a sec 😂

  • Doc Savage
    Doc Savage 15 hours ago

    Negative Latency You do a game move of left, fire, duck, parry, duck dozens (of if you're a ''pro'' hundreds) of time. You find out that it should be right, parry, duck, fire, stand. The next time you attempt the combo, Google Stadia decides heuristically that you want "left, fire, dick, parry, duck." With no way to override Stadia, you will do this FOREVER. No thanks.

  • Gamerjin1
    Gamerjin1 15 hours ago

    Negative latency? Is that like negative interest rates?

  • Oogie Boogie
    Oogie Boogie 15 hours ago

    5:44 Mommy Son?

  • King Xero
    King Xero 16 hours ago

    fuck china

  • Charles Gbunblee
    Charles Gbunblee 16 hours ago

    "Long boi" that's pretty sus

  • Hamcillus
    Hamcillus 17 hours ago

    Uses AI to predict user input, so I'm not actually playing the game then am !?

  • Tomate N
    Tomate N 17 hours ago

    Thanks Zeus for the fast-foward function so I can skip so many "sponsors".

  • monkay
    monkay 17 hours ago

    Your T-shirt looks like the phone 🤨

  • 3DRoc
    3DRoc 18 hours ago

    Makes more sense than "Bloom shooters"

  • Sasan Moshirabadi
    Sasan Moshirabadi 18 hours ago

    You simply don't give a sh*t anymore.. do you? 🤔

  • Rj Singster
    Rj Singster 19 hours ago

    5:24 dwllll "save us elon"

  • MindinViolet
    MindinViolet 19 hours ago

    Negative latency? So, does that mean I don’t have to drive to work in the morning because I am actually already there?

  • Dylan Cesnik
    Dylan Cesnik 19 hours ago

    What a coincidence. As I was watching this video I was busting to take a pee 😂

  • s1laz
    s1laz 19 hours ago

    Photoshop cost money?

  • dercncplaner
    dercncplaner 20 hours ago

    0:30 OHM I want it now

  • Sun Man
    Sun Man 20 hours ago

    Gg video watching lol

  • B B
    B B 20 hours ago

    I think it’s just mean the hardware calculate every possibility, and send the one that match the input. You gain the time of processing.

  • iKingRPG
    iKingRPG 20 hours ago

    Who's watching after he leaked it on the WAN Show?

  • Remmie Rose
    Remmie Rose 21 hour ago

    negative latency is king crimson

  • Apathetic Millennial

    I hope Google gets sued for misleading people on what they mean by "negative latency". Someone should sue them on behalf of all gamers...hint hint

  • Ahmed El-shaer
    Ahmed El-shaer 21 hour ago

    Man, you have been talking about the phone for only first 45 second!! And the rest of video you really talk about another stuff!! Whata wrong with you 🤔 i came here to hear you talking 6 minute about this phone not to listing to you talking 5 minute's about somthing else! Im sorry but i really though maybe you back to the subject in minute 2 or 3 maybe 4, 5!! Till the end of video u didnt back to the subject!! Disappointed.

  • HuntWiz
    HuntWiz 21 hour ago

    Joseph Joestar: your next line is... Google Stadia: your next move is... Not gonna happen 🤣

  • marshall jacobs
    marshall jacobs 21 hour ago

    In order to prevent their faulty powerlines from catching fire, the hippies of California are gunna shut off the power? And do what? Gather around the bonfires? Invite the neighbors over for a bbq? Light a bunch of candles?

    UTKARSH AGARWAL 21 hour ago

    Negative latency will fail coz No Ai can predict that i will use a horse to climb a steep slope (Skyrim)

    EVOLICIOUS 21 hour ago

    Stadia is a scam. Don't buy into it. Bunch of Google PR morons lying about a technology that does not exist, that they do not have.

  • jezusmylord
    jezusmylord 22 hours ago

    Ah yes Andy Ruben, the sex offender.

  • Pasha Master
    Pasha Master 22 hours ago

    too much voice from the back

  • Nick Miller
    Nick Miller 22 hours ago

    Quick Brits

  • Rikorage
    Rikorage 22 hours ago

    So was that a motherboard with connections and a PCIe port to connect into another motherboard?

  • ice bread
    ice bread 22 hours ago

    who is using a chromebook? i mean its probably as safe as using facebook os but that with your crucial data

  • ScoDal
    ScoDal 23 hours ago

    Parsec has already been doing what steam is planning to do. I like more options but what they're doing isn't new. Probably just saw parsec doing it and copy them

  • Bacon Bankai
    Bacon Bankai 23 hours ago

    This kind of technology already exists... Just google rollback netcode. Now people are saying dumb crap like the game is going to play itself because they gave a name the doesn't make any sense. Don't get me wrong Stadia is probably going to be bad but people are saying shit like its going to play the game for you or that it is going to "correct" your inputs doesn't understand how it works.

  • eduardoig17
    eduardoig17 23 hours ago

    Applebee’s is terrible

  • Kabir O
    Kabir O 23 hours ago

    So, nobody is gonna talk about that insanely perfect thumbnail?

  • Ryan Tovi
    Ryan Tovi 23 hours ago

    Web Developer: *”...”*

  • 私は退屈です
    私は退屈です 23 hours ago

    is this a filthy frank reference?

  • TiCkShot
    TiCkShot 23 hours ago

    When you dont patent tv remote shape

  • jemsncrystals
    jemsncrystals 23 hours ago

    Negative latency. So basically, you don't play a game.... *But game plays you*

  • Sarielal77
    Sarielal77 Day ago

    Marketing department really think you are dumber every year. :P waiting for animal subliminal message next year.

  • Dustin Provost

    Apparently I have "poopoo butt" cause stadia is not only an extremely stupid af "idea" but it is yet another blatant and nasty attempt to monitor/control you (for its own benefit and/or the highest bidder and/or any government on Earth) and steal your personal private information. I am so relieved that stadia is the laughing stock that it is but you all are focusing on the wrong flaws. It is designed by evil greedy psychopaths that are far more driven and powerful than any of us. They will stop at nothing to either slowly replace us with AI slaves before killing us or plug us into matrix cribs. Thank baby jeebus that google execs are so f!@king stupid and up their own arses. But the public as a herd is far more stupid, easily distracted, and pacified. Google really needs to die or get shredded into a 101 companies, along with crapple and micropenis.

  • Evelene Maye
    Evelene Maye Day ago

    Hamachi, tungle, gameranger, and many more already do the offline LAN over internet.

  • milowysh
    milowysh Day ago

    AI: He will move to the left to avoid getting shot Player: _moves to the right_ AI: bruh stupid humans

  • fAnimeZ
    fAnimeZ Day ago

    Is the steam coop not the same as parsec?

  • Evelene Maye
    Evelene Maye Day ago

    I hate apple for removing the headphone jack. I hate them even more because of their bullshitting lie of an excuse for removing it.

  • KiloQubit
    KiloQubit Day ago

    brilliant spelling of brillant...